Saturday, March 02, 2013

Vote Sarah Palin 2016 SuperPAC receives mysterious donation of 5 million UK pounds sterling. WTF? Update!

"For Me???"
Somebody sent me a link to this tweet earlier today.

So I figured I would follow the link and see where it led.

It led here:  

Formal notification of receipt to Vote Sarah Palin USA President 2016 a sum of five million UK pound sterling (at exchange rate of equivalent in USA dollars of November 5 2012). The sum of five million UK pound sterling is equivalent value of asset held (which has a commercial market value of ?5 million). No expenditure was incurred in November 6 2012 USA presidential election campaign. This is because Sarah Palin was not an official USA presidential candidate on November 6 2012. This is the only filing that i have to disclose to FEC relating to 2012 campaign activity relating to USA presidential election 2012.

I quite literally have NO idea what this is. I checked and they do not seem to have any presence whatsoever on the internet.

Anybody have any ideas?

By the way 5 million UK pounds sterling works out to approximately $1,501,700.00 American.(Oops, should not have relied on a Google search, it turns out to be more along of the lines of $7,508,500.00)

I have so many questions.

Update: It looks like some small number of those questions have been answered. Well almost at least.

This is the profile of the person,zaccheus gilpin, identified as the treasurer of VOTE SARAH PALIN US PRESIDENT 2016.

And this was found in a Wall Street Journal article titled Brussels' Wacky Lobbyists:

Then, there’s Zaccheus Gilpin, who is based in the UK and whose registration suggests that he has pledged ₤5 million to the Conservative Party, “payable soon.” We have been unable to track Mr. Gilpin down, although a Google profile of someone with the same name suggests he’s a male model in his early 40s looking for worldwide assignments, who also claims to be an excellent kisser.

So my question is who is this person trying to mess with? The media, us. or Sarah Palin?

P.S. Thanks for all the digging you guys did on this story. I literally had just a few minutes to post it before having to leave for an appointment and did not have enough to time to do any thorough investigating myself. But you guys are the best so I knew you would get to the bottom of it.


  1. mitchethekid10:04 AM

    Maybe she's gone into the money laundering business.

    1. She might as well, looks like the Vatican will be out of that business soon enough (hopefully)

    2. Anonymous11:21 AM

      IMO, Sarah has already been laundering Todd's pimp money.

    3. That was my first thought. Gryphen says, so many questions. Nigerian money scam? She's notoriously vulnerable to stuff like that. So many questions...

    4. Anonymous12:14 PM


      $kanks been laundering money for years

      i.e. Safari Lake Matanuska Thunderfuk grow op

    5. Anonymous12:48 PM

      She laundered millions to 4 dairy farmers. End result, this week the DNR had to dump 40,000 lbs of black moldy, oozing cheese. That dairy has closed. This rotten cheese is what Sarah's hand pick Board of Agriculture used as collateral on $800,000 worth of loans that were defaulted on. Great job, Sarah.

    6. Anonymous1:15 PM

      You people are CRAZY IDIOTIC MORONIC IMBECILIC TWITS who need serious Psychiatric help, second thought you all are beyond help.

    7. Anonymous2:16 PM

      How's the hand Mr.Sheppard you horny old goat you.

    8. Anonymous2:25 PM

      ALOL 1:15 Are you by chance M. Joseph Sheppard, the Palinbot who posted on Sea4Pee and who claims we must be crazy for questioning a large donation to a fraud, grifter, and ex-politician who lost all of her fan base except for a few suckers like yourself. In that case, just keep giving your donations to SarahPAC and see what it will get you, the same as you're getting now, nothing but contributing to her luxurious life style. We're getting the best laugh of all, except we feel bad for the majority of her donors who are retiree's. Look at the FEC filings on SarahPAC and see for yourself, especially where she spends her donations.

    9. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I just saw these two post and sent a reply to M. Joseph Sheppard with the following comment. I hope he see's it since he made he made a comment on Sea4Pee on how much of an idiot commenters are on MM.

      Saw your comment at C4P about Immoral Minority questioning a donation to "Vote for Sarah Palin 2016". I suggest the joke is on you. Please refer to the FEC filings I have provided a link to.

