Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fox's Jeanine Pirro REFUSES to play softball with Sarah Palin, and treats her like the know nothing, moron that we all know her to be. Awesome interview!

Click the image to watch interview
The first thing that I noticed during the beginning of this interview was that Palin's wig seemed to be sitting too far back on her head. (I assume that Bristol, the "cosmetologist," had trouble wrestling the beast onto Snowdrift Snooki's pointy dome.)

And I may be imagining things, but I swear that it bothered Pirro as well. She seems to shake her OWN hair a few times as if she is issuing some female predatory challenge to the Grizzled Mama to answer back with a shake of her hair in response. But Palin just sits stock still as if worried that moving her head too much will cause the fright wig to break loose and flee the set before the end of the interview.

The beginning of the interview is really nothing new, with Palin giving Gingrich the political rim job that she seems ready and willing to provide, while hiding behind her claim that she just wants the "process to continue" so that the eventual candidate is toughened up. (Yeah "toughened up" so that he no longer looks like Mitt Romney, but instead has the jowly features of the pasty white Gingrich.)

But then Pirro decides to buck the Fox News "no journalism allowed" rule by asking Palin how she can call Gingrich a "Washington outsider" when he was in Congress for twenty years?

Uh oh.

Palin: "Yeah and how can he say he was not part of the establishment? Well look at the players in the establishment who are fighting so hard against him. They want to crucify him because he's tapped into that average, everyday, tea party grass roots movement that has said, enough is enough OF the establishment that tries to run the show, and tweak rules and laws for their own good and not for our nation's own good. Well when both party machines, and many in the media, are trying to crucify Newt Gingrich for bucking the tide, and bucking the establishment, THAT tells you something. And I say, you know, you gotta rage against the machine (Who knew Palin was such a fan of music?) at this point in order to defend our Republic, and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation, we need somebody who is engaged in sudden and relentless reform (WTF?), and who is not afraid to shake it up, shake up that establishment. SO, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for Newt. Annoy a liberal!

Okay somebody seriously needs to tell this idiot that Liberals are not trying to "crucify" Newt. In fact we are all FOR the idea of him winning the GOP primary. The people fighting so hard against him, are the Republicans who know how much they have to lose if he were at the top of the ticket. Not just the race for president but all kinds of Congressional and Senate seats across the country.

(But hey, what do I know? I mean it's not like Fox News is paying ME millions of dollars to sit in a cozy studio in Wasilla and pull things out of my butt to wipe it onto the camera.)

Pirro decides not to let the Grizzled mama get away with her mooseshit, and brings up Gingrich's moon base idea.

Pirro: "Alright Governor, how does a fiscal conservative like yourself, support a candidate who wants to make the moon, essentially, the 51st state?  Isn't that expensive?"

Oh THIS ought to be good.

Palin: "I'm sure it's an expensive proposition as it was in the sixties to even travel to the moon, and yet JFK had that, not just a romantic notion, but a-a-a-a notion that America would be FIRST, that we would WIN, that it was necessary, for our PSYCHE, (Sound of Pirro shuffling through papers off camera) and our SCIENCE, and for so many reasons that we be the FIRST at some exploration and I believe that is what Newt is explaining to the public today. There is nothing wrong with those grandiose ideas, it is a matter of priorities, every politician I ever heard from on a national stage, has some ideas that maybe sound a little bit like they're off their rocker when they propose em." 

Yeah just because Newt sounds like he is "off his rocker" when he talks about colonizing the moon it doesn't NECESSARILY mean that he is. Just look at Palin herself, people say she's off her rocker and....okay bad example, but you get my drift.

Klondike Kardashian then goes on to compare Newt's out of this world ideas to the funding for "Cowboy Poetry" because, let's face it, that's all she's got.

Pirro then does something that is clearly off the pre-approved script, and asks Palin a question from a Twitter follower: "Which candidate has the best chance of beating Obama?"

This clearly knocks Palin off her talking points and she stumbles around until finally returning to the importance of the debate, and how great Gingrich is in those debates. She eventually says that "in a debate, Newt Gingrich would clobber Barack Obama, and that's one step closer to the voters being able to have a tool to be able to make up their mind whether it should be Barack Obama or the GOP nominee."

It is clear at this point to anybody who is not currently comatose that Palin just endorsed Gingrich, so Pirro presses her, with a big "I got you now" grin on her face.

Pirro: "Sounds like an endorsement to me Governor, have you just endorsed Newt Gingrich?"

Palin, with a VERY unhappy look on her face: "I have said for many weeks now I want to continue the process of the vetting..."

Pirro: "But YOU said he's the one who has the best chance of beating Obama." 

Palin, even unhappier:  "Because the math is the math..."

Pirro: "The math is that Mitt Romney is the strongest against Obama, and even Santorum beats Newt in terms of the math." (Holy shit! Did Pirro just school the Grizzled one on math?)

Palin, SUPER unhappy: "Aah,,and that's at this point without the vetting process continuing, and without the debates continuing which I would like to see, the math is the math, and the math shows us today that Romney and Newt are very close. Now, if as the pundits are telling us, those elites who want a, the better of us, who want us to just obey them and listen to them, they who want to shut this down..(Pirro starts to interrupt here) if they're telling us that..

At that Pirro, with the biggest smile imaginable, tells Palin, with the biggest frown imaginable, that she is up against a hard break" and has to end the interview.

I can almost imagine that, after the red light on the camera went dark, Palin started screaming in frustration, grabbed her wig and threw it at Todd, while winging canned goods at every appliance in the house.

In other words, THAT was the best interview EVER with the Lunatic from Lake Lucille!

And you can tell for sure because it drove the flying monkeys crazy! (Caution, link leads to the Sea O'Pee!)


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Thank you for doing a story on this as we asked. You certainly did it well!

  2. Oops. sorry I forgot to embed the Pirro interview before I hit publish.

    Should work now.

  3. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs Birth Certificate?

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I really think the judge was given the green light to do this and it looked like she had been waiting to do this for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed doing it just as much as I enjoyed watching it. I think the FOX has how they use Sarah all planned out and this is all part of the plan.

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM

    If Brisle does hair on the 51st state, will she be a cosmos-tologist? LOL

    Great story on this interview, Griffen!

  6. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Yay! That was great.

    You can tell Scarah is getting more and more pale, because her lipstick is now blending in to her skin tone.

    Also, even though she cleaned up some of the crap behind her, it still looks like the mark-down display at Michael's craft store.

    And the wig looks like it's never been combed, not to mention that it is flat! Doesn't she think people notice that one day she's got a big ol' bouffant and the next day she's got a flat style, and the next day she's got the Nellie from Little House on the Prairie curlie Qs? She is so f'ed up!

    I think they've lost any remaining patience with her. And what did happen with Greta? She's never on Greta anymore. John Stossel looked like it about killed him to have to put up with her nonsense for 10 minutes.

    I think any day now her contract will have ended. Who can stand to listen to that crazy meandering crap for 10 minutes, when the networks usually have only 2 minute interviews anymore, and even those have to be super fast, sound-bite only quips.

    R in NC

  7. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Colonize the moon: Sure! Great idea!

    Access to healthcare for all Americans: No way! That's absurd!

    What world do these people live in? Are they high on hate and nonsense all the time?

  8. Irishgirl9:27 AM

    I love the look on Palin's mug when Pirro tells her that she is up against a hard break. It's priceless.

  9. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Did she say "disengagement"?

    She really seems like she's struggling more than usual to come up with words to form a sentence.

    She also has no energy, just sort of sits there like a lump. I can't imagine why they have her on anymore.

  10. Anonymous9:30 AM

    They should start calling her appearances on Fox "Notes from the Asylum".

  11. Cracklin' Charlie9:36 AM

    This post cries out for a laugh track. You funny, Gryphen!

  12. Mama99r9:37 AM

    I saw this and thought, Surgery--- what's with the rubbery weirdness around her mouth and cheeks? I can't listen to what she says (due to the screech factor and brain injuries concomitant therefrom) but it is certainly fascinating to see her morph into the muppet she has become. OT: Is anybody else intrigued by the fact that she is barely older than Gnewt's wife?

  13. jcinco9:41 AM

    well it appears this national nightmare is finally winding down. The judge tore her a new one in a very efficient dignified way. Now the doors will spring open for others to blatantly call her out on her bullshit. I loved this interview but I think my favorite was when the judge pointed out that stupid sarah's claim that newt had the best chance of beating the president was complete unadulterated bullshit. Then the 1/2 wit sputtering "well I meant not right now after all the vetting has been done"..yea, right dumfuk...I saw 3, count them 3 cable stations rejected tawd's nascar on ice insipid reality show. Yet another great article and subject for a story. Hey sarah, the walls are tumbling down! hahahahaha

  14. Anonymous9:41 AM

    screech looks revolting, this is the worst hair yet, do they not have a shower in that ugly red wasilla house the grease is oozing out of her wig, she is indeed listening , there is less crap behind her, still looks tacky though! Screech check into a mental institution, at least you will get a bath there.

  15. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Judging from her appearance and performance (or actual lack thereof), did she really mean to say, "do the meth; the meth is the meth"???

    After all, it's not the GOP elite who are now predicting or, ultimately, who will be deciding the final outcome of, the Florida race: it's now the GOP polls and, eventually, it will be the actual GOP voters.

    In stark contrast to her unintendedly humorous claims, I do not know of a single democrat, liberal, or progressive who does NOT want Newt to be the GOP nominee. Newt would be far more hilarious for comedy fodder, far more damaging to the republican party nationwide, and far easier to beat, than Mitt Romney. Contrary to Sarah's personal fantasies, literally everyone who does NOT want an eventual GOP winner desperately wants Newt to be the GOP nominee.

    So, is Sarah only CLAIMING that she wants to annoy liberals – while really wanting to annoy . . . . the GOP? Do the math, baby, do the math. And make SURE you don't ever do the meth.

