Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tim Tebow encourages Denver fans to pray to Jesus. Peyton Manning joins Broncos to replace Tebow. Prayer works?

"Who did you say sent you?"
Courtesy of  The Take Away:

It's a bittersweet morning for Denver Broncos fans. They got the news yesterday that Peyton Manning will become their next quarterback — and that means that beloved team leader Tim Tebow will soon be traded. Manning chose the Broncos over the Tennessee Titans and the San Francisco 49'ers.

I'm sorry, this may be shallow of me, but this is my feel good story of the day.

In related news, I understand that Rick Santorum is hiding under his bed after rumors started going around that Sarah Palin was thinking of endorsing him.


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I won't be missing Tim one bit. But then, I think identifying with a group of exorbitantly wealthy men smashing into each other for public-funded-private-profit is kinda weird anyway. Guess I'm not a fan.

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    You can see it happening. He's going to wind up marrying some artificially busty blonde christian bimbette who wants to marry money, and wind up running a car dealership. Too much ego, too little brain.


    1. Yep--see Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Except for the busty part and the car dealership.

      Tim needs to pray silently, at home, like I learned from the bible when I was young and used to be a christian. Supposedly he is a good person, but really he did not bring out the best in the avid church goers who thought his love of god made his football career untouchable.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      The biblical reference containing the message about Christians praying in private is related to Jesus throwing the Philistines out of the Temple. He also condemed them for making a big show about praying. I do not know the exact verse, but you can be sure it is found in the New Testamant. What is known as the "Old Testament" was written PRIOR to the birth of the Jesus Christ and does not contain the teachings of Jesus Christ. The original versions of the books found in the Old Testament are the same books found in the Torah. Aanytime a "born again" Christian justifies their beliefs by quoting the Old Testament, they are merely demonstating that they don't have a clue what they are talking about.

  3. Gator Fan10:15 AM

    Dude, I know there is a Sarah connection and all, but Tebow is really nothing like Sarah. He's a good kid that some people love to hate because he gets so much pub for his on-the-field prayer stuff.

    He would not have gotten so much attention if the NFL hadn't spend a TON of time, energy and money promoting him because of his numerous and very impressive good works. The NFL was behind a lot of the attention he got ... they were putting him out there because he really is a person to be admired, just in the way he conducts himself. And his story is a pretty good one.

    If Tebow ran for office I am quite certain I would not vote for him (he's not the problem-solving type, he'd be there for the Christianist agenda). But he has shown absolutely no indication that he would want to do that. Until he does, I can deal with all the religious stuff. It is just what he has been doing his whole life, why should he change just 'cause some people don't like it?

    I hope he ends up somewhere and gets a shot. On the field, he really has defied expectations and his teammates love him wherever he goes. Go Tebow! Gryph, please pick on somebody else. :)

    1. You do know that good Tim went to the Phillipines on a 'medical mission' and performed circumcisions on young boys...un-necessary medical procedures. Then they all prayed. he is not what he seems.

    2. Anonymous11:08 AM

      My dislike of Tebow is not his playing etc. It goes back to his ad in the Superbowl and therefore if you want to be in the public eye -- filter yourself as not everyone is on the same page.

      Kirk Cameron is doing the dance now while he's on a media tour for a new movie coming out next week.

      If they want to preach their believes -- together with the fact they are 'public figures', they best be ready for the blowback.

      I don't give a rat's ass if Tebow is against abortion or believes in Jesus or Kirk thinks is 'unnatural' for gays to exist. My issue is don't ram their beliefs down my throat while appearing on a nationwide broadcast. Stand on the street corner and say what you want -- but public airwaves -- Like Rush -- you get back what you put out

    3. comeonpeople4:21 AM

      Oh puhleeeese. Many many many many many pro athletes do good works and don't make a frickin peep about it. They are the real deal. Tebow is an indoctrinated freakazoid puppet. Unfortunate for him that he doesn't see he is used as a puppet for the 7 mountains freaks agenda.
      I hope his career tanks. First of all, he's not that good and second of all, he was a sideshow distraction to real football fans.
      I bet all the pro athletes who quietly go about doing their good deeds secretly despise Tebow.

  4. lostinmn10:22 AM

    Timmy got palined - I'm guessing Rick is hiding somewhere hoping she doesn't notice or he's praying Noot sticks around so Sara can continue her pole dance with him for a spot in his administration.

    Fun to watch the scribes at the sports blogs still trying to patch tbone into some other team like they are going to fight over who gets to offer a fourth or fifth round choice for the guy. They say teams will fight to get him but when they talk about his usage there they make the point he'll play four or five downs a game, special circumstances only and they'll have to pay him first round contract money for that. In this day and age of tight money I don't see that coming. He'll have to go where he can put more fans in the seats - FL. Even then he and his evangelicals are toxic - they'll start the same crap they did in Denver trying to force ownership to start him at QB, what coach and GM in their right mind wants that?

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I don't like the religious emphasis connected to football as in Tebow! It has no place there! The same as to our government i.e. Palin, Perry and Santorum. The last thing Santorum needs is Palin's endorsement - the kiss of death!!

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Ivy, you crack me up! This scenario sounds so plausible.

  7. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Prayer works... maybe the majority of Denver fans prayed that TT would leave.

  8. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The Rightwingers will be too busy posting conspiracy theories and BS about the earthquake in Mexico that just happened a short time ago.

