Monday, November 09, 2015

Hey remember how I suggested that Ben Carson may have stepped out on his wife and I got jumped on right away? Well check this out.

Ben Carson Say He Was Sued For Paternity by tommyxtopher Courtesy of Mediaite:
A few years ago I was in the operating room, and I got a phone call from one of the Hopkins attorneys, and they said that the state of Florida was trying to attach my wages for child support. And I said “Well, I have three children, and I support them very well.” They said “No, there’s a lady in Florida who claims that you are the father of her son. And she has provided evidence of same. She told where you went to high school, where you went to college, where you went to medical school, where you did your internship and residency, how you went to Australia after that, she even has a picture of you in scrubs.” Well, you know, all that is public knowledge, so how are they going to pursue that on the basis of public knowledge? But they were going to do it, I had to get my attorney involved, and it escalated. And finally, they said “Well, we can resolve all of this if you send us some of your blood, and we can do DNA testing. And I said “Wait a minute, you people, as incompetent as you are, want me to send you a specimen of my blood?” I said “The next thing I know, it will be in a murder scene, and I’ll be in prison for the rest of my life,” I said “There’s no way you’re getting my blood.” So, you know, it continued to escalate, but you know, eventually it died. And the reason it died is because I stood boldly, I never caved. But there was a reason that I never caved. Because I knew that in my entire life, the only woman I had ever slept with was my wife.

So wait he REFUSED to take a DNA test to prove he was not the father, and yet he thinks THAT somehow supports his denial of paternity? Really?

You may remember that yesterday I posted about Carson's crazy house filled with Trump-like homages to himself.

Somebody got pissy about  my inclusion of a picture of his wife and said I was being sexist. I replied in the following manner:  

By the way if you think he has not cheated on her several times in their past, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. These super super religious types, with doting wives, are almost always incredible hypocrites, and I seriously doubt he is turning down too many opportunities to take advantage of good looks and fame. 

Now when I said that I did so with absolute confidence that I was on firm footing.  And I think that video up above more or less proves my point.

You see something that habitual liars do, and at this point I think EVERYBODY realizes that Carson is a habitual liar, is to deny something that they did ahead of time before the person, or people, they are talking to even suspects them of doing it.

We saw an example of this with Sarah Palin, when she claimed in her book that when she received a bill from her doctor after a miscarriage that the word "abortion" had been covered in Wite-Out and the word "miscarriage" written over it.

Why even include that unless you are worried that somebody is going to accuse you of having an abortion?

There was also the recent case of the Michigan State Representative who tried to start a rumor about a gay affair, in order to cover up for his actual affair with a female State Representative.

As crazy as it seems, this is not uncommon behaviors for people trying to deflect interest from a secret that they do not want to get out.

And yes I think that is what we are seeing with Ben Carson. This falls directly within that same pattern of behavior.

And that contention is only reinforced by this reporting by Mediaite:

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, there are a few holes in Carson’s story. According to their spokesperson, the state would not have contacted an employer based solely on a claim of paternity. “Wage attachment (income withholding) must be based on an income deduction order issued by a court or administrative tribunal. Before an income deduction order is issued, paternity must be established, if needed, and a support order established,” said the spokesperson in an email to Mediaite. Dr. Carson claims he learned of the claim through Johns Hopkins’ attorneys.

Hey do you know what makes paternity cases go away without ever having to go through the courts?

Hush money.

So obviously this is not proof that Ben Carson is a scumbag who cheated on his wife, but even if you had doubts yesterday when I first postulated that theory this must make it seem far more likely.

Don't you agree?


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    It's what I immediately thought too. It doesn't rung true, like so many of his stories

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Pathological liar.

    2. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Carson's full of shit -- a pathological liar. I am with Gryphen 100% on this. Carson has at least one out-of-wedlock child.

    3. Boscoe4:58 AM

      ROFL Just like Palin... makes up complex "detailed" stories based on NO comprehension of how things actually work and then cry foul when someone spends the ten seconds to Google how that thing actually works. (Hey Sarah, was Trig still born at Mat-Su? No?)

