Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Katie Couric reflects on her now famous interviews with Sarah Palin.

What? You mean Palin wasn't set up?  Those weren't "gotcha questions?

Is Couric saying that she was just a journalist doing her job, and that the only reason the interview destroyed Palin's political credibility is because she was a an ignorant, dumbass?

Why yes, I think she is.


  1. Anita Neducashon4:16 AM

    I don't know, it's weird because Sarah was never not in the public eye, and she always was giving like 2-3 rally speeches per day during the campaign and after for military and DS stuff also too.

    Her family always has her back, and Sarah is brave, strong, smart, and her and Todd know how to run businesses that make alot of money, but she lives on the down low, so they never talk about that, especially Todd's businesses he ran on Craig's List.

    Katie Couric is just an immature democrat librul hater who's jealous cause Sarah is prettier than her, also, too Katies daughters nwver got pregnant while they were in high school, and got to make alot of money on tee vee and writing books.

    1. Anonymous5:05 AM

      Be specific, what DS thing did Sarah Palin do? Seriously doubt she's done one or more since that child was brought into her house. Review her tax returns too, she doesn't give much in donations (to DS, etc.) for the amount of money they make!

    2. Irishgirl5:12 AM

      Hahaha.I like your name. Yes, Bristol does need an education.:)

    3. Anonymous5:12 AM

      I'm going to reply w/a couple of facts here!!! Toad has his fishing business in Dillingham. They had another business in the Valley (Wasilla/Palmer) that Toad owned w/a buddy. Sarah had an affair w/the guy (forget his name, but it is of record)and the business was dissolved. Fact!

      Who would ever be 'jealous' of Sarah Palin? Give us a friggin' break! She's shown us what an idiot, liar, cheater, quitter, uneducated (no on can find anyone in the four or five colleges that Sarah attended that even remember her - to include teachers! Plus, there has never been one bit of proof there is a degree. Most suspect that 'story' was made up by the McCain people to make her look better. Especially, after they found out she was 'not' an energy expert even though McCain said she was!! Ask Alaskans - she isn't!

    4. angela5:18 AM

      Very funny. Love the Craig's List business thing!

    5. Travis Tay5:21 AM

      You don't think Anita Neducashon is serious do you?

    6. Anonymous5:25 AM

      Anon - Palin did a Charity Event for DS. I believe Hannity was there too and did an interview with her for his show too. But there's something that I'm trying to remember about it -- oh yea -- I know

      She had to be paid $100,000 to do the friggin event.

      Anita -- you're called out for being the first to post -- as a stunned & stupid Bot Troll. Good morning to ya. Go back home to your rabid infested fans who issued an Amber Alert for you. Run along now and simply -- 'F' Off.

    7. Anon 6:25 and others -- Anita is not a Bot troll! Her post is snark!

      It does speak volumes for the idiocy of the actual bots that a parody of their comments can actually sound real.

      (I think Anita is quite funny.)

    8. Lord Byron6:06 AM

      Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.

    9. ManxMamma6:08 AM

      Dudes, you're losing your sense of humor. Anita is writing tongue-in-cheek. Stop attacking her!

    10. Anita's post is satirical. Read it again and her name "Anita Neducashon" (I need an education). Love it. lol

    11. Sally in MI7:02 AM

      Great satire, Anita! Seriously people, read carefully...this was tongue in cheek and very well done!

    12. Anita GroupOfReadersSmartEnuffToRecognizeSnarkWhenTheyReadIt

      Keep up the good work Anita!

    13. Anonymous7:23 AM

      A screen/monitor does not give everyone the benefit of necessarily identifying 'satire'. It can appear as a flat emotionless screen of words.

      It's also not uncommon for bots to snafu the first few posts as they must set an alarm to go off with Palin blogs even if it has to wake them up! They have to defend their Queen!!

    14. Kimosabe7:29 AM

      Brilliant! Craig's list business heeheehee! And for those who didn't get it, have a cuppa coffe on me.

