Friday, January 14, 2011

Jack Cafferty eviscerates Sarah Palin's horrible "Blood Libel" video, and asks the question of the day. Update!

I think Jack Cafferty gave Palin too much credit by suggesting she had a real chance to redeem herself and possibly salvage her political career.

I knew she was finished the day after the shooting.

Update:  It looks like Joe Scarborough has pretty much reached the same conclusion as Jack Cafferty:

Got to say, I really do believe, it’s not an overstatement to say this probably ended Sarah Palin’s political career. I would be stunned–and save this tape, save this tape and rub it in my face if I’m wrong–would be stunned to ever see Sarah Palin elected to another political office.

Yeah I don't think that Scarborough has to worry about anything being rubbed in his face concerning Sarah Palin.

Of course I know a little something about Palin's future in the next few weeks that Joe is probably not privy to.  More on that later.


  1. Anonymous5:56 AM

    She was finished politically the day she told the wild ride tale of Trig to the reporter. That audio tape is the albatross.

  2. Anonymous5:57 AM

    The Republican Nominee will be Mitt Romney.

    Silently he is digging his foreign policy credentials..Check this out.

    Sarah you are toased.

  3. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Cafferty had her pegged from day one. He set the stage for higher standards of our candidates in any capacity.

    Unfortunately, no one was equally demanding in the MSM.

    Speaking of which,

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Has Sarah ever done more good than harm?

  5. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Her best chance at the WH was when she was striding out to the microphone on stage after being announced as McCain's V.P. And then she opened her mouth and started her sneering, petty speech.

    She was handed an opportunity of a lifetime, and has pissed it all away.

  6. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Way to go, Jack! Now we wait for the pile-on.

    I've said before that I didn't want Palin to go away until all of her scandals are revealed, but perhaps her downfall will loosen lips and the true story of Sarah Palin will out anyway.

  7. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Anon. Romney was also in the Mid East, talking to the leaders there, while $arah was facebooking and ignoring her children.

  8. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Sarah is So into Sarah and that is All she is concerned about and will ever be concerned about. She knows nothing about serving people or their needs NOTHING!

    Did you see how many people attended Chistina's funeral! Sarah Palin was jealous of that little girls funeral that is how pathetic and demented Sarah Palin is.

    Sarah Palin lost many many people that day and her hole keeps getting bigger and bigger and hopefully all her hater girlfriends will fall down w/her!

    She knows nothing about anything she really does not. And the only thing Sarah will be able to do is drum up more hate and violence and I am sure that is what she will do.

    People do not change and if they do it takes a long time to see the results. The rage in Sarah is so tremendous and deep that there truly is no hope for her NONE!

    Sarah must be scared because I am sure law suits will be heading her way. Gabby has the right to sue her and so do many other people. She has some big challenges now!

  9. Lisabeth6:32 AM

    Look at this everyone. Strange?? Tucson police investigators talk to Leland Yee in San Francisco about the death threats he received from Sarah Palin supporters.

    What does everyone think???

  10. Virginia Voter6:35 AM

    5:57- I posted something similar on HuffPo. While T-Paw is flailing, floundering, and flip flopping about Sarah, DADT, etc trying to sell his stupid book to the fundies, Mitt made the best move by staying off the radar. Believe me, he will have issues in the primaries with Mormonism and Romneycare, but Pawlenty has finished himself with his recent gaffes.

    Jack Cafferty is the only one I can listen to on CNN anymore

  11. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Over at Wonkette Jack Stuef has writen a great article.

  12. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Sarah... confess your sins.

  13. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Sarah as US President?! Ah, no, that's a gas pipeline dream.

    No problem though. With Sarah's skill set, she could be a martyr, victim, defamer, buffoon, phony, hate monger.... Why, there's all manner of loathsome jobs out there for her.

  14. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Come on, People. Who really truly believed she had a chance at being elected president?

    I'll admit that I could see her possibly getting the nomination for the Republican Party, but even that was going to be a stretch.

    I will say this: If she was thinking about taking up residence in Arizona to run for an office there, I think that chance is gone now.

    I honestly don't think she wants to run for office -- I think she knows she can't -- and she really doesn't want to do any of the thinky-worky junk anyway.

    - kellygrrrl

  15. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I knew she finished the McCain campaign's chances after the Katie Couric interview, and any political chances after that when she quit her job.

  16. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Joe Scarborough: Sarah Palin’s Political Career Is Over

    JOE SCARBOROUGH: I don’t think you’re overstating it at all. I really don’t. I think, all of us, Pat Buchanan was talking yesterday about how we understood the anger that Sarah Palin might feel for being unjustly accused minutes after the shooting of causing that, the shootings. But, Jon Meacham, the response by Sarah Palin, on the day that they were going to remember a nine-year old little girl that got killed and several senior citizens, and of course a congresswoman who was clinging for her life, to make it all about her, and to stir the pot up additionally with a very loaded phrase–that others have used–but others weren’t considering running for President of these United States. Got to say, I really do believe, it’s not an overstatement to say this probably ended Sarah Palin’s political career. I would be stunned–and save this tape, save this tape and rub it in my face if I’m wrong–would be stunned to ever see Sarah Palin elected to another political office.

  17. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Palin’s political dreams bursting, one by one

  18. O/T:
    did anyone post the info on the print shop, you know, the one that supposedly printed those 'Survey' Maps for palin's campaign?

  19. jason karov7:03 AM

    Everbody with a brain knows that Sarah didn't have any direct connection to the
    shootings in AZ, OK?

    But even Roger Ailes at Fox news knew enough to tell the Fox crowd to tone it down.

    So, Sarah had ONE chance to get her response to the Arizona tragic shootings right,
    after Rebecca Mansour (evidently some sort of Palin proxy) LIED on the Tammy show about the bulls-eyes being surveyors marks.

    Palin herself referred to these later as a "bullseye's in a tweet. Not only that, but they scrubbed the “Reload” target graphics
    rom Palin’s websites right after the shooting.