      THAT my friend, is the sociopath mind at work. So confident in their own brilliance that it simply doesn't occur to them that they could have some detail wrong or that anyone will be smart enough to figure it out anyway.

  2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I thought the same thing when you wrote it in the thread. For this "conspiracy" (lie) to happen, it would need Ben's own words to set it into motion, because the thing with pathological liars, the only person they're fooling is themselves.
    Keep Digging, Ben. Get Candy curious and digging into the accusation. My money's on her side when she gets the bank account, the BMW, the house and the rolex. She looks like the type of woman you DON'T want to start having doubts, cause she'll find the truth faster than the media can.
    It's pretty easy now, just swab the inside of the cheek, seal the package and send it in. They sell them in pharmacies everywhere.

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Women like Candy Carson don't leave men like Ben Carson regardless of what the latter has done. She's a submissive servant who's long ago learned to deny reality as she defers to his controlling ways.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    As a women, my first thought when I saw a photo of Candy Carson was why? Why with all the $$ she never had her teeth just struck me as how odd. Then I read that in an interview on Fox News she mentioned that he was never home & she raised 3 shins on her own, almost like a single parent. Then I realized that Ben Carson is a classic narcissist and he would be the only attractive person in that marriage. Where are his 3 sons??

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      All WIKI says is that they have several grandkids, and that Candy was a concert violinist in college. She has a Master's in Bus Ad from Yale. Her 'memoir' is coming out in January..wonder how that will hold up to the fact checkers? I have this feeling these two are in this for the TV exposure and to sell books. They are certainly not ready for the WH.

  4. Anonymous5:12 PM

    With the republican party in the state it's in they will attract more and more narcissistic candidates. It takes a very high degree of self confidence to even want to be president but I think we all have to agree the GOP is now overrun by full blown NPD's...surreal and frightening with their propensity to cheat!

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Yes, Gryphen, yes. There was no reason for him talk about a private legal matter like that if he didn't have a guilty conscience.

    And you're absolutely correct, it's a tactic of 'getting out ahead of the accusation' so you can control the narrative.

    This man is such a mess. I suspect he's got infidelity, sexual harassment and whole slew of stuff in his background thinking he was above it all and no one would go after him. Kind of like Bill Cosby using his power and prestige to drug those women and rape them.

    That sort of 'I'm a God' complex is so common with men in power positions. White men, black men, men. Not to say that women aren't vulnerable to that phenomena, because they are, but much more rarely does that happen, mostly because there are less women in power positions.

  6. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Ben Carson is a ltar. I would bet money his wife already knows about his dalliances. She is either the type to ignore what he does as all little dutiful wives do or she stuck around for the perks. What a terrible life.

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      You are right, she is totally just like Hillary Clinton!

    2. Anonymous5:44 PM

      5:26, MJ, go back to the pond...

    3. Aren't you the clever one.

    4. He's clever and correct.

  7. Anonymous5:23 PM

    The part that is interesting is that payment would have been part of a court order-- or a private request for hush money. Carson has a problem getting the details of his stories straight. There is a difference between being told that he could get into West Point if he wanted to apply vs. having dinner with General Westmoreland who offered him a scholarship to a school that does not offer scholarships. More details that got all mixed up in the parody fake psychology test story, and the newspaper article which never showed Carson's photo or named him in the story.

    All right, we all have little slips in remembering how something happened, but we are talking about Carson who once was a surgeon who performed delicate, intricate surgery. There had to be organization and planning. Carson bragged that he could see things in three dimensions, so he could envision the entire surgery in his mind. He had to organize and coordinate all the people, equipment, anesthesia, all of the technology that monitors the patients. A mind like that doesn't forget that the psychology test story was a parody newspaper article. Someone who could plan lengthy surgery to separate conjoined twins some how dreamed up the thought of a scholarship that never existed. It just doesn't make sense.

    Something has happened to Carson and he is not the the brilliant surgeon that he used to be. We have seen two personas, the sleepy slow talking guy and when pressed for information that he can't deliver, Carson grew angry and he was out of control. His raised his voice and lost his temper. He spoke irrationally, thinking that he was the only person who ran for president who ever got vetted. He was confronted with the way that the birthers went after Obama, but that didn't matter. There's something wrong with Carson.

