Friday, July 08, 2016

Multiple police officers shot and killed in Dallas shooting. Update!

Courtesy of the LA Times:

Five police officers were fatally shot and six others wounded Thursday when snipers opened fire in downtown Dallas during a protest over recent police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, police said. 

Three possible suspects were in custody, and police were locked for several hours in a standoff with a gunman in a parking garage who had fired at officers, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. 

The suspect told officials there were “bombs all over the place in this garage and downtown,” and “told our negotiators that the end is coming, and he’s going to hurt and kill more of us,” Brown said. 

The standoff ended at about 2:30 a.m., according to Dallas city spokeswoman Sana Syed, but she would not confirm reports that the gunman was dead. Two hours later, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said the suspect in the standoff had died.

According to the mayor, who just spoke this morning, the one suspect was killed with a robot armed with a bomb.

It is also reported that the one, now deceased, suspect claimed that he was working alone, that he wanted to kill white people, he stated he was "angry FOR Black Lives Matter," and that he was not affiliated with any group.

He also made the statement that "The end is coming," and claimed to have planted bombs all over downtown.

We are told the other suspects are not talking.

Currently there is a lot of speculation that the individual was angered by the recent shootings of black men by police officers.

However we literally do not know what this individual's motives were for certain.

If he was angered by the police shootings then his actions completely undermined the effort to draw attention to the shootings and garner public support to do something about them.

By using a sniper rifle to kill these officers, the man has instead simply caused more senseless death.

However that has not stopped some, like Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, from pointing the finger of blame:
Similar words were posted here last night accusing myself and "liberals" of being somehow complicit in this shooting because we talked about the shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis yesterday.

I have no idea how somebody jumps from demonstrating concern and sympathy for individuals shot for no reason by the police, to condoning the murder of police officers.

Obviously I condemn the shootings in Dallas, and have never encouraged violence against the police. That is a ridiculous and ignorant claim to make.

Just like Congressman Walsh's claim that this is the fault of the President or BLM.

Speaking of the President he had this to say about the shootings this morning:

President Barack Obama has described the Dallas shootings as a "vicious, calculated, despicable attack." He made the comments while speaking to reporters Friday morning in Warsaw, Poland. 

He described the killings as a "tremendous tragedy" and as "senseless murders." 

Obama said of the suspects, "We will learn more about their twisted motivations. Let's be clear: There is no possible justification" for the attacks.

I will update this post as new information becomes available.

Update: So this is what we know about the one suspect now deceased:

His name was Micah Xavier Johnson.

He was a former soldier.

He had no criminal history, and no ties to terrorist groups or the group BLM.

Here is what Police Chief David Brown had to say: 

“We tried to negotiate for several hours, negotiations broke down, we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect,” Brown said. “We saw no other option but to use our bomb-robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is dead a result of detonating the bomb.” 

The suspect did not shoot himself, despite reports, Brown said. 

“He wanted to kill officers, and he expressed killing white people, he expressed killing white officers,” Brown said. “He expressed anger for Black Lives Matter. None of that makes sense, none of that is a legitimate reason to do harm to anyone, so the rest of it would just be speculating on what his motivations were. We just know what he said to our negotiators.”

Seems to me that the guy had no intention of surviving this encounter. 


  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Thankyou gryph. NOBODY is condoning killing cops. All lives matter.

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

      Fmr. Congressman Joe Walsh Deletes Tweet in Which He Threatened Obama With ‘War’

  2. dlbvet6:19 AM

    Joe Walsh is a scumbag and that's the nicest thing I can say this morning.
    If the FBI and Secret Service don't pay him a visit, I'll be royally peeved. A former Congressperson should NOT say things like that. EVER.
    Talking and writing about senseless deaths of African American men, simply because they are African American men, did not cause the death of the police officers last night.
    No, it will not help the cause. Yes, it will make it worse.
    But the one did not cause the other. And to insinuate, insist, blame, postulate, etc, etc, etc that they are in any way related is simply asinine.
    This country is going to blow itself up. We are living in scary times.

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      No one should say anything like that, ever.

  3. Crystal Sage6:20 AM

    I blame the American Gun Culture whose adherents believe that a gun, especially a gun that shoots multiple bullets at once, is the great problem-solver. It is the weapon of choice for cowards with a grudge. They are encouraged to own guns by the NRA, citing a centuries old amendment to the constitution written long before the advent of automatic weapons. Police without benefit of good training can escalate a routine situation into a tragedy. Unfortunately, those on the receiving end of poor police attitude are often people of color.

    1. A J Billings6:51 AM

      Crystal, I agree that the USA has a major league gun problem.

      It far too easy to legally buy a firearm, and no training or licensing is required, which should be rectified.

      No firearms outside the military can fire "multiple bullets at once" however.

      Civilians can have semi-automatic weapons that can fire about twice a second.

      Machine guns that fire automatically have been illegal since the 1930's to the general public.

      This tragedy will be taken advantage of by Trump, and idiots like Palin and Nugent.

      I bet Trump will fly to Dallas and hold a rally there to try and make this about him,
      because he is a narcissistic psychopath.

    2. Crystal Sage 6:20 AM wrote: a gun, especially a gun that shoots multiple bullets at once

      Even with a machine gun, the bullets go down the barrel one behind the other. Multi-barrel military weapons such as the Phalanx do exist (and are widely deployed) but only one of its six barrels fires at a time. The fact that it can fire 4500 rounds per minute does not mean that it can "shoot multiple bullets at once"—just that it doesn't waste any time between one shot and the next.

    3. Anonymous10:38 AM

      But Ted, isn't the fact that it can fire 4500 rounds per minute essentially saying it can fire multiple rounds simultaneously? It seems to be splitting hairs to ascertain otherwise. Just my opinion though...

  4. Anonymous6:21 AM

    "This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you," Walsh said in a now-deleted tweet. He later tweeted that he "wasn't calling for violence."

    Uh huh. Sure he wasn't.