    15. teutonic138:33 AM


      Her looks? You had to bring it all down to something as childish as that? SP was jealous?

      Well she SHOUD be. Did you see how stunningly beautiful and NATURAL Couric looked in that interview.

      Yet more impressive than Katie looking so fresh and vibrant- was the fact that her intellect is equally so.

      Palin on the other hand looks like white trash- and definitely expresses herself in the same manner.

      I won't insult you Anita, because I don't do that to ladies. But you insulted yourself with the bland lack of intelligence your comment reflected.

      Thanks for sharing your POV though- it would have been more refreshing to see your mouth from the POV of the shit pellet that just dropped out of it.

    16. teutonic138:36 AM


      missed the satire completely... sorry.

      "Some people write on bathroom walls...
      Others roll their SHIT in balls-
      But those who read these words of wit...
      Eat those little balls of shit..."


    17. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Jesus. Anita (cool name btw) I apologise to you for the idiocy seen in the replies. Seriously you have to be full trogolydyte to not see that Anita was using satire. Why do Americans not understand humor? Gryphen is such an intelligent man - he must find some of his readers extremely trying. I'm sick of all these idiotic comments on my favorite blog! Stop humiliating yourselves people! It's sad that Anita would have needed to use '(sarcasm)' at the end of her post to avoid your stupidity. My god! My flying Spag monster! Grow a brain guys!

    18. Anonymous10:16 AM

      AnonymousMar 20, 2012 06:25 AM

      Don't forget Palin's did an autism event. I think it was the NY trip Stapleman arranged. Willow wore the short shorts and Heather was there. They were in parades and visited historical sights. She was working on her feminism cred, can't recall the name. But that trip covered charity, special needs and women.

    19. Anonymous10:43 AM

      maannnn....poor Anita!! lol....I don't have to read her post twice and I knew right away she was being sarcastic. I think Anita is a very intelligent , creative, humorist person. too bad some people are just don't have those qualities and jumped on name calling.

    20. ROFLMAO!!!! Good one "Anita"!

    21. FJ Dandy11:49 AM

      I Need an Education aka Anita Neducashon

      Love your user name, and love your posts...keep them coming!
      You've sure got Quittypants & Co., down pat.

    22. Anita Winecooler9:16 PM

      Love the name!

      How Original!

      Dang, wish I thought of that!

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

    When I watched that live back in '08, the camera shots of Katie's facial expressions in response to Palin's answers were knee-slapping hysterical laughter inducing. As in, "What kind of dumb@ss broad IS this?". Thank you, Katie. At least SOMEONE was doing their job!

    1. Anonymous5:04 AM

      Don't forget that Katie won some award for that particular Palin interview. Seems as though the ones 'doing the job' when it concerns Palin are always the award winners! Just as "Game Change" will be, I'm sure!

    2. I also haven't forgotten what an idiot John Ziegler made of himself when he attempted to crash the venue where Katie Couric was being feted for her award.

      The security guards had to haul him off in handcuffs, and he had his own videographer recording the whole thing for posterity.

      Story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/17/john-ziegler-palin-activi_n_188209.html

      Video and Ziegler's comments: http://vimeo.com/4177462

  3. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Look, it's no secret that Nicole Wallace thought Palin was an idiot - but she had to defend and protect their product. That Palin tries to spin some conspiracy that Nicole and Katie worked to "revil" how out of depth and out of her league Sarah Palin was to be a VP candidate is ludicrous.

    No matter how sympathetic HBO's Game Change is to a woman thrown into the deep end of a luxury Sedona pool, she was primping and priming for that selection for years, not months. She had no business being a person of clout beyond the Mat-Su Valley and for Alaskans to give her the notion that she was a player was the first mistake. For the RNC to give her more of a sense of credibility was a disaster.

