Monday, March 16, 2009

The Post.

First a little background.

A good friend of mine called me the other day and told me that he had stumbled on a potentially huge story and that he was going to send me a picture to look at. I was kind of intrigued so I told him I would look for his e-mail. This is what arrived.

The only description he provided was this word: Bristol. (To see this more clearly it helps to save it to your computer and then blow it up)

I called my friend and asked him just what I was looking at. He replied that those were pictures he took of Bristol Palin on February 8, of this year at the Iron Dog. And that she was pregnant.

To say that this made my head explode was an understatement to say the least.

How is that possible? We had just seen an interview with Greta Van Susteren where Bristol held a tiny baby that we were told was Tripp Palin who she had given birth to on December 27, 2008.

And hadn't the video shown Bristol with no baby bump? To be honest I was not sure so I went back and watched the interview again.

These two embeds show Bristol from the side and have the best chance of revealing anything amiss.

The first thing I noticed is that Bristol never stood up. (And didn't Greta say to Bill O'Reilly that she did not see Bristol AT ALL except for during the interview?) I also noticed that she is wearing a very dark and loose fitting sweater or sweat shirt. In other words it is impossible to tell anything about her current state by watching these two videos. And I was also struck by a picture of Levi holding Tripp (Trig?) that was plastered onto the screen when little Trig is brought into the room. It does not fit the narrative and so I have no idea why it was placed there, but now another possibility occurs to me.

I then decided to send these pictures to two of my trusted blogging pals for them to look over. Am I missing something? Do you see what I see?

The response was mixed. One said that this could simply be post-partum weight that had not yet fallen off. (Let's see Tripp was born December 27, picture taken February 8, that is 43 days or six weeks later. She is an eighteen year old woman having her "first" baby. Could she still look THIS pregnant that much later?)

My other friend said that this might be the "nail in the coffin" picture. And I needed to publish it.
So I did some research and found that post partum bellies come in all shapes and sizes. And that it is conceivable that this is how Bristol's stomach still looks after giving birth only 6 weeks ago. However I also found that it was even more likely to be that size if the birth was more recent or if it was not the woman's first baby. (Things that make you go hmm.)

So does this picture PROVE anything? Yes in my opinion it proves that either Bristol is pregnant now, or has recently given birth. (This may seem silly to point out but remember that there are still a lot of people who believe that Bristol gave birth to Trig and then the McCain/Palin team faked this second pregnancy to cover it up.)

What does it mean for those who have followed this saga for lo these many months?

It means that we need to keep an eye out for Bristol. If she shows up in a few weeks with a slimmer figure then we can accept that this was no big deal, and that she did indeed have a baby recently, and the Tripp Palin birth story is much more credible.

If she disappears and nobody sets eyes on her for six months or so then our tinfoil hats can stay firmly in place.

But remember this one fact. Sarah Palin and her people are reactive. They respond to stories that they consider damaging by releasing red herrings.

When the internet was abuzz over the question of Trig's parentage, Bristol was thrown under the bus in lieu of a birth certificate. When the Troopergate investigation came back and found Sarah culpable, she launched a new investigation to find herself innocent. When questions about the mysterious Tripp Palin started to become impossible to ignore, Greta of Fox News was called in to quiet us down. But the question is have any of these responses ever been honest, or transparent? Not from where I am sitting they haven't.

And one more little tidbit that I feel I must share. The friend who took these pictures is NOT a "babygate" believer. He has said consistently that he saw Sarah Palin and thought she looked pregnant to him. So for him to see Bristol and feel compelled, not only to take her picture, but to send it to me and ask me to post it, means that he was pretty convinced by what he saw.

So feel free to provide feedback. I encourage you to take a good long look at the picture and then make up your mind as to what you see. I also have no problem with others "borrowing" this photo for their own use. It would be nice if you left my blog address on it however.


  1. I honestly don't think Bristol is pregnant now...but in the pics she looks very much like someone who could have given birth late in january....which is when I figured Tripp was due anyway, and would be the reason for no baby pictures released until February.

  2. I agree with Indy Girl that Bristol gave birth to Tripp in late January, not late December. I am convinced that Bristol is the mother of both Trig and Tripp. The Palins lied about Tripp being born in late December because it was necessary for him to be born in December in order to make it seem impossible for Bristol to also be the mother of Trig. Sarah, your slip is showing.

