Saturday, June 23, 2012

Morgan Freeman gets it.

Courtesy of Politico:

Actor Morgan Freeman is crossing his fingers that President Obama wins another term. 

“I think that we did a really good thing when we elected Barack Obama,” Freeman said on “Tavis Smiley” on Tuesday. “…He is absolutely and totally qualified for the job. He has proven himself to be not only qualified for the job, but very good at it. The things that he’s managed to get accomplished in the face of so much pushback is amazing.” 

“The Shawshank Redemption” star added, “And I think — this is Morgan Freeman's personal thought — we’re going to be in a lot of trouble if we don't re-elect him because people on the other side of the fence scare me.”

Yes that is the point that I try to make time, and time, again.

No President Obama is NOT perfect.

Yes there are a number of things that I disagree with him about.

But the people who are now in charge of the Republican party are OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS!!!

So how is there even a choice anymore?

And don't give me that third party candidate shit, because any vote that is NOT for Obama is a vote FOR insanity, whether you want it to be or not.


  1. I agree. President Obama is a human being doing remarkable things for the people of the United States in the face of racism, ignorance, scare tactics and threat.

  2. From the 'man who played God' to your ears.

    Remember, remember, the sixth of November! Democratic LANDSLIDE!!!

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I absolutely agree.

    A vote for a third party or staying home is just like voting for Mitt Romney.

    If you don't want the GOTP to win, you must actively vote for President Obama.

    Otherwise, you are throwing both your vote and our country away to the insane, greedy right-wing.

  4. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Obama isn't perfect but then who is? I can NOT imagine a country led (?) by Rmoney. This is our survival folks. Get out and vote and help others to get out there too.

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    The republican party is shriveling up and dying on the vine as we speak. This election is they're last chance and they know it. I fear for the safety of our president. I wouldn't put it past these deranged assholes to do him physical harm.

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Thank you, Morgan Freeman (and Gryphen!) for speaking out IN FAVOR of our wonderful President Obama! More people need to be doing this as Romney is a giant FAIL to look at as being president (I purposely used a small 'p'!).

    I suspect President Obama will be reelected and will go down in history as being one of our best President of the United States EVER!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    1. Anonymous3:49 PM


    2. Anonymous3:56 PM

      I feel exactly the same way, fellow Anon. I have so much admiration for President Obama, not only in how he is struggling (with the do-nothing Republicans) to lead our Nation, but also with him as a role model for our Nation. He and his family make me so proud to be an American. I do hope he's our President for the next 4 years. Thoughts of a Romney presidency are too awful to imagine.

      And might I add: Thoughts of a Palin presidency are too hilarious to imagine.

    3. Anonymous4:21 PM

      Agree wholeheartedly. I must add, Romney would be more than just a FAIL; he is a puppet. He made a deal with the devil- and now he has been bought and sold to the highest bidder. He will do their bidding, don't doubt it for a minute.

    4. Anonymous8:17 PM

      As a Massachusetts resident, I'm qualfified to say that Mitt Romney was a joke -- except for his health care program, which is excellent.
      Don't elect into an executive office a man who couldn't run a state, except for the one program that now he rejects.

      Obama/Biden 2012

      P.S. Back in 2002, he swept in to take the GOP nomination, taking the seat away from a fellow Republican, since he'd already set his sights on the Presidency. Ten years + of planning and scheming.

  7. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Three words: The Supreme Court.

    Whoever wins in November will likely make at least one appointment to the bench, which will
    influence the future of our nation for another generation.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Yes...that is it!

  8. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I literally shake my head in disbelief from some of the lies and misinformation I hear from the Right Wing. I'm not just talking about the media, I mean from family members and friends who routinely lean Republican. Oh, I remember the Clinton "jokes"... but this is different. This isn't just picking on a President that you didn't vote for... then is sheer contempt, deception and outright hatred.

    I have a family member who still swears that President Obama wasn't born in the US, that he's a Muslim, that he's turning our country into a Socialist or Communist or Marxist (depends on her mindset that day) nation. When I ask her "how" is he turning out nation into one of those, she only says "well, he just is". Never anything to back that up. The best she can do is say "Obamacare"... she doesn't even know anything about HCR... nothing. Oh, she can say "Death Panels" and believes that nonsense. And she can say "palling around with terrorists", yet not name any.

