Thursday, June 04, 2009

Did Bristol Palin have anything to do with Sherry Johnston's drug bust?

As you all know I have been aggressively working a number of sources in the attempt to uncover some definitive evidence concerning the truth behind "babygate".

In my search I have had some very interesting conversations with people who are now, or once were, very close to the Palin family, the Johnston family, or both.

Here is a little tidbit that one of my sources claims is 100% accurate, and that nobody knows.

According to my source Sherry Johnston bought a cell phone for Bristol back when she and Levi were an item. Sometime later Bristol returns the phone to Sherry. When Sherry asks why, Bristol claims that she has another phone and no longer needs it.

Now here is where things get a little crazy. The phone rings one day, and when Sherry answers it the guy on the other end of the line is asking her if she has any Oxycontin she can sell. She has no idea who this person is, or how he got her number, and at first she is very reluctant.

Now at this time Sherry Johnston was in serious financial trouble. Her husband had left her and she was essentially living on disability payments. The guy on the other end of the phone was very persistent and Sherry finally agreed to sell him a few of her Oxycontin pills.

He paid her for the pills and this relationship continued, with the guy calling Sherry, and her selling him some of her prescription pain medication. This occurred about three different times altogether.

As it turned out the guy was working as an FBI informant and was being used to find people in the Valley who were dealing in drugs. So the next thing Sherry Johnston knows she is busted on six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance.

Now here is the kicker. The FBI informant is a Wasilla resident who was once, and may still be, friends with Bristol Palin. Hmmm very interesting.

Now the reason that this is more than just idle gossip is that my source not only has first hand knowledge of these events, but also gained access to Sherry's cell phone number and traced it back to when Bristol had the phone in her possession.

Now add to that the fact that the Palmer DA refused to knock the charges down to a B felony instead of an A felony, which is never the case with first time offenders, and you cannot help but realize that this thing stinks to high heaven.

Why haven't any local news agencies followed up on this story? Probably for the same reason that the ADN will no longer link to progressive Alaskan blogs, pressure from Sarah Palin and her outside agitators. Like I said, she is still very powerful and people are afraid of her. (And right now she is probably scaring people in New York, because she flew there right after introducing Michael "Still making a living off of my father's name" Reagan last night to a small, frightened little crowd of Republicans.)

(By the way if your comments contain any guesses as to who my sources are, I will delete them. Sorry, but even idle speculation can make them very jittery and they may no longer share information with me. And that would be a bad thing.)

I will also add this other little tidbit for you to mull over. Levi's book deal is imminent and you will simply NOT believe who the publisher is going to be.


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    The Publisher? Erm.....are Harper Collins hedging their bets?

  2. OHMYGAWD - Here comes the iceberg right on time. MANY THANKS.

  3. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Thanks so much for this juicy update, Gryphen! I understand that you can't reveal names at this point, but it's great that you've been able to verify what many of us have suspected - that the Palins were most likely in some way involved with setting Sherry up. And that Bristol, what a little bitch! This just confirms it.

    I hope Levi's publisher will be Sarah's publisher, too. That way they will be forced to go on some book tour events together if their books come out at the same time - appearing on discussion panels or at book signings at the same time or around the same time - he would totally steal Palin's thunder that way! Wouldn't that be cool? Book publishers are in it for the money - so why wouldn't they pay to hear both sides of the story?

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Did the FBI-guy pursue Bristol as a way to find drugs in Wasilla, meaning that this was an FBI sting??? Or, did Bristol go to him with the phone number and info about Sherri, meaning that it was a Palin setup?? Which do you think it was??

  5. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Edit - there is an extra "n" in Johnston in the headline.

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    The cell phone info is interesting! Was it a set up or did the guy initially call the phone to get his usual supply from Bristol?

  7. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Levi has no choice but to tell all if half of what you are told is true. Will he remain in Wasilla and continue to hunt? That being Alaska, the Palin mafia owns the FBI? Any chance a sting could be exposed? Wasilla is a small clannish little pit, everyone would know who the informant is. If they don't have to testify, so what? Republicans are accustomed to deflecting rumors.

    Levi needs more public relation help. The blogs that keep his name alive are all Republicans. They are awarding him "dead beat dad" of the year. These are the same people that never noticed when Matt Lauer said "out cold" for Tripp's comatose Today show debut. Remember, he did not flitch for at least 5 minutes no matter how Bristol fidgets with him? His mouth was gapping and dry. He must have Dr. Baldwin-Johnson watching out for him. She would do the right thing?

    Cute of Bristol, setting up Tripp's grandmother? In the dutiful daughter way. Sarah never needs to get her hands dirty.


  8. Many thanks, Gryphen. It is so frustrating that newspapers seem to have given up investigative reporting.

    And Wow! The drug bust smelled badly of Sarah Palin involvement....but Bristol? Wow!

    Publishers control book content, distribution, etc. Hopefully, Levi's publisher is not the same as, or related to, SP's. If so, they could edit out anything that might be perceived as harming SP's desired message and aspirations.

    I have the feeling that Levi's full story would be a bestseller and lend itself to a blockbuster movie.

  9. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I always thought that picture of Sadie and little Trig found on August 28 made someone very, very mad. I mean right at the door before ol' Palin plowed through, pictures of Sadie's "little brother" Trig were plastered all over the internet. Seems like Sadie wanted everyone to know. Bristol was thrown under the bus willingly by her mother to cover their behinds. Oddly, that picture of Levi and Trig was not among the ones released. As soon as the election was over, bammmmm. I heard that teenagers where used as informants. Entrapment by your grandchild's birth mom cold blooded. The deceptions started with Palin, not Johnston. Poor Bristol will pay for her deceptions as well. Sad little pawn babies have been brought into such a mess.

    Thanks, Gryphen, for the info. I heard Mr. Dunn will be writing a book about Palin, too.

  10. Anonymous2:10 PM

    How long of a time had elapsed between when Bristol gave back the phone, and when Sherry got that first call. Obviously Sherry was still paying for the phone so had Sherry been using it herself and given the # out as her own?

    Just trying to look at the evidence objectively.

    I mean it would be kind of stupid for Sherry to just answer the phone right after bristol giving it back and not be suspicious. Maybe she is just that stupid, or maybe just betrayed. But you'd have to be pretty thick, and maybe even think that Bristol was selling if that is someone who was calling Bristols phone.

    Thats why I was thinking that maybe Sherry had been using the phone as her own for awhile.

  11. hmmm, if bristol was involved in getting sherry busted -through a sting no less- that would go a long way towards explaining why bristol and mercede apparently hate each other now, when mercede once worte this about bristol "My sister in law. Oh how I love her."

    i always thought something bigger than bristol getting jealous when sadie had a friend who was levi's ex was really in play.

  12. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Also, why didn't Bristol have a cellphone in the first place? Why did Sherry have to buy her one?
    Was it a secret phone that Sarah didn't know about?

    This raises many new questions

  13. penelope2:16 PM

    I am so happy for Levi and I do not care who his publisher is. Moreover, I am so happy for America because I have hopes that Levi will tell the TRUTH and that truth shall set us all free - free from THE GINO forever (at least in politics). Let Sarah parade and wink on FOXY noise in her hooker shoes, I do not care! But if this Wasilla teen (Levi) tells the truth, he may well save America. Heck, if Levi prevents SP from getting near our nuclear codes, Levi might save the entire planet!
    Levi must be furious that Bristol had his mom set up for selling some of her prescription - I don't condone what she did, but it is despicable that Bristol would abet in taking down the grandma of her baby (babies).

  14. onejrkitty2:20 PM

    Not sure it would be to any Palin's advantage to set Sherry up. After all, it is bad publicity for the Palins too.

    Maybe the informant was trying to get Bristol for selling drugs and when Bristol--in this scenario anyway--innocently gave the phone back to Sherry, ended up with Sherry selling drugs.

    There is nothing in what is reported here that shows Bristol was PURPOSEFULLY TRYING to set up Johnston.

    I also feel that Sherry made the decision to sell the drugs, no matter how she was connected to the informant. THIS IS ONE THINGS THAT MAKES ME WONDER IF THERE WAS MAL INTENT ON BRISTOL'S PART, I.E. SHERRY CHOOSE TO SELL THE DRUGS TO SOMEONE SHE "MET ON THE PHONE". I think Sherry was selling drugs for money prior to "meeting" the informant. I dont think the informant was her first customer.