  3. Anonymous3:11 AM

    So how does this picture fit in with the rumor that Bristol is pallin' around with the swim coach? Fitness trainer? Lose the bump asap or bump & grind?

  4. Whatever Bristol's belly is, she looks far more pregnant than Sarah ever did during her "pregnancy" with Trig.

    I'm not terribly convinced that Tripp is actually a blood relation of the Palins...

    Now, if BP disappears for months and a new baby arrives, it won't be possible for her to be the mother of both Tripp and new baby Trixx. Just as it wasn't possible for her to be the mother of both Trig and Tripp.

    Will we have yet more massaging of dates from the Palins?


  5. Anonymous3:49 AM

    I am concerned that your friend thought that Sarah Palin was definitely pregnant and that he is sure that Bristol is still pregnant. Does he really know what a pregnant woman looks like?

    I believe that Sarah did not give birth to Trig and that Bristol certainly was not pregnant on the 8th February. There is NO WAY that the Palin camp would have allowed her to be so visible in a public place if she was still pregnant.

    I do however hold with your view that she gave birth to Tripp later than end December and that is the reason why she still holds some of her post-partum weight.

  6. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I am under the belief that Sarah et all was concerned about other potential baby daddy rumors beginning to come out. They are trying to distract from it with Sarah at the supermarket and maybe planting this picture to get conversations off the baby father topic.

  7. Anonymous3:56 AM


    sorry, but that wasn't a good attempt to uncover a new "babygate" scandal. And from reading the comments on the previous thread, I get the impression that some people actually DID know about this before ("ID")...therefore, you really might have been a bit naive here...

    It's extremely likely that Bristol got pregant TWICE within a very short timeframe...first with Trig, and then with Tripp. This would explain that now she has a noticable "post partum" belly. You find interesting pictures about a post partum belly for example here and certainly at many other places on the internet:

    I wish that you would have checked on "post partum bellies" more carefully before writing the post - because especially after a quick second pregnancy, those bellies can have a substantial size.

    If you really think that Bristol is pregnant now, how do you explain all those pictures of Tripp with Levi and Bristol? Also, we cannot simply ignore that Bristol DID look pregnant in 2008. Here are for example pictures which were taken on the 12th October 2008:

    These were screenshots which were taken from THIS video, which was shown on "Countdown" with Keith Olbermann:

    As another poster noted before in the other thread, it just helps Sarah Palin if her opponents publish theories which attack her family and which haven't been checked throughly.

    I have the greatest respect of your blog, it's one of my favourite pages on the internet, but Gryphen, you should check your theories more carefully. And nobody can expect to uncover this whole complex babygate scandal with just one random picture...there are people on this "babygate case" who are working very hard for months now, and I can tell you that it's very tedious work to uncover what has really happened, and there are no easy breakthroughs. A snapshot with a very risky interpretation will not give you the solution.

  8. Anonymous4:12 AM


    the anon-poster from 3:56 again. I have to apologise, my post was a bit too harsh, as I feel now. I actually agree with your interpretation that the size of Bristol's belly could be an indication that she gave birth to Tripp later than the December 27. Therefore, it was certainly a good idea to publish this picture.

  9. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I do agree that this picture is damning for one main reason...Bristol's belly would not be protruding that much if she had given birth on December 27, AND this was her FIRST pregnancy.

    Bristol is fuller figured than Sarah...much bigger boobs, and even pics taken in 2006/2007, before she would have been pregnant with Trig show her with a muffin top.

    With that said, I think this does show a very post partum Bristol...wouldn't be unusual to have a belly and a fuller face if you gave birth to two babies in a year. She is not pregnant now, but I don't doubt that she will get pregnant by some other guy within 18 months. She is left alone in Wasilla while her mom is in Juneau...and that is bound to be trouble.

  10. The reason I think Bristol looks postpartum in this pic is because I looked very similar as late as two weeks after giving birth, both with my first AND second deliveries. Bristol and I are also about the same height (5'5") which makes it tough to hide any extra poundage!

    If she had a c-section either time the pudgy belly would be even more likely, because the muscles of the lower abdomen are cut for a C, and you couldn't hold your tummy in that soon after delivery even if you wanted to.