    So Sarah now shows up on a canned video response (with Teleprompter)
    and doesn’t redeem her ONE CHANCE to seem reasonable or conciliatory.

    She doesn’t admit that some people COULD misinterpret the targeting, in spite of being unconnected to her, personally. What WAS obvious is that Gabrielle Giffords DID FEEL THREATENED, and there's video
    proof of that all over the web? Why not at least say she regrets that she caused bad feelings?
    Is that so difficult?

    If Sarah had offered even a small gesture of conciliation, and traveled to Arizona for the memorial, she would have boosted her entire political future incredibly.

    But no, she can't admit any wrong, ever. Don't retreat, just reload! Flippin Bethcha!

    She doesn’t admit that Glen Beck saying on national radio that he’d like to murder
    Michael Moore was over the top
    She doesn’t ask people to stop bringing loaded guns to political events.
    She doesn’t REPUDIATE the “2nd amendment remedy" horror of Sharron Angle fame.
    She doesn’t admit any remorse, or willingness to have a rational discourse on why crazy people might take incendiary comments, or calling Obama “Hitler" might be
    taken the wrong way.

    All she does is parrot back a ghostwritten piece full of pablum, puce, and platitudes.

    Anyone who knows Sarah, can tell she doesn’t normally speak like that, and she certainly didn't write it as it’s lacking
    any “Folksy” betchas, flippin’ and eye winks.

    That speech was the first time Sarah ever used the words "purport" and "apportion"

    She’s backed herself into a corner of denial and religious self righteousness,
    and doomed any chance of a run at the white house. Period.

  20. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Any politician with a shred of dignity, especially one whose love of guns and gun culture dominates her publicity, would have kept her message short and sweet. Something like:

    “As a mother, as a woman, my heart goes out to all the victims of the tragic shooting in Tuscon, especially Congresswoman Giffords, whose role as public servant I honor tremendously, as it is one I have shared. If my own rheotoric is at all perceived as being a contributing factor to this horrible act, though I disagree strongly that it was, I am sympathetic to those who, in their grief, feel differently. Today I encourage all persons, regardless of politics, to take this opportunity to reflect on what is now often seen as a culture of anger in our country and help transform it into a culture of decency.”

    Full. Fucking. Stop.

    A simple act of contrition acknowledging that it doesn’t matter that Jared Lee Loughner may have been receiving his orders from the star pods of the Crab Nebula. Palin, Beck and the rest of the nation’s conspiracy-minded shitheads… they are the ones who have made the nation feel that what Loughner did was the next logical step in our progression down the political sewer.

    Instead we are served a plate heaped to the sky with the standard horse manure, which we are expected to scarf down while ignoring the fact that our national political conversation just took a big turn for the worse.

  21. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Everbody with a brain knows that Sarah didn't have any direct connection to the shootings in AZ, OK? Even Roger Ailes at Fox news knew enough to tell the Fox crowd to tone it down.

    So, Sarah had ONE chance to get her response to the Arizona tragic shootings right,

    So Sarah now shows up on a canned TV response (with Teleprompter)
    and doesn’t redeem her ONE CHANCE to seem reasonable or conciliatory.

    She doesn’t admit that some people COULD misinterpret the targeting, in spite of being unconnected to her, personally. What WAS obvious is that Gabrielle Giffords DID FEEL THREATENED, and there's video
    proof of that all over the web? Why not at least offer a mild gesture of conciliation

    But no, she can't admit any wrong, ever. Don't retreat, just RELOAD!

    All she does is parrot back a ghostwritten piece full of pablum, puce, and platitudes.

    Anyone who knows Sarah, can tell she doesn’t normally speak like that, as it’s lacking
    any “Folksy” betchas, flippin’ and eye winks.

    She’s backed herself into a corner of denial and religious self righteousness,
    and doomed any chance of a run at the white house. Period.

  22. Anonymous7:13 AM

    the only chance she has at the white house is if she and her minions try to take it by force; God help us all if THAT were ever to happen. Why we must be ever vigilant in our work to expose this sham to her loyal cult following.

  23. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Her best chance at the WH was when she was striding out to the microphone on stage after being announced as McCain's V.P. And then she opened her mouth and started her sneering, petty speech.

    She was handed an opportunity of a lifetime, and has pissed it all away.

    6:10 AM

    SP can still take a tour of the WH.
    If she is not on the Terror Watch List.

  24. Anonymous7:23 AM

    There is one reasons why Sarah's map was discussed in terms of the Arizona shootings: Giffords felt targeted by cross hairs over her district and said so on video. She said that there should be consequences for that kind of action.

    We don't know if politics played any role in the Arizona shootings. The act was the product of a sick mind. But, the Giffords tape was the thing that was at hand while the 24 hour news people needed to fill the TV air with commentary. Poor Sarah became the victim.

    anon 7:03 drafted the correct response to the shooting. And, the response should have been issued after finding out the condition of the shooting victims. It was irresponsible to post condolences to the Giffords family while Gabby was still alive and in surgery.

    Sarah just flunked Hillary's 3 AM telephone call. The call came in the middle of the day, but it really meant to measure how a leader responds to a sudden crisis. The picture of George W. Bush reading "My Pet Goat" for seven minutes after being informed of the World Trade Center tragedy showed us that Bush was incapable of leading unless someone told him what to do. When he stood on the ruins of the World Trade Center, he almost came back, until he told us all to go shopping.

    Sarah is not a victim. She was not under attack. And, her Reload Rhetoric was sensational, and that is what was under attack. Sarah was criticized, not shot. She is not a victim. And, she doesn't need another four days to prepare for a staged Hannity interview. Her response to the Arizona shootings shows how totally unfit Sarah is for ANY office.

  25. Gasman7:34 AM

    Cafferty was brutally honest, but he was STILL soft pedaling his assessment of Sarah Palin. Anybody who's been around politics as long as him isn’t fooled by her glossy white trash sheen. She is little more than a vain simpleton who feels a rather pathetic need to inject herself into every national story line. That she did so with the Tucson shooting is simply unconscionable.

