Friday, January 29, 2016

Soldier writes of the preferential treatment he saw Track Palin receive while in the military.

Track with his punching bag Jordan Loewe.
Here are some excerpts from If You Only News, which claims to have verified that he was indeed serving with Track Palin in Alaska.

On meeting Sarah Palin, and spitting in her coffee:

Most of the time Sarah would just would just show up at the office and expect the whole world to stop for her. Thankfully, she wouldn’t come by frequently so we only had to put up with her a few times. That changed when the frequency of her visits started to increase during the fall of 2007. She went from visiting every few months to every few weeks. After a few of her visits I started to develop a distaste for the dear Governor because she hardly showed anyone any respect, but she expected everyone to ‘come to’ for her. As time went on, and my patience started to run thin, I started to pay more attention to how her visits went. One of the things I noticed, other than her absolutely wretched attitude to anyone wearing the uniform was that she would always go into the Commander’s office and ask for a cup of coffee. It didn’t take too long until I decided that I had reached my snapping point. It was then that I decided to add something special to the governors regular coffee: a little taste of my saliva.

For the record I am really grossed out by this and would never recommend that somebody do anything so disgusting.

On the other hand this IS Sarah Palin, and I can understand the impulse.

On Palin's meetings with the base Commander and Track's preferential treatment:

As much of America knows her son Track Palin joined the military in the fall of 2007. Right around the time the visits from the dear Governor increased in their frequency. One of the things I noticed with each passing visit was not only my frustration with the Governor but also the increasing frustration of the Commander. He clearly did not like her stopping in. There was one meeting in particular that I remember like it was yesterday. 

It was the dead of winter in Alaska and that’s often when most things in Alaska start to slow down. For the command team at 1/25 though that certainly wasn’t the case. The Governor did her routine random stop in early one morning and asked to talk to the commander. I, of course, did my job and coordinated the meeting. The meeting lasted anywhere from 20-30 minutes and the Governor left quickly; we could tell she was in somewhat of a hurry. The Commander bellowed to me, “Get the commander of 3-21 on the horn right away and tell him I want him down here now.” I did again did what I was told to do and arranged the meeting. 

This is where I went out of my normal bounds. I could tell the Commander was upset and I had to ask what was going on. He then told me in no so many words that the Governor’s son Track would be joining our brigade and he had to ensure he was kept safe in the Headquarters Company of 3-21 Infantry. I could tell this frustrated the Commander and it certainly frustrated me, more now than it did at the time. What other soldier that enlists gets to go back to their home state? What other soldier gets their parent involved to influence where they’re stationed? What other soldier gets to be kept safe? No one, other than those in positions of power and influence.

On hearing Palin use Track's supposed PTSD as an excuse for punching his girlfriend:

For the years following Sarah Palin has been constantly in our faces because for some reason the media can’t just let her fade into obscurity. I have heard her say thousands of times how proud she was of her combat veteran son and how amazing he was as a person. This weekend though she went too far when she used PTSD as a justification of her son’s battery of his spouse. PTSD is a horrible condition that many veterans face and have to struggle with every day. Out of the thousands of veterans I know managing the condition, I have never heard of a single one using their PTSD as an excuse for their behavior. To me, this is entirely unacceptable and it just reminds me of how disgusting of a person Sarah Palin is and was. It seems like she will use her offspring to do whatever she can as pawns to further her influence in the media or politics. Simply put: it’s disgusting.

On Track being discharged:

Track joins the military just in time to deploy with a unit that was stationed out of Fort Wainwright, Alaska. While deployed she suddenly gets picked as the Vice Presidential Candidate. Then, shortly after the deployment Track is discharged from the active duty after serving a little over two years. 

Once discharged Track was transferred to the National Guard and just happens to be stationed as a recruiter back in his hometown. 

This is the first I have heard that Track is working as a recruiter, but I have to wonder if being outed as a abusive prick makes him better at that job or gets him taken off that job?

So essentially everything we have heard about Track being coddled and protected from harm, has now been proven true. IF of course this young man is telling the truth.

I will leave it up to you to decide. 


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Sarah what will Donald Trump think about you and your son?


    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Trump is also a fraud.

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    What an asinine photo! Is that all the Palins do is have photos taken of them giving the finger? They truly are idiots and white trash! (And, the scenery behind them is so much more beautiful!)

    I have a suggestion too - in viewing the above picture....Track has huge hands and fingers which make me suspect he has a big dick! Once again, would prove he is probably not the biological son of Todd Palin.

    Reason? Based on the book written by Shailey Tripp ("Boys Will be Boys") - and the personal prostitute of Todd's - she indicated his having a small dick and the actual two-toned color of it!

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      We know about Track's family and where he learned to be a disrespectful ass and a bully. What is up with his intended bride's family. I can't believe they have not had an intervention to help her escape the heathens. She is headed for tragedy.

      I hear her grandfather is some hero and a robust bush pilot to this day. He must still have some influence in her life?

      Did her father die or was he a dead beat dad? She seems to be lost.

    2. Balzafiar12:21 PM

      @9:19 AM -- "...which make me suspect he has a big dick!"

      We can probably confirm that. Bristol?

    3. Anonymous1:47 PM


  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    No wonder Jeremy Morelock (sp?) thought SP, as his Governor and mother of his friend, might be open to answering his plea and bringing him home.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Yes, that is a good point. He's seen her influence in action.

    2. Anonymous12:47 PM

      I heard the bff Morlock of Bristol is doing some kind of kiddish softish porn or something. Typical low self-esteem work.

      That must be why the Morlocks are so willing to stand by Sarah's hideous revealing treatment of Jeremy. The whole family must be low self esteem mess if they are stuck with such abusive creepy friends like the Palins.

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM

    For Sarah it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to call recruiting "counseling vets with PTSD". I never bought that Track counseled other vets!! Her whole made of persona of Track's service is disgusting and you'd think he'd be embarrassed.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Being continually drunk tends to medicate any feelings of embarrassment he might have.

    2. Anonymous9:59 AM

      you'd think he'd be embarrassed.

      Could be why he's so messed up. Imagine how many other "embarrassing" moments he and his siblings have had.

      As awful as their upbringing was, time be be adult and stop the generational grift. They are all old enough to know right from wrong.


    3. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Another thing to look into would be if Track received a government check for doing nothing....Hmmmm....that would be defrauding the government.

    4. Anonymous10:44 AM

      If you read the news articles from when Track joined the service and went to Iraq, it is all propaganda from the military.

