Thursday, May 04, 2017

Barack Obama weighs in on France presidential election, backs Emmanuel Macron.

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Barack Obama has made a last-minute intervention in the French presidential election in support of Emmanuel Macron, saying “the success of France matters to the entire world”. 

Macron, a centrist, faces Marine Le Pen of the far-right Front National in a runoff vote on Sunday. Polls put him 20 points ahead. 

The former US president said he had chosen to declare his support, in a video tweeted by Macron on Thursday afternoon, because of the importance of the election.

“I’m not planning to get involved in many elections now that I don’t have to run for office but the French election is very important to the future of France and the values that we care so much about,” he said. 

Obama said he supported Macron because he appealed to “people’s hopes and not their fears” and ended his message with the words “Vive la France.”

As you may know the former president is incredibly popular in Europe, and France is only second to Germany in their adoration for our former Commander-in-Chief.

So this could do much to help Macron, especially since Trump has all but endorsed his opponent Marine Le Pen.


  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Thank you, President Obama for giving your voice in this matter. It means a LOT!

  2. I think part of the reason I wanted to post this is that after all of these months of hearing Trump talk, it is just so soothing to hear Barack Obama's voice.

    There should be a number you can call that just features Barack Obama's voice telling you that "Everything will be just fine", "We can get through this together", and "The arc of history bends towards justice."

    1. Anonymous6:39 PM

      "so soothing to hear Barack Obama's voice."

      Oh, man, you got that right. Excerpts of Obama's speech in Chicago about the presidential library played on the radio this morning and it was like an antidote to a poisoned Drumpf Tower taco salad.

      How the fuck is it possible we elected Obama twice (yay) and then voted THIS putrid sack of shit into the same office?? Can't wrap my head around it....

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM

      +++++++++++++++++++++ me, too!

  3. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Oui, Monsieur Président! En Marche (*Forward*)!

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    "especially since Trump has all but endorsed his opponent Marine Le Pen. "

    Seriously, Gryphen? You can't say ANYTHING nice about Emperor Drumpf? Sad!

    At least give The Shaved Oramgutan credit for being obedient to his Russian master even if he's only motivated by financial entanglement or blackmail.


    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      I'm still good with the massive, fatal coronary and I won't shed a tear.

    2. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Me too, but I want his death to be painful and something he might not enjoy!

  5. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Notice how Trump's first trip to another is not France, Germany, etc because he doesn't want to get booed at or protested on his first #notourpresident trip.


    He is going to a country How he's been to several times and where he has businesses.

  6. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Chuck Lorre takes dig at drumpf>

  7. President Obama can endorse a candidate for president in another country, but that's O.K.

    Someone help me understand how this is acceptable when the loss of his party was attributed to interference from the Russians, and Putin, in particular.

    So much so, that a congressional investigation has been ongoing for months, trying to prove the Russians have done so.


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