    Why?? Because a story broke that Malia is on a springbreak vacation with I suspect her school in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico (101 miles from the epicenter of a 7.6 magnitude in the Oaxaca Region) and the 'wingers' are all up in arms about the taxpayer money being spent on secret service and the 'government paid' vacation (which it's not) and that why couldn't she spend her vacation in the U.S.

    They'll be reporting on Fox BS'ers that it's either payback to Obama or he arranged it and the bots will post BS all day.

    Remember -- those Bot Rethugs don't have the capability to task on two stories at one time and therefore Tebow's on his own!! They're more interested in their 'hate on' of the President.


  9. Anonymous10:43 AM

    The billboard that he put up early in the season should have been enough to get his arrogant tail booted off the team, but then he got palined and everything got worse.

  10. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Guess you have not seen some of the passes this non super quarterback throws.

    1. Any quarterback is only as only as good as his offensive line.

    2. lostinmn1:05 PM

      If he hits on women as bad as he throws passes no wonder he's still a virgin

  11. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Alex Wagner did a segment this morning on MSNBC:

    New Tenn Bill is nothing short of 'reproductive McCarthyism'

    Good one!!!


  12. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I loved the Jimmy Fallon skit where he was "Tebowie" singing "This is Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ.." LOL It was so funny...

  13. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I don't like his NEW lunatic fans! the conservative hardcores who never watched football, now they do and admiring him as he's their god. They put Tebow pictures all over their facebook.

  14. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Tebow irks me, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy and even though he's wearing Jesus on his sleeve all the time, it doesn't seem like he's saying he's right or saved or better than us if we don't accept him. He also walks the walk, dedicating time to, people Sarah and Bristol describe as having 'no titles.' Which is more than we can say for those grifters.


  15. Pat in MA11:15 AM

    Separation of football and religion! Tebow is entitled to his beliefs and I'm entitled not to have it shoved in my face. As to his QB skills... OVER. RATED.

  16. Anonymous11:20 AM

    O/T On the Letterman show, OUR 1ST LADY OF THE U.S. showed Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman how to answer questions with CLASS. Something that those 2 BIMBO'S will never have.Maybe Michelle and Sarah can get together for a "PRAY AWAY THE GAY" aimed at Marcus.

  17. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Tebow is a phoney. I heard on a prominent sports radio show that he is very conscious of the cameras before he takes a knee to pray.

  18. I was raised around too much religion. That being said, I think can prayer can help, but not when it’s all about ME, ME, ME.
    I think Jeffery Lin strikes the right balance; he talks about humility. Too bad Palin jinxed him. He’ll be back.

  19. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Tim may be a nice guy but a real christian does not need to advertise his faith every chance he gets. I would say the media had a helluva lot more to do with Timmy's praying being noticed than the NFL. The media pushes the latest new thing and Timmy sure was that for a while. He flamed out and will continue to do so where ever he goes. You can't fake talent no matter how often you bend your knees to pray.

  20. Anonymous12:08 PM

    What Santorum SHOULD be worried about is the the he placed his wife in a role to speak for him, his position, and his campaign. Bad move, because now she's fair game for a more thorough understanding of HER positions, present and past. And that cannot turn out well for Rick. Prior to marrying him, having all those kids and homeschooling them, she lived for many years with one of the most prominent and outspoken abortion provider in the city - in fact, this doctor was not only a great deal older, but actually delivered her when she was born. Moreover, she joined him in his very public support of the right to choose and have access to safe abortions. You can read more in the story "Before Karen Met Rick" at The Daily Beast, here:

  21. Anonymous12:11 PM

    As Piper asked her mother when asked to pray for a win before the debate with Biden - "isn't that cheating?"

    Prayer to what ever diety or higher power can be a powerful internal personal transformative epxerience - but it has zero affect on the external world - if it leads someone to live a better life and act more kindly in the world those actions can have a positive affect (NOT the prayer).

    There is no way, if there is a God, that he would sit on his throne in the clouds and decide who is going to win a football game because of who prays the hardest or claims to have the most faith, etc. etc. etc.

    Really, seriously, if there is God I am pretty sure he would be dealing with famine, earthquakes, floods, wars and the prayers of victims, the sick, the hungry and so much more.

  22. If there is a god he'll end up traded to the London Silly Nannies. And only those of you who watch Family Guy will get that...

  23. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Palinizing is dominating the world

  24. Anonymous12:22 PM

    they all need a reality check. Teebow, Santorum, bristol and sarah.

    Nuttier than a fruit cake, one and all.

    Oh Bristol, remember when you posted "Ha, ha, I'm a slut" on your facebook?

    We do.

  25. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Sorry if this is a duplicate: I have had issues with posting.

    So maybe God really did answer Denver's prayers and the praying guy is gone. Or maybe God was really too trying to resolve Important stuff....i.e. war, famine, drought, stavation, racial cleansing, rape, molestation, etc....not F*****in football. :)

  26. Anita Winecooler10:14 PM

    Unless he plays football and writes numbers on his eyeshadow in church, he's a hypocrite for posing on bended knee during a football game in a stadium. (especially after looking for the right camera lens.

    The psa when he thanks his mom for not aborting him makes me puke, he's such a fraud

  27. Anonymous10:26 PM

    As a former Broncos fan, I am soooooooooooo glad he is gone. Religion and football don't mix, besides, shouldn't he be in church on Sunday instead of throwing incomplete passes? Thanks scarah for cursing the Tebow.

  28. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Tebow is Jesus. And Peyton Manning is God.



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