Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why Babygate matters.

Gov. Sarah Palin will travel to Long Island this weekend to speak to and be honored by a group that advocates for people with developmental disabilities. Newsday reported that Palin will appear Sunday at the $125-a-plate dinner of Independent Group Home Living.

Palin's 1-year-old son, Trig, was born with Down syndrome. Palin declared herself an advocate for developmentally disabled children during her September speech to the Republican National Convention.

"We wanted to honor her as a mother who has a special-needs child, to try and bring as much exposure as we could for families who do have these special-needs children," said Frank Lombardi of the IGHL Foundation.

During the McCain campaign one of the most iconic images was of Sarah Palin striding across stages all over the country with little Trig Palin slung over one arm while she clutched a microphone in her other hand.

The lack of caution and parental responsibility that allowed her to subject this, not yet one year old, special needs child to such a harsh and unsettling environment is an issue all unto itself. But the possibility of this child not being her son, is an even bigger and more scandalous issue.

Even people who may like Sarah Palin have to admit that she dragged her family into the spotlight with her. From Todd, Bristol, Willow, and Piper, to Trig and the petrified fish out of water Levi Johnston.

Sarah spirited this group of unwashed media neophytes away from the safety of Wasilla and placed them directly in front of a ravenous 24 hour news cycle. And then she asked the media to please not bother her family. WTF?

Do you know how she could have kept them from being bothered? By not accepting the nomination to run for Vice President of the Untied States, that is how! But once she was on the ticket she certainly could not leave any loose ends behind so she had the whole damn family, "deer caught in headlights" boyfriend and all, flown to someplace where she could keep an eye on them.

And every time the media got to close, or the questions became too hard, Sarah grabbed up baby Trig like a pudgy little shield and used him to deflect criticism away from her and her family.

"How can you possibly question her mothering? Look at baby Trig!"

"Of course she is a good person! Look at little Trig!"

"Certainly she is his mother! Look how she holds him while walking around on high heels and designer clothes! Would anybody but his mother do that?"

Wherever Trig came from he has proved to be a very valuable asset to Sarah Palin indeed.

But just where did Trig Palin come from? As of today, as of this minute, and after over a month of searching I cannot tell you. I simply do not know for certain.

I do know however where he did not come from. He did not issue forth from Sarah Palin. He may have been conceived inside her house (The jury is still out on that one), but he was not conceived inside her uterus. On that one fact I have absolutely no doubt.

So today, months after the 2008 Presidential election, Sarah Palin is STILL using little Trig Palin to gain attention, and sympathy, and support. Now if that were her child, I would have absolutely NO problem with it. But it is not. At least not biologically. So she is in fact perpetrating a fraud on the people of Alaska, and the people of the United States of America.

And for that reason the truth must be discovered and the facts brought out to be scrutinized by the victims of her deception. And that is why this issue is still so vitally important. And why despite numerous setbacks I am not giving up on finding the truth.


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Thank you for not giving up, you are not alone. No real mother, biological or adopted would of subjected baby Trig to that campaign schedule, noise, lights, sun in his face, crowds, unstable constantly changing envirnoment. She treated him not only less than a son but less than human.

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Even if she produced an authentic birth certificate and home video tape of herself birthing TriG, I would still have a BIG problem with how she is using these children as props in her political theater.

    One example of this is her putting Piper in front of her before a hockey game to absorb or deflect the traditional heckling of the crowd. What sort of person uses their child as a human shield?

    This cruel behavior is appalling to her Republican party members as well; I remember a brief televised interview with a woman columnist who's husband was in politics (Senator Brown?) mentioning in horrified tones that she and her husband would never, ever expose their children to the white-hot spotlight of politics.

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Sarah Palin is a FRAUD - that matters.

  4. "Now if that were her child, I would have absolutely NO problem with it."
    I would. She's "using little Trig Palin to gain attention, and sympathy, and support."

    The key there is "using". You do not "use" a child, even if your cause is righteous and true. Children should be protected, loved and allowed to be children.

  5. Thanks for your efforts and please keep at it.

    I can't stand liars for Jesus and this one takes the cake.

  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    And nobody talks. Miss Sarah has cast a spell.

  7. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I don't remember the name of the program, but I remember a line, maybe from the intro, that goes something like this, "only the shadow knows." To twist this phrase around some, there is someone in the "shadow" who knows, and will come out into the light of the day to reveal the truth.

  8. I agree with you 100% Gryphen. This issue should not be put to rest, beacuse as we have seen from photographic, physical, and circumstantial evidence that has been well documented, Trig cannot possibly be Sarah's biological child. If (by some insane miracle)he is, and she truly went on a 14+ hour plane ride while knowingly leaking amniotic fluid, then she should be brought up on charges for endangering his life.

    Either way, she has lost all credibilty, and I am outraged that she is still somehow still in office. I believe John McCain created the out of control monster she has become, and he should pay dearly when it comes tome for his reelection. Why do you think he has laid so low after the election...he's desperately avoiding Sarah Palin questions.

