Saturday, October 08, 2016

CNN host Erin Burnett shocks Trump surrogate with story of time the presidential candidate tried to force himself on her friend. Update!

Courtesy of CNN: 

A friend whom CNN anchor Erin Burnett has known for years recounted an experience she had with Trump in 2010 that echoes his words in the tape that surfaced Friday. 

In March 2010, the woman -- who asked not to be identified -- met Trump in a boardroom in Trump Tower. 

Another man -- a colleague of Burnett's friend -- was in the boardroom at the time of the incident. 

The woman told Burnett: "Trump took Tic Tacs, suggested I take them also. He then leaned in, catching me off guard, and kissed me almost on lips. I was really freaked out. ... After (the meeting), Trump asked me to come into his office alone. Was really unsure what to do. ... Figured I could handle myself. Anyway, once in his office he kept telling me how special I am and gave me his cell, asked me to call him. I ran the hell out of there."

I am probably a horrible person but I really enjoy that deer in the headlights look on the Trump surrogates face as she realizes what is happening.

Of course at this point I am so disgusted with Trump that I simply write off any woman that would still attempt to defend him as a self loathing POS.

However the important takeaway from this interview is the knowledge that the tape we all saw yesterday is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

As was mentioned a number of times on various cable news shows yesterday Trump has been on a number of shows, including Miss USA and the Apprentice, so there is likely quite a lot of audio that will come out featuring behaviors and language similar to what we heard on that video.

What's more it lends credibility to every negative story we have heard about Trump's treatment of women, including the story that he fired female employees for not being pretty enough, the rape allegations, the human trafficking story concerning his modeling agency, and of course this woman's story: 

In an hour-long interview at the Guardian’s New York office on Tuesday, Harth said she stands by her charges against Trump, which run from low-grade sexual harassment to an episode her lawyers described in the lawsuit as “attempted ‘rape’”. 

She first met Trump in December 1992 at his offices in Trump Tower, where she and her then romantic partner, George Houraney, were making a business presentation. The couple wanted to recruit Trump to back their American Dream festival, in which Harth oversaw a pin-up competition known as American Dream Calendar Girls. Harth described that meeting as “the highlight of our career”. 

But in other ways, it was something of a lowlight: Trump took an interest in Harth immediately and began subjecting her to a steady string of unwanted sexual advances, detailed by Harth in her complaint. 

There was the initial leering in that first December meeting in Trump Tower, and the inappropriate questions after her relationship status. It continued the next night over dinner at the Plaza Hotel’s Oak Room, where at a dinner with beauty pageant contestants she alleges he groped her under the table.

This all culminated at Mar-a-Lago where:  

“He pushed me up against the wall, and had his hands all over me and tried to get up my dress again,” Harth said, “and I had to physically say: ‘What are you doing? Stop it.’ It was a shocking thing to have him do this because he knew I was with George, he knew they were in the next room. And how could he be doing this when I’m there for business?”

Remember when you are a "star" women even let you "grab them by the pu**y."  Unless of course they don't.

This was back in 1993, the rape allegations are from 1994, and the lewd tape was from 2005, but there is absolutely NO evidence that Donald Trump has changed in anyway.

This is who he is, this is what he is, and this is who now represents the Republican party in the 2016 presidential election.

And if the GOP does not realize that more is coming they are seriously deluding themselves.

Update: It looks like Mike Pence has suddenly dropped out of that Wisconsin campaign event with Paul Ryan today. 

Gee I can't imagine why?


  1. We can expect that just about everybody in the GOP will deny ever having been a facilitator.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Just heard the guy that called his wife a cunt, is offended by Trumps comments now. McCain is withdrawing his support for Trump.
      All LOSERS!

    2. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Too late for Kelly Ayote. She finally withdrew her support for Trump but she's on tape calling him a role model. That's going to hurt her.

      And it's going to help the Democrats down ticket. I think there is a possibility that the Democrats will not only take the Senate but take the House too.

