Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Bill Moyers shares an interactive timeline of everything we know about the relationship between Russia and Donald Trump.

God that is a lot of information, and it absolutely proves that the Russians have been deeply involved with Trump for decades.

After you read it the fact that the Russians would help Trump steal this election almost seems inevitable. 


  1. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Trump is going to do whatever he wants in North Korea, the same way Bush/Cheney did whatever they wanted in Iraq, and Barack/Hillary did whatever they wanted in Libya and Syria.
    Because we are Facebook sociopaths now.
    America has said yes to every war since Vietnam (odd that the last war America said no to was the last one to have a draft, weird)
    Fact is, Americans, Dem or GOP, say yes to war whenever the media tells them to. The media pays Dem and GOP obedience by keeping the pics of the millions of civilians we slaughter off of news, instead we get cool vids of smart bombs and graphs, no more flag draped coffins on the news, the dead and maimed soldiers have been edited out your news, as have truth seeking reporters, the media has kicked them out and replaced them with embedded hacks, and Dems and GOP obeyed. As they did by passing and keeping the NSA and Patriot Act for over a decade of both Dem and GOP rule.
    The truth is Dems and GOP love war. Your leaders ravage and ruin lands without scrutiny or repercussions . If Trump says North Korea is an Axis of Evil Terror Nation, Dems and GOP will fall into line. It's what you do. Libya, Iraq, Syria, and our illegal drone wars are all the proof I need. You will kill without even looking at the horror you create, so please, Dems and Gops, spare me your moral outrage. It's way too late for that.
    Just admit that the reason North Korea scares you is that unlike the Libyans, the Syrians, or the Iraqis whom you slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their children with impunity, war with North Korea upsets you, because the North Koreans MAY ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO HIT US BACK. It is the idea that this war may actually reach you instead of just the impoverished people of color America's wars normally kill, maim and torture. That is the upsetting part. North Korea could possibly fuck up your disgusting war bubble, where all the violence is for other people in other lands while you crush candy.
    In the last two decades, Bipartisan American wars have killed millions and displaced tens of millions, cost trillions in ruined infrastructure and maimed people, and wreaked havoc in North Africa, The Middle East, Afghanistan, and Europe. You would figure that there would be some humility from DEMS and GOP by now, but humility doesn't get the likes on the trending celebrity outrage of the day.
    Anyway enjoy your newest war, Dems and GOP. It will be just as stupid and cruel as your other recent catastrophes, and more of the world will turn against us.

    1. Anonymous6:37 AM

      Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?
      circa 1986

  2. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Solar eclipse 2017: how the solar power industry is prepping for a huge sunlight blip

  3. Anonymous4:59 AM

    And now we know why the nuke threats from New Jersey...anything to take the focus away from the corrupt Trump Mafia.

  4. Anonymous5:22 AM

    There is only one thing that must happen. Remove ALL dictators around the world from power and this includes trump. NO need for war or boots on ground, just go in and get the F up and get out. The slaves of dictators will be happy.

    1. Anonymous6:39 AM

      Hmm. This is what USA did to Iraq. And how is that working out, 16 years later, Simple Simon?

    2. Anonymous9:50 AM

      The UN must be the one to remove dictators. 6:39 as you know the republicans made up the WMD story for the war machine profits. Of course you know that. This dear simon is for real and simple.

  5. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Flood #realtrump with it. Maybe he will read his accomplishments for the last 50yrs.

  6. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Moyer left out the XXX rated stuff. Like rape and human trafficking. Maybe don knows where natalie Holloway is?

    1. Anonymous6:50 AM

      McCain protected the SS, Columbia prostitution mess, David Cheney and Todd Palin. McCain was one who made sure there would be no investigations.

      May be he has some guilt. Now the McCain Institute is into fundraising and charity about human trafficking, sex slaves.

      Dakota Meyer went into the same business, or he said he did at one time, what happened to that? He was pumped up and gung ho to get the sex traffickers. After living in Wasilla he got the bug to do something to save victims. Someone must have got to him and told him not to go there. Todd Palin plays his father in law on social media.

    2. Anonymous7:30 AM

      6:50 AM You're making a helluva a lot of accusations. Please back up your statements by posting some references.

    3. Anonymous7:59 AM

      McCain has a long history of manipulating and blocking investigations. The one with prostitutes and the Secret Service would have merely been one more.

    4. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Is this why sarah resigned? So it came out that chaney and todd were involved in human trafficking and prostitution? And McCain found out? or did he know? Rumor was he was bribed or extorted by someone and he was forced to put palin on the ballot or damaging stuff was coming out, hmmmmm? sounds familiar.

  7. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Bill Moyers is a liberal's Liberal. Love his website and his other contributors columns. He uses intellect and facts, something currently lacking from the Republican side of the aisle.


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