    If you are in pain, chronic pain, you do not have pills to spare and you do not sell you meds as you need them too much yourself. I believe she sold approximately 10 pills each transaction so approximately 30 pills to this one informanant?? THIS IS A LOT OF OXY TO SELL.

    I don't know WHY there would we a SUFFICIENT ENOUGH reason for Bristol to set Sherry up. I mean what was Bristol hoping to gain? At that point why would Sheery have warrented this kind of treatment. THIS IS PRETTY SERIOUS SHIT TO BE PUTTING ON SHERRY SO WHY? AND WHY WAS BRISTOL DONING THIS? If Palin had been directly involved, I still doubt she would want this kind of negative publicity.

    Yeah, I know she would have done this to Wooten, but why not set up Levi not Sherry.

    Sorry, but but even if the sources are 100% reliable, they are not stating WHY such SEVERE treatment of Sherry.

    I am sure the factual actions as reported are true, I just dont see the "set up" agenda behind the logistics.

    Not in any way "defending" any of the Palins here as you know I feel all of them are capable of revenge, I just simply don't see the motivation here. '

    Also" "... the Palmer DA refused to knock the charges down to a B felony instead of an A felony, which is never the case with first time offenders..." FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH THE JUSTICE SYSTEM ( NOT CRIMINAL BUT CIVIL RIGHTS) I KNOW PROSECUTORS ( I SUED THE CHIEF PROSECUTOR OF ALASKA ) LIE. I know the prosecutor may be very influenced by Palin. BUT, I JUST DON'T "FEEL" IT HERE. Maybe he is not knocking down the charge for fear of looking like he is doing a Palin extended family member (Sherry IS Tripp's other grandmother) a favor.

    Sorry. Unless there is more, I don't think the motivation is there. Too much bad publicity for Palin having Johnson arrested.

  15. Anonymous2:25 PM

    When he writes the book, we will all owe Levi our thanks.

    About time someone had big enough huevos to take Sarah head on.

    I hope he knows information about housegate, troopergate, travelgate and a few other gates to add to babygate..

    Sarah.. your worst nightmare is about to come true.

  16. lisabeth2:26 PM

    thank you for the update and thank you to the mystery people who have given information. you are doing the right thing and a good thing for our country. i would want to stay hidden too. sarah palin is a very scary woman.

    this is interesting and i'll laugh if it is Harper Collins!

    i see now where things are coming from and going too a bit more clearly

    a comment. i saw someone on another thread here suggesting people give information like what Patrick wrote out to people who write about the Palins on an ongoing basis. This morning I got an email from Huffington to tell me another story from Geoffrey Dunn was released. I think that is his first name. He is an excellent writer/investigative journalist and he is writing a book about Sarah Palin to be out in 2010. I do not know how he feels about babygate but I tried to write him to look into it, and my note on Huffington was not published. I don't know if it was because it was too long or if they simply don't allow comments about that. If that is true, they are making a mistake I think. He knows she is a liar, I hope he covers this issue in his book and does not think it is a crazy conspiracy theory.

    again, thanks for telling us some information. very very interesting! i thought it was very strange they were being so hard on a first time offender with a valid prescription. all those counts are over the top. do you know if all of this information about it being Bristols phone was released in court?? i wish people did not have to be afraid of Palin. someday that will change I hope.

  17. onejrkitty2:32 PM

    Now if Sherry was selling drugs prior to Bristol giving her the cell phone back AND IF BRISTOL KNEW SHERRY WAS SELLING DRUGS---AND BIG IF---BRISTOL WAS WORKING WITH THE FBI INFORMANT, WHICH I SERIOUSLY DOUBT, then there may be a case for a "set up."

    However, IF BRISTOL DID NOT KNOW THE GUY WAS AN INFORMANT, THEN MAYBE SHE WAS JUST PROVIDING SHERRY WITH A CUSTOMER, especially IF Bristol knew Sherry was already selling drugs. (I believe Sherry was already selling drugs.) It this case, there would be no "set up" just a bad result from a well intentioned act on Bristol's part.

    Now, maybe the informanent was calling Bristol's old cell phone because he had been buying drugs from Bristol and got Sherry since the phone had been returned. IF so, again, Bristol cannot be said to have intentionally "set up" Sherry.

    Again, I am not arguing the accuracy of the logistics as stated by the source. I just feel a lot has been "read into" the logistics that are really no more than speculation.

    If the prosecutor is guilty of manipulation by Palin--and that may very well be the case, you got to have more than "speculation."

    I did when I sued the CP of Ak.

  18. crystalwolf aka caligrl2:35 PM

    I knew it had to go down like this! The one question I have though is the investigation started I think in Oct. when Bristol was with the campaign trail?
    Also the phone thing...all cell phones have GPS so the FBI would of been able to TRACK Sherry as well as just calling her etc.
    I hope this comes out in her trial, b/c I'm sure Bristol was not acting on her own..and this would of been going on when Levi (after the election) was living at "Casa de palin"? So she was ready to ditch Levi for sometime before Trip was born.

    Oh Gryphen, peeland is calling you the King Troofer, and one of them says this about a couple of us + you guys...
    I A Crowther, June 4, 2009 4:58 PM

    Just a couple of things that bother me about DirtZilla’s referencing of the “appearances standard” (if it looks bad don’t do it):

    -does it look bad when you hang around with the King of the Troofers;

    -does it look bad when you encourage cyber bullying in your comments threads…

    -oh yeah and does it look bad when your cyber bullies are troofers like sjk, Kajo, Regina and crystalwolfthingy?

    Ah yeah, and then there’s that personal friend who makes the Nazi accusations.

    Funny thing that judging of people by their own impropriety.
    Funny them judging, good christians that they are???
    So we are all "Troofers" now :) Funny how the TRUTH bugs them all?

  19. Anonymous2:38 PM

    look, I visited your site. woo hoo

  20. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I always wondered if Sarah had something to do with Sherry's arrest.

    Sarah has always found a way to get rid of people that she doesn't like. There is a whole list of people she has gotten rid of. Sherry is just one of them and I hope it ultimately back fires on Sarah.

    And Sarah, isn't that like the "pot" calling the kettle black. Didn't you admit to smoking pot!

    Just because it was legal doesn't mean that you should do it Sarah. What's the difference??

    Drugs are drugs and it alters your thinking and perceptions, and you thought this was alright for "you", why??

    Levi don't let her intimidate you, and I can't wait for your book!

  21. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Bristol has taken over the "mini mean girl" role. I hope Levi realizes he's bein played and he can never trust Bristol and will get full custody of Tripp so he can raise this kid away from the Palin Mafia.

  22. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Is imminent before or after year end?

  23. FEDUP!!!3:21 PM

    So... what are Sherry's options? How can she prove anything?
    (I am wondering, because there was the pleabargain recently, wasn't there? Why did this issue not come up then?)

    I fervently HOPE and WISH that this IS the iceberg, and an avalanche on top of it, so it cannot be stopped...

  24. FEDUP!!!3:25 PM

    BTW, Gryphen: PLEASE make sure you get this story OUT TO THE MSM and other bloggers! Time to flood the airwaves with this!

  25. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Gryphen, did you have an extra-heavy workout today? It's "Sherry Johnston's drug bust" !


  26. Anonymous3:59 PM

    No mention yet of Rex Butler's role in the Levi book deal. I am hoping and believing that Rex is the strategist, that he is figuring out how to make this work out well for (a) Levi and Sherry; (b) himself; and (c) the common good.

    Yes, I am hoping that Rex is one of the truly good guys. Am I naive? I am hoping he is working out a strategy that will get bucks, freedom, and custody for the Johnstons at the same time that he doles out (or arranges for Levi to dole out) enough info to assure that the Palin contingent get stabbed on their own petards, of which they have such a dizzyingly large number. If Rex can mastermind that, he will be the hero that emerges from this.

    I live with a chronic-pain sufferer. We have TONS of unused prescription pain killers -- most people in this situation do, expensive stuff that didn't work out, or something better was prescribed, etc. So to need it and to have enough left over to sell is not at all surprising, esp if one is in dire financial straits as Sherry was. I'm not defending it, just understanding how that slide could happen.

    Gryphen, you are doing it just right: getting the info out while protecting the sources.

