Friday, May 15, 2009

I cannot remember ever reading an article so full of BS. Have you?

Looking like a lot of her classmates – giddy and irreverent, wearing a silly necklace of Blow-Pop lollipops strung together with curly gift ribbon – Bristol Palin stepped toward the stage in Wasilla Sports Complex Thursday night to receive her high school diploma, more a worried mom than a jubilant teen.

"Where's my baby?" Bristol mouthed, searching the two front rows where her family sat until she finally spotted son Tripp near the backstage door, where Bristol's Aunt Heather was feeding the infant a bottle. (Always in the background away from the camera ready crowds. Little Tripp is so much different than the rest of his media hungry family. I am just saying.)With a wave to the little one she alternately calls "Handsome" and "My Guy," Bristol crossed the stage – and crossed "graduate high school" off her to-do list.

"I knew it would be hard work, but I knew I was going to do it," Bristol, 19, tells PEOPLE.

Her mom, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential nominee, was not always so sure. Palin said in an interview that one of her first thoughts when Bristol announced her surprise pregnancy last spring was, Oh, there goes her education. "And that's why I'm so proud of her … really relieved," Palin says. "It's been a challenging and exciting year – her senior year – and I'm just so pleased that we are where we are today." (And where are you today? Frantically doing damage control. Missing out of state media events in a desperate attempt to squelch the possibility of having your house of cards fall down on your heads? Personally I would not want to be where you are today. Why did you suddenly decide to go ahead with that book deal now Governor? And does it have anything to do with trying to mend fences with the Johnston family? Did the Alaska Fund Trust not bring in the kind of money you need?)

Bristol boasted a 3.497 G.P.A., regretting only that she was "point zero-zero-something" away from graduating with Honors. A budding activist in the cause to prevent teen pregnancy, she says she hopes to go to an area college for a two-year business degree and then a job, possibly in real estate.

Look I am not going to attack Bristol here. In my opinion she is still just as much of a victim of Sarah Palin as everybody else who gets close to her. But if Bristol really did pull a 3.497 GPA after missing so much school than she should stop trying to teach kids about abstinence, a subject she clearly does not understand, and start a tutoring business. Because the girl must have the most dedicated and productive study habits on the planet! I mean she must be WAY smarter on tests than she comes off during interviews. I am just saying.

But aside from that bit of snark I would like to congratulate Bristol on graduating high school and moving toward the next chapter of her life. May I suggest getting the hell out of Wasilla, and away from your mother, and possibly contacting a publishing house? I believe that you have a story to tell that will bring you a much bigger payday than anything your mother will get for her crap loaded manuscript.

And if you need a ghost writer I know several who would simply jump at the chance. Myself included.


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    OK, How did she miss so much school and still graduate with a 3.497 GPA, there's something fishy with this one. Oh my bad, hell everything is fishy with the Palin family.

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Bristol getting into real estate may work. Remember, Todd has good friends that build houses.

    If you can get a house built for free and then sell it at full price.... it could be a very lucrative career.

    Move over "Bob the builder" .. "Bristol the builder" may take over.

  3. what next8:03 AM

    When I first read the People's release of Bristol's graduation I thought it was parody. They are serious? There is hope if the Palin pr express is getting snarky.

    Bristol said she doesn't pay any attention to the internet, she doesn't care what is said. She has her supporters, like Eddie Burke. Anyone who can say "hard work" like a parrot does have a few brain cells.

    It is good to hear that her guy, handsome was awake and can feed from a bottle.

  4. Good for Bristol. With a GPA like that, she should consider some out of state schools. Just sayin'.

  5. Why does it not surprise me that PEOPLE magazine, with its already well-established pipeline direct to the Palin family, has this story too?

    Talk about getting in bed with a gossip-celebrity magazine...

  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Did Bristol actually complete all her requirements to graduate? Or is it another ethics violation?

    Any way of finding out?

  7. Holy Virgin9:31 AM

    Are they sure Bristol wasn't saying, "Handsome" and "My Guy," to someone else?

  8. Emily9:59 AM

    So Bristol's a B-range student? Sarah herself supposedly had grades about that good back in high school, so either the "way smarter on tests than in interviews" gene runs in the family or(as I'm inclined to suspect) there's some academic dishonesty going on. But if Bristol is intelligent, it's just one more reason to feel sorry for her for being trapped in the Palin family.