    1. 5:23 I'm afraid you're right. Very afraid.

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      The only one who has said he is a brilliant surgeon is Carson himself and the GOP.

    3. Anonymous6:30 PM

      Well-known surgeons like he was don't just retire at the top of their game unless there's a reason. Maybe it was as simple as his hands no longer being as steady as he needed them to be or maybe there was another reason.

      Perhaps there is mental illness or substance addiction that was becoming too dangerous for the hospitals to overlook.

      His lethargic speech patterns, persistent lying, and unprovoked outbursts hint at something being seriously wrong with him.

    4. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Too many lawsuits from his surgeries, no malpractice insurance company would carry him any more.

      But you are correct, it is extremely rare for a good surgeon to retire early. First off, the tend to be work-aholics, it's also a "big buck" medical career and they can earn a hefty salary. No reason to retire to another career to lower their income greatly.

    5. Anonymous7:07 PM

      He claims his mother is suffering from Alzheimer's. He would not be too young to start manifesting symptoms.

    6. Anonymous8:40 PM

      7:07 Possibly opioid addiction has swollen his testicles, but Ben isn't suffering from Alzheimer's.

      With Alzheimer's, it's not that you forget where you put your keys, it's that you forget it's a key.

    7. Anonymous2:24 AM

      If ever there was a Manchurian candidate, Ben is it.

    8. Anonymous2:26 AM

      With Alzheimer's, it's not that you forget where you put your keys, it's that you forget it's a key.

      Oh thank God.
      I do love your comment!
      Very true.

    9. Anonymous3:30 AM

      Most likely, his brilliance is only in one specialized area - surgery. I had a roommate who had a PHD is Psychology. She had limited common sense, and had terrible social skills. Sometimes people are smart in one area, but very limited in most other areas. I have to warn my husband to do his research on Carson. He wants to vote for him.

    10. Anonymous7:12 AM

      Carson would not be responsible for much of the planning for the surgeries. The registered nurses would pack all the instruments, provide staffing, choose the surgery suite, schedule the surgery, notify the chosen medical team, anesthesiologist would make arrangements for the patient's care and monitoring during the procedure (the anesthetists have the last word and total charge of the patient on the table, go ahead, halt etc. - a little known fact in the outside world unless there has been a recent radical change) and the rotating medical team (22 hours for one of the surgeries) would be scheduled for their time at the operation by the chief of surgery most likely. Carson just needs to show up, scrub, take his place at the patient's head but he's not likely the doc starting the routine beginnings of the lengthy surgical procedure. I do not know if he was the actual surgeon or the one directing a 70 man surgical team. It is difficult to picture him orchestrating the room filled with professionals with his frequently closed eyes and very, very soft voice. It may be his idea but how much he carried out in the actual procedures is up for question. Since he says he was doing 500 surgeries per year and "writing" books to publish it is difficult to understand how he fitted that into a 24 hour day. Cranial surgeries are not quickies.

    11. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Symptoms of frontotemporal dementia:
      Impairments in social skills
      Change in activity level
      Decreased judgement
      Changes in personal habits
      Alterations in personality and mood
      Changes in customary emotional responsiveness

      "Because of their nature, these symptoms are often confused with psychiatric disorders"

  8. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Good for you, Gryphen! There's vindication for you. I hope the snarky commenter to you yesterday feels a little humility today. If Ben Carson gets any higher in the polls a Karl Rove type will have that video playing 24/7 on the local news programs. I have learned over the past few years to pay special attention to the exact words these weasels use. It died. It just went away. I don't think so, Mr. Carson. That woman got the financial help that she sought.

  9. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Balls to the walls, eh, Dr. Carson? If you think you've suffered too much vetting up to this point, wait til Trump or Cruz gets desperate for your poll numbers. You'll have to drop out of the race to spend more time with your wife and three sons.

  10. Anonymous5:56 PM

    With each new day's revelation of Carson's past, the story that still is remarkable is the one where he stabs a student, and where he admits he actually wanted to harm him. The story told is that the student ran away from him and then the story ends there, except for the fact Carson then says that episode forced him to change.