      If this address doesn't take you directly to the site, just enter it into your search engine and it should show up. The address is to the FEC and their correspondence along with other information concerning 'Vote for Sarah Palin 2016"

      I think you can judge for yourself from the letters written by the FEC to the "committee", and the committee's lack of a response if it's a legitimate committee or not. It appears they applied with the FEC to establish a PAC,"Vote for Sarah Palin 2016", but no further action has been taken on their part including of not answer the requests for additional information from the FEC, and by not giving a complete address for the headquarters of their committee. I believe the site Immoral Minority has the final laugh, for one not taking it for granted there was a legitimate donation in the first place, and two for researching into the organization and its validity.

    10. Anonymous5:36 PM

      anonymous at 1:15pm actually sounds like Deedeethree from c4p. she is all over the internet and always says the same things.
      moron/moronic, crazy and idiotic are faves of hers and she LOVES to capitalize when yelling at the top of her psychotic lungs and typing on her keyboard.
      hey deedeethree faces of personality orders.

    11. Anonymous6:28 PM

      It's a hoax. This guy is a prankster. Look at his application for a patent for "Pen pushing algorithm" which is drawing lines on paper. He withdrew the application because he " didn't like the review process". But he does want to sell " Games you can play on paper " for £5 UK.

      He puts out bogus press releases as well. Just google his name for the links. He's a goofball. I don't know his motive, but it looks like he wants to make fools out of business or political media that will print/report anything that looks like it's on official stationery. This was filed on 5-Nov-2012, the day before the US Presidential election. Foreigners are barred by FEC regulations from donating to US political campaigns or PACS.

      In other words, Sarah Palin and her grubby little family of grifters better "hold their horses" before they start writing checks on that imaginary USD $7.5 million. The way things have gone for Ms Palin, I wouldn't take a check from her to deliver her a pizza, and any bills over a $20, I would use a currency verification marker. Sorry, Sarah. You're still broke.

    12. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Pretty obvious that the PeePond lunatic from 1:15 is a low-info, low-intelligence asshole just like ML Shepherd. He can't write two sentences without screwing up punctuation, grammar, spelling, or writing a sentence fragment.

      His blog is a joke, and his little audio commentary is supposed to make up for the fact that the old fucker can't write at a 6th grade level. Of course, this puts him at the head of the pack of the fucktards at C4P.

      I'm sorry to tell those old crackers over there: Sarah ain't gonna fuck you, not that you could still get it up anyway. Go back to your blog with 3-4 comments left per week. lol. You idiots still paying for Sarah's personal expenses crack me up. Neither you nor your buddy Pete over there who's on food stamps can't stay away from this blog, and you dumbasses can't figure out how the blog that you all post on everyday works. lol. Pitiful imbeciles, none of whom even has a pot to piss in... that's the PeePond crowd. Thanks for the laughs. Come visit us again real soon, and bring ol' Pete and Bri-Anus with you.

    13. Anonymous9:48 PM

      Anon 7:23, I have also visited his blog and have to agree with your assessment. What I also found interesting was the comments at Sea4Pee trashing MJSheppard for misquoting the headline to this article accurately. He claimed this article stated the donation was for SarahPAC instead of Voter Sarah Palin 2016. He even had commenters writing that what he wrote were lies and that all of his comments were mostly false. From their comments it looks like they handed his tarnished ass back to him. One thing is for sure, his reputation at Sea4Pee is very low and his future comments will likely be ignored by most.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    £5,000,000 pounds sterling is roughly $7,500,000 US dollars.

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    No, that would be over 7 million. Change your first 1 to a 7.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    More like $7.5 million. The pound is worth a lot more than the US dollar.

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Rupert Murdoch

  6. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Nigerian Prince?

  7. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Gryphen, I used the following site to convert 5 million pounds sterling at thoday's rate came up with $7,508,508 US dollars based on one pound sterling (UK) being worth $1.502 US dollars.

    Quite a big haul for such a dubious figure.