  27. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Why do c4p care to keep up with "troofers"?

  28. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Wow, you(or your source) have stretched the truth a bit here. Nothing new I suppose. You would be surprised to learn how much simpler the truth to this story really is.

  29. Anonymous4:25 PM

    If you can spill this, why can't you spill the babygate stuff.

    And how do they know who the informant is anyway? The FBI usually protects the identities of the informants

  30. Anonymous4:54 PM

    So Levi is probably in a position to tell us (via his book, of course: why give it away for free!) about the paternity, timeline, AND maternity of Trig. The circumstances of Trig's conception. What Dr Cathy's role was. What the family dynamics looked like. That will open up babygate. Levi's word against TeamPalin's.

    DNA/parental testing left and right. Not a problem for the side telling the truth.

    Levi is in a position to tell us what looked fishy, manipulated, lied-about (and via instructions from whom). For example, he will know under what circumstances Track left town, what the lines of force were for that, ditto for Track's enlistment.

    So who is publishing Levi's book? I say forget the issue of whether it will sell or not. I think we look for a person or entity who is eager to give Levi enough money (yes, GIVE), as an advance, that Levi keeps, even if the book part ends up being so-so. Who would want to give Levi enough money to establish the kind of financial security (financial independence) Levi needs in order to speak freely? To have some Teflon when the Palin reprisal starts? I am thinking it is NOT Zondervan, with Harper-Collins tagging meekly behind. I am thinking it is some liberal, Democrat outfit that would like some actionable news to leak out pretty soon.

  31. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:01 PM

    I think people are missing "the cell phone" Why did Sherry have to give Bristol a cell phone?
    (maybe mama grizz didn't want her to be able to call or text Levi unless she was present, we all know how controlling she is) I mean Bristol hardly ever goes out anywhere, I'm sure if she did we would here, "I saw Bristol here and there" She poster girl for teen pregnancy for god sake! Everyone knows her. She tans (they probably have a tanning bed in 'Silla)She goes to see Swim coach. She goes to Juneau. She goes on TV with Dud. She is a prisoner, not a 18 yr old Mom.
    That's why I don't believe the working 2 jobs story. That happened in 2007-2008.
    And The FBI informant was a friend of Bristols!!!!
    Remember Levi said after the election "she just changed"
    When Trig was born Bristol and Sadie were good friend, "my brother in law..Triggy bear" Now they hate each other???
    And, also..too, I don't care who publishes Levi's Book, I will buy it, you bethca...
    crystalwolf-a proud "Troofer" :)

  32. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:13 PM

    HaHa Patricks @ peeland saying Troofer stuff, RAM is threathning to kick him off,
    Again FUNNY how they want to avoid the truth at all costs, that would expose GINO for what she is a GIANT FAKE! EPIC FAIL!

  33. Anonymous5:17 PM

    You don't want it to be the same publisher as Palin's book. A Publisher can buy your book, pay you and never publish it. The fact that they paid you, they own it. Levi would not be able to sell it elsewhere.

    So please NOT the same as Palin's publisher.

  34. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Could it be that because drugs were sold to a teenage informant, the judge would not lower the charge? Make it bad.

    Plot thickens....

    And thank your sources, Gryphen. I wish others would stand up to GINO.

  35. Oh, whoo, hoo, I'm a "cyberbully"...who knew? (smirk) Calling us "Troofers" is so....middle school. Whoever talks like that should check the fit of their dentures.


    For Anonymous @ 2:10 put an approximate timeline on when Sherry Johnston got the cell phone from Bristol Palin:

    Gryphen said above that " this time Sherry Johnston was in serious financial trouble. Her husband had left her and she was essentially living on disability payments. The guy on the other end of the phone was very persistent..."

    That PEOPLE article in January on P. 98 notes in a sidebar that "Johnston, who in May (2008) separated from her husband of 21 years..."

    (in case anyone's forgotten....the article also noted the "dated 3 years" and "Levi and Bristol are working their butts off to parent and going to school and working at the same time" Pinocchio stories from Sarah Palin, as well as "Levi would help out" with Trig, and the most notable, " day...they tended to Tripp and sorted through gifts from well-wishers; by night they traded off diaper detail and the task of soothing a crying baby" which put the lie to Palin's claim that Levi never lived in the Palin house.)

  36. Ratfish5:50 PM

    "You will simply not believe who the publisher is going to be."

    My guess is 1. Larry Flynt 2. National Enquirer

    Not because they are salacious but because each of them has the guts and the money to buy and print the truth.

  37. justafarmer5:54 PM

    Anonymous is apparently one of those multiple personalities. Making my head spin with all the colliding points of view.

  38. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Esquire mag. about Todd's reaction to Sherry's arrest:

    "All Todd could say a the time was that he hoped there was a bright side: living in the public eye can sometimes be better than rehab at forcing you to get your life together".

    Someone should tell c4p that Todd Palin applauds the efforts of the "Troofers".


    ha ha wv: trackrab, maybe TP was refering to Track?

  39. Anonymous6:48 PM

    If Levi had knowledge that could be damaging to Scarah, why would Bristol or Scarah risk alienating him, and especially in a way so egregious as going after his mother? Wouldn't that very predictably turn him against them and give him the incentive to use whatever he knew for revenge or blackmail? I accept that Scarah is mean, but I don't believe even she is that stupid.

  40. Gryphen, I'm very glad you are pursuing the trail, wherever it leads. Let us know if you need more funds.

    Thank you, from a lower-48'er.

  41. Anonymous7:10 PM

    anonymous 6:48 Scarah is over confident and has connections. Remember how she had shadow gov Todd take care of Wooten? One of Bristol's jobs is to handle the Levi department. Scarah doesn't think in terms of if they get caught.

  42. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:50 PM

    Anon@6:48 said"If Levi had knowledge that could be damaging to Scarah, why would Bristol or Scarah risk alienating him"
    Hey that was way before Levi got "People"! She probably never imagined in her stupid head Sherry would get any lawyer to represent her, let along encourage Levi to write a book, lol! She thought she had the Johnson family sewed up, Sherry busted, Levi money to pay for custody or anything to fight the Palin Mafia!
    Notice how things have taken a turn since Sherry got Rex on Board? And Levi has Tank???
    I bet that all made her head spin! And lets not forget the talk, she was in a hurry to sign her book so she can pay the Johnsons off. Levi's book will totally outsell hers! Everyone exception the palinbots is sick of her lies. The only reason we would buy her book is to catch her in ANOTHER lie, period!

  43. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Anon@6:48pm: you are thinking as if this problem has only the usual few vectors, like for most of us regular folks. But it has many. Like: Levi's Mom might have supplied OxyContin to Track or in some other way have contributed drugs to his debauched life. Levi might not have been their original first choice for Bristol, and they might not like him that much now, but he did them a big favor by flying right during the campaign. Bristol, too, was described as a partying druggie in the NatEnquirer stories way back then -- stories that have never been refuted. Could it be that Bristol was dealing drugs, that's why she got her own separate cell phone? But then she had to stop and gave the phone back, with all that that symbolically implied. That's maybe why a call came in on it, seeking a deal on that phone? Maybe it was a sting all along, for the FBI-informant-buyer, but Bristol got warned and got out, then found it convenient to let Sherry get caught. Lots of unpredictable complications and betrayals when a big deal goes sour.

    Then there's that other secret -- the one they needed Dr Cathy for. And it must have been clear to all in the extended family that to support Sarah could lead to big-time goodies for all. But now things are unravelling. Misunderstandings. A cooling off from all these big plans. The lesser players see that they can make a big play of their own, maybe. Or try to. Or maybe it's a choice between cut your own deal vs go to jail, epending on the toss of the dice in the weeks to come So: lots of instability and criss-crossed vectors. That's my take.

  44. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Someone asked how they know who the informant is. Sherry Johnston knows and probably most of Wasilla who the informants or rats are. Cede may have been talking at the time of the bust. I've read her MySpace where she sounded like she was writing to someone about connecting or getting something from her mom. She wasn't clear about what it was, it could have been ? ? ? The teens Bristol hung with were not shy about drugs, most of them would have a good idea about what was going on. Dr. BaldwinJohnson is an expert on teen sex and drug abuse in the Valley because it is a big problem there.