    Where were the school authorities? Didn't they press charges? The attacked student was attacked with a knife to the abdomen; he could have died. That was assault with a deadly weapon. And crickets on what the school's response was, or whether the student's family pressed charges, or that Carson was thrown out of that school. What kind of record is that?

    Didn't the Yale medical school board vet him? Would they accept a student with that troubled past? Would they put patients at risk without first determining whether Carson was right in the head?

    What kind of invidual at 13 could actually try to stab an innocent person in the stomach? Really, is that who the GOP want for their candidate?

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      5:56. That stuff that Carson says happened never happened. He's a grifter to the fundies out there. He's just interested in selling his book with all those stories in it. He never intended people to read his book and then ask him to explain himself with most of the fiction.

    2. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Who knows what the "little voices in Benji ' s head were telling him to do. Obviously it didn't make headlines. I think he's trying to sell a false characterization of himself to appeal to the younger hip hop community as well as the fundies with the hard core christian,I was saved from myself so elect me blah blah blah. More popcorn!

  11. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Let me know when Ted Cruz is busted for cheating. I want to see him destroyed.

    1. Anonymous7:42 PM

      With that ugly face, weepy scowl and mega-bad attitude it would be difficult to believe any female on this planet would succumb to his 'charms'.

    2. Olivia7:04 AM

      I have a wacko, right wing, Fox News blasting all day, uneducated cousin who thinks Ted Cruz is dreamy.

  12. >You see something that habitual liars do, and at this point I think EVERYBODY realizes that Carson is a habitual liar, is to deny something that they did ahead of time before the person, or people, they are talking to even suspects them of doing it.<

    Like freshman Larry Craig in 1982 during the Congressional page scandal, denying all kind of involvement in behavior no one had associated his name with.

    No man sounds more guilty than the one trumpeting his innocence of something he hasn't even been accused.

  13. I disagree - this is not proof that Ben Carson (scumbag) who cheated on his wife

    Batshit crazy

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      I agree as well. Carson is a good four cents short of a nickel but this is not proof positive that he has cheated. I suspect that he has done so but I can't convict him solely on this story.

  14. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I love how he summarizes the lawyers as incompetent and jumps to the fantasy of ending up accused of murder. People should think about the possible outcomes of choices they make, but this story is just adding to the pile of stuff he's said that shows him to have a much too active imagination, paranoid, and always blaming someone else and calling them lacking or evil-minded, etc. He is absolutely bizarre.

  15. physicsmom6:20 PM

    I agree that there's something wrong with Carson, but I think people are jumping to conclusions that can't be substantiated - yet, anyway. I've told of my experience here before:

    I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, didn't like how the ob/gyn handled it and went shopping for a different gyno. In filling out the paperwork for the new Doc, I believe I wrote that I had had a spontaneous abortion, trying to be all official-like. Later in the visit (we were not getting along and I was pretty sure by this time I wasn't going to stay with him), he said "well, how do you feel about that abortion now?" Shocked,(that comment cemented my decision) I said "I had a miscarriage, I still feel sorry about the outcome, (you idiot!)." So I'm sure that any records that remain at his office show that i had a previous abortion. Similar treatment may have been involved in Palin's case too, so I think we need to be careful about the wite-out. It could have been a totally legitimate correction to the record. Similarly, Carson may have been the object of some stalker or publicity-hound. We don't know and there are too many other possibilities to explain it to settle on one -- now.

    1. Otto Katz6:58 PM

      Professionals know to correct a record one puts one line through the incorrect word/s, and then the correct above it. That way people know what had been there, and nothing is "covered up".

    2. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Miscarriages are spontaneous abortions.

    3. Anonymous7:32 PM

      You're giving Palin a lot of credit.

      It wasn't a record, it was a bill. Have you ever heard of a doctor's office using wite out on a bill? The office would just print out a new one. "Abortion" was listed as the "procedure" and then "miscarriage" was substituted? Since when is "miscarriage" a procedure?

      It's possible that Palin is telling the truth, but that's a rare event. I've always thought this was her covering her ass because there's at least one abortion in her past. I guess I'm not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

      Regardless, both Carson and Palin love to tell stories where they are victims and hero. Narcissism 101.