      "Four female Democratic senators and one hopeful are lining up to blast Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte for waiting so long to revoke her support for Donald Trump. They say her decision to write in Mike Pence is no better.

      New Hampshire's Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan is challenging Ayotte in a deadlocked race for the U.S. Senate. Hassan says Ayotte "has failed the test of courage, character and judgment."

      Sens. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan joined Hassan in New Hampshire on Saturday.

      Baldwin called Trump a "sick man" who can never become president. Stabenow says Ayotte "until now has been OK with what Trump has said." She adds that Trump "went too far a long time ago." "

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Any woman that votes for this insecure little man with the huuuge character defect needs her head examined.

    I don't care what excuses little donnie comes up with this is who he is: a very insecure man with a very little penis.

    A leopard doesn't change his spots.

    Good job GOP, officially the Party of Disgusting.

  3. Olivia8:48 AM

    What a bunch of deluded morons! How could they NOT know that he was like this? Oh yeah, they are the same ones who think declaring yourself a Christian makes you a good person.

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      They knew. They just didn't care.

      They only care about winning.

    2. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Why do you think so many Republican were so slow to endorse Trump? EVERYONE knew.

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Wading through the pee pond yesterday and today, "men are pigs; it's what they do," is not a valid excuse. Someone today said, "this is what happens when you give women the right to vote." HUH???!!!

    He has not changed one bit. Miss Universe and Rosie mentions last week proof positive. So now they're going to go after Bill? Bill is NOT running for president, his wife is. Let them go after him; that Hillary stuck by him through those dalliances shows the strong woman that she is. She took a vow and stuck to it "for better for worse."

    They have NOTHING to refute. NOTHING.

    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Hillary will be our next POTUS and Republicans are shitting their drawers even though it's their own fault they picked The Donald as their candidate.

      Alaska is in a huge mess too! Vote out Lisa Murkowski. Vote for Democratic candidates or Independents.

      Move out ALL Republicans where you can, Alaskans!

    2. Anonymous9:36 AM

      Going after Bill opens the door to go after Melania, Marla and Trump.

    3. Anonymous11:51 AM


      Unfortunately Lisa M is our best choice here in AK this election. The Dem candidate is weak, the Indie is not running a strong campaign so it basically comes down to Joe Miller, again, vs. Lisa Murkowski and many of us Alaskans will take her over Joe Miller any day.

  5. Anonymous8:50 AM

    There is talk that dems could retake the house after this debacle. New Hampshire's Maggie Hassan is in a very, very tight race with Republican Kelly Ayotte, who stated on national TV that certainly Trump is a role model for children. Yuck! The race is one point ahead for Ayotte. We can change that and need to. Who wants a woman in office who thinks Drumpf is a good role model for our youngsters? Can only be someone who likes to be groped.

    Anyone who can give to the DCCC please do so. I have and will give more now. If HRC can get the Senate and House then our nation will see some legislators earn their pay - for the first time in eight years since Hastert's rule and Turtle Face stopped all forward movement except those issues that take away women's rights!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Head 'em up, move 'em out! SO many Republicans caught in scandals and outright hypocrisy of what they mouth, I've lost count.

    2. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Of course, Ayotte is trying to take it back. No one's memory is that shortm

    3. Anonymous10:31 AM

      Every Democrat that's running should point to their opponent and say "They're with Trump."

    4. Thanks for your post, 8:50. Just donated to Maggie Hassan's campaign.

    5. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Roy Blunt (Missouri Senate) is in a very tight race. Trump's pussy grabbing and hispanic hate could do Blunt's philandering* ass in.


  6. Anonymous8:53 AM

    "Hey, Todd, have you been hanging out with hookers in Anchorage?"

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Why Yes he has. There are several in his household!

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Did Track ever marry his last hooker?

    3. Anonymous12:44 PM

      What happened to the wedding plans? You know... Sarah hit rock and those wedding plans?

  7. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Hey, Donald,....Don the Con,...Please DON'T drop out of the race! I want to see you go down in flames and take as many tea baggers with you, most especially Mr. Morality Mike. We'll fix the Supreme Court and get those right wing nut jobs replaced with reasonable justices.