  8. Anonymous10:24 AM

    WTF? Somebody (?) donated 1.5 million dollars for Sarah to run for POTUS in 2016? So, we are going to have to endure Sarah's lap dance politics for another season? Another bus to nowhere? Family vacations for all the Palin/Heath gang? Another circus with Sarah quitting half-way through her high wired act?

    somebody in England has a wicked sense of humor.

  9. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Uncle Rupert (Murdock) messing in US elections again? When IS the FCC going to investigate this scam of Palins?

    1. Anonymous2:50 PM

      It's actually the FEC, Federal Election Commission, who is responsible for making sure SarahPAC is spending the money as they claim. I wish they would do an investigation. I have spent time going through her PAC filings and there does seem to be expenses that should be questioned, or the amount, or in the amount of the expenditure they're claiming. Such as $6,000 a month for speech writing for what speeches?

  10. Anonymous10:33 AM

    "By the way 5 million UK pounds sterling works out to approximately $1501700.00 American."

    You need to multiply that by 5.

    5000000 British Pound Sterling equals
    7508500.00 US Dollar

  11. DaleinSanAngelo10:35 AM

    Someone is jerking her chain.

  12. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Nigerian banking scam?

  13. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I think you did the FX rate the wrong way.
    5million pounds equals 7,519,250.00 dollars.
    Hoping this is a hoax or someone is wasting their money.

  14. The listed treasurer Zaccheus Gilpin turns up in this tweet --

  15. £5M UK Sterling is actually about $7.5M in Dollars US.


    Are you sure this twitter account wasn't hacked or this was from the Onion? I've been watching SarahPAC pretty closely and haven't seen this in the reports, the latest report dated 12/31/2012 shows SarahPAC annual revenue at $5M US, with $5.18M spent over the same period.


  16. Anonymous10:44 AM

    She'll have gone through most of it by the end of next year.
    If this is legit -- the posting sounds like it was written by someone not conversant with the English language. Or, maybe, even the British pound sterling.

  17. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Isn't Rupert in the UK?

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Doesn't $7M sound familiar? What Rupert gave her as an advance on the ghost-written book.

      But I bet this is a fake item.

    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Rupert and some of his people may be looking at serving time.

  18. OverMountainMan10:46 AM

    Something strange going on ? Bran spanking new FB page, Brand new Google profile of a black 40 year old wannabe actor, The whole thing reeks of scam !

  19. hedgewytch10:46 AM

    Mitch- my first thought too - sounds like a really interesting way to launder money.

  20. Anonymous10:50 AM

    That's a lot of postage!

  21. Anonymous10:50 AM

    only when the $kank offers up her "contact info" to Henry the Nigerian treasurer general dude

    oh, and the requisite -
    chuck_tard jr,

    go fuk yerself , do it today

  22. Dude, this is fake, some guy named "zaccheus gilpin" is screwing with the FEC. Look at some of the other related documents:

    A search for Mr Gilpin reveals a LinkedIn page where he claims to be the "Ower of Reality".

  23. angela11:00 AM

    I second the money laundering. You'd have to be a complete billionaire moron to hand this idiot your money. SEND MORE whoever you are!

  24. While I assume it's a sham, I LOLed at DeeDeeDee over at C4P who asked, "Is that a lot of money?"

    Someone had to post the exchange rate for her. She had no idea such a process existed.

    Remember, these are the "patriots" whom Sarah's minions claim can run the country, without a Treasury Department, Department of education, or the EPA.

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      The idiots at the p-p can't even figure out how to get to the newest open thread...the blind leading the to be a palin..oh and mr. sheppard go fuk yourself..

  25. AJ Billings11:03 AM

    Even if some rich delusional British nutcase was foolish enough to give $arah 5 million quid, it won't make one iota's worth of difference

    Running a real campaign for President in 2016 will require at least 500 million or more, and only Dem or Repub candidates are going to have that kind of money

    Paylin will never get the Republican nomination after the ditzy implosion of her 2008 performance

    If she runs 3rd party, $arah and her teaparty religious extremist geriatrics can't do anything more than split the vote to rob the Repubs of victory.