      Very little of it had any truth. They used that for recruiting.

      You know when they created these 'strong young' people who join and fight in Iraq and Afghanistan they stick with the military version of their stories no matter what.

      That is how the military works the recruitment deal to get people to join. There is no draft.

      Remember Pat Tillman. He is nothing like Track Palin. He did work and he gave up a career to join the fight because he was caught up in the fantasy stories and lies of the Bush Ad. Tillman was an ideal person to attract recruits.

      Track could never be made into a person like Tillman but they did a lot to make him look attractive to those they wanted to recruit.

    5. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Well, even after "doing a lot to make him look attractive to recruits" they FAILED. He is a disgrace, no job daughter to support, always drunk and high. The guy is a loser - big time. Another moocher like the rest of the lazy, grifting family of deadbeats.

    6. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Track Palin was part of the George W. Bush lies of 911. Palin was all about the 911, 911, 911 bull crap. The same administration of propaganda. Bush failed too, he is still not locked up. And how dare anyone reveal the real Bush/National Guard truth.

    7. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Track got a raise when he 'earned' sergeant. Sgt. Track Palin.

    8. Anonymous1:48 PM

      1153 well then by golly ol Sarah needs to!

    9. Anonymous2:40 PM

      Yep, Track is just like GWB. I bet Scarah is already making plans for the power couple. Since Brissy failed her bid to end up in the WH with Dakota.

      Track and Jordan are Scarah's next power couple and they will be in the WH.

  5. angela9:25 AM

    I didn't know that Track went into the military in 2007. I thought Sarah first got him trundled off in 2008 during her VP run for the optics. If any of the other stuff is true, its not a surprise. But Sarah is probably spitting mad (eeeewwww) about now if this young person actually did that horrible thing to her coffee. I take it they are out of the military now.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      He enlisted in September of 2007 and was not deployed until 2008.

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      He enlisted in 2007, but didn't deploy until Sept 2008...Sept 11th to be exact because Sarah Palin is a grifting asshole.

    3. Anonymous12:46 PM

      wonder how many barista's in the wasilla coffee stands hawked loogies up and hacked them in her coffee for her repeatedly not paying and just up and driving away ....

    4. Anonymous1:49 PM

      or put stuff in it to be WIRED OUT?

    5. Anonymous4:37 PM

      12:46 no shit? Well,she'll get hers. Karma bites.

  6. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Saliva should have been changed to peeing in her coffee!

    All I can say is that this is going to be nothing but delightful - watching the complete downfall of Sarah Palin. So many, many people despise the bitch!

    She is going to live a horrible life as a
    'nobody' in Alaska - as well as her offspring that she and Todd ruined!

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      you know you really said it all in a nutshell
      and it's a shame too because she had ample opportunities to do the right thing!
      missed opportunities Sarah? oh and don't start about how that was due to a time limit of filing in the courts...does not apply!

    2. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Saliva is what he ADMITS to. Given the way that people feel about her and the way she treats those she thinks are beneath her, it is fun to imagine all that she has consumed unaware. heh, heh.

  7. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Too bad Sarah insisted Jordan delete her whole instagram. There was a video posted to it around the time of the KY "family gathering" that showed the two goofing off (really showcased their personalities). Sarah made her delete that almost immediately! Sarah's christian followers would have loved it! LOL!

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Meet Jordan Loewe:

    2. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Jordan started out looking like a free soul that no one would stomp on and she turned to such a wimpy loser when she allowed the Palins to control her.

      That may have been when she started using drugs more?

      Who would give up their freedom to whatever temporary thrill to be in the stupid name recognition family in little ood Alaska?

    3. Anonymous11:18 AM

      10:09 Great photos but if anyone saved that video of her and Track's back and forth little "sing song" ditty it's priceless!

    4. Anonymous11:56 AM

      11:18 AM

      Can you describe it to the best of your ability? Thanks.

    5. Anonymous12:57 PM

      The video may be @ dubsmash?

      Dubsmash App

  8. Anonymous9:26 AM

    IF of course this young man is telling the truth.
    What possible reason would this man have to lie? Sounds to me like he enjoyed his job and took it quite seriously and, face it, in such an occupation, who would have tolerance for a "golden boy," especially one along the lines of one Track Palin?

    The picture above is enough for me to discern what type of people these are.

  9. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I believe this young man over Sarah Palin that's for sure.

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      His disgust for Sarah and her behavior rings true. Just like MALOE's does. I appreciate them both having the courage to speak out and I don't mind them using pseudonyms. Whatever it takes to increase the truth-spilling about evil Sarah and her brood of losers.

  10. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I also too wonder why the media didn't let her fade into obscurity. What does she bring to the table?? Absolutely nothing as far as I'm concerned, except maybe a saw to cut its legs off.

    I'm also sure it wasn't lost on just me that the media used the clean cut picture from eight years ago in the PTSD story instead of the grizzled mess he is today.

    1. Anonymous2:46 PM

      $he brings web site clicks - people simply can't help themselves to see what $pew or horrible outfit or other outlandishness is $creech PayMe. I'll admit to the same, but I come to IM instead of giving clicks to other websites.

  11. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Why always giving the finger? Grow up. Seriously, grow up.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      No comment to fellow liberal commenters here who are far worse than a meaningless middle finger?

    2. Anonymous10:13 AM

      Sorry, but gotta say it. Track is just showing how big his prick is and Jordan is sayin, nah, more like this.....these people are the true definition of trash.

    3. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Really! What mother would be proud of that, especially one professing to be christian?

    4. 9:52am, it sounds like your heart isn't in this trolling business anymore. You're really not bringing your A game.

    5. Anonymous10:27 AM

      "fellow liberal commenters"


    6. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Track NEEDS a job. to be out with people who can set him straight about life. How can he pay child support with no income? How juvenile are these two, constantly giving the finger, do they think it is cute? It is not. Childish and stupid.

    7. Anonymous10:59 AM

      It is hard to believe that there is nothing her family can't do. They have the education and resources. Domestic violence is not funny and they should take serious what the White House is saying about this, even if they are Tea Bags or whatever RW nuts are called today.

      Dr. Amod Paranjpe, Tamara Hartz

      Mother of the bride

    8. Anonymous11:09 AM

      "fellow liberal commenters" = Hi, Alicia!

    9. Anonymous11:22 AM

      I think at heart Track is also really really lazy.