  9. Anonymous11:47 AM

    As Palin has turned down funds for special needs children within Alaska, why are they allowing her to address anyone. They should be out raged if they were truly good parents. I know I am. She's fortunate I don't live there as each time special needs comes up, I feel sick and what to break that woman in pieces. She deserves no praise whatsoever

    You addressed how she paraded him like an accessory, putting him in situations deemed unhealthy for a baby with compromised immune systems. Being passed around to everyone including Piper who easily could have dropped him as you could see there was a lack of support in her handling of him.

    Palin is a disgusting mother

  10. onejrkitty11:52 AM

    Lie. Fraud. Coverup.
    Of course "who is Trig's real mother" is an important issue and should remain so.

    Some argue that it "distracts" from what she is doing in other areas. Yes it does, but that does not lessen the seriousness of this fraud she continues to perpetuate on the American Public.

    It reminds me of our legislators and their refusal to punish Palin in ANY way after finding her guilty in Troopergate. THEIR REASONING WAS THAT IT WOULD NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING AND IT WOULD ONLY ALIENATE HER MORE, MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT TO WORK WITH HER.

    Since demonstrating their weakness, Palin has continued to "put it to them" without the benefit of vaseline. She will continue to do so.


    Palin's continued lie, fraud, cover-up as to Trig's real parentage is important because it demonstrates her intention to continue to lie to the public.

    Palin's inherent, intentional, and malicious dishonesty cannot be ignored.

    Gryphen: I got to differ on one point in your article. IF Trig was Palin's child, SHE STILL IS ABUSING HIM BY USING HIM AS A POLITICAL PROP.

    I think you too feel this way and perhaps did not edit yourself before printing? I am not saying that IF he were her child she should not utilize his special needs to do something FOR special needs kids. As we all know, she usings the fact that Trig has special needs only to fill her own need for the spotlight.

  11. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Yada yada yada... same crap different day.
    You don't have proof that he didn't come from Sarah's womb, you just think it. Its not a fact that you have proof of. So why don't you tell all these fine people that you've been blowin' smoke up their you-know-whats all this time.

    I say put up or shutup. You know nothin about this issue, stop pretending that you do.

  12. Anonymous12:07 PM

    In your 3rd to last paragraph, if you know nothing,then where is the certainty coming from.

  13. Anonymous12:19 PM

    that's it?

    "I do know where he did not come from"?

    Is it the same logical feeling we all have , from the photos, the plane ride, Bristol's disappearance and all the other coincidences, or has your research come up with some real proof?

    That's what we've been waiting for.

    Is it "I really, really think I know where he did not come from"


    "I know where he did not come from." ?

  14. What continues to worry me is that it appears that Trig completely lacks the intensive early intervention therapy that Down syndrome children are said to need. From what we've learned about SP so far, she'll brag about anything she can, and turn even a minus (Bristol's pregnancy) into something resembling a plus for her base. You'd think that if Trig were getting his specialized therapy, we'd hear about it. We're not.

    I have a kid with a comparatively MINOR neurological disorder (compared with a child with DS), which has taken an enormous amount of time--speech therapy, occupational therapy, tutoring, surgery, etc. All of which my husband and I are glad to have been able to provide. But SP waves Trig around to demonstrate (she thinks) her social-conservative credentials. And there are a lot of parents out here who wince at waving around any infant for political gain.

    Babies and small children need predictable routines, quiet times, times to be stimulated but not too much (such as in front of loud crowds and bright lights), and regular times for sleep. Everything that Trig appears NOT to be getting. Thank you for keeping this issue front and center, since GINO's accessory status for Trig is absolutely the last thing any human infant needs!

  15. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I know that there are many people out there and even in the MSM, who know that Sarah Palin did not have baby Trig. The evidence is so clear, that this woman was not pregnant during time prior to Trigs birth. I always felt that with the evidence presented, the truth would be revealed and she would be history. I firmly believe that there are so many involved in this lie, that many careers and lives would be ruined if the truth was to come to light. Until someone who is close, with inside knowledge comes forth and reveals the true parents of Trig, we will more than likely never stop the Palins lies.

  16. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Keep on trucking Gryphen. The photos over at Palin's Deception have convinced me that she was never pregnant. I would dearly love someone to catch her out on this lie. I despair sometimes...wasn't it Anne Kilkenny said about Palin...she knows how to keep a secret. Sigh!

  17. I get a sense that the iceberg must have melted. You sound rather tense. This weekend would be the perfect time for it to strike the S.S. Palin.

    You seemed so certain a month ago. Could we have a little hint - pleeze?

  18. Another way she could have spared the family would have been to go to the campaign on her own "merits". She could have talked about them without subjecting them to the whole circus. Whether she's the mother or not, no baby with Down's Syndrome should have gone through what Trig had to endure.

