Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Anti-Trump group turning up the heat on Mitch McConnell in his home state.

Courtesy of the Courier-Journal:  

An anti-Trump group that says it's "sick" of Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell dodging its emails, phone calls and social media posts now has a plan it says is too big for him to ignore. 

Indivisible Kentucky has purchased two billboards of the Senate majority leader's face on northbound Interstate 65 in Louisville emblazoned with the phrases "You make us sick" and "We've had enough." 

The signs, placed near Cardinal Boulevard and St. Catherine on I-65 N, cost the group more than $10,000. A spokeswoman for Indivisible Kentucky said the funds were raised by the group as well as an anonymous benefactor. One is scheduled to debut this week and the other sometime next week.

If McConnell thinks that he can just hold off for awhile and then get Trumpcare passed while nobody is paying attention, I don't think he clearly understands how focused the American people are in preventing that. 

Perhaps McConnell should focus less on getting a bill that nobody seems to want passed through the Senate and focus more on fighting to retain his seat.

It appears that might be in jeopardy.


  1. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Please grow a brain Kentuckians and realize McConnell is NOT your friend. He doesn't give a shit about you at all and only seeks to serve his rich benefactors. He is a blight on the country, vote him out. Old bastard needs to retire anyway. I think he is 76. Why do thse old white men feel they have to stay in power forever. Give a woman a chance. You had a good one running and you passed her up.

    1. The old white men (and women) who vote for these old white men like McConnell, Cornyn, Hatch, Grassley, Alexander, and McCain have to know BY NOW they are being hoodwinked, bamboozled, and duped. Sadly, they don't care because they believe they are sticking the knife (and giving it a vicious twist) to PoC, women, LGBTQ, immigrants/refugees, and Muslims. They are listening to their pastors who are ginned up on Pat Robertson and his 700 Club inanities. Because they don't read the Bible for themselves, don't retain any actual knowledge from their piss-poor school days, and don't watch anything educational or informative on teevee, they are as ignorant as canned pork and beans, spiteful as a starved snake, and mean as a caged tiger. In attitude and outlook, Mitch McConnell is a reflection of these impoverished dumb idiots. They want him to keep them downtrodden, trampled on, and miserable while helping millionaires and billionaires steal more and more wealth. But never mind that, let's just twist that knife one more time! Stupid is as stupid does.

    2. Anonymous10:02 AM

      That is the absolute truth. Morons. I Have grown to despise the people that choose to stay blind and stupid and choose to let people like Robertson be their moral guide and follow that rich old man's agenda. He grew rich off poor, stupid people like the rest of the shyster televangelists.

    3. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Robertson was asking old people to him their social security checks. that woman with the cotton candy hair was asking all women for that bit of money they had set aside for "just in case".FYI.i watch these lying money grubbing people very closely. religion and politics are a BAD combination.

  2. Anonymous3:21 AM

    F him, if Kinfucky elects him again they get what they deserve. You got dumb-asses voting against their own best interest because of some stupid soundbites.

  3. Leland3:37 AM

    I wish there was even a SLIM chance at getting a term limits amendment to the Constitution passed, but you know the bastards in office aren't going to do that when it would cost them their jobs. Not when they are having too much fun being in complete control, ignoring us and screwing us all!

    And while I am wishing, I may as well wish for a repeal of the Citizens United ruling.

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      We the people must demand it. Term limits and Overturn Citizen United. corporations are not people. Add in tax cults and decriminalize marijuana.

  4. Anonymous3:51 AM

    I was just in KY last week. Rural KY. Talked to random strangers. They a pissed that their senator wants to take away their healthcare. A good primary, improve the ACA challenger could take him out tomorrow; unfortunately we need to wait until 2018.

  5. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Maybe that sign was put up by people who are angry Mitch DIDN'T get the repeal passed. How to tell with those Southerners.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Doesn't seem that way. From Indivisible Kentuckys website...

      "Indivisible Kentucky holds our Members of Congress accountable to the principles of democracy and the values of respect, equality, and solidarity."


      ~ Values Statement ~
      "Elected officials must be held accountable to the people.

      Voices that have been historically silenced are the most important to listen to.

      It is unrealistic to try to separate political action from social justice.

      Partnering with other organizations increases our effectiveness.

      Growth comes through allowing ourselves to be challenged.

      There are many ways to be involved in democracy.

      We cannot do everything, but this won’t stop us from doing something.

      We will resist any and all divide and conquer tactics.

      Democracy is more effective when more people are at the table.

      We are all in this together."

      They seem very dedicated to healthcare for all.

  6. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I said to my husband-if DT were a true "evil genius," he would ram through Medicare for all. Imagine? He would essentially destroy the Obamacare legacy and be a big hero LOL!

    Why does the sign say ditchmitch 2020? Isn't he up for midterms 2018?

    1. Leland1:26 PM

      5:15, Mitch was last elected in 2014. He has 4 more years before he runs again.

      My feeling is he better leave then because I don't think that old fart could survive the grueling fight he would have. He will be 79 then.

      Of course, how long did Strom live and work?

    2. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Turtles are notorious for their longevity.

    3. Every two years for representatives, every six years for senators. Mitch is a senator.

      Yep, if Trump wants a legacy the only way he can overshadow Obamacare is to go in the opposite direction and create universal healthcare. He so admired what Australia has. To stupid to figure out opening up Medicare for all is what he has been describing. Then he'd get his Trumpcare and his legacy is assured.

      But he won't. He's all about profit and would never pull the rug out of a profitable industry like healthcare. Probably owns stock in insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

  7. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Last election go-around for McConnell, Kentucky had the opportunity to make a difference and elect a very qualified woman to replace him. Kentucky decided to keep the varmint in office. Bad decision but the kind that people in this state keep making.

    1. I hope she's planning to run against him again. She just might win this time.

  8. I am wishing, I may as well wish for a repeal of the Citizens United ruling.

  9. Anonymous7:48 AM

    "RT if you agree→ It is time for The Wall."<WTF?RT?


    BrokeBack MountHim

  10. Anonymous8:30 AM

    OT: Truth>BLM

  11. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Old Man FRED Trump> TRUTH "In December 1950, Woody Guthrie moved to an apartment building in Brooklyn – Beach Haven Apartments. His landlord: Fred Trump, father of Donald Trump.
    Woody Guthrie wrote these lyrics in 1951, and 65 years later, the Missin' Cousins, a County-Western music group from Oakland California, present a recording of these new lyrics to I Ain't Got No Home"


  12. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I hope Satan will relent and welcome him in long before 2020.

    1. Heaven doesn't want him and hell wouldn't have him.


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