    10. Anonymous12:09 PM

      11:22 AM

      I have never heard Track had a job. Only what they made up or arranged for him with the military, and that was for Sarah.

      Track could not handle hockey and he was to like it and be good, if he could manage to do it.

      He seems to fail at everything. Except living with the parents and having them take care of him.

      They tried to pass him off on the first knocked up girlfriend and Sarah worker. That failed.

      Jordan is a certified Pharmacy Tech and has gone to school. Palins probably see her as someone who can take care of Track who does nothing.

      What LLC are they using to set Jordan and Track up in that house they will build them so they will be close to home?

      Is Jordan still living at the compound/

      Where are Trig and Piper now?

    11. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Does he sound exactly like Sarah in the above writing? Sure does to me - angry, pissed off all the time and it's the fault of everyone else! Neither of them takes any responsibility!

      Jordan - run your ass away and get away from that horrible family.

  12. Anonymous9:42 AM

    What about Afghanistan? He is still friends with one of his fellow soldiers from that tour. I don't like these types of things because it invites people to lie and judge strangers.

    And the middle finger thing isn't all that weird considering all the haters who refuse to grow up and get lives instead living to stalk and lie about hardworking people.

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Take your meds.

    2. Anonymous10:27 AM


    3. Anonymous10:51 AM

      They are giving the finger to the person taking the photo.

      By the way don't you get tired of write the same damn thing every single posting.

      If your writing reflexes your thoughts, your brain must be a huge, scrambled disaster. Your neurons are not working properly.

    4. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Actually those photos were taken by his friends and family.
      But what about Track not going into combat with the rest of his brigade? Why was he protected so much? Did he need his panties changed by his Mommy? Why didn't he serve in combat like his fellow soldiers?

    5. Anonymous11:13 AM

      You don't have to lie.

      You can get the DD-214.

      The problem with the finger is that his attitude sucks and it is a chronic matter. If you read his friends and others they talk about it. He is in an almost constant state of judging others when he habitually only communicates with a dark ugly attitude and the finger. Only a loser is stuck like that.

      His problems go back to childhood. the fact he can't take responsibility and falls into the trap of blaming others is also a notice to the public that he is sick and not about to improve. Blame game is for losers of the world.

      His parents may have been awful in his childhood. He is not a child now and he needs to take responsibility for what happened to him and his actions today.

      Track has never worked. A few things set up for him to be as if working, not so much hardwork.

      What about Afghanistan?

      Please find the facts. I would like to know. If there is anything the Palins could be proud of they will let it be known he was there and what he did.

    6. Anonymous11:19 AM


    7. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Sorry, Sunshine, but there is nothing on his DD214 about being in Afghanistan. Maybe you can try a different lie later. Bullshitter.

    8. Anonymous12:16 PM

      11:07 AM

      Track is an important part of the crime family.

      They live off the opm they can generate from any hoax they want to do to defraud the public.

      Using Trig for a hoax was not enough for Sarah. She knew Track could make her plenty more money and military credentials for scamming her political role.

      Bristol? Why stop with only Sarah's Trig and Track frauds?

    9. Anonymous1:00 PM

      I suspect Track (and the other kids) grew up seeing violence in their home. I'll even go as far as to say that Sarah and Todd were physical toward each other - in fits of rage! The fact has been alluded to by others throughout the years.

      Track is just like Sarah - angry as hell and it's the fault of everyone else!

    10. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Discharge papers do no list where you served. You need to look at his service papers.

    11. Anonymous2:47 PM

      He would have discharge papers from Iraq. Wasn't he in the Army (or that is what they claimed) after that, reported he went to Afghanistan. Wouldn't he have discharge papers from that time also?

      Did he make sergeant after one year in Iraq?

      I'd like to know more about that. Who would give him the rank of sergeant?

    12. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Hardworking people? I have a bridge to sell you.. ;) They are all unemployed and living off the tit of anyone they can scam out of a buck. Shameless.

    13. Anonymous4:24 PM

      The one finger salute is something you would expect from a kid. Not a grown unemployed man in his mid twenties.

    14. Anonymous4:35 PM

      yeah doncha have some folks to stalk Track?

  13. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Thank you, Gryphen, thank you! Between your constant vigilance & the recent postings from MALOE, I'm hopeful that someone in the main media picks up on these items & does some in-depth reporting that people other than just us devoted IMers will finally take notice. And a big THANK YOU to MALOE. Keep posting. You've been validated quite a bit.

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM


      A true believer.

      Baptized in the fake cousin posts.

  14. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Interesting he should bring up coffee. It reminded me of the email dump and all the references to coffee-they were emailing each other something like I have some different coffee today, good coffee today or do you want some coffee.

    I always wondered what it was code for because seriously who emails others in the office about coffee.

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      People who have nothing better to do because they are only pretending to be busy governing the state?

    2. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Back in the 80's we used it as a code word for cocaine.

    3. Anonymous10:52 AM

      9:50 do some homework, i have NO DOUBT that it is called "code word".

    4. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Homework done:

    5. Anonymous12:52 PM

      11:42 YOU get a "A". That is some really TELLing SHIT ON SARAH- THE BITCH and KKKrew.

    6. Anonymous1:54 PM

      ask Sarah or Todd why they hung Brooks? Hang em high is it Sarah? shall we explore that?

    7. Anonymous2:06 PM

      11:42 AM


  15. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Whoever wrote that has no idea what the military is. Well in terms of the whole shebang. Sounds more like a carefully crafted politically led diatribe.

    And I wonder why no one mentions his Afghanistan deployment. His buddy and buddy's wife were sickened with the media bs concerning track. Leave him alone. He's a good man who hates attention and will be fine due to a good family and friends.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Alicia knows a ton about what the military is because she's never served.

    2. Anonymous10:25 AM

      A good man punches his girlfriend in the face and then kicks her?

    3. Anonymous10:31 AM

      Again, Alicia, fuck off.

      Track is NOT anything close to a 'good man'. He's a very messed up addict and drunk who thinks violence is an acceptable way of behavior. He comes from a royally fucked up family of grifters and cons, with a 'father' who runs a sex ring and a mother who sells her kids and her soul down the river for a few bucks, while she sucks political cock in between her pole dances. I hardly would call that a 'good' family.

    4. Anonymous10:34 AM

      No he is NOT a good man. A good man does not beat up his girl friend or end up drunk all the time.

