Sunday, December 11, 2016

SNL takes on Donald Trump's crazy cabinet picks.

My favorite line: 

“Kellyanne, it’s almost like Mr. Trump appoints these people specifically to undermine the very agencies they head.” 

So the writers on SNL noticed that too. 

I will give old George W. credit for one thing at least.

He waited to take office BEFORE he started working to destroy the country.


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM


    1. Trump owned the beauty pageants and as soon as he could he took the pageant to where? MOSCOW!

    .....“Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant,” he tweeted later that day. “[I]f so, will he become my new best friend?”...
    .... Asked whether he had met with Putin there, Trump declined to say, though he added: “I got to meet a lot of people.”....

    2. Trump is a Putin defender. Putin didn't hack the RNC or interfere with the election.

    ..... President-elect Donald Trump said he does not believe the CIA’s conclusion that Russia intervened in the election to help him win.... “I think it’s ridiculous,” Trump said in an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” his first Sunday show appearance since the election last month. “I think it’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it . . . No, I don’t believe it at all.”

    3. Trump is a Putin praiser. He's a great leader.

    .... Republican presidential front-runner returned the compliments, hailing Putin as a "leader" and pointing to his high favorability numbers in Russia.

    "He's running his country and at least he's a leader, unlike what we have in this country,"....

    4. Trump picks cabinet members with ties with Russia. One is even friends with Putin.

    ..... “Among those considered for the post, Mr. Tillerson has perhaps the closest ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” adding that, in 2012, Putin personally bestowed Russia’s Order of Friendship on Tillerson.

    It’s hard to imagine Tillerson publicly chiding Putin today because he is now so very dependent on that friendship ...


    Is Trump a Trojan Horse for Putin?

    TROJAN HORSE: a person or thing intended secretly to undermine or bring about the downfall of an enemy or opponent.

    "the rebels may use this peace accord as a Trojan horse to try and take over"

  2. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Below is a comment from another post. I agree with a lot of it except for lard ass dying from stress.

    Remember this, Trump wanted Kasich to be the most powerful vice-president in history. Kasich would be in charge of foreign and domestic policies and Trump would be in charge of Making America Great (probably holding Victory rallies)


    Previous Comment:

    There are only 4 possible outcomes of his presidency:

    (1) He will resign (probably after one year),

    (2) He will be impeached,

    (3) He will be assassinated,

    (4) He will suffer a heart attack or stroke due to the stress of the job (remember, he's a 70 year old, out of shape, fast-food eating liar.

    1. Anonymous2:36 PM

      (5) He'll hang in there for four years after which the nation will revolt at the ballot box and destroy the GOP.

    2. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Yup there's no stress in holding rallies.

    3. Anonymous3:48 PM

      He is too ignorant and mentally ill to even know what stress is.If trump is inaugurated in January, we are screwed.

    4. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Pence is POTUS. Trump will have the title but Pence will be in charge. There will be no impeachment, no quitting, we just have 4 years of POTUS Pence but I do think this will kill the GOP.

      I don't know if there is anyone that the Dems are grooming for 2020 at this point but they'd better get busy because 2020 is a given for the Dems, especially once the Deplorables find out they've been duped.

    5. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Old Redneck -
      When Trump first won, I wondered who in the Democratic party would be able to repair the extensive damage he would inflict on this country over the next four years.

      After listening to him for a month, seeing his cabinet picks, and hearing what the GOP members of Congress are planning, I'm not sure we'll have a country left in four years.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Speaking of George W:

    I'm a very liberal Democrat and I already miss Bush. Actually, I'm dreaming of the good ol' days under Ronnie Reagan.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Im missing the interest tax write off of the 80's. All interest any type was a write off. This encouraged spending and financing. Simple returns even itemized and the little consumers felt balance in the system.

  4. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Ever thought that Drumpf is merely doing a lot of kite-flying for publicity and outrage? He's a simple fellow and the media are willingly led around by the nose.

    Sarah Palin's name might not come up on a list of fake nominees because she's a quitter and lazy also too.

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM


    I'm still up here and need to attack that black family one more time before the year is out. By the way how much is Malia and Sasha Obama’s dresses?


    President Obama’s holiday card has been released, with a photo of his family and the greetings of the season. It’s the last he will send from the White House. Unfortunately, for a few folks, including Sarah Palin, the card was supremely offensive. Moreover, it’s not the first time the First Family has sent Palin scrambling for her safe place.