    Sarah Palin has no business in the political realm, she belongs in a gossip rag on the 700 Club and Katie Couric only was a medium that exposed the gimmicky nonsense.

    Sarah Palin (and any of her relations through marriage or by blood) doesn't have the credentials or the mettle to deal with politics. She's a pop culture icon for the conservative hard right, nothing more.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Remember the pic of her with a John Bircher Society mag?
      And Levi said all she read were fashion mags?
      We know she had people scour the internets and papers for articles on HERSELF.
      Outside of that she didn't read. Her worldview is herself ONLY!
      A dumbunny!

    2. Anonymous8:18 AM

      That is probably the most astute depiction of SP I have seen on this blog!! Especially, "gossip rag and 700 club." That is exactly where she belongs.

    3. Anonymous9:19 AM

      I was hoping the dithering Diva would grace us all with her presence on QVC. The bookies would have a field day taking bets on how long until she didn't show up to work and eventually quit. She might just bring a new and fresh element to t.v. - day time comedy. Can you imagine the comedy gold of Princess Petty trying sell products she can't pronounce much less understand what they do .. like cookware? She'd be all wee'd wee'd up after the 1st 30 minutes and end up sitting on her arse for the rest of the show. And yes, the Belmont girls could make special guest appearances to send out a few waves to the audience, along with Todd and Piper, just like the old days. Of course, QVC would have to pipe in canned applause every time the one trick pony performed. I believe this is dog's calling for her.

  4. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Sarah Palin, a new kind of leader. . .if you ask her stuff instead of just compliment her, she'll trash you for years and try and paint you as a hater, instead of make an effort to show and earn respect as a critical thinker.

    You can rule a stunted household in the Valley that way, but not the world.

    1. Anonymous5:30 AM

      I think you hit the nail on the head for why Palin wants to be president. If that would ever happen, and it won't, she would use it as payback time to punish anyone or everyone who ever said anything honest about her. Palin is not a leader and she never will be.

    2. You summarized the essence of Palin. Judging by Bristol's remarks during DWTS not awarded first place, granted hardest working ever etc it was vengence of the haters.

      If they are not complimented, praised and glorified exclusively there is hell to pay. They need to be perceived grandiosely good, the best and need everyone else perceived an extreme opposite. Also they project their own flaws, defects, and behaviors to control personal fiction.

    3. Anonymous6:59 AM

      She's a new kind of LEADER? Are you smoking something? She's hardly any kind of a leader! She quits everything she starts! I agree with the rest of your statement, just not the fact Palin could ever be associated w/the word 'leader'!

    4. Anonymous8:51 AM

      The same characteristics as HITLER. Wake up America !

    5. lostinmn9:03 AM

      Sara Palin as President would make Nixon's enemies list pale in comparison and we know what a paranoid dude he was.

      She's more like J Edgar with intention to cause harm. Just ask the Menards and Dar Miller's survivors

    6. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Exactly. She's just someone with perhaps zero sense of her own self worth and so relies on the adoration of others to fuel her self esteem. The fact that she uses politics to do this just confuses the whole mess. I'm of the belief that politics isn't even of any interest to her. It's probably just a way for her to stay in the spotlight that she so loves after the beauty pageant opportunities were behind her and the small-time television gigs were ultimately non-fulfilling.

  5. Anonymous4:39 AM

    She was just irritated by that point? She was irritated, and then she moved onto defeated. She didn't even try in the next interview. She was listless, struggling for verbiage, and feeling sorry for herself.

    Treed by a warm and fuzzy broadcast journalist. Imagine her taking on despots of hostile enemies of the State.