    1. Anonymous6:39 AM

      Maybe he posts at c4p. Many comments deleted last night due to violence and threats against liberals and the president.

      Don't they see the hypocrisy? How angry they are right now is nothing to how angry black folks have been feeling for so long in this country.

    2. Anonymous7:07 AM

      c4p are white supremacists, pure and simple. Downright scary, that bunch.

    3. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Maybe it was meant to be poetry? Walsh's words should destroy him. He should never be allowed near a microphone or a cellphone ever again.

      No one is happy about the events in Dallas. Most of us are shocked and well aware that this sets back any strides that may have been made in recent months towards improving relations between African Americans and police. That may have been the purpose. There are crazy extremists on both ends of the spectrum.

    4. Anonymous10:36 AM

      "Walsh's words should destroy him. "

      They should but instead he will be held up as a leader speaking for them.

  5. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Joe Walsh is showing why he was not elected.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Re-elected I think you mean.

  6. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Joe Walsh lost his very cushy seat in government, and is mad at EVERYONE. He is a loser, who got way behind on child support. Big mouth, small brain like "someone else we know". Typical repub. Blame the President for their own shortcomings.

  7. jkarov6:33 AM

    Walsh is the guy that refused to pay child support, while he was a US Rep making 6 figures. He owed something like 60K back support, the deadbeat!

    He also made the comment that Tammy Duckworth a wounded disabled vet who lost both legs in Iraq was not a hero.

    Joe Walsh is a reprehensible pig who doesn't deserve to live in the USA, and he's a coward because he DELETED a tweet threatening WAR on the President, after he starting taking flack for the posting

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Racist Walsh makes $ off the back of his dead son. Scumbag.

    2. Anonymous7:23 AM

      60K back support

      Don't forget he has to pay 6% in interest on the amount not paid off.

      That is exactly what a deadbeat deserves.

    3. Anonymous7:25 AM

      7:04 AM Wrong Walsh.

    4. Anonymous7:36 AM

      7:04 I heard once on a "hot mike" Katie Couric say Joe Walsh "has a big ego and all he talks about is himself" before they came back to the interview.
      He encourages acts like this thru his support in brutal policing. Scumbag is right.

    5. Anonymous10:02 AM

      @ anon 7:25 am
      Correct Walsh, the deadbeat Dad loser Walsh is the one that tweeted.

    6. Anonymous10:28 AM

      10:02 AM

      How much interest does he have to pay?

    7. Anonymous11:25 AM

      7:25 AM This is the SAME Joe Walsh...the guy is a 'first class' jerk and has proven it time and time again!

      The FBI needs to take care of him since he called for the assassination of President Obama! The guy needs to be put in the slammer as he is inciting and that is against the law!

    8. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Uh... There is a John Walsh, father of murdered son, and Joe Walsh. Not even the same first name. Stupid is ruling the boards today.

    9. Anonymous5:19 PM

      3:18. Don't let it ruin your day. Do you need a tissue?

    10. Anonymous5:27 PM

      They're both scumbags. Take your pick.

    11. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Lol... IM think

      John Walsh
      -son is kidnapped and killed
      -anti crime advocate
      IM brain trust: Scumbag

      Alton Sterling
      -Convicted Child Molester and Felon
      -Long rap sheet
      -Illegally carry gun, resists arrest
      IM Brain Trust: Man of the Year

    12. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Have you ever watched his program?

  8. Anonymous6:36 AM

    The Obama government has tried to improve policing methods but only a few forces in the country have signed on. It's war if the police are killing people without repercussions - how many cops have gotten off in the past few years. I say, improve community policing everywhere and if a police officer uses deadly force without justification, they should not be held to be above the law. That might just change some gun happy cops minds about shot first, ask later if they know they will be properly punished for doing so. I'm sick of seeing cops get off and while I don't condone in any way shape or form the shooting of police officers in Dallas, there is something really wrong in America. I won't even bother going to all these second amendment rights that seem to only apply to white people.

    1. Anonymous7:42 AM

      People of color= FEAR to police. FACT.
      Most are military trained to KILL. Laws and Prosecuters are the REAL problem. EQUAL justices.

    2. Anonymous7:56 AM

      "if a police officer uses deadly force without justification, they should not be held to be above the law."

      The problem is current laws make it exceedingly difficult to indict and convict police officers. We need new laws.

    3. Anonymous8:37 AM

      GOOD READ:

    4. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Thank God for all the videos that have come out showing police killing black men and boys for no reason other than race!

      I can't help but wonder how many others have been killed (guns/knives/beatings and hangings) that we've never heard or learned about!

      Makes me sick just thinking about it!

    5. Anonymous12:00 PM

      So every time a person of color dies during a violent interaction with police it is predetermined that it is because of race 11:22? What horseshit.

      Total BS, but expected from the dumb liberal crowd.

      When are liberals going to talk about the utterly astounding numbers of black persons killed by other black persons?

    6. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Thankfully there are many videos, 12:00 PM It's a 'factual' thing in our world today and not a liberal thingy! Get a grip!

      Some of the cops are very, very dirty racist and should be fired from the forces they currently occupy - throughout the country!

    7. Anonymous5:21 PM

      12:00 And white people don't kill each other?

  9. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Joe Walsh' deleted tweet threatening the president:

    Azalea Banks account got deleted for a lot less. Visit and in the search bar type in @WalshFreedom. Despicable, disgusting, racist POS should be arrested!

    1. A J Billings7:11 AM

      I just reported Joe Walsh ( @walshfreedom )
      on Twitter for threatening war on the President.

      If enough of us report Walsh, they might delete his account.

      That man is a dumpster fire of a human being, and deserves all the shame and humiliation of a $arah Palin

    2. Anonymous7:39 AM

      Good for you, AJB, it was a direct threat to our President and, while he may have deleted it, there's those out there crazy enough to use it as their "divine call" to action.

      Sarah Palin/gun sights, anyone?

    3. Marthe11:03 AM

      Bravo AJB for reporting the twit Joe Walsh who deserves to have the Secret Service and the FBI crawling up his ... with a fine-tooth comb.