  11. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I think I'm in the post partum camp here. I can't see how she would be that big though if she had the baby at the end of December as she claims. Tripp was born much later in my opinion.

  12. I've got to say, Bristol has never been that skinny (think of the 2006 green sweater picture that caused such a storm) and doesn't have the greatest posture.

    We also don't know if she had a c-section or is breast feeding.

    Too many unknowns to be in any way definitive.

  13. Okay a few things to clear up here.

    Yes my friend who took these pictures DOES know what a postpartum belly looks like. He is a father.

    During our first conversations I became convinced that Bristol was pregnant which is why I made the "head exploding" comment.

    Later I talked to a few women and a few fellow bloggers, sent two of them the picture, and did some research on the postpartum bellies.

    THAT is when I decided that it was possible that Bristol was not pregnant but had given birth much more recently then December.

    So I posted the picture and honestly stated that I did not know WHAT it proved, but that it definitely showed that Bristol's body is either going through changes right now, or recovering form changes that she went through recently.

    Oh and by the way Bristol is now in Juneau, and flew there separately from her mother. So unless she flies back to Wasilla very soon it looks like SOMEBODY wants her out of sight.

  14. Anonymous5:43 AM


    Is there anyway possible to check up on the fact that Bristol was supposed to have taken part in the miniature golf tournament at the State Capitol Building on Saturday? SP claims that Bristol took part in her absence.

    Great photo and even better deduction. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

  15. Anonymous5:44 AM

    I agree that if she really was still pregnant, she wouldn't have shown up at the Iron Dog. I'm gonna agree with post-partum pudge, but NOT consistent, as others have noted, with a Dec 27th birth of baby #1. It could conceivably (pun intended) be consistent with a Dec 27th birth of baby #2, in which case an earlier birth of Trig still has Bristol in the running for being mom of both.

    My overall impression, though, is that is a girl who RECENTLY gave birth, which tends to disprove the "proof" that BP couldn't have had Trig as well. I really think that Bristol, at the RNC, was padded extra to make her look more pregnant than she really was.

  16. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Gryphen, all this is making my head explode!!!!

  17. Anon 5:45
    Gryphen, all this is making my head explode!!!!


  18. Anonymous6:29 AM


    Well done! I can see why your head is exploding. But I hope that head explosion isn't part of the "pod" invasion plan!

    In a more serious note, I think someone thought you were going to publish content of a more definitive sort today. There must be more information out there that someone ("Remember my ID tomorrow") was really trying hard to suppress...What could that have been about?

  19. Thank you Gryphen for the photo. I for one appreciate you placing the photo so we (I) can make my on conclusion.

    That is way more than a pudge and for the fact everyone saying that they would have hidden Bristol if anything was amiss. Not so true, I haven't forgot all the stupid stuff they have did over the months to cause all this speculations on their actions. Example Levi working on the slopes. Gino still said it not thinking of the implications of what the effects would be.

    I think it strange that every time we look Bristol is being ushered out of sight and hidden from the public like she has leprosy. It's a damn shame the way she is treated by her family. They are more worried about a scandal than her well being.

    Gryphen you keep doing what you are doing. Your article was clear and concise about what you thought and what was known to be true and the same can be said of the extra work you did on it to find more info.

    To the person that was quick to point a finger at Gryphen (I think you are the same one from the other article) please read the article twice before you comment. You make more spin than Gryphen has. I now wonder what your motive is behind your comments and then you quickly take them back. It is if someone is telling you you need to do damage control too, also.

  20. Looks to me like a woman who gave birth about 10 days before the photo.

    I think both babies are Palins one way or another. Something about this family makes me think they wouldn't accept a non-related child as 'blood'. They seem far too clannish.

  21. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Let's not forget the "Levi/Bristol break up" story that just came out. The perfect Red Herring?

