Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Jill Stein a Russian puppet? Yeah, probably.

Courtesy of Bustle:

Stein argued that South Korea and the U.S. were guilty of provoking North Korea, not the other way around. But she didn't acknowledge that, unlike North Korea, South Korea hasn't developed its own nuclear weapons, withdrawn from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, or conducted intercontinental ballistics missile tests that violate United Nations resolutions.

Stein's claim that U.S. sanctions against Russia actually benefit the Russian government also raised eyebrows. She asserted that sanctions "play right into Russia's hand" — but all reporting suggests that the last round of sanctions have taken a serious toll on Russia's economy, specifically on state-run businesses.

The sanctions "play right into Russia's hand?"

Has anybody told Vladimir Putin that, because he seems really pissed off by them.

I have believed that Stein was up to some shady shit since way before the election, and all this does is confirm to me that she was, and still is, a tool of the Kremlin.

Lest we forget, that is Jill Stein sitting only two seat away from Vladimir Putin during that famous dinner in Moscow celebrating Russia Today's 10th anniversary.


  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I wouldn't be surprised if she was in cahoots with Orange Hitler.

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Stein is educated yet aberrant in her thinking. I have seen a lot of this as I have gotten older. The accumulation of factual information and the ability to do a number of things well is no guarantee you are broadly. intelligent. And then there is the question of honesty and morality. Just look at Ben Carson. Some of the most mendacious folks I have ever encountered have higher degrees.

    1. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Wow - another GOP anti-edumacation ranter. I think your were looking for that other blog it's to the -------->the faaaaaaaaaaar right>

    2. Anonymous11:06 PM

      Wow - another off the wall ranter. 7:35 are you violating your API day pass again?

    3. Leland4:00 AM

      7:35, I must agree with 11:06. What he was saying has nothing to do with being from the far right. Read the comment made again and you might see that what was being said was that an education does NOT necessarily equate with logical thought.

    4. Anonymous12:10 PM

      1106 oh I burst out laughing.
      Your funny.

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I do believe that trump is stupidly playing in something he is not qualified for.
    International diplomacy is not in trump's tool box.
    She may be a puppet among other things .However, there
    is a ring of logic or insight to what she is saying.

    1. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Please explain what logic or insights she offered in her statements. She spoke absolute bullshit as far as I was concerned.

    2. Leland4:01 AM

      I'd like to hear about that as well, 5:05.

    3. Anonymous12:14 PM

      Insight? Russia pulled the wool over USA's eyes a century ago. Woodrow Wilson helped it along. Now it's been discovered and exposed.
      Time to expel them, keep $$$.
      Notice how ol Humpty is conforming to this reality.
      Ah what's the matter boo?
      Reality bite your orange ass?

  4. Anonymous5:44 PM

    The green party should be pissed and should throw her some crap.

    1. Leland4:02 AM

      She'd call it fodder for composting.

  5. Stein may be a Russian puppet, actively or inadvertently by virtue of being an idiot.

    It is however true that sanctions are a crud tool. They often help recalcitrant regimes by giving their autocratic leaders an excuse to explain by or blame the country 's problems on foreign sanctions.

    Targeted sanction against the actual dictator, his oligarch friends and family are much more effective.

  6. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Donald still hasn't signed the sanction. Putin is waiting then he'll raise a shitstorm in Donnie's honor. Donny knows this.
    If the Russians blackmail people to get them in line, Putin must have many people in tow, like Jill Stein.
    I mean, honestly, last summer things happened so fast. All of a sudden America had a changed face. Also, the Trump supporters, were they paid to chant, and show up in these riots? I suspect so.
    There is alot of things not right about Donald and troupe. Putin is the circus ringmaster, no doubt.

  7. Anonymous9:06 PM


    Time Magazine:

    Boy Scouts 'Unaware' of Call Trump Said He Received From Organization Praising Jamboree Speech

    President Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal that after his controversial speech at the Boy Scouts National Jamboree in West Virginia, the head of the Boy Scouts called him and told him it was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them.” But the organization told TIME they are unaware of any call from national leadership placed to the White House....

    1. Anonymous4:59 AM

      He lies, who is surprised. I definitely am not the least bit surprised. He tells lies as naturally as i breathe air.

  8. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Lol. What power of any kind does Jill Stein have again? Please tell us stupid folks.

    1. Leland4:08 AM

      It's called name recognition and there are MANY people who equate education with authority. They will swallow damned near anything said because to them it SOUNDS good.

    2. Anonymous8:50 PM

      ask someone tomorrow, out of the blue, if they know who jill stein is leland. ask a couple people.

  9. Anonymous9:15 PM

    $tein $old her $oul>TRAITOR!
    "Even in the age of, Swamp Thing, we have heroes: Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski; Congresswoman Maxine Waters — Sally Yates, Marilyn Nance, J.K. Rowling and Ida B. Wells."
    "a nation’s Moral Code is only as strong as its people’s weakest link…"


  10. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Thank you. Jill Stein is part of Russian Active Measures. Why else is she with Flynn, Putin, and Putin's henchmen at the 2015 December dinner?

    1. Anonymous11:08 PM

      No doubt about that. She was set up as another drain on the Hillary vote.

  11. I think she's simply stupid.

    1. Leland4:12 AM

      Personally, I agree. One can be educated and capable of spouting all sorts of facts, but being able to logically put those facts together to get a reasonable outcome isn't necessarily taught in that education process.

  12. Anonymous3:45 AM

    She was probably paid to run by fake donations to take votes from Hillary. Russia is behind it and Mueller should look into her..The Green Party should sue her.

  13. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Putin Checkist! 100%

  14. Anonymous12:22 PM

    How's that Russian Racket going?
    Century celebration I see.
    Too bad it won't last anymore.
    Darn, that's the end. Smirk.


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