  19. not babygate, but BREAKING: scott roeder charged:

    let's see, two different native born american citizen "lone gunmen" with two different sets of "political and religious" motivations, commit 2 murders -both designed to gain vengeance against perceived wrongs and to create fear and terror, one day apart in the US.

    so, how will we treat these 2 terrorists under the law?

    the one, a white christian known to have ties to radical libertarian antigovernment groups and anti-choice groups whose ex-wife said he had become frighteningly religious "in an old testament way," is a tax protester, and had a previous run in with the law for having bomb-making supplies:

    Scott Roeder, 51, heard the official charges against him. They are one count of first degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

    the other, a brown man who had converted to islam and was investigated by the FBI and found not to have any links to any islamic or other terrorist groups and has no criminal record:

    Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, 23, also known as Carlos Bledsoe, is charged with capital murder and 16 counts of terroristic acts.anyone else see what is wrong with this?

    and if our government wants to be so clear that "the only terrorists really are muslim terrorists" it sure was nice of them to do it mere hours before our president will touchdown in saudi arabia for the first time.

    this is horrible, assassinating dr. tiller was very clearly terrorism.

  20. I agree with you. A good friend of mine - one who I'm pretty sure now agrees with me about the Babygate thing - once said, "why do you care? She's imploding anyway." I care because:

    1. It's a lie and that makes it wrong.
    2. As a mother who works hard, and often fails, to strike a balance between family responsibilities and my career, I'm deeply offended by the fiction Sarah Palin promotes. It's bad for all moms. The life she claims to lead, and which her fans adore her for, does not exist. This woman is NOT a good mother, her kids are not successful, and one of her kids is not even her kid, but possibly a second child of her teenage daughter.
    3. But the larger issue is this: the Republican Party put this woman forward as a viable candidate. Setting everything else aside, THAT'S WHY THIS MATTERS. The Palin buck stops with the Republican Party.

  21. back on topic-

    how apt that in the picture you used as illustration she would be literally yelling in the little guy's ear, with every word into the mike, and yet -as always- he remains sound asleep or otherwise peaceful.

    i know DS infants can appear more calm and "floppy" because of lesser developed muscle tone then a developmentally normal baby of the same age, but really! how could she tote him on all those stages, under the lights, with the loud crowd, and top it off by speaking loudly and forcefully inches from his ears and he never even cried? or fussed? or grabbed at her hair or glasses?

    is he deaf? was he drugged? it's too weird.

    gryphen, if you still have faith that we will find out the truths of baby-gate then i will not yet lose hope.

  22. Anonymous2:44 PM

    OT Computer giving me fits today.

    Grphen, really, really a great post. I believe Palin continues to commit fraud using that boy for political gain. All photo evidence does not support Palin's assertion of an alleged pregnancy during that timeframe. Does it really matter who the biological mother is? It shouldn't. Yet, looking over family photos would support the possibility of two 2 pregnancies by Palin's oldest daughter.

    Palin slashed $2M from the 2008 Special Olympics budget. Taking away from the least shameful; the monies where already allotted by the Legislature. Palin being an advocate for children with special needs is a joke.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Gryphen. It will pay off, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  23. "Declared herself an advocate." That organization didn't vet any better than McCain. What are she and Todd DOING to make sure that Trig gets all the help he needs?

  24. crystalwolf aka caligrl3:15 PM

    Most of us know what you say to be the truth! We have all suspected this, that GINO is not the biological mother of Trig. But the people who need to know, ie: MSM, peeland, Her"Base" etc will not accept this.That is what has been lacking here, Hard indisputable facts.Without the documented "facts" GINO will continue to parade around with Trig same as usual and the whole good mother thing bs will be same old, same old?
    I'm glad your not giving up. Truth will prevail over Lies!!!!

  25. Anonymous4:09 PM

    So, Gryphen, with all due respect, why do you know for certain that Trig wasn't conceived in her uterus? What is your evidence? I'm inclined to agree with you, put I would like to know what your evidence is.

  26. If Sarah Palin truly was the one who was 8 months pregnant with Trig in April 2008, then why did the Alaskan governor's site shut down for two days to purge all photos of Sarah Palin during that time then (this happened right after DailyKos did the breaking news post on the matter)? After they purged all the pictures, there was only a few on there instead of hundreds. Very fishy...

  27. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I have to agree that it would be better for you to just be straightforward to all of us and let us know what you know. Is this the extent of it? I believe you. But at this point by now, after promises of something coming, I think it is safe for you to tell us exactly what you know and why you know it..... It might just be the thing that tips the scale and get people talking. I was also thinking what else we / you could do to find out the truth. It is just unbelievable to me that she lies about something this big and nobody in that town who knows will tell the truth? What for? Surely a private detective could find the truth.

    On another note, even if Trig is hers (by adoption), she uses him for politics in a sick way. This is the most important time for him in terms of intervention. The first few years are CRITICAL. Has he been assessed and is he receiving intervention - OT, PT speech. He may very well have a significant hearing loss-to the person who questioned that. It is not uncommon in DS and even babies can be tested and fitted with hearing aids. He should be having regular stimulation for language, cognitive and speech development. This would be a HUGE part of the Palins life. This is not a baby you just feed, diaper and nap. To do that is abusive. If she was doing all this, she would be showing off about it.

  28. This article is a GREAT REMINDER. It is posted on the side here, but re-read it everyone:

    Top Ten Clues in the "who is Trig's mother" mystery?