    Why does the media seem to feel they must handle Palin with kid gloves? They know better than anyone that she is a feckless buffoon. That she would dare compare the discomfort she felt for being criticized for her reckless use of violent gun sight imagery to the suffering of the survivors - or even the families of the dead - from the Tucson shooting is simply beyond the pale. Her narcissism is so great that she felt the need to paint herself the victim and number herself among the dead and wounded in Tucson suggests not just stupidity, but serious untreated mental and/or emotional health issues that should automatically preclude from ANY position of responsibility.

    It is WAY past time for the MSM to call Palin out for her recklessness, her seemingly limitless narcissism, and her stunningly all encompassing imbecility. Add to that the very real possibility of what appears to be a rather severe personality disorder and there can be no debate on this point: Sarah Palin has no business being let in the White House as a tourist - let alone as POTUS.

    Palin is clearly someone who managed to parlay her photogenic good looks into a career in Alaska politics. No offense Alaskans, but ya’ll set the bar pretty low. Somehow, she was able to sneak in as governor. Despite being a verbal stumblebum who is utterly incapable of speaking coherently, there are FAR too many who tout her as being cut from presidential cloth merely because of her beauty. Anybody who does so is clearly in the same IQ range as Palin.

    Palin is a fucking moron who is the Pied Piper of other fucking morons. Come on media. Let’s be brutally honest and tell it like it is. The stakes are simply too high to seriously entertain thoughts of someone as profoundly emotionally, morally, and mentally deficient as Sarah Palin as president.

  26. Anonymous7:47 AM

    "I think, all of us, Pat Buchanan was talking yesterday about how we understood the anger that Sarah Palin might feel for being unjustly accused minutes after the shooting of causing that, the shootings." - Joe Scarborough

    I'm tired of people who say that Palin was "unfairly" dragged into the debate over the shootings in Tucson, Arizona, and that her anger is justified. $arah Palin had no right to be angry for being "unjustly" accused of causing the shootings. Fuck Joe Scarborough, and anyone who defends $arah Palin's "right" to be "angry." $arah Palin got a taste of her own medicine.

    $arah Palin does nothing but unjustly accuse others. She "unjustly accused" Barack Obama of trying to murder the elderly, and people with special needs, with "death panels." She has helped whip up the far-right over the healthcare law, and numerous other things.

    Democratic congress people were getting death threats, having their offices vandalized, the gas lines at their relatives homes cut, some guy tried to fire-bomb Nancy Pelosi's house, tea-baggers were showing up to democratic political events armed, and on, and on, and on...That crap was Palin's fault. She helped stir the pot. Then Palin has the nerve to get mad, when people point the finger at her, and has the nerve to believe that she is a victim. Now, she is getting a taste of what the other side has had to deal with, because of her. What goes around, comes around, bitch!

    Right-wingers accused the Clintons of murder. But it's supposed to be , "poor, poor, $arah Palin!" Bullshit.

  27. Chenagrrl7:47 AM

    Sarah is acting less like a grizzly and more like a badger. Ever see one of those cornered. One of the warnings I always got when I was sent ahead to open the family homestead cabin was to leave immediately, if I saw signs of a badger break in. They go on the attack immediately if they think they've been cornered.

    Mama Badger?

  28. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Remember, Palin is scheduled for a keynote speech January 29th, 2010 in Reno, Nevada for Safari Club International. Her speech/appearance is scheduled at the Saturday Dinner & Auction. That would be reason enough to upchuck dinner.

    Being of course it's all about guns, we know she won't be able to stop herself of talking about the 'crosshairs' and continue to play it in her 'I'm the victim' mode.

    Being it's in Nevada, wonder if Sharon Angel will meet up with her and continue her spit out of her ad nauseam 'second amendment remedies'

  29. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Gasman, the media has a job to do - protect John McCain's legacy. It's only reason I can think of - if she goes down in huge flames, particularly with facts from her fraudulent life before she was selected as a VP candidate, all eyes would turn to John McCain.

  30. Chenagrrl7:54 AM

    Imagine if Sarah were president and she took heavy criticism from a foreign minister. Would we suddenly find ourselves in yet another war?

    She needs to understand that her ability to manage situations is what recommends her -- or not -- for higher office.

  31. Oh Gasman, you crack me up and you said it so well. "Palin is a fucking moron who is the Pied Piper of other fucking morons." That is perfect.

  32. Anonymous8:03 AM

    7:05 a.m.,

    While, there has been no evidence so far to suggest that Palin's cross-hairs map was to blame for the shootings, there's also no evidence that the angry right-wing vitriol (such as Palin's) often aimed at the government, that we have been witnessing for the past two years was NOT to blame. The gathering of evidence, and the investigation are not complete.

  33. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I can´t wait for the perp walks to begin.


  34. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Thom Hartman talked at length yesterday about something called "stochastic terrorism," something I had never heard of. This is the term for when someone in mass media uses specific language that triggers behavior in selected individuals. The most famous historical example is Henry II's drunken "won't someone rid me of this meddlesome priest" in regards to Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. His fellows, also drunk, took off and killed Thomas. Henry spent the rest of his life doing penance for the death of his friend.

    Beck is a champion at doing this. "The Republic is on the brink of collapse. Won't *someone* stand up and save this country?" Notice he never does anything directly.

    This is the beauty of Stochastic Terrorism. You can incite the weaker mind who goes out to do the deed, but you've got plausible deniability.

    That's what dog whistles are all about.

  35. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I have tissue paper thicker than Palin's skin.

    She continues to show how she fights 'down' i.e. Levi, MSM, bloggers.

    She has no ability to handle a playground scuffle, never mind anything in the Middle East.

  36. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Does C4Pee, etc. realize that half their traffic is us going over there to get content to laugh about?

  37. Anonymous8:32 AM

    As the cast was selected and announced in the fall, I guess it's too late for her to apply for Celebrity Apprentice!!

