Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oh, Sarah Palin is REALLY going to drag this supposed vindication over death panels out for days!

Palin has been tweeting her bony little fingers off today.

First she tweeted this:
Which links to an article from the Right Wing that gleefully proclaims that Palin was right, and every one else was wrong. And I believe it signs off with "Nanny, nanny, boo boo."

Then later she tweeted this:
That linked to the Sea O'Pee where the geriatric party is in full swing. (Well full stagger anyway, but they are elderly and incontinent so what do you expect?)

Over there they are essentially using gifs to mock everybody who criticized Palin, including the Republican party, and handing out "she told you so's" to virtually everybody on Palin's old enemies list.

Which nowadays is everybody.

They ended the post with this gif.

As was pointed out here in the comments section, Palin actually has NOT right about death panels. which Media Matters also points out quite effectively:

Sarah Palin was not right. Sarah Palin was never right. And The Hill certainly shouldn't be giving the impression that Palin's "death panel" nonsense has somehow been vindicated. 

Palin's first deployment of "death panel" in August 2009 was in reference to the Advanced Care Planning provision of the House health care bill, and she said it would "decide" whether senior citizens and the disabled were "worthy of health care." This was a lie, and Palin got called out on it, earning herself Politifact's "Lie of the Year" award. 

In December of 2009, Palin switched it up and tried claiming that IPAB (which originated in the Senate's health care bill) was what she was talking about all along and that "this type of rationing" was "precisely what I meant when I used that metaphor." This was also a lie; the law does not allow for the IPAB to make "any recommendation to ration health care... or otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria." 

Everything Sarah Palin has said about "death panels" and the health care law has been wrong. The whole "death panel" fiasco is a case study in how ignorant and inflammatory garbage can derail an important policy debate. And The Hill should know better than to treat it as anything but that.

There, that clears things up.

And hear is what News Corpse had to say as well:

If not reading the law makes you an incompetent buffoon, then Palin is at the head of her class. This is what the law actually says about the Independent Advisory Board about which Palin and Bolling were talking: 

“The proposal shall not include any recommendation to ration health care.” 

Of course Palin and her people will never read any of this, nor will anyone who wants to make hay about this in order to attack Obamacare once again. And it is just murky enough that the average GOP voter will take it as gospel that Palin was right and use that to attack all their friends and family members on Facebook and Twitter who dared to ridicule her back in 2009.

Oh joy.

At this point I think it is imperative that Politifact, the site that labeled Palin's claim as The Lie of the Year back in 2009, to once again weigh in and tell the people who are confused about this issue why Palin is still wrong and why she deserved that award, and our continued derision.

Until then these people are gong to be insufferable.  


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Why is she dressed like that when on a boat in the sunshine and heat? What an idiot! (Truly wonder how many times I've typed those three words!)

    Plus, her boobs have disappeared AGAIN and she is totally hangin' and/or flat chested! And, what happened to the fat round face that was on FOX this morning? What a mess of a woman!

    She is a lunatic!!!

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      She can't even stand up without holding on to the rail. Speaking of death panels, based on how you look in that photo, I volunteer to pull the plug on your emaciated drugged out ass. What say you, Bitch?

    2. Anonymous5:28 AM

      Looks like one of those photos where they hide someone's identity by putting a black bar over their eyes.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Slightly o/t:
    I lived in New York City for twenty years; actually spent one summer on Staten Island, ferrying across NY Harbor every morning and evening to work at City Hall.
    I always sat on the side facing west, toward the Statue of Liberty. Her silent presence, standing as the emblem of all that helped make America great, gave me hope and reassurance as I looked at her serene face and graceful pose.
    So it means a lot to me to see Sarah Palin stealing the pose -- but not the ideal -- of Miss Liberty, holding high her huge sugary drink, as though she were standing up for the rights of the poor and down-trodden, the huddled masses. Then turning her back, as though the view of the Statue from New Jersey is the significant one, but, with her, we see her hunched back, her thick, dull, dirty wig, and then, when she turns around, that smug, sanctimonious smile. As though she knew anything about the Statue, about liberty, about anything other than her own ridiculous self.
    Watching her do her posing on this gif reminds me of the step-and-turn she did in her bathing suit, when she hoped to become a beacon of liberty as Miss Alaska, but failed at that, too.

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Palin tweeted about visiting the Statute of Liberty, her spelling. When asked about her visit to the statue, Sarah said that it was a warning not to go making the mistakes that the countries in Europe made. Such ignorance of such a beautiful and important symbol.

    2. Anita Winecooler7:26 PM

      My parents immigrated by ship, and the way they describe watching Lady Liberty slowly get closer from the distance, people from all countries were waving flags with tears rolling down their faces. They lived it, they experienced Ellis Island, and they sacrificed without complaining because each day was better than the one before it.
      To this day, she has the same effect on me.

      Sarah, the clueless, uses it as a stipper pole, a prop while tounging a straw and sweating like a pig in heat.

    3. Anonymous1:04 AM

      We need a Palin Dictionary to keep track of her colorful and inventive language:

      "Statute of Liberty"

      What am I forgetting?

    4. jcinco7:37 AM


    5. Anonymous7:46 AM


  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Sarah, you stupid fuck, don't you know that Howard Dean is a lobbyist and gets paid to say shit?

    Like you, there's nothing he won't say for money.

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      And gee, Esther, do you remember you were found to be unethical in Alaskan courts and Steve Schmidt wouldn't tell a lie for you on that either? DAYUM.

      Keep telling those lies and being prayed over by the witch doctor Muthee. isn't working, as well it shouldn't.

    2. Anonymous5:43 PM

      That's interesting! Most former politicians become well paid lobbyists. No one seems to have offered Sarah that opportunity.

    3. Anonymous6:18 PM

      No one has offered Esther ANYTHING because they know exactly who she is and have to keep quiet about it.

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    If I were Sarah, I wouldn't be too cocky. She certainly wasn't vindicated from her PAC map with crosshairs on Dem Gaffy Giffords riding, which did some permanent physical damage to Gabby Gifford, killed others include a 7 year-old girl.