  6. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Oldie but Goodie:

    It would behoove us, though, to consider how close we all came to utter disaster. A recent Vanity Fair article provides further evidence of just how awful a vice president (or President) Palin would have made. During the campaign, she proved allergic to briefings and remained determined to stay uncorrupted by knowledge. More recently, she explained her decision to - permit me some GOP talk - cut and run as Alaska governor by lapsing into no known language, explaining herself afterward in a burst of tweets that only raised more questions. One question, though, has been settled: She is unfit for office.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/case-sarah-palin-pundits-specter-article-1.430395#ixzz1pf3g5bEj

  7. Anonymous4:57 AM

    [HBO's Game Change] showed how unintentionally vile a woman — like anybody else! — can be if she is incompetent.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/palin-real-female-leaders-article-1.1041132#ixzz1pf3u8Ffp

    I for one, was relieved Katie's series of interviews did the job for us before the 2008 Election Day.

  8. Anonymous5:21 AM

    What is amazing is that Sarah Palin was knocked off her pedestal by the most softball questions imaginable.

    In fact, Katie Couric would have been roundly criticized for this little warm'n'fuzzy non-interview (by her professional peers) had Sarah not self-destructed in such a spectacular way - in response to those same softball questions yet!

    That Sarah Palin was revealed to be such an imbecile by her inability to answer even the most basic questions is fitting. No one had to try to hard to trip her up. She's just an over-reaching idiot, too stupid to know when she was playing above her ability.

  9. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Ardiva - Your 'pretty please' wish was granted!! Make sure to go look!!

  10. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Once again, the contrast is remarkable: Katie Couric, speaking at length and extemporaneously (without benefit of script), is so articulate, at ease, wicked smart, professional, and gracious.

    Think about her explanation: Sarah had been at the UN that day, Katie just wanted to find out more about her positions, accumulated knowledge and ability to synthesize information - wha? too much to expect from someone whose single job would be to step up and become president if needed.

    Katie said she wanted to ask questions which would reveal Sarah Palin - she had no idea how much help she'd get from Sarah, did she?

    1. Anonymous6:56 AM

      The other thing I noticed is how Katie has NOT aged since she did that interview w/Palin! Where, Sarah Palin, HAS aged horribly in the same time frame. Katie also has a softness/sweetness to her that Palin does NOT!

    2. waddanut8:19 AM

      Constant hate and vitriol will do that to someone like palin.

  11. Anonymous5:47 AM


    WATCH PART 1: http://youtu.be/L5w4FShx-s8
    WATCH PART 2: http://youtu.be/HZ_7MgUlTfk
    WATCH PART 3: http://youtu.be/5e1R0lliFHc

    I just LOVE the authenticity and grace this woman has. I'm so proud she is our first lady. When you listen to her speak about her girls, the dog, she's got such a delightful sense of humor.

    1. Anonymous6:51 AM

      So agree. She also talked about her Dad having MS, not being able to walk and his eventual death. She expresses 'love' so very easily. What a sweet lady!

    2. Mrs. Obama is pure class. Dave can be an idiot sometimes yet he knows how to behave when he has high profile guests. They had a great rapport going.

      At the end of the interview he asked Mrs O if he could come home with her. lol

    3. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Thank you for posting those links. I might otherwise have missed it. She was perfection. Of course I knew she would be, but it's wonderful to be inspired by her in every way, again and again.

      I bet it was her idea to specially invite military families. Yesssssssss.

    4. Anonymous10:14 AM

      I would not even mention the lovely and classy FLOTUS, in the same breath as the BITCH from Alaska. She is not worthy to do Mrs. Obama's laundry

    5. Anita Winecooler9:27 PM

      She's absolutely amazing and quick on her feet. Even doing comedy, she manages to stay graceful and classy.

  12. Anonymous5:55 AM

    You realize of course that interview, and the ensuing SNL Tina Fey mockery is what sank Sarah. I believe that Katie Couric had a HUGE hand in saving this country from utter horror and I will be grateful to her forever for that. And when Tina fey made her a complete laughingstock, it was all over but the crying.

  13. Anonymous6:02 AM

    All rational people owe Katie a big "thank you".

    She exposed Sarah as being dumber than rocks.