  16. lostinmn9:42 AM

    Clearly the judge was laughing her ass off at the Palin word salad. The woman should just shut up and leave it alone. She was practically going down on Newt and good for the judge to pin her squirmy ass to the table about whether she was endorsing the salamander. She reminds me of the earthworm from my fishing days doing every twist and move it could to avoid getting skewered by the fishhook and dumped in the lake.

    I see though (I rarely listen to her actual speaking - mostly I just try to keep a count of how many times she can exert enough force to raise her eyebrows against the botox glue holding her forehead tight - twice in that interview) that she still can't pronounce pundit - without tossing in that errant "N" - pundint. What a hick - and she wants to be President?

    Sorry, flashback to her getting punked into thinking she was talking to the President of France. Classic, just classic

  17. jcinco9:42 AM

    well it appears this national nightmare is finally winding down. The judge tore her a new one in a very efficient dignified way. Now the doors will spring open for others to blatantly call her out on her bullshit. I loved this interview but I think my favorite was when the judge pointed out that stupid sarah's claim that newt had the best chance of beating the president was complete unadulterated bullshit. Then the 1/2 wit sputtering "well I meant not right now after all the vetting has been done"..yea, right dumfuk...I saw 3, count them 3 cable stations rejected tawd's nascar on ice insipid reality show. Yet another great article and subject for a story. Hey sarah, the walls are tumbling down! hahahahaha

  18. Kathi in NJ9:44 AM

    Oh my. At the very end of the clip, you can clearly see her pursing her lips in frustration. It also looked to me like she was getting up out of her chair before they cut away. She can't be happy about this at all.

    I think she may have actually convinced herself that she was actually competent.

  19. lilly lily9:45 AM

    Delicious. Judge Pirror cannot stand this woman.

    I think Palin must be seriously denting her refrigerator with a pin up of Pirro.

    Faux must be pretty fed up with their Alaskan maroon.

  20. Anonymous9:45 AM

    If you're going to have an ugly vase in the shot, wouldn't it make sense to have it cover the plug outlet? Who wants to see an outlet on national tv under a ginormous flag? Seriously, get a stylist!

  21. Anonymous9:45 AM

    wow! no wig or styling???? Maybe because the kids were at AFC?

    And dont you mean "flat dome"? she wears the bumpit to give roundness, when in reality her head is pretty flat. See Vegas airport pics.

  22. Anonymous9:46 AM

    She is so STIFF. She sits ramrod straight with heaving chest and is 100 percent focused on not looking like she is in freak out mode.....but the way she drones on and on and on and on is a dead give away. She's become even more pathetic. I don't think she likes the judge.....and she knows that very few of her Fox co-workers like her.

  23. Anonymous9:47 AM

    ". . .and that's one step closer to the voters being able to have a tool to be able to make up their mind whether it should be Barack Obama or the GOP nominee."

    Read that. Read it again. Sarah Palin's trademark style of speaking that every single human on earth needs their own 'filter,' forget the LSM, their OWN filter, to decipher her word salad gibberish.


    And I see Sarah is still desperately trying to figure out how to stage dress a warm, inviting living environment. How does a newbie Mayor spend $50,000 of Wasilla dollars to redecorate her office, when she doesn't know how to decorate to save her life and has no taste?

    That woman doesn't know how to dress or give personal touches to fit the visual public consumption needs.

  24. Tom Joad9:48 AM

    Looks like the nasty wig moved/shifted during the interview.

  25. Olivia9:49 AM

    Ok,that was lovely. Now we know and she knows that the good judge has her pegged. Will that be her last appearance with that host?

  26. Anonymous9:50 AM

    thanks for taking the time to write it all down. I will not listen to her, but I will read it when you write it with your comments! Thanks!

  27. Duck Todd!

    She may work for FAUX News, but I kind of like Judge Jeanine after seeing how she treated Quitter in this interview. The Judge treated the Quitter with all of the disdain and contempt due her (Quitter).

  28. Anonymous10:00 AM

    You gotta love it when two such blatently corrupt and amoral hacks like Mittens and Newtie are calling each other liars, with lunatic grifter Palin 'splainin' it all to us.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    Mittens cleans up the family Mormon narrative by "baptizing" his dead atheist father in law.

    Newt resurrects his commitment to family values by marrying the conservative Catholic mistress who found adultery acceptable for six years

    These guys are outrageous and our wussy mainstream media is too polite to mention it.

    I miss Hunter S. Thompson right now, and I miss Molly Ivins.

  29. Anonymous10:00 AM

    So this is what she looks like without the stringy bangs.
    Rather run-of-the-mill. She's lost her touch.

  30. laprofesora10:01 AM

    Does Fox own a cartoon network? Because after getting bounced from prime time Fox and Fox Business, that has to be Scarah's next stop.

  31. This was EXCELLENT!! And she thought Katie Couric was a "gotcha" interview. Pirro actually asked Palin a 'rill' question and she imploded like a HAL 9000 when confronted with a paradox -- "Mary had a little lamb ..."

    You rule, Gryphen! You could write for The Daily Show. Thanks for staying on the story. Everything from 'Trig to Truth.' And big MAHALO for all you do for our awesome President! We WILL give him (and the Dems in Congress) a huge landslide in November! And Sarah, with her hillbilly, racist Teabagger friends, her baaaad taste in decorating, her mean, illiterate children, her bigoted, impotent, dolt-of-a-husband, the garbled word salad, and that WIG(!), can suck it.

  32. laprofesora10:07 AM

    C'mon gang, we HAVE to take up a collection to pay for a photo of Scarah without her wig. Brystil needs money for her new house and Willer needs to buy diapers. I'm sure either one of them are ready to cash in.

  33. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Fox must have spent a good piece of change on her TV studio. I don't know why they thought that seeing the dead lake through a dark screen was a good background. Now, an even worse choice is the roaring fireplace with decorative accessories. For a few dollars more, they should have provided a stylist, too.

    Seriously, Sarah, I can't concentrate on what you are saying because I am hypnotized by the fire. One day it looks like the roaring fires of Hell, and yesterday, I wanted to call out to Todd to throw some more logs on the fire. It's distracting. And, I don't know what it is supposed to represent: Keep the home fires burning? Home and Hearth? Warm cozy home?

    In the past, we have seen the flag unfurled, a Christmas tree in the background, and now, weeds and an electrical outlet. For a while we played, "Guess the pile of junk." Please, Sarah, haven't you seen any of the other interviews that people give from a remote location? There is a beautiful scene which says San Francisco, Boston, someplace. Most people try to make a professional appearance by being photographed in their office, with the book cases filled with books in the background.

    Oh, now I get it. The people who love and adore you don't read. They do look at the fire, for hours on end. They do think that weeds in a vase near an electrical outlet are classy. They even know what the pile of junk is. I keep forgetting that you are playing to a group of very low information people who love your energy when you can't sit still for ten minutes. They think your hair and makeup are lovely. They think that the professional Judge Pirro asked gotcha questions. They haven't a clue as to what you are saying, but they love the fact that you can talk, non-stop, using all of those big words. Critical thinkers do not watch Fox. We have to remember who their audience is, and the fact that Sarah is there to appeal to the lowest of the low information folks. That's why we will never get it, and they love it.

  34. Dang it Gryphen! I posted in the other thread about this interview! Okay...I'll repost....*lazy SIGH*

    Now watching Baldy on Judge "Help!-My-face-doesn't-move-even-when-I-talk" Pirro was a RIOT!
    I see Baldy was wearing a wig that she thought looked like the Judge's but instead she ended up getting her wig from the Mary Tyler Moore collection!

    I thought she was going to break out singing...ala...President Obama....♪ "You're going to make it after ALLLLLLLLLLLL!

    I feel bad for Judge many angry emails and phone calls did she get from Baldy's crazy fans! The Asylum was in such a snit last of them showed up last night in the Gov "Burntface" thread and sharted out so much nonsense in a short period of time it just had to be Baldy losing her marbles over getting dissed by the older Judge (her betters!) who looks 20 years YOUNGER than Baldy! LOL!!

    I suspect Baldy will "NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE" to go on the Judge's show since she wasn't shown the "proper deference" *SNORT*

    Judge Jeanine was tired of having a headache after interviewing's hard listening to the babble and trying to make sense of what the fool is saying...that's why the Judge had those pauses after Baldy would answer a question...her Baldy translator had to tell her wtf Baldy was saying!

    But of course at the end when the Judge was actually LAUGHING and the camera showed her doing it was hilarious...and when the Judge cut her off literally in mid sentence...and said..."okay, well we have a hard break coming up Governor" and Baldy's mouth damn near disappeared into her face!

    Now that is a face of a toddler who was swatted on the butt and told to "sit down and STFU!!


    One final thing...WTF was that shit piled up in the background?? I saw weeds, and I thought I saw a flag...but not sure...the mess is so damn distracting! At least she turned down the "flames of hell" to a reasonable level.

    Baldy has an agenda to keep Fig Newton going...I'm not sure if it's because she wants to be his VP...this fool thinks she's going to be President! Fig Newton should be VERY AFRAID....Baldy already THINKS she's President...according to the patients at "Crazies4Palin"...she's the "President in Exile"...yeah insane!

  35. Anonymous10:12 AM

    It's disrespectful for Pirro to laugh at Sarah teh way she did at the end. Sarah has not endorsed Noot yet and she won't. She'll endorse Romney because Romney is the winner and Sarah only endorses winners. Sarah will be Mitt's VP choice. just wait and see.

  36. Anonymous10:15 AM

    "They want to crucify him because he's tapped into that average, everyday, tea party grass roots movement that has said, enough is enough OF the establishment that tries to run the show, and tweak rules and laws for their own good and not for our nation's own good."

    Hey, dumb BITCH QUEEN! Tweak rules? What about the $300K Newt had to pay back in ethics violations that gor him kicked OUT of government? What about the per diems YOU had to pay back Alaska because you were caught skimming the taxpayers? That was for BOTH your own good, wasn't it, and FUCK the citizenry. Does "I can do anything I want until the courts tell me I can't" ring a bell? Some servant's heart YOU have. Sit down and shut the HELL UP.