  10. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I live in the Dallas area and this is a huge blow to the city. These shootings were totally unjustified after a peaceful protest. The DPD did their best to save civilians. I deplore the senseless killings by police of innocent black men, but targeting innocent officers is wrong. This is a deplorable situation and those of us here are feeling brokenhearted today. And Walsh is a piece of crap for tweeting that bullshit. People that take advantage of tragedies to spew their hateful agenda are criminals in my mind. I am waiting for Palin to start spewing vitriol any second now.

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      I can only imagine, 6:44 AM, my heart goes out to you and the community. Here in Portland late last night, a protest downtown turned almost deadly when a videographer (white) got into a screaming match and pulled a gun. Same excuse: "They were advancing; I feared for my life." PPD got him.

      I've lost count of how many chiefs of police we've been through in the last fifteen years. Morale at an all time low in the department and few want to work there.

  11. Anonymous6:45 AM

    There is too much of an us versus them mindset rhetoric going on. The gun control issues from the extreme right send a message to kill them before they kill you. Even the solution to foreign terrorists is to carpet bomb, mass murder entire countries because that is what strong leaders do versus weak.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      And what Trump/Palin are itching to do, and WILL, if he wins in November.

    2. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Let us not forget all that Trump does for veterans and his special care about PTSD issues since his close relationship with the Palin family.

      "Seems to me that the guy had no intention of surviving this encounter."

      That is pretty typical of untreated suicidal vets. Sad when they can't or won't get the help they need.

    3. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Name 'em, 9:44 AM.

    4. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Let us not forget all that Trump does for veterans and his special care about PTSD issues since his close relationship with the Palin family.

      "special care about PTSD"?? What care is that? Other than shooing palin home to take "special care" of her criminal son, what has trump done in the name of ill veterans?

    5. Anonymous1:53 PM

      They can't find ANY financial donations that Trump has made to ANY Veterans group during the recent years. He's lied AGAIN about having done so! But, what else is new?

      The (specific journalist) actually called various Veterans groups around the country to see if they'd ever received financial support from Trump and could not find one group that said they had!

  12. Marthe6:53 AM

    The tweet by Joe Walsh cited here was not his most offensive. He had tweeted earlier that this was now war and that Obama and the BLM punks should watch out because Real America was coming for them. If that's not inciting violence I don't know what is. It seems that this tweet was deleted after. He's clearly unhinged in his hatred of President Obama. I would put him in the same category as Sarah Palin. She will not want to be left out of all the attention on these sad events so we should expect to hear another crazy rant in the form of a word salad pretty soon. Another basket case, Trumpelthinskin has been unusually quiet in the past hours. Does it mean that his handlers have put a muzzle on him? It will not last long and we can expect a few racist tweets trying to capitalize on fear and prejudice pretty soon also.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Track Menard Palin will be a suspect in a Wasilla does Dallas event soon.

    2. Anonymous7:38 AM

      With the new supreme court ruling,track will be lucky to own a slingshot.

    3. Anonymous8:03 AM

      7:38 AM That won't stop his access to weapons.

    4. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Remember Sarah blames President Obama for what happened to her innocent 'combat vet'. B/C PTSD and thanks Obama.

      Jordan Loewe and Katy Combs, her bff to be sister in law, posed and posted a "Thanks Obama" almost immediately after Sarah's comments about Track's terror and assault weapon incident.

      WTF? We checked into more about her family and YES they are Palin brand type idiots. It's all in the family. No wonder Jordan is staying with her abuser. It makes more sense as you learn about her family.

      Track Palin, Anthony Hill’s PTSD And Combat Record Compared By Black Lives Matter Supporters

      Sarah has to love this, no doubt she will be reporting any minute now. Sarah can always link to Bristol Palin teaching about her "stupid ass lips" and linking to her current boy toy.

    5. Anonymous9:10 AM

      $arah can blame HERSELF for Track.
      Narcissistic bitch.

    6. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Walsh should lose his job immediately. Outrageous behavior for a member of the news industry.

    7. Anonymous10:16 AM

      Walsh should lose his job immediately.
      Walsh should be arrested for making a death threat against the president as well as trying to incite violence.

      At minimum he should be put on the FBI terrorist watch list.

    8. Anonymous10:39 AM

      8:03 AM

      That is the truth.

      What are they going to do? Not allow Track Palin to go to his mother's house? He can't go visit his bro Dakota and enjoy talking weapons and feeling up those state of the art and massive collections?

  13. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Joe Walsh & many in the Gop will completely ignore the fact that an angered Obama called the carnage "a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.”

    The president said there was "no possible justification" for the violence against police.

    “We are horrified over these events and we stand united with the people and the police department in Dallas,” said Obama, who is in Poland for a NATO summit. He called the killings “senseless” and pledged that “justice will be done.”

    “When people say 'black lives matter,' that doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter."

    IMO this is what happens when you live in a society that allows any and all citizens to own weapons that are expressly meant to kill multiple people. I'd bet the GOP will sooner pass a law with gun restrictions for blacks before they EVER would have gun restrictions on anyone on the no fly list!

  14. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I love President Obama. He said quite clearly, "There is no possible justification" for these attacks.And I wholeheartedly agree. But, even he has never uttered strong words like these for the open executions of black men and boys that happens once every 28 hours in the US. If the USAG had been set loose to investigate from the beginning I believe some of this would have been mitigated.
    As a reporter on the West Coast, I covered the rampant police brutality and frequent police shootings of civilians. And that was in the 90s. Then, I often wondered privately when the worm would turn and snipers would start targeting cops. I'm so sad to see the time has come. And the RWNJs are just giddy because they see this as their license to go after blacks and minorities. The killers have ended up playing right into the tiny (but deadly) hands of Trump and his White Nationalist and KKK friends.

  15. Randall7:14 AM

    Can you imagine the OUTRAGE if a Democrat had, in a similar time of tragedy, hurled such a heinous accusation at George W. Bush as Joe Walsh did towards President Obama?