    When she was criticized by Giffords herself on the incredibly stupid and dangerous tone that her PAC map sent, she didn't budge. So, in essence Sarah was wrong wrong wrong and a child is dead.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      She cannot run for ANYTHING again. Just a snow job.

  5. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Sarah Palin tries to twist her way out of every blunder. She's still trying to find a way to "prove" she's right about:

    Palin, June 2, 2011: [Revere] warned the British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those bells and making sure as he was riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.

    1. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Just reading that makes my eyes hurt. Thank goodness I've never had to listen to it.

  6. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Whatever you say Bitch. Your so freaking awesome. Now, when are you going to comment on Pimp Panels?

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Yeah, let's talk prostitution and your (cough) "husband's" involvement and why you constantly dress up like a whore. Explanation, please, so I can empty my piggy bank to SarahPAC.

  7. Anonymous4:43 PM

    What do YOU use, Sarah, your dried up cactus head? OMG...I am DYING here......abs have never gotten this big a workout.

    MAN, who knew ally Australia could cause so much trouble! Should we declare war, Esther pouty gurl, junior high mentality?

  8. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Stupid people who are all so happy that Sarah is right and that there are death panels. They sound like they hoped that death panels would be real so their queen could be lifted up again.

    Even if there were such a thing as panelists controlling people's treatments or end-of-life choices, why doesn't Sarah endorse her tea party candidate that has the proper solution? First, because none of them do, and second, she's not interested in solutions. She WANTS Obamacare to fail so she can get paid to stick it in liberal's faces. She doesn't give a poo-poo about the little people. All she cares about is getting her big head on TV barking and hissing. It's hilarious and must embarrass her family.

    I hope none of the PeePee folks never have to draw from government assistance, because of some severe life-altering sickness or sudden disability because of some insurance technicality loophole that stops payment on their treatments. All they'll get from Sarah is another e-mail requesting donations to her PAC. These people don't realize that she cares nothing for them.

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      I hope none of the PeePee folks never have to draw from government assistance, because of some severe life-altering sickness or sudden disability because of some insurance technicality loophole that stops payment on their treatments.

      When I read some of the PeePee folks' comments, they do describe their ailments, everything from another heart episode, his wife's health problems, someone falling down in a store, cracking her head and being out of it for two days. (Recognize yourselves, folks?) When they enter the ER, we are all paying for them. The gentleman with the bum heart has had more than 15 episodes. He is damned lucky that there aren't any death panels, because when it comes to health care, he is a bad risk. Since he claims to be a veteran, we are paying for his medical care, through his VA benefits, medicare, you name it. He is the perfect example of a bad risk. Just reading the PeePee Page made him feel faint, and he had to lie down and take some oxygen. If there really were the Scary Sarah Death Panels, the truck would have come for him a while ago. He is so lucky that we are paying for his health care. (If we are paying, do we have the right to make sure that he is eating a healthy diet and not sneaking any smokes?)

    2. Anonymous2:06 AM

      Fully half of the chorus at the Pond are on benefits. But they're not the "taker" kind of recipients, that perjorative is only for non-conservatives on benefits.

      Seems to me Mrs Palin sucked plenty hard on the government teat, what with fraudulent travel per diems for her whole truncated term, and having to pay the State back for fraudulently claimed travel. Ha!

      They have a whole new bunch of rules of behavior for governors in Alaska now, rules they never needed for any previous governor.

    3. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Sarah Palin brought nothing but trouble to Alaska as their 'quitter' governor. She moved out of the Gov's House in Juneau (where all Gov's have lived during their terms) and moved to Wasilla and collected perdiem/tax payer money!

      She had a horrible record for showing up for work too while there! Todd was reported to call her main Administrator during the time they were in Juneau indicating what Sarah's mood was like that particular day!
      (i.e. "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin" - Frank Bailey)

      And, the Alaska Legislature members actually had pins made up that they wore on their jackets/suits indicating "Where is Sarah?"

      The Palins were disliked by the majority of Juneauites and I truly doubt Sarah and pimp Todd show their faces there now or in the future.

      Sarah was NOT the energy expert that John McCain proclaimed her to be and the pipeline she said was under construction while on the campaign w/McCain has still NEVER been built!

      As with everything else we know about Sarah, she was inept, lazy, not interested in learning, slow on the uptake, not organized, defensive, reactive and nasty as to her personality.

      Even Wally Hickel, who supported her as governor originally, grew to dislike her! As did many other Republican politicians in Alaska!

  9. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I finally read the Howard Dean article in WSJ that Palin was too lazy and biased to read before her Hannity interview.

    He makes no mention of "Death Panels" or vindication of Palin. He says Republican efforts to "defund" further implementation of PPACA are "willfully destructive." He praised many aspects of the law - "there is still much to applaud". He likes the exchange systems - healthcare marketplace - "will provide individuals with competitive plan options based on price, services, quality and other factors."

    He does not like IPAB; it will not control costs - but it has a "40-year track record of failure" (so 'death panels' are nothing new, right - they didn't begin and end with "Obamacare"! He says this needs to be changed, and if Republicans were serious about it, they would have 22 or so Democrats to agree.

    Could Republicans possibly come up with something constructive to make the AC Act more palatable? NO, they want to keep grandstanding and repeal the whole thing. Partisan and dumb!! And Palin is an idiot, and this Michele somebody is just a partisan writer for C4P.

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Michelle McCormick is one of the two Palin ass-kissing freaks who gave up their lives for a year to create an earthquake in Iowa.

      You remember the earthquake in Iowa? Neither do Iowans.

      Run, Sarah, run!

    2. That picture is a fantastic example of no boobie Sarah.

  10. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Hopefully Obamacare will prevent governors, like Alaska's Sarah Palin, from killing senior citizens. Does anyone have the number? Was it about 200 to 250 seniors that died waiting for care during Sarahs half term? In the smallest population state of the USA Sarah Plin murdered hundreds of innocent seniors.