    She'd feel right at home in that John Rich, a Palin Panty Sniffer is on it. She'd have a 'housewife' to take on (NeNe of Housewives of Atlanta). She'd be jealous of the Playboy Bunny April 2009! She could seek legal advice from Star Jones! Compare surgeries/botox with Lisa Rinna. See who could out connive each other with Richard Hatch. Gary Busey could hook her up for her 'supply'!!!!

  38. Enjay in E MT8:33 AM

    I see she'll be heading to Reno for the NRA convention as a keynote speaker the end of this month..... hmmmm

    Signs - Pictures - Protestors???

  39. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Wow! He really just distroyed her. He is what most thought about her speech, but weren't saying. I have yet to hear any news corrispondent speak so frankly about her speech. Perhaps more will now that he gave his reaction. I've never watch Hannity, but I think I will just to watch her try to climb out of the hole she dug for herself. I believe that will be her last chance, if she has any hope left.

  40. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I felt she was done when the cross-hairs map surfaced right after the shooting.

    No matter the motivation, she is connected to this forever like a tattoo.

  41. Eunice8:42 AM

    OMG stop with the teasers already!

  42. Anonymous8:44 AM

    She is purely a media creation. They don't speculate on her because of any actual potential she has. To keep speculating about her the way they do is truly just hot air. She only exists because they talk about her, nothing more. A hologram is ever there was one. The moment they stop talking about her is the moment she disappears. I am not ready to say that she's finished. Especially when it comes to politics, the collective attention span is no more than that of a fruit fly. Once the air of this tragedy has lifted, we go right back to where we were. Watch and see.

  43. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I think everyone realizes that Sarah is finished. But does Sarah yet? Perhaps she will after the reception of her Monday interview with O'Hannity. Everyone will recognize it as the sham p.r. move I'm sure it will be.

  44. Anonymous8:57 AM

    GRyphen, does Sarah know the big scandal is about to hit?

  45. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Palin-Backed New Oklahoma Governor Suffers Constitution Fail

    ...she would "support, obey and offend" the U.S. and state constitutions.

    "She dropped the 'd'," Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz said Wednesday. "I was amazed that anyone was able to speak at all or get any of their lines right considering how cold it was outside." It was 29 degrees and light snow was falling when Fallin recited her oath of office on the steps of the state Capitol.

    She did more than drop the 'd' - she changed the word & meaning.
    'Defend' - 'Offend' - let me pick. Space Cadet.

    Amazed anyone could speak as it was 29 degrees. Whiner WIMPS.

  46. Anonymous8:57 AM

    The shooting of people in Arizona was worse than a random attack because it was a part of our government that was “targeted.” It was a Congresswoman who was reaching out to her constituents, instead of focusing only on her political party’s agenda. It was a member of Congress who was a woman, and women are not proportionately represented in Congress. Thus the fact that she became the “target” of the gunman’s vicious attack was even more offensive. She was Arizona’s first Jewish Representative in the House, so she was representative of an open and all-inclusive government. It was also a moment when Americans came together in a heroic way. The people who helped the victims and the people who deterred the gunman were heroes. If the assailant had been permitted to “reload” another 18 people might have lost their lives.

  47. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Do tell?

    Do you have something this time?

  48. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I wonder if she's going to announce her run for the White House on Sean Hannity's show, since he's the most sympathetic pundit for softball 'interviews'. It would be just like her to use that venue. She's going to try something to capture the news cycle, she always does.

  49. honeybabe9:03 AM

    i am pretty sure palin never heard the words blood libel till her handlers inserted it into the dialogue.

    my constant prayer is that all the hidden schemes of palin and the republicans come out for everyone to see.

  50. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Jo - Exactly what I was thinking about Gasman's comments..."the pied piper of f-ing morons". Perfectly stated.

    Chengrrl -- Good call on the badger label for SP. I had a teenager that used to react the same way when she was in trouble.

  51. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Utah TBer (Constitutional Lawyer) Senator: Federal Child Labor Laws Are Unconstitutional

    Freshman Tea Party-backed Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) recently offered an provocative interpretation of the Constitution he holds so dear, arguing that federal child labor laws go beyond the bounds of the document.

    Constitutional Lawyer & TBer - How'd that happen. Guess it was downplayed education, etc. - a la AK Miller.

    They're all coming out looking for their 15 minutes now!!

  52. Molly9:12 AM

    You know, Gryphen, you are the master of the tease!!

    Hint, pretty please???

    PS. Have you heard the audio of Howard Stern's on Palin that Syrin has on her blog? It's marvelous.

  53. Anonymous9:13 AM

    She won't go quietly...I guarantee it. Because she is....ummmm...a not-well person.

    PLEASE...good people of Alaska. Now is the time to come forward with what you know about this family. Let's put this Sarah Palin chapter to bed.

    Now is the time, folk. Speak up.

  54. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Can't you just see her watching this... thrashing around her living room, throwing things... yelling at the top of her lungs... blaming Todd, blaming the speechwriter, blaming

  55. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Here is the worst-of- the worst of the tea party.
    I cannot find if sarah palin actually supported him directly, but she supports all those rill common sense conservatives.

    Ya think there would have been blood shed if somebody had a gun?

    This is the real tea party, and we'd better be prepared for more violence, because the republican leaders see nothing wrong with what is going on on now and are not willing to stop the violence at this level.
    It will take a republican getting shot to have the right wingers want to tone down the violence.

  56. Anonymous9:16 AM

    stick a fork in her, she's done.
    and if someone actulay does stick a fork in her,, i don't care.

    bill in belize

  57. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Joe may end up having his face rubbed, sales of the weapon and bullets the Arizona shooter used have flown off the shelves everywhere. She just may get a seat in the House or the Senate representing Arizona one day.

  58. Anonymous9:21 AM

    One of the shooter's victims blames Palin, Beck, Angle...

  59. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I saw this on another site and thought it was spot-on. It's not my comment, but it does deserve more play: Sarah Palin -- the Britney Spears of politics.