    You don't have to live in a small town to know how fast word gets around when someone informs. Being a rat is the worst thing you can be in a drug culture. If you are helping a friend you could see yourself as a hero and not a rat.

  45. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Anon@5:17: What if that would be exactly the point for Harper-Collins and Zondervan: Having given Sarah her multimillions (okay, only the first third at this point), now they shell out another mere million to buy Levi's book with the intent to just never let it see the light of day, via various types of delay and confusing errors.

    But then there's Rex: I put a lot of faith in Rex's ability for seeing such a thing coming, if it in fact is, and having a back-up plan.

  46. Anonymous8:41 PM

    crystalwolf aka caligrl @ 5:01
    re tanning bed

    During the campaign I was reading about the tanning bed placed in Juneau by Palin. Well, I also ran across an article that was discussing the tanning bed and stated that Sherry Johnston put a tanning bed in Palin's house (didn't seem recent). I don't remember where I read it, it was on the internet in a news article. And I also read that tanning beds have been linked to DS in pregnancies. And Palin signed some bill back then about tanning beds, I think. My head is exploding....

  47. Anonymous9:23 PM


    I think too many comments here are assuming Bristol DID set up Sherry Johnston when nothing in Gryphen's article shows that she did.

    In playing devil's advocate, there are other, logical, reasonable, likely explanations for everything the source reported OTHER THAN BRISTOL SETTING UP SHERRY.

    Bristol would have had to know the this guywas an informant for the FBI. Bristol would have had to be stupid enough ( please, no snarky remarks here) to think the informant would not turn on her and give the FBI info on the Palins.

    Is there ANY reason to believe Bristol knew this guy was an informant? Is there ANY foundation for stating Bristol suggested this informant call Sherry and try to get her to sell him drugs?

    If Sherry was not already selling drugs, then why would Bristol even suggest the informant call Sherry. IF BRISTOL WAS SELLING DRUGS, MAYBE THE INFORMANT CALLED BRISTOL NOT KNOWING THE PHONE WAS NOT BACK TO SHERRY.

    Why did Sherry buy a cell for Bristol in the first place?

    Maybe Bristol innocently gave it back to Sherry because 1) Bristol had a newer cell with more features and 2) with Sherry down on her luck, she needed a cell--perhaps having lost her old one.


    My point is that we lower our own bar, and make ourselves and our position vulnerable to attack when we do not adequately play devils advocate and too quickly publicize a position that could very easily turn out to have NO BASIS IN REALITY.

    Then WE look like THEM.

    WE need to keep to a higher road, not only for our ethics but BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOU DEFEAT YOUR ADVERSARIES !



    Despite accuracy of what Gryphen was told, there is no foundation for believing Bristol's actions were nefarious. They could just as likely been totally innocent.

    Doesn't mean Sherry was not set up--personally I don't think she was--just that all we have her is speculation from some factual--assuming Gryphen's source really is accurate-- logistics.

    Careful people, you got to be very careful about this stuff or you end up hurting "the cause."

  48. Esquire mag. about Todd's reaction to Sherry's arrest: "All Todd could say a the time was that he hoped there was a bright side: living in the public eye can sometimes be better than rehab at forcing you to get your life together".

    Yeah, like spending your late summer/early fall on campaign with your overly ambitious mother.

    I wonder if he was talking about his daughter Bristol, not Sherry Johnston?

    Todd Palin probably knew all along that the Sherry Johnston sting and arrest was a set-up that, perhaps, even he helped engineer.

    After all, he did have experience in trying to trap Wooton in activities belying a WorkComp claim, and trying to get other state officials to rat Wooten out.

  49. ...even with her 'almost perfect' g.p.a., i don't believe BP came up with this alone....come on....

  50. Anonymous10:13 PM

    KaJo@9:24: Or maybe Todd was talking about their problem that Dr Cathy was engaged to address.

  51. onejrkitty10:17 PM

    The unidentified problem has an infinite number of solutions.

    There are an infinite number of speculations as to whether Sherry WAS set up and IF so, then by WHOM.

    "Todd Palin probably knew all along that the Sherry Johnston sting and arrest was a set-up that, perhaps, even he helped engineer."


    To indulge in such an "infinite number of speculations" shows that somebody is bored and is not using their critical thinking skills.

    Fine to do on your own time, but when you publish them in the comments section here--for all the world to see-- it helps adversaries paint us all with a broad brush. In other words, you lower our bar by making it look like we are more concerned with "being right about Palin" than in "the truth."

    Trust me, the truth WILL expose Palin. We don't need to rush it with unfounded speculation just because we "want it to be true."

    Please thinking a little more critically prior to printing comments.

    When you don't it hurts our (my) cause i.e. exposing Palin and the truth.

    Speculation is not truth.

    Even speculation needs some basis, some foundation upon which to speculate upon.

    What I like about Gryphen is his premis for this blog. "What is morality? Who decides? Are we in charge of our own destiny? What is right? And what is wrong?"

    When I was pre-teen I became a truth seeker and I understoond "The Truth" was not what I wanted it to be, not what I thought it was, not what someone else told me it was but rather The Truth was something objective of all those earthly and egotistical desires. The Truth was what was real objective of one's personal feelings, desires, conveniences etc.

    It is that TRUTH seeking that Gryphen, decades younger than I, share.

    You do an injustice to The Truth when you fail to ADEQUATELY USE YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.

    Too often "speculation" is really just an expression of what we want the truth to be, or what would be a convenient truth for our position. It has NOTHING to do with THE TRUTH.

    Let's keep OUR bar high. It's the only way to even begin to find The Truth about anything.

  52. Anonymous2:16 AM

    This is weird. Sarah Palin is among the most blatant criminals we have today and the FBI ignores everything about her. Are they on the case to solve the church fire? If not, they should be. Nothing is happening there. Whoever is handling the arson cases in Wasilla is doing it in a manner that is suspect. That is where the FBI should be. Why isn't the DEA enough for drug busts in Wasilla?

    Does anyone know where there is a link to the report about the Johnston investigation being postponed? A timely drug bust serves the McCain/Palin ticket more then it serves crime fighting. Johnston was busted after the election, in December of 2008 and the FBI is involved in that one small town case. While it is egregious that she was selling to any teen, what she was charged with is really small time. Why didn't the DA charge her for selling to minors? What other drug cases have the FBI busted in Wasilla? Does anyone have the list?

    If it is going to be only hearsay about a set up, how is it that significant? Gryphen could also be hearing from someone who is sincere and wrong. I think a set up is plausible, not so sure how it is going to be backed up.

    Knowing more about the cell phone, did Sherry use it first, why she gave it and why was it returned would be telling. But the phone would be evidence against Sherry. Anyone helping the FBI would have immunity. Overall, I don't get how the cell phone twist is going to help the Johnstons if it is just he said/she said. Bristol would not be the mastermind in any event. It seems odd the FBI would be working with a Veep candidate family to clean up drugs in Wasilla during the critical time of a campaign. Unless specific power players wanted something. Todd is the one who does the dirty work in that family. I don't know when Bristol got on board to dump Levi but she could have been a pawn with a cell phone set up scenario. Not to say she is not manipulative and vindictive on her own.

    Sarah is going into barracuda mode to grab the GOP pres contender prize. She doesn't have McCain to hold her back now. The Palin minions are ready to make mince meat of the Johnstons. They will bombard the blogs and press. They see a positive in being attacked because they believe Obama's popularity came from being attacked and fighting back.

    Levi needs to get his story told, he can't hold back anything. He needs to be brutally honest, including his families shortcomings. Alcohol, drugs and addictions are a big part of the Wasilla scene. I can believe Levi and his sister could be ready to put their past behind and move forward. Sherry is a weak link. The trouble I have with the cell phone story, as it is now, is that it sounds like an excuse for an addict who is still in denial. Levi needs to place his story in the Wasilla teen party scene because he won't be credible if he leaves out the nitty gritty. He needs to jive with the teen MySpace that the world could read and where all the screen shots were taken. His sister is still drunk on the internet under Bristol's name. Won't Sarah say poor innocent Bristol and she never did anything to deserve that? There are also pictures of Levi where he looks bad. They need to be ready for surprises. They need publicists to work on all that. The Johnstons need to have some back up for Sherry's story or she will sound like another addict with another excuse and that will reflect on Levi if he goes along with her denial.