    Of course 5 million pounds will get the few remaining Palinb0ts into a tizzy, and cause even more idol worship in the ranks, much to our amusement.

    And, any astute observer will note that accepting foreign bribes to run for high office isn't very patriotic.

    1. Just a minor correction

      Paylin will never get the Republican nomination - after the events of Tucson - Jan 8, 2011 - that is the day any thoughts of a political campaign - for any position - stopped.

  26. Anonymous11:04 AM

    There is a frothing pee ponder from UK, maybe he is also dumb and wealthy?

  27. It just gets better and better, did a quick search for the phone number listed on one of the forms and a certain man by the name of "Zack" seems to really enjoy himself on the Yahoo Groups site (Following links in search will yield NSFW results):,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43148975,d.cGE&fp=c1794afd088c3d78&biw=1280&bih=702

  28. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Gryphen, please check your math. 5 British Pounds = $7.51 dollars, so that would make $5 million pounds $7508500.00
    In November, 2012, the rate was about $1.50 to buy one pound,still making it around $7,500,000.

    It sounds about as authentic as a phone call from President Sarkozy of France. Has anyone looked for the treasurer,Zaccheus Gillpin, on the internet?

  29. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Sounds like something she'd put out there to get attention - or, have someone put out there for her! Much the same kind of bullcrap she did as the 'quitter' gov of AK.

  30. Anonymous11:14 AM

    My guess is that it's a joke...

    2. Treasurer Info

    Treasurer Name: zaccheus gilpin

    Then, there’s Zaccheus Gilpin, who is based in the UK and whose registration suggests that he has pledged ₤5 million to the Conservative Party, “payable soon.” We have been unable to track Mr. Gilpin down, although a Google profile of someone with the same name suggests he’s a male model in his early 40s looking for worldwide assignments, who also claims to be an excellent kisser.

  31. 5 million UK equals $7,508,500. The current exchange rate is 1 Pound = $1.50.

  32. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Payout from Murdoch? And she's using the PAC as a tax shelter?

    Although...I'm thinking it's got to be someone whose first language is not English. Even for the Internet, where shitty writing is de rigeur, this was written in a way that made no sense.

    I take back that guess.

    Guess #2:
    Sarah has a weird Saudi admirer?

    If you follow celebrity gossip, you'd know that there is a dude in Dubai who runs a business called Millions of Shakes...apparently, the guy pays celebrities to do "appearances"...and also? To have sex with him. It seems like these people are willing to spend big $$$$$$ to pay to have sex with well-known celebs. It's a kind of status thing for them. Even washed up people like Lindsay Lohan and Pamela Anderson. Sarah is not...looking...her best...but maybe someone is will to pay $$$$$$$$$ for the high-status notch for his bedpost???

  33. Anonymous11:16 AM

    zaccheus gilpin Protected account
    Zaccheus Gilpin wanna be vice prez usa 2012

  34. minnie11:18 AM

    Must be a joke...? Here is the "treasurer"....

    From WSJ:

    "Then, there’s Zaccheus Gilpin, who is based in the UK and whose registration suggests that he has pledged ₤5 million to the Conservative Party, “payable soon.” We have been unable to track Mr. Gilpin down, although a Google profile of someone with the same name suggests he’s a male model in his early 40s looking for worldwide assignments, who also claims to be an excellent kisser."

  35. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I don't know what converter you're using but it is $7,519,250 not $1,501,700.

  36. Anonymous11:23 AM

    'stead of FEC Forum 99, it should be a 1099 for that $kank k*nt fraud.

    gawd i can't wait for the drugged out bitch to be arrested

    money launderer extraordinaire

  37. I forgot to mention that foreign donations to US Presidential elections are illegal, though perhaps they could create a US entity to act as a superPAC and advocate for Ms Palin, though the reality is since the source is foreign, Ms Palin would not see a dime of that money.

    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Ah, but see, if she does NOT run, then her PAC money is hers to squander, which she has done with every dime donated so far. It seems she only has to make small donations to a few candidates, and she can waste the rest on surgeries, bus wraps, crunchwraps and lots and lots of postage.

  38. Chenagrrl11:47 AM

    Just as soon as she sends $500 and all her personal information to a Nigerian bank.

