Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RAM is NOT happy that the "Lamestream" media is ignoring her queen. Welcome to irrelevance Becky!

This was all over RAM's Twitter feed yesterday:

Hi @HuffingtonPost I noticed that you didn't really cover @SarahPalinUSA's speech in Madison. How come? @jjmnolte
13 hours ago via web

Hi @mitchellreports did you cover @SarahPalinUSA's speech in Madison? If not, why not? @jjmnolte
13 hours ago via web

Hi @ABCNews how come you didn't cover @SarahPalinUSA's speech in Madison very much? What gives? @jjmnolte
13 hours ago via web

Hi @CBSNews I know no one watches you, but how come you didn't really cover @SarahPalinUSA's Madison speech? What gives? @jjmnolte
13 hours ago via web

Hi @CNN did you cover @SarahPalinUSA's Madison speech? Did it upset you that she made Obama look bad by saying the stuff you gloss over?
13 hours ago via web

Hi #MSNBC did you cover @SarahPalinUSA's Madison speech? Oh never mind... #whybotherasking #barkingmadnetwork
13 hours ago via web

Hi @washingtonpost I didn't see much coverage of @SarahPalinUSA's Madison speech. What gives? I suppose @JRubinBlogger didn't approve of it.
13 hours ago via web

At some point RAM must have realized how sad and pathetically needy she sounded so she then went to offensive instead.

I don't think the MSM understands we amuse ourselves by exposing their hypocrisy. RT @jjmnolte Full disclosure: I'm just getting started.
12 hours ago via web

Whew!  Now THAT was just pathetic.

You know whenever you are wondering what is happening behind the scenes in Palin-land, and Klondike Kardashian is too emotionally distraught to tweet, or Facebook, or answer softball questions from Greta Van "Sucks to be Sarah Palin's puppet," all you have to do is take a look at her alter ego RAM's Twitter feed. 

Becky suffers from a sort of "narcissism by proxy" on behalf of her idol, as well as Palin's lack of perspective when it comes to how people REALLY see the failed half-term Governor.

I can only imagine that even more of these desperate cries for positive attention will be issuing forth from the Palin camp in the months to comes. As for negative attention?  THAT they will have in abundance with the help of Joe McGinniss, Geoffrey Dunn, Frank Bailey, etc, etc, etc..

It is going to be a GREAT summer!


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    That is one of the most pathetic series of tweets I've ever read. IT'S OVER, RAM. OVER AND OUT. Time to find a new job, RAM!!!! Koch Bros. are not doing their usual media buy-out anymore!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    RAM - Your pink slip is in the mail. Wake up. Smell the coffee.

  3. Anonymous8:14 AM

    What I hate, hate, hate, is the fact that both Palin and the MSM are fully aware of how much money they make for each other, and so they both knowingly keep up this absurd charade that Palin's a plucky adversary of the media.

    First off, what other political celebrity, or any celebrity for that matter, gets breathless reporting on a simply website overhaul? That's millions of dollars in free advertising and traffic driving right there.

    Second, in what other age besides today would a mainstream media outlet ask the President of the United States, on an official foreign trip to Asia, if he's read Sarah Palin's book? They really did ask him that.

    I am just sick of it. Can we all acknowledge that the media has made Palin richer beyond her wildest dreams, that her so-called war against the media is just as fraudulent as everything else about her, and both she and the media know it????


  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    When they did cover her speech they dubbed her in and completely ignored the counter protesters. She should be glad they gave her a break.

  5. Looks like someone is trying to keep a job by drumming up some controversy. Good Luck RAM your days are numbered. I hear The Chump might need some additional staff for his Crazy Train Campaign. You might look into some spit and polish before you give him a call though. Those Hollywood types are into the image thing ya know.

  6. Anonymous8:16 AM

    That is worse than pathetic!! Plus, she really thinks Saeah makes the president look bad? That is how juvenile Sarah/RAM is!! They actually think the media ignores Sarah because they suck up to the president!! Mental illness alert!!!!! Nicole Wallace was SO right about Sarah. No one needs to point out her " deficiencies" because Sarah makes them so clear herself.
    Poor RAM is headed for a huge fall. And I don't feel sorry for her. She has turned into a terrible nasty person her parents would not be proud of. Would they RAM?

  7. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Aw, Becky. Cheer up and look on the bright side.

    Do you really want the MSM to report on the fact that Sarah was roundly booed and jeered to the point where nobody could actually hear what she had to screech (which can be best described as "same shit different day")?

    I'd think you'd better leave this one alone.

  8. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Yep. Just found this on Huffpo - here'e your answer RAM:

    WASHINGTON — Out with Sarah. In with The Donald.

    This was about GOP insiders now supporting Trump.

    Palin = the has been that never was.

  9. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Wow, I don't follow twitter so I am assuming you are correct and this did come from RAM (no reason not to trust you). How pathetic can she be? This makes Palin look all the more stupid and irrelevant. Why would you want to bring attention to it?

    Love the one that says something to the effect that even though no one listens/watches you blah blah blah. Yeah, now there is a way to get them on your side - NOT!

    Of course, I guess I need to consider the source. Who else would work with SP. You would have to deaf, dumb, stupid, and weird. Oh and have no morals what-so-ever but let people know that you are a "good" christian. However I am sure that some people just got sucked in but those people are long gone.

  10. As David Weigel calls her:

    "Palin's web consigliere"

    I almost feel sorry for RAM ... but not when I remember her nasty hate-filled words.

    It'll be time for a new job soon, I fear. If anyone sane will have you, that is. If not there is always the option of a "tell-all book" but you better hurry, there may be a long line once the first three are finally out.

    Tick, tock.

  11. Anonymous8:18 AM

    OMG, talk about disfunctional. Get her the number for the WAHHHmbulance stat! They bitch because the media covers her then bitch when they don't. Make up your f-ing mind(s) already Palinbots!

  12. Anonymous8:19 AM

    You know? It occurs to me that maybe Becky convinced Sarah to speak in Madison (and wrote her godawful speech) on the promise that she'd be well-received and get all kinds of glowing coverage by the press.

    Unfortunately for Becky, Sarah is long past her shelf-life and, frankly, is beginning to stink to high heaven.

  13. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Everybody is over Sarah, Ram ... I think the background on the "I'm not responsible for the crosshairs speech" did it. You might work on those backgrounds, they are just too campy even for the MSM.

  14. laprofesora8:21 AM

    Uh, RAM, maybe it's because we're just not that into her. I hope you realize that before whatever shred of your dignity is left disappears forever.

    Maybe Christine O'Donnell has some staff openings...

  15. Dear RAM:
    Did you ever consider that the speech wasn't worthy of coverage? The protesters outnumbered the pro-Palin crowd 10 to 1. The Press knew the speech by heart, so they covered the more interesting crowd.

  16. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

    Hey, remember me? Please look at me!

