Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rumor Roundup.

If you are one of my visitors who really hates teasers, than stop reading right now. Though this is not technically a teaser post it may frustrate many of you. I apologize ahead of time.

There has been a sort of incessant buzz coming from Wasilla, as well as a few other places recently that has stirred up a great deal of interest and speculation.

In response my comments section and e-mail box have been filled with people wondering if this is my doing or if I know what is going on.

To both questions I have to respond with a not very satisfying answer of "I am not sure".

I have heard from at least ONE source that my posts have caused some people to start talking amongst themselves in the wilds of Wasilla and perhaps thinking that it is time to start telling the tale that everybody is waiting to hear. But I also hear from others that everybody is waiting to see if Levi writes his book, and then decide if they stay quiet or start talking.

For example I received this e-mail a few days ago, purporting to come from the CNN comments section.

On a CNN comments page:

"Wasilla Cowgirl May 8th, 2009 6:14 pm ETIf the MSM would seriously investigate, they would find there is more to this. SP is doing preDamage control (Bristol too) before the truth comes out about Bristols first baby. Hint-this is the 2nd and it's a sad, sordid story."

I did a little research and may have some idea of who "Wasilla Cowgirl" is but hesitate to reach out because of her age and gender. I may have somebody else that I can send her way, but I have not yet pursued that option.

And then there was this from our very own kygirl915 which many of you read in the comments section of my previous posts:

Gryphen,I also live in AK and we are just waiting for the Trig truth to come out, I live just down the road from Wasilla and rumor has it that the truth is going to be revealed very soon, when the "time is right". I fact that she is "supposedly" anti-abortion, and that SHE had Trig is why people support her, that's what she runs on. Well guess what - that is all getting ready to change. So stand by everyone, there are ALOT of people here who want ALL the truth about her revealed. I also talked to someone who is trying to reveal the truth about her house, when she was Mayor she changed some of the laws that would provide the paperwork. But guess what there are some pissed off people ready to talk (to the FBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

And then later this:

The people here are just plain tired of her, but at the same time there are plenty of die hards, and then you have the people here who just don't care, they hunt they fish and as long as you're not stepping directly on their toes they just don't care. I work with people from Wasilla that hang out with SP's sister's kids, and you would not believe the number of people that hang on her every lie, and sadly believe what she says. I'm hoping the people that are mad, will go ahead and make the contacts that they said they would, and do it soon, I just know that there are many things in the works.

And just to make all of this seem even more valid, we have Governor Sarah Palin, the queen of the limelight chasers, staying away from a swanky function that would usually draw her like a moth to a flame, and sending the First Dude instead? That simply does not make a bit of sense to me.

So even if I am very careful not to jump to too many conclusions, I think it is safe to say that SOMETHING is happening.

I also think that it is getting more likely that neither I, nor Palin's Deceptions, nor even Levi Johnston, will be the ones to break this story. It almost seems as if somebody, it might be one of us but who knows, has ignited a fuse that will soon result in an explosion of information. And do you know what? That is fine with me.

I have said so many times that I am sick of hearing it myself, that ALL I care about is learning the truth. I do not have to be the one that gets the credit, I just want to help to find out what really happened. And to learn with absolute certainty whether or not Alaskans, and the rest of America, were the subject of the biggest hoax in political history.

I have every confidence that we are closer now than we have ever been, but like I said that does not necessarily mean that you will learn of it first on this blog. That would be nice, but I would happily read it right along with the rest of you from another source, and still feel satisfied at finally having the truth revealed.

In the meantime I am playing a waiting game and hoping that the seeds I planted bear fruit in the coming weeks. Promises have been made so let us see if they are as honest with me as I have been with them.


  1. It's all good. ♥ Gryphen ♥ she'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes

  2. It has always amazed me that as many people as she has hurt--some of them very powerful--that they haven't all joined together to bring her down long before now. She has done so many things that have left her vulnerable, that surely it's only a matter of time. But I'm with you: I want her gone NOW. Please keep digging.

  3. Let's hope Wasilla will tell the truth soon. Sherry's trial next week may figure into the timing as well. Thanks for trying, Gryphen.

