Monday, January 25, 2016

The Daily Beast digs deep into SarahPAC's spending methods.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast: 

Sarah Palin and her folksy turns of phrase returned to the stump last week, trailing amped-up Trump fans and self-serving fundraising requests in her wake. 

“In order to get Sarah to political events to support endorsed candidates we need your help to fundraise her travel,” said an email from Sarah PAC after her “historic” Trump endorsement.

It’s true, travel is expensive. After all, what self-respecting reality TV star stays at a Holiday Inn these days?

And where does all of that money come from?

According to Federal Election Commission reports, in the first six months of last year, Sarah PAC—Palin’s organization that purports to be dedicated “to help[ing] elect principled, conservative leaders” spent $16,062 on a private charter in Jackson, Wyoming, $3,855 on a “car and driver” in Long Island City, New York, and a total of $4,364 at La Playa Hotel in Naples, Florida. 

So as much as Palin rages against the Washington political machine, the consultant class and all the “elites,” the spending by Sarah PAC shows that it remains the same lifestyle-fundin’, consultant-payin’ organization it has been since she launched it in 2009. 

Now, it’s all legal and—to be fair—$35,000 of the $825,556 that Sarah PAC began with in 2015 ($493,507 of which was raised in the first six months of last year) actually went to federal candidates and causes in the first half of last year: $25,000 to candidates for federal offices and $10,000 to the Navy Seal WFF Family Foundation, a charity for the families of the Naval special forces. 

But after that, it seems that the PAC has had more to do with pumping up Palin and her entourage than pumping up conservative candidates. 

For example, $38,000 was spent on speechwriting—$36,000 of which went to Aries Petra Consulting LLC, owned by longtime Palin aide Rebecca Mansour.

Of course that last expense may not be showing up in future filings, as RAM has moved on up.

Well not so much "up" as "over" to the dark side.

I think my favorite part of this article is how it lists the lists how the donations have dwindled over the years:

A look through FEC filings for Sarah PAC throughout the years, shows the bulk the money—largely from small donors —has been spent disproportionately on the people who run the PAC as well as fundraising efforts and direct mail. 

For example, in 2010, the first election cycle after Palin’s unsuccessful bid for vice president, Sarah PAC raised $5.7 million, spent about $4.4 million, of which $467,000 went to conservative candidates. 

The numbers from 2012 aren’t terribly different: $5 million raised, $5.1 million spent, $298,500 went to candidates. 

And in 2014, SarahPac raised $2.8 million, spent $3.1 million with $205,000 of the haul going to candidates.

I never get tired of watching Palin's credibility and support crumble all around her.

Of course most of this we have already documented ourselves here on IM over the years, but the fact that a news outlet like the Daily Beast is talking about it ahead of the next filings shows that there may be more scrutiny this time around, and I imagine they will have much to scrutinize.

And by "much," I mean expenditures, not incoming donations.


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    and from Bloomberg:

    Palin's Waldorf Tastes Are Fed by Queens Bus Driver: Read My Lips

    1. Anonymous8:45 PM

      $394,000 -- on fundraising,
      I am not an accountant, but that sounds like a lot of money to send out emails begging for money.

      No wonder Sarah said she was going to take a break from the blue screen, it must really anger her to know we have figured out all her little tricks and most of us haven't even set foot in AK.

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Another great article, and I am pretty sure most of these people are c4pers. I know the NYC bus driver is:

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Sarah Palin would give Trump a blowjob in the middle of Times Square for $100,000 just for the news factor.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      My Bet- WAY LESS...$$. Better yet sounds like a great auction item for Sarah to sell $$.

    2. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Yuk! Can't even begin to think of looking at his pee pee! Gross! Poor Sarah! Hah!

    3. Anonymous3:42 PM

      One probably can not see his pee pee because of the flab hanging over it. Just like the gross pictures that accompany many different blog comment sections. You know what I'm talking about; I'm sure you've seen them.

    4. Anonymous5:43 PM

      She would never do anything that obscures her face like that. It would have to be a handjob...and she's be smiling and screeching the whole time.

    5. And he wouldn't gain any votes.

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    "She's rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell"!
    I am seeing more and more folks of all parties condemning the retarded Sarah " scum" Palin.The one and only POS!
    Life is good right now.

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    the floodgates appear to be opening

    can I get a hallelujah?

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Hallelujah! Cause you know ... he ... who commands ... fire!

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!

    3. Anonymous3:43 PM

      And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that "Lucifer" premieres on Fox tonight.

    4. Anonymous4:13 PM

      \o/\o/\o/\o/, these enuf?

    5. Anonymous4:28 PM

      It's open fuckin' season on palin. C'mon Wasilla, grow a pair.

    6. Anonymous6:22 PM

      4:28 PM

      Wasilla is waiting for her or one of her spawn to kill some innocent kids or some elderly grandparents.

      Wasilla is Sarah Palin. They just say they are not. (maybe 10ish people are exempt)

      They need action and they just crawl back into their poisonous concrete dump.

    7. Anonymous9:02 PM

      Unfortunately none of the family will "go away" until they, as you said, kill some kids or old people. Nothing the family has been engaged in is enough to put them in jail, so if it's jail you want for Palins we must all wait, Wasillans and others, until they perpetrate a crime violent enough to place them behind bars.

      Seriously, what they hell do you expect Alaskans to do? What if no one knows anything about her scandals?

      There are people that love to come here spouting their hyperbole and admonishing us Alaskans for not telling what we know.

      Well, guess what, most of us know nothing, even those who have been tangentially involved with one or more within this family or even worked in some capacity in local or state government. Those who know Palin secrets are those closest to her and those who may even be complicit in her deceptions and they'll never talk.

      What, is she gonna go to jail for lying about Trig?

      You're right, and until she kills or maims someone there is nothing she's done so far is going to land her jail.

    8. Anonymous9:27 PM

      Be patient

    9. Anonymous10:58 PM

      Lol, what floodgates?

      The Palin publicity meter has gone up, but that is about it. It doesn't matter whether it is negative or positive, as long as it is publicity. Palin surviving lol.