  60. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I am surprised that she didnt get a limosine to ride in funeral parade yesterday and wave at the mourners.

    I am not sure why the Republican women put up with her shit. There has got to be an intelligent, educated, hardworking, and obviously photogenic Republican woman out there that can put Sarah away. Even Bachman is hands-down better than her.

  61. Anonymous9:29 AM


    You have a whole ship load visiting AK in June!!

    Huckabee is starring in a weeklong "Christian-based" cruise along the Alaskan coast this summer. June 5 - 12 Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau and Skagway.

    It was a cruise that started this whole Palin thing thanks to Kristol et al. Enough with the ships!!

  62. Anonymous9:30 AM

    @7:48, that was a year ago...... unless you mistyped the year.

  63. Anonymous9:38 AM

    If you know something about Palin's future in the next few weeks then why don't you tell us? Is it privileged information that you can't share right now because it was told to you in confidence?

  64. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Her political career is over. Her political effects will go on. She opened many eyes up to the flaws in the electoral process and the terrible state of the FEC. The way PACs are set up and run couldn't be worse. They have terrible monitoring and overseers. The Dr. Cathy letter was an outstanding example of low standards and what an example to explore. Can you imagine what the next John McCain and Sarah Palin will do to our country? A candidate can conceal if they have pancreatic cancer with the shoddy way the medical reports are handled. What else do they hide?

  65. Anonymous9:53 AM are SUCH a BRILLIANT TEASE!!!!!

  66. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Anon @ 7:05. Sorry but the loved ones of somebody who now has part of her brain missing my feel differently about Sarah not having something to do with the shooting. The shooter's words and thoughts are now carefully guarded but acquaintances of his are still talking. If one of them so happened to talk of conversations with the shooter where he mentioned Sarah's gunsight map or anything to do with it, there would be even better grounds for a civil suit than there already exists. I see a very good possibility of this happening in the wake of Sarah taking down the map from her site and her lame attempts to call the gunsights surveyor's marks. Those two moves were as good as an admission of guilt.

    Do not try to prejudge the feelings and reactions of the loved ones of all the injured and dead resulting from this horrible incident. They may be thinking quite different thoughts from yours and they may be completely right in doing so.

    As an aside to this, I understand completely why Sarah took down the map and tries to call them surveyor's marks. How would you feel if you were in her shoes folks? How would you feel about the map and the surveyor's marks if you were in the shoes of one of the loved ones who are now suffering.

    Illegitimus Sequetum (sue the bastards) (bitch)

  67. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Off topic:
    I LOVE THIS BLOG! You people are so on top of everything! Gryphen you are a gifted writer and your followers are smart and witty. I am addicted to the Immoral Minority!

  68. $arah has the weekend to rehearse her interview with Hannity. With a lot of "I'm the victim" questions that she will no doubt give Hannity to ask her, she will look like a martyr to her trolls.
    BUT, to thinking Americans, it's too late. She will be the laughing stock come Monday.
    One blogger asked if Beck will be giving her tips on how to cry on cue. VICKS, $arah. VICKS.

  69. Anonymous9:59 AM

    G - you tease!

  70. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Every.Day.brings something new from her. Today it's the announcement that she's delivering keynote address before the Sierra International Club on Jan.29th. Guns. Guns and more guns. At the very least, it's bad timing. Insensivity.


  71. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I love it, Mama Badger! Perfect, I hope that sticks.

    Listen, as everyone knows this woman has done plenty to sabotage her own chances at being elected, much less nominated. All of our contributions are important, the scrutiny and all of it, but in the end we need those who have sponsored her to let her go.

    The GOP establishment has turned on her, it is patently obvious, and just wait FOX is going to find a way to do so, as well. (While we might think of those two entities as synonymous, I am not sure they always are - this picture is more complicated than we realize, I believe.)

    I don't think FOX can consider Sarah Palin an asset anymore. Without them, she is on her own. Maybe she'll go to a Clear Channel radio program or do something else on cable, but I kind of doubt it. She'd really have to do her own grassroots thing to continue her political stuff, and can you imagine what that would look like, how loony that would be, just her and these fringe supporters? The biggest group behind her right now is the NRA. I think she has lost Big Oil, I think she is losing corporate media...

    We'll see, but I believe Gryphen that the tide is turning, and it is turning against her.

  72. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Anon @ 5:57, you just know that Mitt has some serious dirt on Sarah.
    We all have completely underestimated their viciousness. They have used her for their own purposes, but they will throw her out without even thinking about it.

  73. Anonymous10:21 AM

    You know that David Kernell got sent to a Federal prison 300 miles from his home, for one year. Another sad, sad situation while the likes of Palin just keep rolling around sowing destruction.


  74. Anonymous10:22 AM

    There is one reasons why Sarah's map was discussed in terms of the Arizona shootings: Giffords felt targeted by cross hairs over her district and said so on video. She said that there should be consequences for that kind of action.

    What I saw with Sarah's map of the cross hairs is that it was the districts that were the targeted with a list of Congresspersons at the bottom. Before the shooting it was my impression she was after everyone in those districts. For votes or what the imagery depicted.

    If that was my district that was both targeted and shot up I would not only want the questions addressed in a Federal Court but also in the court where the district victims were killed, injured and terrorized.

    There are direct links to Giffords and the map on Sarah Pac. Gifford didn't know the consequences would also kill others. Senior citizens, a Federal Judge and a child of the targeted district and she couldn't have known to address that at the time.

    It is like a conversation was started and not completed. Sarah Pac was rude to not address Giffords. Now things have been made far worse. The conversation will continue if they have to do it in court.

    If a school chum did a violent visual image toward one of the Palin children and claimed it was for a survey, would a Mama Grizzly not further protect her cubs? Say it was Bristol and she was scared and felt bullied and address what happened on video and the school chum made things worse by ignoring her plea. In a school situation the perpetrator would be handled. We don't do that for our districts or Congress members.

  75. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Watch the actual video from Joe Scarbrough's statements. It is a perfect description...