  14. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Sarah Palin will never be more than she is today. That eases my mind immeasurably.

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM

      Me too!!! Now to expose them for the fraud they have committed. Many are working on it!

  15. Katie is still gracious in discussing that interview, after all these years of Palin bashing her. And, one thing I never see mentioned: Palin had said in another interview with someone else (don't want to take the time to look it up right now) that (to paraphrase) she never had the money to backpack around Europe, like other young people, so her knowledge of the world came from BOOKS! Amazing that her feather would then be ruffled when asked what she reads.

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      I think the only museum the Palins have seen is her father's collection of animal carcasses.

      I was apalled last summer when Todd and Sarah appointed themselves as teachers saying they were going to educate people.

      OT I want to express gratitude to my mother who despite us living below poverty level, taught us to enjoy free concerts, the library, museums, music, theatre, dance and visit historical sites informing us about history. Also to avail ourselves to courses including art and music in school. She did not perpetuate myths all of that is for rich people as some families do.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Too true!! My mom worked hard as long as I can remember but she always made time to take us to museums and plays. I'm thankful for that. You don't need to be rich to be cultured.

  16. why are people like Maher or Carlin (still,RIP) SO important?

    because they tell the truth!!

    even here you see "liberal/progressive" women having to pull their punches.

    by now even the loons know palin is an empty head.
    everyone else has known it for 3 years.

    but still they wont say it over air.

    right wingers can say the most vile racist stuff about blacks and Muslims for ex. and call people any name they desire.

    that is the real difference in the MSM.
    it is totally right wing.

    and if you dont understand that well, you are really ignorant of what is really going on in the world.

    you think the economy is getting better? war is peace? Iran is a threat to anyone???

    so yes its important to expose frauds and loons like palin but dont fall for the BS of the corporate media!

    not sure?

    watch a GEORGE CARLIN video on youtube!

    1. Anonymous6:47 AM

      Bill Maher is a fun-filled show to watch every Friday night on HBO. Don't miss it! He draws huge crowds all over the USA for his comedy shows.

      His humor about "Republicans in the Bubble" is a kick! And, as to his commentary about Sarah Palin - she deserves every bit of it! She is a joke!

    2. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Maher did something on religion. Funny. But maybe the President should call Sarah and apoligize or stick up for religion. Can't he do something to stop Maher's career in comedy and not allow Maher so much freedom of speech? Call Sarah, she will have some brilliant ideas.

    3. Anita Winecooler9:42 PM

      AnonymousMar 20, 2012 11:34 AM

      Maybe the President should call Sarah and apologize or stick up for religion?


      Call Sarah, she will have some brilliant ideas.


      Have you lost your mind? The President can't call a comedian and limit his free speech.

      Why, in the name of any intelligent life form, would President Obama consult with Sarah Palin? What could they possibly have in common? One is the President of the United States, the other is a numbskull loser.

  17. I got a kick out of Couric's last two remarks about Sarah: "I think she was irritated at that point. She just wanted me to go away."

    Well gee, Sarah, now you know exactly how we feel about you.

    Bye-bye and don't let the door of your igloo hit you on the way out.

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Because Katie, the world doesn't revolve around you! Sarah hissed to John Ziegler, speaking from her self-ascribed throne of world leader.

      Not only is she defeated, she's a freakin sore loser.

    2. Anonymous9:01 AM


    3. Anonymous10:18 AM

      "Because Katie, the world doesn't revolve around you!" -- That moment to me was among the strongest revelations of what drives Sarah: to be the center of the universe. I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that her reaction to not coming in first place in a beauty pageant was no different than this one.

    4. Heh...eventually Sarah hissed AT John Ziegler, too.

      It's really sad how a megalomaniac with serious incompetency and self-worth issues can strike out and try to destroy even her most loyal follower.

      Becky, how are YOU doing these days? Still feel like you're Sarah's paid BFF?