    1. Anonymous6:36 AM

      254 Seniors and people on medicare!!!
      Two hundred and fifty four!
      The FEDS would not let anymore onto the system until the mess was cleaned up. You know after the quitter quit!

    2. Anonymous6:44 AM


    3. Anonymous6:50 AM


  11. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Poor old Sarah, still addressing herself to the media who pointedly ignore her.

    Who's the assclown now, bitch?

  12. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Hide those hideous feet, and scrawny legs.

  13. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Sarah, why are you wearing long sleeves outdoors in the summer? Trying to hide something?

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM

      as a long term az transplant... it is actually smart to wear long sleeves, a big hat,and pants if you can stand it, plus sunscreen, year round during the daylight hours here.

      not saying she is smart though.

      i dont think she finding az as welcoming as she thought she would either. i wouldnt be surprised if she sells the house within 2 years. texas is more her speed.

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      I once knew a junkie who did that in order to hide their TRACK marks ;)

    3. Anita Winecooler7:38 PM

      Track Marks?

    4. Anonymous7:53 PM

      libel. And boats are breezy.

  14. Anonymous6:06 PM

    LOL I can't get enough of Granny Grifter's saggy baggy knees. What a mess she is.

    I keep hoping that somewhere there's a picture of her in short shorts....

  15. Anonymous6:29 PM

    remember; rah-rah is irrelevant. totally bupkiss.
    that being said, it is amazing to read that her opinion has any merit whatsoever; sohelpmegod.
    what leads the sheep to the water?
    what makes reality t.v. so popular?
    she's making a mint on drivel!
    why are we part of it?!

  16. Anonymous6:41 PM

    It's no secret sarah palin is obsess with Obama, but what's disturbing is, that looks like the Hawaiian Shaka gesture she's doing with her hand, OMG!

    1. Anonymous8:29 PM

      What is she, a surfer dude? Hang ten? Z'all right, dude? Maybe she means that she would like a drink, or a telephone call. Is that supposed to insult President Obama? Palin looks like a duffus.

    2. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Sarah Palin has zero class. Her habits and Wasilla upbringing show her as nothing more than a retarded bitch with one evil personality!

      President Obama and First Lady Michelle are two very classy, beautiful people that have been very well educated and are smart folks. Thank God, President Obama was elected TWICE! He and Michelle reflect a happily married couple and are also good parents!

      Where the idiot Sarah Palin and her pimp husband are the laughing stock of Alaska and the USA! You'd think they'd be smart enough to run and hide somewhere!

  17. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Here is a typical, and ongoing, example of how the red state, republican, tea party folk actually believe health care should be handled, and how they would like to replace Obamacare. This is not a joke: it is an actual copy from a recent newspaper article from a small Kansas town. I have read this newspaper's articles frequently in the past (I have friends who live in that miserable little town), and have read many other articles describing the same scenario, with the only difference being that a different donee is involved. It's enough to make your head spin. I would place it in the same category as believing that you could balance the national debt by holding a Girl Scout cupcake sale.

    Here's the article:

    Benefit sale, dinner planned for McDade

    A benefit sale and a Mexican food dinner will be held for Karen McDade, Winfield, who is currently battling breast cancer.
    Karen was diagnosed with Nottingham Stage 2 breast cancer, which spread to her lymph node.
    She has undergone four treatments every two weeks, and now weekly treatments for the next 12 weeks. She will then have a mastectomy.
    Karen has been self-employed since 1989, providing private home care for many people in Winfield. She has also cleaned homes and several businesses. Being self-employed allowed her the convenience of setting her own schedule and raising her son, Pariss McDade, as a single parent.
    However, it has gotten to the point that if she does not feel well enough to work, she has no income.
    All proceeds go to Karen to use for life expenses while she endures her new journey.
    Items for sale:
    Hats — $7
    Rubber bracelets — $3
    Charm bracelets — $5
    Pens — $4
    Lanyards — $3
    Mexican dinner will be Saturday, Aug. 17, at the First Christian Church, 904 Alexander, Winfield, at 4 p.m.
    The meal will include a taco or enchilada with beans, rice, drink and a dessert. Meals are $7 for adults and $5 for children under 10.
    To-go orders are also available, with a dozen enchiladas or one dozen tacos available for $18.
    Call Natasha Morris at XXX-XXX-XXXX and order by the dozen.
    They will be available for pick-up at 4 p.m. the day of the dinner.
    A card shower is requested, and donations can also be sent to Karen by mail.

    This story represents merely one of millions of daily health care tragedies in the US, and vividly shows how the righties think they should be dealt with. Definitely beyond tragic, and certainly beyond stupid.

  18. Randall6:57 PM

    Actually I think the Texas gal that put together the vindication did a pretty darn good job!

    It's flashy and rather clever.

    Of course, it's nonsense: it doesn't point to the actual section(s) in "Obamacare" that expose the "Death Panel(s)" because they aren't there.

    The closest I could find was:

    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
    Subtitle D -- Available Coverage Choices for All Americans
    Part III -- State Flexibility Relating to Exchanges

    Advisory Board -- 15 members appointed by the Comptroller General of the United States from among qualified individuals.

    Is that Sarah Palin's "Death Panel"?

    ..because when you read on you find that
    (a) it is incredibly boring reading
    (b) it would be a pretty sad little "death panel" since it doesn't have the power they claim.

    Or am I wrong?
    Can someone else who has read it, point to the section/sub-section so I can go read it again, please?

  19. Anita Winecooler7:32 PM

    Yay Sarah! Where's your BFF Terri Schiavo, and who's "Death Panel" did she face? It wasn't President Obama.

  20. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Mrs. Sarah Palin I am 12 years old and I live in Wasilla. I am going to camp right now and am wondering can you speak to our camp group for Bring A Retard To Camp Day. We can pay you if you wish.

