Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gabby Giffords to visit Newtown, Connecticut Friday.

Courtesy of NBC Connecticut:  

Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, who survived after being shot at a campaign event in her home state of Arizona two years ago, will visit Newtown on Friday. 

Giffords will be at a home in Newtown for a private event, according to a spokesperson for Gov. Malloy's office. The event is not open to the public. 

The visit in Newtown comes just two days after Giffords met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, met with Bloomberg Wednesday to discuss gun control, according to the New York Post. 

 Bloomberg has pushed for stricter gun laws in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

You know I kind of wonder if Joe Biden and the President are involved in any way with Gabby making these visits. Not that she wouldn't on her own, I'm just sort of thinking out loud.

Good lord could you imagine how powerful a gun control bill would be if Gabby put her name to it and walked onto the floor of Congress to introduce it?

The Republicans and NRA lobby would be hard pressed to attack her in any way, and the American people would rally behind the bill en masse.

I kind of hope something like that is in the works.


  1. I would never have imagined this… but it’s so positive (heart).

    She’s even more beautiful than before.

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    O/T but great happy news. had to share:

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Good for Gabby! What a darling photo of her - she is looking better and better all the time.

    1. Anonymous3:18 AM

      Yes, she looks great. But you can still see in her eyes that she is damaged. I can see it, anyway, as someone who works with pwoplw ho have been brain damaged.
      So tragic. Yes, it will be powerful if teh bill has her name. But, wasn't there the Brady Bill after Reagen and his press secretary were shot?

  4. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Bless this woman. I think so highly of her, although she doesn't need my endorsement!
    I'm not really optimistic about effective gun control. If anyone else is as old as me...(yikes) you must remember when Reagan was shot and his press secretary, James Brady, was seriously wounded..His wife started the Brady Bill, which of course, Reagan himself couldn't support (duh!) and it really never went too far. But they did manage to get the White House press room named after him...
    But of course, his wife would start this anti-gun legislation..her husband was nearly murdered that day in March, 1981.
    If was a bit weird after all that when Reagan could never bring himself to fully acknowledge Jim Brady. Reagan was very pro-gun and his good friend, brain damaged by a bullet, turned out to be against guns. Very weird.

  5. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Never mind her, it's itme to get all the teachers aremed before the next school shooting happens. It's the last resort because there is just no other alternative other than keeping your children home and safe.

    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Oh stop it with that stupidity. I would be afraid to send my kids to school if their teachers were carrying guns. It's ridiculous and wouldn't solve the problem.

    2. Anonymous3:28 AM

      Armed teachers won't do a damn thing toward remedying this.

    3. Anonymous3:32 AM

      that is snark, right? If not, fuck off.

  6. Anonymous4:48 PM

    The woman is glowingly gorgeous! She's healed amazingly well, her eyes are bright, her skin is luminescent!

    I would love for your thinking outloud to become a reality Gryphen, though, you give more credit to the cretins in the GOP to not fight such a bill...they'd be their usual despicable selves, of that you can be sure. But the American people would see through it they just did in 2012!

    Here's another cool thing to enjoy learning about!

    What Harry Reid did today at 5:03pm will make your day

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Your right, the Republicans and the NRA would be hard press to counter her. I also believe that if she and Brady would both come it would have even more impact for tighter gun control laws. We really don't need people owning an assault weapon or clips holding more that 6 bullets. I have owned for years a Beretta simi-automatic pistol which came with 2 clips holding 15 round. Although, it is handy not to have to reload as often when you're target practicing, I'll give up that convenience for the sake of others. I have also been told, whether it's the truth or not I don't know, that assault weapons are not that good for hunting, so what justification does anyone have for owning one. Assault weapons are also very expensive to purchase, around $2,000 new, but plentiful on the market.

  8. Anonymous4:54 PM

    A visit from Gabby Giffords may be just what the Newtown community needs. I wouldn't bet that the idea wasn't hers.

  9. Anita Winecooler5:14 PM


    She's one remarkable woman, to add her voice, her resolve and her face to this cause is a great idea (whoever came up with it)!
    "Gabby's Law" has a nice ring to it!
    To quote Vice President Biden, "THIS is a big f*#king deal!"

    Go Gabby!!!

  10. WakeUpAmerica5:18 PM

    "Good lord could you imagine how powerful a gun control bill would be if Gabby put her name to it and walked onto the floor of Congress to introduce it?

    About as powerful as when Bob Dole went on the floor in his wheelchair. No effect at all. Listen, fucktard wingnuts are dedicated to their fucktardery through and through. Nothing will change their minds. They have shit for brains and pure selfishness for soul.

  11. It has happened before. There was the Brady bill after Ronald Reagan and James Brady were shot.
    The NRA pulled the teeth out of that one.

  12. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Are you crazy? Calling this evil a positive thing? Giffords has nothing to do with Sandy Hook except that both were involved in shootings. This is blatant gun control propaganda. People here admit it and glory in it, which is really sick. The NRA is milktoast. Your real enemy are millions of people who are not famous. Many people no longer watch the state media and ignore emotional stunts like this. All you have left is insults when answered with reason. You just reply to arguments with name-calling.


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