  9. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:41 AM

    First she is 18 not 19. Someone on mudflats said she was supposed to grad class of 2008 so that gives her plenty of time to get grades, between changin' diaper's and makin' bottles. Seems to me if the 2008 isn't true than the kids that showed up to school and worked hard got ripped off, b/c she been showing up to hang with her swim coach...! Someone said she got a "free Hall pass" b/c well her mom's GINO.
    Anyway, yes I agree the article is just a bunch of BS!!!!

  10. She wants to go to a two year college and then get her real estate license.

    If she were that smart, uh, real estate license? Right now? In Alaska?

    And why bother with the associates? Which is basically good for nothing. Either you get the bachelor's degree or you go straight into the work force.

    As for the GPA, those home work study assignments were probably pretty easy and raised her GPA. I'd like to know what her GPA was before the baby.

    And wasn't last year her senior year? So didn't she take two senior years to graduate? I was born in October and I was 17 when I graduated from High school and still 17 when I started a 4 year college in the fall.

  11. Anonymous11:09 AM

    It has got to be this way. Bristol has gone on record basically saying 'don't do with I did' and 'regardless what I did personally'.

    So when it comes to her graduation, proof of her love must be shown. Better it be done when the cameras are around.

    It is all so very trife, isn't it.

    Should we expect anything with more depth, from a kid, with a kid.

    I know, I was a kid with a kid. I didn't talk too much about my future. And I looked for role models, I didn't want to be one.

    This is all so trife. Her actions, her mothers actions and how the media hypes to it all, just trivializes the whole issue of "being a kid, with a kid" situation.

    Bristol is making it trendy to be a teen mom. Nevermind the 'no sex' mantra!

  12. These people need to get their stories straight.
    First Bristol says on the Greta interview that she told her Mom in the summer.Sarah says in the
    People interview that she found out in the spring.
    You can,t believe anything either one of them says.

  13. onejrkitty11:44 AM

    I appreciate your not wanting to "attack" Bristol, but somebody has to !

    Bristol is 18 years old. She is an adult.
    She has opted to interview with People, with Eddie Burke, with Van Sustern; she has CHOSEN to LIE IN PUBLIC JUST LIKE HER MOMMIE DEAREST I.E. SHE WAS AGAINST IT BEFORE SHE WAS FOR IT WHEN IT COMES TO ABSTINENCE.

    While she has been "victimized" by her mother-- no doubt about that !-- Bristol has chosen to be a victim, like her mother, and like her mother to blame everyone but herself for her problems.

    The lack of ethics, character, integrity, common sense and morality is just as evident in Bristol as it is in her mother.

    Untill and unless--and personally I doubt it will happen ( if it ever does ) prior to Bristol's 35th birthday or so---Bristol CHOSES TO NO "LIE", "SPIN", MANIPULATE, CONTROL ETC JUST LIKE HER MOTHER, she will remain just like her mother.

    Bristol is not a robot. She does not wake up in the morning, turn on a switch and become not responsible, not accountable for her actions.

    She is old enough to know right from wrong and if she does not know the difference, or worse, does know and chooses the wrong path and she should be held accountable.


    Water is simply seeking it's own level and we don't want to believe a "child"--which she no longer is--is capable of this behavior. We want to believe only jaded adults behave this way.

    Sorry, looks like narcissistic "gene" runs in this family.

    Bristol is not refusing any of mommie dearest financial offerings is she? She is not defending Levi at all, is she? And really, what has Levi really done to her? Nothing.

  14. onejrkitty11:48 AM

    Oh yeah. I forgot. That GPA of hers was either a typo or they have a very low bar at Wasilla High. I simply find it hard to believe that is her real GPA ---does not mesh with all other observations of Bristol, and since we only have Bristol's word for it ---which no longer carries an assumption of truth, I just find it hard to swallow.

    Like you said Gryphen, you cannot miss that much school, have a child, go to national interviews, campaign for mom's VP post, fight/breakup with your boyfriend and still focus on your high school work.

    What were her chosen classes anyway. Bet there was nothing big in math, science etc. Lots of home economics?? Just askin !

  15. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Bristol did not miss as much school as you think. Just because she could not be found by the bloggers, doesn't mean she didn't attend school.

    She did, you just didn't know about it.

  16. Anonymous11:52 AM

    You know for all of you who believe that Bristol is also Trigs mother, you also have to believe that she is a sick and twisted mean mother. How do you live in the same house with two of your children and only acknowledge one of them. If you believe that she is the mother of both, then you have to believe that she just as evil as her own mother. So no passes for Bristol

  17. read between the lines12:35 PM

    Gryphen, I saw the People mag article early this morning. Can you tell me if the headline changed?

