Monday, August 07, 2017

Twitter suspends a number of fake accounts spreading Trump propaganda after he thanks one of them.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

Twitter suspended a number of fake accounts over the weekend that were using false names to spread pro-Trump propaganda. 

In a tweet on Saturday, President Donald Trump expressed thanks to Twitter user @Protrump45, an account that posted exclusively positive memes about the president. But the woman whose name was linked to the account told Heavy that her identity was stolen and that she planned to file a police report. 

The victim asserted that her identity was used to sell pro-Trump merchandise. The @Protrump45 account also linked to the website which specialized in Trump propaganda. All of the articles on the website were posted by other Twitter users, which also turned out to be fakes. 

Mashable noted that the accounts were suspected of being so-called “bots” used to spread propaganda about Trump. Russia has been accused of using similar tactics with bots during the 2016 campaign.

Apparently they went ahead and deleted essentially ALL of the accounts associated with website.

Well good for Twitter!

Kind of interesting that while Trump is constantly labeling legitimate news sources as "fake news," that the real fake news seems to be coming from sources that are pushing positive news about him.

Which of course falls right in line with the Republican's habit of accusing others of doing the very things of which they themselves are guilty. 


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Next step...suspension of Trumplethinskin's account. Hopefully.

  2. Leland12:06 PM

    It's too bad this kind of propaganda isn't illegal. (Well, using someone's name without permission is, but she seems to be handling that end of it.) And it is also sad that it is probably impossible to find a direct link to Humpty Trumpty ordering it - or at least agreeing to it being done.

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    It’s not real and it’s not news’: Tapper rips former CNN colleague McEnany for joining Trump’s propaganda unit

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    The war against the media (focus NYT) isn't going to slow down. Commander Trump is leading his troops. Sister Sarah's attack, by useless lawsuit, may not be looking so good now and the army needs to keep up these battles.

    Trump complains about New York Times in another tweet - For the second time on Monday, President Donald Trump attacked The New York Times as "failing.

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      He's trying to control the press! Screw him! Don't give in NYT - you are doing an outstanding job!

    2. Anonymous2:33 PM

      IT IS WAR and they are proud to incite and stir the pot. Don't forget NRA, the fisking fister Dana Loesch @nytimes: “We're coming for you.” #ClenchedFistofTruth

      "@DLoesch has a message for the @nytimes: “We're coming for you.”
      One non-#fakenews story is not enough. #NRA #ClenchedFistofTruth"

      "We've had it with your constant protection of your Democrat overlords, your refusal to acknowledge any truth that upsets the fragile construct that you believe is real life," Loesch told the Times in the video.

      "And we've had it with your pretentious, tone-deaf assertion that you are in any way truth or fact-based journalism," Loesch continued.

      "Consider this the shot across your proverbial bow. We're going to fist the New York Times and find out just what deep rich means to this old gray hag. This untrustworthy, dishonest rag that has subsisted on the welfare of mediocrity for one, two, three more decades?

      "We're going to laser-focus on your so-called 'honest pursuit of truth.' In short, we're coming for you," Loesch said in the video.

  5. Anonymous1:52 PM

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    Best advice EVER.

  6. Anonymous2:59 PM

    The other NRA face of revenge lunacy that wants to perform microsurgery on two dozen reporters is just as hate-filled as Loesch and Trump. They feed off getting even and killing off their targets. There must be many more on this gunner tank of dummies but I don't have their names. One day they will crawl out.

    With Sarah Palin failing they will have to seep in their dirty sludge until they can reload. Meanwhile, Trump will tweet and keep working up the base he is starting to lose. If he doesn't give them hate and anger they will quit him. They are hunger for hate and war and they need to infect other with that poison.

    "...Palin's plans to perform opposition research on two dozen reporters for the New York Times."

    Trump must be mega-disappointed with Sarah Palin again, if her delusional lawsuit isn't taken serious by the judge. The forever cash flow lawyers will have to come up with another scheme.

  7. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Whoops! There goes his UUGGE base of supporters.

  8. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Kinda like the bot voters in the rigged election. Terminating bot accounts is a start. Trumps base is very small like his fingers.

  9. Anonymous5:42 PM

    What if we break twitter by creating a host of accounts in Donald Trump's name, all bragging.


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