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Wow. I believe you're 12, in emotional state. That or your Tank, who is the only adult I know who uses the term retard freely. THough Levi has said it casually in the last year on video.

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Hey 8:41, suck on it, retard!

      Love, Tank

    3. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Sorry to say this to you 8:41, but Sarah Palin is retarded! She's a proven idiot due to appearing (still doing it!)on TV - Reality Shows - Radio Programs - Speeches - Debates Interviews, etc. where we have been able to see her in action!

      And, it's easy to research the jobs she 'didn't' do as mayor of Wasilla and 'quitter' governor of Alaska! She was a proven disaster!

      She's an idiot because she doesn't have a clue that she should be embarrassed as to the actions she has displayed throughout the years (many of which are recorded and documented). Her poor kids! Cannot imagine having her as a mother!

  21. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Bullshit Betty rides again! Giddyup!!
    Yeah, she took it out of context as usual and ran full blast into a pile of bullshit.

  22. Anonymous7:53 PM

    death panels=rationing health care

    This is happening and will happen more when the majority of the bill is executed.

    I ask you, all of you. If the bill is wholly beneficial to us as a country, WHY is the date when it will be executed delayed until after elections in 2014?

    That's pretty specific


    Remember, canadians often complain about their system.

    1. Anonymous10:52 PM

      Why? Because the dems caved to the demands of the obstructionist party. Don't you read or do research?

    2. Anonymous2:01 AM

      Since when is January 1 "after elections"? Since Sarah Palin said it was, assk-kisser?

    3. Anonymous3:59 AM

      My extended family in the UK are shocked when they read about the US "healthcare system" They would not trade their National Health Service for the one in this country. Oh, also too, they think Palin is a stupid, stupid clown.

    4. You're an idiot and a liar. You must be so proud.

      Due to republican obstructionism and lies, implementation of aspects of the bill relating to businesses will be delayed to ensure that businesses know exactly what their rights and responsibilities are under the bill. It has been found that businesses with a clear understanding of the benefits, including tax credits for small businesses, are able to make the best and most beneficial choices for themselves and their employees.

      This is only necessary because republicans insist on lying and obstructing with no regard for American citizens or small businesses.

      There is NO rationing of health care under the bill. There are NO death panels under the bill. Period. This is not open to interpretation. It is specific and written in black and white. Why do you continue to lie about it? Or are you too stupid to comprehend basic English?

      Other parts of the bill go into effect as scheduled, October 1st. That is specific, you brainless imbecile.

      The only thing that is shady are republican morals and ethics.

      You are a fool.

      Thank goodness for the ACA, which will proudly be referred to as Obamacare in years to come. It is a step on the road to end the rationing of health care and the actual, real, functioning, death panels of profiteering insurance companies getting between patients and their doctors.

    5. Anonymous4:26 AM

      Actually, sane Canadians praise their system and don't want anything to do with the horrible mess that is the US system. Obama is trying to make our system better, but morons like you simply don't see it.

    6. Anonymous5:46 AM

      Don't talk for any of us who are Canadian, we love our free healthcare. Not one DIME is ever paid out of our pockets. As a person with dual citizenship, I know BOTH systems and nothing in the USA beats the Canadian system, heck even the Palins used to go there for healthcare.
      BTW what do you have to say about Sarah Palin death panels that killed hundreds of seniors that died waiting for healthcare?
      The only thing in ACA that has to do with death is paying fr appts that consult hospice care. Instead medicare take those with no hope to the cleaners for one more out of pocket appt.

    7. Anonymous10:43 AM

      I have Canadian friends that indicate they like their health care system.

      I'm a senior - Medicare plus Blue Cross and am very, very happy w/both coverages. No complaints from this American!

      And, thank you President Obama for caring for the less fortunate as to their medical needs. There are many, many Americans that like and appreciate the job you and VP Biden are doing in these very troubled times worldwide!

  23. Anonymous7:55 PM

    No surprise that Bullshit Betty is so full of it with all those Red Bulls that she drinks! LOL

  24. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Pamela Marshall
    Why dont you run for President in 2016 for the Republican Party?

    Because Sarah Palin is all talk and scared shitless about being vetted.

  25. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said on Saturday New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just isn't "rogue" enough for her taste.

    What is your taste Sarah?

    Glenn Rice
    Brad Hanson

    You prefer the vanilla chocolate swirl taste?

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Why do people always bring up Glenn Rice. Who cares anymore.

    2. Anonymous8:40 AM

      He's jealous. Jealous people with no lives live in the past and are jerks

    3. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Sarah went from a big black dick (Glen Rice) to a two-toned small dick w/the Toad! She probably had good sex once in her life - with Glen - which is when she was a supposed sports announcer on Channel 2 in Anchorage, AK and was ultimately - rather quickly fired from the job. She was horrible!!! (But, aren't we rather use to that w/all of her jobs - especially being quitter governor!)

    4. Anonymous10:39 AM

      I would love to see Chris Christie go head to head w/Palin in a debate. He'd cream her ass and have her crawling on her hands and knees from the platform! He'd make mince meat out of her. Would be fun to watch!

    5. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Yeah, don't you think Glen Rice is embarrassed enough he "hit" that? Why keep reminding him of how indiscriminate his tastes were when he was young and stupid? He admitted it--let him live it down, man.

  26. Anonymous8:19 PM

    What a fucking idiot.

    Sarah Palin's Most Cringe-Worthy Moments: You Choose The Worst (SLIDESHOW) (POLL)

  27. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Funny tweet about Bullshit Betty.

    Doc Hamrick ‏@mch7576 4h
    Fox News Deploys The Scud Dud Sarah Palin to Stop Obamacare … via @politicususa
    Retweeted by Politicalgates Blog

  28. Anonymous8:25 PM

    It has to burn Sarah Palin's anorexic ass that she doesn't have access to Air Force One, to the Secret Service, the Beast and everything else the president is entitled to.

  29. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Look at me I'm still out here.