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Magic Mike has been disinvited from Paul Ryan's Wisconsin Shame Tour.

  8. Omg " grab them by their pussy" has been the republican platform for years deny them birth control deny them choice deny them healthcare deny them equal pay trump just said it out loud

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Good point

    2. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Isn't that the truth.

  9. Anonymous9:00 AM

    So Mr. "grab 'em by the pu$$y" Trump, if elected POTUS would be Mr. Rodrigo Duterte's doppelganger, right?


    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      I think it would be worse for the US if Trump takes power somehow. Argentina 1976.

  10. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Pence cancels out on Ryan? Wonder why? Boy, has he ruined his political career by tying into Trump. He's was a 'user' and being so has failed him horribly.

    Doubt he'll ever be elected POTUS either!

    1. Mike Penis9:25 AM


    2. Anonymous11:11 AM

      I'll bet Chris Christie would ever be grateful all he had to worry about was Bridgegate. Thanking his lucky stars he dodged the bullet and wasn't picked as Trump's VP.

      Meanwhile, look at all of the asses that endorsed Trump because they wouldn't stick to their own ethics.

      Paul Ryan
      Mitch McConnell

      Yeah, I hope all of these spineless wankers lose their next campaign.

  11. Captain Renault9:04 AM

    I'm shocked to hear that the tRUMP deplorables would even think to support a man like "pussy grabber" Donald tRU...

    What's that? You say there is a history of deplorable behavior??

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      KKKlan's a$$ showing and glowing.
      Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat...

    2. Anonymous11:12 AM

      Do you think Pussy Grabber Trump will finally be the label that sticks?

  12. An open letter to Donald Trump from some angry women.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      "Gone are the days where we question our power or our influence. We are strong. Smart. We know our worth and it doesn’t reside in the size of our bras or our skinny jeans."
      Mr. Trump… hell hath no fury like a pissed off woman who’s tired of this sexist bullshit." your daughter, beaming with privilege and pride, says “being a mother is the most important job a woman can have.” didn’t go over so well with us, Mr. Trump."
      "We won’t be silenced or demeaned any more."
      "We won’t be shamed for owning our sexuality."
      "We are calling you out, Mr. Trump."
      "We are calling you out, Mr. Trump."

      All 4-1..

    2. Virginia10:45 AM

      Thank you, OR, for posting that. A righteous rant.

    3. Anonymous11:53 AM

      I love that message from women because really most of us don't give two shits if a man behaves inappropriately, that's on him, not us, and life goes on.

    4. Anonymous2:06 PM

      All of this:

  13. Anonymous9:12 AM

    This seems to be a split issue with the Trump supporters not caring and the liberal left being all up in arms about it. It, and any subsequent revelations will fade into the news cycle as fast as they appeared.

    The Trump supporters are so firmly entrenched at this point he truly could do and say anything they will still vote for him.

    I for one will always fondly remember our first "reality show Presidential campaign". I firmly believe once this bridge is crossed we can never go back and unfortunately this is the new standard.

    Social historians will definitely make note of it as the crossing of the political Rubicon.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      The Year Civil Discourse Became Acceptable. An Era of Politeness Reigns After a Decade of Hellish Rudeness and Anger.
      Open Minds Rule the Day in Last Chance at Reasonableness.
      These would be nice to see happen.

    2. Anonymous11:09 AM

      Social historians will definitely make note of it as the crossing of the political Rubicon.

      US historians and world historians will have a field day with all this!
      Interesting experiment in democracy. A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

    3. Anonymous11:17 AM

      I don't think so. Americans are pretty dismissive of violence, global warming, the economy. Those will fade.

      But we are fucking uptight about anything that has to do with sex. Americans are the prudes of America. Yeah, just because we don't make our women wear hijabs doesn't mean we aren't ALMOST as bad as muslim countries when it comes to sex. (Just look at Mike Pence.)