    5. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Could also be one of those two wretched women who Sarah pays to post here and elsewhere. Grifting off of the Mama Grifter.
      M from MD

    6. Anon 9:52: "Whoever wrote that has no idea what the military is". Before you make a bigger ass of yourself, the young man's story of serving with Trackmarks, was verified. But, keep on sniffing the Palin panty if that's how you get off.

    7. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Well Alicia, I've been in the military ( unlike you) and I believe the soldier, it's about status quo for a bigwigs protected progeny.
      And what's up with Track going to Afghanistan and being babied and protected instead of going into combat like my son , a true combat Veteran of the US Army, unlike lick boy Trackmarks.

    8. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Your stalking is truly scary. Yikes! Glad your sick ass is not after me. Cray cray all the way! Poor Alicia.

    9. Anonymous11:20 AM

      If people are fine and proud they can write and say what they have to say. They do not need to remain nameless.

      You are mentioning 'Afghanistan deployment' and you have nothing to say.

      Track Palin is a disturbed man that needs mush more attention.

      When people are sick they do not always know how to ask for the attention they need.

      They will act out hurting others or what nots as their way to ask for attention.

      A part from physical violence and substance abuse he is part of a crime family and he will never be left alone.

      Especially if he secretly marries one of his victims.

    10. Anonymous11:51 AM

      10:31 You got ALL that right! :-)

    11. Anonymous12:23 PM

      10:40 AM

      Yes, those two.

      PLUS Jordan. Sarah does not allow her to live for free at her lake mansions. Sarah puts Jordan to work as a troll.

    12. Anonymous12:32 PM

      11:04 AM

      I'd like to hear more about Afghanistan.

      All I remember is Col Thompson and others would compare Track Palin to royalty.

      Mention Track Palin and Prince Harry in Afghanistan.

      Track was in such danger but didn't have anyone target him. Harry was serving honorably in Afghanistan. You know like Track Palin.

      Prince Harry

  16. Anonymous9:53 AM

    What a lovely couple. I'm sure they will have plenty of memorable wedding photos with both of the flipping the bird. She's as trashy as he is, apparently.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Jordan posted photos where she was at a wedding and she featured her FU finger.

      It is who she is.

      Of course they will have to hide their wedding photos when they FU as their romantic love message to what connects them. They will blame h8rs. Not their self loathing but anyone but themselves is a h8r.

    2. Balzafiar12:11 PM

      A good foundation will hide the bruises, also too.

  17. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Thing is, she's done so much work in support of veterans and the military, most of which isn't broadcasted. Definitely don't buy Sarah disrespecting soldiers. Not when she has lots of real friends who are vets. Including trigs former babysitters husband, who she mentioned in her book.

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM


    2. Anonymous10:24 AM


    3. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Oh fuck off, Alicia, she hasn't done SQUAT for soldiers. If she had, she'd be singing it from the rooftops because that is what a narcissistic asswad does. Sarah is a vile, opportunistic, disgusting, bully and no amount of bullshit you post will change that. So, again, I say FUCK OFF.

    4. She doesn't do anything without an audience to validate her.

    5. Anonymous10:29 AM

      When her advocacy was so desperately needed she ignored the situation. See Jeremy Morlock.

    6. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Her book, like your post, is pure fiction.

    7. Anonymous10:58 AM

      You might want to try this little quiz before posting your next comment:

    8. Olivia11:01 AM

      Yep, she has done almost as much work for veterans as she has for Downs Syndrome. She is fucking tireless, that woman is; raising money and awareness for all those causes...NOT!

    9. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Why did Trig need a babysitter if his "Dad" Tawd was unemployed?

    10. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Pure bullshit. Don't even bother posting here unless you can offer proof. What a sick, sick peabrain you are. For fuck sake, get a life you poor sad thing.

    11. Anonymous3:18 PM

      She hasn't done squat for ptsd or ds because trick isn't ptsd and trig has other issues aside from ds. PROVE ME WRONG.

  18. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Both Track Palin and Jordan Loewe are suffering from a severe case of Alaskan Affluenza. Living as teenagers while refusing to grow up.

    Affluenza teen family's long history of tangling with the law - including TWENTY previous incidents

  19. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Did Sarah ever mention Track's PTSD before this incident? Did she blame his PTSD for his brawling at the 2014 Brawl?

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      She did mention the PTSD before. She said he received treatment at a place where Track became a "counselor" for vets with PTSD. What a crock.

    2. Anonymous11:43 AM

      The night before the infamous drunken brawl in Anchorage, the limo hummer and the child abuse that the APD failed to notice... Sarah was in Houston at a fund raiser for PTSD. She said something about Track was a counselor and mentioned him as doing good deeds with those suffering PTSD. Track has always been too stupid to speak for himself so all you hear is Sarah's word salad. Caint Get Right doesn't care she speaks for him because he isn't right in the head. Drug abuse started before he joined the military. If he has PTSD it is from his childhood.

      Sarah tried to deny when she got back to Anchorage and rented the limo but that is when the family got drunk and loaded together with little Tripp trapped around the violence and drugs.

      If a mother thought her son had PTSD would she be around while he drank? Would she have her grandchild with the PTSD while drunk?

    3. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Don't forget that Track Palin is paranoid that carries concealed. Who has their child or any child around that whether he is drinking, drugging or not.

      He is still angry and violent when he is sober. His disease is progressing. It will not get better.

      Under good medical care it can be managed, not cured.

    4. Anonymous1:56 PM

      She didn't mention it at the brawl because Track was not arrested.

    5. Anonymous2:56 PM

      There should have been arrests at the brawl. Track did not have guns spread about everywhere, there was no visible gun. Did the police check the limo? Did they check Track to see if he was carrying concealed and drunk and violent?

      Sarah mentioned Track and PTSD BEFORE the BRAWL.

      We will never know about guns in the limo with drunk and violent Palins.

  20. Anonymous10:27 AM

    The truth is making some little troll very agitated today.

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      That's exactly what I think! The closer to the truth Gryphen gets, the more agitated the troll(s) become. Love it!

  21. [ahem]
    Track is a good, hardworking man from a good family who only flips the bird in all his photos because he's angry at all the liberals who are telling lies about how angry he is and how he flips the bird in all his photos. Also, stop saying negative things about this good man. He and his girlfriend have a wonderful relationship. She is already over being punched in the face and humiliated in public (because those liberal cops arrested the man who punched her in the face after she called them). Now she's laughing and happy again. When you come from a good, supportive family and are hardworking, it doesn't matter if your boyfriend punches you in the face because a week later, you will be happy and smiling and skiing.