  18. Now fanning Anita for her fancy pageant writin'.

  19. To follow up on my previous post: It was in part one of the 9/28/08 interview with Katie that Palin "explained" how no one gave her a backpack and said see the world, when she was young. No, she has had to work all her life. Therefore. her knowledge of the world came from BOOKS. (But don't dare ask her what she reads.)

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Very good point.

    2. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Exactly. The "what do you read" question was a follow up question from Paylin's previous answer regarding her "world view" coming from reading because she didn't have money to see the world, she instead found the world in books and magazines/newspapers. She is STILL so not ready for prime time. Lazy and uninterested in learning anything; she's that determined to know the answers already. Dangerous minds think like this.

  20. Good Lord - why are they all so nice about her - she wasn't annoyed with Katie at that time - she seriously didn't read ANYTHING so she had no answer.

    Mrs Palin has never said anything worth hearing, done anything worth doing nor looked out for anyone other than herself.

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      There's photo of her in her mayor's office apparently reading something, which upon closer inspection is something by the John Birch Society. Too dumb to conceal it, even.

    2. Anonymous10:35 AM

      That photo should be a HUGE POSTER.

  21. Anonymous6:53 AM

    And doesn't Katie look wonderful? So polished and at ease. What a contrast to the disheveled and bitter Sarah we see today.

  22. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Sarah may have thought that she could control the Alaska media but she was not ready for prime time-- the national and international media. Sarah reminds me of the kid in our high school class who could sense when the teacher was going to give us a quiz. When he raised his hand, we all sat back and enjoyed the performance. He could rattle on, saying not much of anything, stalling until the bell rang. It was an art form.

    The first time that I saw Sarah try to give an interview, I saw that kid's routine. Sarah fills the air with word salad, hoping to run out the clock. I noticed in Alaska press conferences, she had to have her cabinet around her to supply the factual material.

    So, when Couric asked Palin some basic questions, Sarah cute little voice and word jumble didn't work, and we all saw it. It wasn't just the "what do you read?" question (any and all of them), it was "when Putin rears his head, where does he go?" Sarah could not remember a Supreme Court case which impacted Alaska: Exxon-Valdez. The best performance of Sarah's answers to Katie was the Tina Fey routine on SNL where Tina used Sarah's exact answer, making it sound like a comic routine.

    Sarah Palin was not ready for prime time, and she still isn't.

  23. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Payin has an open challenge extended to Obama for a one to one debate....anytime, anywhere. How 'boot she warm up with a charity debate w/Katie? If she's ready for a smack down take down, all notes barred, with the leader of the free world, certainly a verbal little dust-up for charity with the lib light weight likes of Couric would hardly be a challenge for her.

    Payin could even pivot on a lot of her answers and use the time & exposure alsotoo to talk more smack at Barack and call him out for being limp/impotent/afraid to face her.

    Maybe Bitchdull will pick up on this and fluff the idea up some in her blog soon as she's done with the "call me" butthurt-whining thingie.

  24. imnofred7:26 AM

    O/T, but Malia has a post up saying Bristol has a PAC along with a link to it. Already set up for credit card donations. She is just like her mother, wanting to make money without working for it. Looks like it will be a personal piggy bank. Bristol doesn't need any education because she has already earned her degree in GRIFTING.

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      How does the Palin family get away with this crap in Alaska? Aren't any of the legal begals watching them? Sure seems like they operate in a constant illegal mode! Where in the hell are the IRS, FBI and the Anchorage Police Department?

    2. Anonymous8:38 AM

      fuk, just because i live in AK i think i'm gonna start a PAC, for that and that alone...i think i'll just mention i can see palin's house from my backdoor...

  25. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Had Caroline Kennedy actually gone for the appointment to fill US junior Senator Hillary Clinton's seat when she went off to become Secretary of State, I think Katie would have asked the very same questions. The very same.