    But as for Sarah's damage control, her return to Alaska could be explained as needing to be seen as caring about the flooding disaster, now that more Alaskans say she's not doing her job. Apparently she was advised by Republicans after the election to show she was an effective leader, so she did anything but, and picked fights (including with Levi) until the legislative session ended.

    Maybe the poll numbers convinced her that her national aspirations require being a better Governor?

    I loved this quote about the flooding from Palin, who refuses to admit humans are causing global warming: "and then once Mother Nature does her thing, which we, man, cannot stop, then we address the impacts."

  4. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Wasilla Cowgirl is not who you think (21 year old my Space user) and if I were you I would not place emphasis on that comment. The real cowgirl doesn't for sure know the whole story either.

    To Wasilla folks, don't wait for Levi. He can't do anything to risk his parental rights. But it's time for all who know to speak out and tell the truth. Because it is the right thing do. For everyone!

  5. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Don't you think if there was a story it would have come out a long time ago. There is too much money out there for the taking and if one of these Wasilla hillbillies knew anything they would already have the money. I hate to say it but I don't think there is a story here as much as I would like there to be.

  6. are a bright guy and I believe we would have much fun sharing a beer and hanging out. We watch the same shows and laugh at the same Doonsbury cartoons...we even have most identical political views..this babygate stuff though has really got to end. It's putting you on par with my dad who thinks altitude plays a factor in intelligence..the closer to sea level the stupider you are..the higher you go the more evolved. Huh? A theory developed while living in Los Angeles. As a woman at sea level now..not really sure it has diminished my intelligence..but maybe.

    Problem is he is a bright guy too and when he flings out those little crazy nuggets mixed with the rest of his sort of normal sound theories on the's hard to bring the two together.

    Lets be honest..Sarah is a doofus..we know that..we are watching it unfold and noone is fooled anymore. At least 44% of us aren't even buying it anymore.

    I walked by our glorious Governors Mansion on 4th of July last year (one of the only sunny days we had in Juneau) and saw Sarah..sitting in a lawnchair, by one Todd..just me and some Ravens with Trig. I saw her cooing to this was (and I know your rolling your eyes)... sweet. She was clearly a mother that day..and I was actually struck at how "normal" she looked. Sort of just like seeing your neighbor hanging out in the yard with their baby, being a mom.

    Triggate is just a silly tangent. More important to look at would be how a mother of a child with Down Syndrome refuses to access Infant Learning Services...Trig if you see him (which I have) being pushed around in his stroller by an unknown nanny lady is a really large floppy baby. A low tone kiddo who is not receiving the intervention he needs...physical therapy, occupational therapy...etc. That kind of intervention for a disabled child is just critical at this age. And Ms. Palin...being the new found defender of people with disabilities should be shouting the benefits of early intervention to the rooftops.

    We in Juneau have had a little insider view into the parenting dynamics of these two Todd and Sarah...Blackberry's turned on during school functions...friends of friends watching Piper for hours. Two young kids are involved in this also. Two young kids, just sort of tugged around with this sort of chaos..and one who has a pretty significant disability and really needs some attention from home....from a least one parent. They've already had one teen pregnancy...what other sort of statistics will they see in their family.

    It's her parenting skills you should question...not whether she is the parent Trig.

  7. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Wasilla Cowgirl __ Until she shows her nuts she is zero.
    No one wait for Levi.

  8. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I too have wondered why so many people would be quiet over the Trig thing. What are they afraid of? However, now that I know more about the religion SP belongs to and how they want to take over the government, I can see how her "unknown" pregnancy could have been kept secret. Her church sees her as the great savior of America, and I think they would do anything to help her achieve higher office. From what I have read, she replaced everybody on the Wasilla hospital(I think it was that one) board with her own church people. If that is where Trig was born, then I can see how they could coerce employees into keeping their mouths shut. Good luck, Gryphen. I hope the people involved do the right thing and expose the lie if there is one. If this is all a big lie by Sarah, then she is one mentally ill megalomaniac.

  9. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Anji Gallanos

    I must agree it is the parenting skills first.

    What do you make of the GMA show where her grandbaby, as Matt Lauer stated, was out cold?