    Hey, loser, look at me dammit!

    Hey, yeah you, the one nobody looks at, look at me!


  17. Chenagrrl8:23 AM

    Ram, take a good listen to your girl at RawStory. You can hear her above the boos and cowbells. But listen to her tone, she sounds like she's auditioning for "Mean Girls, Unchained" "meaner and uglier than you ever wanted to be."

    That tone unmistakable through the din, is what will lose it for her.

    Time to make some peanut-butter sandwiches and go blueberry-picking up to Willow.

  18. Anonymous8:25 AM


  19. Lynne8:26 AM

    Yes, it really smacked of desperation.

  20. Anonymous8:26 AM

    It was a long 15 minutes.

  21. Anonymous8:27 AM

    RAM gets so "excited" when Sarah talks mean and that speech in WI was mean girl right down to the "fight like a girl" growl. Obviously Becky was sooo proud of her girl and couldn't stand that no one really cared.

  22. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Look at her tweets today!! Haha she told some guy she loves when they underestimate Sarah because it makes victory so sweet!! Haha ha
    Victory??? People didn't cover her speech because she sounded like a loon and was overshadowed by boos.
    Breitbart says the liberals are dividing America?
    What's wrong with that guy? Is he that stupid? RAM has got serious issues. They have no idea how inappropriate they are. Sarah would be nothing/no one without the media she slams. They've finally had it with her.

  23. FJ Dandy8:29 AM

    RAM (Quittypants) - We're just not 'into' you any longer.

  24. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Nobody covered it because she's totally irrelevant.

  25. Anonymous8:32 AM

    RAM is desperate to stay on Sarah's payroll and it is very clear that Rebecca has fallen in love with Sarah and worships her.

    Bekka would do and say anything to remain on Sarah's best side. Wonder if Sarah Palin realizes that Ram is madly in love with her?

    One day soon Ram will wake up and realize that Sarah is not in love with her, hard to see what RAM will do at that point.

    It seems that Ram has had a hard time keeping a job until she landed the role of crusader & lover of Sarah.

  26. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I fail to see how a speech in WI warrants national attention?

    Now, if Palin were an announced presidential candidate, I would see the relevance. But Sarah Palin, reality TV star?


  27. Wow. Just wow. Palin is not the only one trying to overcome the bruises and slights of the high school years, is she? Love the threat in the last tweet. She's "just getting started". The shrinks and historians are going to have a field day when this saga is finally over.

  28. Anonymous8:35 AM

    "Narcissism by proxy!" Ha! Gotta love it. What a desperate series of tweets. Pathetic begging for attention. "Over here; over here!" Stay there.

  29. Anonymous8:37 AM

    RAM you pathetic creature .. the days of Sarah having her speeches covered "live" by the MSM (or is it LSM) are fucking over... get a grip!

    We know you believe it was the finest speech you ever wrote for Sarah.. but in reality it SUCKED.

    RAM .. putting in the reference to the Titanic on the exact anniversary date of 1700 people dying was SICK and heartless.

    RAM ..time to start looking for a new job.. Sarah is close to done.

  30. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn8:38 AM

    Imagine putting up with the PalinBlots' Supreme Queen when she doesn't get the publicity she believes she so rightly deserves--you almost want to feel the teeniest, tiniest bit sorry for RAM and her bitchy tweets, right? Or at least throw her a sturdy helmet to wear while ducking airborne canned goods. [evil grin]

    BTW, RAM dahling, where is the major MSM coverage of the videos showing Sarah's Madison screech drowned out by Union supporters and progressives? So far it's viral on the web but not in other media outlets, as far as I've heard.

  31. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Poor Ramsour! It doesn't get Palin's hose
    if Palin doesn't get attention...

  32. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Maybe Sarah gave her an ultimatum to make them notice her or else!

  33. Anonymous8:40 AM

    And don't forget to pre-order this book! Watch the 2 minute author video.


    The untold story of Barack Obama's mother. Sure to be interesting and shed some light on many things, including that he is half white! I don't think some people have grasped that yet.

  34. Sounds as though she has been spiking her kool-ade with too much Vodka!

  35. Anonymous8:42 AM

    How presidential. hey Sarah, I think I detect a "perceived whine" there!

  36. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Less than a month ago RAM (pretending to be Sarah on Facebook) wrote:

    "And let's be encouraged with a sense of poetic justice by knowing that the 'mainstream' media isn't mainstream anymore. That's why I call it 'lamestream,' and the LSM is becoming quite irrelevant, as it is no longer the sole gatekeeper of information."

    So Becky declares the "LSM" to be irrelevant, but doesn't like it when they declare Sarah irrelevant by not covering her? Now THAT'S "poetic justice!"

  37. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Why is there a picture of Mrs Doubtfire with this post?

  38. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Hey RAM
    Hey Sarah

    The gig is up! Only downstream from the lamestream media..

    You Tube outed them ....the truth shall prevail.

  39. imnofred8:46 AM

    Looks like somebody needs a reality check. This was a Koch Brothers Tea Party speech that was pretty much a dud. I guess she expected that the MSM would all be there and provide live coverage, like when the President gives speeches. I smell JEALOUSY, ENVY and DESPERATION!!

  40. As an actual photojournalist with thirty years experience, I will give you a free tip on how to get all the MSM coverage you want:
    1) Rent an auditorium at the local junior college.
    2) Place a lectern on the stage.
    3) Invite any and all credentialed journalists
    4)Place Mrs. Palin behind said lectern and say, " Any questions?", and answer any and all questions for a period of say, two hours.
    I guarantee you'll get coverage.
    Oh, and no prompter or ear piece,please.
    No charge for my advice.

  41. Anonymous8:47 AM

    How come c4p is not promoting e ths on thirsday? Must be scathing. Don't feel sorry for Becky she is probably working on the screenplay as we speak. Quitter will probably be on Greta thurs to pull viewers from E.

  42. Anonymous8:52 AM

    So pathetic. Rebecca and Sarah have to be the ugliest women in America. They do not know how to do anything but run down our wonderful President and Whine. Mean and ugly.

  43. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Gosh--this is just lame---I almost feel
    embarrassed for her--Sour sounds like a
    teenage nerd:

    jjmnolte Good morning Corrupt Media. Today I will fight like a girl, & if you weren't corrupt, you'd know that means trouble. Let's rock.
    about 2 hours ago via web
    Retweeted by RAMansour

    That is bad to the bone, y'all!

    @jjmnolte In a way I actually like it when they ignore her because I like it when they under-estimate her. Makes victory more fun.
    about 13 hours ago via web


    When has Palin ever been victorious?
    She won the governor's race & then
    the fool quit her job. That is not a
    victor. If you win & then quit, it really
    takes away the winning aspect. It makes
    a body look unsure of themselves, unhinged,
    and flaky. Palin would climb half way to the
    top of Mt Everest, take a shit, climb back
    down, and say she'd conquered Mt Everest.