  37. Anonymous10:18 AM

    OMG Tommy Christopher at Mediaite just did a post on this. Really took her down and his comments at the end are scathing. He also noticed how the judge was laughing and cut her off. Comments are just starting and not good.

  38. Anonymous10:18 AM

    She looks like a cocktail waitress in that shirt.

  39. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I try but just can not listen to this woman's voice. I dislike the way she slowly closes and opens her eyes, too. Maybe she sits in a darkened room because the sight of her in broad daylight would scare people? I used to think Oirro was intelligent, but giving interviews to Palin is not a sign of smarts.

  40. Anonymous10:23 AM

    When I think about Rage Against the Machine the last thing that comes to mind is a racist, crazy Jesus mom wacked out on diet pills and a fat, pasty career politician turned direct mail scam artist/corporate lobbyist. These people are absolutely delusional. Obama is soooo lucky to have opponents such as these.

  41. Anonymous10:23 AM

    "Now, if as the pundits are telling us, those elites who want a, the better of us, who want us to just obey them and listen to them, they who want to shut this down.."

    Pour another cup of coffee and enjoy this exposition of the perils of pure democracy - knows to our Founding Fathers as popular tyranny - and why Palin and her zombie crew deserve every ounce of the squelching she feels is being delivered to them, especially as they rally around the likes of Newt Gingrich:

  42. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Let's see: did she get a three-year contract with Fox after she quit in July, 2009? I'll bet she was guaranteed (and guaranteed them) a certain number of interviews per quarter/year.
    It looks like Fox is trying to use up its commitment so it can ignore her pdq.
    o/t -- it that a wasp's next in the corner of the fireplace? Is that a flag, or just red ribbons coming from somewhere up above (you can see the wall through them). And what's that wooden ladder-like thing next to the K-Mart 75%-off grass and twig display?
    Imagine a White House decorated by Sarah Palin: indoor-outdoor carpeting in the oval office; paper plates with rill merican grilled cheese sandwiches on them; and entertainment for our foreign guests by Bristol and the Pistols, trying out their new signing career.

  43. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Bill O'Reilly also did a couple of tough exchanges with Sarah. This keeps up, Greta and Sean are stuck with her for the rest of the year.

    Wonder if they'll get a bonus for shouldering this burden. . .

  44. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I get to laughing at the way she tries to sound sooooo intelligent..
    She looks worse everytime i see her.OmG she is so stupid..what a fun year it's gonna be.

  45. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Funny as always!

    The hair is so odd. What is the deal with that hair? Why can't she wear a style that suits her? In fact, her hair has looked good before, but she keeps changing it and last night - her look is wallflower at the high school dance who hasn't been asked to dance yet.

    The bangs are completely gone, and yes, the hairline and wig is way off the radar. She needs a hair compass to get that thing in the center.

  46. i usually can't stomach watching snowdrift screech but i have watched this clip over and over. the look on her face when hit with a "hard break" is priceless. oh yeah, quick question...where's trig's birth certificate.

  47. eclecticsandra10:31 AM

    I think we should find a way to measure the pitch of her voice. It seems that the frequency of the sound waves increases when she doesn't have the answers right in front of her. She was ready for the first minute and used a modulated tone. After that it was screach and word salad. Poor woman. Should stick to prerecorded sound bites.

  48. Mama99r said...
    OT: Is anybody else intrigued by the fact that she is barely older than Gnewt's wife?
    9:37 AM

    Perhaps creatures from other galaxies age more slowly than humans.

  49. Anonymous10:41 AM

    "Also, even though she cleaned up some of the crap behind her, it still looks like the mark-down display at Michael's craft store."



  50. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Someone should call her on that "sudden and relentless reform" schtick.
    It sounds like a revolution to me -- not the way a republic or a democracy works.

  51. Anonymous10:42 AM

    New Palin biography -

    Beauty Queen to Bag Lady: What Went Wrong?

  52. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I saw that. The judge's hair was naturally moving like silk. Sarah's on the other hand was stiff as a board. I think Sarah also noticed and tried to copy the judge but abruptly backed off when she felt her wig shift.

    I've seen videos on YouTube that viewed Sarah from behind and in most if not all of them showed a distinct dividing line where her real hair and the wigs or wiglets come together.

    The funniest part was when the judge called her out and she started to purse her lips and her jaws tightened. It looked like she could have bitten off a corner of a brick. Then, clearly uncomfortable for being outted as bullshitting, she started boucing around her chair. It reminded me of Chef Gordon Ramsay when he bounces around before firing off some expletives. The look on her face is fucking priceless when she got cutoff.

    If you google Palin body language, the concerted analysis is she is deceitful. In reading how experts read her motions and tells, I started to notice the body language of people that interview her and it is clear that they become very uncomfortable in hiding their contempt when she starts vomitting her word salad.

    Sarah, when the cameras and the crew finish the interview, they are all laughing behind your back.

  53. Thanks for posting the interview, I can't listen to her screechy voice at all. HEr voice sounds like Like nails on a backboard. Plus, I really enjoy the inserted commentary. After this election, when Newt loses, she will be so last year and her FOX contract will be up. Hopefully her reign of terror will then be ended.

  54. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Loved how Pirro was LAUGHING at her at the end. Welcome to the club, Jeanine!

    Now excuse me from the conversation while I go pick the TUFTS of dirty wig from my giant fly swatter so it's ready for the next time.

  55. The Daily Caller which is a right wing website has the story up top and the comments are NOT GOOD for Sarah! She is getting slayed!!

  56. Anonymous10:48 AM

    @10:12 A.M. You are delusional enough to think that Romney is stupid enough to select Sarah Palin
    as his VP Candidate. She cannot form a coherent sentence, and has too much baggage in her Family background and the Ethics complaints in Alaska. Sarah and Newton Leroy are TOAST. Your GRAVY TRAIN is over, go find a job, you might learn something since Education is not your thing. P.S. PIMPING and GRIFTING are not jobs. job.

  57. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Judge Pyro sure did light Sarah Palin into a big bag of flaming moose sh*t!

  58. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Palin is a fucking joke. Even the bobble heads on Fox News knows she's a joke.

    She's good for laughs, that's it.

    Notice her eyes were mostly crossed in the video?

  59. Am I the only one who noticed that the shirt Baldy had on the Judge's show looks like the one from this "alleged" photo shop picture of 08'?

    Yes...I know the color is different...but knowing Baldy she probably bought them in different colors and charged them to the State! HAH!

  60. Anonymous10:53 AM


    (I assume that Bristol, the "cosmetologist," had trouble wrestling the beast onto Snowdrift Snooki's pointy dome.)

  61. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Hey there Snarah~

    Just in case there's any doubt, when the Judge says "We're up against a hard break," that translates, STFU you bumbling idiot!

    And for goodness sake, get rid of all that junk and clutter in the background! It draws attention away from the rats nest atop your dome...

    Are we clear?


  62. Sorry but I didn't see the Judge being at all rough with Sarah...she let her talk and didn't challenge her. Sarah only goes on shows that let her say anthing that she wants without question--if there are questions they are total softballs. Notice that she doesn't go on OReilly anymore.

  63. Anonymous11:06 AM

    ok, the end of that interview was hilarious. That look on Pirro's face as Phyllis Diller yammered on about Newt and The Math - it was like she was listening to a little kid talk about their imaginary friend. It was so patronizing. You know it had to throw Phyllis into a bipolar rage. I wonder if Todd just locked her in the bunker until it ran its course.

  64. laprofesora11:07 AM

    How come when Scarah says "sudden and relentless" it doesn't sound like she's talking about policy reform?

  65. Her assertion that the primary process, a lengthy primary process at that, is how we vet people who wish to gain the nomination is correct.

    It also lays bare her lies stating that President Obama is un-vetted.

    In 2008, John McCain secured the Republican nomination on March 5, 2008. Barack Obama secured the Democrat nomination on June 4, 2008 - almost exactly three months later.

    So, if the primary process is the key to vetting a nominee, and the longer the better - it is Sarah Palin's assertion that John McCain was less well vetted than Barack Obama.

    The truth of the matter is that if she was the presumptive Republican nominee in June of 2011 (as Romney was), she would be perfectly fine with the process that has taken place, and would likely be stating that a lengthy primary process is damaging to the party and endangers the prospects of beating the President in November, 2012.

  66. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Best interview ever. Kudos to Jeanine. Now if only everyone else would follow suit. Did you hear all the paper shuffling Jeanine was doing while Palin was going on and on. It was hilarious. You could tell that Palin was about to lose it when Jeanine corrected her about the math. Palin is not use to someone treating like the moron she is. I just hope this means that soon she will fade away completely.

  67. Anonymous11:12 AM

    "She also has no energy, just sort of sits there like a lump. I can't imagine why they have her on anymore. "

    Yup! A few poster on IM and Sea o Pee remark about her screechiness and suddenly she tries for the toned down route. But as in all else, she does it badly, There is no modulation, just deflation.

    Untalented, classless hack.

  68. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Cost for cable connection? Too much. Cost for turning on Fox News? A piece of my soul. Cost for seeing Palin's face when Pirro cut her off for the hard break? Priceless.

  69. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Watch the start of the clip for all the clues that Pirro knows how it ends. She almost bursts out laughing at the start!

    Serves $ister $arah right. Fox News = lamestream media now! Also, too, she has to decide whether to quit her contract or show up for more abuse on command.

  70. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Riddle me this, math majors: At what point do multiple quasi-endorsements round up into a full one?

  71. lostinmn11:14 AM

    I'd love to see the ten seconds in Sara's studio right after she got cut off. I swear I saw her getting out of her chair in anger. I can't imagine she was doing anything but screaming her lungs out at the judge.
    I think the fireplace is supposed to remind us of FDR and his fireside chats - has anyone told her FDR was a Democrat? At least this time the fire was under control. The last one I saw the fire was consuming the entire fireplace. I'm guessing the fire marshall called and told her to get the damn fire under control before it burned down the studio.

    She looks worse and worse by the day.

  72. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Anonymous said...