    I went into shock when I read what Bristol was wearing. I thought People mag was on Sarah's team, why would they write that?

    It is bad enough that the Candie people use the double entendre.

    People mag needs to do an informative article on drugs and teens so that adults get a clue about what is going on. It does not have to be about a specific teen. There are those in treatment who might want to help others and won't fear speaking up.

  18. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Can i just ask why Brisol Palin graduating from high school is such a big deal? Who cares?I know she's a teenage mother but is her graduation really that sensational? Isn't that what most teens are supposed to do?

  19. WTF? No, Gryphen, that article takes the reeking cake of B.S.--and given I used to be a journalist and editor, for well-regarded newspapers and magazines, that is saying something.

    3.4 GPA? No way. Unless her "teachers" are in GINO's pocket, which I wouldn't rule out. And BP thought she might get "honors," well, that takes the cake. No ruby slippers for BP, sob sob.

    One of my sons, who has learning disabilities, is graduating from high school next month. It has been a long, hard slog, interrupted by surgeries and medical problems, but by and large, he went to school.

    Just when I think that the Palins can't surprise me once more... well, there they go.

  20. Anonymous1:09 PM

    At my son's high school, the GPA is based on a scale of 6.25. Many students take AP (college level) courses and they are awarded high GP's for the extra effort. For example, on this scale an A+(100)in a regular class is 4.0, in Pre AP = 5.0 and AP =6.25. An 85 would get you 3.5 in reg classes, 4.5 in PreAP and 4.75 in AP. BP may be a 85 average student. Good luck with the real estate career....

  21. Lisabeth1:31 PM

    Sarah Palin is dumber than I thought! Does she really thin people believe all the bullshit and lies in People?! She is trying to repair/rewrite her image but she is going about it in the wrong way!! Republicans and others advised Palin to go back to Alaska, stay out of the media and do a really great job as governor while you learn more shot foreign policy and other isues. And nope! Stupid Caribou Barbie does one stupid thing after another! She complains about the media but there is an article about her every day!! She publically defend and related to a stupid lying beauty queen and calls her constituents malicious and despicable! And clearly she hasn't learned a thing because she doesn't even understand our constitution.

    And you are right about Bristol. Even with a mother like that, she is old enough to know better! Mouthing "where is my baby" during a graduation seminar is bullshit! What about her other child?

    And their ignoring the Internet idea? Stupid. Just plug your ears and stay unaware! Real smart!

  22. crystalwolf aka caligrl2:55 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Bristol did not miss as much school as you think. Just because she could not be found by the bloggers, doesn't mean she didn't attend school.

    She did, you just didn't know about it.
    11:49 AM
    Annon: Blogger's knew where Bristol was and it was reported...hanging out at WHS with a hunky swim coach during school time and off school time. I guess they give really good grades in Swim class(asst. swim coach)
    Its b/c of idiots like you I just donated to GRYPHEN last night.
    And Anon you are one of the LEGION that GINO complains about, yes you are, nameless anon!
    Go pack moose chili!!!!!!!!

  23. Nicely done. I am in complete agreement. I have a birthday coming up and I'd much rather receive a memoir by Bristol than the shameless self promotion of her sleazy mom.

  24. Anonymous4:03 PM

    At my nieces school, they are on a 5.0 scale and my niece is at 4.75 and she is very worried about getting into college. When most state colleges are hard to get into. But Bristol sounds like she is interested in community college. Clearly this is not a family that really values education. In my family it was expected you would go to college. So high school graduation was no a big deal. I mean an article in People is way over the top. Maybe Alaska is different but where I live you have have a college degree or you won't get a good job. Unless working at Target or McDonalds is ok with you or you could have your own business. Real estate might be good for her. Time will tell.

  25. Anonymous4:39 PM

    This is a facade. Sarah is just trying to clean things up so that she can run for POTUS in 2012. Why is it that every time Sarah has something to spew she runs to People. It is not a Gospel source. It only confirms her ignorance. I do not believe Bristol graduated from Wasilla High. I am more apt to believe that she took "The Walk" for a GED diploma with the class. They do allow that in most high schools. That is why she said she wants to go to 2-year college. You cannot go to a University with a GED, unless you complete 2 years at community college. Believe zero of what you hear, and zero of what you see when it comes from Sarah Palin. I knew this was coming when C4P created that bogus story about Sarah not being able speak at the graduation. They were just trying to get it out that Bristol was graduating. Doing schoolwork and taking care of her two babies is a chore in itself. I don't believe she had time to complete school. Also Mercede said that Bristol was lying, and she was not in school. Sarah has taught her children that do whatever it takes, lie, cheat, and steal, to get what you want. She is a piss poor role model.