  22. Wait. the people story. if you go back to it, Palin said something like, "This is my grandson, he's two months. Hard to believe." or something like it. when i read THAT, i said WAIT A MINUTE! there's no way a mother of 5 says a baby so close to his 3rd month of life says "two months". and it's easily been over a month since the Greta interview where both Sarah and Bristol said he was two months. there's NO way this kid is as old as they'd have everyone say. NO way.

    hey, Gryphen, nothing but love for your post. seriously. here are some peanuts i'll throw from my seat in the gallery here in the lower 48. i think this is a post partum "bump". i held on to my bump far longer after my second than i did my first. everything that was stretched had been stretched before and so those muscles and the skin enjoyed the comfortable (and familiar) slackness. TMI! good lord.

    no matter what, thank you for the post. all of this begs the larger question: for a governor so damned bent on parading her entire family in front of the media (and later bitching about the commentary made about her family), why is she sequestering Bristol? seems odd even for this bizaare woman who is queen of blizardy word double-standards.

    keep up the work, Gryphen!

  23. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Gryphen, thanks for sharing this with us! Yes I think Bristol definitely had Trip at the end of Jan instead of Dec. She is bottle feeding him, and you don't lose the baby weight as quickly like you do if you nurse. I thought the baby that was shown on TV looked way younger also than being born on Dec 27. If she had him at the end of Jan...
    that would of meant Tripp would of been like 3 wks at the time of the interview with GVS?
    Yes my head is exploding now! LOL!

  24. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Remember my ID does know something and thought you might... They are glad you are wrong.

    Bristol is not the bio mom of Trig and if you ever found out who was your heads really would explode.

    Sarah Palin is also glad that you all are following this this way. It keeps you from the real truth, and protects the people they want protected. Bristol is taking the brunt of the bloggers accusations bravely. She is a strong girl to take these rumours knowing they aren't true. I hope the person they are protecting is grateful and knows the sacrifice that Bristol has made for her.

  25. Anonymous7:57 AM

    The photo will certainly raise a new level of suspicion. I don't recall being that big after a baby, up until maybe a few weeks. My 2 cents worth: is it possible this family (Palins) allowed Bristol to this event Iditarod, looking quite large, to deliberately confuse the media? They may enjoy throwing out a few mystery sightings of her, just to get people to falsely speculate. A get back at the gotcha media. Hope that's not the case, but.....

  26. Hmmm....

    Well then, in the running for the new who's your momma sweepstakes:

    Track's girlfriend (worked for Palin).

    One of Sarah's sisters....?

  27. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Anonymous at 7:46

    Hey you know who you sound like? Dan is that you?

    You still workin' the Willow angle?

  28. Anonymous8:17 AM

    FYI from an amateur political linguist - Whoever is posting as Anon@7:46 a.m. today is using British/Canadian/Australian, etc. spelling of "rumor."

    For those who read Palin's Deceptions, there is a lone "male" poster who does that, too, and who refuses, when asked, to identify his country of origin, and who constantly defends Sarah as Trig's birthmom...

  29. Good catch, political linguist Pipsqueak. I'm always thinking you Americans are spelling "rumour" wrong. ;)

    And my word verify: oustr!

  30. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I'm voting post partum, with Tripp probably born January instead of end of December. I'd like to try out some two-bit psychology-- First of all, they don't know how it looks to us; they only know how it looks to them. Example: Sarah claims to have disguised her "pregnancy" with Trigg with scarves. We can see that flat tummy, but if you're wearing that fluffed up scarf and glance down, it does hide what you think you want to hide. Quick glance in the mirror to check lipstick, sure scarf is a good distraction. Ditto for Bristol- they didn't see her the way the photopgraher did.

    As for why poor Bristol keeps getting thrown under the bus-- for the first time around, it would be along the lines of "How dare you show up pregnant and unmarried when I'm trying to snag the VP nomination and I'm dealing with some pretty conservative folks!" Next, "After I went to so much trouble to stage that elaborate bit of theater, how dare you screw things up again, when I have my eye on an even bigger prize! I'll show you who is the boss!" As I said above, they only see things from their point of view; they are unable to step back to see how it looks to the public at large. Thanks to Gryphen for keeping his eye on things!

  31. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I think the dire warnings that came yesterday were from someone who knows about the other girl Levi impregnated and was trying to protect her. Any local news that you've sniffed about that yet, Gryphen? Remember the anon poster talked about protecting the self-esteem of a young girl.......

  32. Anonymous9:26 AM

    If Tripp was born in 2009, there are tax consequences. Is someone claiming him as a dependent in 2008 when he was still a glimmer? tsk tsk

  33. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Okay, I'll join ravenstrick and take the bait from anon 7:46----if Bristol isn't x2, is the bio mom of Trig SJ?

    c'mon anon, give us a clue.