    Tell us the facts of what you know and why. I hope that Levi is not being manipulated too strongly (of course he is).

  29. As much as I would like to believe you on this Babygate I can't believe with all the money for a story like this that somebody has not come forward yet.

  30. Well, ak1953, it appears the Palins in Alaska are no different than the Bush/Cheney families....all act like the Mafia. No money exchanged....just a bunch of threats on their lives!

  31. anon 4:28-

    yeah, i knew that DS kids can commonly have varying degrees of hearing loss (as well as sometimes being more prone to ear infections due to the shape of their ears), but if that turns out to be the case, it almost makes the "take him on stage" stunts worse imho.

    if true -and very new infants can have their hearing assessed and be fitted with appropriate hearing-aids these days- it would mean instead of helping him hear what he could to help him with his speech development, she left it untreated so he could be her prop as "he can't hear me and the crowd yelling anyways."

    and remember how she said "here he's 8 months old, he got glasses!" and since then i think they've been photographed on his head on only one occasion.

    and when those different interviews let us know that todd and bristol are his primary caregivers, none of them mentioned any therapists or therapy.

    i would put money on SP barely giving him any therapy, and then in a few years if he is assessed as very low-functioning she'll put it down to "god's will" and thusly remove any responsibility from her own actions.

  32. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Has anyone ever investigated the following theory? (While it is pure speculation, it makes sense in a Sarah Palin/I Love Lucy sort of way.)

    Let's say one of the Palin women becomes pregnant in the fall of 2007. While Sarah has made the basis of her career by being a pro-life advocate, let's say the paternity of the unborn child is such, for whatever reason, that Sarah cannot accept it, and this fact trumps her pro-life stances. An abortion takes place. In March 2008 Sarah get's a call stating that she is very high on McCain's VP list and the vetting begins . The vetters note that she is being chosen to attract the pro-life vote, and the most critical question they want answered is, Have you or anyone in your family ever had an abortion? The next day Sarah begins faking a pregnancy, and arranges to adopt a Down's Syndrome child because this was a child she could adopt on short notice. The child became available around the time of her Texas oil conference in April. Hence, the resultant wild ride story.

    We really have not seen too many recent pictures of Trig.

  33. unless Trig came from a square pillow, sarah did not birth him.

  34. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Mrs. TarkenBiscuitBarrel
    The first time she spoke on stage, my initial reaction was to be concerned about the decible level on the infant's ears.

    She disgusts me at every turn.

  35. "What continues to worry me is that it appears that Trig completely lacks the intensive early intervention therapy that Down syndrome children are said to need. From what we've learned about SP so far, she'll brag about anything she can, and turn even a minus (Bristol's pregnancy) into something resembling a plus for her base. You'd think that if Trig were getting his specialized therapy, we'd hear about it. We're not."

    I wonder -- did Palin drag TriG along with her on that Right to Life sojourn in Indiana a couple of months ago?

    I also wonder if she'd bring him along on this upcoming Independent Group Home Living affair?

    I wonder if anyone outside her family and her inner circle (and that one video team that filmed the Special Olympics ad with the two) have ever seen TriG interact with anyone, and can assess whether or not he's progressing as well as he should be, given his circumstances?

    Certainly the PEOPLE and GQ and Esquire articles haven't commented particularly on anything about Trig other than what he's wearing (correct me if I'm wrong)...

  36. FEDUP!!!6:57 PM

    FWIW, here is a good challenge for people to look at:

    When you see the pictures, and even see them w/o the head, you simply *HAVE TO* come to the conclusion thet this is not the womb that little Trig came out of!

    (Still can't cut/paste...:/)

  37. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I believe this is the story, Rex Butler, is shopping for, Levi. I cannot imagine Rex, is going to allow someone to steal the thunder or the financial allotment an exclusive from Levi, will bring.

    Nor honestly, should anyone be able to bank first because once the truth is exposed, with hard evidence, Levi, is going to need every penny to relocate his children.

    I am wager the arrest of Levi's mother was orchestrated to intimidate the Johnston family, especially, Mercedes to keep quiet. There are extreme consequences to what Palin, has done.

    Moreover criminal then a hit to her "Popularity", polls.

    Just wait for it everyone, let Palin, continue to raise her hand, claim, Trigg, is hers.

  38. Kajo, she did not take him to Indiana claiming he had a case of the sniffles.

  39. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I know for absolute fact that Trig came from Sarah Palins womb. And yes I could provide proof, but I won't because its not necessary. Probably for the same reasons you don't provide proof of your assertions, its just not necessary for people to believe me. You don't have to accept it either, and that is fine with the Palins.

  40. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Thank you Gryphen for your perseverance and dedication. Palin is abusive, whoever the parents are. The lawsuit for the forced medication of children under the state's care makes my skin crawl.

    I can't believe there wasn't anyone with McCain that couldn't get him to have her stop exposing the baby to strangers and who knows what. If it took force he needed to man up and do it for the a four month old baby. She paraded Trig outside without so much as a little cap to protect him from the sun or weather. As someone said, she would be yelling in his ear. Are DS babies really that unresponsive? The deaf can still react to back fed, decimals and vibrations.