  30. Beldar J Conehead8:50 PM

    Cut it out, Mr Fancy Pants Librul Alaska blogger!! Why cant you admit that The Screechy Wretch(tm) was right about death panels?

    Just today, I saw the now familiar red, white and blue Obamacare(tm) death panel truck pull up at a neighbor's house. This neighbor was in pretty good health but had a little upper respiratory infection. Nothing serious.

    Sure enough, 8 burly death panelians jumped out of the truck, rushed into the house, pulled the ailing man out into the yard and beat him to death with fireplace pokers and pool cues in front of a horrified crowd of onlookers including children as young as embryos!!

    Then they left his corpse in a blue 'human remains recycling' body bag at the curb for municipal garbage pick up. Finally they set explosive charges throughout the house and leveled it in one earth-shattering detonation WITH THE DEAD MAN'S WIFE STILL INSIDE!! This is EXACTLY the scenario Sarah Lou warned us about!!!

    Is THAT the 'hope and change' you voted for? THIS is the health care reform you libruls couldnt wait to implement????

    At least give that skanky ass nitwit some credit for predicting this would happen!

    It just kills you to say she was right all along, doesn't it?

    1. Anonymous10:51 PM

      OMG you are demented! LOL

    2. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Beldar strikes again. Too funny!

    3. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Conehead: It's so obvious you haven't read the Obama Care Law either. Just like Sarah! You both are idiots!

    4. My MAN Beldar! Ya did it again homie...snagged another one in your witty net!

      LOL @ 10:34AM!

    5. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn12:06 PM


      Sorry--couldn't help myself!

    6. @Anonymous10:34 AM
      Beldar is all over-the-top snark, one of the funniest commenters here. Read it again.

  31. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Does scary really think anyone is taking her seriously anymore? I can't speak for anyone else, but my interest is solely driven by my unhealthy fascination with watching this train wreck hit the legal barrier at the end of the line.But man, my patience is wearing thin.Oh, and sarah, stop using Alaska as your trump card. All the Alaskans that I know hate you. Because you are a phony bitch. Plus not very bright. Plus, the evangelical thing might play well in some backwoods venues but with the kids of us boomers, you are not fooling any of them. Just go away.

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      I think most people have been following Sarah and Todd because they are such disasters as people, a married couple, parents and grandparents. They are what the majority of us would never want to be! Watching them keeps reminding us of that fact!

    2. Anonymous11:46 AM

      I have been following since late august 08 because i knew since then, that she faked that pregnancy. She will never get away with it. It is taking ridiculously long, but I continue to do my part to keep her from getting away with it.

  32. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Lol Sarah is an anorexic meth addict who is wasting away before our very eyes. This is simply another desperate cry for help which will be ignored because no one cares about Sarah's well being. Her own family hates her guts.

    1. Anonymous8:39 AM

      lol I see the deranged psychos have joined today.

    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      API awaits Sarah Palin in Anchorage. Her family members should put her there and throw away the key! Imagine the doctors would find her quite the challenge!

  33. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Rightwingnuts have figured out that even if you are caught redhanded in a lie, all you need to do is wait awhile, then tell ANOTHER one.

    No one NEW is going to believe anything Sarah says...only her feebleminded followers who will stand their ground, swearing that Elvis is still alive, Obama was born on Neptune, scientists gather weekly to plan how to deceive everyone about climate change, and that every night an alien ship lands in their backyard and anally probes them until dawn.

    There is no changing their minds, so all we can do is laugh at the more absurd crap they come up with.

    1. Anonymous5:11 AM

      Elvis is still alive, Obama was born on Neptune, scientists gather weekly to plan how to deceive everyone about climate change, and that every night an alien ship lands in their backyard and anally probes them until dawn -- and Sarah will be the next President.

      They're like pet shop rats, interesting for a minute but then the smell of their litter reminds you that they're just rats. Imagine taking home a Peebot, you'd have to clean out its cage every few minutes!

  34. Anonymous10:42 PM

    As a Canadian, I can clarify the comment that some of us whine about our healthcare system:

    We sometimes have to WAIT for certain procedures, as so many doctors and nurses have been drawn to the higher pay they can get, if they move to the U.S.

    Less and less of that is happening, as it is becoming clear that the days of ripping off the American people are coming to a close, thanks to some of the provisions of "Obamacare."

    1. Anonymous5:27 AM

      I've read that the waits are for elective surgeries, like knee and back stuff...not for, like, cancer treatment...

      I don't think most sane people would mind waiting a few months for knee surgery if it means not having to go into hock when/if you get cancer.

    2. Anonymous5:48 AM

      The waits are no longer than the USA for some specialists.

    3. Anonymous10:28 AM

      People is the USA have to wait for surgery dates and dental and doctor appointments. The world has changed around us - more and more people - i.e. population growth. No different than Canada is experiencing.

    4. Anonymous11:44 AM

      The waits for doctors now are fucking ridiculous. My hospital, world class as it is, is losing patients left and right because it takes months to get in to see a specialist. So, our rival hospital has capitalized on this by guaranteeing appointments with specialists within 48 hours. Maybe not as world class, but not all problems need world class.
      Slow and steady may win this race.

  35. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Wait...Alan Grayson will be next..Alan Grayson Fears A World Where 'Dictator Palin' Rules Domestic Spying Programs.

  36. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I have a noobie question about boating... isn't it dangerous to wear thonged sandals on a boat?

    If it isn't, just ignore me. But if it is, wouldn't a seasoned fisherman know this?

    -Curious Downunder... OzMud

    1. Anonymous5:01 AM

      Ozmud, she's not "boating", she's tooling around on a luxury barge on a man-made lake, like Cleopatra. Nothing's too good for Queen Esther.

      I bet she can't swim, either.

    2. Anonymous5:49 AM

      barefoot would be better than any type of sandal, or tenny shoes or boots. But what would I know, my first paying job was being a dock girl at a resort at age 12.

    3. Anonymous8:38 AM

      You've never been on a cruise ship, houseboat, or boat bigger than a sailboat? Though no boat is different in terms of footwear. But it's telling of you that you're being a petty jerk.