  76. Anonymous10:35 AM

    OT, This is pretty damned funny:

  77. Anonymous10:35 AM

    I don't buy the meme of "Sarah Palin didn't cause the shooting". I agree she didn't pull the trigger but as I said in one of my tweets today:

    "We're all influenced by ads whether print, TV or radio. For 2+ yrs @sarahpalinUSA has run successful violent "ad" campaign".

    A certain number of people respond to ads. Advertisements "rain" on the sane and insane alike.


  78. The questions of the day is:
    What is that "little something about Palin's future" that you know?

  79. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Anonymous said...
    @7:48, that was a year ago...... unless you mistyped the year.

    9:30 AM


    Thanks for catching my type. It is supposed to be 2011.

  80. gryphen:

    Yesterday on The View Elizabeth came down hard on her pal Palin

    did u read this:
    Shooting victim says Beck, Palin, Angle ‘got their first target’

  81. Anonymous10:51 AM

    "Anonymous said...
    And then she opened her mouth and started her sneering, petty speech.

    6:10 AM"

    Oh, Gawd, I despised her from day 1--she never
    had a chance to win me over. That nasty way of
    talking, her mocking Obama's experience as a
    community organizer, what a bitch. She has never
    hidden being a bitch, but her fans won't see it.
    She is the poor, put-upon Saint Sarah, the Virgin

  82. Anonymous10:53 AM

    If I was Sarah I would get out my best black mini skirt, push up bra, and low cut top (+ a pair of boys gym shorts for later, just in case...) and run out to Arizona to scoop up all the attention I could get.

    Because, its all about me.

  83. Anonymous10:54 AM

    "Anonymous said...
    Huckabee is starring in a weeklong "Christian-based" cruise along the Alaskan coast this summer.
    9:29 AM"

    Yeah, there is another phony Christian--his
    son, the dog killer, didn't learn to be cruel
    on his own.

  84. dominicastar10:59 AM

    Hey G,

    When you say later, do you mean tonight? When you say few weeks do you mean at the end of January?

    I cannot take this much longer, please just say what it is? I don't care if she's down now; she deserve to get exactly what she dishes out!

  85. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Anon9:25am, another commenter speculated that she-who-is-without-shame may have contacted her AZ right-wing friends to see if she could be included in the memorial service.

    Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but this is the same woman who pushed to give a "VP concession speech" after John McCain gave his.

    Even after being told "NO" three times, she went out on stage after his speech was over, and the campaign advisers frantically told the stage manager to cut the lights and turn off the microphones to prevent her from just walking out there and holding her own post-campaign speech.

    She just REALLY does not understand appropriate, human behavior.

  86. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Grypen: ]You sit there like the cat that ate the canary, grin and all, keeping us all in the dark for a few weeks. Not fair Grypen!

  87. My husband was a surveyor for over 10 years and those were NOT surveyors marks on Palin's map - we all already know that - but this needs to be confirmed again and again so that truth doesn't get swept under the carpet and Palin is held accountable.

    I find it horrifying that there are actually folks calling for MORE guns as a solution.

    That "iceberg" that is headed Palin's way can't get here fast enough - but I'm beginning to think that like the hydra cut off one head the beast grows back two more - that even if Palin is taken out of the limelight and never heard from again there are others ready to jump out in front and screech for violence and hatred

  88. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Lisabeth @6:32

    Palin's bots were posting Sheriff Dupnik's phone number on her FB page the other night. I called Dupnik's office and reported it. I hope they looked at her page. Her bots are vicious and they were encouraging people to call.

  89. gryphen

    Tucson Shooting Survivor: SPEAKS, hear him:

  90. Anonymous11:33 AM

    It took deaths to finally get law enforcement to look into Sarah and her crazy fans. I have to give the Pima County Sheriff's office at least a nod for having some guts.

  91. Anonymous11:33 AM

    O/T - has anyone posted this thing yet? It is pretty damn funny.

  92. Anonymous11:35 AM


    How true. The ad came from a USA political action committee. And there was no way a targeted Congress member could address her problems with it through an election committee?

    This violent visual language is permitted and each USA political action committee can do the same. If sniper sites aren't enough to get their message across, the next one can do something with a stronger visual. Where will it end?

    Rebecca Mansour did a Mitt and the bear ad, yes? Did she use a surveyor site in that? Would a similar ad be allowed in say a college where someone was running for class president?

  93. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Republicans are throwing her overboard. She has no chance without them. Bon voyage Mrs. Palin.

  94. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Those teases are getting real old. You do that them nothing happens or something minor happens! Cmon give us a hint.

    There is obviously a reason that Sarah has been quiet quiet since right before Christmas. She only came out because she was forced to.

    A rumor floating around is that Becky Ghostwriter was canned. For those who tweet, is that true is she sending out tweets?

  95. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Ziegler's defense of Palin:


  96. Anonymous11:43 AM

    The media continues to choose to see her through the prism of "potential presidential candidate" rather than what she actually is: a woman inflicted with the worst kind of narcissism. Politics is only her backdrop, her "excuse" to be in the spotlight. I'm sure many journalists are aware of this, and I know they can't really diagnose her without verifiable and concrete "proof" that they can point to, but I think a case can easily be argued.

  97. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Anon 6:23 said: "Anon. Romney was also in the Mid East, talking to the leaders there, while $arah was facebooking and ignoring her children."

    She wasn't even doing that, since someone else just writes FB posts under her name. I think she spends most of her time watching stories and blogs about herself online.

  98. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Sarah is the beast.

  99. Anonymous11:51 AM

    She had one chance to get it right?
    I would say maybe one chance, but with zero odds:
    1. She is a thin-skinned pathological idiot;
    2. The Sarah Palin brand is defined by blood sport. It's who she is, it's what drives her, it's without question what keeps her nutcase base fired up. Her only options were to offend the nutcase base who look to her as their blood sport Queen, or to completely alienate everybody else. Not suggesting she actually considered these options (see #1), rather that there was no winning game plan.