  44. angela8:53 AM

    Jeez, I almost started feeling sorry for ole Becky until I started not to care, then started laughing at how very sad and pitiful Sarah truly is.

  45. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Ram's future draws nigh.

    Some call center work?

    Ghostwriting Nigerian investment opportunity emails?

    Who cares.
    What a legacy. Preserved as part of the greatest political failure of the last 100 years.

    Pigs can't fly. Wave the money and people like RAM are happy to tell you that "Yes h8TRz, pigs can too fly ".

  46. Anonymous8:57 AM

    My, what a childish rant. Unprofessionalism oozes out of every pore of team Palin. The lack of competent, polished help is accelerating Sarah's complete irrelevance.

    Keep up the amateurish behavior, RAM.

  47. Anne In DC8:57 AM

    To RAM:

    Welcome not only to irrelevance, but also to the ugly reality that is staring you in the face. Sarah Palin alone is responsible for Sarah Palin's precipitous decline in "popularity." She was not going to be welcomed by the Wisconsites, because she jumped in with both feet not knowing what she was talking about. This is something she has done since 2008, and it has been a big part of her undoing. I'm quite sure it's painful for you to admit that SP finally got the reception she has done so much to deserve instead of the one you and she have deluded yourselves into thinking she's entitled to. Your hero worship is age-inappropriate behavior most frequently found in star-struck kids. But your "heroine's" dangerously flawed character makes it even more ridiculous. It's long past time for you to try regaining whatever dignity you lost supporting her.

  48. lol. Made me laugh. Maybe my version of RAM will make you laugh.


  49. Anonymous8:58 AM

    "Anonymous said...
    Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

    Hey, remember me? Please look at me!

    Hey, loser, look at me dammit!

    Hey, yeah you, the one nobody looks at, look at me!


    8:22 AM"

    "Hey, yeah you, the one nobody looks at, look at me!"

    That is hysterical! I hadn't thought of it
    that way! Lowly CBS, with their mean
    Katie Couric and her mean questions that
    only a genius could answer!

  50. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Do you know what this means??? This means SP will HAVE to run for president FOR THE MEDIA COVERAGE!!!! OMG....it IS going to be a fun summer ;)

  51. Anonymous9:01 AM

    What happened with the Palin tea baggers
    pulling over to the side of the road? Did that
    go on as planned? I haven't heard a word about
    it. Did anyone see it on the news???

  52. The sick cult at the Cee of Pee are saying that Ram is standing behind Sarah at the Madison screech. They're saying she's the ugly hag with long straggly hair. Do you agree?

  53. emrysa9:03 AM

    holy shit what a meltdown! "you're not paying attention to the queen"

    why should they pay any attention to her when all she does is trash them? what kind of psycho thinks they can talk shit about something and then expect that something to pay attention to her? f-ing PSYCHO!!

  54. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Quit yer bitchin', Becky. You ought to be grateful that when they did show it, they edited out the booing, and that she got far more notice than Bachmann, who managed to get a whole 300 people to her Klan rally in SC. I think the ladies have had their fun...time for the adults to take over (too bad the GOP has none.)

  55. Anonymous9:07 AM


    @daveweigel just to be clear: I wasn't demanding media attention, I was mocking the media about which Palin stories they choose to cover.
    less than 5 seconds ago via web

  56. Anonymous9:07 AM

    8:47 a.m. RIGHT ON! It really pissed me off that the MSM gave the quitter gov the FaceBook, Twitter soapbox. This is not journalism!

  57. Anonymous9:08 AM

    RAM, The country just isn't interested "very much" anymore.
    Start thinking about your next move.

    A book perhaps...


  58. Anonymous9:11 AM

    New details revealed about Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant.


    Being something of an expert in the art of deportment, I was asked to spend some time with all the girls in the days leading up to the pageant. You would not find a nicer group of young ladies – fine, salt of the earth women – with the exception of young Miss Palin.

  59. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Rebecca Mansewer, Andrew Breitfart and Tammy Bruise are the crud at the bottom of the barrel. The only way they get paid is to be super nasty and make up shit. A third grader could do their job if they were mean and nasty enough.

    It sure would be hell to be related to these 3 nasty uglicans. They must hate themself to do what they do daily, what a waste of lives.

    I sure would not want my good name associated with the likes of this steaming pile of elephant shit.

  60. Here's why Palin is not being covered by the TV Networks and news of record: Sarah Palin is being too coy about declaring a run for the White House.
    Until she makes her intentions clear, there is no point to cover her appearances. Palin did not draw an impressive crowd, nor did she make news. Her tirade against the President is old hat. Plus, Palin demands the privacy rights as a non-politician, then wants MSM coverage every time she is paid to show up and speak- media types are right to snub her.

    If Palin wants coverage, she is going to have to piss or get off the presidential pot. Flirting only gets her so far.

  61. Anonymous9:13 AM

    How many here recall the exchanges between RAM and Patrick (from Palingates) on C4P?

    RAM being such a pleasant person proceeded to call Patrick a motherfucker and a host of other names..

    RAM.. karma is such a bitch

  62. Palin did not generate news, that's why. Merely being paid to show up and say the same stuff over again is not newsworthy.
    If Palin and her 'bots want more coverage, Palin needs to do something that is fresh, like declaring her candidacy for president, or speaking about why she tried to kill Trig by taking her crazy wild ride.
    Until then, Palin has nothing that needs covering. Except her tracks.

  63. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Tell your boss she should fake another pregnancy to get the spotlight back on her.

  64. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Exactly what is there to cover? Chickenshit Palin waited until the controversy in Wisconsin was mostly over before she headed there for a speech.

  65. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Does RAM choose to be so mean spirited and hateful because she is SO unattractive?

    I'm just askin...........

  66. Enjay in E MT9:22 AM

    Not to worry RAM - plenty of coverage coming in the next few weeks

    Not only with the soon to be released e-mails

    but as of this 11 AM Mtn
    "Blind Allegiance" moved up on Amazon list in last 12 hrs:

    #2 Biographies / Political
    #8 Politics
    #202 in Books

    Congrats AKM, Frank & Ken !!!

  67. Last evening my cat took a poop in his cat box. NOT ONE media outlet covered this! I wonder how much $ RAM would charge to chastise CBS, NBC, et.al.
    My kitty is beautiful I tell ya!
    Smartest kitty alive.
    And her turd did not stink!
    Report kitty's dump lame-stream media!
    I am just getting started. Notice kitty OR ELSE!

  68. TruthSeeker9:23 AM

    Hey Becky: of course the media ( any of them, all of them) covered $arah's speech in Wisconsin.

    $arah's speech was relayed in full, on the very last page - after "The End".

    How did you miss that?

  69. honeybabe9:24 AM

    swan song duet?

