Sunday, September 27, 2015

Convicted felon shoots himself in the penis while attempting to buy a gun illegally, blames a black man. Thanks Obama!

Courtesy of Argus Leader: 

A convicted felon who accidentally shot himself in the penis was arrested after police say he lied about how the shooting happened. 

Donald Anthony Watson was admitted to the Avera McKennan emergency room about 1:30 a.m. Sept. 6 for a gunshot wound to his penis, according to an arrest affidavit. 

When questioned by police, the 43-year-old said he was shot by “a black guy (who) tried to rob” him while he was taking out the trash at his apartment.

The story seemed a little suspicious to the police who got a search warrant and were able to determine that this Watson guy shot himself in the dick while he was contemplating whether to buy the gun from an unknown party.

Now the man faces charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm by a drug offender, false report of a crime to law enforcement and false report of information to law enforcement. So you know his life just took a significant turn for the worse.

Don't you just hate it when the your metallic penis shoots your real penis out of spite, and there is not a handy black guy around to blame it on?



  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Clearly this is a sign from god for him not to procreate. If it was only that simple, eh Bristol?

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

    What man would ever before have thought that having two penises could be such a bad thing?

  3. Anonymous6:35 AM

    OT Sarah Palin attacked the president, claiming he didn't defend Christianity or something.

    And just look at what she obviously supports when it's her friends doing it ....

    Are you a Jew today, Sarah?

  4. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I read he put it in his pocket and......wait for just went off!!
    Damn! These ummm....stu...reta....idio.....moro...people are getting taken out left and right by these 'it just went off' guns. Maybe they should think about a recall. Or not.

    I have to admit, these 'it just went off' guns are very good shots. To hit something that small. That'd be like shootin that there fly oofin that there wall.

  5. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Now we know why Todd's dick is so short

  6. Anonymous8:06 AM

    The Darwin awards will be overwhelmed with applicants it seems.

    Hopefully this means he has been removed from the gene pool? Or maybe the government will pay for a new dick for him? With funds taken from PP.

  7. Makings of a poem?

    Tool shoots
    Own tool
    With a tool.
    Rejoice, oh yes,
    Gene pool.

  8. But this story just proves that background checks only work for honest people. The bad guys will find another way to get a gun. Fortunately in this case Karma was around.

  9. After the incident, the guy changed his name to Les Johnson.

  10. Anonymous11:31 AM


  11. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Sometimes the cover up is worse than reality. How the cops could hold back their laughter is beyond me. Be careful down there, there's not too much to spare when you're a gun loving overcompensater, who happens to blame your shortcomings on Black Men. Amirite Sarah????

  12. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Wayne LaPierre immediately said "This wouldn't have happened if the penis had been allowed to carry a gun for self-defense!"

    Tom, in FL, where this sort of stuff happens a LOT!


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