Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Trump White House is now an official outlet for Russian propaganda.

So in case you were a little confused by the Mooch's double speak, this is the new White House Communications Director outing Donald Trump as the source for his secret information that the Russian hackers are way too awesome to be caught by American Intelligence agencies.

So at this point you may be asking, "But where did Trump get an idea like that?"

Well funny you should ask.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

But when Mr. Trump met Mr. Putin in Hamburg, Germany, two weeks ago, he did not utter similar suspicions, at least in public. In fact, he emerged to tell his aides that the Russian president had offered a compelling rejoinder: Moscow’s cyberoperators are so good at covert computer-network operations that if they had dipped into the Democratic National Committee’s systems, they would not have been caught.

So to be clear, this is the new White House Communications Director receiving Russian propaganda from a US president, that HE received straight from Vladimir Putin, and then distributing it to the American people via an interview on the American cable news outlet CNN.

Now gee, if only we could find some evidence of collusion.


  1. Dinty9:40 AM

    He also is claiming Ukraine was backing the Clinton campaign, guess who gave him that idea....


  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Flailing Donald Trump falsely accuses deputy FBI Director of taking a bribe from Hillary Clinton

    ...In the midst of his morning Twitter rant, Trump falsely accused his former opponent Hillary Clinton of criminal behavior yet again. This is nothing new. But in a move that’s got to be viewed as desperate and flailing even by his standards, Trump also falsely accused acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe of having taken a bribe.

    Here’s what Trump tweeted this morning about McCabe: “Problem is that the acting head of the FBI & the person in charge of the Hillary investigation, Andrew McCabe, got $700,000 from H for wife!” (link). The real story is that a Clinton donor sent $500,000 to the campaign of McCabe’s wife when she was running for political office in Virginia, which is perfectly legal. But if McCabe were now refusing to investigate Clinton due to that campaign donation, then the money would be seen as a de facto bribe. As such, Trump is accusing McCabe of having taken a bribe. Of course, based on the facts, that’s a false accusation.

    The FBI spent around a year thoroughly investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails, before it fully exonerated her in the summer of 2016. So as a matter of fact, Andrew McCabe isn’t investigating Hillary over her emails because it’s a long-ago settled issue. Donald Trump’s demand that McCabe launch a phony new investigation into Hillary’s emails for partisan reasons is a rather blatant abuse of power, in direct violation of the Constitution. And Trump’s decision to publicly and falsely accuse McCabe of having taken a six figure bribe is a violation of civil law.


  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Love is in the air. Trump found a perfect employee.

    Trump, Scaramucci not so different


  4. Anonymous10:15 AM

    White House purge begins: Press aide resigns after Scaramucci leaks plan to fire him


  5. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Bitch McCONnell speaking on the floor NOW!

  6. Anonymous10:28 AM

    "I didn't say I was siding with President Trump. He hasn't made the decision yet to sign that bill one way or the other. And so, when he makes that decision, I will a hundred percent side with him."

    So, he is being careful to be clear that he hasn't sided with Trump YET. But he is also clear that he WILL, no matter which side that is. He has completely abandoned any responsibility for having personal conviction (or remorse) for any of his positions.

  7. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Senator Lisa MurkowsKi votes NO

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      Mc$hame Next YES
      Johnson YES

    2. Anonymous11:09 AM

      666pence breaks tie-vote$ yeS

  8. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Poor McCain. You can see his color is bad, but he did make it for a critical vote for President Trump.

    This is not about health or the American people. It is all about Trump keeping a promise to repeal all things former President Obama. Even Republicans that don't like Trump will support getting rid of everything Obama. While finding a way to proceed with an investigation over Clinton.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      He is a maverick, or so he claims. He could vote this down. May be Johnson will vote it down.

    2. Anonymous11:49 AM

      He looked better by the time he arrived. Nice speech. He says he voted yes because he wants people to hear the arguments.

  9. Anonymous11:20 AM

    So despite the fact that this guy talked bad about Trump before all this and praised Hillary, now, he is good for saying good stuff about Trump.
    So easy a job. Just say good things about the bossman. Remember, we need to beef him up coz they're talkin' smack 'bout him and he's pissed.
    Wow. The presidency and staff reminds me of Al Pachino in Scarface. And remember that Colombian drug lord that told Tony Montana not to cross him? That character screams Putin.

  10. So, that means since there is no evidence they did it, THEY DID IT! Because they are just that good.

    Thanks, Vlad, for admitting you hacked our elections.

    Gawd, Trump is such a moron. So easily manipulated. And now, proof positive he is also the world's biggest LOSER.

  11. He also is claiming Ukraine was backing the Clinton campaign, guess who gave him that idea


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