Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Twitler attacks Jeff Sessions again, defends Jared Kushner, and tries to start an investigation directed at Hillary Clinton.

This accusation about the Ukrainians helping the Clinton campaign is hogwash.

There is NO comparison between the information about Paul Manafort, and the Russians hacking our election.  (You can read more about it here.)
To be clear this is the president directing his justice department to restart an investigation for purely political reasons.
And this is him accusing the acting head of the FBI of accepting bribes.

Minutes later Trump turned his attention to Obamacare.

Yes the man who is fighting brain cancer with the help of some of the best medical coverage on the planet, is coming back to deny similar care for millions of Americans.

What a hero.

Now on to Jared Kushner.
It appears that Trump is also convinced that his trust fund son-in-law was able to talk his way out of further investigation. Really don't think that is the case.

And you know what, maybe Barron should start getting his paperwork in order.

I don't trust ANYBODY in this family.

So to sum up, this morning Donald Trump accused the Clinton campaign of colluding with Ukraine, accused Jeff Sessions of being ineffectual at his job, accused an acting FBI director of accepting bribes, and tried to restart an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

What did the leader of your country do today? 


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    What did the leader of your country do today?

    One little part of a busy day for POTUS:

    “Big day for HealthCare. After 7 years of talking, we will soon see whether or not Republicans are willing to step up to the plate!” POTUS

    Critical moment for do or die promise to repeal Obama.

    1. Anonymous8:05 AM

      let's hope it dies, and Trump along with it (and I wouldn't miss McConnell or Ryan either.)

    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Some Republicans hope McCain also dies.

      It would be a memorable way for McCain to go out. Before or after he casts his vote. Either way can be spun to maintain he's tough to the end and a hero.

      It would wipe out any memory of his hook up with Sarah Palin and all the weakness and crimes involved in that campaign.

    3. Anonymous10:34 AM

      @ anon 8:05 am
      NOTHING with wipe away John McCain screaming at the families of Viet Nam POW's.

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Prediction - sessions will fired, cruz will be hired - he will fire Mueller (while republicans pass their repeal of Obamacare under the cover of secrecy and lies and do nothing to stop trump) - as time marches on one or two more Supreme Court Justices will be appointed and voter registration will be down, more voter rolls purged, more voting machines compromised - at this point the repubs and christian taliban will have achieved their goals - most likely they will get trump voted in for another 4 years to cement in the changes they have worked for decades to achieve, while behind the scenes bannon and others continue working hard to destroy every government agency and remove any law or protection for American citizens (non citizens will be have been removed) - after 8 years of trump the citizens of America will be over stressed, improvished, and terrified - many more will "pretend" to be for him just to try and get crumbs from the table, others will be destroyed, and the majority will die from lack of health care, lack of housing and nutrition, and christian taliban and white supremist groups targeting any who stand up against the rule of trump law. After 8 years - pence will rule the white house for another 8 - then the government control gets even crueler and more harsh - women will be discouraged (essentially prevented) from getting an education or a job, and of course at this point birth control and any kind of health care for women will be severely diminished (or non existent) - the only option is if turmp gets tired or made enough money to satisfy his ego (unlikely) and he leaves after four years so pence can take over sooner

    1. Anonymous7:11 AM

      What a cheerful out look.

    2. Anonymous7:11 AM

      Somebody will off Trump before all of this happens...but if not, your predictions are scary right. Except you forgot we'll all be RussoAmerican citizens.

    3. Irishgirl7:19 AM

      I'm watching in horror from Ireland. Don't roll over. You have to fight this. If it takes 5 million marching in DC and throwing his ugly, bloated carcass out of the WH, then you have to do it.

    4. Anonymous7:48 AM

      I stand by the Prediction - just because we don't want to imagine it can happen doesn't mean it won't.

      NO ONE thought trump would win the election - and yet he is in the White House.

      We have to face facts - we have to SEE what is really going on and SEE the long plans they have laid out.

      Only then can we FIGHT we ounce of our being to make sure this does NOT happen.

    5. Anonymous8:29 AM


    6. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Horrible prediction. But I fear you are spot on. Only because this type of of administration has existed on earth before. Many times. And they have died off too, only to be a sad whisper in our history as humans.
      I don't see any happiness in the Trump world. I am sure we can learn alot from the Russian citizens on how to suck it up. Soon we will wander these streets and have sweet dreams of Obama, peace, and freedoms that we took forgranted but did not cherish enough as we let the GOP chip away at it so that we could be secure. But we must resist as long as possible. Everything we grew up watching in Hollywood movies have begun to come to fruition. The Star Wars movies come to mind. Game of Thrones too. West Side story, the works. Oh, and don't forget to add Dumb and Dumber to.