  70. Anonymous9:26 AM

    and just think, you all are giving Sarah EVEN MORE publicity and cause for justified victimhood. Proud?

  71. Anonymous9:27 AM

    The story wasn't her speech, though it was as clueless and idiotic as we have come to expect from her. The story was how the tea party turnout was dwarfed by the protesters, who shouted her and liar Breitfart down.

  72. Anonymous9:29 AM



    haha. ignoring important issues like the President forgetting Mitch's name, not calling him our when he flipflops to conservative principles etc etc etc. The more they cover Palin (anyone of them, all of them) the more they ignore Obama's ineptitude. Nice for Obama, bad for Sarah, bad for America.

  73. mitch9:31 AM

    I don't know anything about Twitter but it does rhyme with Quitter! Maybe someone should start a flame war with her. That would be fun.

  74. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Becky was all about the WI speech in the days leading up to it. She treated it as if it were going to end world famine and war and then cure all the nations ills. Sarah really does need to fire RAM. Without her, she'd look sane.

    What's interesting is, Sarah hates Yes men. And she also abhors ass kissers. They creep her out. She and her kids have friends all over the US whom they met through political associations. The need to weed out RAM and those few creeps and stick to the sane, coherent ones.

  75. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Palin's Norma Desmond moment is close at hand...

  76. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I don't who did this bit of humor, but it is amusing...


  77. Anonymous9:39 AM

    UPDATED: Team Palin Demands The Media Give Them Something To Complain About
    April 19, 2011 10:08 am ET by Simon Maloy

    Slate's Dave Weigel has a fun catch this morning documenting Sarah Palin aide Rebecca Mansour's Twitter crusade against various mainstream media outlets that, in Mansour's estimation, didn't pay enough attention to Palin's speech this weekend at a Wisconsin tea party rally. Weigel asks: "[I]s it a mystery or sign of bias when an author and former vice presidential candidate gives a speech at a rally and it doesn't get national news coverage?"

    No, but it's death for the Palin brand, which relies on relentless attention from the media apparatus it claims to despise. If that coverage is critical or not sufficiently deferent, so much the better -- grievance is a powerful ally for the good ex-governor.

    But that all falls apart when the media stop paying attention or are otherwise distracted, leaving Palin acolytes with little to occupy their time. As a result, you see this bizarre scenario in which a member of Team Palin demands a media outlet cover Palin, while simultaneously attacking that outlet for being biased against Palin.


  78. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Someone send up the Bat Signal - we've found the Penquin! !

  79. Molly9:52 AM

    "We" amuse ourselves...........who is "we", Becky? You and your oh-so-professional employer, Sarah? Or is this more of a British royalty singular "we", as in "we are not amused".??

    Please, do go on, Becky.

    Do you think NOW would be a good time to cash in your chips and make that fortune, Beck? Time's a wastin' what with books from Bailey, Dunne, and McGinniss all stealing the spotlight from you and your crazy-lady employer.

  80. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Wow - The Palin camp isn't happy that they're not getting the attention they want anymore.

    What ever gave Palin nationally credibility anyway? Because she was recklessly picked by an old man desperate to win the white house and wanted a shiny object to dangle in front of voters? Said shiny object should be given instant national credibility, even when she's proven herself time and again to be a phony?

    @Ram, it's not a media game. The fact that she was ever given the coverage she got in the first place was a big mistake. The country just took a little while to learn that. Get over it ;)

  81. Anonymous9:55 AM

    RAM... sit back and cool your jets.

    Just wait a month and Sarah will be getting more attention from the press then she could ever hope for.

  82. Anonymous9:55 AM

    There's a right wing nutjob here in Canada by the name of Ezra Levant.


    Maybe RAM is him in a wig!

  83. Anne In DC9:57 AM

    @9:26 a.m.:

    Sarah Palin is not a victim of anything except her own stupidity, arrogance, and hatefulness. In the past 2 years, she has proven to be her own worst enemy by far. That self-pitying Tucson speech making HER out to be a victim was too much even for some of her previous supporters to take. It summarized everything that is wrong with her.
    It also seems to have been one of the final nails in the coffin of her political ambitions.

    @9:29 a.m.

    There is no comparison between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. He is an imperfect human being like the rest of us. But the defenders of S.P. have to deflect because they have no rational argument about her "merits." Actually, since she likes to badmouth him, she is obviously obssessed with someone who is where she wishes she was. It's the creepy behavior of a sociopath.

  84. wakeUpAmerica9:58 AM

    So, this well-educated woman says "how come" instead of "why" and "stuff" instead of being specific? Yikes!! RAM, take note. People judge you by how you speak.

  85. Anonymous10:00 AM

    $arah Palin is a lying sack of shit. The media is right (at last!) to ignore that psycho. Those tweets from that RAM woman are sick, desperate, and pathetic. This makes $arah Palin look bad, not Barack Obama.

  86. Anonymous10:01 AM

    SP only had about 650 racists come and listen to her ramble incoherently and Bachman was in SC with Nikki Hailey only had 300 show up. Poor Man Sour's paycheck is in danger. And she is wrong HuffPo DID have an article, but SP's 2 yr old speech is becoming very boring, I guess RAM should teach her a new trick or something. Winking is now out after all the botox..SP is finished even a pres run will not change that.
    I hope RAM wears a veil when out in public, she could be frightening children and small animals everywhere.

  87. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Fuck $arah Palin!

  88. Beyond hilarious. No longer holding any job at all, former failed VP candidate, shows up in Wisconsin weeks after the showdown over Walker's budget, to a made up Tax Day (not actually on Tax Day) rally, where her bused-in followers are outnumbered 10 to 1 by protesters. Yeah, that's a great story! RAM should be grateful it was ignored.

  89. Anonymous10:05 AM

    @9:29 - Pres. Obama will be re-elected. Perhaps your anti-Obama sentiments would work on a thread of relevance to your topic. This thread is about RAM's desperate plea for attention. Thanks, bot.

  90. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Poor Rebecca. Sarah must have promised her the job of Press Secretary to the President of the United States, or maybe, can I dream, Chief of Staff?? Rebecca lived vicariously through Sarah, and saw the two of them headed to stardom, celebrity and Washington DC. Unfortunately, Michele and Donald are currently sucking all of the oxygen out of the room.

    Here is the problem. Rebecca is a failed screen writer. There are also new movies released every week, not to mention movies that go directly to DVD or are made for TV. Today's hit is tomorrow's rerun. Rebecca didn't learn any of the lessons of Hollywood other than the big lesson, rejection is a bitch. You can only keep peddling the same tired story for so long, and when a new script comes with with special effects, over-the-top speeches and a crazy plot, they don't pay any attention to you. Keep sending those tweets, Rebecca. They will look great in the collected works when Sarah publishes another book.

