Monday, December 10, 2012

Did Jim DeMint give up his Senate seat in order to prepare a run for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016? Let's hope so!

You know after Joe Miller suffered that humiliating defeat in the 2010 he sort of disappeared for awhile. Well sure he gave a few speeches, went on a boat ride, and of course threw all of his talent into helping to defeat President Obama. (Sorry I had to take a break from typing until my laughter stopped. Back now.)

However since all of that he has been working behind the scenes helping to overthrow the Alaska Republican party and usually the only time we hear from him is when he blogs.

Yes you heard that right, just like his once powerful mentor, Joe Miller has also decided that if he can't beat them (And he essentially got his ass handed by us (He might as well join them, and is now a teabagging, conservative issue pimping, vaguely bearded blogger.

Usually I ignore his blog because it is just chock full of conspiracy theories, attacks on unions, lies about the President, and other completely useless typing tirades.


The other day I happened to receive a link to a story that I just felt I HAD to pass along.

Here you go, courtesy of Miller's blog self importantly titled Restoring Liberty:  

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint’s surprise announcement that he will leave the U.S. Senate in January to take over leadership of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank has ignited speculation among grass-roots conservatives that DeMint may use the new post as a launching pad for a presidential bid in 2016. 

“Jim DeMint will have a bigger microphone than before,” conservative direct-marketing pioneer Richard Viguerie tells Newsmax. “If he wants to, this opens up a lot more opportunities for him. I think there’s a decent chance that he’ll be a serious presidential candidate in four years.” 

Viguerie called the move to Heritage “an intermediate step.” 

“It’s going to be a boon to the cause, to Heritage,” he said. “And it gives [DeMint] a major opportunity to run for president in four years. And if so, he would be the instant front-runner among most conservatives.” 

"The instant front runner among conservatives." Oh if EVER I wanted something to be true, I want this to be true! So according to Miller, DeMint is quitting the job he was elected to in order to run for President?

Well, gee it worked out so well for Sarah Palin, why the hell not?

You know right now the Republicans are licking their wounds and doing a little soul searching to see where they went wrong this cycle. Many believe they will have a "come to Jesus" moment and decide to make a few changes in their crazy ass political platform and kick loose a few of the fringe nutjobs in order to market themselves better.

But what IF they decide that the message is not the problem and that they simply did not select a batshit crazy enough candidate run? Then by God Jim DeMint would be their man!

Just imagine if you will the possibility of a 2016 match-up between Hillary Clinton and Jim "Unmarried pregnant women should not teach public school" DeMint.

Oh, could the comedians, bloggers, and pundits GET so lucky?


  1. Virginia Voter4:50 AM

    No, we wont be so lucky . I think DeMint has some shady dealings yet to be uncovered. How could a sixty something guy who's been making a senators salary of over $200k per year only have a reported net worth of $40,000? He has no 401k, no savings, no equity in a home? Very odd, and he will reportedly make $1 million a year at Heritage? No , he's not running for anything, he got a plum job, living off wingnut welfare for the rest of his life.

    1. Anonymous6:54 AM

      Wingnut Welfare? So that's describes the Right Wing market on anything and everything put in front of us over the years - that brought us the Palin's in all their public career mediums and whatnot. Celebrity authors, reality stars, professional speakers and spokesmodels, etc.

  2. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Oh Gryphen, don't you know that the world is literally Jim DeMint's oyster? He can launch his own family vacation bus tour to nowhere like the Palin's and have people project a POTUS run.

    Not only was 'severely disabled' Joe Miller unable to prevent a second term for President Obama, he was unable to prevent Romney from becoming the GOP Primary winner.

    Is that guy good at anything but knocking up his wife and getting her plum politically appointed jobs?

  3. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Jim DeMint running for president would be just as successful as Michele Bachmann's run. Bring it on.

    1. But not as much fun. Unless he develops a crazed look and has a Marcus equivalent.

  4. Sally in MI5:45 AM

    'typing tirade" love that!!
    Wouldn't surprise me at all. I mean, the Heritage Foundation is SO pro-American, if you're white, male and rich, of course, the only ones who count. I was reading about DeMint and read that he is the 'poorest' Senator, with a net worth of $67,000. Now tell me, his salary alone is twice that. Does he not own at home at 60 something? Cars? the requisite GOP boat?
    Bonus: a list of his 'positions' from WIKI...tell me, how is he more electable than Mittens again?
    DeMint is ranked by The National Journal as one of the most conservative members of the Senate.[11] has called him "perhaps the most conservative member of the Senate."[12]
    DeMint opposes spending increases of the federal government. He opposed federal bailouts for banks and automobile corporations.[13][14]
    DeMint favors a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.[15]
    Senator DeMint has been a consistent supporter of organized and led school prayer and has introduced legislation that would allow schools to display banners such as one stating "God Bless America".[16]
    DeMint opposes abortion, including in cases of rape and incest. He approves of abortion only when the mother's life is in danger.[16][17]
    DeMint favors requiring all illegal immigrants in the United States to either return to their home countries or apply for legal residency. He is in favor of establishing the English language as the country's official language.[16]

    Jim DeMint speaking at rally for United States Senate candidate Rand Paul in October 2010
    Demint opposed the NATO intervention into Kosovo but supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq.[18] He is an advisor to the Atlantic Bridge.[19]
    DeMint visited Honduras in 2009 and met with de facto president Roberto Micheletti, a meeting that was opposed by US President Barack Obama's administration. The State Department officially viewed ousted president Manuel Zelaya as the legitimately elected president.[20]
    Following an attempted terrorist attack on December 25, 2009, DeMint accused President Barack Obama of lacking focus on terrorism since taking office and of failing to appoint a head of the Transportation Security Administration.[21]
    DeMint opposed President Barack Obama's health reform legislation; he voted against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in December 2009,[22] and he voted against the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.[23

    The guy would give wacko Bachmann a run for Tea Party cred.