    4. Anonymous9:21 AM

      My dad and his friends used to sail when were were growing up and anytime we were on boats we had to wear shoes with a certain sort of "squeegee" bottom. Sperry Topsiders were acceptable as were Sperry tennies or wellie type boots as long as they had the special sole. Some of the boats had teak floor boards and were slick and also easily damaged so special shoes were the rule both for personal safety and protection of the surfaces.

    5. Anonymous11:42 AM

      We wear boat shoes, usually Keens, on our boat. And the kids did as well from the time they were toddlers.

  37. Anonymous4:11 AM

    The statement that the ACA "shall not include" any recommendation of rationing health care obviously means that "it shall include" such recommendations to the likes of Sarah Palin. Her ability to understand anything is absolutely nil. She's far dumber than George W. Bush, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and about every other GOP dingbat rolled together. And yet she still keeps spewing forth the lies and the venom.

  38. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Anon at 10:42 pm. But many American doctors are completely distraught at the prospect of making less money. Pretty pathetic of them, I think.

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      Beaglemom, I understand your comment about doctors worried about making less. I can't argue with that.

      But many have established families (with kids) and have a lifestyle based upon what they had been making. Not every doc is greedy; some are concerned about their kids. Thinking about one doc in particular who thinks about going into sales to get the kids through college; I can't imagine it, tho. He's such a good doc and so caring.

      Time to reduce med school tuition and malpractice fees, I think.

      That being said, I love me some ACA. :-)

    2. Anonymous5:50 AM

      ACA has the complete backing of many large medical associations INCLUDING the Mayo.

    3. 5:42--

      And what's wrong with going into sales? The practice of medicine is not for everyone.

      A lot of us "who care" must make hard lifestyle choices in order to have whatever it is we regard as most essential.

      Why should someone who has a lifestyle "based on what they had been making" be insulated from economic changes?

    4. hedgewytch8:15 AM

      When AFCA was being discussed prior to President Obama's first election, my aunt was freaking out because my uncle, a retired radiologist, was going to "be taxed to death". They have no children. They live in a 3/4 of a million dollar home just outside of Atlanta. They each get brand new cars every year. Travel.

      Hard core Ga. Republicans who are just too self absorbed and selfish to see just how much they have and how little everyone else has. They really make me sick sometimes.

    5. Anonymous11:12 AM

      Liz I -- there is nothing wrong with going into sales and I did not say there was. Nor did I say that doctors should be immune (no pun intended) from economic changes.

      I don't care if you disagree with me -- the more discussion about this the better. But don't twist my words then get all ginned up about it.

      Anon 5:42

    6. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Well ,the answer to that is to make becoming a doctor not so expensive. If we want our physicians to go 100s of thousands of dollars in debt, then we have to expect them to reap rewards when they are done. Make it easy to be educated, then they are willing to work for a decent wage but not expect millions. Promise them they need to only see 15 patients a day and not 4 an hour and they will give excellent care, focus on a wellness model, not a sickness model.
      Our entire system is fucked and broken. Only horrible crises will fix us. And it will be long a painful process.

  39. "Oh, Sarah Palin is REALLY going to drag this supposed vindication over death panels out for days!"

    She is dead wrong as usual. No reason for us to be frustrated. Her current caterwauling is only notable because she is being particularly peppy in her tweeting and facebooking, gloating noisily all the while, while being demonstrably even stupider and more illiterate than usual.

    Palin needs to be told, while pointing and laughing at her, that when you are saying something way off the stupid scale, even for you, spreading your stupidity loudly and proudly is not the way to go.

    A more accurate headline would be "Palin doubles down on the stupid and the lies."

    Oh, and you can turn off her silly gif. Sadly for her idiot flock, there is nothing we have to deal with other than her continued world class moronicity.

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Prove she is wrong.

    2. 8:37
      You obviously don't comprehend what has been posted here to explain ACA & perhaps you didn't read the link, but the thing is, it's proven that Death panels is a lie. Read for yourself. You're the one who has to prove Sarah is right and you can't.

    3. Anonymous10:24 AM

      8:37 The proof is in the pudding and it is very apparent (as usual) that the idiot Palin did NOT read AHCA! (The Obama care law!) I'm sure it was way too many pages for her!

    4. Anonymous8:37 AM
      Prove she is wrong.
      What an asinine thing to say. What part of the ACA explicitly stating that there is no rationing don't you or your moronic queen get?

      "“The proposal shall not include any recommendation to ration health care.”"

      Palin is stupid and despicable and anyone that believes one word out of her vicious, hateful, lying, mouth is no better.

      Go ahead, dummy, explain the actual functioning death panels run by the insurance companies. You know, the ones where they can and do deny care (after taking the premiums) for any reason they like if actually paying the claims will reduce their profit margins and dividends to stockholders.

      Go ahead. justify that system, you stupid, un-educated dolt.

      Prove that she is right. Prove it. Find the provision in the ACA that allows for rationing of care to patients. Go ahead. Find it. You can't because she is not right and she is not truthful and never has been.

  40. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Sarah is just pissed off because under the AHCA, it would be really hard for her to pull off another fake pregnancy when P.I.G. Palin gets knocked up soon. From the pictures Scarah posted on the boat, she looks like she is biologically ready anytime now.
    Anyhoo, under the AHCA, simple family practice physicians like Dr. CBj would not be able to pretend they were high risk OBs and get taken seriously.
    I think I am going to mention the high risk OB thing on every post...eventually maybe it will reach someone with eyes to see the absurdity and investigate.
    Shit, First wrench in her plan!!!

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      She's too old to get knocked up now...nearing 50! And, I'm sure that the last thing she wants is another kid! She hasn't cared for the ones she already has - w/the latter one not even under her care from all reports! And, the older ones have turned out to be failures through the guidance of Sarah and Todd - i.e. poorly educated (GED's or no diplomas from high school!). Poor kids!