    4. Anonymous7:39 PM



      This is why Palin so frequently rages against medical transcription errrors!

      (end snark)

    5. Anonymous2:31 AM

      you never use white out on medical records.

      But Alaaaska might not be p on normal standards..I will give you that.

  16. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Perhaps Dr Carson was making an attempt at humour, but why would he say "“The next thing I know, it will be in a murder scene, and I’ll be in prison for the rest of my life,” ?

    Just such an odd thing to say.

    Archie Butt

    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Yes, despite being such a tight-ass repug he seemed to be aware of negative law enforcement/court treatment in the black community.

      I bet many didn't even realize Carson is black. A fact he has been trying to overcome for his entire life.

  17. Anonymous6:27 PM

    My first thought: he is having this potentially very enraging conversation in the operating room while doing brain surgery?

    My second thought: he felt the need to tell this story to a bunch of kids?

    1. Balzafiar7:40 PM

      So the scenario is that he's in the operating room when he gets this disturbing phone call...

      What surgeon worthy of the name would take a phone call during surgery unless it was a matter of life or death for someone? That's just so unbelievable.

    2. Anonymous2:33 AM

      If Carson had already been contacted by his baby mama and he put his lawyer on the case...then yeah , he's tell the charge nurse in the OR to let the call from his lawyer come thru.

    3. Anonymous7:21 AM

      I doubt any call was put through to him in surgery - maybe a message from the roust nurse who could have access to the phone because she/he is not in sterile garb. It just isn't done.

  18. I work in family law.

    That's not how family law works.

    Carson would have been served with papers, and then been ordered to go down for a mouth swab.

    There was NEVER such a thing as "sending in some blood" for a paternity test.

    Again, he's either lying or he just doesn't have a good memory.

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      Could the court have taken the DNA from a sample of his bullshit?

    2. Anonymous2:35 AM

      4:37, good one!

  19. Dinty7:55 PM

    Marco Rubio has similar baggage/oppo:

  20. Scruffer8:04 PM

    Gryphen, please give out the info you have on the Palins. Don't distract us here with other gossip.
    I've followed you here, I have you bookmarked and all.
    But let's face it - I'm here about the Palin truth telling and you keep saying that you have some info etc etc, and then you have a great source etc etc....and still, nothing really.
    What's really going on, Gryphen.

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Agree. Pls tell. Whether Palin had a miscarriage or abortion, or her daughter's activities, or the bio-parentage of Trig -- these all mean nothing to me. Can we concentrate on proof of the hoax, please? I.e/. that she was not pregnant as stated.

    2. Anonymous2:40 AM

      I know. Personally I prefer the Palin That's just me. Others must visit for other stories.
      But Palin stories get the most hits.
      I always get a little disappointed when I log in nd it's not a Palin story.
      Eventually I may juy stop logging on for long stretches if life intervenes. I have enough Palin watching friends who will cue me if the "big one" is revealed

    3. Anonymous4:15 AM

      Gryphen, perhaps it's a mistake to keep giving out these hints. Instead, it might be better if you just wait until you finally get your source's permission to publish the information they have on the Palins.

    4. Anonymous6:35 AM

      This has been going on with IM for a number of years now and I've come to the decision he has nothing on Sarah Palin that can be proven!

      I keep checking though - just in case - much like the majority of the viewership here today!

    5. Anonymous7:26 AM

      I get enough of Palin and disagree with the folks who want only Palin. Get a life. Gryphen has to work out his approach. Look at how long some other stories of public figures have taken to surface. Be patient and I for one am glad for G's updates that the thread still is alive and he is seeking. There is other news that brings myself and I dare say many others to this site. Thanks Gryphen for all you bring us.

  21. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Increasingly The World Sees Republicans As The Greatest Threat To America

    ...An opinion piece in a New Zealand newspaper a few months ago gave particular attention to the extremism being displayed by the GOP presidential candidates and actually cited the support they have from voters. The authors wrote that Republicans “are now essentially a party of religious fundamentalism” in citing Ted Cruz’s typically Republican mindset that America’s darkest day was not 9/11, Pearl Harbor, presidential assassinations, or the Civil War. No, according to Cruz and no small number of Republican voters “America’s darkest day was when the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage.”