  39. Mr. Gilpin also seems to have run for Mayor of London (same phone number in the FEC forms):

    1. Anonymous12:26 PM

      So they have something in common then.Maybe he wants advice from Her Heinous?

  40. This "payable soon" thingy is the clincher here. I have a hunch that Palin will never see the money.

  41. Caroll Thompson12:29 PM

    Using donations from foreigners to run for President is a felony in the United States. You can take donations from US citizens living abroad, but one cannot take one cent of money from any foreign source.

    1. Anonymous1:57 PM

      True for individuals. Unfortunately, Citizens United changed all that for corporations and opened the way for foreign interference.

  42. Anonymous12:40 PM


    It's a scam.

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      I know, right? Half the posts are correcting his conversion amount over and over. Like the first 3 posters doing this weren't more than enough. Didn't any of the others notice it had already been done before posting it again? It seems like people just can't resist correcting someone yet AGAIN to make themselves look smart. So annoying.

    2. Anonymous6:44 PM

      GEEZ!!! Looks like no one reads the comments and just goes straight to making their own comments without reading..I think their are like 50 comments just explaining the money difference!! Very annoying, I agree!

  43. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Mr. Gilpin has mental health issues, and like paylin, is able to promise far more than able to guess the total will be more like 5 pounds....around 7

  44. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Maybe she sold off the extra babies that fell out of Brisket's uterus?

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      LoL !!!!!!

    2. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Don't forget about Willblow's kids and Caint Get Right's kids.

      How much did they bring in?

  45. Speaking of money, was it ever verified the first dude's winnings actually went Kyle's charity?

  46. Conga12:16 PM

    For a giggle, came across this Palin impersonation video by accident --
    (Have to admit I was browsing YouTube, looking for Harlem Shake videos, and did find ones for Beavis and Butthead, also Nyan Cat).

  47. Anonymous3:08 PM


    He first filed with the FEC in 2012. The FEC asked for detail. He has never responded.

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Gryphen, this should be added as an update to the post.

    2. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Misses Palin, I really enjoyed your performance in "Nailin' Paylin". Like yourself, I am. former chief executive. Also like yourself. I am currently unemployed and have a lot of time on my hands now.

      I'm arranging with my Ambassador to your fine country to convert from our country's treasury the amount of Euros equivalent to $7.5 Million USD, based on London interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) on Monday 9:00:00 AM GMT.

      Please feel free to call me in advance of your next visit to Paris. I I would be honored to meet a skookum politician such as yourself.

      Nicolas Sarkozy
      Former President of France (2007-2012)

      P.S. Thank you for the complimentary autographed copy of your newest book, "Boys Will Be Boys".

      P,S.S. I have seven inch penis you will enjoy. Based on your book, you haven't seen anything like it in your 25 years of marriage. I will make your toes curl, Miss Barracuda. Yes, it is true what they say about the men of France.

  48. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Every time I see a photo of Sarah Palin, I want to deck her or slap her across her crazy, idiotic face. She is a proven liar and fraud and I have absolutely no clue why anyone is interested in hearing about her any more! She is the FACE OF EVIL upon our nation!

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Well someone's gotta slap that crooked eye straight

    2. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Now now Todd, don't be that way to the mother of your 4 kids.

  49. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Awww, IM is getting under c4p's skin? What's wrong tea tards? Still don't believe you're being scammed for all you're worth??

  50. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Oh. Why would it not be another "sting" op? Will she take the bait?

  51. Anonymous7:31 PM

    How many Palins does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    1. Anonymous9:38 PM

      Trick question.

      Answer is none!

      The Palins are so busy screwing prostitutes, boyfriends, girlfriends and who knows what else that there are no Palins available to screw in a lightbulb.

  52. Anonymous7:44 PM


    Former half-term skookum governor wets her proverbial panties after check for postage bounces. Palin calls POTUS (collect) to inquire about possible cash advance.

    Sarah: "I just saw on the Internet that I had over $7 million in my account. The Kenyan in the White House is responsible for this. Where's my free money, OBlahBlah??? "


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