    Do they give the babies something before they go on the television?

  10. Anonymous8:30 PM

    The first thing I want to know is this: Is the doctor who supposedly delivered Trig a member of Sarah's church?

  11. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Was Piper 7 years old or just 6 when her mother put her in the center of an arena of booing hockey spectators? No need to _question_ the parenting skills, they are are not existant. That was obvious to a nation not merely Juneau.

  12. In a loving, caring family, if a 16-year-old got pg. with a DS baby, I can see the parents offering to adopt him and raise him as their own--simply out of love and caring for both their young daughter and their grandson. But the Palins are neither loving nor caring. Perhaps Bristol wanted an abortion but her mother wouldn't allow it. Then, perhpas Palin offered to adopt Trigg and raise him as her own--not for Bristol's sake, though, but for her own sake--to use him as a pro-life prop to further her political careen. As for Sherry's trial, I am sure that has something to do with SP--perhaps just another vengenful act against the Johnstons, or perhaps an effort to keep Sherry silent about Trigg. Who knows? It sure it entertaining, though.

  13. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Anji, that was a nice perspective and a very idealic picture of Sarah and Trig out in the sunshine in a lawn chair. Not buying it. I do agree with you though that child is not well cared for and was subjected to circumstances on the campaign trail that a normal healthy baby would not have been. He was like a lathargic, drugged sack of potatoes. The only one who seemed to be able to hold him correctly all the time was Bristol. It came naturally to her, like it comes to one's mother.

  14. Whatever Palin does with Trig would be for naught....all of the physical therapy and "doctoring" in the world will not fix the fact that he is "compromised"

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that for certain, I would have never have chose life for a Down's child. I know some adult downs children and they are unpredictable and at times very irascible. It's because they are frustrated by their lack of physical ability and lack of motor control. They are not happy people, regardless of all of the happy media bits we are shown of them running and winning races and just being happy to be alive.

    That's it, I said it, anyone can blast me if they want to.

  15. Now I have to say this:

    Sarah sees no other political future for her, at this point, than attempting another Gov run in 2010. That's why she's hanging out up here acting like she cares.

    Just my two cents....she can't take on Lisa and she realizes that her GOP base is waYYYYY to small (and fractured) to ever allow her to get a Rep nom for Pres.

    So, she's cutting her losses and hoping that we all have very short memories her in AK...

    I lost it for an entire month after she was elected Gov, hell, I even have friends that supported her that I can never see in the same light again.

    I just hope against hope that we will not let her in again. But I fear that history will repeat itself here in AK.

  16. Anonymous10:28 PM

    I had to take my daily trip to C4P, they're pretty pissed at Bill Bennett saying that SP is not the future of the GOP!!! Here's the link:

    And Greta is pissed, she's responding on Gretawire. Why doesn't SP just realize that she is making a mockery of herself, her family, and everything else that she comes in contact with.

  17. FEDUP!!!10:52 PM

    I guess the fact that Trig is 'a very large and floppy child' shows that GINO is also a MINO to him (Mother In Name Only).
    I guess it is 'Gods will' that he is floppy, and as such, people should not interfere with Gods will and try to actually make him into a functioning member of the human race?
    My prediction: he will become one of those 'unpredictable and at times very irascible' DS children, and will end up in an institution where he will be drugged (again), in order to be manageable.

  18. If one is to commit atrocities on a group of humans, one must convince oneself that this group of humans is less than human. Our forefathers did this with the issue of slavery. The American system of slavery was far more cruel and violent than that of most other countries. In order to commit this cruelty, slave owners and those who supported slavery had to convince themselves that blacks were less than human. "They're not like us; they are more like animals than we are." Our forefathers even counted them as 2/3 of a person, not as an entire human. In Hitler's Germany, Germans convinced themselves that Jews were less than other humans, thus freeing themselves of the guilt and responsibility that comes with committing atrocities. Today in America, our society (not all, but most) has convinced themselves that a "fetus" is not a human being. Thus, they are able to commit abortion without feeling the guilt and responsibility that comes with murdering a baby. I believe that President Obama is a Christian. I pray that God will show him, and our society as a whole, the truth about the sanctity of life.