    It's disrespectful for Pirro to laugh at Sarah teh way she did at the end. Sarah has not endorsed Noot yet and she won't. She'll endorse Romney because Romney is the winner and Sarah only endorses winners. Sarah will be Mitt's VP choice. just wait and see.

    10:12 AM


    What's disrespectful is that she is being paid big money to go on the air and all she does is her sound bites and catchy (she thinks) phrases. She HAS endorsed Newt, but she just won't use the word. She wants to make everyone hold out for her big announcement as if anyone cares. As for Romney choosing her for VP --- NEVER will that happen.

  73. Atheists for jesus11:21 AM

    Anon @ 10:00 am. Hunter would put a bullet thru his head before he would give the current crop of clowns even the most cursory waste of his intellect. Oh, too late. Bush took care of that some time ago.

  74. Judge Jeneane seems also to have had a lot of facial work done. Lots of botox. She's no more natural than Palin and her wig is almost as bad.

    What is it with these botoxed Fox bitches?

  75. I picture the following scenario:
    Head office, FOX News. "OK, who gets to interview Palin this week? We need at least two volunteers until we can cancel her contract." The camera pans back and we see a large Wheel of Misfortune with the names of the various hosts of FOX news programs. "OK. Guess we have to spin for it since there are no volunteers. Greta Van Suck-up is immune this week; she has already fulfilled her obligation. So is Bill-O who absolutely refuses to interview 'that twat from the tundra' so that leaves a weekend anchor and a few business hosts. Hannity already took one for the team earlier this week."
    The wheel spins and lands on Judge Pirro's name. "This is the last time, boys. I've had it with this moron." (In her mind Judge Pirro plans the perfect exit strategy: call out Palin and she'll never appear on Pirro's show again.)

    We saw it all play out last night. There just may be a God after all.

  76. Anonymous11:25 AM

    "Well when both party machines, and many in the media, are trying to crucify Newt Gingrich for bucking the tide, and bucking the establishment, THAT tells you something."

    Like FOX News and its rabid pundits of late, eh pinhead?

  77. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Best. Interview. EVER. That was f.u.n. After I get my work done today, I think I'll relax with a skinny latte and watch that again... Just that last part. FOX has no scrupples but glad to see that come back on Sarah. Funny how she showed up looking like a cheap replica of the judge... "look, I'm a judge,too!"

    I doesn't look like FOX wants to play Sarah's hard-to-get game with endorsements after they got burned with her fake presidential flaunt. I am really enjoying watching this play out on FOX and curious what's in store. Trig questions? Will she breach her contract? Are they pushing her to? If she does, will the investigate the Trig story? It looks like they have set the stage for, as Sarah likes to say, stirring things up and we are entering a new phase of it.

  78. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Even for Palin this is pretty loopy. Gingrich has been one of the nastiest campaigners in modern memory. He savages his political opponents with gusto and engages in the kind of bitter, over-the-top rhetoric one generally only finds on talk radio.

    Her fans may not be the brightest bulbs, but even they should be able to see how divorced from reality her defense of this douchebag is. Know If Mitt Romney Can Beat’ Obama

  79. Anonymous11:27 AM

    The Judge did look highly amused. Poor ole Sarah is mostly a joke now, important only to her dwindling clan of basement dwellers. And Palin's grooming just keeps deteriorating, along with her relevance.

  80. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Is she transforming into a human version of Gollum?

  81. Anonymous11:27 AM

    "Palin giving Gingrich the political rim job that she seems ready and willing to provide"

    This is the best use of a basketball analogy in a IM post yet! You were talking about basketball weren't you??? EWWWW

  82. Anonymous11:27 AM

    She MUST stay on the scene no matter how irrelevant she is. She will deliver Obama the Independents and Conservative Dems who in no way want to be assoociated with her. And they need to get over their cultish Reagan fetish. He was fair to middlin and despised by we on the left. Yet we respected his office. They're so stuck in the past it's pathetic.

  83. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Quick! Call the Haz-Mat Squad! Palin has gotten back on the stage. Capture, cuff, and confine!

    Once again Palin has no clue, the establishment fears Newt Gingrich because he's completely unelectable. Seriously, he manages to be the worst candidate in a bad field and represents everything that's wrong with the political system. He's an adulterous hypocrite who's best known for persecuting someone for adultery while cheating on his wife and for leaving his last job in politics in disgrace, he has little support inside and outside of the party and his campaign is heavily reliant on one big donor at this point so can be painted as an attempt to buy the presidency should he become.the nominee. There are so many skeletons in his closet too, so many things he's said and done that can't just be covered over or written off as class warfare or attempts to smear him.

    On top of that he comes off as mean spirited and flat out nasty, and while his talk radio host character would appeal to some in the republican base, there is no way to soften his image to make people toward the centre like him, given his history. He attacks and attacks and while he's good at that, it's nowhere near enough to make him a viable candidate for President.

  84. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Anon at 10:09---The Crazies4Palin also call her the "Shadow President." What can you say? What can you do? What do they get from her? It's a mystery to sane people.

  85. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Maybe McCain's advisors did a better job reigning in the Half-Baked Alaskan than we thought. Sure, was was a lunatic during the campaign, but she has moved into raving lunatic territory now. I think the vast wasteland than is FOX "Business 'News'" and the well off prime time slots for her at FOX "News" are about the only places she is going to be able to be safe. There is little chance many people will now see her, a gruesome prospect, to be sure, or listen to her anymore.

  86. Anonymous11:36 AM

    So Palin and Cain, two major political posers, have endorsed the Newt. Excellent.

    The longer Gingrich stays in the race, the more dirt he and Romney will dig up about each other, convincing even more moderates and independents that neither is worthy of becoming POTUS.

    Obama LANDSLIDE 2012

  87. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Here's a rough breakdown of Sarah's January appearances on Fox News or Fox Business:

    Hannity 1111 Hannity's Radio Show 1
    Pirro 111
    Bolling 11
    Baier 11
    Cavuto 1
    Stossel 1
    Sullivan 1

    Last time Sarah was on Greta was 11-15-11.
    Todd called into Greta's show on 1-9-12.

    In the next four months Sarah has one speech per month through May. Remember when she had four speeches per week?

    I guess her popularity decline with the Fox prime-timers can be blamed on the politics of PERSONAL destruction.

  88. Anonymous11:38 AM

    My favorite part of the wrap up is the way the judge says...

    "aaaand, anyway..." when turning back to the camera !


  89. Cousin It was on Pirro's show a couple weeks ago also too.
    I could've sworn Pirro was going to suddenly and relentlessly burst out laughing.
    And even more so after Grifticia Alopecia said -guaran-darn-tee-ya.
    Well Mrs. Dud, we can all pretty much guaran-darn-tee ya that the older but much better preserved Ms. Pirro did it on purpose, chased out your vulgar, ugly mean, herpes infected mouth.
    She ain't dumb that Pirro fox, knows it's bad enough to be stuck in Aile's political whorehouse (thanks, Keith!).
    BuhBye Sarah Plain.
    Not Gov. Palin, not VP Palin, not Secretary of Anything Palin, not even Dog Catcher Palin.
    Just. Plain. Sarah.
    Tee hee.

  90. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Gingrich is the machine, Palin. He was in government long before you came along.

    I can't believe the tea party darling is "endorsing" Newt, considering his ethics violations and knowing he is a Washington insider. Getting paid by the hated Freddie Mac and working with the hated Bill Clinton. If it was anyone else, especially a democrat, Newt would be called a crony and UN-american.

    All Newt is doing is putting up an act to get elected and it seems to working on the dimwitted.

  91. imnofred11:44 AM

    This is O/T but does anyone know if she has paid Van Flea for her defense against the ethics complaints or is she still asking for donations to foot her legal bills?

  92. fromthediagonal11:48 AM

    OK Gryph... waded through all of the comments,liked most, but not one has addressed your statement of the "political rim job"!
    Am I the only one who caught that one? Just between you and me, that says it all.

  93. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Are you blocking the fairy tale troll, G. or doesn't the troll want to tell us about Sarah Palin and

    m a t h e m a t i c s?

    Maybe Sarah Palin just doesn't even know when she's been dissed by a FOX channel flunky.

  94. Anonymous11:54 AM

    No one would begin to consider Sarah as VP running-mate. That train is not returning. I'm just wondering if she'll even be invited to the convention or will she be conveniently preoccupied with giving commentary from the side-lines? Maybe neither as, at this rate, her contracted appearances with FOX may be loong over by then. A lot can happen between now and next fall. I doubt she's ever asked to stump.

  95. Sally in MI11:57 AM

    Well of course she's supporting the serial adulterer. He's the only one stupid enough to say he'd include her on his staff. Just the thought of Palin as Energy Secretary was enough to drive his positives into the sewer where they belong. She has antagonized every other person in the GOP by now; there is no one left. And when Mitt wins Florida and Paul is 2nd, where does that leave the Adleson money candidate? Out of the race, where he belongs.
    Disgusting. But at least the Fox talking heads are now obviously through with Sarah and her meanderings. And Sarah, dear, when Fox is through with you, you have nowhere else to turn. TLC is done, and your hatred of the rest of the media means no one will want your opinion on anything. You can keep ranting on Facebook or you can tweet your little fingers off, and no one will even talk about you any more. Boo hoo.

  96. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Romney only looks good to Republicans right now because he's standing on a stage opposite some of the worst candidates ever fielded by a national party. Who wouldn't look good facing off against a Gingrich, a Perry, a Cain or a Bachmann? Let him go toe-to-toe with the president and he's going to sound like the pandering, say-anything-to-get-elected Monopoly Man that he really is.

  97. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Poor baby Sarah. She can't stay on script, always looking to go rogue. But somebody goes off script on her and and she can't handle it. Absolutely no critical thinking on her part.

    Somebody put her in a round room and tell her to go stand in a corner.


  98. Anonymous12:08 PM

    FOX is leaning hard to Mitt in most of their coverage. Many FOX analyst are anti Newt.

    Sarah, you dumb fuck, keep pushing Newt and you will lose you cushy FOX money.

    Bite the hand that feeds you.