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      They would be deemed unAmerican and secret service would've been at their doorstep immediately. That's what happened during that time, remember the Dixie Chicks? They stood up at a concert and said something negative about Bush and the backlash was disgusting. Today the most vile things are said about the President and no one stomps them down and calls them unAmerican, just that it's their right to say it.

    2. Anonymous9:45 AM

      Thanks for bringing up the Dixie Chicks. I do believe the problem was that they were on foreign soil when they did so.

      Totally agree on the vile statement.

    3. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Don't forget they arrested a mother that lost her son in Iraq, when she protested against Bush. Violation of the Patriot Act.

    4. Anonymous6:35 PM

      My family is like the United nations. 20 years ago when she was in college a group of athletes and her friends were pulled over at the side of the road with guns drawn on them for a minor traffic violation. This has been going on for a long time.

  16. Dinty7:28 AM

    An unexpectedly prescient article about this at Red State:

    1. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Look, this is not how a free society works. Being rude/disrespectful to a cop, running from a cop, demanding in a hostile tone to know why a cop has pulled you over might well be contraindicated to the peaceful continuation of your day, but they are not an excuse for someone getting shot. I'm for the death penalty, but the kind that is carried out after, you know, a trial and some appeals - not the kind that is carried out on the spot by a cop who's had his authority challenged in some non life-threatening way."

    2. Anonymous11:46 AM

      8:43 AM - even Chris Rock gets it.

  17. Anonymous7:50 AM

    There are more important law enforcement matters.

    DEEP THOUGHTS: Why should the rest of us have to follow laws?

    FBI Director Comey’s Testimony Proved Exactly Why Hillary Clinton is Unfit to Serve

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Cheney committed war crimes. Bush too.

      Bush lied us into a war and thousands of American deaths and more non-American deaths including women and children

      Reagan sold arms to the military.

      Hilary violated administrative rules that do not amount to criminal activity. These were SERIOUS rules and I don't condone her behavior. But in the scheme of things, if Bush was fit to serve, and the other Bush, and Cheney, and Reagan, you logic seems flawed. Now, if you want to talk about whether ALL of them are unfit, that's another discussion.

      And then there is the question, not whether Hillary is fit to serve, but is Hillary less unfit than Trump to serve.


    2. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Thank you, Lucy. The world is falling apart around us, and Hillary-Haters are focused on e-mail classifications from 2009-2013. The protocols changed in 2014, but that doesn't stop the Hillary Haters.

    3. Anonymous9:24 AM

      OH FOR GOD'S SAKE, you think the administrative (possible) e-mail stuff of Hillary Clinton is more important than the shooting of 11 innocent people???? What is WRONG with you?

      Are you even sane?

    4. I read that article and the author cherry picked the testimony to make his case against Hillary. I listened to 90% of the hearing and you know what I came away with - the man that everyone on both sides of the aisle said to be a man of integrity, was all but called a liar by the disgusting Republicans because he didn't give them Hillary's head on a silver platter. The Classified documents were not properly labeled classified and were sent in e-mail chains. If Hillary (or anyone else) did not read the entire e-mail chain each time it was sent, they would have missed the (C). So when she said she didn't send classified e-mails, it wasn't that she lied, she just didn't know. Hardly a reason to call her unfit to hold public office. The hearing was a farce - big surprise.

    5. Anonymous10:21 AM

      A major US city is turned into a war zone and all the Hillary Haters can think of is perpetuating their lack of understanding of the law.

  18. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Meanwhile Bris & Dak make it on to the Daily Mail for posting stupid duck face video on social media.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      Who gives a shit about that scum?

    2. Anonymous8:44 AM

      Dak hates himself. He is showing how far the Marines have fallen, too. Did you read his social media comments?

      The good news is that Dak is doing himself in. The other stupid one will self destruct with him. I am so glad they got together, it is end times for their gig. Just hope they speed things up.

    3. Anonymous8:52 AM

      B is such a multitasker, she'll have a pulitzer prize winning post up about Dallas shortly. Written between duck face selfies and breastfeeding.

    4. Anonymous9:22 AM

      If it is in Daily Mail that is because they call it in for the publicity.

      They are working on selling that relationship and a normal funloving couple. They had to drop all the posting and selling of innocent children.

      One report said they were married June 8th? EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN A FLASH with them. They need to build things up as if they have some long time comfy relationship. This latest stupid is pathetic, I guess they think it makes them look good?

      They are avoiding anything about Dakota's family in Kentucky. I would sure look there if you want more honesty regarding the games they play.

    5. Anonymous10:33 AM

      OMG, these morons will do anything for money !!! Trouble in paradise? since all Bristol does all day is take fish lip selfies. Hope he didn't really believe she has a job.
      Duck lips are an example that the world has no chance!' Dakota Meyer pokes fun at wife Bristol Palin's 'stupid a**' pout in funny clip of the loved-up newlyweds

      'Stop,' he mumbles at her in an unimpressed tone. 'I'm not smiling for your stupid, f*****g a** lips.'

  19. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Joe Walsh's disgusting tweet earned him a 'follow' from Donald Trump Jr..

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM


  20. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Fuck you, Joe Walsh, you racist POS.

    1. Anonymous9:45 AM

      He should be fired forthwith from Fox. But knowing Fox and its owners, they'll probably give him a bonus and a medal.

      The wanton shootings of African Americans by police are horrible just as the shootings of policemen by armed snipers were horrible. Is this going to be a repeating cycle of tragedy now? When will people stop reaching for their guns first?

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Fox was blaming Pres Obama and Gov Mark Dayton of Minnesota this morning, so yeah, I agree about the medal.

    3. Anonymous10:23 AM

      People will reach for guns as long as the guns are within reach.

      The gun nuts of today are steeped in the glamour and legendary old west life style. You would be nuts to go out where there are animals and humans that are out to get you or your stuff and not be armed.

      You aren't going to need just a little pistol with all the savage beasts that have assault weapons.

