Saturday, August 20, 2016

Donald Trump's new campaign chief once referred to the Republican leadership as "c**ts." And he's in charge of messaging.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

Donald Trump’s new campaign boss—the guy white supremacists are so excited about—once described D.C.’s top Republicans as “cunts.” 

Stephen Bannon, the Trump campaign’s new chief executive as of Wednesday, used the phrase two years ago in emails with Breitbart reporter Matt Boyle. Bannon ran Breitbart at the time, and the two schemed about how to get activists to “turn on the hate” as part of a plan to “burn this bitch down.” The emails, obtained by The Daily Beast, are just another reminder that the Trump campaign’s new management is unlikely to play nice with party leaders. 

The exchange was on December 16, 2014. In it, Bannon flagged a Roll Call story about a private meeting Rep. Jason Chaffetz held for about a dozen Capitol Hill reporters. Chaffetz was about to become chairman of the powerful Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and the meeting previewed his plans for the committee.

In response to learning that Bannon wrote this:  

“Leadership are all cunts,” he wrote. “We should just go buck wild.” 

Then he wrote, “Let the grassroots turn on the hate because that’s the ONLY thing that will make them do their duty.”

Let's see, a disdain for Republican leadership, deeply misogynist language, and a desire to ratchet up the hatred within the GOP base, yep that sounds like just the perfect guy to run Donald Trump's campaign.

It is also telling that this is the guy who directed and released Sarah Palin's revisionist history in movie form back in 2011.

That movie bombed so hard it destroyed any possibility of Sarah Palin ever returning to politics. (You know that and every speech and interview she's ever giving.)

So one has to wonder exactly how effective his messaging is going to be for the Trump campaign.

My guess, not very.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Forget "The Undefeated," of which the title itself is knee-slapping hysterical laughing worthy, I volley back Nick Broomfield's "Sarah Palin: You Betcha!"

    I sought out this film here in Portland, and was struck by comments of those who know all too well what a low down cunning witch she is and how she destroyed lives in her quest for glory.

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I never believed that Donald Trump wanted to be POTUS.

    However, I am really starting to believe that Trump wants to start a news channel.

    Trump surrounding himself with Bannon, conspiracists, and white supremacists is no accident.

    Trump's a business man, and he knows there's no money to be made by advocating for peace, love, and respect.

    1. 9:13 -- there is another angle to Trump's popularity and his seemingly self-destructive campaign.

  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Oh my god, the Clintons are so fucking tone-deaf. No one advised them this was bad timing? Did they ignore the advice? Another unforced perception error. They just can't stop handing ammunition to their enemies and skeptics:

    "Hundreds of corporate executives, foreign dignitaries and celebrities will pile into a Manhattan ballroom to hobnob with Bill and Chelsea Clinton next month at their charity’s keynote annual event — just days before Hillary Clinton defends herself against pay-to-play accusations from Donald Trump in their first debate."

    And before you claim, "oh, they scheduled this far in advance" Bullshit, Hillary and Bill have known for 8 years that she'd be running for president in 2016 and an August high donor shindig would fall right in the height of the campaign.

    1. Seriously?

      This is you ammunition against Hillary?

      Better get back to scraping.

    2. Anonymous9:57 AM

      OFFS, it's a CHARITY event you stupid cow. By their charity. They have to show up or it would look bad. Better concern trolls, please.

    3. Anonymous10:51 AM

      The date has been scheduled for a long time and the meeting is an 'annual' event! The membership has to be called together to inform them of current financial info, etc.

      The fact Hillary Clinton is currently running for POTUS assures they will make major changes due to her likely being elected POTUS.

      It all makes sense to me.

      For the naysayers - those dates are scheduled ahead. Seems as though many on this blog are not knowledgeable!

    4. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Gryphen Not *My* ammunition, the Republicans'.

      10:51 - "those dates are scheduled ahead. Seems as though many on this blog are not knowledgeable!"

      Right, so you ignored what I wrote and chose exactly the least knowledgeable excuse for horrible timing. The CGI isn't a public company holding its required annual meeting of shareholders. The "members" paid $20,000 to join. This is an insiders' shindig, not a required business event. (Who's unknowledgeable again?) They could have scheduled their annual event any time during the year but they chose late September of an election year when they knew she'd be running for president. They should have been scheduled early in the year or skipped. Income inequality and criticism of rich oligarchs mingling together aren't new issues. The optics of the timing are horrible. The scheduling judgment is worse.

      Bury your heads in the sand and sip the koolaid that's making you blind to another Clinton unforced error. Trump will jam her with this at the first debate and all kinds of income inequality hay will be made by the Repubs. Seven weeks before the election. Ay yi yi.

    5. Connie11:26 AM

      Like President Obama before her it doesn't matter what Hillary does or when she does it. All the woman has to do is breathe and some wing nut will claim she's contributing to greenhouse gases because she exhaled.

