Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Moronic White House correspondent for Right Wing rag wants those damn Native Americans to stop crossing the border (?) and disrespecting Mt. Rushmore.

Courtesy of Wonkettte: 

Lucian Wintrich, the Milo-in-Training of Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, found a thing to be outraged about over the weekend: a photo of three of those people flipping off the big stonefaces of Mt. Rushmore. 

Of course the problem, which you may have picked up on, is that those are NOT Mexicans, they are Native Americans.

You know, the people who were here first and failed to protect their borders adequately enough to keep all of US out.

But hey, they DO have brown skin. 


  1. Anonymous3:45 AM

    " level of incompetence"

  2. Leland3:54 AM

    "...Of course the problem, which you may have picked up on, is that those are NOT Mexicans, they are Native Americans."

    That doesn't matter to the hate-filled white supremacists. If the color of their skin isn't WHITE they're all Mexican! The idiots who think like that need to be educated. Maybe we should force them to have genetic tests run to give them an idea of what sort of "lily white" families they actually have.

    They have no idea that the likelihood of ANYONE being "pure" white is somewhere below zero. The problem would be convincing them the tests were run properly and the results actually were REAL!

    Their ignorance goes well beyond stupid and borders on deliberate.

    "...You know, the people who were here first and failed to protect their borders adequately enough to keep all of US out."

    Watch it there, Gryphen! You may give the jackasses another argument they can use in favor of building the wall! You know, because a wall would have stopped the European invaders?

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Actually, there was a group that did voluntary DNA tests on some volunteers, including some super-racists. Turns out everyone was totally 'mixed' blood, and one -I believe he was a KKK member or some NeoNazi -specifically was quite a bit 'black'. He could not handle it and committed suicide.

    2. Just the threat of mandatory DNA tests for all whites with the results published in local newspapers would do some Caucasians a world of good, especially if they could have side-by-side comparisons to POC's DNA. The shock would undoubtedly cause many to withdraw from society or commit suicide.

      Some years ago, I took a test on PBS's website which asked me to determine the race of 20 individuals by looking at their faces. It's been a while, but IIRC, I scored 20%! If you take a glance at former Congressional Black Caucus chairman G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) it's obvious why looks alone is no racial determinant.

      Bottom line: We have to do a better job of socializing our children, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Our country cannot move forward as long as so many white Americans continue to harbor some many foolish, harmful ideas about race.

      A few basics to consider: 1. Race is a social construct. 2. You can't tell by looking what race or ethnicity a person is. 3. A person's race or ethnicity does not tell you very much about a person, so don't jump to conclusions. 4. Accept each person for the great gift he/she is. 5. It is rude to comment about another person's appearance or ask to touch their hair, extremely rude.

      Off topic, but I wish we could get rid of these stereotypes regarding LGBTQ and stop maligning people on the basis of sexuality or gender identity.

  3. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Last time i checked the native American's where the only inhabitants that lived here and did not steal the land. If they want to give the middle finger to any american landmark they have the right to do so. I mean we kinda did steal their land. I'm just saying.

    1. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Actually, Mt Rushmore was a sacred site for the Natives, taken away from them to commemorate those oppressors of their tribes... So, they have doubly the right to flip the bird!

    2. Anonymous5:03 AM

      Yeah, and google the 'artist' who made that natural beautiful mountain, The Six Grandfathers, into the abortion it is today. Gutzon Borglum was the racist's name. He has an AWESOME history, if you're into white supremacy and shit like that.
      No wonder that when we all learned about this "great" American tourist dump in grade-school history, the asshole who carved that mountain up was rarely discussed.

  4. Flipping the bird is protected speech. A parent might take umbrage to flipping in a setting with impressionable youngsters around.

    Wingnuts want to desecrate Rushmore by placing Drumpf's bust up there among the greats. That is an idea worthy of several bird flips and a hearty heck no.