  100. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Gryphen, I must admit, while I've always checked IM to keep tabs, this blog has become an absolute must read! I bet your traffic has exploded lately!

  101. Howard Stern On Sarah Palin: “You Want To Vomit From Her”

  102. Anonymous11:59 AM

    sarah you will be strip searched by someone who detests you. When Levi visited his mother in prison he was cheered. The prisoners know all about you. It will start out with a contest to see who can rip the biggest clump of hair off your head. That is as nice as it´s going to get for you.

    And, Todd, you know what the law enforcement officers think of you. The prison guards are looking forward to your arrival. It won´t be long before you will be eating human feces - and will be happy to do it. And that will be as nice as it gets for you.

  103. Enjay in E MT12:00 PM

    We cannot know what the shooter mentally latched onto to feed his beliefs. Which is why "second ammendment remedies" "traitors in the House" "death panels" elected officials refusing to say President Obama is American, ... etc. etc. etc. along with Faux spewing lies, half truths and right-wing spins. It seems Giffords was already in his cross-hairs - but listening to the hate talkers - lies - "feeding the fears with doom & gloom" forcasts adds up to indoctrinating a mentally unstable person. The vivid imagery - more support for his beliefs.

    I pray SP is finished for good (politically & publically) - persona non grata

  104. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Remember too, an ex-radio mouthpiece encouraged the Palinbots, who via calls and/or e-mails forced the Judge in AK to hire security after receiving threats regarding the custody case of Tripp.

    This too might be information that the Sheriff in Tucson would be interested in.

  105. Gryphen:

    Like your commenters, I agree with Joe Scarborough. She was toast on Wednesday (Jan 12) when Drudge's top middle-column stories were:



    ABCNEWS: She 'once again has found a way to become part of the story'...

    CBSNEWS: 'Plays the victim card'...

    NBCNEWS: 'Ignorant' for using 'blood libel' term...

    However, the good news:
    The old McCain is back! Check out his gracious WaPo Op-Ed (sample McCain on Obama quote: "He is a patriot sincerely intent on using his time in office to advance our country's cause.")

  106. Do these ppl communicate at all.

    Her response really speaks to the very core of her organization. As someone pointed out - to her management style/ability. Lack of.

    Quote me on this: "she's not out, but she'll never get in."

  107. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Hopefully Sarah Palin's walk in the lower 48 started with Arizona and ends with Arizona.

  108. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Six hours since Gryphen he told us he had privileged news.

    (Sorry, I'm another one getting sick of your regular postings that say you have something coming soon.)


  109. I used to make a good living as a surveyor but now my career is in tatters, my home has been vandalized, my wife and children have left and my next meal will come from a dumpster. Thanks a lot WGE.

  110. Anonymous12:27 PM

    We don't know exactly what was going through Loughner's mind, but based on his youtube videos, it is striking how much his ramblings sound like those of Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, and the teapartiers. To me, the point is not that he was influenced by them, but how much the rhetoric of the leaders of the conservative movement in the United States sound like the ravings of a madman. They parallel one another. That is a problem.

  111. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Thanks for the info about the threats to the amazing Sheriff in Tucson. I hope her goes full force with his investigation and involves the FBI.
    Besides sending threats we see to Tucson, we should report them to the FBI. Sarahs fans are a violent sick bunch and it's time for some of them to get caught. Putting phone numbers, personal addresses etc is a call to action. Remember the threats to Joe McGinniss and Gryphen too.
    I'm going to start keeping track of threats and personal info on C for Pee and twitter and other Palin sites. I'm going to make copies and send them to the FBI and local law enforcement.

    I'm sick of those white trash racists. Only stupid cowards threaten violence and use of guns because they dont lime something someone says. If they think they can't be caught because it's the internet, they are dumber than I thought.
    Tammy Bruce is another ignorant racist to keep an eye on. On her wiki page it says she was kicked out of NOW for making racist statements.

    Does anyone know if Mansour is from a Muslim or Christian background? I thought I heard she was from Lebonon. Most Arabs in Lebonon are Muslim but there are Christians too. It surprises me that she latched onto Palin-She was a Hilary supporter before.

  112. Howard Stern Takes On Palin (Language Warning)

    One heck of a rant !!!

  113. Anonymous12:32 PM

    "Anonymous said...

    Rebecca Mansour did a Mitt and the bear ad, yes?
    11:35 AM"

    That was a vile ad. Very bad taste.

  114. London Bridges12:40 PM

    The Palin solution: If she goes to Britain and Israel. Once she is there, put her on the "No Fly." list.

    If it could happen to Ted Kennedy, why can't she be put on for just cause and let her stay there.

  115. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Gryphen, until you spill what you say you know, you might as well quit saying you "know" it.

  116. Anonymous12:55 PM

    For those who are playing defence.The big shit for Palin and her followers is something that looks like this when she plays victim in her defence. OUCH!!

  117. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Shooting victim says Beck, Palin, Angle ‘got their first target’ "
    “It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target. Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled. ” Eric Fuller, a massacre suvivor and a 63-year-old disabled veteran from Ariz. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords's district.

    That makes it sound like there was agreement about the proper language, message or the type of Second Amendment images they might like to use irregardless of consequences. It would be interesting to learn more about that.

    "In a Fox News interview that aired over the weekend, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik suggested Angle and Palin were partially to blame for the nation’s current state of violence.

    Angle said in a statement Wednesday that she condemns all violence. Palin wrote in email read by Glenn Beck Monday that she hates violence and war."

    It is curious how they might have talked about getting their messages across before the massacre. It is way too late to make 'condemn or hate violence and war' statements after the massacre. After all they did used more violent and war like communications. The conflicting actions and the words must be explained.

  118. Anonymous12:58 PM


    I think we have got the family covered:

    "Sarah Palin -- the Britney Spears of politics."

    Bristol Palin -- the Paris Hilton of the all-you-can-eat-buffet.

    So, what about the rest of the family???