    2. Anonymous11:35 AM

      If having her tubes tied and burned after Piper was born wasn't enough to keep her from faking a pregnancy with a Tri-G, what makes you think being 50 would be a deterrent lol??

  41. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Only and anorexic drug addict would wear a long sleeve shirt in the Arizona summer heat.
    1) No body fat to keep her warm
    2) She just injected some bacteria into her system with the drugs and she is shivering.

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      That isn't true. People wear sun protection shirts all the time.
      They even make special ones to wear in the water...

    2. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Have you been on a boat? It gets breezy. You're literally ignoring pics of her without the sweater. :/ smh

    3. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Hey 8:11 and 8:37 - I've spent much time down there - boating, swimming, etc. and we never dressed like the idiot Palin is appearing in that photo.

      And, where are the boobs that were pictured in the photo of her taken in New York where she appeared as a whore w/DD's? I guess it's something like - first you see them and then you don't!

    4. Anonymous11:32 AM

      8:11 & 8:37 I own a boat on the Atlantic shore. So, yes, I've been on a boat. And it gets breezy on the Atlantic and the bays. But, still wear just a tankini top. In the summer. And Palin is on a Lake in Arizona. Don't think it was cold by any stretch of the imagination.
      She is an anorexic methhead.

    5. Anonymous11:33 AM

      You're literally ignoring pics of her without the sweater. :/ smh

      No I'm not. I made fun of them also ,too. Literally.

    6. Anonymous4:46 PM

      8"11 of course they do - but Sarah ain't wearing a sun protection shirt . Moron.

  42. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Gryph, sorry for the OT. Any idea what "Terry Clark criminal case" would be about? From March, 2008. Since the name was redacted (except for this one time) I was curious... :-)

    PS -- the e-mails are seriously a hoot. Boy she complains a lot!!!

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Kristan Cole is a real estate broker in Wasilla and also the BFF of Palin. It looks like Kristan was using her connections to get her case jumped to the front of the line ahead of more serious crimes/cases. and based on the email from Palin......Palin was more than willing to use her power as Gov to help her BFF skip to the front of the line.

    2. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Her adversaries had it in for her from her inauguration. The Repubs in AK are still Murkowski people. Ask yourself what kind of people spreads lies about others. Im referencing people here and there.

    3. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Terry Clark worked for Mat Maid. They wrongly accused him of proof was ever found and the case was settled out of court. Kristan Cole and Palin laundered over 4 million dollars to their dairy farmer friends and to cover it up they accused former managers of embezzlement. Clean state audits show that not to be the truth.

    4. Anonymous11:47 AM

      The State of Alaska lost money big time due to Sarah Palin's action w/the dairy farm business in the Palmer/Wasilla areas of Alaska.

      Sean Parnell, Sarah's friend, followed her as governor (yea, Alaskan's didn't learn a damned thing by electing him too!) and continued to loan state money - secured by cheese if you can believe that! He lost that money too! Friggin' idiots! All for Sarah's inept Valley friends that knew nothing about dairy farming.

      Alaska is a 'red' state - has a Republican party currently in a mess - a Legislature that is majority 'red' and hopefully, after watching all of their antics, the majority will get as many of them out of office as possible next election cycle. it would be a slice of heaven to see Alaska begin to turn 'blue' again!

    5. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Anon 11:14 -- thank you for the information. No wonder they were so anxious about it. Funny how Terry's name was redacted when other names mentioned in criminal cases were not.

      Thanks again.

      Anon 7:26

  43. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Sarah Palin is, and has always been, very easy to be AGAINST. She has never followed the rules (so much evidence out there of her evil ways - emails, books, etc.) and has always been known to lie and cheat. She has NEVER worked/lived ethically since she was in high school.

  44. Anonymous12:00 PM

    .....The information in this email is for the public. The purpose of these emails is to demonstrate the Palins nor their lawyer will confront anything to do with the book Boys Will Be Boys nor will they at the very least deny anything to do with the Tripp situation. There are 4 written published accounts of the Tripp side of the story. Why is there not a Palin account? In the attachments are the items the APD never wanted the public to see. Why? What is important is to give reporters and public tools and information so the allegations can be investigated. Also the media has an obligation to the victim to at least correct the record of the misreporting done early on when the story first broke. Now the Palins and Tiemessen have been confronted by two notifications from two different sources, this email and Malia Litman, to answer questions pertaining to the Tripp-Todd Palin connection and Tiemessen's own hand in having a custom press release issued by the local police. The Palins are not known for their silence.

    The attachments are connections made in the Tripp-Palin accusations. The information came from a variety of private citizens collecting information. Hopefully someone will at least archive it and make it available to the public. At the very least perhaps it will help give insight to helping future victims. This is the last correspondence....

    (see website below for entire contents plus attachements)

  45. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Whatever, let her feel vindicated for a few days. Fact remains, President Obama is enjoying his SECOND term in office and there is nothing but chaos within the GOPTeaParty. They're so desperate to defund Obamacare that they will shut down the government to do so! If that's their trump card then it will do the party even more HARM than good, and this is a party that is already compromised to the point of dysfunction and polling very poorly with former supporters.

    So, Mrs. Palin, revel in the support from your faithful regarding your lie of death panels. Truth will prevail and she'll have to find another way to get attention next week.

  46. Anonymous12:13 PM

    The phonenumbers Shailey Tripp claims in her book that Todd Palin called her from have been
    verified. They also show up in her phone records with both GCI 907-775-5165 and ClearWire

    (907) 336-3038 - Diana D. Palin, 2220 SENTRY DR 205, ANCHORAGE, AK 99507

    (907) 344-1319 - D.D. Palin, Anchorage

    (775) 329-2875 - Sharer, Linda Le (landline-Reno, Nevada)

    These numbers also show up in the released emails from the Palins as a contact numbers
    for Todd Palin. You can further validate this by searching the emails on
    or here And simply type
    in the phone numbers and see the emails that show up with these phone numbers.