    Also, nobody knows anything about how the military works, especially people in the military like all those military people who said Sarah shouldn't blame PTSD for her son punching his girlfriend in the face. Those people really don't know anything the about the military. Plus, Track's buddy and his buddy's buddy, and his buddy's buddy's buddy's wife's buddy's wife know all about Track and Afghanistan. They know about Track and they know about Afghanistan and that's much more believable than random military people and vets saying stuff.

    If everyone would just keep leaving Track alone like they have been for the past 8 years, he wouldn't be flipping the bird in all those photos taken over the past 8 years and he wouldn't have gotten thrown out of all those hockey games because he knew people would be saying bad things about him in the future and he certainly wouldn't be punching his girlfriend in the face. Everyone knows that random people on the internet saying bad things about your mother is the reason why you would punch your girlfriend in the face.

    Also, Sarah has a lot of very good friends who are vets, including Donald Trump (who is a veteran of military prep school) and Todd Palin (who went through military boot camp on that reality tv show).

    She's done a lot of great things for veterans in her mind so of course we don't hear about them.

    And just look how much attention she's given to PTSD by suggesting her son has PTSD and blaming his violence against his girlfriend on it. Lying about her son's PTSD and turning him into the victim who must have hurt his hand when he punched his girlfriend in the face has really brought attention to the problem of PTSD.

    So, just stop it my fellow liberals who are liberal just like I am. Yes, it's very surprising, but I am actually a liberal.

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      "Ahem" I think I love you.

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Is that you, Beldar? If not, you are a worthy successor!!

      Thanks for the much-needed laugh.

    3. Wow. You really have the troll down!

    4. Anonymous11:30 AM

      I have missed you, Ahem.

    5. Anonymous1:03 PM

      BAAWAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh :)

    6. Otto Katz1:40 PM

    7. I have so missed you Ahem!

  22. Anonymous11:04 AM

    He never should have spit in her coffee. He should have pissed in it instead.

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      All I'm going to say is--don't piss off soldiers! :)

  23. Anonymous11:07 AM

    You win the internets today.

  24. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Palin kept referring to Track as a sergeant. How the hell did he become a sergeant in such a short time? Is that a big fat lie or was it a favor to the Tundra Turd? Any way to find out?

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      It should take about 4 years to earn the rank of sergeant, either shithead is lying or he was given that rank unfairly. Hmmm. That might be worth pursuing, Gryphen.

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Sergeant was to reward him for using his name. Hardwork, you know?

      Mama needed another hoax and Track worked hard at keeping his mouth shut and doing nothing.

      The Pentagon wanted poster boys for Bush and an 'attractive' tool to recruit other young men.

      It is a joint effort. Track is paid by becoming a sergeant, getting paid and benefits and the VA pharmacy is a constant source of drugs.

      This is what the American taxpayers finance.

    3. Anonymous2:05 PM

      "and the VA pharmacy is a constant source of drugs. "

      Sorry I hate Sarah as much as any sane rational person does but please don't denigrate the VA. Their pharmacy is just like any other. You need a valid prescription from a real Dr. They aren't drug dealers FFS.

    4. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Maybe it is time to send JCOH to audit the pharmacy where Jordan is working? They would be very, very thorough...
      Does anyone here know where Jordan is working? MALOE?

    5. Anonymous3:17 PM

      2:05 PM
      "and the VA pharmacy is a constant source of drugs. "

      That is what I have seen with other vets. One rented a room where I was living and I saw all the shipments he got. It was all legal but they send them enough to sell or trade what the vet doesn't want. It is not all vets. It happens a lot and the vets that use and abuse drugs are often friends and it is like a side business. Not saying the VA knows about the individuals who do that business. The VA does know about the problem in general.

      Yes, vets with health problems have doctors and prescriptions.

      Read about Jeremy Morlock. He was serving, not a vet at the time. He had an injury. He was given drugs when he needed to be treated other ways and kept out of a war zone.

      Not that unusual at that time for military to give men drugs and send them back to war.

      Jeremy asked for Sarah's help and she knew the family and should have known what was happening to Jeremy. Well he never got the help he needed and the rest is history.

      The military and VA both are too free with drug prescriptions and keeping soldiers and vets addicted.

      Not only what I saw first hand. There has been news and television documentaries and programs about the problem.

      Don't keep your head buried in the sand. Do some research.

      It should not be ignored that Sarah Palin was commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force.

      So much of her behavior was inappropriate and worse.

    6. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Exactly 11:36. It took my husband about 4 years in the service to earn E-5 rank which is sergeant.

  25. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Having been the service, this story rings very true. Children of politicians or high ranking military officers were always given special treatment.

    But Sarah did her son no favors by coddling him as she did. She now has a 26 year old alcoholic son with no job or job skills, who evidently has some real anger and rage living within him.

  26. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Awe, that picture of the two says love, true love. And so classy and Christian. Go, you body warrior, go!

    1. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Isn't that their engagement picture?

  27. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Britta sure got out of her situation in a hurry. Jordan should alsotoo.

    1. Britta was with track like 7 yrs. That's not too much in a hurry. I think she might of never left if he hadn't go violent around the baby.

    2. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Thank goodness she left, for her own safety and the baby's. Unfortunately abusive men never get better, they only get more violent.

  28. Anon11:32 Jordan is already back with him. It's hard to be sympathetic now right? Piper said that Jordan stated she wasn't wasting all the "time she put in" by breaking up w track. And I'm over here like hello, you ain't gonna have time to waste if your ass is dead.

    Anyway I am just posting a friendly notice about our resident supertroll Alicia Mangledorf, who my family's lawyers have to keep tabs on bc she is crazy ass crazy.......her new Instagram name is "momXdeux".....she wants Bristol to think she has kids so they can bond and be mommy BFFs. In the reality situation, Alicia couldn't even keep a gerbill alive bc she can't tear her tongue out of Bristol's ass hole long enough.

    Hey's your fake husband, Kevin? And your fake kids Miranda and Lucas? I hope you have them up to date on vaccines and stuff. It's a bitch when your fake kids get sick right??? Lol, girl you sad!

    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Did Sarah talk Jordan into getting back with that woman beater so she would drop the charges against her aon and save face by saying they just had a spat?

    2. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Welcome back!

      Does Sarah ever talk about why she had to resign on July 3? It's not exactly a secret that the trip to Juneau and the cookout plans were ruined.