      This is going to hang on until the election. One reason is that the dam has been breached and more and more examples of Trump's sexual abuse will surface. One example will come out and then several more to back it up, leading to another.

      The Playboy tapes lead to Access Hollywood which led to the Pinup Calendar girls. It will go on and on. Women will come forward.

      I suspect at some point those with the gag orders will say "screw it, let him sue me" and they'll talk too.

      Our Puritan roots will grow up to strangle Trump.

  14. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Trump is a creep and a sicko, but we always knew that.
    Meanwhile, to those creep-defenders who use Bill Clinton's creepness to excuse Trump's creepness, especially with apologias that Trump "said that 11 years ago", well, Bill Clinton's actions were even before that; so, it's not a good defense.
    Trump is a CREEP. He should not be President, and he should never again be considered an acceptable entertainer, boss, or human.

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      You are trying to use logic and that doesn't work with rethugs.

      The good old boys are just laughing, I am waiting for the "those women asked for it " excuse.

  15. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Nice try, Gryphen, but you can just stop attacking Mr. Drumpf - our future emperor - right now!

    If you were even SLIGHTLY honest you would have to acknowledge that many people are saying that Mr. Drumpf never intentionally attacked any women but instead simply suffered a decades-long series of rare but not uncommon allergic reactions to TicTacs.

    Furthermore, the liberal lamestream media has failed to report that soon after sexually assaulting multiple women in a series of uncontrollable TicTac-triggered episodes that many people are calling "Sexy Donald Time" he quickly switched to Mentos "Stay Fresh!" and the number of sexual assaults has dropped noticeably.

    Instead of attacking Mr. Drumpf - who respects women more tremendously than YOU or ANY other man in the history of the world - you should be attacking TicTacs!

    And Hillary Clinton, also, too.

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM


    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      If he was a REAL blogger and Gryph IS his real name.

      To Beldar J. Conehead! *clink*

    3. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Spot on satire! The Tic Tac Defense!

    4. Anonymous10:26 AM


      Believe me, there's a LOT of suspicion that "Gryphen" is NOT his real name even tho there's no actual proof. You only have to count the times he's written about people he doesn't even know. WHO WRITES ABOUT PEOPLE THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW??? smh.

      Need more evidence? I"LL BET YOU A MILLION TRUMP TAJ MAHAL "BIG SPENDER" SUPER KENO CHIPS HE WON'T EVEN PUBLISH THIS COMMENT!!! Typical libtard blogger... Censoring ANY comment that doesnt agree with his twisted satanstic-atheist beliefs....

      And thus we conclude the BJC portion of today's programming. Good riddance!

      Your pal,

  16. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Lewd-gate is taking off and the wheels on Trump's bus are blowing out.

  17. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Bill Maher: ‘Grab her by the p*ssy? Sounds like what Hillary did to Trump at the first debate’

    1. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Maher was fabulous last night. The first monologue was everything I wanted it to be. Yes, he certainly did include Trump's latest disaster.

      I also must say that after that bully-fest last week, I'm glad this week there was no token Republican to slow down the conversation and make everyone silently groan "shut the fuck up" with every talking point LIE they spew.

      It was a much more enjoyable show.

      Plus it's Bill's show. He doesn't have to prove how fair and balanced he is because he doesn't have to be.

  18. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Non of this should surprise anyone. dRUMPf has a long history of being a vile, self-entitled, racist, misogynist bully. He is only a legend in his own mind.

    Time to shut him down for good. All of his businesses, all of his so-called charities, all of his adult children.

    And shut down any G(r)OP'er by voting them out of office. The power has gone to their tiny little brains.

    Any female human that votes for this large chunk of dRUMPf sewage does not deserve to be called a woman.

  19. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Sarah is uncharacteristically silent. Where is her righteous indignation against Trump on families and victimized young girls?

    Trumpsters will defend this and chalk it up to 'boys will be boys'. But the Trump-tanic is sinking fast, as he's losing one Republican rep. one hour at a time.

    1. abbafan9:46 AM

      $arah must be having flashbacks of daddy chuckles publicly stating how those dang kids kept "losing their underwear"...