  91. Anonymous10:11 AM

    The RAM tweets should tell any intelligent person that these players (The Sarah Team) are only interested in the image aspect of the Sarah brand.

    Sarah, to her team, is like a product. Soap, let's say, or maybe toilet bowl cleaner. The marketing team (RAM) has to get the product's name out there no matter what. They are desperate to sell that product.

    It doesn't matter what's inside the cleaner or (Sarah). It may contain toxic chemicals or harmful if swallowed, or it might damage the porcelain, but it looks good on the outside and the team must sell the product.

    Sarah can't sell herself on her own record, cause there's nothing. No solid consistent record, no record of humanitarianism (and photo ops in Haiti with Franklyn Graham don't count) or a generous, moderate thinker. She shows no interest in presenting any of her skills to the legislative tables. She presents no solutions. She doesn't lift a finger, nor shows an interest in serving the public in any elected official capacity. She hates stuffy old offices.

    So, what is RAM complaining about? She ought to know the media is sick and tired of her empty fluff. It is tiring to hear someone complain, complain, complain all the time. When Americans are living day-to-day lives with responsibilities, and life happens, they get VERY tired of hearing this empty-headed bully celebrity wanna-be push and pull and scratch and call people names, and pick fights.

    They are desperate.

  92. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I just don't like myself for making catty comments but that poor woman is just so homely.

  93. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Looks like the Palin ship sprung a leak!!! A huge leak!!

    Wow - to see the pic of Becky at the Republican Convention and now --- I can only say WOW. Somebody has to turn the computer off and get off their ass!

  94. wakeUpAmerica10:17 AM

    anon@9:11, that link was quite entertaining, but I doubt it is legitimate

  95. Anonymous10:19 AM

    ella 9:22 am:

    "Last evening my cat took a poop in his cat box. NOT ONE media outlet covered this! I wonder how much $ RAM would charge to chastise CBS, NBC, et.al.
    My kitty is beautiful I tell ya!
    Smartest kitty alive.
    And her turd did not stink!
    Report kitty's dump lame-stream media!
    I am just getting started. Notice kitty OR ELSE!"

    ella, this is the funniest thing I have read on the Internet all day!! Thanks for the laugh.

  96. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Obviously I'm missing something. I don't understand what this is about. Or what it has to do with Sarah's staff.

    @jjmnolthe is John Nolte, Editor-In-Chief of Big Hollywood.

  97. Laura Novak10:22 AM

    Perhaps she will join our conversation:


    Part 3 of my interview with Prof. Brad Scharlott is now up. We do talk about Sarah Palin, and the media and babies and even Watergate. Stop on by.

  98. Anonymous10:23 AM

    You should be happy the "Lame stream media" DID not report on that screech. The protesters outnumbered the supporters 10 to 1.The party is OVER. Might as well pack up your tent and find another useless narcissist to follow arounf.

  99. well you wont put a decent comments section up so sad to say i wont be coming back.

  100. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Pathetic. Now, RAM is inartfully trying to spin her recent tweety overreaction. Not surprisingly, RAM behaves just like Sarah in that they both have undeniable talent to create bad situations and then highlight them to make them worse. They lack the least bit of finesse. Their runaway train of unwitting actions only benefits their political opponents.

  101. Anonymous10:30 AM

    @9:26 AM,

    "and just think, you all are giving Sarah EVEN MORE publicity and cause for justified victimhood. Proud?"

    People on the internet ridiculing RAM's childish rant does not give $arah Palin "even more" publicity. If Palin does get "even more" publicity, it will be because of RAM's bizarre twitter tirade against the "lamestream media."

    This $arah Palin "justified victimhood" crap is so tired. She is no victim. Narcissists always think they are the victims. Typical.

    You're crazy. Go away.

  102. Anonymous10:31 AM

    RAM..hope you are reading the comments...

    Great "blood libel" speech you wrote for Sarah!!!

    keep up the good work.

  103. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Settle down, girl. What happened? Did Rebecca leave you for sarah?

    Do tell.

  104. Anonymous10:34 AM

    @8:14 totally agree. Palin & the media make money off of each other.

  105. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I am female, and usually would refrain from commenting on someones physical appearance, but....

    This women needs a makeover desperately, but sadly it would do little, for what is on the inside is so horrible and toxic, that any improvements outwardly would be worn away the minute she opened her mouth. Like attracts like, it is clear to me that Mrs. Palin and Ram are clearly reflections of each other. I don't know what forces casued them so much damage, but they seem to be damaged beyond repair. God help them.

  106. Anonymous10:41 AM

    $arah and company, always the victim, whether they get coverage or not. What a pathetic PAC of losers.


  107. Anonymous10:47 AM

    This tweet rampage of RAManSour reminds of the rampage she went on about the media/blog stories of the Palinbillies 'sticky fingers' at the gift rooms in Hollywood - When the Palinbillies helped themselves to everything by the caseloads!! RAManSour tweets DEMANDING retractions and apologies went on for hours!!!

    It was hilarious to watch the Meltdown!!

  108. Anonymous10:48 AM

    It's almost like Sarah announced her bid for POTUS but no one could hear her over the noise of the cowbells and boos. This made RAM mad. RAM mad, RAM Tweet!

  109. Anonymous10:53 AM

    "haha. ignoring important issues like the President forgetting Mitch's name, not calling him our when he flipflops to conservative principles etc etc etc. The more they cover Palin (anyone of them, all of them) the more they ignore Obama's ineptitude. Nice for Obama, bad for Sarah, bad for America."

    Put down the bong, 9:29 AM:

    #1 First of all, the President forgetting Mitch McConnell's name is not an "important issue," moron. Most people don't care. $arah Palin couldn't get Mitt Romney's name straight. She couldn't even get Joe "O'Biden's" name right, either.

    #2 Barack Obama is called out when he flip flops all the time, so I don't know what you are talking about. It's time people start calling $arah Palin out on all the times she has flip-flopped. Like, when she flipped-flopped on whether she was a feminist, or not. Or, how about when she flip-flopped on those fucking bail-outs? By the way, all politicians flip-flop, dummy.

    #3 Barack Obama is hardly inept. He's passed major legislation, and secured treaties with other countries. What's Palin ever done? When is $arah Palin going to do a live press conference, and stop writing shit on her hand? Barack Obama's verball gaffes are nowhere as numerous as Palin's. When the President makes a gaffe, it's usually because he mispoke, (because he talks too much, anyway) versus Palin who make gaffes out of sheer ignorance. The stupid woman couldn't even answer a simple question about what she reads.

    The longer anyone pretends that $arah Palin is NOT inept, and has a chance in hell of ever becoming POTUS, is bad for America.

    P.S.-- Did $arah Palin figure out that North Korea is not our ally, yet?

  110. Anonymous10:54 AM

    What strikes me most is how unprofessional these tweets are. Is there a single other national politician whose spokesperson uses this tone with the media? These two haven't caught on yet that even the media is tired of the joke now. With Trump they have a new, shiny ball to play with.