      # :-)

    3. Anonymous12:46 PM

      Jordan is young, thinks she knows everything and won't listen to anyone concerning Track.

      Track is the kind of woman abuser that could very likely kill her in a fit or rage. Hopefully, her parents and others are giving her advice and that she eventually gets out of the relationship while the getting is good!

      How are the Palins going to explain things about their messed-up son once he kills someone?

    4. Anonymous12:56 PM

      The Palins will blame Obama just like they always do.

    5. Anonymous1:01 PM

      LMAO! Thanks for the info Cuz.

      Well Jordan is like many abused women and does not leave right away. But I do hope she leaves before she is dead.

    6. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Piper said that Jordan stated she wasn't wasting all the "time she put in" by breaking up w track.

      Jordan sounds like it was a job.

      Maybe a job with 'relationship' advantages.

      If you know her up close what do you think?

      She looks so much like drugs, not just alcohol is one of her big her problems.

      I had a boyfriend that was a Dr. of Pharmacology. I knew his associates and work places. I don't know there is a field of employment more loaded with drug addicts then the medical profession.

      Sad because they are bright people and they do work. I even knew of surgeons. They can be the best at hiding their addictions.

      Jordan documented much of her life with alcohol and her enabler friends and relatives.

      I heard they are all doing the same old. Looking like healthy sports minded Alaskans.

    7. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Jordan is already back with him.

      Does that mean Track and Jordan are back with Mommie Dearest and Pimp Daddy? They could not act anymore child like and crippled? As happens with mental problems and chemical abuse.

      Sarah will have no problem controlling Jordan, she has been doing it for a while now.

      No one seems concerned about the 'suicide' part? I suspect it was a ploy someones manufactured to make things better for Track. At least that makes him a more sad and sympathic chararacter.

      The police were obvious when they did not put him on a hold. Police that do not put a suicidal person on hold, if that person kills themself, the police are sued. No the Wasilla police are not that incompetent. They were positive there was no suicidal person that night.

      Who Knew? The Leading Cause Of Gun Death Is Suicide
      The AR-15 isn't often used for suicide

      "For millennials, to be inspired is to become creative, innovative and energized."
      Tori Utley

    8. Anonymous3:09 PM

      You think we'll see a death in the Palin/Heath group within the next year? Wouldn't surprise me one bit. There is so much hate and anger in the group - it will be difficult putting a dent into stopping the physical and verbal abuse!

    9. Anonymous4:26 PM

      MALOE, you probably don't want to hear this, but if you are revealing true info here ( and I believe you are) you really need to be alerting CPS Child Protective Services about what you know .

      *You say there are lots and lots of unsecured guns in a home where Sarah and Todd Palin live with their self-proclaimed "son" Trig, a proven drunken anger addicted PTSD son Track, the girlfriend he abuses; under aged daughter Piper; with frequent visits from little grandson Tripp, grand daughter Tristan and infant grand daughter Sailor.

      ALL of these kids are at risk if what you have described is true. I tried for some years to share the insider info I was given about very similar dangers and get traction or interest with law enforcement and the media but the Paylins were too well protected.

      Although I appreciate your posts here very much, you are describing almost every day extremely dangerous living conditions for all the minors living with Sarah/ Todd and Bristol.

      Please just report this to police and keep doing so, and call CPS to report all those unsecured guns in the homes.

      You could be saving a lot of lives and in the end that is all that matters. Nobody ever listens to those of us on the outside who receive similar tips/ info etc.

      But again no "gossip" matters when children's lives are involved,

      Please do the right thing and share your info with authorities, MALOE!

      Media Insider aka Jennifer

  29. Anonymous12:18 PM

    My brother was not coddled, he served in Iraq with the Alaska-based 25th Infantry Division's 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He was not a chauffeur and stayed in the Green Zone. My brother is a gunner and no he wasn't promoted so rapidly in rank because of mom.

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Well hello. Please proceed.

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Could you explain what events caused him to develop PTSD? Perhaps you can help to clear his name, which at this point is very tarnished in the military world.

    3. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Uh huh. Sure he did.

    4. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Any guy that hits a girl is a sick motherfucker. He is a punk ass pussy.

    5. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Barstool. Then your brother lied to you. People who served with him say you're full of it.

    6. Anonymous3:24 PM

      My brother is very capable of moving out and living on his own, except thst it's too cold up here in Wasilla to live in a cardboard box, and my mother has been too good to him to allow him to develop any self respect and self confidence, and is very proud that he can hold his own in a brawl while protecting the reputation of his abstinent sister, who needs someone to stand for her honor as a born again virgin who can't help it if babies just pop out.

    7. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Hitting is horrible but terrorizing someone with guns is horrendous.

      Track and Jordan were in some physical altercation but it is not clear exactly what or about injuries. The police acted more like they were covering for the Palins and not doing legit police work.

      Some women can be more physical combative. I think what terrorized Jordan was more abuse. Like she wasn't ready to be blown up by one of the AK_15 assault rifles.

      Even Walmart is going to stop selling AR-15s and other assault rifles

      Sarah and Todd Palin are responsible for the children and the home that has assault rifles and who knows what were all the weapons spread all over the property?

      The police were not just being incompetent. They were incompetent with a purpose.

      They were protecting all the Palins, not just Track.

      Todd and Sarah know about Track and Jordan's drinking and drugs. They know about all the guns. They use PTSD for an excuse and way to blame President Obama, but they don't act like they realized anything about Track and PTSD since the brawl.

      The police did not log what was on the property left for the two drunks and a known paranoid to be in charge of.

      The police did not check for drugs.
      Or do an adequate job to be sure the small children that live at the compound under Sarah and Todd's charge were not hiding in fear. Or had to leave do for fear of a paranoid with concealed weapons or the guns all over the compound.

      It is not like the police and homeland security could not know all the facts about the Palin compound. If they don't know, it is the way they chose to cover up and keep the citizens in the area threantend and in danger.

      Track and the Palins go to Anchorage often, Anchorage also needs protections from the terrorists at the Palin compound.

  30. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Perez Hilton:
    Bristol Palin Slams #OscarsSoWhite, Says 'Jada Pinkett Smith Started It Because Her Husband Wasn't Getting Nominated'

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      And this week she's been on the Stacey Dash train on the subject. A light-skinned conservative black woman on Fox--whose boobs were almost out of her dress neckline the other day--says something and Bristol just has to take it to mean that she can chime in and she knows something. She's not even thinking beyond the issue of actors and thinking in terms of all the layers of the issue. Such an idiot. And so like her mom in always using others' posts and trying to say that counts as being involved in the issues.

