Friday, February 27, 2009

"Babygate " conspiracy theorists, this post is for you!

Truthseeker a frequent visitor to this blog, Mudflats, and Palin's Deceptions has taken the travel expense reports and painstakingly compared them to the events that we know were happening around those dates and times and comes up with some fairly startling revelations.

Just put on your tinfoil hats and click the title, I don't believe you will be disappointed.


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Here's a crazy idea re: Diane's detailed timeline "Babygate" conspiracy theory. That Feb.8,2008 traffic accident, Bristol near a medical facility-- could that be the day that she got some really shocking news, something that would take her mind off the road and traffic- could that have been the day that a prenatal test revealed a DS child, ruining any chances for a quiet adoption-- no one never need know. This episode may have triggered sudden, poorly thought out choices and plan B, meaning that Sarah never had much time to carefully think out an alternative. Just thinking out loud.

  2. ok, i've said this a lot at palin's deceptions (which i've given up on for the moment) so i'll say it again.

    no matter who trig's bio-mom is, if she had wanted him adopted his DS wouldn't have prevented an adoption. there are waiting lists for these kids! mostly "do-good christian" couples who want to "save" an "angel baby" (even though they're not rushing to adopt any of the other desperately needy children who grow up into the kids gryphen mentioned working with.) google it and see for yourself!

    is there something really wrong with SP's trig bi
    rth story? hell yes. is the "DS=unadoptable" assumption part of it? no.

    p.s. diana/truthseeker222 very good effort to put that all together, thanks.

  3. We need a place to put that timeline together with all the available photos.

  4. Thanks for giving us the heads up on this timeline and trushseeker a big thank you for putting it together

    looking forward to the day the truth finally comes out

  5. Anonymous5:34 AM

    All I have to say is when did Sarah ever have time to go to a prenatal appointment? If her doctor was CBJ of Wasilla as stated, it looks like she had little if any time to squeeze in third trimester appointments. When you are one month from your due date, you routinely go in once a week or more...I have no idea if her age of the DS would require even more screenings/appointments. To be honest, I don't know how she ever found enough time to do some baby making with Dud.

    Looks like little Trig's health was the last thing on her mind if she truly was pregnant.

    Either way, I have never believed the wild ride story...Sarah saw her opening to sneak back into Alaska and "give birth" in the middle of the night when Trig was readmitted to the hospital with jaundice.

  6. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Although I think Palins Deceptions is bit out there, you have to give Diana credit for putting so much time and effort into her timeline. It does contain some questionable items which she should be very sure that she has proof of before she sends this out to the media in the hopes that someone will listen. Sadly for her I think she wasted her time. No MSM will pick this up without concrete proof, of which she or anyone else for that matter doesn't have.

  7. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Blue TX--you're still campaigning for the diva? We noticed that you deleted all your comments from Palin's Deceptions website--including the one that asked what would it take to make "this" go away.

    Then, shortly after you gave up, we noticed that GVS hit all the talking points with her leading the witness, er Bristol interview, when she rehabilitated the witness, er "interviewed" Bristol. (It was obvious.)

    There are many people interested in the truth and in the integrity of public officials.

  8. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Blue TX - hang on to your hat. It's going to be a bumpy ride. :-)

  9. Anonymous11:36 AM

    BlueTX...there are no questionable items in the timeline, and no "proof" of anything is all there in the expense reports in black and white. If MSM picks up on this, they will obviously fact check it against the expense documents and past media resports, DUH!

    I think bluetx is one of Sarah's staff...

  10. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Blue Tx -

    Why don't you comment about Diana's timeline on Palin Deception's as you are obviously still following the blog?

    My confirmation is redstat......Oh My!

  11. Anonymous1:54 PM

    The more information I see, the more things look fishy about this whole situation... thanks for your careful work in piecing together the "expenses" part of the Palin story.

  12. Opps... BlueTX you've been outed. Better call GINO and see what she thinks you should do now.

  13. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Lol anon... PD mods won't let me post there anymore(thats why I deleted my posts), plus I think they are kinda pissed at me for starting my own blog all about PD. I don't think they want you to know about that either.
    Oh and good luck with the MSM picking up the timeline...won't happen. Its not going to be babygate that takes Palin down.

  14. bluetx-

    i can't believe you think the mods at PD "banned" you. early on i wrote a post saying you were making yourself unpopular over there by not having the common courtesy to even read the main site, and morgan wouldn't post it, as she felt i was being unfair to you! so i doubt she turned around and banned you, i think you're lying! did you learn it from SP?

    uhm, and if you have your own SP site, why the hell didn't you tell us what it is in your comment before? you just weirdly allude to it. is it that nasty all-pink sarah-loving site?

  15. wow, bluetx- are you thomas of alaska bogging at PD2?

    because the idea of making a whole blog just to insult an earlier blog is pathetic! are you so angry and unoriginal that you have nothing of your own to blog about? if you don't like audrey's site just don't read it, it's simple -unless you're obsessed, that is.

    sad, sad, oh well.

  16. Anonymous6:05 AM

    luna... I don't know who Thomas of Alaska is...
    and your wrong about the mods at PD, they did stop posting anything from me, because they didn't like what I had to say about the matter frankly. I was never rude or attacked any poster, they just stopped posting my opinions. So I left.
    And you are right it is kinda pathetic that I let a bunch of crazy old ladies get to me. Thanks for clearing that one up.
    I suppose it shouldn't bother me, at least they have something to do with their time, fruitless as it may be.
    But you are right... I'll go away now, thanks for making me see the light

  17. Anonymous8:51 AM

    BlueTx, you're on a record as a hateful misogynist. What a surprise you were banned from a civilized web site!

    Don't mention the phrase "crazy old ladies" to your boss, SP, as she is now a perimenopausal grandmother....

  18. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Blue Tx

    So why don't you give us a link to this wonderful blog of yours?

  19. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I like this, timeline, but it needs to be keopt out in the forefront of everything. just keep it up because although the msn may not pick it up when she puts her name for president they will surely run it or someone else will go back to it. sp has been lying all over herself.

  20. BlueTx, I believe you. Why not give me a link to your blog and I'll join you in making fun of the PD blog?

    Me and you BlueTx!



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