    1. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Demint is broke for one of the same reason Newt is...

      Titty Bars. I hear he's a crappy tipper unless he's with a lobbyist entertaining him.

  5. Anonymous9:05 AM

    My guess as to why his net worth is so low...gambling problem. A big one.

  6. Anonymous9:17 AM

    The folks at Sarah's fan site have an article comparing Sarah Palin and Jim DeMin's quitting. Poor Sarah is only worth $12 millions dollars, while big Jim looks to cash in big time. The person writing the article compares Sarah's sad little bank account (that's sarcasm, folks) to Nancy Pelosi who is worth about three times as much as Sarah. The problem with that comparison is that Nancy Pelosi is still in Congress, and has not quit, while Sarah did quit her job as governor.

    We can look even further at Sarah's reason for quitting. She wasn't going to run for a second term, so that meant that for the remainder of her term, (almost 2 years) she considered herself a lame duck. Never mind that the lame duck is the person who was not reelected in the latest election. Just because you don't want to run again doesn't make you a lame duck, just lame. Right now, there are people in Congress who were not reelected. They are the lame ducks, and at last glance, they were going to finish out their term, voting on the fiscal cliff and the budget, until the new Congress is sworn in.

    The author tries to compare Sarah's fortune to that of the Bush Family or the Clinton's. Again, it's a false comparison. Neither Bush President nor President Clinton quit in order to "progress" the country. Each President completed his term, even when he was a lame duck (meaning, the end of his term when the newly elected president would take office). The Bush Family was independently wealthy dating back to Grandpa Bush, Poppy's father. Former presidents are paid an enormous speaking fee, and both Clintons have published best selling books. Comparing Sarah to the Bushes and the Clintons just doesn't work because none of them quit to make more money.

    Conclusion: Sarah Palin is still a quitter, and comparing her to wealthy politicians is a false argument.

  7. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Stephen Colbert Is South Carolina’s Choice To Replace Jim DeMint, Reports PPP Survey

    The speculation has been circulating for days and now it’s official: South Carolinians want Stephen Colbert to replace former Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC). Public Policy Polling is revealing today that Colbert is at the top of “SC voters’ Senate wish list.”

    Last week, Colbert told viewers, “I want you to take to the Twitters, I want you to tweet at Nikki Haley why she should appoint me to the U.S. Senate with the hashtag #SenatorColbert.” Viewers listened and apparently, influenced the whole state.

    Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, has a 49 percent disapproval rating among her constituency, but appointing Colbert for Senate could up her ratings, PP Polling suggests. Unsurprisingly, Democrats and Independents are Colbert’s biggest supporters.

  8. Sgt. Preston of the Yukon9:30 AM

    Gambling problem is a very good theory.
    But he could also be falsifying his reports, hiding his assets offshore, etc.

  9. I doubt DeMint will run for pres in 2016, and if he did I doubt he would be successful. Generally, no president comes to the White House directly from the private sector. A few have, but most come from a government job (VP, gov or senator).

    And that is in addition to being a wingnut.

  10. Anonymous11:47 AM

    OT..Why are Sarah and Bristol being so quiet, no news. Is there a show or something coming?

  11. hauksdottir12:10 PM

    A resounding NO!!! to Hilary Clinton as our candidate!

    We are America, not some third world country suffering under dynastic rulers, whose main qualification is their family name. No more Bushes! No more Clintons!

    When we do get a female President, she ought to be someone qualified on her own merits.

    1. Anita Winecooler9:03 PM

      Once you extricate yourself from it, put that wringer washer up on E-Bay.

      Hillary isn't running on her name, she's running on her own merit, experience and qualifications, just like every other candidate.

  12. Anonymous12:21 PM

    There is an article at DU that says about DeMint's leaving the Senate. It said"The Senate's loss is The Heritage Foundations loss".

  13. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Is it STILL a BLESSING when an 11-yr old girl is impregnated by her Mom's 42-yr old boyfriend?

    Be sure to file these links away in your Conservative Religious Republican Pro-life folder:

    Sorry the articles are 3 or 4 months old, but it's not a site I frequently visit. Linked from Mediaite.

  14. Anita Winecooler9:26 PM

    DeMint would be a fierce competitor on "Toddlers in Tiaras", but how on earth does one who quits the Senate run for President (and win)?

    My quick calculations lead me to believe his net worth four years from now will be roughly 40 grand and some change.
    Oh, yeah, Jon Stewart will be on fire with the debates.


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