    7. Expect the worst and plan for it. That way when it doesn't happen you aren't disappointed but relieved.

      I've already done the research.

      I've decided Panama. Big expat community. Dollar is the currency and I can take all of my appliances as no problem with electricity. Cost of living is even lower. Excellent healthcare. The only downside is the temperature is always "hot" as in the 80s.

      I can live on my pension very easily probably quite well and still have money left over. Tax situation is very friendly to attract expats and their money. Even language isn't a problem with such a large expat community.

      If I can sell my house before the bottom drops out completely (because we know Trump will eventually tank the economy) I can pay off all of my debts and be debt free with a little extra cash on top of the pension and investments.

      With the internet I can still be in touch.

      I just need to check to see if Amazon will deliver to Panama. Otherwise I'll need to set up a P.O. box with forwarding service like my "brother" in Guatemala does.

      I have back-ups too.

      I have friends in Costa Rica.

      I have relatives in Germany and Italy, but the cost of living is much higher there. But would still probably be doable.

  3. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Please Keep Trump Away From The Girl Scouts

    Boy Scouts of America distances itself from partisan politics after Trump speech....

    The Boy Scouts of America issued a statement distancing itself from partisan politics after President Donald Trump used his speech at the National Scout Jamboree to criticize former President Barack Obama, his former campaign rival Hillary Clinton, fake news and pundits....

    Trump broke with eight decades of tradition Monday when he criticized rivals and others at the National Jamboree, which gathers tens of thousands of young people from across the world to discuss values such as serving your country and exchanging ideas.

    During the speech, Trump attacked Obama, slammed “fake media” and trashed Clinton for not campaigning enough in Michigan.

    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Oh don't worry. The GSA will never want to hear from this immoral man.
      And Michigan? Geez. I live here. She was here. Bill was here. Chelsea was here. Let's unpack those bags and bags of provisional ballots that were never counted in Detroit, shall we? We only need 40,001 votes to return the state to Clinton. Let's do it, Snyder and Schuette.

  4. Anonymous6:56 AM



  5. Anonymous7:09 AM

    What's the Ukrainians helping the Clinton campaign? Because Hannity says so?

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM



  7. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Sessions calls on law enforcement to help combat human trafficking http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/06/jeff-sessions-human-trafficking-239185

    Trump touts effort to combat human trafficking http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-updates-everything-president-trump-touts-effort-to-combat-human-1487985615-htmlstory.html

    "Trump vows to fight 'epidemic' of human trafficking" President Trump shares a link to an article about a meeting he had with representatives of organizations that deal with human trafficking.

    CURRENT EVENT. Is Trump team up on this horrid situation that tortures and kills children, teens and adults? Will Trump abandoned these children and families? He is busy with his own family matters. He is busy creating jobs and walling off the Mexican border, his way to save humanity.
    How did all those children and people get into the truck and where?

    Did they cross border control?

    "People began hitting the trailer walls and making noise to get the driver's attention. The driver never stopped," a survivor said, according to a criminal complaint.


  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    'Jared Kushner did very well yesterday in proving he did not collude with the Russians. Witch Hunt. Next up, 11 year old Barron Trump!' 3:52 AM - 25 Jul 2017 Donald J. Trump @real DonaldTrump
    If he believes sil did so very well, why would he need to get rid of Sessions? Clearly, Kushner took care of the whole Russian investigation.

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Why would he put his 11 year old {Barron} up for sacrifice? "an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure." who knew?

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Donald J. Trump has no concern or love for children. He loves sex with women who can oversee his spawn and raise it to be a Trump.

      He shows he is disconnected and the child is just one more thing he can use for his pleasures. Political, official or however he can get by with. No Republican will call him out, they are too much like him.

      He showed how he is with youth when he used the Boy Scouts and the Boy Scout adults allow his perversions.

      I would like to see the organization sued for child abuse. That was sick and torture to hear and watch. Not just b/c of Trump but also the Boy Scout adults that are complicit with the abuse.

    3. Anonymous9:03 AM

      Taking a page out of the Sarah Palin Playbook. Using his children as a human shield. As if Jared, a 30 something presidential advisor is a little boy who needs the same protection as a school boy. "The death panels will kill my (three year old) baby with DOWN SYNDROME!"

    4. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Yes, 9:03 AM
      I will admit I had a small flashback of "How dare they boo Piper!" in reaction to the use of 11 year old Barron as a shield.

    5. Anonymous10:21 AM

      After that recent fiasco w/the Boy Scouts - if I had sons in today's world - I'd not allow them to join the group or get them out of it were they members.