  34. 1) I remember thinking when I watched that Bristol/Greta VS interview that Bristol was never standing up, and we never saw her stomach.

    I was suspicious that at the very least we would have seen an-immediately-postpartum still-lax belly on Bristol at that date (weekend taping Feb. 15th). I posted this opinion over at PD at the time [pats self on back :) ].

    So, it seems we would have seen either that, or a still-pregnant belly.

    Wow, do the Palins have some brass balls, or what? It's almost as if they WANT this two-babies/one-mother deception to go public.

  35. The GMA 'interview' with Levi is online at

    Poor kid. I'm glad to learn that they tracked him down in his truck with a few questions, rather than him agreeing to and sitting down for an interview about his personal life like Bristol did.

    He is polite and seems very sad.

  36. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Thanks for the photo. Two things are nagging at me. One is that Bristol is at the Iron Dog on Feb 8 without her newborn baby. As a first time mother, it took all the courage I could muster to go to the grocery store and leave my newborn with someone. And I'm not the 'overprotective' type and I've observed many other new mothers behave the same way. So where was Tripp(maximum 6 weeks old) and who was he with?

    Two, also, too, if Bristol or Willow are the mom of Trig, then I don't believe that Todd would have gone to Texas with Sarah. I think they would have made sure one parent was home at that time.

    Sadly, it is just simpler to believe that Sarah is Trig's bio mom and made up the Wild Ride story because she lies and exagerates as easily as she breathes.

    The other

  37. Anonymous10:23 AM

    In the September, 2006 {?} picture, when there was no rumor of anyone being pregnant, Bristol still had a curvy abdomen, must like this one.

  38. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Scuse me......finger malfunction: I meant MUCH like the tummy in this picture.

  39. RE: The other,

    OMG so you are saying that because Todd went to TX with SP that SP must be Trig's birth mother? I definitely don't agree. SP was goint to TX to campaign for her VP nomination and First Dude was not going to allow her to do that without him. You know how he likes to be seen too. Plus they left Piper home to help Bristol babysit.

    Anon at 10:23 - Yes, Bristol looked pregnant on that 2006 family picture (green sweater) also. She could have been for all we know. I found it strange that she had a bump on this family picture but in her mother's 2006 Inauguration Picture that should have been taken around the same time, she had a perfectly flat stomach. I wonder about the actual year of that 2006 green sweater family picture.

  40. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I just do not understand why ANYONE thinks that Tripp was born in late December. NO pictures of the "newborn," NO pictures at hospital, NO birth announcement - only a "leak" to People Magazine from a "distant aunt." IF Tripp WAS born in Dec., he would have been plastered all over the place - after all, his Dec. birth was "proof" that Bristol did not birth Trig. If any of you believe Tripp was born in 2008, please tell me WHY! Obviously, Tripp was born in Jan. or Feb., shortly before the Greta TV interview. JMO.

  41. Anonymous10:49 AM

    OMG! I just went to Mat-Su hospital to look up birth info and came across this: 1/10.09
    Mat-Su hospital halts birth announcements

    Isn't that just convenient!!!!

  42. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Ok, its still online, just not in the paper...still the timing???

  43. Anonymous10:57 AM

    No babies entered since Dec 08!
    This is not a coincidence!

  44. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Just an FYI...I was on the Wonkette blog, and the reporter Neal Karlisnky (guy from that cought up with Levi) had twittered that Levi said his sister didn't give an interview to Star Mag, she was "overheard on an airplane". Yeah, right...Sarah's voice still ringing in your ears Levi?

  45. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Yes Crystalwolf. Patrick posted that info on PD's yesterday in a rebuttal to Dangerous. It has been widely discussed there in the really is quite old news.

  46. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Anon@ 11:08 I hadn't seen that...does anyone know WHO was behind this?
    It is very suspicious IMO!

  47. Anonymous11:33 AM

    So what else was going on at the "ID" that someone hopes no one noticed?

  48. In the first shot, I see a sweater or similar article of clothing fastened at the waist, but open below that level. (not buttoned up all the way to the bottom) In the last shot, I think the side of the sweater is blowing outward or swinging out. I don't think that is her belly.