      At this point either you trust in her logic or you don't. Buckle up buttercup. With the GOP imploding there is only one working engine on Plane USA. With skill (I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar!) we might, just might be able to glide in for a landing.

      And then the real work begins.

      I'm not looking at Hillary as an end game move, but the continuation of building a future for the next generation.

      Breathe - Remember to breathe. And vote. Complacency kills.

    6. Maple1:29 PM

      Just an FYI (since even the media can't keep them straight): The Clinton Global Initiative is completely separate from the Clinton Family Foundation. The CGI is a charity which receives donations from all over the world, and provides funding for largely health initiatives in third world countries (AIDS being a specific one). The Clinton Family Foundation, OTOH, is similar to the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation etc., in that $$ from the family members are channeled through the Foundation and given to other charities (i.e. Red Cross, ACS, CARE, public hospitals and educational institutions, health research etc.
      Please don't mix them up.

    7. Anonymous1:37 PM

      In a sane world, this is GREAT timing. A chance to show what can be done when rich people who have a sense of obligation about helping others come together to do so.

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Is Bannon the person who outed then harrassed Audrey-- who spearheaded the story of Palin's fake presidency?

  5. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Let him rachet up the hate.

    Yes, it will play well with his base but his base will shrink.

    There are those with him now that will start to drift away from an increasingly hateful and maniacal message. Not that many. But he doesn't have that many to begin with. He'll keep his core but the fringes and fence sitters will leave him. They may not vote for Hillary but they will not vote for Trump.

  6. Anonymous10:27 AM

    The Las Vegas artist who created statues of
    nude Trump that appeared across the US.
    hopefully would do more, but, of Stephen
    Bannon, the two idiots side by side.
    Joshua Monroe, Las Vegas artist who goes by the name Ginger, because of his red
    hair and beard, created the statues at cost
    for anarchy art collective INDECLINE.
    Ginger moved to Vegas in 2012 to become the
    art director for Eli Roth's Goretorium on
    the Strip creating monstrous beings such as
    werewolves and demons for haunted houses
    and horror films. Trump, Ginger said,is
    no different. Ginger initially planned to
    vote for Trump. "I was leaning toward voting for Trump, but he actually dug such a deep hole with his mouth that he made
    more people afraid and cry than Freddy
    Kruger," Ginger said.
    The complete article called THE NAKED TRUTH
    is in the LAS VEGAS SUN, FRIDAY,AUGUST 19,
    2016. Be great if Ginger would create
    smaller statues like the garden Gnome's.
    I would display one in the back window
    of my car. Before I got out of my car I
    would have to hide it on the floor , covered with a blanket, or my back
    window would be smashed in.

  7. Anonymous10:45 AM

    The one and only admirable thing about Trump is the extent to which he is a YUGE thorn in the side of the GOP establishment. If ever two sides richly deserved each other...

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Republicans Give Up And Admit To Voters That Donald Trump Is Going To Lose

      Losing hope for the White House, the GOP is exploring a plan to cast congressional candidates as a check on President Hillary Clinton.

      Republicans are exploring a new strategy where they will admit to voters that Donald Trump is going to lose to Hillary Clinton in an attempt to save their majorities in the House and Senate.…

    2. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Republicans are 'doing' and 'trying' so many things to keep everything together. It's a riot to watch!

      First they try to 'remake' Trump and that was a huge flop.

      Now there is a specific team - a white woman traveling w/him (who feeds his ego!) telling him how to say things so that he comes off better! We all know that isn't going to work!

      Trump has put despicable people on his current team and thinks Americans have fallen for that too! What a joke!

      Plus, he is calling for black folks and other minorities to get on his bandwagon because he can take better care of them then the Democrats! They aren't going to fall for that either. Only 1% of them admit liking him! Amazing!

      Trump is a loser and racist! Nothing more and nothing less. He will NEVER be elected POTUS!

  8. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Sarah Palin is much worse than the 'c' word! She is the most racist, hateful, evil, lying fraud currently residing in Alaska.

    Poor Alaska and Alaskans!

  9. Anonymous11:06 AM

    That photo perfectly captures my mental image of an internet troll living in his parents' basement. Five'll get you ten that's a Thomas Kincaid painting in the frame behind him.

  10. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Things Are So Bad For Republicans That Even Trump’s Tweets Are Backfiring On Them

    ...Trump was hammered on social media for such a ridiculous tweet, but things got even worse for the Republican nominee when he tried to pass off an increase in Twitter followers as a sign that he is really winning the election.

  11. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Conservative Economist Ben Stein Says Trump May Make Him Vote Democrat for First Time

    1. Anonymous11:51 AM

      Oops, wrong link:

  12. Anonymous11:43 AM

    A friend on Facebook just replied to a comment on a page called Trump Train. There was a post that asked if you would invite Trump to a backyard BBQ.