  6. Anonymous2:51 PM


    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    2. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Is that about poor Piper? Does she have time for school with all the work she is responsible for?

    3. Anonymous5:44 PM

      We know how unimportant school is to the Palins. Anything above 8th grade is gravy.

  7. Anonymous2:52 PM

    And yet fools continue to send this charlatan their money! It just amazes me. She winks and charms her way into the pocketbooks of the easily duped.

    1. Anonymous3:17 PM

      HA! My old eyes squinting on a cell phone, prepared to say, "that broad is no christian!" Oh, charlatan! I'm down with that because she IS.

      Dance, baby, dance. She might as well be on stage in a strip club.

  8. Anonymous2:56 PM

    The walls are closing in on the opportunistic huckster. I'm so hoping rump publicly shuns her. He has to know people are snickering behind his back at his having this ignorant harpy endorse him. It was a major faux pas on old rump's part. lol

  9. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Bet Sarah spends $$ or makes $$ with these Teaser's?

  10. Speechwriting? Somebody got paid to write that speech?? You gotta be kidding me. I thought she was high on nitrous oxide and Jack Daniel's.

    1. Balzafiar3:58 PM

      Oh, it's worse than that, much worse. She wasn't high on anything -- you were seeing the real Sarah.

    2. She sounded more like she was on helium laced Jack Daniels.

    3. Anonymous5:49 PM

      She can't travel by herself without needing some to watch over her. Why not? I'm 58 and doing fine with it.

    4. Somebody owes her a full refund for that speech.

      But we know she paid herself to write it. No one that makes a living writing speeches could come up with that. Not a native English speaker.

      That speech had Palin's incoherent patty fingers all over it.

      As was mentioned on Bill Maher, Red Bull, Jack Daniels, Meth. We all know she doesn't have to be high to make no sense whatsoever, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was hyped up on caffeine.

  11. Anonymous3:03 PM

    She's headed to South Carolina to stump for Trump again so I guess he's just as crazy as she is. She'll probably use her last PAC dollar to get some more air time.

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Do you know when she'll be in SC?

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM


    3. Anonymous3:23 PM

      I just read about it at the link below. No set dates.

      Bristol happily went off to work today. I'm assuming, though, that she'll drive to attend her great-grandmother's service Tuesday. I'm assuming Sarah will too. But oh, if she were to show up in SC tomorrow, and even the next day, that'd look so bad. She checks out this blog. I almost wish we hadn't
      brought up the memorial subject and given her a heads-up that people are watching how she handles things.

    4. Anonymous4:02 PM

      From his Facebook Gilbert South Carolina 7pm Tuesday January 27th.

    5. Anonymous4:16 PM

      They don't really love Sarah very much at FITSNews anymore... and it's a shit talking crowd (Glenn Rice! lol) there.

      Sarah Palin Coming To South Carolina

      "Glenn Rice • 8 hours ago
      The ilk in SC who will vote in droves for Trump (essentially, whites without college degrees) are the same folks that love Palin. The fact that she quit her job, has no current job, has a daughter with two illegitimate children by different fathers, a son with a drinking problem and a CDV arrest, and spouts banal platitudes and gibberish while supporting a candidate who is in fact the least conservative from an ideology standpoint, makes her perfect for SC. She should move here and supplant Nikki.

      Jeb? • 8 hours ago

      Well Glenn you have a point, but if we kick uneducated white southerners out of the party who would vote Republican?"


      "sparklecity • 3 days ago

      If that bat-shit crazy bitch showed up at the pasture across the road from my place I wouldn't cross the road to see what it is all about.
      She's bat-shit crazy no doubt.....but she's a bat-shit crazy MILF I'll give her that much.
      There was something weirdly appealing when she did the "green eggs and ham" thing a few years back though..Guess I gotta give the 'ol gal that too....
      On a serious note, Mika & Joe and others on the show slammed her pretty hard the other day on "Morning Joe" concerning the domestic violence situation and tying it into PTSD (and Palin deserved every bit of it as far as I'm concerned).
      And the morning after Palin endorsed Trump, not a word was mentioned on "Morning Joe" about it (and I don't blame Mika for that either).
      I wouldn't give Trump/Palin a minute of exposure or the time of the day......both of them can kiss my hillbilly ass!!!!!

      fl ͥ p • 3 days ago

      Sweet Jesus! Sing it homo!

      Squishy123 • 2 days ago

      Exactly, there's not a straight guy in this country that wouldn't go balls deep in her... but I'm guessing she likes to be on top.

      fl ͥ p • 2 days ago

      Racist homophobes voting Republican, just your average Tuesday.

      Squishy123 2 days ago

      Don't you have a dick to suck or something?

      fl ͥ p 8 hours ago

      Right on cue here's a racist Republican!"

    6. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Palin's supporters said that she would be meeting with Nikki Haley to discuss her support for Trump and to have her assist in a South Carolina push for Donald.

      Sarah did help to get Nikki elected to her position as Governor and although Trey Gowdy has lent his endorsement to Marco Rubio he still would be good for the optics regarding his scrutiny of the Benghazi debacle.

    7. Anonymous4:25 PM

      I would be very surprised if he let her be part of this event. At this point, she's toxic to his campaign.

    8. Anonymous8:50 PM

      After all the criticism of the endorsement speech, I thought The Donald would lose her fast, until I read his comment about killing someone, they would still vote for me.

      It is really appalling how they have turned the election process into who can throw the next insult.

    9. Anonymous9:29 PM

      yeah instead of throwing cans they throw words around...what was it Todd said now?
      What goes around comes around? Wait for it...

  12. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Yeah, we'll just see how well she did last half of 2015. Since her last PAC blast was a blatant appeal to send "her" around the country, I'm thinking not too good! Whatever happened to conservative candidates, $arah?

    Talk about a god complex; she sure does think she's the sh*t, doesn't she?

  13. SarahPAC must file its financial report for the period 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015 with the Federal Election Commission not later than 31 January. Because the 31st is a Sunday, the FEC probably extends the deadline to end of the day, 1 February.