    This must be exposed for the fraud as well. It is not only Sarah's fraud, but for all the others that deceive or manipulate the public for their own personal gain. McCain thought nothing of the black helicopters plucking Levi from his hunting trip. I'm sure they would go to all kinds of other extremes to keep up the campaign. The McCains had to suspect and learn more about babygates along the way. I believe they became participants in the hoax along the way and now they are bonded, as in thick as thieves. Hating every moment of the web that traps them.

    It is hard for some to understand why no one has talked. That is why it matters to understand where the Palins are from, what was normal for the children they hung with. Politicians are use to having secret lives. McCain's history explains how he would feel like he could keep anything from being exposed.

    Babygate does matter.

  41. KaJo, SP did not take TriG to Indiana - she said
    Todd said 'No' because TriG had the sniffles.

  42. Anonymous8:15 PM

    "Anonymous said...
    I know for absolute fact that Trig came from Sarah Palins womb. And yes I could provide proof, but I won't"

    You won't because you don't

  43. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I have no idea what to think about 'babygate' but I do know that it's virtually impossible for a hospital birth to go undocumented these days. Even rustic Alaska has a Vital Records require-ment of which birth records are one. Check it out - the state maintains Vital Records going back nearly a century. After 9/11, a lot of states stopped letting people get copies of BCs but you can easily find out if one is registered. These days, if a current birth isn't registered, it can almost conclusively be said that it didn't happen. Registering a birth is law. Can you even conceive of a hospital so slipshod as to forget (emphasis and question mark on "forget") to record its state's governor's birthing? Even a homeless teenager off the streets is going to have her baby's delivery documented so it isn't credible that the governor's wouldn't be. A BC is proof of citizenship and for the rest of Trig's life, eligibility for benefits (and a lot of other things) will hinge on proving it. And this is even more true in the post 9/11 security conscious world. Why wouldn't it be recorded? Why wouldn't it be documented to the rafters? ANd why wouldn't that documentation be easily available as public record? So look it up - if the birth is registered, end of story (except for the grand conspiracy & massive cover-ups theorists). If it isn't, then the probability is about 99% certain that it didn't happen. But, darn, there's that 1%(again leaving open the various options of conspiracy and cover-up).

  44. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:38 PM

    GINO stopped pubic posting of Birth announcements in Jan 09!(right after Tripp was supposedly born) But she made the allowance (I just saw it but don't have the link) for a stillborn baby to get a BC.
    What is wrong with this pic?
    How do people get phony ID's??? they go to public records and find the BC of someone the same age as themselves and purchase it.
    If a stillborn had a BC...well just think of the implications here for GINO??? and Trig & Tripp?

    I don't know why this just clicked as I was typing???

  45. anon 8:18-

    but what of home births? i personally know of a dear friend of mine who had a totally unsupervised -read no midwife, no nothing- home birth a few years back in iowa.

    at the time (and i learned of this after the birth) i thought she was crazy and lectured her about how she and/or her full term baby could have died. but all i am left with that is relevant here is: this birth was real, it happened, she and her daughter are alive today.

    and without her acquiescence, her kid would be a living breathing natural born american citizen without a birth record, social security number, or anything else to prove her existence.

    so how the hell can anyone not physically involved know what happened in trig palin's birth story, unless one of them starts talking to the rest of us?

  46. Anonymous9:16 PM

    7:12 PM
    This must have convinced you.


    Are you saying Sarah Palin was trying for an abortion when she was flying from Texas to Mat-Su? She is a fake either way.
    One of the worst mothers in public life ever!

  47. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Until there is proof to the contrary, I will assume that Trig is SP's son.

    I just wanted to clarify some things about birth certificates. If Trig is adopted, he birth certificate could have been and probably was altered. When a child is adopted, the original birth certificate is sealed by a court order and not even the child can see it. The birth parents names are replaced with those of the adoptive parents.

    Other things that could be changed is child's name, place of birth, date of birth depending on where the adoption occurred.

    I just find it hard to believe that no one in a position to know has not come out and publicly stated that Trig is not SP's child. Until that happens, I assume he is her son.

    I do find the story surrounding his birth hard to believe, but... I also do not like the way she flaunts him in public like a stage prop.

  48. Maeve9:23 PM

    "Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? The Shadow knows..." cue creepy organ music...

    I'm sure someone outside the family knows the truth, and if this was a private matter, this would be none of our business. But she made it a public matter and so the truth should be told.

  49. Maeve9:27 PM

    Btw, here's why you can't get a copy of the birth certificate:

    A person may obtain only his or her own birth certificate, except for parents who may obtain their own child's certificate.

    ALL REQUESTS MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PICTURE ID OF THE APPLICANT. For example, if you are requesting your child's certificate, include your own ID since you are the applicant. Enlarge the copy and lighten it as much as possible to ensure it is clear and readable when sent to the Bureau.
    A signature under the copied ID is also required.
    Use the full first, full middle, and full last name as it appears on the certificate.
    For births which occurred outside of Alaska, requests must be sent directly to the appropriate state. Addresses for vital record offices outside of Alaska can be obtained at: www.cdc.gov.