    My friend's a liberal so I knew he'd have something snarky to say and I was correct.

    Then I started reading some of the other comments and was shocked at how these people have created an image of Trump that is SO completely contrary to who he really is.

    "to seems to be a kind man and his children also, none of them ever seem to be arrogant and they are able to talk to people with respect...he says what he feels as opposed to hilary who says what she thinks is the best answer for the occasion and she is the occasion and i dont believe her answers on anything."

    None of them ever seem to be arrogant???? Has she EVER listened to him speak???

    "I'll bet he would enjoy himself if all you served would be a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, I think that's the kind of man he is."

    I sincerely doubt that peanut butter and jelly has ever passed that man's ugly lips.

    "For me Trump is like the guy next door but a whole lot richer. He doesn't act like a rich uppity snoot. "

    Carol, dear, the man you're referring to has more gold in his home than Fort Knox. There is not an inch that is not gilded and gaudy, including the damn toilet!!!!!

    Ohhh, I need to go lie down now and let my blood pressure come back down to normal.

    1. Anonymous12:46 PM

      He would probably eat a bite or two of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.....with a knife and fork. After the cameras got their photos, then he'd leave quickly.

      Probably take about 49 seconds.

    2. Crystal Sage12:53 PM

      I spent some time today trolling on Michelle Malkin's site and the Trumpsters are so indoctrinated that they are believing that their idol can perform miracles, as in, he is going to completely transform the inner cities in short order and everyone is going to get rich when he is president. Of course, Hillary is a lying, murderous felon who should be assassinated. If it weren't so scary, it would be funny.

  13. Anonymous11:45 AM

    The all-American Donald Trump: why Trump's rise could only happen here

  14. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Your concern over "deeply misogynist language" is very touching. I see all kinds of examples of that hete on this blog daily.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      He's not running a campaign, he writes a blog. Anyone whose been reading a long time here knows where Gryphen stands about a plethora of issues, including women's issues.

  15. Anonymous12:18 PM

    How Trump's new campaign chief ginned up progressive doubts about Hillary

    ...So Bannon has a track record of both spreading whack-job misinformation at Breitbart and finding plausible ways to infect mainstream thinking from within through GAI. What’s unknown is exactly which role he’ll play at Trump’s campaign. Trump has made clear now that he doesn’t want to ever “pivot” or be “reined in,” so will Bannon’s Breitbart instincts fuel more outrageous broadside attacks against Clinton from his candidate, who already outdoes himself on a near daily basis? Or will Bannon be planting more specious “bombshells” with mainstream outlets (which would assume he has more up his sleeve)? Or both?

  16. Anonymous12:31 PM

    YIKES - read this article, near the bottom - if the Republicans gain control in five more states legislatures, they will have enough power to convene a constitutional convention and transform the Constitution to comport with evangelical and Koch abominations the nation

    This gives me nightmares, I don't think our country can survive a rewritten constitution if it is done by the repbulicans - they will most likely drop trump and fight for those states and the rallying cry is stop Clinton vote Republican for everything else

    1. Anonymous1:46 PM

      I look at my grandkids, so young and innocent, and the thought of the life they're headed for is absolutely terrifying to me!

      Then I look at the likes of the pee pond, and think, "I hope you get EXACTLY what you you cannot see for as smart as you think you are." How many of us saw right through Palin from the get-go?

  17. Anonymous1:49 PM

    It is like the party of mental illness. Crazy abusers, rapist, thugs and meanest. And the Bundys? good gosh. Not a great reality show.

  18. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Did you see Trump in that one press conference at a round table? His lips all pouty. He reminds me of my bossy older sister when she got drunk, and was about to take us all down for various reasons. Trump has people gathering to him like flies to shit. They all think something is in it for them. I hardly believe that they have any lofty dreams of what American could be. And this Republican on Hillary thing is just exhausting. I watched clips of her on youtube from way back when. They even criticized her for wearing a headband. They knew then, she was someone to be reckoned with. What puzzles me is why her? Why is she a threat to the Republicans? Whatever the reason, you hang in there Hillary. You not only show them how tough you are but you show us.

  19. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Just an observation, looks like this bannon tool will join Breitbart, the man in his quest to achieve room temperature.

  20. Anonymous1:19 AM

    And his new Campaign Manger, Kellyanne Conway keeps Trump in line by massaging his ego, sucking up and basically manipulating him as only a woman can to a 70 year old narcissist.

    “Kelly’s telling Trump what he wants to hear,” the source said.

    “She has a whole vocabulary of diplomatic words. That’s the kind of woman he likes around, who can tell him the soft way ― encourage him, guide him but not criticize him,” said a second source close to Trump.

    “She’s used to dealing with certifiable people ... as long as you follow the crazy rules you can get along perfectly,” the second source said.

    (Todd Aiken being one of them. Also Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz.)


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