    2. Anonymous3:55 PM

      All of pitiful Bristol attempts (Sarah and Nancy using a name) for re-branding the bad image the family is now having with military are not effective.

      Although there are those that will print the fake stuff Palins make up.

      Two lame examples:

      David Martin must be desperate to work for another TV show. He could not have a worse job.

      All the fraud about Trig and now Track fraud is starting to come out. All that is more fraud that the fraud known as Bristol Palin is part of.

      Who wants to see her deflect more? She was a dullard and awful when she proved what an bad mother when she did the other failed shows.

      I heard something about her commenting on the Oscars. As if she has an opinion in that crowd. Martin must be paid a lot, he is not dealing with reality or he is ignoring reality to screw the Palins and make some money.

  31. Anonymous12:23 PM

    It's too bad that Sarah made excuses for Track-- he's a combat vet, he has PTSD. Many people do have PTSD after experiencing a major trauma such as surviving a near-death experience, being in an accident, being raped, it doesn't have to come from battle. Sarah has made excuses for Track instead of getting him the help that he needed for drug addiction, alcoholism and anger management.

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM

      yeah Sarah! say how's that Pit Bull Attorney doing these days? oh right! shhh! hahahaha

  32. Anonymous12:53 PM

    He shoulda pissed in her coffee! I imagine that has been done many times since she was first elected mayor of the Wasillabillies.

  33. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Probably why Track always uses the word pussy. Because that's what combat soldiers call protected rich boys on Army bases, pussies, Track is nothing but a pussy.

  34. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I guess the Palin kids being raised by
    blabber mouth Palin, for survival, they had
    to learn sign language. The middle finger,
    fish lips, crossing the eyes, the ready fist . the snarl and more.
    Well not all is lost. Trig is quite verbal.
    He can cuss now.

  35. Anonymous1:31 PM

    We're active duty army and this is totally believable. Commanders don't want to *?#@!! deal with mothers of grown men under their command unless it's an emergency!! But what choice did he have--if he told her what I just know he wanted to (fuck off!!)--she'd have done her best to have a higher up crawling up the crack of his ass about it. And Track....Can you imagine?!--he's just not able to be left alone by his mommy... who's making as much political hay as she can out of her 'hero' kid serving in the military---make no mistake that's what that was all about.
    Just horrible. Another affluenza mom. But you know--he's so jacked up it's not outside the realm of possibility that he was like "mommy get me out of here, they're being mean to me!!" Maybe he's a total douchebag. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt though. Nothing worse than having your mommy turn up that much while you're just trying to get on with your job in the military! That had to really really really suck for him. Not viewed that well at all by the others he was serving with. Boy did she screw that up for him.

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Yea, and where does he get the money to run? No one is going to help him, you can bet on that - after all he is a Palin!

      It's to bad ALL the Palins kids currently living with Mommie Dearest can't escape from the compound on the dead lake in Wasilla!

      Their lives are all going to be horrible unless they get away from their god awful parents! How to do it - have no clue!

    2. Anonymous4:11 PM

      How to do it -

      Since the police are clearly in support of only protecting Sarah and Todd's reputation as family values and all the the fake narrative crap.

      That is what the police are working hard to protect. Not any safety issues or exposing negative criminal activity.

      The only way Jordan and her baby that she sits, Track, will move as close as possible to the compound, into another house. That is what the Palins call getting away.

    3. Anonymous4:37 PM

      If Sarah and Todd had been home the cops never would have been called.

      As far as Jordan and Track, they both have pretty serious substance abuse issues and it is up to them as adults to fix that.

  36. Anonymous1:49 PM

    A lost child is what you get when your mom is an Mommy Dearest hosebeast who spends most of her time in her bedroom ignoring her children, and your father isn't around long enough to show you how to be a respectable man. Best thing Track could ever do for himself is ditch Alaska and that helicopter hosebeast of a 'mother' and run away as far as he can--get clean/sober--live his own life. If he doesn't-- it's not looking like it's going to end well for him. Escape!

  37. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Sarah Palin's disturbed son doesn't want girlfriend Jordan to talk with Drew.

    Bad decisions to drink around all the weapons spread out on the property Todd and Sarah Palin are responsibly for.

    The time Tripp Johnston was hidden. The police helped cover up the whole incident. September 2014

    September 10, 2014 Peter P.W. Ferrero is charged with felony stalking in connection with a Sunday encounter with Palin, the 23-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate.

    Soon after Sarah Palin enhanced the Bristol the Pistol meme and tossed Track under the bus. By Jan 25, 2015 Sarah snagged a Medal of Honor Recipient. A few months later Bristol was half of the Power Couple that were on their way to the White House (engagement to Dakota Meyer lasted a few months). By May Sarah had to celebrate life with the food ordered for the canceled wedding. Sarah and her kids had to continue with another plan to snag her some military cred. The use of Sailor Grace Palin has come in handy but that part of a Palin saga is not complete.

  38. Anonymous2:17 PM

    That photo of this couple giving their middle finger should be spread far and wide, to media. Just let all the evangelical base know how this poor PTSD child has been neglected by Obama, and is suffering so much that he's affecting his girlfriend's attitude.

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      It should be the wedding announcement photo photo.

      If they get married on Independence Day now it will have to be covered up and top secret like one of the family crimes.

    2. Anonymous4:26 PM

      All the wedding stuff was on the web for July 2017 but then they took it down. Perhaps the wedding won't happen or is rescheduled a few years down the road?

  39. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Sarah must be very afraid now. She has no more influence or clout. She can't just go into Fox Studios and DEMAND that Megyn Kelly be fired.

    Sarah, you have no power anymore. Something has happened, in the heavenlies, that appears not to be in your court. All those people you stepped over are praying, Sarah, and they are asking for help. They are asking for justice, and their requests are being heard.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Sarah hasn't had any power since she quit as Governor. She knows this and has known it from the day she quit, what almost 7 years ago.

      Why do you act like you are speaking to Sarah? And why are you making up fantasies about her that simply don't exist?

      Is this you Janice?

    2. Yah, but NBC is having on the Today Show on Monday as color commentator for the Iowa caucus coverage :( I imagine they will find that many people turn off the Today Show once Palin appears!