  119. erica from dallas1:00 PM

    I wish you would give us a crumb to get us thru the weekend.
    This has been such a bad week for your readers.
    I remember last week you said you would give us something this week.
    I know it is Friday and your rule is to put the big stuff up at the beginning of the week but can't we have something good to lift our weekend spirits?

  120. anon. just for now1:45 PM

    @12:30 - RAM is Catholic - comes from a family in which her father was violently attacked, and his first words after the attack were "Forgive."
    Interesting. Not sure what made his daughter so angry, so able to use violent rhetoric/images so freely.

    I think RAM may have had a LOT to do with SP's "poor me, blood-libel" video. The first part is a tribute to a Catholic Mass. Also, the drama of the "blood libel" rhetoric seems like something RAM would conjure up. JMO.

    RAM is educated - I cannot imagine that is is NO WAY she is not questioning the qualifications and sanity of her boss (SP).

    But, RAM's "consulting firm" was paid over $90,000 from SarahPac last year - a big step up from being a struggling Hollywood screenwriter (with no credits) I suppose.

    I hope RAM does some soul-searching and writes a book (or screenplay!) after she is (inevitably) thrown under the bus with Meg, Bitney,

  121. AKRNC1:47 PM

    Gryphen, please, no more promises of news breaking, just report it when it breaks. I can't count the number of times you've said this and nothing happens. When it comes to Palin, I'm sure there is plenty of things that could and should happen that would definitely not be in her favor but she's skated too many times, more than I'd like to think about. If there is really something that is going to break, give us some idea what it is about, instead of the "tease" you're using. I'm not trying to discredit you and I'm not accusing you of lying, just let us know what direction this soon to be revealed problem is going to go in for her. I'd love to see her disappear from the news scene completely. If she somehow chooses to run for President, she's going to make a mockery of this country.

  122. Mrs. Palin may never hold political office but this may not stop her from running or otherwise continuing to stir up anger and controversy and poisoning the political climate. The media doesn't seem ready to let her go. Is it possible her approval with even increase with the fringe?

    The public needs to know the full truth about her. Babygate, marriage scandal -- exposure needed now more than ever.

    If you've got anything new, Gryphen, it's a great time to let the waters of truth flow. It would be wonderful to have an encore to celebrate the first anniversary of the 'Two Babies' post, Todd's unfortunate need to quit the Iron Dog, and Meg's release from SarahPAC. I only hope, this year, Todd will continue on with the race. Sarah has RAM, Greta, and Tammy Bruce to comfort her.

  123. Joe Scarborough is only denouncing this because he used to be in Congress himself. He can relate.

    I am amazed how much $P looks like Greta in her video. Did anybody else think that?

  124. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I wonder how man death threats Jack received? I hope that CNN turns them over to the FBI.

  125. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Attn. to: all you folks who keep saying how you are so sick of Gryph's notices of his 'coming news', then never giving any hints?

    If it is really so sickening for you, why don't just stay the HELL OUT OF HERE? Then, you would never have to put up with it any more, right?

    I, like most of the readers/commenters here, come to enjoy anything and everything he has to write and talk about -- always good, fun, interesting with lots of 'news'. And most of the readers' comments are also (too) good, fun, interesting, as well as their additions of great (link-proved) topics, etc.

    I think Gryph probably gets a kick out of all the whining, but it does get rather boring.

    Have a good one.

  126. Anonymous4:30 PM

    @11:59 AM

    when was Levi's mom ever in prison? Never....

    She is under house arrest with an ankle bracelet and Mercede assists her. She must remain home near a land line and is allowed to go out and about 4 hours each week.

  127. claire4:52 PM

    Gasman, I so enjoy your comments! I have a feeling you've got a few groupies among the ladies here! :-)

  128. Bill in Belize@9:16, I feel your pain.... and I sure wish Sarah did too.

  129. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Boy, your ice burger must be good because it seems that even as an anti-Semite, she is well-loved by the Jewish community.

  130. I need to remember to 'refresh' before leaving comments. I didn't see the update about the 'little something' about Palin that will come out in a few weeks when I made my earlier suggestion that now/soon would be a good time to spill. It might sound like I was nagging which I didn't intend. The 'teasing' does make me nuts but I know others who are like you and realize you can't help yourself. It also provides a bit of hope.

  131. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I have traveled; I am educated; why can't I be Palin? I forgot about the requisite blow jobs to the boys on the boats...

    Sarah, you must have horrible breath, today especially.

  132. Anonymous5:48 PM

    @12:03, yeah, but here he goes again, defending his little protege/monster (without naming her, but it's obvious):

    "Imagine how it must feel to have watched one week ago the incomprehensible massacre of innocents committed by someone who had lost some essential part of his humanity, to have shared in the heartache for its victims and in the admiration for those who acted heroically to save the lives of others - and to have heard in the coverage of that tragedy voices accusing you of complicity in it."

    I'm surprised he didn't say how PROUD of her he is. Vomit.

  133. I read a Wonkette blog laughing hysterically when this comment broke my heart, regarding our Grisly $OWPalin being the total and only victim of a blood libel:

    There is a woman in Arizona who had a bullet go clean through her head.
    There is a woman in Alaska who had her feelings hurt.
    Same thing I guess."

  134. @4:30PM,

    Sherry Johnston was set up with Bristol Palin's cell phone, then busted for selling a few pills. This house arrest effectively silences Levi and Mercede Johnston until further notice.

    Problem is, $Palin doesn't know the weight of the web of deceit she weaves will bring her down. She doesn't know because she is so filled with hubris.

    She's gotten away with her shit for so long that she thinks it can't possibly stink... she's gotta 'nother think comin' - as my dad would say.

  135. Okay: we have evidence.

    The kid was stopped and tackled when he didn't retreat, he reloaded.

    That's exactly what she told him to do.

  136. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Mama Badger? Nice, Chenagrrl. (7:47 am)

  137. Anonymous6:51 PM

    OT, but WTH is a Reince Priebus? LOL


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