Friday, July 19, 2013

Conservatives reject bill banning gun sales to suspected terrorists. Wait, what?

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

A proposal to ban the sale of firearms to individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watch list was defeated by House Republicans on Wednesday. 

Reps. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and David Price (D-NC) offered an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS) Appropriations bill that would have given the U.S. Department of Justice authority to block suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms and explosives. 

“Terrorists are knowingly exploiting our laws,” Lowey said, citing American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn. 

The amendment was defeated in the House Appropriations Committee by a 19-29 vote.

Remember these are the SAME conservatives who freaked out over the Rolling Stone cover featuring Jahar Tsarnaev.

Yeah depicting the terrorists as too attractive is wrong, wrong, wrong.

But letting them have access to firearms? Well THAT is the American way. 

You know why they don't want to restrict access to guns don't you?

Because they are well aware that  the MOST dangerous potential terrorists out there are Teabagger domestic terrorists threatening to overthrow the Obama government, and they don't want THEIR people to be disarmed.

After all it is sort of hard to instigate a civil war if your side is only able to throw rocks.


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I want my country back.

    A Fan From Chicago

  2. I hope the pictures of Tsarnaev with red sniper beads on his head give these guys pause. They would make much bigger targets.

    I know the photographer got in trouble, but I’m grateful for the pictures; let these fantasizing blowhards see what they’re REALLY up against.

  3. Anonymous7:17 AM

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    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

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  4. eclecticsandra8:03 AM

    It seems to me that these are the people who say, "When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns." But logic isn't their strong suit.

  5. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I see your point about hard to start a civil war with rocks - except that it's hard to start a civil war with rifles and guns too and even LOTS AND LOTS OF MOUNDS of guns & rifles (and no real land to protect except some houses, and no existing fighting structure). A few tanks, and thousands of troops, and in in-place hierarchy of command I'm pretty sure would defeat any "popular uprising" fairly quickly, and with broad support form the populace. Hard to win a civil war without the standing army on your side, and land to claim. America was lucky in it's revolution. And the army beat the south lat time, although it was tough. But they did have land and state armies to work with, with the north having significant advantage in transporation and manufacturing.

    1. eclecticsandra8:42 AM

      Considering the psychological profiles of many of the "revolutionaries," I wonder if they could get the cooperation it would take to have a successful movement. Even during the revolution that formed the US, there were many in oppostion. The leadership was in the educated and moneyed class, not in the social rejects. I don't think they can do much now except make life worse.

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    And so the snide, smug little shit will pay a price as yet to be revealed:

    Snowden's Choice For Russian Asylum Reveals His 'Mind-Boggling Naiveté'

    Following his request for asylum in Russia, it's become pretty clear that Edward Snowden is officially the most naïve person in the room.

    Not only is he surrounded by members of Russia's Foreign Security Service (FSB) — the successor to the KGB — but he's loudly trumpeting the moral superiority of the Putin government, one of the most repressive, cutthroat regimes in modern history.

    David Francis' Fiscal Times write-up digs into Snowden for his "mind boggling naiveté":

    He is asking for asylum in a country that continues to openly squash dissent, often using violent tactics. Putin runs the country with an iron fist, has jailed people who oppose him, and has chased others out of the country. Opponents have been known to meet early deaths, often under suspicious circumstances.

    Francis notes the untimely, often gruesome deaths of several political opponents to Putin over the years.

    Snowden's statements about Russia's sterling Human Rights image come within days of the imprisonment of high-profile political opposition leader Alexei Navalny, on what some call trumped-up embezzlement charges.

    Snowden himself acknowledged his potential for naivety to Bart Gellman of the Washington Post: “Perhaps I am naïve, but I believe that at this point in history, the greatest danger to our freedom and way of life comes from the reasonable fear of omniscient State powers kept in check by nothing more than policy documents.”

    To make matters worse, the person seemingly speaking for Snowden now — Russian attorney Anatoly Kucherena — also happens to be the head of public relations for the FSB.

    Freelance reporter and intelligence expert Joshua Foust writes: "The involvement of known FSB operatives at his asylum acceptance ... suggests this was a textbook intelligence operation, and not a brave plea for asylum from political persecution."

    "The Russians are very good at what they do," wrote Foust, referring to their simultaneous control of the "principal" — Snowden — and the public message.

    Putin — a former lieutenant colonel in the KGB — drew laughs from Finland students when he said regarding Snowden, "If you want to stay, please, but you have to stop your political activities. We have a certain relationship with the U.S., and we don’t want you with your political activities damaging our relationship with the U.S."

    The Russian president just as deftly shifted the blame to the U.S., ...

  7. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Liz Cheney Is Getting Destroyed In The First Poll Of Wyoming's Senate Race

    The first poll of the Republican primary in Wyoming's Senate race next year shows challenger Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, in rough shape against incumbent Mike Enzi.

    The poll, which was conducted by Harper Polling for the website Conservative Intel, gives Enzi a monster 55-21 lead over Cheney, who announced her candidacy for the seat on Tuesday.

    Moreover, it's clear that Cheney is going up against a very popular incumbent in Enzi. He is viewed favorably by 76% of Wyoming Republicans, compared with just 6% who view him unfavorably. A high 73% of Wyoming Republicans approve of the job he's doing as their senator, compared with just 9% who disapprove. And 48% believe he deserves to be re-elected, compared to 28% who think someone new should take the seat.

    Other Republican senators that have been challenged have been far more unpopular. Only 45% view Cheney favorably, but 38% have no opinion of her. The only small opening for her comes in the fact that 48% of Wyoming Republicans believe Enzi deserves re-election — a number that is much smaller than his approval rating and personal popularity.

    The poll surveyed 422 Republicans in Wyoming. You can check out the full results here.

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      She's horrible.

    2. Anonymous1:02 PM

      From my experiences with family members coming from and living in Wyoming, the people are often quirky. They HATE being told what to do and aren't too fond of outsiders.

      Because the population is so small and there are usually not a lot of people moving TO WY, most of the residents were born and bred there. I doubt they would be too welcoming to a politician moving there just for the purposes of being elected to national office.

      Enzi has lived in Wyoming for nearly all of his life and that counts for a lot to the people who will be voting for US Senator.

  8. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Conservatives Are Terrified By America’s Rising Surge of Liberalism


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