Friday, March 11, 2011

Rep. Don Young pals around with domestic terrorist Shaeffer Cox.

Skip to the :40 mark.

This does not surprise me in the least.

There you go Alaska, that is your Congressman telling a terrorist NOT to register his weapons with the government. Yeah I know that Cox was not convicted of anything when this video was made, but the fact remains that our Congressman has a responsibility to instruct his constituents to follow the law, NOT to defy it!

Are you as ashamed as I am?

(H/T to Little Green Footballs.)


  1. I realize the point that these people are trying to make but what they don't realize is it takes an organized government, including law enforcement officials to keep the citizenry in bounds of the statutory laws. Chaos would rule if each and every "sovereign" person were to take up arms in a Second Amendment Solution to Governmental enforced Law. These folks have a skewed view of the Second. They want to take up arms that they are legally allowed to have, against the rule of Law that governs acceptable behaviors in this Country. They don't' want to pay taxes, but that is between them and the IRS. If they were smart enough and knew where to park their money (hello IRA's, $3000 bucks per year for you and college saving funds for your kids) they would not owe uncle Sam very much at tax time.

    These people are idiots operating as rogues; beyond the law and in opposition to the laws and law enforcement that provides safety for those of us that work very well and profitably within the system. They just don't' get it and think guns and threats are the answer, but they are so off base.

  2. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Now THAT's palin around with terrorists.

  3. Anonymous8:49 PM

    He has just proven that a little information is a dangerous thing. This should tell people why we need to ensure people become fully educated otherwise they grow up and think they actually understand how life works.

  4. Anonymous8:50 PM


  5. WakeUpAmerica9:04 PM

    This young man is well-spoken but quite misguided. What is his education and background?

  6. Anonymous9:26 PM

    just a reminder for sunday..we know this is going to end well..NOT!

  7. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Where's the Congressional hearing on the domestic terrorism being waged by "sovereign citizens"?????

  8. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Glenn Beck, go to your chalkboard and make line connections between Schaeffer Cox, Jared Loughner, Joe Miller, Todd Palin, and Sarah Palin.

    It's obvious: Sarah's pallin' around with domestic terrorists and her rhetoric's gettin' people hurt.

  9. Anonymous11:53 PM

    This is from a Pakistan Defense board:

    Sarah Palin comes to India

    "Now Guys I won't dignify the batty chic by posting a link about her upcoming visit to India. she will talk about all her neocon policies and how she would like see India as partner on them- all I have to say is almost 80% of the country (US) considers her a nut job and the 10% could not care either way and remaining 10% who are nut jobs themselves think she is the female Jesus Christ superstar!

    they are discussing on US TV maybe the Indians will love her- perhaps they don't know much about her much?

    please please- I hope Indian media don't embarrass Indians by giving her any attention."

  10. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Here are two more articles re the India trip:

    Palin's India Conclave speech- LEAKED!

    Sarah Palin India Travel Plans
    "Sarah Palin will be staying at the five star Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. When her private jet touches down she will avoid customs and will travel in a helicopter to the hotel which is set in the middle of six acres of lush landscaped gardens. Once there she will stay there until the helicopter picks her up for the return journey."

  11. Anonymous12:10 AM

    good gawd, listen and watch the 4 video parts under "trouble in Fairbanks", that include his will "receive" further insight into what makes this couple tick, ack.......and, he says what "they" did to sarah, "they" are doing to him.

    they are both as much, or more radical evangelicals as sarah and todd, and openly speak of it.

    watch these vids Gryphen, well worth the time.

  12. Anonymous12:16 AM

    anon #9:26 - The Sunday protest (where the morons will pull over to the side of the highways for an hour) has twenty people signed up - NATIONWIDE!!! LOL! Here is their facebook page (they are soooo confused about what to do, but the 20 folks are determined to do it!):

  13. hauksdottir2:01 AM

    WakeUpAmerica said...

    This young man is well-spoken but quite misguided. What is his education and background?

    9:04 PM


    He was bred and born in a barn.

    Or behind the caddy shack.

    This is only the second image of him that I've seen, and in both he is wearing his golfing cap INDOORS.

    What is he hiding? A skinhead tattoo? Mange? Alien implant device??? Or simply profound ignorance of how to behave in civilization?

  14. hauksdottir2:03 AM


    Remember that two of Joe Miller's goons were ACTIVE DUTY? Their base commander said that he'd investigate. There are probably several more militia members in the ranks. However, we haven't heard peep. What has happened to these men?

  15. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Listen again.

    Don Young did NOT say not to register weapons if told to do so.

    He said 'don't turn 'em in'. The question was what to do if the government passed a law requiring that you register or turn in certain weapons.

    Speculative question. But Young's answer dealt only with the farfetched speculation that the government would actually require people to turn in weapons. That would sound like an unconstitutional act even to me.

    Cox is a nutcase. And I don't care for Young at all. But I think he is being unfairly accused on this point.

  16. Anonymous6:15 AM

    at the 2009 "Constitutional Convention", Schaeffer Cox says on video he "knows Sarah Palin pretty well".

  17. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Alaska has become a HUGE joke! And Don Young has always been a JOKE check his record he is a male Palin
    If you review his voting record and public comments he's as dumb as a door knob. Only even more arrogant than the Palins. I NEVER voted for Don or SP for anything.even though I am a 37 year Alaskan.

  18. Chenagrrl7:21 AM

    I sense a good story here for the much beloved lame stream. Start with who these guys really are.
    Add in all the side issue -- like the business with militia loonies from the military.

    What is really outrageous in this case is the targeting of the judge. Ralph Beistline who knows and understands the Fairbanks community very well gave that Salcha goof and his wife many opportunities to state their case. They didn't or couldn't.

    Fairbanks is a small town and Beistline was raised there. He is not a guy from the states on the make. His grandparents ran a small grocery store and his mom had a floral shop. His dad was a UAF dean. These are good people who have done nothing to anyone but live decent lives and build the Fairbanks community.

    The paranoid clowns who are now in shackles need to be given the best our society can give -- fair and speedy trials. As this is going on they should be reminded that if they had been living in the society they wanted, a fair trial would probably have been out of the question.

    I grew up in FBX, I am utterly disgusted with this group and their hangers-on.

    Don Young's advisers -- and they have come and gone -- have long said that he should never be allowed to speak off the cuff in public. As you can see, he had no watchdog with him.

    He is a shallow foolish man who has contributed very little. He needs to be booted from office.

  19. lwtjb6:32 PM

    Didn't a version of this guy's platform just get enacted in Michigan?? Now the MI governor or some adjunct of his can fire local governments and install something more to his or her liking with no due process whatsoever. The new entity can be a corporation. How come nobody is talking about this one?


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