    Here's the FEC website for SarahPAC -- watch for the filing to pop up:

    Here's the link to OpenSecrets page for SarahPAC -- OpenSecrets re-posts the FEC data:

    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      i bookmarked it....

    2. Anonymous6:55 PM

      So what happens when she can no longer afford to keep Crawford on staff....will she do the filings herself??

  14. Anonymous3:10 PM

    She is a lunatic! What a huge mouth too - look at that photo! Trump isn't doing himself any favors, that is for sure.

    1. Anonymous4:19 PM

      Huge mouth, looks like Sailor inherited that from her Grandma...that baby has the widest and weirdest looking mouth I've ever seen on an infant.

  15. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Barstool is headed back to work after only a month after birth. I guess the Palins are so desperate for money that Bristol has to go and pretend-work for a paycheck?

    1. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Uh, hate to tell you but the Sailor was born on November 4th or 5th. Most real people return to work after six-weeks. Most real people have real jobs, too. Palins are all about the smoke and mirrors.

    2. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Bristol already said she wasn't going back to work. The Murdoch paper made up the rest.

    3. Anonymous3:57 PM


      If you do have photographic proof of that "early birth" I and many others here would just love to see it. So far, there is no actual verifiable proof that it came in early November. You could make a lot of money if you have proof, ya know. Until then, live and let live, right?


    4. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Anonymous3:57 PM

      LOL. "Live and let live" - you wish.

    5. Anonymous4:36 PM

      3:51 PM

      That is how I remember it.

      It was before her Mon night drunk with the kids around and Track's girlfriend driving drunk from her place.

      Now she has to do the lame damage control while everyone knows she will do some token gestures about going to work. It will all be the same old faked bull with the same old Jack Meoff gang.

    6. Anonymous5:05 PM

      Anonymous3:48 PM

      Why do you have to keep calling her "the" Sailor. That's just so nasty. She's a newborn. Leave her alone and pick on the adults. There are enough of them.

    7. Anonymous5:18 PM

      5:05 well said. My heart aches for that little baby. A small collection of posters on this blog lack civility to a point where it's painful to read the comments. Not only to the littles, but also to fellow posters.

    8. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Bristol and her mother out their kids out there as prios, examples, etc. They are thebones who make them fair game. If they'd ever learned the phrase "no comment" or asked for privacy followed by silence instead of posting many public internet phots, you might have a point. As it stands, you don't

    9. Anonymous10:53 PM

      3:57 is absolutely right.

      There is no proof otherwise at this point.

  16. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Leads To Indictment Of Anti-Abortion Activists

    The sting videos released last summer led Texas and several other Republican-controlled states to try to halt funding for local Planned Parenthood operations.

    Creators Of Fake Planned Parenthood Videos Indicted On Criminal Charges

    What say you Carly Fiorina???

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      She saw it with her own eyes!

      Groan. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how she handles the topic now.

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Her ambushing those innocent kids at the museum for her anti-abortion ad was simply terrible. Cruella de Ville. She is a nasty conniving woman in drag.

    3. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Carly is a republican.

      IOKIYAR and her shit don't stink.

      She will blame it on Obama and libtards just like Sarah would.

  17. Anonymous3:21 PM

    The Rats Are Fleeing The Sinking Ship As Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama For Trump

    ...The first votes in Iowa haven’t been cast yet, but here is Rush Limbaugh already making excuses for the Republican defeat in 2016. Limbaugh’s main excuse is that it Obama created Trump through his “radical left wing” presidency. Limbaugh is also pushing the myth that if Republicans would have stood up to Obama, they wouldn’t be looking at a near certain defeat in November.

    No one outside of Fox News has done more to create the racism and hate within the Republican Party than Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh has specialized in racist attacks against this president. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are responsible for the rise of Trump. The culture of bigotry, racism, and paranoia within the Republican Party is what conservative media depends on and profits off of on a daily basis.

    Rush Limbaugh played a big role in creating the climate that has allowed Trump to roll towards the Republican nomination. The blame Obama card can’t save Limbaugh this time.

    Limbaugh’s spinning is the biggest sign yet that Republicans know that they are doomed. The finger pointing has already started and the rats are jumping off the sinking GOP ship.

    1. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Why doesn't allow comments anymore? Anybody know?

    2. Anonymous6:31 PM

      That's when I quit there. I have no idea but were probably pushing their traffic to Facebook, of which I won't.

    3. Anonymous4:24 PM Why doesn't allow comments anymore? Anybody know?
      I contacted them and asked. According to Jason, only a small percentage of readers actually commented, and it was a tremendous amount of work moderating and keeping the troll level bearable. The staff were all on board with dropping the commenting.

      I tried going to their facebook site, but the high quality of the comments has definitely dropped since every moron with a facebook account is free to post their drool.

      It's their site and the writing is still good, so I do still read there. Too bad the internet cesspool ruined commenting for everyone else.

    4. Anonymous9:18 PM

      Nefer i agree. The comment section desiminated alot of links for various ideas. With many truely dedicated posters like here.

    5. Anonymous11:29 PM


      the reich wing circular firing squad's just gettin' started - what's really gonna be entertaining is when their paint chip eating followers follow in kind ..

  18. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Brand name designer stays clear of Sarah Palin

    Everyone seemed to love Tina Fey’s reprise of her infamous Sarah Palin impersonation on last week’s “Saturday Night Live.” Everyone, that is, except the makers of the, er, eye-catching sweater that Palin wore for the speech that inspired the skit.

    After the former governor of Alaska gave her rambling speech in support of Donald Trump — wearing a black cardigan with metallic strips dangling from it — the “SNL” staff started re-creating the bizarre scene in great detail.

    “We contacted Milly, the company that made the jacket,” “SNL” costume designer Tom Broecker told Confidenti@l. “They had no interest in helping us. So we looked all over the internet and in the end beaded the jacket ourselves.”

    And far from seeing it as a prime PR opportunity, the company seemed anxious to distance itself from Palin - either the real one or the knockoff.

    In response to a lengthy inquiry from the Daily News about the item, a rep for the company said only, “This piece is from a collection back in 2014 — it is no longer available for sale.”