    A citizen of Uganda and regular commuter to the United States recently noted that,

    “The U.S. Constitution says the government’s responsibility is to provide welfare, security and safety to its population allowing every person the opportunity to live in a dignified manner; Republicans believe otherwise and have created a system that has become a rich man’s plaything.”

    A resident of an EU nation remarked that,

    “I am completely flabbergasted by what has become of America. In the Republican Party stupidity is admired and encouraged, intelligence and education are viewed as ‘elitist’, money is their God and fear is their motivator. If more people outside the US continue to speak very loudly about this situation, it might help them turn things around. The hate and fear that Fox (NOT news) promotes helped the Republican Party create and fuel the atmosphere threatening America.

    “The takeover of American conservatism by evangelical Christians, Fox News and a handful of shady billionaires transformed Republicans into the party of willful ignorance where doctrinal purity is more valued than intelligence, tolerance has been supplanted by persecutory moralizing, and paranoia has replaced realism.”

  22. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Hey Jesse, it looks like things are sorta backfiring from all that craziness with Kim Davis...

    Kim Davis Just Made Sure More Americans Than Ever Oppose Religious Exemptions For Gov’t Officials

    ...Thanks to these shenanigans, more Americans than ever oppose the ability of religious public officials to be exempt from doing their jobs due to religious objections.

    A recently released Associated Press-GFK poll reveals that a majority of Americans think these people should either do their jobs and serve everyone equally or be forced to resign, and, barring the ability to get them out of office, they should be jailed for contempt. A whopping 56 percent of the country believes that issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples should be mandatory if that is indeed in one’s jobs description, while just 41 percent favor the ability to have exemptions on religious grounds.

    This is even more significant because of the swiftness of this shift in public opinion. A similar poll, conducted and released in July of this year, showed that only 49 percent of people wanted to compel public officials to do their duties regardless of their religious views regarding marriage equality. Even better is that the biggest jump in numbers came from self-identified Republicans. In July’s poll, 72 percent of Republican voters wanted exemptions. That number is down an incredible 14 point, to just 56 percent. That is nothing short of amazing, considering that the GOP is the party of “family values” hypocrites, religious nuts, and bona fide homophobic and transphobic bigots.

    Even more interestingly, 22 percent of people who oppose same-sex marriage altogether still believe that, as it is now the law of the land, government workers should indeed put their jobs first and their religion second, and if they cannot do that, then they need to step down from whatever position they hold.

  23. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Even Right-Wing Heritage Action Says Trump And Carson Are Too Dumb For National Security Strategy (VIDEO)

    It’s always fun to watch them eat their own, isn’t it? Monday morning, The Heritage Foundation’s political wing, Heritage Action, released a report about the various plans each of the republican candidates are proposing as it pertains to national security. They really, really hate Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

    ...Heritage is as aghast as you probably are after reading that. According to them:

    “As a candidate who has never held public office in the past, the burden of proof is on Dr. Carson to demonstrate his fluency with national security issues. . . His candidacy faces a heavy burden in demonstrating that he is ready to serve on Day One as Commander-in-Chief.”

    How sad is it when people on your side think you’re an idiot and have no business leading the country?

  24. Either way, he's not a suitable candidate for POTUS.

  25. Anonymous9:37 PM

    O/T but We can only hope...

    Bush 41’s attack on his son’s war in Iraq heralds the end of the Bush dynasty

    The famously tight-lipped George H.W. Bush lets slip some strong opinions in Destination and Power, the new John Meacham biography of the 41st American president. He expresses displeasure with the overheated rhetoric that his son used to describe America’s adversaries after 9/11. He describes former vice president Dick Cheney and his allies as “real hard-charging guys who want to fight about everything, use force to get our way in the Middle East.” The former president also has some harsh words for Donald Rumsfeld, who he says possesses an “iron-ass view of everything.”

  26. Anonymous10:03 PM

    The Real Ben Carson Scandal
    The GOP presidential candidate should be facing more questions about his (thin) campaign platform than his bio.