  50. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Trig Troofers' June Convention? Or just a day out for you Mudflatters?

  51. Anonymous10:14 PM

    When I saw her in the video addressing Nicholas Tucker from Emmonack I got a true glimpse of her "parenting"
    She was all in his face, I am here to help you .. the moment he started talking about "real" issues.. she pushed him aside like oh we will get back to that.. in the meantime, I have to be popular and friendly to people

    I can see one of her kids coming up to her to talk and she rubbing their chubby faces and then when they start getting serious she saying "Oh tell you what, mommy is busy right now, but I will take off at lunch tomorrow and we can eat at your favorite restaurant!, sorry honey Gots To Go!!"

    They are all still young or fresh into the adult world, but it will come to bite her in the buttox. I am waiting for the day to read a tell all Mommy Dearest type book from a 30-something Piper.

    And where is Willow these days?????

  52. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Anon at 8:18 Go to Palin Deceptions, there is a boat load of discussion from the very beginning of the Trig mystery discussing birth certificates, Alaska law, privacy etc. If you start at the beginning of Audrey's blog it is a great read.
    Anon at 7:32 There is NO WAY McCain and his campaign did not know about the deception. They took / cleaned the hard drives on the Johnston family computers (before the announcement of Sarah as candidate), took down hundreds of photos from the Alaska website. Whisked these people off, every backstage picture that made it to the media has a large breasted Bristol caring for Trig. (or maybe Piper as relief) Only for show is Sarah holding Trig, and then like a prop or a sack of potatoes. Enough. They knew. They did a Hail Mary pass.
    Anon at 7:12, you don't know Jack.

  53. 11:54am Anonymous said...
    Yada yada yada... same crap different day.
    You don't have proof that he didn't come from Sarah's womb, you just think it. Its not a fact that you have proof of.

    7:12 pm Anonymous said...
    I know for absolute fact that Trig came from Sarah Palins womb. And yes I could provide proof, but I won't because its not necessary. Probably for the same reasons you don't provide proof of your assertions, its just not necessary for people to believe me. You don't have to accept it either, and that is fine with the Palins.

    These comments sound very much like the following from Esquire Magazine, Todd Palin Is the Man For America Now, online page 3, under photo:
    “In response to the rumor that Trig was actually Bristol's baby, Sarah's father, Chuck Heath, says, "How can you prove that? Goddammit! I was there when he popped out!"

    Has anyone ever heard the truth defended with that type of talk? Demanding that the questioner prove the lie only increases doubt.

    Babygate did not spring up out of a vacuum to discredit Sarah Palin. It is the result of questions that have been raised by Sarah’s very own actions and words....reasonable questions that deserve a respectful and reasonable response. Sarah said she wanted to be held accountable. Any decent leader would welcome accountability. At some point, as the questioning gets louder and louder, even some of Sarah’s followers might begin to wonder why the mama grizzly did not protect her teenage daughter from rumors and why she does not simply prove that she birthed Trig.

    Gryphen, thank you for this update, for keeping the story alive and for your efforts to expose the deception. It truly is “vitally important”.

  54. Anonymous11:03 PM

    You know what's weird is that Trig has such a "moderate down's syndrome" appearance that it could almost be confused w/FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).

    I've always thought that might be his problem, rather than Downs. Just saying.

  55. Anonymous at 7:12 said: “I know for absolute fact that Trig came from Sarah Palins womb. And yes I could provide proof, but I won't because its not necessary. Probably for the same reasons you don't provide proof of your assertions, its just not necessary for people to believe me. You don't have to accept it either, and that is fine with the Palins.”

    Anon 7:12, you are so typical of the deaf dumb and blind sheeple that worship Scarah. You make claims as “the truth” but NEVER provide any evidence to support your claim. Whereas, those of us that KNOW that Scarah did not give birth to Trig, we have pictures of her NOT showing any pregnancy at 6, 7 and 8 months “pregnant”, travel authorizations, calendars, screenshots of internet sites that have been scrubbed by Scarah and her sleazy associates, conflicting statements made by Scarah herself, etc. Here is some of our proof:



    Here’s a challenge for you Anon 7:12: show me ONE picture that you can definitively document that was taken of Sarah Palin with her three daughters attending the 2-15-08 American Heart Association “Go Red for Women” luncheon in Fairbanks. Be sure to check with all of your likeminded adoring fans of Sarah Palin who love to take pictures of her – I’ll bet you cannot find one. Put up or shut up.

    And Babygate does matter. We didn’t care who the real mother was, or the father, but the entire issue is that a candidate for the position of Vice President of the United States would go to such extreme and bizarre lies to FAKE a pregnancy just to cover up for her teenage daughter’s pregnancy – to what lengths would this kind of person go to cover up matters of national and international importance? THAT is why “Babygate” is important!

  56. Gryphen,

    thanks a lot for your efforts and your incredibly important post!! I had always hoped that finally somebody in Alaska would start to investigate into "babygate". Your efforts should be a real breakthrough. Nobody in the world will sue you for claiming that Trig is not Sarah Palin's baby. And I hope that your fellow Alaskan bloggers will also finally realise that Sarah Palin is unable to defend herself against the claim that she hasn't given birth to Trig.