      More states will have to agree with the Palins, Track Palin, and carry concealed. There is just no other way to go for the GOP/NRA.

    4. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Write to FOX (even though they won't listen!) and suggest they rid themselves of Walsh for calling for the assassination of President Obama!

      At least you'll feel better!

  21. Anonymous8:23 AM

    What's going to put the brakes on all this senseless murder? Having a number of the arrogant rethugs in congress gunned down.

    Watch how fast they enact legislation then...

  22. Anonymous8:28 AM


  23. Anonymous8:47 AM

    AG Loretta Lynch gave an appropriate response. No doubt she'll be criticized becsuse, you know, Black.

  24. Anonymous8:50 AM

    This is awful. I blame the likes of rump and cult. I blame hateful republicans and their sheep. Black, green, yellow white ALL lifes matter. BLM matters. All agencies matter. And it matters when a political party creates hate, division and chaos. The Republican Party owns it. They Built it and own it.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      You blame Trump, who holds no office, and republicans, for a premeditated attack on white police officers by a black man (possibly others) aligning himself with BLM and black power??? Wake the fuck up moron.

    2. Anonymous9:56 AM

      You need to reach down and slowing pull you tiny head from your rear end. Trump and his paid hackers, the republican party along with the group of constitutional sheriffs and militia have caused this anger. They sit and watch their bundy fundy crap play out and continue to hate America and what she stands for. You 9:03 are the simpleton moron here.

    3. Anonymous9:58 AM

      9:03 - Yes, I do blame Trump. Are you so dumb that you cannot see who is perpetuating racial hatred each and every day? He's the GOP nominee and he's so racist that they had to take away his Twitter account and give it to an intern.

    4. Anonymous10:14 AM

      It is so weird how the Baton Rouge and Minneapolis killings were all the news when suddenly the focus went to Dallas. The first 2 seem forgotten now.

      No one should say this is a war. It will be interesting how history of this time will be written.

    5. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Looks like you low IQ spoon fed liberals have eaten up all the BS shoveled down your throats by Obama et al.

    6. Anonymous10:29 AM

      9:03 AM Is that you, Track Palin? Take your meds, fool.

    7. Anonymous10:56 AM

      I was not at all impressed on Dallas authorities handled themselves on TV throughout the day (much of it was repeat, repeat, repeat on all the channels!. Had to turn off my TV!

      The Dallas authorities sure seemed to forget what brought on the peaceful demonstration and forgot to mention the two murders by cops of two black kids. The cops WERE responsible for the murders and both were caught on video and shown nationally! However, we aren't seeing them anymore. Hopefully, many throughout our country kept copies that we shown on our TV's!

      How come they didn't admit what the hell REALLY occurred? They wanted everyone focused on the killings of the cops! Minorities are not treated fairly and it's been proven time and time again.

      The cops need to get their acts together throughout our country and treat everyone equally! They do not do that and thank God there are now many videos available that show their horrible treatment of the blacks in our country. They have to admit they have very 'bad' cops within their ranks and get rid of them or this same crap will continue!

    8. Anonymous10:59 AM

      I lay the blame for the current HATE at the bottom of Trump's feet and the extreme right of the Republican party.

      This has been going on since Sarah Palin was brought on the scene by John McCain in 2007/2008!

      Racism and hate are alive and well in America and it's truly sickening!

    9. Anonymous12:16 PM

      Well first of all you are incorrectly using the term 'murder' 10:56, when there haven't been any charges or completed investigations yet.

      And using incorrect inflammatory words is how larger problems are born.

      You seem to forget the fact that all the police that were injured and killed were there protecting the protestors. Protestors that took to the street for events in entirely different parts of the country.

      So basically, fuck you.

    10. Anonymous1:24 PM

      The demonstration was peaceful, 12:16 PM. The dirty cops were the ones that created the problem by purposefully killing those two young people.

      Video proved it and thank the Lord that it was released to the public.

      The cop forces throughout the country need to rid themselves of their racist and dirty's been proven there are a lot of them! And, they have murdered black folks!!! Check out the videos for crying out loud!

    11. Anonymous1:47 PM

      It was murder by the racist, dirty cops, 12:16 PM! It's on videos for crying out loud that were shown nationally! The proof is in the pudding so they say!

      Two dirty cops killed two young, unarmed black men for crying out loud!

      You seem pretty angry - saying 'fuck you'! So sorry you got upset with me for calling it what it was - plain out and out murder per the videos!

    12. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Well you are just plain wrong 1:47, and you a fucking piece of shit for attempting to chastise the Dallas PD during such an event, because apparently they didn't soothe your cop hating attitude.

      The videos you have seen certainly don't show the whole picture of events, tragic as they are. BTW it appears that the Baton Rouge police will probably be exonerated, as the man they were subduing had a free hand and was reaching for his pocket with a gun in it after being told to stay still. Very tense situation.

      You need to let cooler heads prevail. And you are an absolute piece of shit for your remarks about the Dallas PD during this time. A absolute POS.

    13. Anonymous2:55 PM

      These are all random and isolated situations that are just coincidentally happening rapid fire fast with in a small window of time.

      That is America now that we are so militarized since those wars we were lied into.

      For some reason we can't indict the war criminals that did that.

      Get use to it.

      Officers Have Been Shot in Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri in the Past Two Days

    14. Anonymous3:09 PM

      I hardly dislike the Dallas cops (or cops in general)....just their dirty ones who need to be fired for being racist, agitators and killers! All proven on videos provided to the public!

      Simple as that!

    15. Anonymous3:12 PM

      You must not have viewed the same video I did, 1:55 PM. AFTER the black kid was killed, they pulled 'something' out of his pant pocket....they shot him before they even saw a gun OR whatever was pulled from his pocket!

      Think you are an idiot for calling me are the lowest of the low mentally if you can't communicate better than that. Name calling doesn't get you anywhere! Just look around you!