    Insiders tell us execs went to some lengths to keep the brand away out of the press.

    “They don’t want us affiliated with any of this,” said an insider.

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      I have owned one dress from Milly of New York. It was a gift from my husband and rather expensive. I am happy to hear that they don't want any part of that walking cow patty.

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      LOL Yes the DEAD PORCUPINE Blouse spoofed on SNL. Sarah can "Fuck YOU UP", PERFECT!

    3. Anonymous4:18 PM

      I had al little wool skirt with ribbon embellishments, a Milly NY, but it was a thing I had in college and purchased on a shopping vacation with my Mom. It was cute, I wore it a few times for holiday parties with cute tights but, just like Palin's sweater, it was an item that wasn't meant to be worn just for any occasion.

      I wish I had all that money now that my Mom used to spend on shopping vacations with us as now that I'm older and truly on my own I could actually buy a new car with that kind of money!

    4. Anonymous6:35 PM

      I am sure she would have bought it from her favorite second hand store in Anchorage. She is seen there all the time. She is too cheap to pay retail for anything. Not sure how she manages to purchase the ugliest clothing all the time.

    5. Anonymous8:07 PM

      I think Trump let herbraid Melania's cast off closet. You know, that storage area of he Penthouse where she stores the stuff that's on the way to Goodwill

    6. Anonymous9:12 PM


      Uh, hello, if she's shopping at second hand stores it's pretty obvious that's where the ugly clothes are coming from. People who want to look put together and fashionable don't exactly look to second hand stores to put together their wardrobe.

  19. Caroll Thompson3:27 PM

    Sarah has grown accustomed to living large on other people's money.

    Hopefully after a few articles like this, people will stop donating to Sarah's slush fund.

    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      Didn't she call it OPiuM the other night at the Trump endorsement?

    2. Anonymous3:59 PM

      It's not OPiuM when she's the one getting and spending it!

    3. Anonymous5:06 PM

      $arah does like her OPiuM, don't you, honey, just like her other drugs.

  20. Might there be a prison sentence in her future. Geez I hope so. I can see millions of smiles generated at such news.

    1. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Piper may have a slave labor case against Bristol.

      Sailor's dad can sue for his baby since Track, the faked military story guy is drunk and disorderly and terrorizing an infant in the vicinity.

      Bristol was too drunk on a Monday night to do anything about it. It was all left on young sis, Piper, to care for the infant.

      Has she had any training for home security or how to save herself and those she cares for from a crazy violent guy that you know carries a concealed weapon?

      I wonder if he had on his T-shirt that night?

      No wonder Mr. Martin had Bristol pose for going to work since everyone could see what she really does when other people would be going to work the next day.

      Only lazy Bristol can get drunk on Monday nights and her punishment is to pretend she will be going to a real job.

      Again, no one will care to see if she does go to work and what time. No wellness check to see who is watching baby Sailor.

      Her next nanny may be a 12 year old and they will have no idea what to do when Uncle Track gets confused and goes to Bristol's, thinking he is in Eagle Rock.

  21. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Gryphe, is it possible to "leak" some of your info to the press without getting any of your sources in trouble?

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Keep the cards close to your chest, Gryph, and play 'em with you want to.

      I find it rather amusing that people here demand that you tell them what you know and tell them NOW. I laugh when they do that.

      I, myself, like the tease.

  22. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Damage control for the Palin family values has been picked up by the Daily Mail. It must be that Martin man. They have made a big deal about work and post a picture and no fish lips. It is for sure a new look and a new damage control. Thanks to the Wasilla police for being so incompetent and not revealing the facts of the night Jordan Loewe was crying and cowering under the bed, Track flipped out and was arrested.

    Is the man doing Bristol's damage control paid by SarahPAC. What tricky convoluted way do they manage that? We know that Carol and some are "postage".

    1. Anonymous4:35 PM

      Photos started showing up on Bristol's instagram very soon after the Track attack. The photos were very slick and "heart-warming" and I'm sure they're trying to re-brand the whole gang.

    2. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Is the man doing Bristol's damage control paid by SarahPAC.
      They will "hid" the expense under media expenses.

    3. Anonymous7:47 PM

      Well hid, and why she's so damned smug. No one will touch her,

      Mind you, the Palins from the start have EVER cozied up to people without finding what they can use against them if it all goes bad. "We're your bestest friends in the world!"

      "$arah is so charismatic." No she's not, she a calculating bitch. Imagine what she learned running for veep, and now running about free herd because she can.

    4. Anonymous9:33 PM

      could it be those Flairblanks attorneys?

  23. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Popcorn stocks just went through the roof.
    When the walls, come tumblin' down.
    Time to run the wild ride perfidy, Gryph.
    The spotlight is on.
    Hit that bitch while she's down.

  24. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Teach a youth about the way they should go; even when they are old they will not depart from it.

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM


    2. Anonymous4:32 PM

      sometimes I worry that she is the one who will inherit her mom's mantle.

      Photos of her look more like Sarah in HER youth than any of the other kids. Photos that seem to show such a cute, sweet smiling face. Just from her photos I would never guess that she could be as hard and angry as her mom, and yet I remember her shoving those reporters out of the way a few years ago that was rather shocking. Possibly the circumstances called for it, but it was a surprise to see that side of her.

  25. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Time for a babygate expose'. Strike when the iron is hot.

    1. Anonymous9:33 PM

      then why she resigned?

    2. Anonymous10:49 PM

      and why did she ramble the same type of speech too? strike two?

  26. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Sarah counts on Donald Trump to protect her from her lies. He can just threaten to sue anyone who tries to expose her, she thinks.

    But, Sarah is not counting on Trump's malignant narcissism. He will not share any glory on stage for her. If she drops the ball, she's all alone.

    Notice how he has half a dozen times spoken to crowds, media, how Sarah approached him and offered her endorsement. Why does Trump feel it's so important to press this point? It's obvious he doesn't want people to know he sought her out, in case she embarrasses him and his campaign. So he's being extremely careful not to have her glom onto him. Sarah Palin is so foolish to trust this guy, but, that's what she seeks, those with lots of money. He'll throw her under the bus and it won't come soon enough.