    A long time ago, Andrew Sullivan had a meeting with the McCain campaign and "begged" (in his own words) them for evidence (birth certificate/medical documents etc.) so that he could put the rumors to rest, but he didn't receive anything. The reason is simple. One doesn't need to be Einstein to figure out what's going on. It's a major failure of the MSM, including blogs like the Huffington Post, that they have never dared to ask the right questions. I was especially disappointed about the Huffington Post, because they very soon dismissed babygate as nonsense.

    From all the evidence that the team at Palindeception has examined during the last months, and from confidential conversations in which we received inside information, we KNOW that Sarah is not Trig's biologial mother. Who is the real mother then? I have made up mind already quite a while ago: Everything that we have found points to Bristol. Including the bits of inside information that we have received. I personally don't think that at this point anybody else could realistically be considered to be the mother of Trig. In my opinion, the most likely scenario is that Trig was born in December 2008 or January 2009. The 18th April 2009 was definitely not the real birthdate. A premature down-syndrome baby with a heart defect (confirmed in Lorenzo Benet's biography - Trig had a hole in his heart) - is being presented to the media at the day of his birth? Sarah Palin must truly think that everybody else apart from her is stupid. And its frightening that she wasn't exposed earlier.

    It's absolutely not surprising that nobody has openly talked about this secret so far. Alaska is a small society, and from all I have heard, Sarah Palin is utterly ruthless when it comes to dealing with enemies. She seems to be a kind of "Alaskan godmother". And that's also why I deeply admire your efforts, Gryphen. I am convinced that your investigations will make a real change and will open the last chapter in Sarah Palin's deception. Thank you!!!

  57. Anonymous5:36 AM

    What I find disturbing is how I have NEVER seen Palin show any affection toward her children. They pass Trig around like a sack of potatoes, but I haven never seen Palin show any love to this child....or any of her children. They are props.

    Compare that to Obama's (and Michelle's_ interaction with their children. The love is written all over their faces. Why is she considered to be a "good" mother?

  58. Anonymous5:40 AM


    I don't need to provide proof, the majority of the people believe me. The burden is on you who makes the accusation. They don't believe your so called "proof". The only people who believe your proof are the people who are insignificant to the Palins. So good luck with that effort. You will never find that nail in the coffin, because it doesn't exist! Just ask Gryphen

  59. penelope6:14 AM

    If I were the Governor of a State, and NUMEROUS people were accusing me of fraud on numerous websites for all of the world to see - well, I would SUE. Folks like Gryphen, Audrey and many others would have a cease and desist order SO FAST it would make their heads spin. Then they would be in court to anser charges of libel and slander. "Oh, I would have to bring proof to court to show that they are lying?" "OOPS, nevermind." Her silence is deafening. And don't tell me she does not have balls to sue - she has filed more lawsuits herself than all of the ethics complaints against her combined. Rudy Reidrich (sic?) felt her wrath MANY times, as did her brother-in-law, Trooper Wooten. Not to mention our Federal Govt. (who she so fondly refers to as "the Feds") with numerous lawsuits to fight off protection for various animal species. And the poor fans who think they are donating to her slush fund, AK Fund Trust, to protect HER from frivolous lawsuits! The vast majority of all costs incurred are from HER filing lawsuits against anyone who gets in her way.

  60. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Some advice for you folks.

    Let me just say at this point, I don't believe that Trig is not Sarahs. I do believe he is hers, and that she is a horrible mother.

    The way you are going about trying to get answers here is all wrong. Posting your opinions on a little blog is not going to make Sarah Palin or the media answer you.

    But you must make Sarah Palin answer you and make the media take notice of you. Your blogs will not work. You need to organize a protest on the steps of the capitol building with signs that say "Trig is not Sarah Palins child" "Palin is a liar!"

    You must put up billboards that show your pictures of Sarah Palins belly instead of ones that say "impeach Palin"

    You must stage an event that the media will take notice of.

    Until then no one is going to hear you. And your accusations will continue to go unanswered.

    Its your call, and just my advice.

    Like I said at this point I don't believe it is true. If you make Palin answer you maybe that would change depending on her answers. But this route you are on is getting you nowhere.

  61. 5:40 am Anonymous said...
    I don't need to provide proof, the majority of the people believe me.

    Again, your statement sounds like a childish dare. You are basically admitting that Sarah did not birth Trig but you don't believe anyone can prove it. The majority of people are not aware of the details of the birth controversy (yet they still rejected Sarah on Nov 4 2008). Those details were not covered by the MSM. How foolish it is to believe that will not change.

  62. To Anon at 5:40 am (who is also Anon from 7:12 pm, who is also Grandpa Heath?)
    I told you, Grandpa, that you and yours never have anything to back up your "proof" that Trig popped out of Sarah's womb. You go on the attack (Sarah learned that from you), but you don't have any facts,pictures or documents to back up your claim. You can't take the challenge, so go away.