    What could President Obama have done, in a Christmas card, to so shock and offend? Well, as it happens, that’s just it: it isn’t just a Christmas card. Instead, it wishes Happy Holidays — a greeting that includes those who celebrate Hannukah (beginning December 24th this year), Kwanzaa (beginning December 26), and Solstice (December 21st) — among others, rather than only the single biggest, splashiest, most commercialized holiday of the season.

    Palin posted on social media, linking to a Young Conservatives article which bemoans not only the wish for a joyous holiday season, but the price of Malia and Sasha Obama’s dresses, and the lack of visible White House in the photo....

    It's not the first time the former Alaska Governor has been offended by the Obama family’s holiday greetings

    Acording to the L.A. Times, she complained in 2011 that the card, which featured the First Family’s dog in front of a fireplace inside the White House, didn’t focus sufficiently on faith, family, and freedom....

    1. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Let's see, Old Sarah backed a POTUS candidate who is a serial adulterer and rapist. He is also a tax cheating woman hating asshole among other things. Yeah, Sarah, you cannot play your Christian cards anymore.

    2. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Excellent point 3:23. Evangelicals who supported Trump are at best hypocrites, but more likely ignorant and racist. Sorry Sarah, to thine own self be true, not disingenuous. Also, maybe time to adjust the meds. She's just angry Bristol’s !!!!announcement!!!! went over like a lead balloon.

    3. Anonymous4:52 PM

      No she cannot, 3:23 PM.
      She has more than proved who she is.

    4. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Let's not tell her that family clothing is purchased with family money or remind her that the McPain campaign spent almost 200K on her scrawny rump and assorted family. IIRC, her hubby got silk under drawers.

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Sorry about the off-topic post -- but -- has anyone posted the SarahPAC results for the period 10/20/2016 to 11/28/2016?

    If not:

    Cash receipts: $9,203
    Expenditures: $53,689
    Ending cash on hand: $99,052

    Of the $53,689 spent, not one cent was spent to support candidates. All her expenses were:

    -- part-time clerical ($8,000)
    -- legal fees
    -- consultant/fund raising ($20,000)
    -- consultant/logistics ($19,457)
    -- airfare, lodging, etc. in New Orleans(??)
    -- limo rental, Anchorage
    -- Christmas cards ($1,410)
    -- limo, Omaha(??)

    At this rate, SarahPAC will be $20 - $30,000 in the hole by the end of 1st qtr 2017.

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      She and Bristol should have made the new pregnancy a daddy mystery yet again to make some more cash off it. We all know that no guy would want dried-up old Bristol but Duh, but they still could have spun the pregnancy to make more off it to help out Sarah.

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM


  8. Anonymous3:10 PM


    What nerve of Christian Sarah Palin!

    Two week before the birth of Jesus Christ and Sarah is tweeting "PUS_Y"

    Sarah Palin ‏@SarahPalinUSA
    Army-Navy disobey President Obama. Hoohah! 🇺🇸

    Ooh Rah is a battle cry common in the United States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. The term means "charge". It is comparable to hooah in the US Army, hooah in Air Force AMMO (since the mid 60s), hooyah in the US Navy and US Coast Guard.

    REEETTTAAAAWWWWDDDD this what you are saying

    a female's vagina (pussy)
    Man, her hoohah smelled like rotten fish1

    hoo hah:
    Female genitalia; pussy
    My hoo hah's sore after last night.

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Sarah which definition applies to you? Both?

    2. Anonymous4:19 PM

      Someone mentioned in the Obama Holiday card that the difference is grace and class? I would also add intelligence and peaceful demeanor.

      HOO HAH, "christian" $arah?
      No wonder your ghostwritten Christmas book didn't sell well.


  9. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Sarah Palin ‏@SarahPalinUSA
    Army-Navy disobey President Obama. Hoohah! 🇺🇸

    Is Sarah Palin calling our president a pussy?

    "President Obama. Hoohah!"?

    Fuck you 8===D••• ()*() Sarah Palin

    Your underage daughter gave birth while in high school and has children from different men, other daughter dropped out of high school in her sophomore year, son is a drunk domestic violent pregnant woman beater/where's his 1st daughter and there's a name for his second baby, nobody knows where Trig came from with your fake square flat seat cushion belly, a prostitute claims your husband was her lover and pimp and you, who is Curtis Menard Jr and Glenn Rice?