  19. The fact that the clinic in Wasilla that provided services to children and adults with special needs closed, says volumes about your Gov. Where is the commitment to clinics and special education that she is says she is so committed to?
    Her attitude towards education in general is very troubling.
    I am appalled by her lack of championing special education services in the state.

    The important thing is that both children are taken care of.
    BUT, if this woman has lied about this situation, then the truth needs to be told.If you base your politics on transparency and have the views she has on, abortion, birth control and her republican conservation values, then anything less then the truth would be hypocritical.

  20. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Where are all those emails that were supposed to be provided months ago?

    I think she really thinks that if she closes her eyes real tight, all these problems will just go away.

    Nixon needed the Supreme Court to insist he release the tapes, and when he finally did, there was the 17? minute gap.

    I wonder what Sarah's crew are erasing while we wait?

  21. Anonymous3:10 AM

    You can feel sorry for Trig. You can feel sorry for Piper. You can feel sorry for Bristol. You might feel sorry for Todd. You may even be able to feel sorry for Sarah. However, the bottom line is that Sarah has the potential to emerge as the most dangerous person EVER to walk the face of the earth. She must be stopped.

  22. The way I see it Gryphen, it's a win win situation. If you and people of Wasilla keep this issue in the forefront, then the truth will come out, or Sarah will be forced to put out irrefutable proof of Trig's parentage and send us all a big FU. I would love nothing better than to be proven wrong on this one...she's enough of a trainwreck.

    Please, everyone don't underestimate the importance of getting all information about Sarah Palin out there. This was a person that was put out there by McCain as qualified to be one 72 year old heartbeat away FROM THE PRESIDENCY. Someone who could step right in, and be president if needed. Someone he said was an expert on energy, a champion for children with special needs, a maverick, and a reformer of corrupt government. This was dangerous on many levels, and should never be allowed to happen again. You see what a disaster Palin has been in Alaska. We need to hold our elected leaders to a higher standard...when we don't we get Bush and Cheney.

  23. Anonymous3:48 AM

    AKpetmom, you couldn't be further from the truth about DS people. I used to teach them in a variety of PE classes at a college. They are inherently full of joy and love. They have no ability to be disingenuous, unlike the rest of us. I suggest to anyone who is unaware of the abilities and love in this group of people to see the documentary Shorty. It is a true story. Help at a the local Special Olympics competition sometime and discover the inner beauty of DS people.

  24. crystalwolf aka califgrl5:01 AM

    FW said..."Please, everyone don't underestimate the importance of getting all information about Sarah Palin out there. This was a person that was put out there by McCain as qualified to be one 72 year old heartbeat away FROM THE PRESIDENCY. Someone who could step right in, and be president if needed."I totally agree with you! Thank you for saying that! Its not us against Gino, Its us against lies foisted upon us. We want the TRUTH about her!
    And at this point I don't know if I would trust a birth cert. shown by GINO. It would have to come directly from the offices.Remember her Dr. records (1 page cut and paste job) So yes I hope people will step up to the plate and speak out. Not just about Trig, housegate! And all the other gates out there.
    Went to Alaska Standard to check on SS palin and saw Dennis Z. is in Georgia for his bro's wedding. I just love his bird pics! So he will be back on the 13th. For everyone watching the ss palin article...

  25. Does anyone have any further information about Johnny Chandler? I would really like to know what relationship he and/or his parents have with the Palins. Do his parents hold any positions appointed by GINO?

  26. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Perhaps someone could faciliate a meeting with the Wasilla residents who continue to hold the truth about Sarah. A group of people might provide the security each individual needs to finally come forth with the truth.

    What are they afraid of? What is the up-side
    for keeping the 'secrets' while allowing Palin to do whatever she wants without accountability for her actions?

    The silence is outrageous. It adversely and directly affects the rights of Alaska and its residents--and beyond, since she was foisted on the national scene. The public needs to know who this person called Sarah Heath Palin is. What she has accomplished both positively and negatively, throughout her political career and personal life, should also be scrutinized regardless of what Sarah Palin wants or doesn't want. You want to be in the big leagues, you should have nothing to hide.