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      The 'wingnuts' did not suggest putting Trump's face on Rushmore. Trump brought it up himself! He'll never end up there!!! Does not and will not EVER qualify!

  5. Hoft and his idiot apprentice make a steaming pile of moose nuggets look smart6:19 AM

    "On the weekend of the Columbus Day holiday, a T-shirt is at the center of a long-standing conflict between those who celebrate the holiday and those who say it doesn't deserve to be celebrated.

    The T-shirt had been for sale at the Colorado History Museum, but has recently been pulled off the racks.

    The T-shirt features four Native Americans with guns along with the slogan: "Homeland Security. Fighting terrorism since 1492.""

    That shirt got some Christopher Columbus genocidal occupation fans all wee weed up apparently!

    "The shirt was yanked off the gift store shelves after some found it offensive. The shirt hints to the premise that explorers such as Christopher Columbus were essentially "terrorists" when they invaded a land that had already been occupied.

    Protesters to the Columbus Day holiday say that Columbus shouldn't be celebrated for discovering America because Columbus' "discovery" led to the oppression, degradation and deaths of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans."

    Image of the t-shirt:

    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      That shirt is very popular here, and you can buy it at many, many markets. Also at PowWows.
      Next time I see one, I actually will now buy one!

    2. Leland7:50 AM

      "...Protesters to the Columbus Day holiday say that Columbus shouldn't be celebrated for discovering America because Columbus' "discovery" led to the oppression, degradation and deaths of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans."

      Of course, the truth is, Columbus did NOT discover America. The evidence shows Leif Erikson did.

      What he DID do, though, was tell the European population about all the unoccupied "free land" and THAT led to the rape and destruction of almost an entire race of people.

      (Of course, if the haters have their way, they will to eliminate every last one of the Native Americans (and the blacks and the hispanic and the Chinese and....) and be able to steal their land because it was "abandoned".)

    3. California hasn't celebrated Columbus Day in maybe 50 years. I remember in elementary school it was a holiday, but sometime in the 60s it was traded for Cesar Chavez Day or MLK day or something. At any rate, we don't even have parades for it.

      But then, it's California. We're just those weird yogurt swilling, granola nibbling, lefty liberal nutjobs that believe in climate change and all drive Priuses. (Well, Prii is the proper term.)

  6. Anonymous7:13 AM

    "They break into our country, steal resources, then do shit like this." He's talking about the white dudes carved into the mountainside, right?

    1. That was my first thought.

  7. Anonymous7:27 AM

    That mountain is a sacred religious site for multiple tribes. The whites disrespected the mountain by carving it up.

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM


    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      @ anon 8:28am, different mountain and not a sacred site. Don't try and make excuses for Mt Rushmore.

  8. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Mount Rushmore is in the Black Hills which is sacred Lakota land that was given to them by treaty then stolen when gold was discovered. So besides the two slave owners, one who oversaw the condo the expansion into native land despite the Civil War, and TR who said something like the only good indian isnt a dead indian, but nine out of every ten are. So i can understand giving it the bird. But i'm not surprised the moron thinks they are Mexican. He probably thinks anyone with a turban is Muslim, all tall black men play basketball, and people in Mississippi marry their cousins. Well that one is true

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Actually the Black Hills, or rather specific Mts in the small chain are sacred to a large group of Native tribes, not just the Lakota.

  9. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Native Americans were screwed horribly by our government. Read the history. We are not, and have never been, a sterling nation!!! We have taken greedily for years and it's appalling.

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

  10. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Russian Extremists Are Training Right-Wing Terrorists From Western Europe

  11. Anonymous10:05 AM

    He's basically describing what the White People did to us here in America. Stole our land, etc.
    What a moron. But we have been very forgiving. We let them destroy all that we have. We know nothing on this earth belongs to us and is only temporary. May the great creator guide us all to peace.

  12. Anonymous10:27 AM

    As Trump takes aim at affirmative action, let’s remember how Jared Kushner got into Harvard
    A lot of money, and two US senators, were involved.


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