  40. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Can't imagine the burning rage Track is experiencing all these years with his mother. She not only ignored him, but enabled his bad behavior for HER IMAGE.

    Sarah's Achille's Heel is her obsession with a clean image. She (gasp) can't allow anyone to know that her kids have problems.

    1. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Her image is far from clean, with or without kids!

    2. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Problems? They are completely dysfunctional.

  41. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Anonymous2:07 PM

    Sarah Palin's disturbed son doesn't want girlfriend Jordan to talk with Drew.

    Who is Drew? Is that the ex-boyfriend who was tappin' that ass before Track started hittin' it?

    I'm sorry, I think I need to clarify myself.

    "Before Track started hittin' it" refers to Track gettin' Drew's sloppy 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths, well you know what I mean.

    "Before Track started hittin it" does not refer to Track bashin' in Jordan's face and trying to cripple her by taking out her knee caps

    1. Anonymous4:21 PM

      Drew is an ex boyfriend. If it is the one I am thinking of, his family really likes Jordan. They would be healthier and a better influence. Her drinking may have been a problem?

      Jordan must have come from a dysfunctional family mess. As I was told she lived with Drew's family. That seems to be a pattern with her. What is the problem with her parents?

      I think Drew married a nice girl, not sure about that. Drew would be everything Track knows he could never be. He works, nice family, things like that.

  42. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Time for Bristol to fess up. Bristol are you using a ghostwriter to write your Facebook, Instagrams, your blog, op eds, giving your story to People, Time and all those other stories you pass around and all your pictures you've been taking and posting?

    No you don't use a ghostwriter, it is all you writing all that stuff and you work on top of that as well as go clubbing with Marina while Piper is holding Sailor.

    Bristol if it is all you then no wonder Trig steps on dog spines, craps in his diapers, can't eat solid food or communicate unless he's communicating with Piper the Trig Whisperer. On top of that you are neglecting Sailor and Tripp.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      I am not a Palin. Seriously, show some respect and consideration when speaking about kids. There is no need to be so crass and vicious when talking about Trig and his challenges. You are supposedly an adult. You know better.

    2. Anonymous4:24 PM

      What, no one was disparaging Trig, just stating point that he's almost 8 and wears diapers, can't really speak and eats only baby food. That's some sick shit right there, and Bristol just doesn't do anything to try to help him, her first born, not that there is anything they can do now.

      He'll be institutionalized by the time he is 20, because he was neglected.

      Look at him, he's not even the worst that Down Syndrome can offer, but they didn't even bother to try to fix him at all.

  43. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Does anybody in the Heath family know where Track is? The Palins, Todd's siblings and parents don't give a shit.

    In the lower 48 if you attempt suicide even though you are too damn dumb to load your weapon, the police will turn you over to a secured health facility until they can determine if you are a threat to yourself or to others. So what happened to Track? They arrested him, took him in and then was he released when his sibling or a relative came up with bail money to take Track home where all those weapons are in Sarah's house?

    Did the authorities notify the victim Jordan that her assailant Track has been released and she needs to stay indoors and off the streets? Also in the lower 48, the suicidal person has to follow up with visits with a Social worker. Does Track have a Social worker he follows up with or is Knik Kountry Liquor store owner on George Parks Hwy is Track's therapist?

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Knik Kountry Liquor? Hell, that's up in Meadow Lakes. Track can just run on down to the Brown Jug on Parks, it's about 4 miles closer, and much cheaper too!

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      The Heaths would not even have the great grand parents be seen with baby Sailor or Bristol. The Heaths only acknowledge the new born Askel. They keep it a secret the name of the parents and the grand parents. The GG did pose with Askel and they shunned Sailor as a newborn and for the holidays.

      It is all very telling. They have terrible things to cover up so they won't say. They just speak through strange, weird, abnormal and anti-social behaviors.

      May be Bristol and David Martin will be able to sell a show to the TV about her freaky, creepy family with all the moral failures and crimes to hide.

  44. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Maybe he'll grow up once he moves out of Sarah Palin's disfunctional household....or gets sent to jail.

  45. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Anon 2:19 you mention that Sarah Palin doesn't have power at FOX to fire Megyn Kelly. Sarah didn't have the power to impeach President Obama, to fire David Letterman or the mayor of Chicago. Retard didn't have the balls or power to get Rush Limbaugh to apologize for using the word retard. On top of that, Sarah didn't have the power to keep her husband from pimping when she was trying to become vice-president. Sarah couldn't keep Bristol's knees together, make Willow go back to high school for her junior and senior years. No power to keep Track from committing and getting arrested for Domestic Violence. No Sarah Palin doesn't have any power. Sarah Palin is useless.

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      No doubt she encouraged the prostitution.

  46. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Give the kid a break! He's just a fish pricker from Wasilla.

  47. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Jordan you need to come home with your busted face before that drunk puts a bullet between your eyes.

    What do you mean he loves you and tells you baby I won't do it again. Jordan you are one dumb bitch? Go ahead, go back. Do you want to be cremated or buried when the time comes?

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Jordan so badly needs the intervention of women that have been abused by their boyfriends and husbands!

      How do folks get her away from the Palin family? She could eventually be killed by Track due to his anger issues. And, it is assured he will continue to be physically violent toward her! She has no clue what is ahead of her and is blinded by love and being so young!

    2. Anonymous4:20 PM

      She like it. She's a drunk just like Track and part of what they do is get shit-faced and fight and and punch each other and then have drunken make-up sex.

      What happened this time was that Sarah and Todd were out of town and this shit escalated to the point of cops being called. When Mommy and Daddy are in town they never let it go this far.

  48. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I do believe that the person on the other side of the camera lens is Sarah Palin, and the finger is meant as a thank you for her trashing her son to save her own reputation. What kind of parent would you expect a pit bull bitch wearing lipstick to be? Not something I would expect to give a shit about her pups after nine weeks, and would leave housebreaking to others, of course.

    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      Sarah and Todd Palin deserve the very worst in the remainder of their lives. What they've done to others and their own children speaks horrors! May they both rot with Satan when their time comes. And, may it be soon!

  49. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I want to shake this soldiers hand, buy him a drink and thank him: Not just for serving our country, but mostly for spitting in $arah's coffee LOL

    1. Anonymous4:18 PM

      I just wish he'd had enough time to give her the "real creamy latte" treatment in her coffee :-)

  50. What is it with the Palin kids that other than the official McCain campaign photo at the convention, there are no pictures of them where they don't look like slobs or thugs or both?


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