    Caroline had the wherewithal, grace and lack of hubris to 'blink' at Governor Patterson's offer, and withdrew her name from consideration.

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Apart from being her parents' child,* with all the gifts that implies in her case, well-educated, hard-working, and accomplished Caroline (her books, her $1/year work raising millions for NY schools, her well-brought-up children) has a lifetime of experience in answering questions meant to trip her up into complaining about her family's ordeals, but she has always answered gracefully, turning her answer into "we all have challenges." If you haven't seen her 20 minutes on Letterman, you have a treat waiting for you:


      Esp after seeing Marlo's puffy altered face, I have been just delighted to see Caroline's charmingly aging face: expressive wrinkles that seem extraordinarily attractive to me. Character, personality. She had some work earlier, I thought, but it looks to me like she let the filler or botox dissipate and did not go back for more. I love her teeth, that she didn't do the tiresome and fake-looking veneers. To me, this is true beauty that I hope to emulate.

      She is exhibiting not only the grace of her mother but also her mother's strong common sense, Bravo, Caroline! What a great example and role model of what women can be, esp compared to the pathetic SP.

      Be sure to watch Part 2:


      * A given, for most people, but not a given in the Palin family as we unfortunately know way more about than we would like.

    2. and Caroline was actually qualified to be a Senator. $arah isn't qualified for anything but hatemongering.

    3. It became clear to Caroline Kennedy that she was not going to get an automatic ticket to the Senate based on her name only. She has spent her adult life in the ratified air of foundations and academia. She lacked the basic legislative experience and skill set. She appeared weak in her interviews. She listened to her advisers and wisely withdrew in favor of Kristin Hildebrandt who had already served in Congress. Caroline Kennedy is still admired and respected, as she should be. Palin accepted an invitation knowing full well that she was not qualified, and stumbled on through the ordeal, afterwards blaming everyone else but herself. She has done nothing to deserve anyone's respect.

    4. Anonymous9:39 AM

      I admired Caroline when she withdrew. She knew she was not qualified at this point in her life for the position. Smart gal!

  26. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Couric did NOT burst into laughter when Palin said "Putin rears his head up" in response to the foreign policy experience question. Palin is too stupid and too mentally unstable to realize that Couric was very, very kind to her.

    It's still funny to think that Couric's gentle, softball interview are what Palin considers "gotcha" questions. But, of course, everything looks different when you are a sociopath.

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      I think we were supposed to be excited because she knew Putin's name.

    2. Not laughing outright at the moron you're interviewing is the mark of a true professional. It's a shame Katie Couric was almost written off before that Palin interview as a "lightweight".

  27. Anonymous8:13 AM

    This explains a lot about Palin's lack of intellectual and emotional growth since she was 'saved.'


    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      What was she saved from? It certainly was not STUPIDITY.

  28. Anonymous9:17 AM

    The only conspiracy or "set-up" between Katie Couric and Nicolle Wallace was most likely Wallace's plea for Couric to take it easy on Palin in the interview. Wallace knew by then what an ignorant nutcase Palin was, but still her job was to place Palin in the most positive media light. Couric apparently obliged Wallace, and as requested posed only the most benign, gentle questions. The shocking surprise was that they both badly overestimated Palin, who couldn't handle even those easy-to-answer questions.

    Palin really is her own worst enemy. She doesn't require anyone else to make her look bad. Which is why the very best part of Tina Fey's SNL bits was that they were DIRECT QUOTES from Palin, not even taken out of context. Palin is an idiot, and can't quite manage to hide that fact behind all her various pageant-walking, winking, and bomb-throwing.

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      And here they are!

      SNL Tina Fey then Gov. Palin


      Sarah Palin CBS interview with Katie Couric


    2. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Palin's WORST Answer!


      CBS Sarah Palin interview part 2


  29. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I'm grateful to Couric for doing that interview. Shortly after the election, she commented that they had actually worked to edit it, to eliminate the worst- because they did not want to look like they were attacking the Republican VP nominee. I wonder what wound up on the cutting room floor- I bet it's still in existence- because who'd get rid of comedy gold like that?