  111. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I'm laughing my ass off!


  112. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Heads Up, Kids: Breakdown in process!

  113. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Wow. Angry children looking for attention have nothing on this pathetic woman. And I use the word "woman" despite there being no apparent evidence that RAM is one. Sorry, I had to go there.

  114. Anonymous11:02 AM

    @Jadez 10:25 AM:

    "well you wont put a decent comments section up so sad to say i wont be coming back."

    Maybe they have one at the "Sea of Pee."

  115. Gryphen, I love this post. RAM's tweets have got to be the saddest most desperate actions ever. Wow. And (haven't read it yet) now Syrin's blog says that Walker chose to attend a bridge-naming event rather than appear with Sarah at the event supposedly in his defense! Double wow! Buh bye Sarah. Go home!

  116. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Every outlet and blog had a story about quitters PAC, so how is that ignoring her?This sounds more like a Sarah rant.

  117. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Anon @ 9:34 AM said:

    "Sarah really does need to fire RAM. Without her, she'd look sane."

    No, she wouldn't.

  118. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Holy Palin-oly! WOW.....someone certainly needs attention 24/7! How about this RAM & Scarah? Maybe we should re-visit the "Todd's affair/love-child story" that was in the news just 3 weeks ago and suddenly disappeared from view? THAT would give you some much needed attention again.....
    and btw, I was in Wisconsin on vacation and actually heading home a couple hours before the Madison screech speech started. I had to make that last-minute decision to take Hwy41 South towards Milw/Chicago, or...cut through the middle of the state towards Madison/Rockford, IL. and sneak in some face time at the capitol. I chose that latter and frankly, it was well worth it. (not to actually HEAR Sarah's rant, you couldn't anyway, but to see with my OWN EYES how many showed up) Sorry you had such a poor turnout Palin...only 3 buses to bring in your "fans" and they weren't even full. Nice try w/the old OLD "Palin VP rally" photos online too. THAT was NOT Madison in April 2011.
    What a pathetic loser.

  119. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Now Sarah's being victimized by not being victimized. David2011

  120. Anonymous11:14 AM

    sorry to say but she looks like she smells.

  121. Anonymous11:17 AM

    "In a way I actually like it when they ignore her..."

    Criticized, yes, but when have they even ignored her? RAM hasn't realized yet that the game has changed. Sarah would rather be hated than ignored and is going to have to get more and more extreme in order for people to pay attention again. Worse still, with the books coming up the people who'll be exposing her will be getting all of the press.

  122. Anonymous11:18 AM

    If I didn't know all these characters (ram, palin, etc) were real, I'd say we are watching a high school play about, well, life in a high school during student council elections.
    These tweets are the most unprofessional act I've seen yet in the 2012 run up. Including Trump and Bachmann antics.

  123. Anonymous11:20 AM

    How funny! I also saw this last night and was going to send it your way! Pathetic, indeed.

  124. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Sarah is not becoming irrelevant. She is becoming more and more popular every day and will become hugely popular and the people's choice when she announces that she is going to run for president.

    Sarah will become our president in 2012 regardless of the lies you try to tell about her and her child, Trig.

    Just keep it up though because you will be the ones who look foolish in the end.

    God bless Sarah and her beautiful family.

  125. The MSM only cover what they deem NEWS. Produce Trig's birth certificate, and we'll all be there.

  126. Simple answer back to RAM..."BECAUSE SHE (THE SWAG-HAG) and YOU ARE NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE"...

    Now go away, I got a nail sandwich I gotta eat....

  127. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Looks like Tiny Tim finally got his sex change operation.

  128. Anonymous11:25 AM

    If they had reported on whatsername's speech at the tax day rally event, it would not have looked good for her.

    I guess they don't know to leave well enough alone.

  129. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Palin should be thankful the media ignored her latest appearance which
    put the Scream thrillers to shame.
    Hannity bizarrely played a segment of Palin's Wisconsin flop on his show
    last night and my dog started howling
    when he heard her piercing shrieks and yelps from the podium.
    Seriously, why would anyone think drawing attention
    to that Madison Screechfest
    would be a positive ?
    The only beneficiaries would be hearing aide and electronics salesmen welcoming new customers
    after their eardrums
    and televisions blew out.
    Palin's wails made her sound just like a combination of Roseanne Barr and an air horn.
    That may be music to Becky and Breitbart's ears , but,
    the media wisely treated Palin's speech like a crime against humanity.
    The parents of easily frightened children and pet owners are especially grateful.

  130. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Poor unattractive RAM and her crazy queen of mean.

  131. Anonymous11:41 AM

    She didn't dare show up in Wisconsin until after Scott Walker rammed his union-bashing bill through, so what's the news story here?

  132. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Ha Ha. RAM is saying, "$arah Paylin IS still relevant, dammit!! And not just because she's gorgeous and brilliant [not], but because I SAID SO."

  133. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Game... O V E R.

  134. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Ha ha ha! Palin must have told RAM to go beg the media for her paycheck today. (psst...RAM...you forgot to all her "Governor"...ruh roh)

  135. Anonymous11:49 AM


    In kind of a pathetic way.

    Now I feel guilty for chuckling. bt

  136. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Ram's future draws nigh.

    Some call center work?

    Ghostwriting Nigerian investment opportunity emails?

    now thats funny.............
    ....made me laugh out loud at WORK

  137. Anonymous12:02 PM

    @11:21 am...sorry, I don't think even the Koch brothers hate America enough to get Palin nominated. May I suggest you start preparing for a heartbreaking disappointment when you realize your donations to SarahPAC really were just used to fund Sarah Palin's high flyin' lifestyle.

  138. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I noticed there was a forced effort right after the Wisconsin Screech to make it seem more important than it was. A rather obvious and cringe-inducing reaction to the failure of this from RAM.

  139. That has to be the ugliest woman in the world. No wonder Palin hired her.

  140. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Time to revisit the classic "who's chasing who" $P cartoon from The Political Carnival.


  141. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Just like every other whore, SP's attraction is fading fast. Soon she'll be standing in front of Taco Bell with a sign that says "will spew hate for a crunchwrap" and her crush RAM will be holding the sign and licking the leftovers from her queens wrappers.

  142. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Sarah sure likes to surround herself with ugly. Took exception to Katie Couric and Nicole Wallace cause they were thin, smart and attractive women.

    And for those Wasilla folks that still defend her, you know damn well Sarah and her brood sit around the kitchen table snarking and makin fun of all of 'em (you) that don't have a title and will never be as rich as them.

  143. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hope ManSour saved up all 'his' pennies as 'his' only employment future is working for the 'Little Pecker' Breitbart.

    The Palinbilly ship is sinking so fast, 'he' best get that job lined up quickly.