    The Johnston's computer was violated. I hope Rex has a solid case he can work for the crimes against the Johnstons. Other then that, it has come down to books and who has the best publicity. Sarah will have another NYT "best seller" bulk of sales whirlwind media book charade. It is not as easy to get the truth out.

  53. I had some fun with "conservatives4palin" several hours ago. Actually, I tried to help them and said that they shouldn't waste their money on SarahPac and Sarah's Legal Defense Fund, because that just pays for Sarah's private bills and Meg Stapletons's salary.

    Then I tried to educate them about "babygate". I got the impression that they didn't like me very much. Anyway, I will be back, it's really good fun there. If you say "Babygate" they react like the elephant who has spotted the mouse...

    Here are two screenshots with their reactions:

  54. crystalwolf aka caligrl, I am proud to be a troofer along with you and kajo!

  55. Anonymous3:40 AM

    What if Track had gotten some pills from Sherry, at some point? Sarah & Todd may have wanted to set up Sherry as revenge. This might also explain why Sherry's initial charges were more severe than know facts would indicate. In other words, off the record, Sarah informed the prosecutor of the Track/Sherry pill incident, perhaps even as part of Track's military service "probation." The fact that Sarah wanted this off the record also enabled Rex to get the charges reduced.

  56. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Would someone who has first hand knowledge, please comment on the reasons why SP's son went into the service?
    Was it a choice between service and jailtime?

    Were drugs involved? Does anyone know if Bristol was part of the drug scene?

  57. lisabeth5:59 AM

    Hey Patrick, Good for you!! I don't think you will get anywhere but even if you can get one person to open up their eyes it is worth it. I don't understand how they can be so blind. Did you see a message I sent you about sending your info to the MSM? You should write an article with all the facts/info you have and try to get it published on Huffington. They probably won't go for it. If you say babygate, they don't publish your post which really angers me. I sometimes wonder if many of these outlets have had threatening letters that they would be sued if they talked about it. Otherwise, why wouldn't they deal with this subject. Babygate is HUGE. If it is true, which many of us believe, then she has lied outright about a very fundamental thing. It is sickening. But I don't think Sarah really cares anymore. Her ambition and greed have sort of taken over her. Some Christian!

  58. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Not sure if this made it through, so reposting.

    Just to play devil's advocate, does anyone else recall the National Enquirer article which talked about Levi selling a relative's Oxycontin prescription? And then we find out that a close relative had such a prescription. So while it's possible Bristol was involved in setting up the sting operation, I'm not sure the Johnstons are totally innocent either. Indeed, it's entirely possible that Levi and Bristol were both involved in selling pills from Sherry's prescription (that would explain Sherry giving Bristol a phone) until Bristol decided to turn on them and set them up. Just too many possible explanations right now.

  59. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Patrick it appears the folks at C-em-Pee love when you post. Did you swat hornet nests when you were younger?

    Just think about how much love they are going to shower on Levi when he writes a book.

    I am looking forward to the Levi book.... we will probably see Tucker Bounds show up on CNN and say, "this is great news for John McCain!"

    McCain is not going to get good press when the truth about Sarah comes out. For the selection of an unqualified lying clown as his running mate.. he needs to be thrown out of the Senate.

  60. I haven't followed this story from the beginning so forgive me if this is a question that has already been answered - is it possible that Trig is Track and Sherry's baby? I know she said she had a hysterectomy but that could have been a lie to deflect anyone from looking at that as a possibility. Track's drug of choice was Oxycontin, Sherry had it. It would explain the Trig as brother comments, Track being sent away, The DS b/c of Sherry's age, and the Palin's offering to adopt to avoid a scandal and b/c Sherry would never be able to afford the care. It makes sense that they would set her up to get busted to get her out of their life and fits with them wanting Levi out of Bristol's life.

    Can anyone tell me if that scenario has already been explored and deemed to be improbable?

    Susan in MD

  61. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:47 AM

    sjk from the belly of the plane said...

    crystalwolf aka caligrl, I am proud to be a troofer along with you and kajo!
    Me too! Along with Gryphen and Reg!

  62. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:55 AM

    There was a big brouhaha when Sherry got busted. A trooper complained to his union that when they were investigating Sherry, When it b/c known "who she was" the investigation "Was out of their (troopers)hands. At that point the FBI came in. If you recall, people have said the RNC/McCain was basically running the SOA! Note manipulation of troopergate.RNC/Mccain threatened to sue National Enquirer for story of Brad Hansen and GINO. They Stomped anyone who threatened the queen, which is part of the reason now she thinks she can get away with damn well anything. The trooper about did a "about face" and recanted his story.

  63. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I had wondered if the other possibility for Mercede's "little brother" comment could be if her father was involved. But, as I never see that scenario talked about I've always assumed that it must've been negated early on in the discussions and was generally assumed to not be possible. I was just thinking that it would also explain having a doctor specializing in youth sexual abuse issues.

    Ronni in NY

  64. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Susan in MD, good comment. In the past I have seen speculation that Sherry and Track could be Trig's parents. That idea could easily be knocked down by someone in Alaska who saw Sherry regularly during December, 2007, and January, February, 2008, and could attest to the fact that she was not pregnant.

    We know that Bristol was missing during that time period. Was Sherry missing too? Was Sherry's comment about her hysterectomy a red herring? Did her husband leave her because she had someone else's baby? Are these questions absurd?

    I don't know the answer to any of these. Maybe someone else does. Gryphen, would you care to comment?

  65. I am with anon @ 6:30 am...this is John McCain's fault...he created the monster. I still think Sarah would have been an awful governor, but not the absolute trainwreck she has become for the state of Alaska.

    Why do you think he has laid so low...the Republican party is in shambles, and he had an easy opportunity to become the spokesperson for the GOP, yet he has completely stayed off the national stage. This is a senator who once referred to the media as "his base". Why does he not do interviews? Because of Sarah Palin....he avoids answering questions about her like the swine flu, and he cannot take any risks with the truth about her coming out.

    Until Sarah goes away for good, he will keep out of the media spotlight. He should be kicked out of the Senate.

  66. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Susan in MD

    My same thoughts--Track and Sherry! There are so many suggestions and scenarios. I think the answer is very simple, and Sarah treats Trig very poorly. Even Bristol is more considerate of Trig than Sarah in the photos. It's total rats nest.

  67. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Bristol has been shown by evidence to be a partyier with what is likely drug involvement. So why wouldn't she be up to her eyeballs in this? Perfectly reasonable to assume given her tendency to lie, act irresponsibly and viciously,etc. that she might have set Sherry up. It's a legitimate angle to consider and I think it's weird that onekitty wants to shut down that line of thinking - what's up with that? We don't have very much evidence to think that Bristol is a nice or sane person at this point - she is too much her mother's daughter. Who knows - maybe Todd offered her a car if she set Sherry up! Shutting down this line of "speculation" smacks of censorship. I'm fine with that if Gryphen deems a comment inappropriate, but I won't be lectured to by other commenters.

    And I personally still think Bristol to be an absolute bitch who has created far more trouble for the Johnstons than has been revealed. Two-faced, possibly bipolar given her ability to lie so well in front of millions of people on camera, or perhaps just continually in a state of post partum depression and emotional imbalance because she's pregnant so much? Her psychological condition and her "partying" (drinking and most likely drugging) tendencies put her smack dab in the middle of this. If we fail to take this possibility into account we're missing out on an important piece of the puzzle.

  68. Susan, I share your thought. It occurred to me long ago. It might explain why Sherry's husband divorced her. Have always suspected Track was the father which is why he was sent away.

  69. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Susan, I have often thought of that very scenario.

    makes much sense

  70. Yes, it has, Susan. The latest suggested scenario that I remember that made the most sense is that Track knew all the nitty-gritty details about his sister's behavior.

    And she probably knew the true story about his involvement in the vandalism incident in late Nov. 2005 which in a weird coincidence ended up with him being shipped to Michigan to finish his schooling, only to return to Wasilla to graduate in 2007.

    A bit of a quid pro quo situation there.

    But (WARNING: MY OWN SPECULATION) Track may not have signed on without mental reservations with the way his parents planned to deal with the end result of Bristol's intimate "palling around" and the result of same. So, (again, SPECULATION) he probably voluntarily opted out of the whole mess -- thus avoiding questions from that evil librul media -- by taking a parent-approved way out, joining the military.