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Todd was probably running his sister in his prosti ring as well. She was a druggie and needed money and due to her addiction would have been an easy mark.

  47. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Pimp Daddy Todd ju got sum splaining to do.

    This came from Cornerstone Credit:
    Cornerstone Credit Services LLC
    P O Box 6600
    Hagerstown, MD 21740

    Merhant #5185 6401 011 3587
    Shailey Tripp
    305 N valley Way
    Palmer, AK 99645-6185

    Month Ending 08/31/2008

    Card Type Sales Returns Net
    MC OFLNDB 1 40.00 0 0.00 40.00
    Chaney, David Gross R&C Net REF
    40.00 0.00 40.00 98021621529

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      This is terrific.
      We need to start a fund, send money, put this info in the major newspapers ourselves since the fucking media will not do their jobs.
      Let's go citizens of IM. Lets start a fund and by advertising and ask the questions publically. Make fools of the fools!

  48. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn12:17 PM

    Too bad Betsy McCaughey and Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann had the concept first, eh, Sarah Lou?

    In part:

    McCaughey got the ball rolling on ex-Sen. Fred Thompson's radio show on July 16 (2009), when she called the bill "a vicious assault on elderly people" that will "cut your life short."

    She then wrote a column July 24 that claimed Obama advisers don't want to "give much care to a grandmother with Parkinson's or a child with cerebral palsy."

    Days later, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) recited much of the article on the House floor...

    Palin then unleashed her "death panel" comment, basing it on Bachmann's floor speech. And the firestorm raged.

    Damn, wench, don't your writers do anything original?

  49. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Joseph Lawendowski - several men under his command saw Shailey Tripp for sexual services
    - knows Todd Palin through the Iron Dog
    JP Officer Rollins - knows Shailey Tripp, confirmed she may work at gambling parties possibly something else

    Diana Palin - Todd palin's half sister.
    - Phone number in Shailey Tripp's phone records
    Jennifer Cramer - Shailey Tripp worked for.
    - Many of the men in Shailey Tripp's phone records and their wives frequented the
    spa owned by the Cramers
    Employees of Cramer - confirm they knew shailey tripp serviced todd palin as a client and suspected sexualactivity
    but respected Tripp

    Greg West - in Shailey Tripp's phone records
    - emails confirming he knows Todd Palin
    - emails on crivellawest showing some kind of relationship with Hunstville, AL
    and Greg West

    Brenda Fisher - owner of a spa where Tripp worked
    - respected Tripp but feels betrayed by her
    - She knew the Palins even used to give them haircuts

    Manager at Alaska Sales & Auto in Wasilla, AK - Confirmed that he knew Todd Palin uses cocain, prostitutes, illegal gamblign.
    Indicated that he runs with the Paoletti family.
    Employees at Alaska Sales & Auto in Wasill, Ak _ Confirmed rumor stories of Todd Palin shooting heroin and gambling. That is was common
    knowledge f you need ahook up as in a hooker, you knew you could go to him because he is a man's man.

    Joe McGinnis - Lied to the press, to his editor, and to the media about what him and Shailey Tripp
    - Emails between him and Tripp demonstrate his lies and cover up of the truth.

    "he runs with the Paoletti family"

    Is that Bristol's ex-trial husband Gino Paoletti's family?

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Could you give us the link to the specific Palin email at crivellawest that shows a connection between West and Palin? The only Huntsville email I could find seemed unrelated.

    2. Anonymous1:49 PM

      "Joe McGinniss - - Emails between him and Tripp demonstrate his lies and cover up of the truth."

      This is a very serious and troubling accusation. Where are these emails?

    3. Anonymous7:53 PM

      The above post written by "anonymous" stating a ridiculous claim regarding Joseph Lawendowski is patently absurd. I happen to have known Mr. Lawendowski personally, for many years, as I was married to him. Although no one is perfect, to claim that a commander is responsible for the whole of any soldier's life under his command is ridiculous. And, during the last years I was married to him he was, at that time, a Christian and he would've never, ever influenced his soldiers in that manner during the last years I was married to him. Perhaps your blog is appropriately named the "immoral minority" to harbor lies and malicious gossip. Mr. Lawendowski (as well as myself) have been targeted by lies, snitch jacketing, and a smear campaign. Again, no one is perfect...none of us. And although I no longer speak to Mr. Lawendowski I can attest to the last years I was married to him and the spin you placed on statements regarding him are untrue (according to what I knew of him during his command that was within the last 8 years of our marriage). If anything he would've, during those years, influenced his soldiers in an ethical manner.

  50. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Greg West
    Alias:Gregory West
    Gregory Westol
    Gregory Michum West
    Gregory Michum Mitcham
    Greg Mitcham
    Gregory Mitcham West

    Return phone number 256-337-9510

    As of April 2, 2013 phone number was still valid and if you ask for Greg West the man says

    Greg Michum id shows up in Shailey Tripp's phone records
    incoming call and outgoing calls 256-337-9510 on feb. 22, 2010, 11:26 p.m.
    Shortly after this dated call Shailey Tripp was arrested March 4, 2010.

    Also there are emails in the book Boys Will Be Boys which also show a relationship
    to a Greg West in which Mr. West threatend Shailey Tripp and acknowledges his relationahip to
    Shailey Tripp and Todd Palin.

    There are connections of Brian Yager and Greg West. They are both military defense contractors.
    They jointly own 4 pornographic websites.

    Todd would this be considered interstate sex trafficking?

    Area codes 256 and 938 are telephone numbering plan codes that mostly cover North Alabama as well as some eastern portions of the state

    1. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Good Work!

    2. Anonymous4:38 PM

      You rock!!!

  51. Anonymous1:54 PM

    256- area code for Redstone Arsenal, DIA, Marshall Space Center, ATF Center for Explosives, FBI Hazardous Devices School, Army Aviation & Missle Command, et al.

    Nothing to see here, folks. Stay in line and move along.

    1. Anonymous2:50 PM

      If you're saying AC 256 is limited to what you listed, you'd be wrong.


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