    The "fake" social security card, Donald and the AZ Sheriff, grandma swore he was born in Kenya, "fake" online birth certificate... she swears they're all true.

    Try as I might, I can't convince her otherwise.

    The other day I was thinking about her (after receiving yet another multi-forwarded email), and I remembered something.

    Back when Obama was running against Hillary in the primaries, my aunt said she wasn't sure about this "Barack Hussein Obama" -- because of his name. I think it was the "Hussein" that bothered her. I honestly believe that at least 50% of her disdain for Obama is nothing more than him having a "foreign" sounding name.

    So, in order to support her view, she subscribes to these ridiculous beliefs of fake BCs, non-US citizen, Communism, etc.

    I can't seem to get through to her. Here we are... 3 1/2 years later... and this country hasn't become a Communist country -- not even one iota.

    Then I look at the RW blogs on the Internet and I see those same beliefs, lies and distortions. They just keep repeating them... and I guess they think if you repeat it long enough, it becomes true.

  9. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Thank you, Morgan Freeman, for speaking so eloquently for so many of us. And thank you, Gryphen, for printing his words.
    Obama/Biden 2012

    1. And he does it with such a wonderful voice.

  10. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Obama is not getting any of my money but he will get my vote. I'm forever turned off by the emails that I get from "Michelle" and others on Team Obama. He can win on merit alone, he doesn't need my money. He's the obvious choice for thinking Americans. I don't believe in political donations, period. That part of the system is broken and I will not participate.

    1. Anonymous8:18 PM

      You are free to believe in whatever you like.But the reality is that it takes cash to run a campaign.If you prefer that cash come from huge corporations and rich people,don't be upset when their candidate gets elected and you go bankrupt supporting them.

    2. Anonymous2:53 AM

      You CAN opt out of the emails, you know. Or did you not read the unsubscribe located on the bottom of the page....

    3. Anonymous4:17 AM

      Remember that the GOP is being funded by the Koch Brothers and corporate America thanks to the Citizens United decision. I'm not happy about all of the emails but I try to give at least once a month to the Obama campaign and also to the Senator Stabenow's campaign because I know just what they are up against. If all of us contributed what we can, we will defeat the Republicans in November. I simply do not want another four years of Republican intransigence in Congress. I want President Obama and Vice President Biden to have the support of a truly Democratic Congress so that all of the people in this country can prosper, not just the 1%.

      Did you know that Mitt Romney is meeting this weekend with the millionaires and the billionaires to raise money? And it won't be small contributions like mine it will be millions and millions of dollars pledged to keep the rest of us worried and anxious about the future and to keep our children and grandchildren from having good educations and good health care.

    4. @Beaglemom, I feel the same way regarding the President and Sen. Stabenow, and in my part of the state, unseating Rep. Benishek. He is a disgrace.

  11. Anonymous4:15 PM

    3:52 wrote:
    "...and this country hasn't become a Communist country -- not even one iota."

    No, but in their clouded mindset, then propaganda fear has sunk in to stay. You could have written my own words and experience. "Socialism" means foodstamps. "Communism" means educational community service exchanges programs. Etc, etc.

    If the Right doesn't put a scary label on everything Obama has tried to accomplish or improve, people might just see it for what it is: bettering the community around us. The same programs and issues that have been around for many years- many even begun by Republicans themselves.

    It's fear-mongering at it's most extreme since the McCarthy days.

  12. Beldar J Conehead4:34 PM

    Morgan Freeman +1

    (Tavis Smiley -1)

    Obama2012 270+

    1. DetroitSam11:51 PM

      Smiley is not held in high esteem among many of my family and friends.

  13. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I agree w/you to a point 4:07!

    Repubs are raising so damned much money AGAINST President Obama which enables them to run the constant negative ads that some idiots will actually believe! Those idiots don't read, research or know a damned thing. And, they are the ones that most likely watch FOX!!!

    Money is important to President Obama's campaign - even if you cannot afford a huge amount. Donate!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Yes! Money is everything unfortunately.
      Idiots watch the ads and vote accordingly.

  14. Anonymous4:42 PM

    The environment. That's the thing. We can't destroy the planet, but we can, and are, seriously damaging our environment, which is altering our climate. I have lots of issues I want addressed, but literally: if we don't deal with protecting the environment, we are losing our water supplies, our food sources, and changing the sea levels- and dumping that amount of fresh water into the sea is going to seriously change the marine environment, too. We can't destroy the planet, and maybe we can't even kill off the human race- somebody will survive- but we sure as fuck can destroy civilization. I don't want to live in a society that has devolved into total feudal/agrarian, and I think that's what would happen, because people would eventually team together to protect whatever food sources they have.