  27. Anonymous3:54 PM


  28. Anonymous3:54 PM

    The Wasilla police and DA need to do the right thing when it comes to what happened with Track Palin and Jordan Loewe.

    Jordan has been caring for both Piper and Trig. She may also help Bristol with Tripp and Sailor.
    I'm a LOSER at bumper boats #109degrees #crackerjaxxx

    The city is now focusing on efforts to prevent more suicides

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Bristol was leaving Sailor with someone today. Who--Jordan? No way should any child be in that house with Track, and if it's true what I've read about Jordan drinking, same goes for her. I wonder whose good hands, according to Bristol, the baby would be in. Is she actually paying for a good day care?

    2. Anonymous4:35 PM

      If you look at her Instagram, she actually hashtags her new keeper, and from I can see, she's no prize either.

    3. Anonymous4:43 PM

      I thought that Jordan went to school in Seattle. Jordan would be a poor choice as a baby sitter. From the looks of her Instagram photos, Jordan enjoyed drinking and acting bad with Track. She seemed to like being the "wild child." Maybe that's the qualification to be the baby sitter for the Palin kids.

    4. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Jordan is a speed freak.
      She is actually a little chubby one. Losing weight to be thin is not the only reason she is addicted. She had the need for study and many of the snow sports are fueled by speed. Not just meth.

      Everyone in the area knows her. She is popular and likable. But no one actually cares for her or she would have friends that do not enable her.

      The ones that she hides how addicted she is from, they need to get real or they will be killing her with their enabling.

      Poor Piper. Her role models are Marina Lupas and Jordan Loewe,

    5. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Dreamy Creamy Whip-It

    6. Anonymous6:35 PM

      4:35 PM What is the hashtag? I doubt there will be much more to it. Her new minder for the Ig made her do this. I would be shocked if it lasts a week. Or she may just work one day a week.

      How much does she work? As if she needs to work. You know in the real world she gets paid little for going nowhere in a job like she claims she has.

      Child care is expensive. She is full of crap. What is it a 45 minute drive each way? Is she taking the baby with no father to someone and picks her up? Do they come to her house? What about Trig and Piper? She also takes Tripp to school and picks him up?

  29. Anonymous3:57 PM

    What is new and exciting about the current public anger at Sarah Palin is that it's about her Stolen Valor grift. It's out in the open now.

    The next time she claims to be the mother of a combat Vet, the Vets themselves will come out and give her another going-over in the media. Even her usual dumb-as-dogshit audience will know she is lying.

    Sarah, it's not worth it to tell that lie any more, however....... please proceed, governor.

    1. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Whether Track Palin actually was in combat situations isn't a grey area: he either was or wasn't. He should man up (something his mother loves to tell the president) and come out and publicaly set the record straight. When and where was he actually in a combat situation? Where is the backup verification from other soldiers? He won't ever confess the truth - Palins don't do that. Cover up, distort and deflect criticism onto someone else.

    2. Anonymous5:02 PM

      it would be so funny if the folks from Stolen looked into palins claim, the vet that runs it is a former SEAL (the real deal}

    3. Anonymous6:42 PM

      If they find out Track was never allowed to go to Iraq and all the money and gain the Palins have made out of the stolen valor, I don't see how they can ignore it.

      It is one of the worst cases of stolen valor I have ever heard of. No one should stand for this.

      It is a hideous things to do for those that were so brave and strong and did the work as stated. The ones that went to Iraq and Afghanistan.

      It would not be that hard for Palins to show the public that American does not have such horrible con artists that are deceiving the entire world about our military.

      She makes Americans look like we are all easy marks and stupid like her and Donald.

      If it is only the part about he was never in combat but he did go somewhere safe, that is bad enough.

      I hope people do not allow our soldiers to be treated as Sarah and Track are doing.

    4. Anonymous7:25 PM

      6:42 PM

      Absolutely, but this is $arah and her handlers. Troops and bets,; have to say something about the fact that Track went off, so John Lovitz, "yeah, that's the ticket!"

      She no more supports the military than she does vets, it's all just a photo op for her. Nice to see that "true" service members suffering from PTSD are firing back at her. Track was never a combat vet, and is a product of his upbringing.

      Who are you going to fire at next, $arah? You know you're full of shit and so do we.

      Pick you

  30. Anonymous3:58 PM


    Sarah is going down.

    1. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Don't hold your breadth. Too many people make money off of her dysfunction. They would rather keep her going not expose her.

    2. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Excellent accidental misspelling. Yes, the breadth of her deceit goes deep and wide but don't hold your breath for her to go away. It's all a big circle jerk.

    3. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Anonymous5:44 PM,

      sometimes I press "publish" too quickly :)

    4. Anonymous7:13 PM

      I personally loved it.
      4:20 PM :)

  31. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I can see Palin wearing her metallic designer sweater over her KKK outfit
    and Trump ,always his red, satin tie
    hanging down the front of his.
    Those are "Look At Me" people, even while
    hiding under their KKK sheets.

    1. Anonymous9:35 PM

      In Talkeetna or Courd'e Lane?

  32. Anonymous4:11 PM

    3:54 GREAT READ on the Suicides in OK. Alaska was in the story. SO TRUE..

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      "Another issue is that research that teens are susceptible to suicide contagion, meaning they can be propelled to commit suicide when someone else in their community does."

      Track is famous for being Sarah's 'combat son', all the young people know about him and Jordan, who is great fun with kids. Kids don't see and hear all the adults know. What the kids see are people to look up to and admire.

      Kids will hear about the guns, violence and and suicide attempt. Some will be repelled but plenty will find it intriguing or even a dark glamous thing.

      The adults will not be doing anything about it, Track will go back to living with all the guns everywhere, with Jordan taking care of Piper and the other children, going to Bristol's house.

      Bristol will have her lies told through social media and the press that takes her damage control garbage.

      The toxic Palins will go on spreading their dysfunction through the community and reaching out to the nation. Until the community where they live gets together and puts an end to the poisoning. Unfortunately it may take several collateral damage situations. Of course no one will see any connection to the leaders, the Palins.