    Below is a link to the most substantive resource (and there aren't many on the 'Net) that I could find to back up my speculation.

  71. If your criticism in your comment @ 10:17 PM is directed at me, onejrkitty, don't lecture me.

    None of us has any right to tell anyone else how to think, reason or SPECULATE (what does that tendency remind you all of?). And far be it for me to tell you what I think of your philosophy of TRUTH...

    As far as your musing about "the unidentified problem that has an infinite number of solutions".... We're not talking about "where's God in the universe?" or "how many stars are in the sky?". I believe the questions we're trying to find answers for are a bit more finite than that.

    Here's a few truths for you.

    We know Sarah Palin lies nearly every time she opens her mouth.

    We know her family, her close friends, and people who owe her protect her the same way she protects herself, with more lies and cover-ups.

    Ergo, since what we know of Sarah Palin and everybody associated with her is based on a massive tissue of lies, and since no one living a lie can hide EVERYTHING, we can search, and research -- and as you probably know, Gryphen and Audrey and others have been pretty successful.

    Based on what's been found with the searching and the researching, we can SPECULATE as to the truth underlying these lies.

    Just as you did in your comment @ 9:23 PM.

    You'll just have to deal with it.

  72. If it will earn Levi money I'll be glad to buy Levi's book. If Palin is exposed by it, all the better.

    As for the rest, I am so not surprised. And I so want this to come out in court. On the record. Not that the media will cover it but on the record. And it Levi's book.

    Here's hoping he gets more money than Palin and that his book sells more copies too.

  73. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I think Track is the father and Bristol is the mother.

  74. crystalwolf aka caligrl11:48 AM

    I totally agree with ALL you said!!!!
    Kajo@10:41 Thanks for the link, its one I haven't seen before.
    Kajo@10:45 Yes! I have had the same problem with ojk
    She has no right to tell others what not to say or do. Its a bad habit, she has.... got her kicked off mudflats.

  75. Anonymous @ 11:21 AM. I am an admitted troofer and I believe that Bristol is the mother of Trig. I am not sure who the father is. Since Levi has taken so much interest in Trig, I always thought that the evidence pointed to him. Remember the pictures of Trig, Levi and Mercede after Trig's birth in Sarah's house or what about the tender kiss Levi gave Trig at the RNC or what about Levi taking interest in Special Needs children after Trig was born or what about Levi being home schooled in the Palin's home and supposedly helping with Trig or what about Levi dropping out of school before Tripp was even conceived (Feb. 08). All of this points to Levi being the father IMO or at least Levi thinks he's the father.

    I think that Sherry telling People about her hysterectomy was her way of telling the world that 'Hell no, Trig is not my baby so take me out of consideration.' I think Sherry was just putting us back on track to identifying Trig's real mother, Bristol. I think that the Johnston's love Trig and feel that SP adopting him was good for all involved. But they will use this secret to make the Palins play nice. You betcha!!!

    Naked Truth

  76. FEDUP!!!12:13 PM

    I am wondering why Sherry would give Bristol a phone in the first place. It is not as if B. wouldn't have her own cell phone. As someone mentioned above, I think even Piper has her own phone by now.
    So... the angle of the phone from Sherry is a big question mark for me.
    Don't know where to put it.
    The thing is, it seems like even the FBI is in cahoots with the GOP - they have been quite thouroughly purged/cleansed under the last regime of Cheney/bush [sic].
    (Point in case: The murderer of the doctor who performed the late abortions (for the safety of the mother!) had been under surveilance in 2000 or before. Then the FBI stopped, and did nothing to help, even when the doctors clinic called and begged them for help, after the doc was shot in both arms)!

    Soooo.... No idea if this whole story will get any legs at all. Even the 'Feds' are (still) corrupt...

  77. First @ Anon 11:21, that's disturbing. Aren't there enough other options to consider? Although it's not outside the realm of possibility, I would like to believe that brother and sister had quite a few sexual partners to choose from, outside of their own siblings. But hey, stranger things have happened, right. Now, given that Dr. Cathy was called in, the Bristol/Keith or Sherry/Track scenarios do fit a little better. But just as easily, Scarah could have chosen her as the Doc because of a close personal relationship and the assurance of confidentiality, regardless of biological parentage. It's my "gut" feeling that the amnio done at 13 weeks (if that's even accurate) was as much to prove paternity as anything else, whether it was Sherry/Track or Bristol/Keith, Bristol/Levi, Bristol/Johnny, etc, any would make sense for Scarah to have done, at that time, presented with any of those scenarios.

    However, still waiting to hear from Patrick on whether it's been explored as to Sherry being the bio Mom? (that's been nagging at me for over a week, glad there were others too :)

    Susan in MD

  78. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I've always thought that Track is the father of Trig. Most people are focused on Bristol being the mother of Trig...I just have a gut feeling that Bristol being the mother is the red herring. Keep up the fight...hopefully Levi and the Johnston's will soon come forward with the truth that they know. I think that Rex and Tank are doing a most excellent job.

  79. Anonymous12:59 PM

    To the last anon, I was going to write this too. I also think it is Track and Bristol. I know it is awful for all of us to think of but it makes the most sense for many reasons. Just think about it, the doctors specialists, a developmentally disabled child (is it really DS??)

    and to onejrkitty, please please STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE WHAT TO SAY OR DO AND DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS TO PEOPLE. it means you are yelling at them. Your posts are too damn long and you speculate more than anyone so it is a bit silly for you to be criticizing others comments

  80. crystalwolf aka caligrl2:43 PM

    Peeland is now calling Dennis a "Trig Troofer"
    What a club we are????
    They are very happy about his vid though...

  81. crystalwolf aka caligrl2:56 PM

    Now the peelanders are outraged!

    'Rusty, June 5, 2009 5:14 PM

    "I hope the libertarian / conservative groups in Alaska that organized this event - and paid for the theater and Michael Reagan' speaking fees - are made aware of these clowns who taped it and sold it to CNN.

    They had no legal right to do this without the prior written consent of the organizers. The price of a ticket only allows you to see
    and hear the event - not to tape it and profit from it.
    I hope these groups sue these clowns in small claims court and at least recover all of the money CNN paid for the tape."

    They Read your comment Grypen about Dennis getting $ for the cnn vid. First they like it, no b/c "trufer's" are involved.....outraged!
    how can a pea brain get outraged??

  82. @lisabeth: I totally agree that Babygate is huge and will have a safe place in history as one of the greatest political scandals - and a scandal which was uncovered by bloggers! And don't get me wrong - I am NOT happy that investigative journalism within the MSM seems to be dead. The Huffington Post, however, was a HUGE disappointment so far. On several occasions, they have dismissed the fake pregnancy claims without even trying to check them carefully. Lots of comments which I left on various articles on HuffPo were deleted because they referred to Babygate. Epic fail - so far. But yes, I would be happy to contact Geoffrey Dunn, maybe he is interested to receive more information. Does anybody know his email?

    @KaJo: "We know Sarah Palin lies nearly every time she opens her mouth." I fully agree!! ;-)

    @NakedTruth: As always, I basically agree with everything you say. I am always amazed about how much I am in agreement with you when I read your posts. ;-)

    @Susan: Thanks for asking me for my opinion. I don't know much more than others, but I have a pretty good overview, I think. Regarding Sherry and/or Track: We never found any kind of evidence that could link Sherry and Track to Trig. I am convinced that they have nothing to do with his parentage. The reason why so many people got suspicious in the first place was that Mercede called Trig her "baby brother" (and Mercede has never, so far, uttered a word in public about what the heck she actually wanted to express with this comment). However, I don't think that we should take Mercede here literally. I have never believed that she actually wanted to say that Trig is her "real" brother. I always thought she wanted to express in "teenage-slang" that the son of my brother is my "baby-brother"...but then of course, lots of interpretations are possible.

    I am convinced that Sherry is a "dead-end" here. Same with Track.

    Bristol is the one we should focus on. I know that this is quite boring, as Bristol was the "prime suspect" right from the beginning. But from all I know - she is "the one".

    I am also waiting eagerly for new revelations from the direction of the Johnston's. We may have to be very patient, which is difficult for anybody, but there is no doubt in my mind that Sarah's reputation will be damaged beyond repair after the full truth has been revealed.