    The whole situation is so Orwellian and bizarre. Sarah keeps her secrets as the people of Wasilla continue to aid and abet her with their silence.

    Maybe set up a Palin Secrets 'hot-line' for receivig information.

    How about focusing on gathering pertinent and specific information that a higher authority would require to pursue and investigation? I guess that precludes the Personnel Board from participating.

    I look forward to the continuing saga of sarah in all things truthful and transparent.

    GRYPHEN! I do so appreciate you and your blog--and I THANK YOU for being here. [Bells, Whistles, Shouts of Joy]

  27. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Between so many people being dependent on her good graces to keep their jobs, and the number of people who would stand to gain if got national office and want to go along for that ride, it makes sense that prying information out of anyone is tough.

    Alaska has few people and it is like a small town. But IF there is a big story to tell, it will come out, it always does.

    But it is weird to miss this dinner with all the real celebs there.

  28. Anonymous6:32 AM

    akpetmom: 90%+ of people do terminate DS pregnancies, so don't feel bad! I know I felt better when I realized that I am not alone in that feeling, while I waited for my CVS test at 44.

    It is very tough on families. Many break up over the care issues. Recent diary and comments on kos has many sad stories. Kudos to those who want to make it work though.

  29. Anonymous7:14 AM

    90% of people DO NOT terminate DS pregnancies-that is a false statement coming out of anti-abortion/anti-choice groups!

  30. Anonymous7:17 AM

    The truth needs to come out from the people in Wasilla who know something. I agree setting up an anonymous email or telephone number for tips is a good idea. I wonder how expensive it would be for another phone Gryphen? If you have one cell number, it can sometimes cost only 10.00 to add a second line

  31. Anonymous7:25 AM

    crystalwolf, what is the ss palin article?

  32. SoCalWolfGal7:55 AM

    I think it extremely out of character for GINO to miss a big celebrity dinner. Something is definitely "up" and yes, the truth does always come out finally. I can wait. Thanks Gryphen, just keep doing what you're doing.

  33. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Truth, you just supplied us with a false syllogism. Is this the best you anti-choice, pro-birth folks can do? Do you realize how horrible it is to compare African-Americans and Jews to a "fetus," as you did in your false syllogism? That is an horrific analogy.

    For a syllogism to work, the first statement must be true. Your opening salvo is not a fact; it is a psychological observation based on war and combat mentality.

    You give yourself away. And you clearly have not studied logic.

    It is sad to me that the propaganda you are given on the "anti-choice" side is so poorly constructed that you run around spewing false logic and insulting whole ethnic groups, while patting yourselves on the back. (And oh yeah, Obama is DEFINITELY a Christian. You can cross that one off your rightwing checklist, esp. on this blog.)

    It's fine that you are anti-choice; that is your right to hold your own beliefs. But you have no right to tell me or President Obama what to believe, and if you are trying to win points with educated voters, you are going to have to bring a better game than this.

  34. "Anji, that was a nice perspective and a very idealic picture of Sarah and Trig out in the sunshine in a lawn chair. Not buying it."

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. So, this is the very social Sarah, sitting in a lawn chair, all alone with her baby on the FOURTH OF JULY??? When she has waterfront property in Wasilla? When the legislature isn't in session? When she has a huge extended family?

    I'm thinking that it's much more likely she was in Wasilla, or with some family members, barbecuing mooseburgers and making potato salad. Enjoying the holiday.

  35. FEDUP!!!8:49 AM

    Anonymous @8:30 PM said...

    The first thing I want to know is this: Is the doctor who supposedly delivered Trig a member of Sarah's church?

    As far as *I* know (hearsay...) : YES! She also is an expert on child abuse...

  36. As far as why Sarah wasn't at the correspondence dinner? Yes, these people were celebs, but they are journalists, reporters, editors, pundits, etc. These are the people questioning, reporting, scratching their heads at her antics and let's face it, many are making fun of Palin on a daily basis.
    This was not a crowd for her. I just can't see her making her word salad with fecal dressing chit chat with the likes of Keith Obermann or Rachael Maddow. These people know something is very fishy about her, many probably know the many hidden truths of GINO. No way was she going. Sending Todd instead? Well he had his salivating handler Greta. No way was he going to be let alone there. It would of been a much bigger risk to let Sarah go.
    Her fantastical story telling recently exhibited in Indiana is getting worse all the time. Not only is she a habitual liar but she is delusional and forgetful of the past lies. She has a big shovel and her hole is getting deeper and deeper.