    So she appears to me to be post-partum, as many here have speculated.

  49. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I'm still wondering why Bristol gave that interview to GVS? Was it to extol the wonders of unwed motherhood at 18? Was it to promote abstinence only? Was it to 'warn' teenagers to not have sex for at least 10 years from the time they think they want to?

    I'm still scratching my head over why the illusive Bristol Palin who is more under wraps than a groundhog on Feb. 1st suddenly goes on National TV to give an interview - and just one interview and with just one person - Palin's new BFF, Greta Van Suckup!

    In truth, I'm not really scratching my head because I know that the ONLY reason Bristol Palin was on TV. It was to prove to the world that the little Tripster really does exist.

    And anyone with even a smallest modicum of logical thinking processes would understand that if this baby was available to be introduced to the world before March in any form but sonogram - HE WOULD HAVE BEEN!

    I believe Tripp was born in Jan or Feb and I believe Trig was born before April 18th. I think what Gryphen's pic shows us is a young girl in fairly good shape who has had two babies within a year and is now paying the price with a belly that isn't going to spring back into shape overnight.

    And of all the pictures of Sarah P. pregnant, not pregnant, maybe pregnant, really, really pregnant, WTF pregnant, I personally feel one of the most damning pictures of all is the one of her taken on Super Tuesday 2/5/2008 where she is supposedly 6 months pregnant and she shows absolutely no signs of pregnancy at all! None, zip, zilch, nada. That is not the picture of a 6 months pregnant woman. Sorry it just isn't.

    Bristol Palin looks more pregnant right after having a baby than Sarah P. a 43 year old mother of four looks at 6 months pregnant? Sorry, not buying it.

  50. Anonymous11:53 AM

    The "claim" of the MatSu hospital was that no longer posting birth information was that it was to protect babies from being abducted, even though they've never had an incident of that I don't think. It was all over the papers back when they made the announcement, we all figured out what was going on, and no one has bothered to make an issue of it apparently.

  51. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Interesting, Gryphen, that your friend was at the Iron Dog "THIS" year...was he there "LAST" year?

    Everyone has been looking for a picture of Bristol there in 2008 and looking PG. No luck! But, she shows up that way this year?

    Why couldn't a mother who faked a pregnancy have a daughter who faked one? After Trig was born we saw pictures of Bristol and she didn't look post-partum then.

    Remember Lori Tipton, from KTUU, said she saw Bristol on Apri 18th, Trig's supposed birth date, and she said Bristol didn't look like someone who had just given birth.

    We didn't see much of Bristol until the RNC and the campaign. I think she went along to nurse Trig and take care of him.

    It was "brilliant" political strategy for the McCain campaign to announce "Bristol is five-months PG." It stopped the rumors that Bristol could have had Trig and confused people into thinking the rumors were about Tripp...her supposed future pregnancy.

    I didn't look at the links above but I think one is of her in a Wal-Mart looking very PG. It looks staged to me and was taken in Oct., 2008.

    To my knowledge, there isn't any other pictures of her looking this PG. Just like there is only one picture of Sarah looking really pregnant. Were they wearing the same fake belly?

    It was much easier to just wear the square pad with the velcro in back. Look at pictures of Bristol on the campaign trail. It looks like she has this device on just above the waist under the bust.

    Also, Gryphen, there is a video of the Palins going to church at a school, because of the fire, taken on Dec. 15, 2008, by KTUU.

    Bristol saw the camera, broke away from the group, and with her hands pushing her pockets out in front of her, ran into the school. She would have been two weeks from giving birth.

    Did you see this video, Gryphen? It was from a distance, but the way she ran, shocked me.

    There is nothing here I haven't posted other places. As I told you, as hard as I've tried, I don't believe there's a Tripp.

    Watch the video with Greta again and look for the part where she holds the baby out in front of her and has that "ICK" look on her face. A mother doesn't do that!

    Thanks for posting the picture. Maybe she is PG again or maybe she is wearing that square thing to fool everyone. Notice how she has her coat open for everyone to see?

    Sarah and Bristol are both, in my opinion, "working the net."

    Like someone on Mudflats said, "There are three things that have to come out...the sun, the moon and the truth."