    16. Anonymous3:58 PM

      Black kid? Kid? 37 years old? With 5 children. Convicted felon, illegally possessing a gun... a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER (a 14 yo)... long rap sheet including battery, domestic violence etc... selling bootleg cd's and dvd's (to support his children, or was it for new gold teeth?).

      A kid. Gimme a break. None of his stellar life means a person deserves to just be shot and killed, of course, but lets be real.

      Cops were called because someone reported he threatened them with a gun. That is a serious call. The exchange with the police turned physical, and he knew he was a felon with an illegal firearm which meant jail, he struggled, they called out he had a gun and they instructed him not to move, but he kept going for it. That is when people get shot by the police.

      By the way, he was previously arrested and sent to jail for illegally possessing a firearm, which he tried to grab and unsuccessfully ditch similarly years ago. He is lucky he didn't get shot that time.

    17. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Repugs are happily fanning the flames of racism thru Dumpster,the same as they did with Stinky. Cowards.

  25. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I hope disturbed Track Palin gets help so he doesn't take his firearms and go after Britta, her daughter and Britta's and Jordan Loewe's parents. Todd needs to keep his on Track in case Track goes after Todd.

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      The Palins treat Track's substance abuse and mental illness in their own way. They give him the drugs he needs to be kept under control. He is paranoid and knows he must keep as hidden and secret as possible to be safe.

      I've heard he is kept basically in a lock up situation. Somewhere up north. He has plenty of wilderness where he can roam. He feels free and he can hunt and do what he does when he is there. He is also allowed to go on leave and journey under supervision back to civilization.

      There are other places said to be where they keep him. Not sure he is in the far north one. Possibly north and close to Wasilla?

      Homeland Security needs to be the ones to monitor and watch him and his connections. Since Sarah was head of the Alaskan National Guard and all her military experience and knowledge, she can handle being his overseer.

      Part of Track's treatment is to bond with his woman and that baby. She may want to follow the Palin family tradition and birth at Mat-Su Regional. Or she may prefer Providence in Ak. The baby could need a pediatrician like Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnston. All she did for Trig, she is a real favorite in that family.

      Track's woman is a Loewe, she also can get the best care and privacy in Missouri where the maternal family is famous for charity work. They take care of unfortunate babies that are born to poor mothers.

      Missouri trips mean that Track travels by plane. He might need medications and a caregiver, someone like Dakota Meyer.

      Private jet or an airline? It may mean a whole carry conceal issue for him. I doubt paranoia goes away just because you travel.

    2. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Isn't it clear to everyone by now that the Palins are the most fucked up family in Alaska? JHC they are paranoid, don't show themselves in Juneau or Anchorage and are afraid of other Alaskans!

      Wouldn't you think they'd get the Hell out of Dodge by now? Idiots - the entire lot of them! The majority of Alaskans detest every one of them!

    3. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Dakota can travel and have the best service with Delta when in flight or in one of their lounges.

      Do you think Delta would dare to check him for any weapons? NO.

      Do you think TSA would check him? No.

      He can do what he wants.

  26. Anonymous9:09 AM

    BLM is nothing but a blanket cover for underlying and persistent black hatred of white people. The sooner America wakes up to that reality the better.

    1. Anonymous9:48 AM

      You're a crazy racist. Please stay inside your home.

    2. Anonymous9:52 AM


    3. Anonymous10:02 AM

      His patriotism was lauded...

    4. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Racist? Reality and the stark truth are not racist.

    5. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Well you white people should get used to it then if thatis what you think, because in a very short time frame whites will be the minority in the USA. You better hope the majority treats minorities better than you did when that happens.

    6. Anonymous10:36 AM

      @ 10:08 are you threatening, us, the white people? cuz that sure sounds like a threat.

    7. Anonymous11:28 AM

      @ anon 10:36am
      Saying the truth, that white people will soon be minorities isn't a threat. The fact you think that you becoming a minority is a threat is beyond laughable. But, people learn from their own history. Isn't it the history of this country to have the majority population treat the minority population badly? Or do you not like reality just when you are going to be the minority in the situation?

    8. Anonymous11:43 AM

      10:36 AM - well known fact that the white population is going to be a minority. Didn't see it as a threat; more a valid point.

    9. Anonymous12:02 PM

      It is humorous when posters like 10:08/11:28 try to lump all minorities in with the black population as if they have the same internal problems. Well, by and large most minority groups are doing quite well in the good ole USA 10:08, and get along and partner just fine with white people. Obviously a great many black people are doing just fine and are very successful and get along in our mixed society too. But unfortunately, the black population as an aggregate, based on statistics alone, has an enourmous crime and violence problem, and there is only so much outside groups can do to help. BLM is not going to be the solution.

    10. Anonymous1:26 PM

      I thought that whites were already a minority in California.

    11. Anonymous1:40 PM

      We are becoming a brown society. Fact,not threat. And joe walsh is the same walsh who's son adam was killed. Google it,I did.

    12. Anonymous2:38 PM

      140 Is this the kid you are talking about?

      If not go ahead and post your link. Thanks.

    13. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Whites WILL be the minority in another twenty years! It scares the Hell out of the white, male members of the US Congress.

      The majority whites in Congress are currently in the majority - which is Republican. Plus, they are elderly and will be dying off - to be replaced by young folks! With the very best part of the coming change being that the young folks in the American population do not lean Republican!

      There is a huge change coming and I can hardly wait to watch it!

    14. Anonymous2:58 PM

      You are incredibly stupid 1:40, no it is not the same Walsh. Try john Walsh vs Joe. Your low intelligence might set a new record here.

    15. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Yes, whites are now a minority in CA! It being the largest state in the union as well as one of the largest economic based in the world! And, they are in positive numbers financially!

      It was just discussed not long ago on the Bill Maher cable show (Friday nights). He lives in the CA and wondered aloud why other states didn't follow their example. CA is Democratic led where the states in financial troubles are led by Republicans!

      Very interesting to say the least! I think he noted Kansas and another central state being the two in the worst financial shape currently!

    16. Anonymous3:14 PM

      And blacks will still be shooting and killing one another, as well as others, at a record pace and... well who will they blame then 2:57?