    Just imagine 'ManSour' and O'Keefe out pimpin'!!! Might be some tough competition with 'HeMan' Coulter & O'Keefe!!! ROFL

    Sorry for any 'Depends' accidents caused!!!

  144. Irishgirl12:29 PM


    Ella's kitty pooped. This was the most entertaining thing I read all day. :)

    RAM....you smack of desperation.

  145. Anonymous12:32 PM

    wow those tweets speak for themselves. They paint the picture of a diva who has finally realized her 15 minutes are over and she DESPERATELY wants more more more attention and nobody is willing to look anymore. Sorry Sarah, but Trump has trumped the Rogue.

  146. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Am I the only one wondering who this jimnolte is?

  147. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I mean, I knew Palin would one day be reduced to demanding media attention, I just had no idea it would be so soon.

  148. Anonymous12:43 PM

    The pathetic tweets have hit the NEWS!! You know the lamestream guys, hahahahahaha

  149. Anonymous12:44 PM

    @SarahPalinUSA I went to WI to give a speech, and all I had to do was suck KOCH.

  150. Anonymous12:46 PM

    11:21am, you did make me smile. Your full-fledged delusion is just kind of funny.

  151. laprofesora12:47 PM

    Sarah is not becoming irrelevant. She is becoming more and more popular every day and will become hugely popular and the people's choice when she announces that she is going to run for president.

    "Sarah will become our president in 2012 regardless of the lies you try to tell about her and her child, Trig.

    Just keep it up though because you will be the ones who look foolish in the end.

    God bless Sarah and her beautiful family."

    Oh (gasp) thanks (gulp) that was the best laugh I've had in ages! You crack me up! Haaahaaaaaa!

  152. mcDonalds is hiring

  153. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Anon @ 11:21, can we engage?

    Why do you think Sarah will become hugely popular?

    What leadership qualities do you most admire in Sarah Palin and how would they benefit America?

    The question is not whether Sarah is Trig's Mother, we know that, the question is, is she his birth Mother. How do you interpret her activities on 17Apr2208? How do you explain her anatomical anomalies?

    Are we approaching the "End Times'?
    When is our last day? Why is it important for Sarah to seek the Whitehouse if our days are numbered?

    We are not "haters", so we look forward to your answers. Enlighten us, and then answer my last question.

    Do you see what you believe, or do you believe what you see?

  154. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Is she unattractive because she is full of hate - or is she filled with hate because she is unattractive?

  155. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Sorry Anon. 11:21, but God doesn't bless a mess.

    He doesn't reward unrighteousness. Matt. 5:9 - God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God". Too, read the parable of the unjust steward. And, for good measure's sake, another verse: "A faithful man shall abound with blessings, but he who makes haste to be rich (at any cost) shall not go unpunished. Prov. 28:20 - "Blessed is he who considers the weak and the poor, the Lord will deliver him in the time of evil and touble. Psalm 41

  156. FrostyAK1:29 PM

    Becky, I'm going to tell you something that your parents probably forgot to mention. Desperation is unbecoming, always. Whining is not even becoming in a two year old child. Time to grow up, Becky. There, that should do the trick.

    I've a Question - what are we going to call the Tundra Turd once she has copyrighted her name? Maybe a poll on that subject, Gryphen?

  157. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Gee, even Scott Walker is ignoring you, Sarah, preferring a Bridge to Somewhere over a Bridge to Nowhere.

  158. Anonymous1:46 PM

    ANON at 11:24
    Don't be dissing on Tiny Tim, he is wayyyyyyyyy better looking than the gorgon named Becki

  159. Anonymous1:52 PM

    You know, when you continually slam people like Sarah does the media, they aren't going to put up with that garbage. Do unto others, Sarah. If not, it comes back to bite you. You have made your bed and now you are going to sleep in it. You have burned so many bridges that your vile nastiness has left you isolated. All the rest of us saw this coming and are glad the chickens are finally coming home to roost. Happy days are here again. YES!!

  160. Anonymous1:52 PM

    RAM and Sarah are so suited to each other, Maybe RAM can move in with the screecher as Toad lives next door in the compound. RAM could take care of the orders for Taco Bell and run to the grocery store for diapers for Brisket & Willer's babies.

  161. Anonymous2:13 PM

    "Anonymous said...
    Is she unattractive because she is full of hate - or is she filled with hate because she is unattractive?

    1:09 PM"

    Both of 'em. All of 'em.

  162. Anonymous3:01 PM

    anon at 11:21, You're Sarah's Mom, right?

  163. Anne In DC3:11 PM

    @11:21 a.m.:

    I don't know what alternative universe you reside in, but Sarah Palin's disapproval rating in this country is around 60%. No one has ever been elected with such a high rate of unfavorsbility. The only people on this forum who are lying are those who continue to deceive themselves about Sarah Palin. I have to laugh whenever I read or hear anyone even suggesting that she is righteous. She constantly lies when there's no point in it, and bears false witness against others especially the president. She worships money, so she obviously has disobeyed the commandment abo0ut not having any other gods. She constantly whips up fear, hatred, and ignorance, therefore helping to poison the political atmosphere. No matter how much you and others might wish it were otherwise, Palin has irreparably damaged her own brand. She is a constant reminder of how America dodged a bullet when she and John McCain lost in 2008.

  164. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I don't know what RAM is talking about HuffPo had an article about the Wisconsin speech yesterday:


  165. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Tiny Tim is back from the dead?

  166. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Whether or not I'm Sarah's mother is none of your filthy business. Sarah's popularity is rising and she will be the next president. And for the hater who asked about Sarah's appearance just before she gave birth to Trig, look at some of the pictures of Sarah when she was pregnant. Are you all blind?

    God bless Sarah. God speed to the Whitehouse. Have it fumigated before you move in Sarah, you never know what you could catch from 'them' and their friends!

  167. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Is it just me or does Ms. Mansour resemble this cartoon character?


  168. Anonymous4:23 PM

    3:40 pm

    Chuck or RAM, which idiot is this one here?

  169. Anonymous4:36 PM

    RAM has 3140 people following her. That's not power, that's pathetic. If all the C4P members are following her, then we know for certain now how much power and how many supporters Sarah really has. ;p

  170. Anonymous4:41 PM

    anon @3:40
    don't worry, you can't catch 'black' asshole

  171. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Racist retard alert at 3:40PM. Proud of it too. Sarah is going to be the next president blah, blah, blah. Delusional little children aren't they.

  172. Anonymous4:50 PM

    anon @ 3:40 pm
    besides you personally being your kissin' cousins favorite sexual past time, you're also a racist useless piece of trash. Go fuk yourself, eh?