    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      The two things that upset Sarah are: comments like these and people who lie about innocent family members . Lies about herself she can handle because she is the strongest person ever.
      But like most people, media lies about family, media ass is grass.

      When Louis CK admitted to her face to face some of those gross comments he tweeted about her, she called him vile. He laughed and apologized and they had a god conversation. Sarah forgives easily; you just have to be worth it.

    3. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Sarah wants a cabinet job if he is elected

    4. Anonymous10:03 AM

      What's to say when you're aligned so deep in sex, drugs, trafficking, and prostitution? She can't say a damned thing!

    5. Anonymous10:11 AM

      "You just have to be worth it??!!!"
      Esther and her Bible.
      OMG LMAO........

    6. Anonymous10:26 AM

      They had a god conversation, 9:49?
      I highly doubt it.
      If you're going to troll, edit before posting.

    7. Anonymous10:43 AM

      9:49 AM

      Have you seen the baby? They were hiding the birth before this came out about Trump.

      Pussy grabbing Trump is not the excuse for why they are deceptive about the birth and Junior's announcement. Big problems for that family. The more they hide the worse it gets and the bigger disasters await them all.

      Meanwhile, Dakota Meyer is hard at work saving victims from sex, labor and human trafficking. He is learning from an old pro, Todd Palin and now his new idol, Donald Trump. Dakota is tight with the traffickers. Are all International Harbor Foundation members like Meyer? Palin, Trump? Is the International Harbor Foundation being used by another grifter?

      Hasn't Trig done something cute this week? Can't Sarah use him to deflect? What about all her work with the veterans. She and Dakota must have more photo op shots to post so they look like they are helping the vets.

      When Sarah is sick of lies, she will stop lying. Same for her family. Track Palin lies started long before 2008. Don't forget all the Palin poster boy media articles of lies about who her kid was and his set up with the military. Ak Nat'l Guard and mother Commander in Chief. He was 19, he allowed the lies. He is responsible along with his family and others who lie, lie, lie for them.

    8. Anonymous10:51 AM

      9:49, you don't know her and you don't know what she thinks about anything. Get real.

    9. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Sarah will wait a few days, then put out some "libs are worse" "Bill did the same thing" rant. It will be half hearted and half assed.

    10. Anonymous11:16 AM

      10:52 AM How old will Track Jr be when she can finally say how wonderful and joyful it all is that her combat vet made her a grandma? How many grandma is she now? Combat vet has two that we know.

    11. Anonymous11:20 AM

      9:49 AM - spoken like a true "what's in it for us?" servant's heart.

  20. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Sarah Palin, the King-maker.


  21. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Trumpsters accuse Hillary of being an enabler to Bill, but REFUSE to see how Trumpsters are the enablers of the foul Trump and his verbal abuse of women? The fact he said those hateful things about Rosie O'Donnell years ago, should have given people a clue, as to the nasty unpresidential man he is.

    What about this Nancy O'Dell? Did Trump apologize to her? How humiliating to her and her family.

  22. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Where's Sarah?

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Did she and Todd build a new house for the new family?

      If it's finished, that is where they can all hide.

  23. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Ha Ha! I'll bet he learned how to "Grab 'em by the pu$$y" from Chuckie Senior... Right Sarah?

  24. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Paula Jones is PISSED at democrat hypocrisy.

    1. Any democrat who lived through Bill's administration should have put hypocrisy away long ago. I know I did. He cheated on Hilary. He lied to congress about it and they set up articles of impeachment-- while of course the major republican culprits were cheating on their own wives. I hope Bill owns what he did.

      We moved on and Bill got re-elected. But Hilary seems to be the most pilloried for it.

      Hypocrisy is republicans going out of their minds when the very fit Mrs. Obama wore a sleeveless dress to SOTU. I heard not one peep from them though when Melania Trump's nude photos showed up.

      Not a peep.

      So there is no need to say one word about democratic hypocrisy---republicans pretty much own it. And Paula was a grown woman in a consensual affair. She needs to own it. Trump needs to own his bullshit too.