    17. Anonymous4:37 PM

      LMAO @ Anonymous 1 40

      I'm not going to repeat it here, but they "googled" something and misunderestimated the skill set needed to google well.

    18. Anonymous5:36 PM

      2:58 Please don't lose any sleep over it,k?

    19. Anonymous7:52 PM

      2:58 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Get over it and stay on topic. The topic is the slaughter last night.You're starting to sound obsessed.

  27. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Next we'll find out he purchased guns and body armor legally

    Who does this sound like... mentally ill army veteran. Where's outrage for r vets/mentally ill?

    "a good guy with a gun?" Discuss amongst yourselves.

  28. Anonymous9:23 AM

    So was it also BLM movements fault when they were shot upon by neo nazi's last yr in Minnesota? I suppose so, if those N****a's hadn't of gotten all uppity they wouldn't have been shot huh?
    Sorry, it's no more BLM's problem than it was the Girl scouts problem. Mass shooters find large groups to target, whether it be an outdoor gathering or a movie theater.
    But maybe, if the police would have been more vigilant while they were on duty instead of posing for pics they would have observed something before it happened? Maybe if everyone in Texas couldn't open carry anywhere, anytime the rifles would have been noticed sometime that day and reported?

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Don'tcha know white Americans that shoot up schools and movie theaters are just angry white people. Brown people with guns are terrorists.

  29. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Someone sent Walsh's tweets to the Secret Service and they supposedly contacted him.

    Now he is apologizing and said he didn't really mean Obama should be killed-sound familiar?

    The NRA wins again today, what excuse will they have this time, since all those armed police officers couldn't take out the snipers?

    The blame should go to the GOP, bought and paid for by the NRA minority, for continuing to hold the USA hostage.

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Walsh is another one that should be hung from the rafters in his home town. He's un-American, has committed treason, has incited the assassination of our wonderful President Obama and should have to pay for his bullshit rhetoric.

  30. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I don’t have cable, therefore saved from the 24/7 news cycle, where they babble for hours coming up with theories of what is happening with no information.

    So last night when I change channels and caught the special report on NBC with Brian Williams yakking that “some of the older people will remember when something like this happened in Dallas in 1963, my first thought was they finally did it, they assassinated Obama or Hillary.

    Then I find out what really happened.

    Why in the hell is Brian Williams comparing the assassination of President Kennedy to snipers killing police officers? Especially when we have assholes that have been making death threats against Pres. Obama for 8 years.

    1. Anonymous10:46 AM

      I finally had to stop watching Brian Williams because I didn't like his reporting of the death of the policemen!

      He kept talking about the white policemen being killed and didn't mention the deaths/murders of the two black people/kids until very, very late in his broadcast (suspect someone higher than he told him to do it finally!). The peaceful demonstration was brought on by the death of the black kids! All Brian could talk about was the death of white cops and what was this country coming to basically! He was not factual at all!

      Fucking jerk was all I could think of Williams. He was paid by the top 1% and was on the side of the whites - very, very evident.

      I'm going to write a note to his bosses today and suggest he be taken off the air!

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      He should have never been rehired.
      Credibility no more.

    3. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Didn't they fire and shut him up for all his other lies? The idiot has a big problem. Why did they bring him back?

    4. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Write to his bosses and get him off the air! I turned him off because he wasn't giving the full report on the deaths of the cops.

      He kind of forgot to mention that some dirty cops from that police force murdered the two black kids....on video and proven!

  31. Anonymous10:05 AM

    That asshole Walsh thought he was oh-so-cool when in the House of Reps and the Tea Party loudmouths were trying to take everything over. He was a rude punk, even when at public events and people would just ask him basic questions. The guy tried to have an acting career and that failed, but for his couple of years in Congress he got to act like some macho TV character. He was done after losing to Tammy Duckworth and knew he was done--he had to go over to talk radio for a salary and to have somewhere to satisfy his ego.

  32. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Micah Xavier Johnson was a mentally ill army veteran. Did he have a history of PTSD?

    1. No history of PTSD documented by the DoD.

      Johnson's unit did not see combat. He was awarded the basic campaign service awards which are given to anyone who served in Afghanistan or Iraq. His Global War on Terrorism ribbon just means he was there--not that he actually shot at anyone, or was shot at--kind of like Track Palin.

      His MOS involved carpentry and masonry. When he was kicked out for allegedly stealing panties and/or other stalking behavior, he studied combat in Texas at a private "combat academy" and kept his own amateur tactical journal. Weird.

      He also amassed weapons and tried to join Afrocentric power groups. Supposedly they rejected him because their screening indicated he was unstable. They were right.

      There's a narrative appearing in comments around the web that his military service "changed" him and is to blame for his violent acts. Highly unlikely.

      Military life is difficult even for non-combat personnel. But most of those who suffer PTSD or otherwise "cook-off" violently have well-known risk factors prior to their service: difficult upbringing and unstable family life; prior history of physical/psychological abuse or neglect; low level of education; lack of a strong social support network; feelings of alienation and powerlessness; dependent and directionless lifestyle; failure to set and achieve personal goals, etc. (This profile also fits Track Palin.)

      I live in a suburb near JBLM with a large population of active duty and retired military. My husband is a retired infantry officer and decorated Vietnam combat vet. The huge majority of military men and women live stable and productive lives.

      I do a slow burn when I read knee-jerk comments trying to draw a causal correlation between military service and senseless unprovoked personal violence.

      My husband returned from Vietnam even stronger and more appreciative of peace, and with a certain knowledge that guns don't belong in the hands of civilians except for legitimate purposes like hunting. He found especially dangerous the idea that a handgun could provide effective in-home defense for minimally-trained civilians. He said it's much harder to shoot someone with a pistol or revolver than it appears on TV, especially if the target is in motion.

      As Gryphen highlights, handguns often end up killing children and other innocents.

      Let's leave it to psychiatric professionals to analyze Johnson's mental anguish. Maybe something can be learned to prevent similar incidents in the future.