  99. Anonymous12:09 PM

    George Will On Gingrich: ‘Time Is Not [His] Friend,’ He Is Acting ‘Horrid’

    ...Ingraham brought up Gingrich’s remarks on This Week from earlier in the show, most of which were attacking Romney for distortions and negative attacks, and she noted that the only time a politician bothers “complaining about the other guy being mean” is when they’re clearly losing the race.

  100. EX Cat12:11 PM

    Sarah, I can see the moon from my house.

  101. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Gryphen: On Friday, Ms Palin posted to her FB account a screed, accusing the GOPE and left-wing media of anointing Romney and etc etc.Gingrich etc etc

    The last paragraph is so crude in its imagery...(I can't figure out how to cut and paste into here, or I would post it myself.) Truly it is scatological, and I have yet to see any comments regarding it.

    See if you agree with me?


  102. PalinsHoax12:14 PM

    Oh how I loved the last couple of minutes of Pirro's interview with Palin.

    I'm tempted to send Pirro flowers for her masterful "gotcha" questions. Wasn't it great how Pirro was able to get Palin to STFU at the end?

    Looks like Ol' $carah tidied up her backdrop a wee bit and is now proudly displaying one of those new-fangled plug-ins on the wall. But I see that she simply could not yet let go of her "flip-flop like a halibut" rack. Still hanging on, hey $carah, to those memories of when you "flip-flopped like a halibut" in the arms of Glen Rice and in the arms of Brad Hanson.

  103. GinaM, I too have noticed that some clothing pieces look suspiciously like the ones she wore in '08.
    Probably one of the reasons she looks so bad is because she is a tight fisted vulture who'd sooner chew off her own gnarly foot than spend one dime more than she must.
    Really, with all the ill-gotten dollars she has she can certainly afford to hire someone to purchase a great wardrobe and teach her to comb her ratnest and apply makeup, plus good skin care.
    But it's probably just as well, she is as averse to learnin' as she is to bathin'.
    It's one thing to be thrifty and prudent with money, but this broad is just CHEAP in every sense of the word and will end up looking just like Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge himself.
    Except for the redemption part.

  104. Anonymous12:26 PM

    she’s wearing her silver space blouse

    High priestess of the moon colony

    she wants it

  105. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Sarah is a sad individual. She just wants to create a political war between republicans and watch them destroy each other.

    Thank you Lord that this woman never got near the White House. Her only motives are to defame, hurt, tear down, down down to the ground. Does a servant's heart do this? Does a servant's heart revel in creating disunity? She can't even get along with those she pretends to support. How long before she throws Newt Gingrich under the bus?

    This woman wants to be worshipped. She wants to be adored. When she doesn't get it, she goes after those who won't bend the knee to her.

  106. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Palin keeps making all of these positive comments about Newt, far more than any other candidates, but then refuses to come straight out and endorse him. Despite what she say's publicly, she is supporting Newt until it appears he no longer has a chance of being the nominee. Just before that happens, she will turn around and support Romney and then pretend she ever said anything positive about Newt. She is a fair weather endorser of candidates until they start to lose ground. There is no question she wants to look relevant and as the person who's support got them the nominated.

    I also wished Pierro would have cut her off when she started rambling on to matters not relevant to the question she was asked. That's giving her to much leeway and allows her to use up the amount of time allowed for the interview and the number of questions they can ask. This is a common tactic she uses and for the most part gets away with it. The only time I've seen her not get away with it was the last interview she did with O'Reilly, which will also the last time she will ever do an interview with him. This interview with Pierro may also be the last interview she ever does with Pierro, although I disagree with Gryphen that the questions were all that tough.

  107. Enlightened12:33 PM

    Saw this on another site, and it sums up the Palin paradox quite well...

    "Who rang Palin's bell?" Pavlov!

    Pathetic in its truthfulness, hilarious in its accuracy!

  108. Anonymous12:34 PM

    10:12..I can Gol-durn-guarantee you Mitt being a Mormon will NEVER associate with Trashy talking, Tawdry Sarah! She knows that He knows all about her baggage and secrets!

  109. Anonymous12:39 PM

    FINALLY! Someone from FOX nailed Palin's ass. Boy, she comes across horribly in this interview. FINALLY! She and Toad were the kiss of death to Gingrich and she sees her possible step back into the national scene fading rapidly. Poor baby!

    I'm delighted to see Gingrich has slipped badly behind Romney in Florida too. Prefer him against President Obama even though I'll be voting for President Obama. At least, we'll see a somewhat professional election running up to November w/o Gingrich in it.

  110. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I was wondering if the fire in Sarah Palin’s belly is dwindling like the fire in her fire place? There was a time when Palin’s fire place looks like the entry way to the Gates of Hell and now it looks like it is about to go out.

    One more observation, Sarah Palin is a millionaire, who is she kidding with the fire place? On other days that lazy bitch has the furnace running 24/7 and all of a sudden she goes on FOX she has a fire in the camera room? Usually you have a fire in a room where you are entertaining and are we suppose to believe that the Palins entertains in a room with a camera in the middle of the floor?

    Yeh right! Go fuck yourselves!

  111. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Judge to Sarah Palin at the end of the interview…


  112. Don the Bluesman12:44 PM

    I have not watched her interveiews before but this was great. At the end she was interupted and told HER math was wrong. I love it. She will be announcing for world wreslting before she's through.
    She was laughed at at the end of the interview.

  113. Anonymous12:45 PM


    The interview starts off with the judge in a peppy and energetic mood and then Palin starts talking and sounds like she is on drugs or something.

    Very weird.

  114. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I believe that was her real hair. Ugly and unkempt.
    What was she thinking???

    And the background would be better if Palin was sitting right in front of the fireplace..
    But I guess kindling, and dried tumbleweed crap is "decorating" in Alaska..

  115. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Quitzilla is wreaking havoc in Wasilla. She's on the warpath. Watch out Taco Bell workers. She could take out her rage on you.

  116. A Jackass and a Dumbass, Newt and Palin are a match made in heaven. The judge laid the smack down on the Dumbass. Hey Sarah, don't get your panties in a wad!

  117. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Pirro doesn't have to worry about having to interview Palin again. That ship has sailed. Palin is getting to the bottom of the barrel now. Before you know it, the only one left who will interview her will be "Oscar the Grouch". And that's only because he likes icky things.


  118. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I wonder if Judge Pirro got the go-ahead from higher up to take off the gloves, in retaliation for Palin's nastiness earlier in the week re: Chris Christie. I've heard Christie's name floated as a possible Romney VP candidate, and he certainly seems to be the up and coming GOP favorite. Given Fox's support of Romney and their position as--let's be honest--the voice of the establishment GOP, maybe Ailes/Murdoch were pissed off by Palin's "panties in a wad" tirade. So maybe they passed down the word to their hosts that it's now okay to go off-script with Klondike Kartrashian.

    Watching this hypocritical wretch self-destruct is too satisfying.

  119. PJ, what interview were you watching? Obviously not the one the rest of us saw.

  120. *chuckle* She really is a spectacular train wreck every time she comes out of anyone with an ounce of intelligence can say that the open season on Gingrich is a liberal crusade is beyond me. Palin is the dumbest of the dumb. The GOP establishment is terrified of a Gingrich nomination - it would absolutely hand the White House back to Obama AND have significant consequences for House and Senate seats down ticket. It's a disaster for the party and they are pulling out all the stops to prevent it from happening. Sarah Palin just can't see past her hatred for Romney. That's all she operates on - vendetta. Not intelligence or even any kind of recognisable strategy. Nope. Just emotion and pique. Moron.

    Gingrich "clobber" Obama in a debate??! It is to laugh. Yeah, maybe in Stupid Land where good debate performance is basically not vomiting on your shoes and remembering your own name (see: Biden-Palin VP debate 2008). In the real world, President Obama would do just fine against Newt in a debate.

    Newt Gingrich is the definitive Washington insider. It doesn't get any more "insider" than him. Doesn't matter how many times Palin wants to paint him as a rogue. The truth about Gingrich is that he's only intelligent to stupid people, he's just as emotional and immoral as Palin and he sells his soul annually to the highest bidder. It's really a match made in heaven actually =D Maybe Gingrich should run with Palin! I know Dems/Liberals across the country would faint from this once in a lifetime stroke of good luck!!

    I think this is just another example of Ailes getting his own back on Palin for her not announcing her non-run for Presidency on Fox News. We knew the sh*t storm was coming - and it has arrived. Ailes doesn't care - he still gets ratings and Palin looks like the fool we always knew her to be. Win-win!

  121. Anonymous12:59 PM

    When nobody wants to play with you anymore except the newtie boys, well, then you're just gonna have to saddle up and dance with them because the only other option is to sit down and STFU (and give up the grifter's gravy train? get the hell outta here!).

  122. Irishgirl12:59 PM

    Pirro was clearly enjoying that interview. She had it all planned. I don't think we'll see Palin on that show again.

  123. Anonymous1:01 PM

    The lack of troll comments could mean things were pretty ugly at the compound last night and everyone found somewhere else to be and left Sarah alone. Lots of medicating and dark rooms today. Looks like the Heaths are on duty and in charge of checking up on things. Bet Willow's working on her book. It won't be a tell-all, just a version of events that reveals enough to spark interest and bring in some income.

  124. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Her looks have soured so fast! Just a few months ago the 'bots would have dismissed Pirro as just another female jealous of the Queen of Grifters's 'purtiness. Mrs. Meth Mouth is looking exactly as her soul must.

  125. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Sad that the GOP can't find a single viable candidate. But the saddest thing of all is that it appears Sarah isn't moving to Arizona after all. We Alaskans have to continue enduring her rotten smell.

  126. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Hey Screech, pull your wig down, that is way too much forehead for a menopausal granny to be showing, also too, enjoyed it when judge schooled you over your "the math is the math" blunder which you said twice. Also like how you say Nooot and how Nooot says Amurican in his interview with your former fan Greata. Can narcissists not speak correctly ?

  127. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Sarah Palin’s response to Moon Base Palin…

    “It does comes down to priorities I know that we’re spending a heck of a lot of money today even small sums that adds up though on things I think are hair brain….”