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Angela, the impeachment took place in Bill's second term, so he was not re-elected.

    3. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Loved your post, anglea @11:24. My only complaint is that Bill was impeached in his second administration. He got re-elected and then was impeached. It sounded like you meant that he was impeached and then got re-elected. Anyway, good points in your post.

  25. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Trump told Howard Stern ... "vagina is expensive" and now he is learning saying "grab their pussy" is costly also.

  26. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Man, you can't just go "grabbing them by the Pu$$y" you know, vagina is expensive!

  27. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Here's a blast from the past.

    " the Palin marriage and the Palin political juggernaut,"


    "Sarah Palin took a break from the neverending political firestorm that surrounds her today to address a badly-sourced National Enquirer story linking her husband Todd to a madam/prostitute arrested in Anchorage last March. Calling in to a radio talk show in Alaska this morning, Palin noted that such “b.s.” was especially “painful” because it came from Alaskans and went viral internationally thereafter.

    Perhaps anticipating the media blackout proposed by WaPo‘s Dana Milbank for next month, Palin went all-in on some nationally obscure (but pervasive in Alaska) rumors that the snowmobile racer formerly known as the First Dude had somehow become entangled with a woman of the night who masqueraded as a massage therapist for the Palin campaign. The Enquirer reported, in typical non-John Edwards form, that the story could destroy both the Palin marriage and the Palin political juggernaut, since such well-respected sources as “political bloggers” and “” had chipped in information that said massage therapist got in the way of the former governor’s marriage. Silly as the story may be, it seems to have gotten under Sarah Palin’s skin, as she addressed the rumors on The Bob and Mark Morning Show this morning.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Palin noted that such “b.s.” was especially “painful” because it came from Alaskans and went viral internationally thereafter.

      YES. Alaskans keep all the Palin secrets. You don't want any of it to go internationally thereafter.


    2. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Especially hurtful WHY, $arah, because you were found out to be a fraud? You can pay for the silence of some; not for all!

      Deal with it.

    3. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Palin's political juggernaut?

      hahaha gmafb!

      The deck builders?

  28. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Melania Trump you need to control your damn husband. Put that SOB on a leash or put Ivanka and her father in a room so he can sow his wild oats if you can't satisfy him. Leave other wives and women alone, enough is enough.

  29. Anonymous10:04 AM

    The RNC can't even take Trump off the ticket and get someone new. Not enough time.

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      The sooner the Trump name is forgotten the better. This is really all about REPUBLICANS.

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      And "the trump escapades" are exactly why the Democratic Party uses super delegates.

  30. Anonymous10:04 AM

    The DEER Hunter< One of the GREATEST EVER 1978
    5 ACADEMY AWARDS!!!!! You Rock Bob!

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      "the Mexican thing" <Eva Longoria

  31. Anonymous10:06 AM

    The sad thing about his, is that this type of sexist, misogynistic bs has been around for years and year and years. Trump bought out all the ugly things about American that we need to fix. It is a canker and we need it all off to move on in this country. Also, don't forget Trumps pal in Russia may be behind all this unrest on earth. It's his Hitler blitz. You know that the Jewish people will get all the hate. SO be aware and prepared. Hate is a powerful thing. Love cancels out hate but love is harder to do and hate is the easy way out. Yoda said that. Not those exact words but that's what he meant.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Thank you.

    2. Anonymous4:38 PM

      I think the best way to address this sexist misogynistic bs is by electing the first female US president.

  32. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Waiting for Sarah to say ... "Bristol and Willow both met Mr. Trump and he did not grab their pussy"

    1. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Sarah Silence = admission of guilt.

      In Sarah's case guilt far worse than the Billy Bush/Donald Trump good old boys on a bus woman hating words.

      Sarah has a human trafficking life of crime to hide.

    2. Anonymous11:24 AM

      I can't be the only one that cringed when $arah let Limbaugh place his hands on Piper studio visit. Just eeewwww.