  33. Anonymous10:09 AM

    That didn't take long:

    Trump campaign official blames Hillary Clinton for 'encouraging the murder of these police officers'

    Following news of the targeted shootings of Dallas police officers, the Trump campaign's Virginia state chairman, Corey Stewart, knew exactly where to point the finger: Hillary Clinton. The NYT reports:

    Corey Stewart, who is also reported to be planning a run for governor in Virginia in 2017, posted on Facebook as news of the shooting was breaking.

    “Liberal politicians who label police as racists—specifically Hillary Clinton and Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam—are to blame for essentially encouraging the murder of these police officers tonight,” Mr. Stewart wrote.

    Of course, they've since deleted the post—like that takes care of that and it never happened. Never mind that Stewart is a little like a Trump Mini-Me. So far, Trump's been silent on requests for comment.

    Meanwhile, Trump's son has been firing out retweets of Joe Walsh, who also happens to be blaming Obama for Dallas.

    Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Trump’s son, also has been active on social media since the shooting, retweeting Joe Walsh, the former congressmen and current radio host, sharing a news article that reported that Black Lives Matter protesters had been calling for the killing of police officers on Twitter.

    1. Anonymous11:13 AM

      Isn't it time to trash the FBI? What happened to that? Oh yeah, we need a million more investigations to destroy the FBI for what they did for Hillary.

  34. Same stupid shit all over again. Some pissed off person with a gun thinks killing people will make his pain go away because---injustice. Ain't going to happen.

    We need sane gun laws. And if republicans want to blame someone (besides the person who killed the cops) they need to look in a mirror. Remember they are for guns all day and all the time.

    I don't care if the dead man loved the cops, hated the cops, loved his community or hated his community. No
    one should have access to these weapons. This gun shit got crazy a long time ago.

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM


    2. Anonymous1:21 PM

      He is not just pissed off. He is a mental case. Trained by the military to kill.

      When Bush/Cheney had to lie to go to war one of the arguments against their killing machine war deal was creating soldiers to kill and what happens when they return home. No one cared about that. It was time to be blind and only see that Saddam was a threat and had to go.

      No one cares about the effects of wars. All the problems about what happens when you have a military culture is over shadowed by the zeal to kill an enemy and recreate other countries to be a great democracy like ours.

  35. Anonymous10:33 AM

    A disturbed individual shoots Dallas Police officers. Sarah Palin has 2 of those disturbed, alcoholic ex-military men in her household. Beware, Sarah Palin, your disgusting vitriol is coming back to bite you in your unwashed ass.

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Is she in her hidey hole again?
      Where's her response? She's encouraged it!

  36. Anonymous10:58 AM

    “We saw no other option but to use our bomb-robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is dead a result of detonating the bomb.”
    So they had to blow him up with a bomb to stop him?

    So how is the NRA and their hired help, the GOP, going to spin this one?

    After all they keep spreading the myth, if we are armed these things wouldn’t happen, we could stop all the terrorists. We don’t need gun laws.

    1. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Over use of power as far as I'm concerned! They should have shot him, not sent in a bomb for crying out loud.

      Plus, did you notice the governor or mayor talk about making their police force militant? Total jerks!!!

      As far as I'm concerned, it is apparent they have continued thoughts of murder on their minds! They obviously have not worked for their communities - after seeing the videos!!! There are many rotten cops and they need to get them off their forces throughout our country!

      Think of all the murders they've committed! The change in our world today is the fact people can now video their actions and publicize them!! Thank God for that!

    2. Anonymous1:15 PM

      There is still a lot to learn about this.

      That is if we are told facts.

      At least this is not some case where a patsy is used to do something like this.

    3. Anonymous2:33 PM

      As I understand he was in a building on an upper floor. I don't really get all the lay out and the only people who can say are those that bombed him. They are going to say it is the only way. I am sure they will have a lengthy explanation.

      People like Trump, Sarah and gang will go along with Alex Jones version.

      I don't know what to think. Can't say I have much trust in media stories.

    4. Anonymous2:46 PM

      In watching the news - it showed the shooter on the bottom floor before they 'bombed' him!

  37. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Forget ISIS, here are the real terrorists in the USA:

    Militant group Oath Keepers calls for re-establishing militias and being 'armed at all times'

  38. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Observation: when crimes go up so do the stocks..
    If the warmongers can't sell arms overseas?

  39. Anonymous1:44 PM

    YES Track and all his cohorts, Heath/Palins need to be under the watchful eye of Homeland security.

    It is important that every citizen takes 'SEE AND SAY' serious.

    That is one way that can make it possible to prevent some of these mass shootings or other fatal events. Even if it is just one small child that is critically injured. It is better to keep your senses alert and take see and say to heart.

    Also something must be done to address mental illness and find ways to do something about all those that need treatment and do not get the right treatment.

    Don't forget Kris Kyle and what happens when idiots think they can help a PTSD or troubled vet.

    Treatment needs to be specific and well vetted to be effective. It takes more than someone claiming they are being treated, or they are treated by the old goat testicle cure all.

    "If You See Something, Say Something"

    Police and security forces are hard at work, but public safety is the responsibility of all individuals. The participation of ordinary citizens is an integral part of our homeland security efforts. You know your everyday surroundings best - neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, parks and transportation systems, and chances are you will notice when something seems strange or out of place.

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Open carry in quite a few states, no use calling in every time you see someone with a weapon. Besides, the NRA tells us as long as the "good guys" have guns they'll be fine so the cops should be fine.

  40. Anita Winecooler4:19 PM

    I'd love to see one of those bomb robots ring Walsh's doorbell and introduce him to oblivion. Wrong, Mr Walsh, you have blood on your hands, you're the racist thug who pleasures himself while reading NRA propaganda.
    Nice try on the delete and trying to walk it back, jackass. Where did all those screen captures come from? But that's inconsequential now, the world sees the content of your character.

    1. Anonymous11:56 PM

      Go fuck yourself.


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