  27. Low T or cheating....

  28. Sgt. Preston of the Yukon10:22 PM

    "A few years ago I was in the operating room, and I got a phone call from one of the Hopkins attorneys..."

    What lawyer would telephone a surgeon in the middle of an operation, and even if such a thing were possible, what operating surgeon would drop everything to take such a call?

    Benjie is hugely delusional, and has no respect for the intelligence of his audience.

    1. The OR desk would tell them that he was performing surgery. If the caller persisted, they'd call into the room to see if he would take it or if they could take a number and he could call back. Carson's just egotistical enough to think it would be good news, so it's possible that the OR put it on speakerphone in the room. But I think the probability is low that he would take a call about such a matter on a speakerphone.

      Incidentally, I wonder why it didn't occur to him to have blood samples drawn and compared by a lab selected by him? If they're demanding a blood sample, he could insist on it, too. It's not like DNA matching is brand new technology (although it's become increasingly refined). He could have his selected lab PROVE that he wasn't the father... but that never occurred to him.... probably because he knew he was the father.

  29. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Poor Ben. Raked through the coals. That's definitely a first for him. For decades he was an honorary white dude. Not anymore. Poor Candy. She's no Michelle Obama. Carson back in the day was one hot-looking man. I'm sure there are more than a few blondes hiding in the woodwork (for now). Not to mention some illegitimate kids. I suspect there is a lot of domestic abuse in his past too. Hence, the submissive wife and the three mediocre, emasculated sons.

  30. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Because I knew that in my entire life, the only woman I had ever slept with was my wife.

    I had sex with dozens of wimmin, but always kicked them out of be afterward!

  31. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Love the part about his getting a phone when he was in the operating room.

  32. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Yes exactly right, Katy at 720. His whole story is ridiculous. They wouldn't ask him to "send them some of his blood." A subpoena and chain of custody would be involved. I used to think Carson was crazy or some form of idiot savant. Now, I am beginning to see that he is just extremely arrogant. He thinks he is so much smarter than everybody else, he can say anything and be believed.

  33. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Is it normal for surgeons to take such an extended phone call in the middle of a surgery as Carson suggests he did? I THINK NOT.
    Is it normal for anyone to have such a personal conversation on paternity issues in front of the rest of the surgical team during surgery? I THINK NOT.
    I would hope that my surgeon would give me 100% of his/her attention while I am on the operating table and not have an extended argument on the phone while my organs are laying bare on the table.
    Carson in his own words has again proven that he is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR but on top of that, he now has indicated that he is a LOUSY UNCARING SURGEON.

  34. Anonymous6:48 AM

    I totally agree that he's a hypocritical asshole, a smart narcissistic guy who cynically manipulates the truth to reflect his own delusions. But you seem to be suggesting that his wife's bad looks prove his infidelity, and provide a photo to bolster your case... 'Gee, how could anybody NOT screw around on this ugly old hag?' It is sexist, and it's revolting. Sometimes you are no better than they are.

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Speaking as an almost 50 year old woman myself, she doesn't even look bad. Just a middle-aged lady who has enough self-esteem to not have a bunch of crap done to her face.

      Unfortunately the men on the left, esp. the older ones, can be just as gross and sexist as men on the right.

    2. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Gryphen is no big catch himself, but he certainly thinks that he is.

  35. Anonymous7:53 AM

    I would never have surgery of any kind at Hopkins. What kind of a place would cover up for this insane asshole all these years?

  36. Anonymous10:44 AM

    If it's true and it goes public he'll just explain it away by the usual religious horseshit about the devil bla bla bla.

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I was thinking along the same lines, but know someone who interned there, and some of the stories she tells are heartwrenching. They get a lot of gun incidents from drug dealers in the trauma center. For some reason, I can't see Carson having the patience, humanity, nor skill. He's making up things and drawing attention to him and away from something in his past, and it must be something big.

  37. I'm the one who got "pissy" at your posting a picture of Mrs. Carson with the admonition to "be nice." Your response about Ben Carson cheating on his wife had no bearing on the sexism of your post.

    Does Carson have a problem with the truth? Yes. Is he a hypocrite? Yes. Did/does Carson cheat on his wife? I don't know and neither do you.


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