  33. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Trump's failures are mega. I enjoy his demise but how long will this go on?

    Birth is more uplifting. The GOP can use some good news.

    Todd Charles Heath James Palin Junior is going to be a month old before Granny announces his birth? Why is Sarah's timing so screwed up?

    Sarah Palin, timing is vital.

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Sarah Palin, no one gives a shit about your new bastard baby. That poor kid.

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Let's be reasonable. Look at Palin's three daughters. Trump couldn't get a cocktail wiener sized erection out of them together in a cluster f.

    3. Anonymous11:31 AM

      No one cares about one more Palin bastard. It is usually the parents of a baby that put out the announcements for their family and friends.

      The baby has family other than the Palins. Loewe, Paranjpe, Johnston, Bliss, Heath....

  34. The Real Mike Pence10:31 AM

    "I just tell people, Donald Trump gets it. You know what I mean? I mean, he’s a genuine article. He’s a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. When he does his talking, he doesn't go tiptoeing around all those thousands of rules of political correctness."

    If he sees some pussy he wants, he just grabs it. Donald Trump was actually the inspiration for the old ATT comercials. Remember all those "Reach out and touch someone" commercials? ALL TRUMP!

    All good christian men know they need to take precautions with their wives and daughters. If some guy like Donald is sitting at your table at the charity fundraiser, and you need to go take a whizz, sure as shit don't leave the wife there alone with the lech. A lot of places have these new unisex restrooms, so take your wife with you, keep her safe and get some too! Don't forget the tic tacs!

    If some guy like Trump is offering tic tacs or roofies to your daughters, you'll just have to hold that whizz until Trump is occupied groping someone else. Then it might be safe to go take that whizz. If Trump doesn't have a deplorable co-pilot with him...

  35. Anonymous10:44 AM

    "The basket of deplorable just found their Mr. Universe"

  36. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Daddy is not a groper!

    Why do you say that? Is it because all durinh your childhood days what daddy was doing to you was his sign of affection?

    To others it would be considered groping but when daddy says sit on my lap, he is showing love.

  37. Anonymous10:52 AM

    He's already lost the election, now how much damage can he do to his failing empire? Oh and forget any future tv endeavors.

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      He needs to take down the whole Republican party. That may be why he has Roger Ailes helping him.

  38. Lindsay11:00 AM

    I think that we should start either a pool or a drinking game on how Sara addresses this. My bet is that 1. It goes under Bristol's name but Sara links to it 2. "Bristol" writes a summary of all the crude things that have been said about Sarah i the past and claiming that there was not outrage. She will fail to see the key differences. 1. The people who said crude things about Sara are not running for President of the United States. 2. Donald was not just talking crudely about woman and the things he would like to do to them. He was, in fact, bragging about the things he actually did do And he wasn't bragging about consensual sexual encounters. He was bragging about abuse of power/sexual assault.

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM


      Sarah and Bristol can't even address Track and Jordan had a baby. Dakota is a father, so he says, he alleges to like babies.

      Why isn't he thrilled with the news?

      Have Jordan and Little Track been taken hostage? Is that why no one can mention them?

    2. Anonymous1:10 PM

      If Jordan and the baby are unseen, intentionally undercover, at a time when a mother and baby would be happy and smiling for the newborn pictures, it is a kidnap of sorts.
      However Jordan was manipulated and trapped to go along with a family of miscreants is significant. At the same time she has to give birth in a way no mother would want or agree to do it.

      When you are not a criminal, you do not act like a criminal.

      Once upon a time Jordan was an outgoing young girl that was all about being social and like her friends on social media.
      She had that freedom stolen from her and has never been allowed to say a word about that atrocity.

      Now Jordan is a young girl who has her first known birth staged by a criminal family. Something is wrong with that entire happening.

      It is disgusting treatment and insults to the baby, the mother, Jordan and her family. The hiding of a baby is all about Sarah Palin and Track.

      It shows what they think and feel about babies and mothers.
      Jordan and her family need to be free to express how they feel about the new baby in their family. It is not only about Track and Sarah.