    Wait one second Tundra Turd!

    Sarah Palin requested 3.2 million dollars of US taxpayer’s money to study the DNA of harbor seals in Alaska and we can’t forget the infamous earmark the “Bridge to Nowhere” that was never built and Palin kept that money and did not return it to the United States of America taxpayers…


  128. Anonymous1:13 PM


    "I can't believe the tea party darling is "endorsing" Newt, considering his ethics violations and knowing he is a Washington insider. Getting paid by the hated Freddie Mac and working with the hated Bill Clinton. If it was anyone else, especially a democrat, Newt would be called a crony and UN-american. "

    They've created a loophole- just like they do with sarah's oopsies. It's been spun as ethics violations that were not only trumped up (by the elites, of course) but that he was cleared of all but one. And that one was not real, whatever that means.

    You know, same as Our Sarah! Woosh! No more having to worry about that nasty little detail. You should have heard them go after the newt BEFORE she endorsed him.


  129. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I dunno Gryph, you sure do read a LOT into these things... I didn't see anywhere Pirro "refuses to play softball" or "treating Palin like a know-nothing moron" or taking her to task for anything whatsoever.

    In fact, if anything, this seemed like the typical pre-planned Palin revue.

    For example, the "how can Newt claim he's an outsider" question was merely a setup for Palin to test market the excuses he'll be using later.

    You DO realize that's what's going on here, right? Just like "death panels" and "pallin' around with terrorists", Palin is the cutting edge in baseless right wing bumpersticker sloganeering and EVERY time she appears anywhere, it's to test drive some new meme the right wants to start up.

    I'm surprised you haven't noticed this.

    I mean seriously, do you REALLY think $arah didn't memorize all those Newt-xcuses in advance? You're telling me she pulled all that right off the cuff?

    The "Newt question" was clearly a CUE.

  130. Anonymous1:18 PM

    If that was a wig falling off the back of her head, she must be totally bald underneath!

  131. Anonymous1:20 PM

    How come whenever Sarah Palin speaks all we hear is “Blah blah I hate Obama… blah blah blah I love Newt blah blah blah I love Newt blah blah blah I hate Obama…”

    Palin sounds like a Charlie Brown cartoon.

    LOL... Palin is working over time to protect her interest that promised her a job in his administration...

    LOL... I wonder how much time Palin worked on keeping Willow from getting kicked out of Alaska's schools or trying to prevent Willow from becoming Palin's second underage teen mother... another family tradition the Palins are proud of.

    It is just a matter of time before Piper Diaper joins the ranks of Brisket and Willblow...

  132. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Who really does Sarah Palin's hair?

    Do you want to know what is going on?

    A behind the scenes look.

  133. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Here is what the hair of female presidential contender should look like -- not to mention what her brain, accomplishments, and heart should be like. And her sense of humor too!

    Be sure to watch part 2 also.

    Elizabeth Warren for POTUS in 2016!

  134. Anonymous1:32 PM

    12:14 that wooden thing in the background looks like a miniature dog sled..probably a gift when she was Governor and she did declare. Next she prop up a totem pole and some fishing nets.

  135. Interesting that the crawl on the screen shot says, "Police say the cause of the fire is under investigation." Dar Miller, anyone?

  136. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Sarah Palin is so clearly trolling for some of them Adelson millions for her PAC. She'd endorse the devil if it meant more grifting money to live on.

  137. hey, Gryph, forgot to tell you and yours~

    Rachel Maddow spotlighted this on her show last week:

    TODAY, ST. LOUIS, Missouri is having a VETERANS PARADE for our soldiers from Iran and Afghanistan.

    Yes, they know there are members still fighting, but they thought it was an important step to take to show our gratitude.

    They've been fighting for over a decade...

    Just an fyi...




  138. Randall1:50 PM

    It has actually become rather sad to watch her anymore, like watching an arrogant, but stupid, kid struggle with an answer and you're embarrassed for them because they're too stupid to be embarrassed for themselves.

  139. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Sad that the GOP can't find a single viable candidate. But the saddest thing of all is that it appears Sarah isn't moving to Arizona after all. We Alaskans have to continue enduring her rotten smell.

    1:04 PM

    "Sarah isn't moving to Arizona after all. We Alaskans have to continue enduring her rotten smell."

    Well since you Alaskan people knowingly let that piece of shit con America into thinking she was the next best thing since slice bread and turns out that Palin is the stuff that pigs wallow in, then you deserve to endure her rotten smell!

    Why should we have to?

    Palin is yours, you keep that toupee wearing piece of shit up there and by the way don't send anymore lazy uneducated thunder thigh camel toe showing skanks like Brisket and Willblow down here looking for reality shows. Brisket doesn't do a damn thing except eat our McDonalds and they both breed like rats.

    We already sent back three Palin hoes to Alaska... Sarah, Brisket and Willblow... don't send any more down here!

    We don't want your Wasilla Hill Billy Valley Trash Trailer Park No Working Grifters down here and that includes that alto voice purse carrying pimp and their next to be kicked out of Alaska's schools mother-to-be Piper Diaper.

    You can also keep your school bus brake line cutting pretend Combat GI Joe up there too.

    We don't give a crap about Alaskans having to continue enduring her rotten smell."

    If you have to, ask Obama for gas masks... dems your pieces of shit to keep and smell!

  140. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I hate these criticisms of ' liberals'. Considering that if it were not for progressive activists Sarah Palin, (and every women working on Fox News) would never be able to fulfil ambitions except carer, mother, house wife, nun, teacher, and nurse. It is the Liberals that enabled her to go to college, be a sorts journalist, and enter public life. I think it is us 'Liberals' who need to start schooling these folks about our proud history.

  141. Anonymous2:06 PM

    You call that spin? Yeah, I´m sure the GOP depends on Sarah to bounce Presidential campaign ideas off the American public. That is why we hear Mitt Romney incorporating ¨panties in a wad,¨ ¨spudnuts,¨ ¨butter-on-a-stick,¨ and ¨moose stew¨ into his stump speeches.

    Sarah got her buttocks blistered again, plain and simple.

  142. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Palin's left side breast looks a little puffier than her right side breast.

    Don't tell me that lazy skank didn't pick matching titties from her falsie drawer?

    Sarah, next time you go on FOX make sure your titties match, fix your hair and wash your ass.

  143. Anonymous2:18 PM


    Yet again,


  144. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I was disappointed that no one ventured into the Pee Pool to report the juiciest tidbits therefrom. Great reporting Gryph, I only listened to the very end to see how pissed she was.


    Psst: Gryph, just between you and me, I really don't like the sexual references you throw in occasionally, like "political rim job" and "rubbing one out." I can handle all kinds of swearing and clever innuendos, but I do find these particular euphemisms a bit tawdry. Just thought you should know.

  145. Atheists for jesus2:24 PM

    Speaking of Hunter Thompson, If the Good Doctor was still with us I would gladly give up a body part to be in the same room with Hunter and scary when she referred to herself as a "journalist". If little miss quittypants didn't get at the end of the ensuing tirade, we may as well all just call it a day. Surely the woman is an unparalled moron.

  146. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Apparently Palin is still governor of Alaska.

  147. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Oh Sarah! such hard work sitting around and posting ghost written tripe on Facebook. Boy do you work hard at critizing those who are really doing the work.

    We all know you are beyond stupid and lazy, so when Newt pandered about giving you a major role,all you had to do was spew your crap. Not going to work...we all see the big ZERO you are.

  148. Anonymous2:46 PM

    From C4P -

    As Governor Palin alluded to last night with Justice Jeanine Pirro, she wants all candidates to go forward and doesn’t want the primary process to be over with.

    Before being cut off last night, she began to make the point of “the math is the math.” In doing so, combined with her plea to “Rage against the Machine, Vote Newt,” Sarah Palin’s message was clear.

    In order to give all the non-Romney candidates the push to go forward, “the math” has to be accepted as we are two days away from the Florida primary.

    What some seem to be missing is that this was no call for the rest of us to pit the Non-Romney candidates against one another. “The math is the math” and right now, Newt Gingrich is the closest candidate who can carve out a modest win in Florida if the entire tea party and grassroots would coalesce behind him. It’s a strategy and not a campaign for one person for the remainder of the primary season.

    So yes, as Palin supporters, out of respect of Governor Palin, our mission and immediate call to action has been sounded. This means that leading up to Florida’s primary, our collective support should be to do whatever we can to get Newt Gingrich as many votes as we can before Tuesday’s primary.

    “The math is the math.” It doesn’t matter if we personally prefer Ron Paul.

    It doesn’t matter if we personally prefer Rick Santorum.

    Clearly, on the basis of common sense, the only candidate who isn’t Mitt Romney who can win Florida’s primary by the rallying cry of the non-establishment voters who are looking for that “imperfect vessel” and that “agent of change” for sudden and relentless reform is Newt Gingrich.

    As Palin supporters, I implore all to set their personal preferences aside and to do what we can to follow her strategic lead and to cut all the bickering.

    It is without a doubt that Governor Palin’s political instincts are top notch and this website is focused on having her back and being behind her 100% regardless of our personal feelings.

    So, I implore you to please do something at a grassroots level to help Newt Gingrich in Florida.

    A.) You can send him a modest donation here.

    B.) You can log on and make calls into Florida for him here.

    Go to his website and read the facts of his record as he corrects the misinformation put out there by the establishment-machine who feels threatened by his national lead despite what the Florida polls say.

    Although Gingrich has pledged to go all the way to the convention, we need to do whatever we can every step of the way by listening to the specific words of Governor Palin.

    She has the most loyal base of passionate and intelligent supporters. This is our chance to show the rest of the candidates just how tough and energetic we can be.

    Short term strategy = Help Newt take Florida.

    Long term strategy = Help all candidates go forward with the confidence to hold Mitt Romney accountable for many of his choices he made as Governor of Massachusetts.

    I am sure the possibility exists that she will give more specific orders going forward in other states. We shall all listen collectively and support each other while we focus on our overall goal of having her back and following her lead.