  52. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Hmmm...why was that anonymous someone going on about an "ID"? If that was not about this bumpy Bristol photo at the Iron Dog then, are they in possession of an ID bracelet from a hospital where Tripp or Trig was born? I am nowhere near Alaska but, I find all the Palin birth stories ludicrous and wonder why not one person in Alaska comes forward with some direct questions aimed at the Palins.

  53. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Hello again, I'm "the other" anon poster by accident - happy fingers- but I guess it is good to have a name.

    I've followed the blogs here and at Palin Deception and definitely think something fishy is up. The theory that the Wild Ride was Sarah and Todd flying home early b/c their grandson was being born just never sat right with me. I just don't think both Sarah and Todd would have been that far away if Bristol (or Willow) was 8 mos pg.

    Which brings us to the theory that Trig was born before the Wild Ride. Well, that scenario just makes my head hurt. Why would they falsify the birthdate? Because Sarah hadn't sufficiently padded at that point? Because it would be tacky to travel to speak at the Governor's meeting just after giving birth? It just becomes less plausible and more tin foil.

    I'm impatiently waiting for more photos or gossip to come forward. Sarah had a very busy, public schedule before Trig was born and her kids were dragged all over the state. There should be more eye witness accounts and photos if they were up to mischief.

    Or...SP endangered herself and her baby with the Wild Ride and then stubbornly refused to clarify it or provide a birth certificate. For this theory, the flat belly photos and the ride past the city hosipital and the early morning induction dont' fit.

    Or...SP made up the Wild Ride story for her Dad or her fans and it got out of hand. The photos are still an issue but everything else falls into place.

    I still think she is grossly underqualified to run anything, much less a State Government. So it really doesn't matter if we ever get the truth.

    the other

  54. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Maybe in these pics Bristol is wearing the fake foam pregnancy tummy, borrowed from mom to throw a red herring out. ha ha!

  55. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Emma T- I'm totally with you.

  56. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Those skinny jeans are not maternity jeans, and they're not unzippered.

    As one who refuses to wear anything jersey that zippers up the front because invariably the zip puckers (especially if you haven't been mindful enough of the washing instructions - and even more so when it's a broad zipper), I can see that nasty puckered zipper sticking out a mile.

  57. Hey Gryphen, thank you for the thoughtful post and thank you for getting advice before you posted the pictures.

    IMO, as a 3-time mother and 2-time grandmother with my daughter-in-law living close by; and as an avid researcher of the babygate evidence; Bristol in these photos, if they were indeed taken during Iron Dog this year, is sporting a post-partum belly that she doesn't particularly care to hide. It does indicate that her reported birth-giving to Tripp happened later than December, 2008. It also does indicate that Tripp was not her first child in recent months.

    As so many other posters have noted: Sarah never appeared pregnant except for 2 staged occasions (Gusty and Frank, and Frank filmed her for 3 days and she only looked preggers sorta square jelly-belly on ONE of those three days). Bristol looked different on the different days surrounding the RNC. Some days, a slight tummy. Some days an enormous bolster-breast and burgeoning tummy. When you are pregnant, you don't change size and shape from one day to another.

    As Sarah's political star sinks, this whole line of inquiry may fade in importance, but for those of us who have counted, measured, witnessed all the inconsistencies, we won't forget that Alaska's governor has tried -- unsuccessfully -- to pull a snow job on the American people. I do not challenge her motives, they may have started out innocent enough. But I've had it up to HERE with politicians who lie, and I won't stand for it anymore.

    Thanks for your ongoing work on the topic.

  58. Gryphen, does your friend know who the headless guy with Bristol is?

  59. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I also don't think she's pregnant.

    I think she gave birth mid January, which makes her 3-4 weeks post partum in that shot.

    It also means she could be Trig's mother.

    There were NO pictures of Tripp until well after his "birth". Long enough so you wouldn't really be able to tell by just looking at him whether he was born full term Dec. 27, premature Dec. 27 or whether he was born full term or premature mid January.