    I don't know if President Obama will do enough to protect the environment, but I sure as hell know that Romney won't do a damn thing.

    And I, too, am afraid somebody is going to assassinate Obama: those fuckers are stone crazy.

    Civil rights, health care, alternative energy sources, reproductive rights, education- they're all important, and none of them matter if we destroy our environment.


  15. Come on, G, stop beating around the bush. Tell us what you REALLY think! -:)

  16. emrysa6:52 PM

    morgan freeman gets it, because morgan freeman is sane.

    obama is the undoubtedly best choice between the 2 candidates.

  17. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I have to say that I'm not a fan of Tavis. When Bush was president, he went out of his way to present the Administration's side...he was always having a Bush advisor or Cabinet member on his show and giving them free reign to explain why young "brown people," as Tavis would say, need to go to Iraq and kill some other brown people...

    Since Obama has become president, he and Cornel West have been RELENTLESS in their criticism of Obama. Re-LENTLESS...they make it seem like everything that's wrong with the African-American community is Obama's fault. I've had to stop listening...

    1. Tavis "distracting speech impediment" Smiley and Cornell West are unwelcome by the black community! They sold their souls on that stupid ass "Poverty Tour" that they were pimping on Sean InSannity and Bill O'Really show!

      Black folks can't stand those two! Anything those idiots say has no bearing in the black community...both of them can go straight to HELL!

    2. DetroitSam11:52 PM

      Agree 100%.

  18. An European viewpoint11:26 AM

    America has the choice of either reelecting Obama, or of becoming even more of a thirld world country.

    One where there are both very rich and very poor people, and no middle class. One where quality education is not available to the poors. One where intellectuals have to go abroad to find places were they can live free from the tyranny of the rich.

  19. Beldar O'Jay Conehead12:10 PM

    If Brother Tavis and Brother Cornell think it's bad for black folk now with Brother Barack at the helm, wait 'til they get a load of life in Black Amercia under Brother Mittens. If President Obama is not re-elected - and weak support among moderates and left-of-centers makes this outcome more likely with each passing day - it will become apparent very quickly who is going to suffer most in this country. Here's a hint: it won't be wealthy, white, conservatives.


    1. you didn't use the O'Jays, my number one favorite singing group of all time as your middle name! LOL!!

      See this is why I want to internet marry you! So is this a hint of Rmoney's campaign song ...."For the Love of Money"?

      Although "Back Stabbers" should be more appropriate...but that's just me!

    2. Beldar TambourineMan Conehead1:35 PM

      Gina, I should have accepted your internet marriage proposal when I had the chance...

      I'd love to say the "For The Love of Money" reference was intentional with the O'Jays middle name. But it was just a way to smile thru gritted teeth at the way our president is essentially abandoned by many of the people who should be supporting him most vociferously, if not enthusiastically. I'm glad you made the musical connection for me.

      I like both of your suggestions for Rmoney campaign songs but a simple visit to the official campaign site would inform you the actual official campaign song played at all events is "I'm Just A Big Ol' Sack Of Shit" by Arnett Spuckler and the Spucktones. Here's the chorus in case the lyrics are hard to understand:

      "I'm Just A Big Ol' Sack Of Shit
      It's What I always Want To Be
      I'm Just A Big Ol' Sack Of Shit, Oh Yeah
      Vote for Me or I'll Kick You In The Knee"

      It ain't Dylan (or even Nugent) but it makes a statement, nonetheless.

    3. WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...."I"m Just a Big Ol' Sack of Shit" sounds catchy!

      By chance would any of the lyrics have the words Seamus, scissors, horses, roof, needles or off shore accounts in it? Because that sounds like a hellavu tune!

    4. DetroitSam11:54 PM

      It won't be the panty-waisted excuses that pass for progressives and liberals either. These people really don't live on the same plane as the rest of us.

  20. Anonymous5:03 PM

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  21. Now it can be told: I am Morgan Freeman... evidently. I've been three-and-a-half years saying "Obama is the first president whose name ends with a vowel." Michelle, however, is the first black First Lady (unless the second President sneaked one past us?).

    Morgan Freeman: Obama not 'first black president'


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