  37. It does look as though she was in Juneau the weekend of July 4, 2008.

    From GINO's newsletter:

    July 4, 2008
    Weekend event in Juneau marking the July 7 date the Act was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    She even made it to some event, per the slideshow at the Juneau Empire.

  38. crystalwolf aka califgrl9:11 AM

    scroll down under Bob Poe, You will see a "blurb" about it.
    Might as well post here:

    Rumor Central: Whopper story heading towards the S.S. PalinAn iceberg is heading toward the Palins. Can it be stopped? I don't think so. Will it sink the ship, all signs say yes. Stay tuned...

  39. The silence is weird considering how many of her friends and supporters would like to end this with one of their personal photos from the gym, say, with Palin in tights,obviously pregnant, or other personal stories, etc.....but no, silence on BOTH sides, like NO ONE knows ANYTHING at all either way.

    I wonder if the Men in Black visited Wasilla and zapped everyone's memory?

  40. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I agree with Anon 8:21. Eventually the truth will come out, but if you have a group of influential religious zealots doing their darnedest to suppress information, then your informant(s) may be trying to find their way through a thicket of thorns, especially if s/he thinks that ties to close relatives or friends may be severed. If this is so, dear informant, please consider that any relationship dependent on secrets and lies is a poor one. At present, those that keep silent, give their consent and enable a "dysfunctional organization" to continue. I recommend "Codependent No More" by Melody Beattie to support yourself emotionally during this time.

  41. Let me echo Ivyfree's comment just above, and that of Anonymous @ 7:56 AM, also. I had more to say, but I'll leave it at that.

    Except... :)
    Anji Gallanos, if you're still reading might tell your dad (who said "the closer to sea level the stupider you are") that he's wrong in so many ways, but chiefly that there's more oxygen in the atmosphere at sea level, which directly benefits the brain (function), than there is at altitude.

    Besides, if that theory was developed while living in Los Angeles...well, there you are. There's so much pollution in the air around LA, it's a wonder people just don't keel over and die from LACK of oxygen. Well, some do, actually...

  42. Gryphen, just made a small donation. Will try to make another later. Thank you for the hard work and for the updates. I am seething this morning as I am so tired of hearing anyone critical of Palin (even in her own party) and her lack of abilities being attacked and having to apoligize. There really seems to be a lot going on. Please dig it up, find it out, and expose it. The lies have to stop. I want McCain and Company taken down with this too as they lied the whole time and continue to do so as to having vetted her. In the case of so many of the "Palingates", who approved some of these actions?, who signed off?, who knew and did not tell - there are some culpable and complicit persons who also need to be exposed!

  43. Even if SP spent a holiday with Trig, that's just one day. DS kids need intensive, hands-on therapy in order to maximize their motor skills and their ability to communicate.

    One of my kids has a neurological disorder that required early-intervention occupational therapy and then speech therapy. Even that weekly kind of OT and ST takes time, lots of it. The DS parents I met in the waiting rooms spent ALL their time dealing with the needs of their DS kids as well as their siblings, if any.

    If Trig is getting therapy, how come we've never seen anyone taking him to and fro? One would imagine that's the kind of win-win situation that SP would adore to publicize...

  44. Anonymous11:17 AM

    90% at least of all people with a diagnosis of Down's do terminate the pregnancy.

    Now, some people don't get tested, but of those who do, we know that almost all terminate.

    It is just a fact, not anything else.

  45. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Stay on it Gryphen. Let us know what you can when you can. Absolutely fascinating.