      Piper loves her role models


  33. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Why even wait for Sarah's FEC filing to come up. I doesn't say anything, legal fees, consultants, travel, assistants, and don 't forget postage. They never question the postage or who the consultants are. Nothing... so big deal. We would have to break down every penny...

    1. Anonymous4:34 PM

      Some of what you say is true, but I think the bottom line is what many people are interested in.

    2. Anonymous5:41 PM

      The top line, what the donations are, is probably where the real bad news will be for SarahPAC.

  34. Anonymous4:38 PM

    OT- Not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere. I saw a comment on her FB page. "You endorsed Trump and then an earthquake hit Alaska. Is God sending you a message?" That made me laugh for many reasons.

    1. Anonymous9:35 PM

      Mother Earth heard her speech and farted!

  35. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Donald I'm going to your next rally, will you be sending a private jet to pick me up?

    What do you mean I'm a lightening rod and I should take the Greyhound bus?

  36. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Can anybody show us how Sarah Palin gets her cut of SarahPac's loot since 2010?

    How Sarah does it is anyone's guess. It has to be hidden under layers of consultants and LLC's.

    If Sarah Palin is proud of her work and SarahPac's work then don't hide like a bank robber or drug dealer.


    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Say My name is Sarah Palin and this is how much:

      Bristol made from SarahPac doing my face.

      Willow made from SarahPac doing my hair.

      Piper and my relatives made from SarahPac for babysitting Trig.

      High school friends and relatives got paid from SarahPac for licking envelopes and stamps.

      Be a man Sarah, don't hide.

    2. Anonymous6:06 PM

      Marina may be one of the few that work. I wonder what she is paid? More than Carol? She does more than troll, shop, babysit and service those in need.

    3. Anonymous7:23 PM

      How Sarah does it is anyone's guess. It has to be hidden under layers of consultants and LLC's.
      Actually it is easier than that, there is nothing illegal about using the money to support herself. That is the big joke about these kinds of PACs.

  37. Bristol Palin Diagnosed with Chronic DTF

    Bristol, the 25-year-old daughter of conservative superstar Sarah Palin, is said to be in a state of shock and deep reflection following the diagnosis. Sources close to the Palin family say this latest test of faith has only helped bring the family closer together.

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM


      TIL DTF does not stand for Dumber Than Fuck...

    2. Balzafiar6:17 PM

      The DTF acronym in that article was a link where it has this definition:

      What does dtf mean? The term dtf literally means “down to fuck”, and is used to describe someone who wants to have sex at the earliest opportunity.

    3. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Google is my buddy...

      What does dtf mean? The term dtf literally means “down to fuck”, and is used to describe someone who wants to have sex at the earliest opportunity. The term is mostly used to describe women, as saying a guy is dtf would be a bit reduntant; the word ‘male’ is somewhat synonymous with ‘dtf’!

    4. Anonymous6:50 PM

      Is that what you're up to now, Palins and friends? Taking a coherent blog down to your level?

      That's what we see when Yo Mamma opens her mouth on stage or in interviews. My oh my, such potty mouths and why you're made fun of.

    5. Anonymous9:26 PM

      That picture on the article is just heinous! Her old face, and her new face before it "settled" were boner-killing bad; I've never understood how she got pregnant so often back when so was so damn ugly.

      That being said, the article was hilarious, and I"m sure "miss can't keep her legs closed" is already back to doin' the nasty. I'm sure we'll probably hear one day about how she is the victim of a Sex Addiction and she'll be "seeking treatment". Probably soon after the next accidental knock-up.

  38. Anonymous5:20 PM

    That's what these articles have been saying without saying. It's a scam....and all legal. Thank you, Citizens United, that the Supreme Court okayed.

    Of course $he's going to take advantage of free money, and people out there that hang on her every word. $he'll do anything until "the courts say $he can't," because $he's a $tar and doesn't have to work anymore.

    I still find it so amusing that, as fast as $he came out with that rambling endorsement, and The Donald's facial expressions, SNL was on it like flies on sh*t.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      And idgits hang on her every word.

    2. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Citizens United didn't affect SarahPAC. Contributions to the PAC are limited and donors giving more than $500 have to be disclosed. But, yes, it is a scam and all completely legal.

    3. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Excuse me, Citizens United brought ON the PACS. Do your homework.

    4. Anonymous7:28 PM

      What I want to know is if Sarah and gang are infusing their own money into to the PAC to avoid taxes. Like from some illegal activities.

      I seriously doubt the FEC checks to see if the donors are legitimate. All that would be needed is a list of names. If you read the occupations of the donors, they sound like someone with a grade school education came up with them.

    5. Anonymous8:11 PM

      I remember Shailey Tripp saying something about Todd having her donate some money to maybe it was a political campaign. I never understood what it was all about. It was weird. Was it $900?

      Was it Shailey's money or did Todd give it to her to donate?

    6. Anonymous9:37 PM

      That is the American Dream doncha no?

    7. Anonymous9:42 PM

      PACs existed prior to Citizen's United, what CU did was allow for corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money on campaign SuperPACs when previously they had been limited in donations.

      SarahPAC is a leadership PAC, not a Super PAC so amounts donated to her PAC are limited.

    8. But not if you have a SUPER PAC. Stephen Colbert taught us well.

  39. Anonymous5:23 PM

    If Nikki Haley and Donald Trump think that Sarah Palin's appearance in SC would be such an asset to them, why don't they pay for Sarah's luxurious travel? For that matter, Trump, the billionaire with a private plane, could well afford to pay for Palin's travel, wardrobe and personal assistant (Todd).

  40. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I wish I had time to put together a table of the various charities ones gives to, and their percent of collected money vs money spent on overhead. And put Palin's sorry stats in with that.

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Doesn't Sarah Palin steal or misuse charities?

    2. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Republican Women's money. She gave it to Matsu where Trig was "born" to keep them quiet.

  41. Anita Winecooler5:32 PM

    Par for the course. Act like the Establishment while railing against it. What a damn shame her followers are illiterate towheads who send her money. Put her in cargo, or better yet, on the wing.

