Friday, February 01, 2013

Joe Miller's flunky, Russ Millette, out as Chairman of the Alaskan Republican Party. That splintering sound you hear are Joe Miller's chances of taking Mark Begich's Senate seat.

Yesterday there was a big meeting of the Republican muck -a-mucks concerning whether or not to let Russ Millete, the guy that was voted into the Chairmanship most though the support of Joe Miller and his Teabaggers, keep his job. This is how that meeting went down, courtesy of the Alaska Dispatch:

Questions have arisen about whether some party delegates were paid to attend the convention at which Millette won election. Charges were leveled that Millette, who has admitted he never talked to Murkowski as chairman-elect, was somehow involved in the raucous scene that led to both Murkowski and Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., being booed when they appeared at the convention. 

Millette denied it. 

But he admitted, in response to questioning from executive committee member and Republican National Committeeman Ralph Seekins from Fairbanks, that his earlier claims about how the party wouldn't give him access to headquarters and accounts was pretty much bunk. Seekins asked Millette flat out if he'd ever been denied access to any party records. 

"No," Millette answered. 

That Millette hadn't done much, if anything, to help the party as chairman-elect was one among a bevy of charges against Millette that basically accused him of being unfit for office. The one that stuck was the claim he'd failed to do anything to raise funds for the party as state finance chair since his election in April. 

Millette conceded he hadn't done that job, came up with a bunch of excuses that largely blamed Ruedrich for not being helpful enough in setting up meetings with potential donors, and argued that the finance job was an appointed position, not an elected one. 

"Even if I failed to do the job of the state finance chair," he argued, "the removal procedure in the ARP (Alaska Republican Party) cannot be used to remove me from the chair position because I am not yet in that position." 

The executive committee saw it differently. 

After deliberating on Millette's fate, they emerged from behind close doors to announce that the job of the chairman-elect was to raise money as the finance chair, and noted that Millette flunked what could be considered an internship on the way to the chairman's post.

And just like that, the old guard of the Alaskan GOP took back their ball and told the new upstart to get the hell off of their playground.

Now this is a pretty big damn deal. For a number of reasons.

First off taking over the Alaska Republican party was four years in the making, and the plan to do so was first imagined by then Governor Sarah Palin. The only reason it did not happen back then is because Palin knew she was about to be tapped as John McCain's VP choice.

So four years later, Palin flunky Joe Miller implemented that plan. Whether or not Palin is still pulling Miller's strings, is a little murky right now, but the fact that this put Miller in the perfect position to launch his campaign to challenge Begich for his Senate seat is not.

You know I actually don't believe for an instant that the GOP bitch slapped Millette because he had failed to raise any campaign funds. I think that was just the excuse they used to kick his ass to the curb.

This is all about making sure that the REAL Republicans hold onto power in the state, and to send a message to Joe Miller that his hopes for a political career in Alaska just went up in smoke.

Joe Miller has been working for years to pull this off, but he just wasn't slick enough, and is now learning what a bug feels like when it gets ground under a boot heel. Squished.

Personally I don't believe that this move means in any way that the Alaska GOP is any less of a criminal enterprise, but I still have to say I really enjoy watching the vaguely bearded one get his ass handed to him!

"Wait! What in the hell just happened?"
By the way, according to recent polling, Miller did not stand much of a chance against Begich anyhow. (P.S. Neither did Sarah Palin!)


  1. Maybe the twit's tweet in your Google post below was some sort of code message to her little protege. A bunch of those idiots on her ship of fools truly thought she could take them somewhere. Now they will begin to 'get' it too.

    I was really expecting at least a clang when Palin finally hit bottom but will have to settle for these little pings. Whatever it takes to make her and that foul mouth go away will just have to do. sigh.

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    you mean that douchbag carpetbagger hasn't broke into Begich's offices to take measurements for new curtains ?

    1. Anonymous6:58 PM

      I expected he would be busy doing that when he went back to DC to discuss things with the RNC.

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Sorry - but, I don't trust the Republican party as far as I can throw them in the State of Alaska. Millette was elected to the position and the old guard didn't like it! Talk about manipulating the system! And, no I'm not pro Palin or Miller - just think the Republicans are a creepy bunch!

  4. So the 'bots now think Sarah will run for Alaska Senator? My God, she couldn;t even last a half term when Toad was running her Governor's office. I realize she'd rather be anywhere than Wasilla, but DC? Meetings? Reading bills? Reading more bills? Talking to real journalists (because Fox wouldn't give her the time of day now.)
    Dream on, PeepPonders. Your queen has abdicated that cardboard throne you set her on. She's pawning the crown jewels to pay for new shoes. She's acrying in her beer, and throwing canned beans at Todd. But running for office? HAHAHAHAH

    1. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Senator Palin. SNORT! Those stupid pee ponders also think she'd kick Hillary's @ss if they were both up against each other for POTUS 2016.

      But that's all right with you, isn't it, Queen Esther? As long as the money keeps rolling in for "postage" and you mouth the word "God" every week or so, you're good to go!

      Snort another line! You're DONE!

    2. Anonymous7:36 PM

      In both of her successful campaigns--mayor of Wasilla and governor--Palin ran against her former mentors. History favors her challenging John McCain. Reality favors her throwing any political ambition into the dead lake.

    3. Anonymous7:53 PM

      Bill Mahwr nailed her tonight on "New Rules."

    4. Anonymous4:00 AM

      Here's video of Bill Maher from last night.

  5. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I bet that make nice photo op in Begich's office between Ma and Pa Miller and Begich was really all about Begich finding another plum job for Joe. Or Mrs Joe. Who both know they won't be running for much other than Seekin's seat (and Ralph has way more money than Ol Teabaggin' Joe) or mayor of North Pole.

  6. Anonymous6:54 PM

    i would like to think Palin, Miller and this guy wanted to shake up the republican establishment based on concerns they had about the corruption they observed....

    Funny thing is not that they saw them as too corrupt, but not corrupt enough!!!! :-)

  7. I have been LMAO all day. Both sides are corrupt with psychopaths leading the assholery. One side removed an incompetent and now the other side has replaced him with another incompetent, Debbie Brown. What length of time will she sit on the throne of buffoonery before the next coup is pulled? Alaska is full of egocentric corrupt SOBs. This kind of crap no longer shocks me, I just shake my head knowingly and laugh. You can't make this stuff up or find better entertainment. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

    1. Anonymous9:07 PM

      For some reason I've been assuming that Brown would be kicked out together with Millette. Well, this should be good for a few laughs.

  8. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Russ Millette's hand signal shows his personal estimate of the length of Todd's vaguely apparent male member. "I seen it!!! It was this big! I mean, it was this SMALL!"

    1. Anonymous9:08 PM

      OMG! That is soooo funny!!!

  9. Anonymous9:21 PM

    O/T but Bill Maher and panel take on guns.

    Gryphen, you might enjoy knowing about this guy, if you don't already. He seems to have explored the subject of religions, belief and faith, in depth, scientifically and philosophically. And now he's speaking up about guns:

    Here's the article/blog that is being referenced by Bill. Some quite interesting articles can be found here:

  10. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Nooooooooooooooooo..... on the Ed show he said Geraldo Rivera is considering running for NJ Senate !!!!! how low can NJ go ???? **weeps** Looks like I'll be working the campaign trail for who ever the democratic candidate, first Christie and now this **sigh**


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