      He's not famous for pussy grabbing.

      Sarah and Donald love their kids.
      Donald Trump in 2006 Telling Howard Stern It’s OK to Call Ivanka ‘a Piece of Ass’

  39. Anonymous11:01 AM

    This is good:

    Joy Reid Asks Michele Bachmann: 'So Is God Taking Down Trump?'

    (Michele answers-Clinton Christian Clinton Jeebus Clinton)

  40. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Does anyone else see the similarities here between Bill Cosby and Donald Trump?

    It seems to me that both are sexual predators who got away with this shit for years.

    1. Anonymous11:40 AM

      Given tRUMP's love for the camera there might be a sex tape or three.

    2. Anonymous2:23 PM

      No way, he has tiny fingers. Lol.

  41. Anonymous11:04 AM

    There's more.

    " A model who was a contestant in a pin-up competition known as American Dream Calendar Girls said that one night in 1993, she found Trump in her bed. “You said you don’t sleep with men on the first date,” he told her, according a lawsuit. “Now it’s the second date, and here I am.” The woman was 24 years younger than Trump."

    Can't wait until they track *her* down.

  42. Anonymous11:59 AM


    What's Sarah going to say?

    Dan from Ohio SWullivan tells Trump to GTFO! Murky too!


    Alaska Republican Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski on Saturday called for Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race after release of a tape on Friday in which he spoke of women in vulgar sexual terms.

    Sullivan issued a statement Saturday morning that said, "Donald Trump should step aside. I will support Governor Mike Pence for President."

    Several minutes later, Murkowski posting on Twitter, said: "I cannot and will not support Donald Trump for president. He has forfeited the right to be our party's nominee.""

    I bet Sarah's too scared of Dan Sullivan to say chit about this Trump hot mess.


    1. Anonymous12:26 PM

      Sarah has Dakota Meyer and Bristol. They say things for her when she is too full of chit scared.

      What is Bristol (Sarah) saying? What is Dakota (Sarah) saying?

      That is all you will hear from Sarah Palin when she is scared. Let her hide, it will never work out for her in the long run. she is into temporary fix.

  43. Anonymous12:18 PM

    yep it is all about god.....

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      God's mystery plans.

  44. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I don't understand how Ivanka can stay with a dad who puts his knuckles in pussy other than hers?

  45. Anonymous2:03 PM


  46. Randall3:49 PM

    Notice how these "Trump surrogates" keep repeating "11 years ago" as if that somehow makes it OK? "Hey, that's old news - that happened 11 years ago..." as though it were a youthful indiscretion, a mistake made by some confused youth just trying to get it right while he's growing up.
    HEY! 11 years ago Donald Trump was 59 years old!
    These aren't the actions of some fumbling adolescent.
    Any and every one of these Trump apologists should be taken to task and called out for what they are: disgusting.

    1. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Yeah. If you murder your wife 11 years ago it is cool. Same with Trump the newly married 'playboy' in a locker with a Bush 'playboy'.

      Ten years ago an it is less cool. Nine years less cool and so on.

      Eleven years is cool.

  47. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Not that I'm shocked, but someone who's veracity I trust told me he frequented places like Studio 54 and Plato's Retreat. These were places with orgy rooms, private rooms, and a bunch of icky stuff going on, while married to his first wife. I've searched Google and haven't found anything, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least and I'm sure it contributed to his first divorce.
    The GOP is running in circles trying to figure out how to spin this, but they can't.
    Trump knew all this when he decided to buy his way into the white house, but without the support of the GOP and those depending on an endorsement from their leader, it's going to be a bloody uphill slog. What's made me chuckle is his female surrogates at a loss for words. How any female or male who loves one, votes Republican is beyond me.

  48. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Maybe this is why the Trump campaign is reportedly bracing for more tapes to be released.

    This appeared on Twitter today:

    Bill Pruitt @billpruitt
    As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebegininng
    5:44 PM - 8 Oct 2016 · McAllen, TX, United States


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