    As I said, this is not a time for personal opinions or preferences. This is us doing our part to assist in materializing her short term wishes while respecting and listening for her long term strategy.

    Make that difference today! It matters.

  149. Anonymous2:47 PM

    "Palin straining to inject herself" [into the 2012 Republican primary]

    thankfully I had already eaten dinner, cause that is NOT a pretty picture.

  150. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Not only is it the best interview yet, she looks the worst she ever has. She looks like she's aged 10 years in the last one year. This is important because it gives a clue as to the frame of mind this woman is in - addled and who knows... I'll say it. About to explode, as in dangerous. Hopefully no one gets physically hurt.

  151. Irishgirl2:50 PM

    Ok...I have to say this. Palin looks like a seventy year old woman in this screen shot. She has no teeth, her hair looks ridiculous (a kind of greasy Donald Trump comb over), and her eyebrows are just hilarious.

    Does this woman ever look into a mirror?

    I think it's time she ditched the glasses too.

  152. Anonymous2:52 PM

    WTF does Palin mean the math is the math?

    Palin had to go to 5 colleges to get one degree and nobody has verified she got a degree. There are no pictures of Sarah receiving a diploma...

    Math is the math?
    Sarah doesn't even know history... and Todd doesn't know that Alaskan winds are greater than 14ft high fence built by a nipple peeping tom. How in the hell did Todd build a 2 story house in one weekend if he isn't smart or wise enough to build a 14 ft fence?

    Math is the math?
    I guess Sarah miscalculated "My Track is a Combat War Vet" because Track's Army discharge papers proved that Sarah is either a liar or ashamed of Track!

    Math is the math?
    Sarah can't even prove her two oldest earned their high school GEDs...

    Math is the math?
    Sarah can't even get her 3rd child to complete high school...

    Math is the math?
    The only thing that adds up is that Sarah's three oldest kids had babies due before getting engaged or married.

    Math is the math?
    Sarah's two underage uneducated high school age skanks only know that 1+1= 9months... WTF? Three generations hasn't figured out that 1+1-condoms = 9 months... that's not rocket science!
    It's about keeping the seamen in the submarine until you are ready to fire your torpedoes! There are no shooting blanks when it comes to those fertile Palins!

    That's Palin math for your ass!

  153. johnie2xs2:54 PM

    Sorry!!! 7:28, that's all I could stomach. Need a BiCarb, badly.

  154. N'yah2:56 PM

    Wowza. Never been to the sea before. Day-um. I am literally in shock , I can't believe grown ass adults can be so dim! Their rationales concerning "Governor" (uh, I was a fourth grader once, that doesn't mean I should be called "the fourth grader" for the rest of my life) Palin's cues and hints about running- wow, what a shamefully disgusting display!

    "Governor Palin blinked three times and there are three letters in the word 'run'.......SHE IS SO DEFINITELY DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY RUNNING!!!!!!!!!"

  155. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I cannot believe how she has aged. She looks absolutely horrible in this interview. Happy to see Pirro laugh and cut her off! About time these interviewers take charge and question her about her 'word salad'. Yep, she STILL doesn't speak one bit better than she did as mayor of a small town in Alaska just a few short years ago.

    She's not learned a damned thing except to grow in nastiness and ugliness - both internally and externally! She has one evil soul!

  156. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Something I meant to post in my other comment:

    When is the last ***confirmed*** sighting of Trig Palin?

    I do not mean a photo of willow and the back of a child's head, a child that could be anyone or a photo which could easily have been from halloween 2010 rather than 2011.

    I mean when is the last time there was a sighting of Trig Palin whose date could be absolutely identified with no room for inaccuracies?

    Because I am seriously starting to worry about this child. Where the hell IS Trig?

  157. Anonymous3:07 PM

    This just got better. NBC news just let the country know what Sarah looks like now and is saying she's backing Newt. The clip was from this show. I think I heard a collective "holy crap" from across the country.

  158. N'yah3:10 PM

    Gryphen, I was just looking at the list of Oscar nominees and I saw "the undefeated" listed under best documentary film long form. SURELY they're not speaking of THAT undefeated! Right??!!!??

  159. Anonymous3:14 PM


    “… If for no other reason rage against the machine vote for Newt… annoy a liberal vote Newt…”

    Again WTF Sarah?

    “… annoy a liberal vote Newt….”

    What ever happened to vote for the best candidate?

    What happened to “Country First”?

    See what happens Alaska when you vote with your pecker and not with your brains!

    Ya get an unqualified looser wonky eyed Miss Alaska for a governor!

    What a dingbat…

    That’s Change We Don’t Need!

    LOL... Fucking excellent Sarah!

    That's a Palin campaign slogan? This comes from a governor who hired her high school class mate / friend whose only job qualifications and experience written on her resume was "Liking Cows as a child" and that got her Wasilla High School class mate a high paying jobs working for the State of Alaska...

    “… annoy a liberal vote Newt….”
    -Sarah Palin FOX Commentator Jan 2012

  160. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Sarah is no PUNDINT- she is a moron!

  161. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Interesting article about the peebots freaking out.

    Palin supporters accused Judge Jeanine of cutting her off and went on an Internet rampage. They accused Judge Jeanine and Fox of favoring Mitt Romney. I hope they don't endorse Romney — he still laughs about putting his wet dog on the roof of his car for a several hour drive to Canada. He still thinks he didn't do anything wrong even after being told it's considered animal cruelty. Palin supporters should be out there campaigning against Romney not attacking Judge Jeanine.
    I read some of the most disgusting insults coming from Palin supporters; can't imagine she even wants that kind of support. One woman threw out the C-word. Yes, the C-word — for what? Can you imagine what these people are capable of doing? Irate fans attacked everyone from Judge Jeanine to the Fox News Channel itself. This kind of defensive/offensive behavior will reflect poorly on Sarah Palin unless she denounces it.

    Read more:

  162. Anonymous3:18 PM

    She does not look well. Look at the picture in the post below this one and compare. Something is wrong with her health.

  163. Anonymous3:22 PM

    And this is the woman - that NOW thinks vetting is very, very IMPORTANT - and, is the same woman who was NOT vetted when McCain put her on his ticket? She STILL has NOT been properly vetted. We STILL have many issues about her that need to be answered. Unethical issues, money issues, whether that youngest child is really, really hers and on and on and on.

  164. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Palin's left side breast looks a little puffier than her right side breast.

    Don't tell me that lazy skank didn't pick matching titties from her falsie drawer?

    Sarah, next time you go on FOX make sure your titties match, fix your hair and wash your ass.

    2:18 PM

    Sarah Palin must of been absent screwing the history teacher the day they taught "make sure your titties match, fix your hair and wash your ass" in journalism class in one of the 5 colleges she went to.

  165. Anonymous3:26 PM

    When Pirro asked Palin the question from Twitter, Palin's response SO reminded me of the Katie Couric interviews. Panic followed by fast-talking.

    Regarding her blouse and the "allegedly" photoshopped pic of Palin from '08.... That picture WAS photoshopped. It was her head from her inaugural ball pasted on the body of a woman who obviously dresses like a hooker but has a great body. Have you seen Palin's legs? Tree trunks. Palin wishes she looked like that. LOL.

  166. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Did you notice the segment the judge introed right after that hard break? A girl who has bad english. Clever producer. Funny as hell too.

  167. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Who really does Sarah Palin's hair?
    Mama Grisly is afraid someone will sell a few of her fleeting hair strands for DNA purposes...

    She's slowly, but surely reaping what she has sown ~ and its only just begun.

    Selling one's soul comes with at a hefty price...


  168. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:48 PM

    Took the weekend off from politics as usual, but gotta say that IM is the first site I hit when I get back, and Gryphen, you never disappoint. Love the Pirro Interview Hair Challenge--perhaps Miss Wiggy will take her up on it and use Liquid Nails to hold the next hideous creation on her head. Beginning to think she's trying to channel Debbie Harry in the original "Hairspray," and the 'do will eventually get higher and higher.

    Wonder what the PeePool Inmates are babbling about tonight? Next stop---

  169. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Oh. Now we have "RomneyCare"?

    Sarah really doesn't know much about politics, does she?

  170. N'yah said...
    Gryphen, I was just looking at the list of Oscar nominees and I saw "the undefeated" listed under best documentary film long form. SURELY they're not speaking of THAT undefeated! Right??!!!??

    3:10 PM

    Shit no N'yah!!
    This film is about a Memphis HS Football team.
    If Sarah's Undefeated got a nomination, hell would be freezing over.

  171. Anonymous4:39 PM

    HOLY SHIT! With that huge forehead she can use it to write her next looser book.

  172. Regarding the Oscar nomination for documentary, "Undefeated:"

    "One of the documentary features nominated by the Academy Tuesday was Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Matin's "Undefeated." No, not the Sarah Palin thing. This is a chronicle of an inner-city North Memphis, Tennessee high school football team's journey through one defining season, with all the petty and profound drama that comes with it, and it's an outstanding portrait."

  173. Anonymous5:08 PM


    That sounds like it was written by David Axelrod! Those C4P'ers getting played something fierce.

  174. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Sarah hasn't been that tongue tied since she met Glen Rice!

    She's just putting those words next to those other words.

    She's firing the alarm bells and ringing the warning shots. It's not an endorsement, it's just a you betcha vetting the candidates with the math and the fancy pageant walkin. And those American values with the freedom and the work ethic and the bip-bop-boopity-barp.

  175. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Bill O'Reilly couldn't tolerate Palin's ramblings either and he handled it like the old pro that he is... if Palin was willing to show up he was willing to crawl up her butt and annoy the crap out of her.

    Jeanine Pirro made it more than obvious that she doesn't want Palin pawned off on her anymore. That ...*cough* ʜᴀʀᴅ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ *cough*... was hilarious. Pirro was grinning from ear to ear.

  176. Anonymous5:11 PM

    What a fucking coward - she doesn't have the balls to just endorse a candidate, because that person might not win. She's always been a chickenshit.