    Regarding Cathy Baldwin-Johnston: I think she just did a favour here for Sarah because she owed a lot to her (appointments etc.). Also, don't forget that CBJ's husband Rick Johnson was a long-time board member member of the Valley Hospital Association which runs Mat-Su hospital in Palmer:

    I am not 100% certain if he is still a board member there right now. Sarah herself was a board member too, definitely in 2005, maybe also in 2006 until she became Governor. It's incredibly difficult to find information on this.

  83. Crystalwolf, the c4pers can get as pissy as they want, but Dennis had permission from Sarah Palin herself to film that event.

    And Sarah knows full well that Dennis sells his tape to whatever news agency will pay the most for it. He is after all a freelance videographer.

    And he is NOT a Trig Truther.

  84. FEDUP!!! said @ 12:13 PM: I am wondering why Sherry would give Bristol a phone in the first place. It is not as if B. wouldn't have her own cell phone. As someone mentioned above, I think even Piper has her own phone by now.

    After 9 months of blog entries and subsequent comments on nearly half a dozen progressive/Alaska blogs, I'm not 100% sure where I THINK I saw it, but....

    There may have been reference to what you wonder above, FEDUP, about Bristol having a cellphone. Seems to me I remember reading something about Bristol being grounded in the midst of the "partying" mentioned on her and others' MySpace sites, and that her cellphone had been taken away from her.

    Bristol may have never gotten it back....and bingo! It may have been someone ELSE in the Palin family who gave the phone to Sherry Johnston!

    I hope I'm remembering this correctly. Anyone want to do a little digging in PDeceptions to see if they can find this? It might be in the recent MySpace revelations.

  85. crystalwolf aka caligrl4:36 PM


    Yea!!! Patrick in Peeland:

    " You guys are nuts. Dennis Zaki had permission from Sarah Palin herself to film the event. He is also not a Trig Truther. He is a freelancer, and a damned good one. Sarah knows that. Of course he sells the tape to the highest bidder. That's called business.

    Go Patrick, make them EAT the Truth!!!

  86. Anonymous4:57 PM

    My personal explanation (gut feel only, no data) for Mercede calling Trip her "baby brother" was that she was playing along with the hoax-story: she was either not in on the real facts of Trig's birth parents, or (more likely) was acting as if she was not aware (which would have been a good strategy at that time, when everyone still wanted to get along).

    Thus, Trig would be the son of her soon-to-be mother-in-law, and thus her brother-in-law. So she would call him her baby brother.

    Also, Sherry's being the Mom doesn't work for me: apart from the hysterectomy (which could be a lie, or done after the birth), my guess is that Sherry could and would abort a pregnancy that wasn't going to work out for her, as many an older woman might do. I have never heard that she is as adamantly in the pro-life camp as to make that impossible. If I had had some hideously misguided coupling of the sort suggested for her, it would be RU-48 in the AM. Surely she could get some, and no one would know. Also, not sure why Sarah would go to bat to save Sherry at that point. And Track's involvement? Well, doesn't the guy always get off easier than the woman? He could just deny it -- since lying is an art form in this family. Somehow, that would not be a hoax-generating problem for Sarah, I think.

    So why was Dr Cathy involved?

  87. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:02 PM

    I know Dennis is not a "truther"! He reports the news and videographs events in Alaska. Not to mention his beautiful nature videos & pictures on his website. I have only the utmost respect for him & he is a nice guy too.
    RAM said he was a "troofer" or whatever, and now they cannot believe GINO let him film her. They are idiotic, and Patrick is trying to tell them the truth. Of course they won't believe it. If the Truth smacks them in the face, they will not beleive.
    I saw part of the Video on KO tonight and she looks positively psychotic! She has the mean girl smile and the bumpit squirrel thingy on her head. They called it her paranoia speech.

  88. So if Dennis Zaki is not a Trig Truther the deal
    breaker headed toward the SS Palin must not have
    anything to do with Trig.
    I really don't care what it is as long as it takes her out politics

  89. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I'm with Vaughn, as long as we never have to see her again. On PD with the myspace posts there was a comment from Bristol about her mom listening in on the phone and thought she was PG. I don't see why she would be talking to her friends where her mother could listen in if she had a cell phone. Perhaps Sarah didn't allow her a phone for that very reason, hard to control and we know she likes to be in control.

  90. I tried carefully to tell Cee4Pee that they were no avail. They deleted all my comments, because I am an evil Trig Truther. Well done! Now they can hail the leader again, without these nasty Trig Truthers. Life can be so pleasant if you ignore reality...

    But I took screenshots, of order to save for eternity what "Patrick" tried to tell them... You can see them in my flickr (censored comments 1-7):

  91. Anonymous @ 4:57 PM said "...[Mercedes] was acting as if she was not aware (which would have been a good strategy at that time, when everyone still wanted to get along).

    Thus, Trig would be the son of her soon-to-be mother-in-law, and thus her brother-in-law. So she would call him her baby brother.

    ??? I guess I never realized that one's siblings could consider themselves "in-laws" to a sibling of their (prospective/failed, in the case of Levi/Bristol) mate.

    But according to Ann Landers, not so fast!

    Consider the following example: Harry and Sally have two daughters, Betty and Bonnie. Al marries Betty; her sister Bonnie marries Calvin.

    .........Harry = Sally
    Al = Betty...........Bonnie = Calvin

    The siblings-in-law:
    Al is Bonnie’s brother-in-law, and Bonnie is Al’s sister-in-law;
    Betty is Calvin’s sister-in-law, and Calvin is Betty’s brother-in-law.

    So much is agreed. The question is, are Al and Calvin brothers-in-law?

    Someone once wrote to Ann Landers, the advice columnist, describing this situation.

    Ann replied: “You are no relation; you are just two men who married sisters.”

    Though I agree with Ann on this one, I admit that it’s awkward for Al to refer to Calvin as “my wife’s brother-in-law” or “my sister-in-law’s husband”. Probably that’s why Al might refer to Calvin as “my brother-in-law”.

  92. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Anon@11:21 I have thought so too, from the beginning. The drugs and debauchery. The ASAP amnio to learn not the usual things but confirm this nightmare paternity! The consideration of abortion. The need to do the hoax as the only solution. The hurried departure of Track to very remote locations. The reason Dr Cathy is such a pal. The need to deny it at all costs, by everyone who knows. The need for VIPs who know or suspect (McCain et al.) to distance themselves from it, to preserve deniability at all costs from such a sleazy problem.

    A sidenote: my reading of google info says there is no correlation of incest and DS, although it is a common misperception that there IS a correlation.

  93. I am sorry, the link that I gave above only leads to the last image of screenshots. I have uploaded seven screenshots in total with censored comments on C4P - here they are, in the correct order and in the original size, easy to read:

    Gryphen, thanks a lot for posting this.

  94. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Here's MHO on Levi's role: he's the one who felt he has had a three-year relationship with Bristol (said so in the GQ piece), so I say that means he cared for her all that time, whether or not they were going together. After Bristol became PG, especially as the birth of Trig became imminent, it was convenient for Bristol to accept the sympathy and love of Levi. Think what we will about Bristol, it has got to be hard for a teenager to find herself PG that way, to have to tell her mother (THIS is the announcement that was "harder than labor," not the announcement of Tripp's conception). Hard to have the baby taken from her by the controlling Sarah, and very hard to learn about the DS. Hard for a good student to abandon school. Hard to be part of that carny show called Sarah's ambition. Add some normal post-partum blues, and a loving Levi plus a certain amount of denial about the paternity of Trig, and we soon have: TRIPP! Makes perfect sense to me. (Remember the quote from Bristol to Levi: "I was SAD when I found out it was yours." Not sure where I saw that. I thought it could fit either pregnancy: Trig's, if there was a fiction being perp'ed upon Levi that it was his, or just a mean line for Tripp's conception, saying she had had other relationships.) That's why I think Levi has been a gent, if my thoughts about what happened are true. He has alluded to none of this. Good for you, Levi.

  95. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Susan, Dr. Cathy is also an incest specialist, so maybe that is why people wonder about Track.
    I think it Bristol.
    I would be interested in how the CPeers would explain the "wild ride." Have they??
    I think that even if it comes out that Trig is not Sarah's, those people will make excuses for her and not feel lied to. That is how delusional they are.