    Incidentally, I wonder why Katie Couric is so insistent that she knows Sarah Palin reads newspapers? Maybe she's crossing her fingers and going with it because she knows Sarah reads about herself.


  30. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Wallace tried desperately to get her to study and to be prepared and all P could do was type away on those crack berries of hers. She didn't bother to be informed because she thought it was a cake walk and that she'd be able to wing it. Then when she performed miserably, she had the audacity to blame Wallace for not prepping her enough. She is the worst kind of person; always blaming others for her own mistakes and sloppiness and angry if anyone notices her short comings. Pathetic, lazy novice who quits instead of perseveres.

  31. See how that's done, Sarah? Even though Katie probably privately thinks you're an idiot, she was publically very polite and kind towards you in talking about your interview debacle.

  32. Hey Gryphen, am I banned or something? I wrote some comments yesterday, and one today a short while ago that I didn't see posted. I thought maybe it was because I used the word "b*tch". Or am I having some sort of computer issue?

    1. DetroitSam1:40 AM

      Not banned. Gryphen mentioned that there was a problem w/ discus.

    2. Ah. Thanks Sam.

  33. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Katie did absolutely nothing wrong! Katie is intelligent, and a professional. Palin is ignorant, and lacks dignity and class. Of course Sarah continues to hold a grudge against Katie, and that only proves what a mentally unstable, narcissistic person Palin is. She holds a grudge against President Obama, and continues to spew her hatred of him constantly.

    Sarah has only succeeded in doing herself in by all HER own actions. She IS a victim, yes - a victim of HERSELF!! She is a disgusting example of what politicians and wannabe politicians should not be all about! Maybe she thinks it's only people in Alaska who finally see her for EXACTLY how she is, but people in the Lower 48 also finally realize what a disaster she would be if she ever got into the White House!

  34. Evelyn Waugh12:01 PM

    Fascinating that Couric knew that Palin was in a bad mood -- which is the default setting for Sarah Palin.
    But NOT the conduct of a political aspirant who's being interviewed for national tv.
    If Sarah only had a brain, and a sense of humor, she could deflect questions she didn't like or didn't understand. Her only response is to get nasty.
    Thank goodness she is in no position of power.

  35. Anita Winecooler10:02 PM

    What I LOVED is that Nicholle told Sarah that Katie was a single mother with "self esteem" issues, and that Sarah could help her get out of her shell.

    Katie lost her husband to colon cancer, went on to raise her daughters, was the highest paid female news anchor. Now she dates an intelligent man over ten years her junior, and is preparing to have her own talk show.

    Sarah's got Facebook, Fox, and word salad. "Happily" married to a man who sleeps with pros, ties his own condoms, cleans up with moist towelettes, and packs it all up in a ziplock bag.

    I saw Marlo being interviewed on another show about St Jude's. She mentioned that she'll be 72 this year, She still has curiosity about the world, a sharp intellect, and does great philanthropic work. I hope I'm half as active at 72!

    1. I don't believe Nicolle told Sarah that. I think Sarah made that up for her book. She also, I believe, wrote that she thought Katie Couric would ask her questions about how she coped with being a working mom.

      Yeah, right, Sarah. None of those "hard" questions like "What do you read?". Katie got you good by just asking a simple question, and your moronic self was oughted because you couldn't answer "Newsweek" or "The Anchorage Daily News" or, what woulda been more honest: "People" magazine.

  36. Anonymous10:21 AM

    My husband just watched Game Change with me (thanks so much for the link!). He said he remembers and now finally understands why I said, almost 4 years ago, that I wanted to do my bit to help assure that SP is removed in disgrace from any position of influence in this country.

    I finally got through to him! (I think the Trig controversy was turning him off, before.)


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