  60. I questioned the interview at the time on HP: why didn't Bristol stand up. Also, I noticed this weekend that pregnant CNN anchor (campbel brown I think) is also filmed from the neck up--the same as Bristol in the Greta interview

  61. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I would like to believe in all these conspiracies but I just don't think people in the Valley would miss out on a chance to make some money if some of this evidence could be released. I expected something to break months ago but still nothing. I am beginning to believe there is no story here

  62. I want to know what happened to the People Magazine exclusive photos of the newborn baby worth $300,000. This was criticized as hardly putting the Palins in a populist light, and apparently these photos were shelved. Perhaps there were reasons to drop this shoot having to do with the birth timing?

    Was that money paid to the Palins by People anyway for some set of exclusive photos? Probably.
    The content of an entertainment/publicity deal like that can be shifted to suit a celebrity client like Sarah Palin. My guess is an Easter spread featuring the whole family, but who knows.

    Can someone from People answer what happened to this announced deal?

    As far as all the Babygates...I would love for SOME dear soul to take ALL the evidence, and ALL the scenarios, and go through each one step by step, and see which scenario actually has the most evidence of the highest caliber. And then write it down and present the case clearly and coherently in one place - maybe an e-book? I'll buy it if you do it (well). AND can make a compelling case about why it matters. IF there is any hope that the public might one day care about it, this is going to need to be done. I know that there are many who will take issue with me for stating this position, but I say it with no intent to offend, just discuss. The whole thing is just too arcane, involved, detailed and twisted to capture the average person's attention for very long.

    To me the Babygates are like the pastime of a dear friend of mine who loves cryptograms. I cannot share his passion - to me they are a whole lot of work with really almost no payoff. Even if the worst Babygate is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, it still only ends up proving that SP is a liar, a hypocrite, a mom who uses her kids as props and tools and a person who is ruthless in the pursuit of power - but we already know all that in so many other verifiable ways. If I am missing something, tell me.

    The cherished idea that a proven Babygate would turn off "the base", I am afraid, is just wishful thinking. That base is going to love her no matter what comes out about her as long as she claims to stand for Right to Life.

    All of this is just one humble upstart blogger's opinion - who is interested whenever someone comes up with a new Babygate bit I might add. But I'm mostly interested in stopping SP from becoming the new GW Bush/Dan Quayle. I understand the desire to get to the truth, if that's the motive. Or because it is entertaining. But I just can't put the whole thing together into a picture I can understand as being politically significant. Can this point of view be tolerated or have I just made myself into an internet wallflower?

  63. Anonymous6:23 AM


    Regarding your People Mag question, if you go to the blog, to the next to the most recent post, called "Coming Soon," to the bottom 10 or so comments, you'll see the scuttlebutt on that photo deal as described by NYTabloidChick. As I recall, there were negotiations but the Palins backed out at an early enough point that it wasn't breach of contract. Possible that was Sarah's strategy: negotiate as if Tripp's been born in December so people will believe he has been, but stop short of an agreement since there's actually no baby to show for another month.

  64. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Maybe People withdrew the offer in December when it became obvious that Bristol did not yet have a new baby to take pictures of yet!

  65. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Gryphen, I enjoy your writing and thank you for the 2/8/09 pictures of Bristol. They are worth a million, billion, trillion words. The televised interview was mid Feb, one and a half weeks later? Censoring is about the biggest compliment the Sarah's can give. Good job.

  66. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Well NONE of the pics of Tripp (? newest Palin addition) shows ANY Christmas decorations ANYwhere in the background. Since they (the palins) are so supposedly Christian (yeah, RIGHT! :/) they DEFINITELY would have made sure to have him posed next to the Christmas tree or some other Christmas-y decoration, IF he really was born right afterwards (Dec.27, right?)

  67. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I truly think you guys are freaking crazy, insane, seek immediate medical treatment or OPEN A BABY MAGAZINE AT THE CHECK OUT STAND AT THE GROCERY STORE.

    Am I reading this right - she had a baby on 12/27/08 & this pic was taken on 2/8/09 and you are claiming that would make her 6 weeks prego? and she's showing????

    oookkkkkaaaaaa....have you ever been 6 weeks pregs? even with previous baby fat it's still impossible that she would be showing.

    I have and i know several women who have....there is NO WAY that a woman would "SHOW" at 6 weeks....most women don't show until they are well into their 4-5th month, regardless of how fat or not they are.

    Go to the library & read a book on baby growth - this is 7th grade stuff.

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