  96. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Re: "throwing Bristol under the bus": I was reviewing some old articles last night, for the time right at the beginning of the RNC, and I read that the announcement of Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp came hours after the NatEnquirer had informed the campaign that they (NatEnq) were coming out with the story of the Tripp pregnancy. So Sarah and the RNC pre-empted them by releasing the story themselves.

    That's a little different than "throwing her under the bus" to me. Fact is, once she was PG that second time, there was no way it would not come out, sooner or later. Which is not to say that they didn't USE the fact of her pregnancy -- perhaps padding her up a little on stage in that grey dress to make that ridiculous claim that she could not also be the mother of Trig because of the timing -- and we all know that timing info (or dis-info) is a time-honored way to fudge the truth about a pregnancy that needs a little revisionist pre-quel added to it.

  97. crystalwolf aka caligrl1:06 AM

    Yes @anon 7:39
    What if Trig has something else, Not DS, but DS was used to "fit"the over 40 pregnancy? Maybe Trig has Autism, like the cousin? Remember how McCain kept saying she had a "Austic" baby? Maybe its a family thing?
    I need to check. Don't know if that would show at a pre-birth screening.
    Whatever, Trig was born before 4/18, I think that's when he came home.
    And Yes someone mentioned maybe Bristol was selling and got caught and made a deal using her friend to call Sherry and set up a buy. I'm just not sure on the time frame b/c the investigation started in sep/oct and Bristol was supposed on the campaign trail?
    So many things! Well When the truth comes out it will be a surprise, but I don't expect the peelanders to "get it" they are too delusional, or they will make up something like Obama's paying Levi or something totally ridiculous, to explain it away.

  98. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Recently while searching for some Palin information, I came upon a comment in one of the sites I visited. Not sure that it makes sense, but I have not seen it discussed in other places.

    The commenter said that Bristol became pregnant by a 100% Inuit native, and that is why the newborn Trig had slanted eyes that could be misinterpreted as DS characterisics.

    While this could be totally far-fetched, Sarah does seem to have deeply ingrained prejudices against some minorites which could have made Levi a more attractive marriage candidate for Bristol.

    We have not seen many recent pictures of Trig. While it seems unlikely that the whole Trig has ds story could be a scam, it could explain why Trig does not appear to be getting a lot of ds intervention treatment.

    Has anyone else heard this rumour? Has it been dismissed?

  99. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Re: Mercede's baby brother comment. First...Sarah Palin would not be her mother in law, and trig would not be her brother in law. Sarah would be no family to her...and trig would be a nephew. Thats why I find Mercede's statement on my space so strange.

    I really do believe that trig is Bristols and Levi's child. Then the fool girl got herself pregnant again shortly after. lol...does my heart good to think of Palin's head spinning around on her neck over that one.

    Whatever the issue or iceberg is...please god let it happen soon. This woman has to be stopped and I also would be very happy to see her humiliated. I have never wished that on another human being, but this woman makes my skin crawl.


    Oh....onejrkitty, please stop yelling. You are making my head ache.

  100. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Anon at 5:15 that is a red herring.

  101. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Laurie -- Trig would be Mercede's nephew only if he were Levi's son. (or, alternatively, if Trig were Bristol's son, bio-father unknown, Bristol married to Levi, thus Levi's step-son) But at that point, I am thinking everyone was preserving the fiction that Trig was NOT Levi's son, but that he was the son of Todd and Sarah who were about to become Mercede's brother's parents-in-law. As KaJo pointed out, two men marrying sisters do not become brothers in law according to Dear Abby, but in families wishing to emphasize the closeness of their familial bond, people take liberties. Remember in the Mercede page,

    Sarah is labeled (presumably labeled by Mercede) as "mommy-in-law." Perhaps not the exact right thing to call her, as Mercede is not marrying a child of Sarah's, but that is the term SHE used.

    I just found it interesting that Mercede at that point seemed to be going with the program of Trig being the child of Todd and Sarah, although even at that point I was sure she knew better but was trying to ingratiate herself with Palins. Behaving according to the script she was given. That's the way in which the captions make sense to me.

  102. I have set up a twitter account for updates and further information:

    Please become a follower. Thanks a lot!

  103. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Patrick @9:48am
    I want to follow, but I'm having difficulty accessing the account - Twitter says it can't find it????

  104. W@W, Patrick, you are a brave dude! (Mrs. Biscuitbarrel salaams in praise.) Someone oughta make up "TRIG TRUTHERS" bumperstickers--I'd buy and display 'em! Thanks also for the Twitters.

    The fact that Track was in trouble with OxyContin, and that Sherry had diverted her own OxyContin, made me go Hmmmmm. However, the Mat-Su Valley appears to be like West Virginia, where it's easier to get a script for OxyContin than effective medical treatment. It is almost unheard of for a first-time offender like Sherry not to get her charge reduced. Scarah's doings, no doubt...

  105. Gryphen, I was looking at some of Patrick's BP-related MySpace cached pages at, and on May 16, 2007, Bristol posted that she had her phone taken away. Could that be when Sherry gave her one?

  106. Hi MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel,

    thanks a lot for your kind words. But I don't think I am incredibly brave. What can the cee4peers do, instead of deleting your posts? It's so funny to see how they get upset immediately when you critize their goddess Sarah. This type of "leader worshipping" has led to many tragedies in the past, and we should do all we can do ridicule these sad people.

    Regarding Bristol: According to her old myspace-comments, she got her phone back on May 17, 2007. I cannot imagine that Sherry was giving her a phone at this point. We shouldn't forget that Bristol was palling around with Johnny Chandler at this time and Levi wasn't really around yet. I don't know if Gryphen has different information on this.

    Anon at 1:39: Just copy and paste the link, that should work!

  107. Anonymous3:51 PM

    PLEASE, people, stop spewing about Down Syndrome if you don't know anything about it!
    My beautiful daughter has DS - she is now 9 yo. She was born a month and a half "premature" at 7lbs 8oz, had mild jaundice, and was home on day two just like my other two children.
    From pictures I have seen of Trig, he certainly DOES have DS - not AUTISM for Pete's sake. Autism does not have a physical affect (though many kids with autism do have other issues/syndromes that DO!) My youngest son has autism and I know this, I am not just talking out of my ....behind.
    I am completely CONVINCED that SP did not birth Trig - and that Bristol did - but this whole line of questioning is ignorant (and I don't mean that as an insult to any particular posters, just want to point it out because it's wrong wrong wrong) and it focuses on false ideas.

    DS is NOT caused by incest, it's a chromosomal ACCIDENT. Once in awhile it's caused by a "sticky" gene but that still has NOTHING to do with incest. It's just as common in young women as older women, but fewer older women have babies so the percentages are higher. It's that simple.

    As for Trig's size/appearance in the pictures, it's hard to say really because a swaddled baby (especially a young baby with DS no matter the number of weeks old) looks younger than other babies, anyway. Think about TV shows - they don't use days old babies for their "newborns" yk? They STAGE it.

    My opinion is that the only logical explanation for the wild ride was that B was in labor. I don't buy the super early birth, the heart surgery thing (oh and yes my dd also has a heart defect but required no surgery and NO additional days in the hospital - just an appt with a cardiologist that was the next day!)

    As for B getting pg right away? Yeah - that happens. Irish twins anyone? I know plenty - was almost one myself LOL...I clearly remember taking issue with the wording of the announcement that she was "ABOUT" five months me, that stood out. By that time, you know the number of weeks. They made it nebulous because they wanted it to be POSSIBLE for the baby to born later than expected...and I don't beleive the baby was born when stated, either. Nope. IMO Trig's birthdate was real but TRIPP'S was fudged.

    It's pretty common for teens to hide their pregnancies until a later date than you'd think. We've all heard stories about girls who give birth in bathroom stalls at prom and nobody even KNEW. I think Sarah announced when she found out that B was pg. She couldn't "have" that yk? And the DS was most likely a surprise. I don't buy that B would have had an amnio, it's not indicated in a young mom like that unless there are markers otherwise and from the timing I just think that's not possible.
    OK I have more to say but I've gone on long enough, sorry!

    I hope you all see that I am ON YOUR SIDE here, but I can't just sit back and read all this BS about Down Syndrome when I know it's WRONG. Get the facts straight or ASK if you don't know - before you make ASSumptions that make us all look silly.


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