      For them to support what Trump was saying when addressing them - especially as to President Obama - was the worst example of manipulation of the young we've seen in recent history. The last example was Hitler!

      Beware Americans - so many of you are total idiots in supporting this fraud and liar showing himself to be the leader of our country!

  9. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Three more days until he can get back on his tax-payer funded golf course. So sad that his Congress can't pass anything of value. NADA. Donnie, you are a LOSER. Worst POTUS EVER!

  10. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Trump is as concerned about 'human trafficking' as Princess is about 'women's workplace rights,' or Porn Model is about 'fighting cyber bullying.' Anyone get it yet? These people are all talk and NO action that doesn't result in their making a buck. Trump has dine nothing for the people, and never will. His whole life has been about advancing Donald Trump. Get it now, GOP? Live with this greedy, lying, worthless excuse for a man.

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Did Trump take care of his problem child? She does nothing and says nothing meaningful.

      After enraging the so-called alt-right, white supremacists trolls who make up a significant portion of his fan base earlier this week, President Donald Trump is now facing another angry sect of supporters — right-wing commentators who insist his daughter and top White House aide Ivanka is actually “a lot like Hillary Clinton.”


      "Trump's problem child"

      Ivanka has been kept out of the Russian investigation so far. Her number could come up soon. She was very involved in Russia to build Trump Tower on the Caspian Sea. It failed because sanctions and such regarding Russia.

      Ivanka is not out of the circle of Trumps today when it comes Russia. One day she will talk with house and senate about her part.
      She will want to stand up for Jared's security clearance.

  11. Anonymous8:39 AM

    DNC Chair>Tom Perez


  12. Anonymous8:51 AM


    ""We'll come to a resolution soon," he said when asked by reporters about the tensions between the Republican president and top prosecutor."

  13. Drumpf didn't like McCain, the POW loser. Now that Drumpf needs McCain's vote he is a hero again.

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

      Politicians use each other. McCain needs to use Trump and Trump is needy for McCain. Both are happy to use one another. Each one is getting somethings they want. Better than nothing.

    2. Anonymous10:16 AM

      Both of them are absolutely deplorable!

  14. Anonymous9:06 AM

    When you watch and hear the news about Senator McCain's dramatic act today for repeal and to open the door for Trump Death Care, you might want to refresh about the old career politician.

    Requiem for a Maverick. John McCain ran one of the most incompetent, schizo campaigns in history — and for that we owe him big-time


    John McCain: Make-Believe Maverick. A closer look at the life and career of the candidate reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty


    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      McCain has always been a jerk! Check his records as to his family and his history in the government.

      He is NOT what Republicans are currently making him out to be....just because he is sick and going to die soon.

  15. Anonymous9:07 AM

    huMANs>"are too much creatures of subconscious urges, flickering desires and fears. The president, Don Jr., Kushner, and Scaramucci are crystal clear in their motivations and in their shamelessness."The first reflex is to conceal the wrongdoing. When that fails, you unveil it with a flourish and pretend there’s absolutely nothing to see."


  16. Anonymous9:34 AM

    After Manafort would only agree to one transcribed interview, the Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the former Trump campaign manager to testify on Wednesday.


    Senate Intelligence Committee. Jared Kushner completes 3 hour session. Comments are benign. Magnificent cooperation, it is exemplary happy cooperation, an oddity for being questioned in such a situation. Jared gives Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, and another man a light gentle shoulder grasp with light smiles. The Donald will be proud and happy.

    For many in Trump world this is all the proof they need to know all is well and it is only fake news about Trumps and Russia.

  17. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Republicans suck - to include John McCain!

  18. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Oh F__k, Johnson, McCain vote yes. Pence will do the dirty deed.

  19. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Entire 'set up' by Republicans. Murkowski is a sly fox and needs to be voted out of office by Alaskans - she voted no knowing full well Pence would break the tie and yet she could 'appear' to be so fucking honest. Something she is NOT! Check her record. She speaks out of both sides of her mouth and always has.

  20. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Could someone who knows what's going on or understands this entire sordid mess (you, Gryphen!) please explain to me this: Jeff Sessions recused himself on March 2. Four months ago. Why is tRump all of a sudden now going after him with a vengeance??

    1. Be happy to.

      Trump wants this Russia investigation to go away and blames Sessions for the fact that there is a Special Counsel looking into it in the first place.

      If he gets rid of Sessions and appoints a replacement during the Senate recess that person will not have to recuse themselves and can oversee Robert Mueller's investigation.

      I think Trump believes this will give him some control over the outcome, or that if things get too hot he can have his new Attorney General fire Mueller.

      Understand now?

    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Yes. Thank you.


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