  173. Anonymous4:57 PM

    CBS News, in response to RAM's tweet stalk:

    "This series of tweets seemed odd given Palin's strident disdain for the mainstream media and reluctance to appear on any network other than Fox, where she is a paid contributor. "Let's be encouraged with a sense of poetic justice by knowing that the 'mainstream' media isn't mainstream anymore," she wrote last month. "That's why I call it 'lamestream,' and the LSM is becoming quite irrelevant, as it is no longer the sole gatekeeper of information.""

    This is not snark; this is in an article on CBS New online:


  174. Olivia5:27 PM

    This bobblehead pic of Palin shows her narcissism. Loving moms posing with a photo of their child would be gazing lovingly at the child, not grinning giddily at the camera like someone who was sure she was the only one in the photo. The pose is so artificial looking, you would swear it is a head photoshopped onto a body holding a baby.

  175. Anonymous5:43 PM

    racist alert @ 3:40!

    Unchristian racist: I hope you need blood transfusions some day and pints of blood from "them"save your life.

  176. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Palin and Bristol's venture to reality tv land did not result on mass national infatuation destined to collect $100k nag go to the oval office.

    I must say it iis telling the C4p bots were certain DWTS was the Palin's ticket to the white house. Last I checked Jennifer Gray is not POTUS nor is Joel.

  177. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Becky, Becky, Becky, Beckster, Becks...

    "Sweetie," if all Sarah Palin ever does is attack the President, then it's not exactly news. And, if she doesn't declare her candidacy, that criticism is coming from exactly nobody.

    I know, you were up all night writing sparkly new catchprases that you imagined would make great headlines. SARAH PALIN FIGHTS LIKE A GRRRRRRRL. BULLET TRAIN TO BANKRUPTCY! But take heart. You will get to hear those delicious phrases over and over again as Sarah recycles them on the stump.

    In fact, "fight like a grrrrl" and "bullet train to bankruptcy" is going to be my new drinking game, because I loves me some booze.

    Oh, and 3:40....Fuck you and your filthy business. Fumigate your ugly diseased brain.

  178. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Olivia.....I have to agree the photo of Sarah and baby is really off putting. I can not put my finger on exactly what, but it disturbs me. Her head is huge, as are her nose and lips, her make is garish, it looks clownish and a bit surreal. I never thought of photo-shop, but you might be right.

  179. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Yup, 3:40 must be Sally. She thinks her code words are going over our dimwitted, savage heads. Now we know where Sarah got her "beautiful", narrow-minded views.

    Sally, a word to the wise (I use the term loosely): those views aren't quite as "vastly popular" as they were back in the 60's.

  180. Anonymous6:26 PM

    P.S. If Sarah Palin actually ever does declare her candidacy, I will personally come over there and fumigate your granny panties. No charge.

  181. Anonymous6:26 PM

    LOL! Be careful what you wish for, RAM!


  182. Anonymous6:34 PM

    9:11 Thanks for the tea story. It's a good one!!


  183. Anonymous6:34 PM

    hey racist @ 3:40, like my ol' buddy from the '70's used to say; "Mr Goodbar sez > Go Fuk yourself, do it today".....but limp dick types like yourself probably can't even 'get it up' without your Medicaid/'socialist' funded viagra

  184. Anonymous7:15 PM

    How about this: she's a fucking retard. That's why nobody covered her fucking retarded speech. Next question?

  185. Anonymous7:16 PM

    This sounds as desperate as "we never, ever, EVER intended it to be gun sights!! It was simply cross-hairs like you'd see on MAPS!"

    Trump/Palin 2012: You're fired!/I quit!

  186. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Comment from Media Matters article on RAM's tweet crusade: "I have to admit to a certain degree of admiration for the jujitsu-like nature of this move. Now she's being victimized by not being victimized."

    LOL! http://mediamatters.org/blog/201104190006

  187. Anonymous7:33 PM

    My. So suddenly she's courting the "lamestream media."

  188. Anonymous7:50 PM

    For the person who asked who Jim Nolte is on RAM's twitter feed, "Jim Nolte is the editor of Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood site." This is from the CBS article posted upthread.

  189. Anonymous8:36 PM


  190. Anonymous8:38 PM

    The socalled crosshairs were only surveyor's marks. The mainstream media has the whole phony story about Trig not being Sarah's baby out now and nobody is believing it. What's more, they don't think it's important because Trig is not going to run for president. You dirty homosexual pigs should just give up now.
    Sarah will be our next president and when she goes to the Whitehouse the whole place will have to be deloused of bedbugs and rats. They will be sweeping up the watermelon rinds for months!

    God bless Sarah, our queen of the north.

  191. Anonymous9:01 PM


    I'd like to steal that. It would make a GREAT T-shirt

  192. Anonymous9:21 PM

    anon at 8:48, invoking God's name while posting your disgusting racist rants is beyond obscene. There is not one passage in the bible that would condone what you just said. How people like you can believe in God and still behave as if there is no God is truly hypocritical and ignorant.

  193. Anne In DC10:52 PM

    @3:40 p.m. & 8:38 p.m.:

    You are exactly the kind of worthless, racist trash that Palin appeals to. It must be eating you inside that the country picked an intelligent black man to run the country. I know it eats at Palin, judging from all the vitriol that she has directed at our president. What really cracks me up is that another bozo has taken her place (Trump) who is running on this birther nonsense and revealing that he is just as ignorant about how government works as she is. In fact, he
    leads other potential GOP candidates in polls where Palin comes in 3rd place at best. While I'm at it, let me inform you that when Palin ran for Miss Alaska in 1984, she lost the title to a black woman. I'm sure that warms your bigoted little hearts. In any case, if you have any notion that she'll be president, you'll just have to prepare for disappointment. Not even enough Republicans would vote for her.
    In fact, many wouldn't even vote for her as a dog catcher. Then you'll be able to join RAM in her whinefest.

  194. Anonymous10:56 PM

    What 6:06 PM said.

  195. Anonymous11:16 PM

    The lewd and racist imp on this thread is just the caliber of following that $P seeks and attracts.

    But I love seeing Palins and the RAMster being entangled in their own web of deceit...

    Tick. Tock. sarah.

  196. Gryph i suggest not using that picture again as it causes folks to react from a baser instinct. I mean spare us please.

  197. Anonymous12:30 AM

    ANON at 8:38
    Don't invoke God's name in your racist rant, since his son Jesus was NOT white he is as offended as the rest of us. And you may want to remember that Palin's children ( or the ones were Todd is actually the father are NOT white either. Or maybe I should play your game and call them half-breeds or refer to the Palin girls as squaws, would that fit into your bigoted world?

    PS The only way SP is getting into the White House is on the same tour many of us have already gone on.

  198. Anonymous3:01 AM

    To Sarah's Mom,
    As a mother myself, I can understand you desire to defend your daughter, but politics is a brutal arena. For your own well being, don't visit sites that criticize her.

    inside the beltway

  199. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Scary stuff when RAM wakes up with morning wood and her computer is next to her.


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