  46. @anonymous2 7:56. The ideas I posted above are my own. I have not found them in any "propaganda" by any group of "you folks." As for offending blacks or Jews, I suspect that most of them would agree that they were treated badly and as less than human during slavery in America and during WWII in Germany. My observation is that when an entire group of people is treated atrociously (as during slavery and WWII), the majority of the offending society (America, Germany) must somehow convince themselves that the victims are less than human. If the society considered them as equals, how could they possible commit such atrocities against fellow human beings? In present-day America, our society has convinced itself that a fetus us not actually a human being; if it were considered a baby, who could bring herself to kill it? In my opinion, it is a baby, not a fetus. I ask myself, "How can anyone kill a baby? How can a society condone killing babies?" The only answer I have come up with is that the people of that society don't consider their victims to be babie--they are "just" fetuses.
    This is my own opinion, and I have based it on opinions I formed when studying history. My intent on posting this is not to change anyone's mind, just to share some ideas that I have. I have no "check list," and I voted for Barack Obama because I believe that he actually lives his Christian values, not just talks about them as do McCain and Palin. I have not told you, or anyone else, what to believe. I have posted on "this blog" several times. Sometimes my opinions are similar to others who post, and sometimes they are different. But, as I said, I post here simply to share ideas, not to persuade anyone.

  47. I started to read all the comments and further specuation and then thought, what the hell's the point?

    Because, the truth is already out. Anybody who has followed Palindeceptions for the last 4 or 5 months can't help but knowing the truth now. It's so damn obvious that I don't even need to repeat it here!

    So to make a long story short, we don't need to keep hoping for some great expose all epiphany to happen. How can it happen when it already has happened? What we need to do now is somehow work together to force the MSM to come forward with the truth so there will no longer be any doubt in the minds of the American people.

    Or in other words, is there anybody whose word will be trusted who can come forward now and tell more truth than we already know? Not likely, unless it's either Bristol Palin or Sarah herself who goes on the 6 O'clock news and sobs out the truth and the reason for the deception. Anybody really think that's going to happen soon?


  48. Anonymous1:38 PM

    @Truth, I am the Anon who answered you at 7:56. I am a person of one of the ethnicities you just compared to an unborn fetus. You have offended me deeply, and at a spiritual level. You have also disparaged my ancestors. You are saying we have the intellect of a fetus. What do you say now?

  49. onejrkitty1:42 PM


    "So even if I am very careful not to jump to too many conclusions, I think it is safe to say that SOMETHING is happening."


    So far, the posts you quote could literally be NOTHING MORE THAN SOMEONE SPECULATING IN THEIR OWN HEAD AND THE "PEOPLE" THEY ARE REFERRING TO WHO WANT TO TALK TO THE FBI..." could be no more than one or two of their friends sitting around venting about Palin.


    This is worse than a "teaser" it could easily be a non-event. I myself have posted many places stating that both BRistol and Levi KNOW who Trig's mom is and if either spilled the beans, Palin would be finished. For all you know, I could be who these people are referring to.

    You need to wait until you have direct face to face info ( or at least telephone to telephone info from someone who gives their name and backs up specifically what they are referring to.) I am not suggesting you publish names, but someone needs to become a valid source before you start thinking something is going on.

    Rumor on "our side" is just as idiotic as "rumor" on their side and does neither side any good.

    What till you have something solid to "tease" about before teasing. And note: Levi will NOT even mention a book deal unless Palin plays hard ball with Trip. A Levi book is a big hammer over Palin's head and Rex will NOT threathen lightly. YOU DO NOT TELEGRAPH A PUNCH !

    Rex and Tank will NOT and should NOT tell anybody anything about their client, their strataegy nor should they comment on Palin.


  50. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Interesting message Truth, albeit a little off topic. And I was expecting you to tell us how we need to care more for animals and how we should be sure to slaughter them humanely if we choose to slaughter them. Not that I'm against eating meat of course. But no, you started in on the baby/fetus thing and that's where you lost me. They are two different things in my mind of course so we differ in that respect at least. But I'm wondering if you would perhaps advocate wiping up any spilled semen and keeping it in a bottle to see if it amounts to anything, before just going ahead and flushing it down the toilet. The point is Truth, you have no authority to draw the line on what's a baby any more than I do and there's not too much doubt that semen and unfertilized eggs contain life.

    In any case Truth, neither of us have any right to barge in here and try to impose our beliefs on others do we. Especially not religious superstitious beliefs! I'll keep mine to myself if you keep yours to yourself Truth.