    1. Anonymous10:57 PM

      I do not think "towhead" (sic) means what you think it means.

  42. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Oh hell nah! Fuck you Palins! You aint pinning Bristol's Chronic DTF, her bastard children, Track's PTSD and Jordan's ass whoopin' on me.

    You all can kiss my black ass!

    1. Anonymous6:01 PM

      MzBossy907 has a darling little boy that looks a lot like Sailor.

    2. Anonymous9:38 PM

      uh oh competition Barstool...better go have another meltdown while singing I'm So Pretty!

  43. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Anybody seen Sarah? How about Todd? Track?

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      Yeah, been quiet. Hopefully they've been with the extended family as Todd's mother and his mother's family deals with the loss of his grandmother. The service is 1/26.

  44. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Marina: Man I know this girl in Wasilla with DTF.

    Aftadark Tyrone: Hook it up, I got DTF too. I'm Down To Fuck

    1. Anonymous6:01 PM


      Marina: Dude! I know this girl in Wasilla an she be all DTF.

      Aftadark Tyrone: Bitch! Hook me up with some of dat chit,cuz I be DTF asshole too.

    2. Anonymous9:39 PM

      ok next time please don't feel the need to share...

    3. Anonymous10:57 PM

      9:39 PM Is it too graphic for you? Does it send a tingling feeling.

  45. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Evolving 5:17 said Bristol has a chronic case of DTF.

    Seriously what is DTF? The only thing I found in the Internet is


    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      Yup that's our Barstool

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      No need for that here.
      Let's discuss civally, please.

    3. Anonymous8:24 PM

      6:25 PM What does civally mean?

    4. tRUMP stamps for the win8:36 PM

      As seen at a recent tRUMP rally!

      Kimmel Prankster Trolls Trump Speech While Wearing 'DTF' Hat (VIDEO)

      "Byrd went undercover as a Trump voter at The Donald’s speech yesterday in Dallas, Texas, disguised in a ‘Make America Great Again’ cowboy hat. He first met with real-life Trump supporters outside American Airlines Arena, goading them into putting “Trump stamps” on their lower backs and convincing them to join him in cheers of “DTF,” which he said stood for “Donald Trump Forever.” The acronym, first popularized by the MTV show “Jersey Shore,” actually means “down to fuck.” "

    5. Anonymous9:39 PM

      you only know where you have been...

  46. Anonymous6:11 PM


    Jimmy Kimmel Prankster Crashes Donald Trump’s Big Texas Speech Jimmy Kimmel pranks have now gone political.

    Republican primary frontrunner Donald Trump spoke to a large crowd in downtown Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday evening, and Jimmy Kimmel Live sent comedian correspondent Jake Byrd to troll The Donald himself.

    Outside the American Airlines Center, Byrd got multiple Trump supporters to chant “DTF!” thinking it stood for “Donald Trump Forever,” when really it’s an acronym for “down to fuck” made popular by reality TV show Jersey Shore. He also interrupted several man-on-the-street interviews with Trumpians to make faux-derogatory comments about Megyn Kellyand other Trump nemeses.

    But the best pranking was saved for during the actual speech: The Kimmel team somehow secured a seat for Byrd directly behind Trump. The comedian wore his “DTF” hat throughout much of the event:

    Read more and see video at

  47. Anonymous6:18 PM

    MALOE mentioned something, almost in passing, that I thought was very interesting. She said something about using money orders at the post office as her cash supply. I wish I could find that comment again. It was in the first week of January, I think. I remember thinking that this is why there is always so much "postage" in the FEC filings.

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Yes she did. It's called money laundering.

    2. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Yes, it would be good to know more about that.

    3. Anonymous6:48 PM

      I meant "She said something about Bristol using money orders at the post office as Bristol's cash supply."

    4. Anonymous6:48 PM

      They buy the postal $ orders because if purchased at the bank there's record. Its money laundering.

    5. Anonymous6:50 PM

      I have often wondered how many money orders were purchased by her PAC. They are purchased from the USPS...

    6. Anonymous6:56 PM

      MyAuntLivesOnEnsure11:55 AM
      It is low, my mom said she was bitching the other week that she would be a laughing stock when people saw she had less than 300k in "liquid". Not 100% sure what that means but I know when Bristol buys purses and shoes worth 1000s she uses the money from my aunt's donation account thing. I guess now she doesn't get much but she used to get like 20k a month. As in 5000 per week. My mom always said all my aunt is buying is the guarantee that she will have to keep purchasing Bristol's loyalty.
      They do weird things with money, they trade cash for money orders but only at the post office even though you can get them from the bank. Then they put money orders in the bank. Why not just put the original money in the fuckin bank???

    7. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Where does the cash come from in those high dollar amounts that she turns around buys money orders to deposit in the bank?

    8. Anonymous7:31 PM

      if they deposited it in a bank it would trigger notification to the IRS.

    9. Anonymous7:31 PM

      Its called: money laundering!

    10. Anonymous7:50 PM

      Okay this post from the cousin DEFINITELY looks like this is a plant or fake - someone yankin our chains.
      REALLY? Her last line/question is the one that really screams fake. She knows they use post office as their bank but not why? She always validates the theories to exactly the same place we are at-never further. AND if her aunt isn't speaking to her mom because she hasn't stopped posting here then the gig is up SO who is she? Really if skank knows then why so coy????

      Yep this person is a fake. She hadn't emailed or called gryphen yet either has she? Yeah, that's what I thought.

    11. Anonymous7:54 PM

      I don't know how this money laundering works but I have suspected Todd's Pimp Enterprise got absorbed in someway.

      The Palins seem obcessed with hiding money and facts - a shell game.