  26. "You know for all of you who believe that Bristol is also Trigs mother, you also have to believe that she is a sick and twisted mean mother. How do you live in the same house with two of your children and only acknowledge one of them."

    Do you live in the same house with them and know how Bristol treats Trig? I wouldn't assume she's completely uncaring. Ignorant, short-sighted and slutty- yes. Uncaring? Not necessarily.

  27. Anonymous7:54 PM

    That's interesting about Mercede, I forgot she said that Bristol really wasn't in school. Hmm

  28. A lot depends on what credits she already had, and what was required for credits to graduate. I spent 11 years on a school board and one of the things that we did every year was meet with students who wanted to walk graduation but hadn't completed the requirements. Every parent got a letter at the beginning of junior year, telling them if Little Princess or Sonny Boy was on track to graduate and what they needed to do so. Same thing at the beginning of senior year. And even so, along about May, we started getting desperate appeals from people whose kids just hadn't managed to complete minimum requirements. There were lots of students taking correspondence classes, night school and so forth, trying to get the requirements done. and, at the end of the year, typically a day or two before graduation, about 6 students who hadn't quite pulled it off and wanted to walk because Grandpa and Grandma were flying in from Peoria for the Event, and they wanted to lie to them.

    I can fully believe Bristol's alleged GPA. She might have taken a correspondence course in The Bible As Literature, or an evening class in pottery or Art Appreciation, watered down. The credit means only that she finished minimum requirements, and some of the correspondence school requirements are pretty minimum.

  29. Who wants to bet Bristol's GPA was actually 1.497? You need a 2.0 don't ya to graduate high school, so I bet the "zero zero something" Bristol says is what she was GIVEN to graduate, meaning, they added some zeros and some numbers to bring her score up, otherwise, she wouldn't have graduated. Unless the academics in Alaska are easier than the rest of the lower 49, there is no way in hell the Bristol we see on t.v. is .003 points away from being a high honor student! No way!

  30. More from

    Drug Trial of Levi Johnston's Mother Postponed
    By Lorenzo Benet

    Originally posted Saturday May 16, 2009 10:00 AM EDT

    Sherry Johnston, the troubled mother of Levi Johnston, the ex-fiancé of Bristol Palin, has been granted a short reprieve to consider her options.

    An Alaskan judge Friday postponed her May 18 jury trial on felony charges for allegedly selling OxyContin. Instead, the judge, Eric Smith, scheduled a May 21 hearing at which Johnston, 42, will have the opportunity to discuss her case with a prosecutor and judge and consider changing her plea.

    Johnston had previously pleaded not guilty to charges resulting from a December 2008 arrest for allegedly pedalling the prescription drug in a Wasilla shopping center parking lot. Johnston later told PEOPLE she became addicted to the painkiller after taking it years ago to treat pain from a hysterectomy and several subsequent surgeries.

    Johnston's attorney, Rex Butler, did not return calls Friday. Messages left at the district attorney's office in Palmer, Alaska, were also not returned.

    Johnston's son, Levi, 18, recently claimed in TV interview that tensions with Bristol Palin and her family have prevented him from spending quality time with the estranged pair's infant son, Tripp. Meanwhile, Bristol Palin, 19, has finished high shool and graduated with classmates in Wasilla on May 14.

  31. what a deal9:58 AM

    How nice they are letting her reconsider her options. People magazine doles out the good news for Palin. They had the EXCLUSIVE for the BIG graduated WHS NEWS.

  32. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Alright, maybe I am very out of touch, but will someone please clearly explain what the message of that lollipop necklace was supposed to be. I have heard drug reference, sexual acts, means your a slut etc. Someone do tell.

  33. Anonymous9:37 PM

    lollipop, teens

  34. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Geeze, you'd think that People magazine, of all places (seeing as how it's the Palin family rag) would get BP's age right... She's only 18, not 19...

  35. Anonymous4:21 PM

    She missed a lot of school. Remember the "excuse" for missing so much was an extended case of mono. Then there was the campaign from September to November. She missed a lot of school for that. Also, if you search for it, you can find a copy of Sarah's high school transcript online. There were a number of C's and D's. Looked authentic, but who knows? Certainly would fit her history of attending numerous colleges and her ignorance of so many things.

  36. Anonymous4:23 PM

    OK, I Googled "lollipop teens." All I have to say is, "Oh my!!" (hands on the side of my face and mouth in the shape of a Cheerio)


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