  10. Anonymous3:36 PM

    1. Anonymous5:03 PM

      I didn't know she was a queer until last night's SNL. I guess now when I look at her it should have been obvious but I've always been a little slow on the uptake when in comes to identifying the gays :-)

      She's still a really funny woman though!

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM

      QUEER? Really?!
      Have we not risen past that label?

    3. Anonymous12:34 AM

      no we fell off the cliff and down the frack hole to rumpland. Every thing back ass bumbling bubbling backwards while destroying everything good.

  11. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Is "consultant" code for Sarah and or Todd? Hell you can call Gryphen a consultant. How much was spent on stamps?

    SarahPac FEC

    consultant/fund raising ($20,000)
    consultant/logistics ($19,457)

    1. Anonymous12:43 AM

      you forgot the s after http://. s is for secure//(+: its an old security feature of our secured grid worldwide.

  12. Anonymous3:40 PM


  13. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Never thought that I would rationalize that I miss George W. I'm holding out for now.

    1. W. was stupid but he wasn't mean. He actually did care about people. He didn't approach the presidency for profit or even power. Part of him also wanted to do something positive.

      As Aaron Sorkin wrote in The American President, it's ALL about character.

      The Republicans couldn't have put someone with a more deplorable character in the White House than Donald Trump.

  14. Anonymous3:49 PM

    SarahPac so far in 2016

    Sarah Spent $2.1 million
    Sarah Raised $1.4 million

    How does a irrelevant nonplayer spend:


  15. Anonymous3:55 PM

    OT:"tireless champion of peace.”

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      Countered by thi$>

  16. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Guess the Obamas got under her skin again. She is so nasty and clearly jealous of our president and his successful and gorgeous family. Maybe she needs some sun.

  17. Anonymous5:17 PM

    This was the best part of SNL last night. Cena did "The World Through Donald Trump's Eyes" and many of the sight gags were based on his hand size; they grew when he was happy and lauded by others and they shrunk when he was upset and tweeting his critical tweets towards those that dare disparage him.

  18. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Who would have thought the republicans could have found someone that actual makes Bush look intelligent.

  19. “Kellyanne, it’s almost like Mr. Trump appoints these people specifically to undermine the very agencies they head.”

    Ya think?

    And you know what I'm hearing from the Deplorables?

    "Give Trump a chance."

    I don't need to. I'm intelligent enough to see exactly what is going to happen. I can see it in his cabinet picks, read it on his Twitter, hear it every time he opens his suckling maw.

    I think they're starting to crack, starting to doubt. I think all of what he's doing and what is being reported is starting to make inroads to at least some of their brains and they are starting to get uneasy and think maybe they did screw up after all. So they're hoping that after he's inaugurated, it might not be so bad. Wait and see. "Give him a chance."

    Me? I'm not giving a sexual predator a chance. Or a chronic, incessant LIAR. A cheat. A thief. A FASCIST. Someone so obviously unfit and unprepared for the most important job in this country.

    What do you think is giving it away to them? That he's spending more time on Twitter complaining about SNL than he is in security briefings? Or maybe that he's going to be doing The New Celebrity Apprentice in is "spare time."?

  20. Anonymous12:06 AM

    This is a tuff decision for media. DJT is a gold mine for comedy. But a disaster for America. Gee Whiz Wally what should we do?

    1. Well, they made that decision during the primaries, didn't they?

  21. Anonymous12:26 AM

    America has suffered from the dumbing down trick for years of "private voucher" system and the insistence of removing "common core" these new modern words for stealing public money and less public education. We the USA tax paying citizens pay for our public education system. The teachers are starving, some in distress explaining what is happening and children are distressed, depressed, mentally suffering from the lousy adults behaving badly and their children. Meanwhile the private heritage snd such voucher driven schools are painting the walls. I believe in freedom of choice on your dime not mine. One school system, public basic education with opportunity. It is not about your personal beliefs or religion at a USA public school system. It is an institute of learning without INTERFERENCE or SWAY or DENIAL of opinion. Right now our young students are suffering due to this outrageous negative attack against America. It is wrong and must stop.


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