    12. Anonymous8:13 PM

      SarahPAC spends a fortune in "postage," in this day of email, facebook, twitter and instant communications. All of those postage expenses are backed up by a receipt form the post office-- as opposed to a money trail. A money trail would show $3,000. from SarahPAC being spent at the same time that $3,000. was being deposited in one of Bristol's bank account. But by laundering the money through post office, SarahPAC's expenses are declared as postage. The trick here is to make Bristol account for receiving a like amount of money. It has to be declared as income. Sarah can only gift her daughter so much money a year, and then it is subject to taxes. If anyone has proof that Bristol is cashing those Postal Money orders and depositing the money in her bank account, it has to be declared on her IRS tax statement. The IRS offers 10% finders fees for proof in catching tax dodgers. Takes real proof!

    13. Anonymous8:20 PM

      7:50 PM You are a Palin Plant, go troll at c4p.

    14. Anonymous8:27 PM

      I thought Sarah and Bristol are Christians? They are some thievin' bitches.

    15. Anonymous8:35 PM

      MALOE could have contacted Gryphen, who has proven he protects sources, as promised if she was on the level. Palin cousin/insider or not, just overplayed with the PAC bullshit. She's playing to favorite conspiracy theories to make IMers look gullible. I've looked at all the financial reports from SarahPAC and there is no way they're taking cash from the PAC as MALOE claims.

    16. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Awww, 7:50 PM, your lack of brain matter is entertaining!

    17. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Yes they are, 8:27 PM, but there's a lot of people out there that fall for it and, believe you me, they COUNT on it!

    18. Anonymous8:42 PM


      Her writing is extremely provincial but it seems very forced, as if someone older and more worldly is writing as someone who is very young and very naive. Case is point, liquidity is a an economic concept that is taught in junior high school economics, it is something that a person above age 13 would understand.

      The only two women in her family that Palin is close to that would also fit the bill as "aunt" would be Molly and Heather, her sisters, and their children are not the correct ages or sexes to be Cousin.

      There aren't any women on the Palin side of the family that would qualify as this aunt because Sarah is not so close to any of them that they would know these "insider" details.

      Palin plays her life close to the vest with everyone except a very few friends and her two sisters, and is especially close to Molly. Palin is NOT close to any of the women on Todd's side of the family, not Diana and not Todd's brother's wife, if he even has one now.

      Unless "cousin" is using the word "aunt" as some sort of colloquial term of endearment then I don't believe this can truly be a Palin cousin and that Sarah could be her aunt, she just doesn't fit within the family dynamic or within the actual members of the family.

      I don't believe that she was given a phone number, albeit the incorrect one, for Gryphen, and until she emails him and confirms that she is a Palin insider then I'll remain skeptical as well.

      She's another Media Insider, or Me Again, as far as I'm concerned, perhaps even the same person.

    19. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Don't fall for it. Go look at the PAC financial report disbursement details. There is no substantial money being laundered through the post office. Most PO payments are for an account for 'no postage required' return envelopes. Every now and then there have been small payments to the Wasilla PO (could be personal, could be to pay postage to send books or such) but nothing that comes close to what MALOE claims.

    20. Anonymous9:41 PM

      I think the post office in Wasilla that was forced to close might have been BECAUSE of Palin's going there to 'get money orders'?

    21. Anonymous9:55 PM

      The only insider who might have been genuine was "two-bull". You got the sense she was laughing at Sarah, and that's what I'd be doing if I was relating those tales about Sarah the Diva and her transparent lies.

    22. Anonymous10:53 PM

      I agree 9:41. In order for me to take cousin seriously I need to sense either laughter or disgust. I don't get either of that.

      I get New Jersey Medium impersonation by a semi-illiterate troll.

      But, what about the striped sweater photo of Sailor? What about the "thing" on her lip, you ask?

      Well, who would know about the striped sweater and the thing on her lip... and then duly post the pics? Duh.

      Bristol, you're not fooling me a bit. You may be feeling smug now but sooner or later you're going to crash. It's called odds.

      Best be getting yourself an education. You can't live off of your chin job forever and the only man you'll ever catch will dump you as soon as they find out what a vindictive, no life, rotten, little thief you are.

    23. Anonymous11:01 PM

      7:50's talkin' to themselves, even answering their own questions ... that's some kind'a special, eh ..

  48. Anonymous6:30 PM

    If Barstool has DTA then she'll stop having babies from different guys.

  49. Anonymous6:34 PM

    More Palin bullshit:

    Here's Bristol doing it all-

    except for the person taking the photograph and anyone else not in the picture, that is.

    Who's the daddy, Bristol? Do you even know?

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      People are outraged over this.

      Brandon Friedman, former digital media director for the Department of Veterans Affairs, criticized Palin for not mentioning the victim of the attack

  50. Anonymous6:50 PM

    A hair surgeon explains what's going on with Trump's hair

  51. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Grpyh, fellow IMers, check this out. From Nicolle Wallace herself, and WHY in my head we're all screwed. She had her chance after 2008, as did Steve Schmidt, to call $arah out for "their" PTSD watching Game Change, but will still save their @ss to be a pundit while the rest of us suffer the consequences. It's a square dance, all of 'em.

  52. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Regarding the SarahPac postage/money order scams. I wonder if Bristol let Dakota in on the scam? Is Willow involved with the family scam?

  53. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Dear Track Palin, Get use to it.

    It hasn't even begun. Todd says it is going to be juicy.

    Girls just wanna have fun, Sucker!

    'Veterans who have willingly given so much in service to their country should not have to bear the burden of being further stigmatized by your ignorant and foolish statements.'


  54. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Git 'em gone.

  55. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I'm convinced that Trump really doesn't want to win the election... but simply too brash, vain and foolishly proud to eliminate himself. So he's trying desperately to sabotage his own campaign--and hopefully $Palin will expedite the demise of this political spectacle.

  56. $36,000 to speech writers? I call for an audit.

    If that money went to writing that endorsement speech she gave for Trump, that entire $36,000 should be immediately refunded. Get real. Sarah wrote that speech herself. No native English language speaker or anyone that makes a living writing speeches would pen such an atrocity.

    She's spending more than she's taking in. And only a fraction is actually going to candidates. We know that in there she is lying about something to bypass the law so she can spend that money on herself. Wardrobe (such as it is), hair, make-up, shoes, shoes, more shoes, and of course vacationing first class. She probably pays all her bills with PAC money too. You know. Postage.


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