  51. Please tell me in what way I have imposed my beliefs on anyone by posting my ideas in a blog? I find some blog posts offensive, but I do not feel they are "imposed" on me. I simply say to myself, "I disagree," and move on.

  52. I appreciate that you gave your word not to reveal what you found. But I'd hope that there would be some sort of deadline with this. No matter how the truth comes out, people will want to read Levi's story.

    The longer we wait the more time Sarah has to prepare. What's worse, I'm afraid it will be revealed on her own terms or spun in some twisted way. I don't like leaving it in her hands...

  53. I am responding to AKPetMom's comments re: Down Syndrome. I am a mother of a 12 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and an 18 year old "typical" son.

    I am also pro-choice which means that I support a woman's right to choose whether or not to have her baby. I chose not to do pre-natal testing because I knew that I wouldn't abort. There's no point in testing if you know that wouldn't act on the results (which was the first clue that Sarah Palin's story is dodgy.)

    I wanted to give you the perspective of someone who has a child with DS. Our daughter is an important, valuable part of our family.

    My husband and I ensure that our daughter gets the therapies and services that she needs to develop to be the best that she can be, just in the same way we've supported our son in his development. (another one of the red flags in the Trig story - I wonder if he receives any Early Invention therapy at all.)

    All kids need parenting. It's just a little different if you have a child with special needs. Not better, not worse, just different.

    Am I worried about our daughter's future? Absolutely, we deal with people's preconceived notions all the time. That says more about "other people" than it does about my daughter. But what I find is once people get to know my daughter, a lot of that bias goes away and they appreciate her sense of humor, her incredible emotional intelligence and begin to understand her as a person.

    BTW, my daughter is quite physically co-ordinated and not frustrated with her movement. She swims, golfs, plays baseball and soccer among other things. We are avid rock climbers and she climbs too!

    As far as we're concerned, the sky's the limit.

  54. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Anonymous said:
    "90% at least of all people with a diagnosis of Down's do terminate the pregnancy.

    Now, some people don't get tested, but of those who do, we know that almost all terminate.

    It is just a fact, not anything else."

    Show us documentation please of this being a FACT. The only numbers like this I have seen have been from people who are against abortion. Show us a study or research document that proves this because this is my medical specialty and it is not a "fact" as far as any legitimate statistics I have seen. Saying that 90% of KNOWN DS babys are aborted is completely different than say 90% of all of them are. You are passing around information that is not true because you want to use it for a political purpose. Even the 90% of known DS fetuses is not an accurate fact. Again, show your sources when you insist that something is fact. Otherwise it is just your guess or your opinion.

  55. Anonymous8:31 AM

    To the Straight goods,

    I agree with you totally. Those of us who are convinced Trig is not Sarah Palin's baby should be emailing and writing letters to all of the different MSM reporters. I would also include newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post and any others. There are several NYT reporters who have written about Palin before and are looking for leads. She can cut down the NYT all she wants and call it a liberal rag, sorry it is a good newspaper. I have professional relationships with several MSM reporters and I will be sending them the Palin Deception blog as well as others. I hope all of you do the same. Do not give up. They want to call us crazy, but that is there sick twisted way of defending Sarah Palin because they have no rationale defense at all! None! Not one of them can ever rationalize her wild ride without others poking legitimate holes in it.

    Its time for us to do more than blog. (although keep blogging too). We need to start writing letters, as many as possible to every source we can think of. And not wait for Wasilla Joe or June or Levi to come out and speak. They may be very afraid for good reasons. Hopefully they will do the right thing because a woman who uses children for her political agenda, should not be in office, period.

    Everyone start writing. Let them call us crazy once this is proven. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will not hurt me and they will not stop me from speaking the truth about a corrupt morally bankrupt mentally ill politician!

  56. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Hey Gryphen,

    What's up with Sarah Palin's legal battle with Article on HuffPost.

    Why is this webpage that has been hijacked by so important to the Palin camp? I just wondered if you knew more than what is being stated.

  57. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Let me guess....Track and Bristol were mainlining oxycontin and
    drinking one night, had sex and voila Trig is that is sad and sordid but not unlikely with trailer trash.


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