  177. Anonymous5:28 PM

    In listening to her talk about colonizing the moon as something we should embrace, you know American exceptional-ism and all, I could just imagine her interview if it had been our President proposing this idea.

    "With this debt, you know the debt THIS president has added gadzillions to with what with his FAILED policies and the Fed and the administration working to bankrupt this great nation, blah blah blah, and NOW he wants to go to the MOON! What a waste of tax payer dollars! Blah blah blah"

    But old Turd Blossom makes it part of his campaign and she's all for it! Budget be damned! What a bunch of effing MORONS these people are. I find this freak show strangely compelling, while simultaneously retching and daydreaming which country I'd like to beg to take me in. I remember other countries calling us stupid Americans! Now I really believe it!

  178. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Hey Guvnah~

    Inquiry minds really want to know what exactly happened at the 10:54 mark, when they cut the video against that "hard break?"


  179. Anonymous5:48 PM

    5:28 p.m. wrote,

    "I find this freak show strangely compelling, while simultaneously retching and daydreaming which country I'd like to beg to take me in."

    ME TOO! I know I waste too much time online reading about Palin and the rest of the GOP Klowns, yet it's an addiction I can't seem to shake. Maybe I'll try to give it up for Lent. Heh.

  180. That was so much fun I had to watch it again! Thanks to all the comments there were more details I paid attention to. I've never found Sarah so humorous, and I liked Pirro even better the second time around.

  181. ThanksABunchJohn5:59 PM

    That was good, loved the ending - let the abrupt cut-off be a harbinger of things to come for all of the Palins.

    BTW, she slurred several times, she is high as a kite, IMHO. The split screens looked like a before and after "Faces of Meth". Pirro professionally made up and blown out, her eyes bright. And next to her---> NOT.

  182. 1:15 PM

    Ohhhhh...I get it! Ex-Gov Baldy is a PUPPET! Similar to a trained monkey...or as someone else "Pavlovs dog".

    FAKE News turns on the camera at the Hillbilly compound and she spews whatever the new "baseless right wing bumpersticker sloganeering"!

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  183. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Could it be -- just supposing -- that Sarah really has been sick -- radiation, chemo, etc. that have robbed her of her hair and her health.
    The odds are she would have shouted it from the rooftops, but, possibly, it's the one thing in her life she might keep private.

  184. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News
    played the clip of this whackjob ordering Floridians to rage against the machine , annoy a liberal and vote for Gingrich.
    She looked demented , there is no other word for it.
    Apparently , Rick Santorum is chopped liver or another liberal because Palin forgot to order the drones to vote for him.
    Or Ron Paul.
    By ordering this, she unwittingly or
    dimwittingly endorsed Gingrich , which could possibly be a violation of her FOX contract .
    Romney must be ecstatic that Palin has attached herself to Gingrich like a tick on a dog.
    He was probably dreading a Palin endorsement.
    At some point though ,
    Palin will try and reattach herself to Romney .
    She probably is too tone deaf to realize the damage
    she has done to herself by this hate fueled anti Romney Pirro appearance.
    Romney as the nominee and his crew of establishment crooks , as Palin basically
    called them ,
    will decide who gets a speaking slot at the RNC convention.
    Methinks Palin , by trashing Romney and calling him a corrupt liberal on FOX News ,
    has just screwed herself out of a speaking slot.
    She burned every bridge remaining last night with Team Romney and elected Republicans
    who are no doubt very tired of being
    called crooks by the very corrupt and unethical NewtyPalin aka Team Tooty Fruity.

  185. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Could someone just stuff a big _ock in her mouth and shut her up?

  186. If Gingy has his way we'll no longer look up and see the man in the moon. With Palin at his side we'll have to rethink it as the maniacs on the moon. I have no doubt that we would still hear her screech even from 222,000 miles. Especially when she finds out there's no red bull or Taco Bell on the lunar surface.

  187. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Screech's voice made the dog cry and the cats go hide...I the human could not make sense of any of it. The new wig thingy sucks more then any of the previous ones.

  188. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Is she restricted by her contract from endorsing a candidate for president in "performing" as a political contributor?

  189. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Annoy Palin. Reelect Obama!

  190. Anonymous7:08 PM

    She has the crazy eyes of a serial killer and the voice of a shrew. I shutter to think how close we came to having this mess the vice president. GOP politics is a psych ward festering with the dregs of society.

  191. Anonymous7:16 PM

    see o pee is now asking for $ with that stupid idiotic line the math is the math.
    check C4p

  192. Anonymous7:37 PM

    That screen shot makes it look like she forgot to put in her teeth. She sure looks rough.

  193. Anonymous7:46 PM

    from this evening at C4P:

    "You have to have some understanding of George Washington to understand Sarah Palin.


    Sarah Palin is fighting a war of posts right now. She is fighting to keep the Cause of Sudden and Relentless Reform alive any way she can. Like Washington, she is using who and what she has to keep the Sudden and Relentless Reform Army together from day to day. She is using her Charles Lee--Newt Gingrich--because that is who she has to carry the fight with at this moment. Lee ran at Monmouth. Washington came as close to apoplectic as he ever did in the Revolution at Monmouth and actually cursed Lee out for cowardice on the field.

    Newt, Santorum and Ron Paul are the generals fighting the Establishment right now. Like it or not.

    We have a series of battles ahead which we call primaries. Defeat? Defeat is not that Romney wins several primaries in a row. Defeat is if the generals withdraw from the war. They are fighting a stand up the ranks and take on the Establishment like the Establishment wants you to fight scenario. They are fighting the Battle of Brooklyn heights against the guys with logistics. The math is the math. They will lose these battles one by one.

    Like Washington, Sarah Palin is looking for her opportunities. SC was one and she shocked the Establishment. She is allying herself with the French. She is reaching out to Independents and Reagan Democrats. She is trying to unify the opposition to the Establishment of whatever nature and capabilities--even the ultimately traitorous ones. Meanwhile the tactic is to keep the vetting going.


    We like to think it was those Minutemen farmers on Lexington Green who won the war. Wrong. It was the professionals of the Continental Army who could stand the line and die in the ranks confronting the British Grenadiers 50 yards away. Washington got that army by fighting a war of posts that kept the war alive until it could be put together.

    Sarah Palin is signalling to us that need to develop the professional political operation and the logistics. A lot of us are going to feel uncomfortable when and if that appears. It will look like an Establishment operation. It will look conventional.

    We need to consider the problem of logistics. ....

    A few random thoughts on logistics. You need management, money, polls, communication, transportation and volunteers. You need state operations. How much of each and how much all of that costs is a guess. Anybody got any guesses?

    Romney and the Establishment have blown off millions in negative ads. But here is a truth that Romney understands. The Establishment does not fund losers. The money will dry up if he is confronted robustly. Perhaps all that is needed is enough logistics to robustly confront Romney on one or two occasions down the road.


    She is a fighting general just like Washington. If she has the logistics she will beat the Establishment just like Washington beat Cornwallis at Yorktown-- in the conventional way.

    What she needs is some logistics. Just like Washington. Maybe we need a military guy to organize this thing."

    (hope the edits make sense, I had to cut a lot for length..)

    Delusional, right?
    But's that last sentence that raises my hackles.

    I have been concerned about this since her 2008 campaign style: well, I'll just cut to the chase: DEMAGOGIC.

    Am very concerned that she has and is building support in the military. And so many are now coming home to a country in trouble in so many ways; and so divided, thanks in large part to her. Some Christianist-dominionist retired military dude (Allen West?) combined with her would be super toxic.


  194. Anonymous7:52 PM

    She is so, breathtakingly, unbelievably F***ING STUPID!

  195. Anita Winecooler7:54 PM

    excellent post! Gryphen, you really do have a knack with words, I laughed so much, that I actually watched the ENTIRE interview, with the Sound on.

    A few observations,

    Sarah actually says "The meth is the meth"

    What's with the pussy willows and weeds in the vase

    The fire in the pit of hell to the left isn't getting enough oxygen, usually you can smelt iron ore in that thing, and tonight I doubt you could light a match. Sarah's gasping all the oxygen, and satan's pit isn't happy.

    And Pirro plaster face squished her like a bug!

    Here's the link to mediaite, notice the story that followed Sarah's humiliation, and the comments ar a hoot!

  196. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Judge Jeanine is still pretty "soft," relatively speaking and all things considered. I remember Andrew Sullivan writing at one point that he'd like to see Palin go in front of Judge Judy. I'd like to see that, too - Palin would finally get the judicial interrogation equivalent of a colonoscopy!

  197. Anonymous8:24 PM

    It is just so RICH that Palin has been talking about "vetting" lately. She had a 15-minute "vetting" from Grandpa McCain, who probably couldn't tell you today what questions he asked her, if any.

    And then she praises the debates as necessary and important. Do you remember how many times she "debated" Joe Biden in 2008?

    She is just such a piece of work. I am 45 years old and I cannot remember ANYONE ever reaching her level of "celebrity" who had such a complete lack of self-awareness while at the same time suffering from serious mental health issues. Unbelievable!

    Go GOP - you sure attract all of the asylum inmates, don't you?

  198. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Hilarious interview! Palin kept right on blathering and blubbering so the Judge cut her off because Palin makes absolutely no sense when she is speaking. It's so crystal clear how everyone who interviews Sarah is at least 100 X smarter than her. Pirro was actually laughing AT her!

    The harder Palin tries to act like some relevant "pundint", the more she can't help showing what a dumb bunny she actually is!! I seriously doubt she has ANY type of college degree at all!

    Hey Sarah, go watch the video of this interview. You should really be embarrassed! Then you can write an email to Roger Ailes complaining about Judge Gotcha. LOL!

  199. Sarah's definition of an "elite": someone who pronounces pundit correctly.

    Sarah, it's PUNDIT. There's no extra "N" in the second syllable.

    You can't even pronounce what it is you do for Fox?

    Learn. Can you say "Pun"? 'K. Now, can you say "DIT"?

  200. After viewing the interview, with the sound muted, I realized they don't even try to hide the glare of the teleprompter in the citizen's glasses.


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