  63. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Gryphen, First time poster here, but have read your blog for months.
    I have been a special ed teacher for multi-handicapped children and an early interventionist for at risk children for 20+ years. I am appalled and troubled by the treatment of Trig. I wonder where the glasses are. I wonder if he's getting the intervention he most certainly needs. I'm troubled by the fact that there is no evidence that he's getting any. It's very very possible that he has multiple problems that are becoming evident as he grows older. Maybe thats why he is not seen in public and appears to be "sleepy" or "drugged" when he is seen. I do not believe SP gave birth to him. Gryphen, perhaps you could post your suspicions at Palin Deception under a different name if you don't feel comfortable posting them on your blog? Thanks again for the blog...I find your writing very entertaining!

  64. Penelope,

    thanks a lot for your excellent post. I totally agree with you! The website Palindeception has been in existence since September 2008. On her blogposts, Audrey has claimed many times that Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of Trig. And what happened? NOTHING! Sarah, Todd, Meg Stapleton, Bill McAllister etc etc - they have all taken no steps in order to stop Palindeception from making those claims.

    It would take Sarah about one day to prove that she has given birth to Trig. She has never done that.

    Oh, remember this online game on the PETA website in which you could throw snowballs at Sarah Palin? Bill McAllister wrote them angry emails immediately (the email exchange was published on the PETA website).

    Well...we never heard anything, from anybody. Not even when we uncovered and published Bristol's old myspace messages, which were pretty embarassing.

    Penelope, you are correct: The silence is deafening, and inactivity on the part of Sarah Palin is one of the biggest pieces of evidence pointing to the fact that the allegations about her faked pregnancy are true.

  65. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Anonymous said...

    I know for absolute fact that Trig came from Sarah Palins womb. And yes I could provide proof, but I won't because its not necessary. Probably for the same reasons you don't provide proof of your assertions, its just not necessary for people to believe me. You don't have to accept it either, and that is fine with the Palins.
    7:12 PM

    Dear ANONYMOUS, I know for a FACT that Sarah is NOT the mother of Trig, but Bristol is. It is going to come out. If you think posting simple little ridiculous comments like this will stop the truth from coming out you are wrong. It is going to come out. You are welcome to post your proof, and so is Sarah or Bristol Palin. It would be very very easy for them to provide proof. The reason they don't, is because they are lying. Trig Palin is NOT the son of Sarah Palin. And he is being misused for political purposes and this is appalling. It goes against every Christian principle that I know of and Sarah will also pay for this...when she faces her maker. God may want her to be president (I know she believes this) but he also wants her to go about it in a moral, ethical and true way. She knows in her heart the lies she is telling and she is having trouble living with them. The best thing she could do is confess on her own before it comes out other ways and ask for forgiveness because perhaps her initial reasoning was good and true. It is not now though and she knows it.
    I pray to our Lord every single day that Sarah Heath Palin will do the right thing.

    And yes I know 100% that Trig is not her child (as far as her actual birthing him).

    God Bless Us All - The truth will reign.

  66. Anonymous9:46 AM

    One would think that a friend of Palin's might send a blogger a photo of her dear friend at aeorbics class with a huge belly, or something like that, just to put an end to it, doing her friend a favor.

    It's the scrubbed photos that bother me most. Why are all photos of her from Jan-April 08 GONE? this is when the legislature is in session, when most of tht photo-ops happen and photos are the ONLY thing she does really well! she has never seen a lens she didn't love. Why are the photos GONE? She LOVES playing earth mother grizzly fertile myrtle, so she is not embarrassed by photos of her pregnant.

    Someone get inside the ADN and find out when and why the photos were deep-sixed. THERE is a big piece of the puzzle.

  67. advocate9:56 AM

    Patrick @11:53 sorry to be picky ... I know it's a typo but you may want to clarify your dates 18 April 2008 etc. You know the zealots will tear you apart for any error. And @5:40 Anon .. Is Faux Sarah visiting Gryphen's blog incognito?

  68. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Anon at 6:18, we do have people's attention. To start we have yours. This will not die, Sarah knows that and as long as she does not come clean or prove otherwise that Trig is her biological child as she claims--- it will live. It is just too ludicrious of a story and not everyone will be fooled forever. Things are slowly unraveling. And the thread is being carefully pulled.

  69. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Patrick you have pointed out several things that I have noticed over time. The things that Sarah (or her people / supporters) cannot refute she ignores. I think she relishes the minor scuffles like Levi's slope job fiasco etc. that are less "sever". She is all about distraction and the shiny objects. When you look at the long list of issues or Palingates, the ones that are most scandalous, yet the easiest for her to disprove, she doesn't. But she wallows in the muck with People magazine, Levi etc. Keeping that garbage afloat. Her alleged affair, no comment, baby gate, she just keeps hopping from one lily pad to the next keeping up but no squelching it. Yes the silence is deafening when it comes to the biggies. Her life is like one long dirty bar room fight. Hot spots all over the place.

  70. Anonymous said @ 11:03 PM.."You know what's weird is that Trig has such a "moderate down's syndrome" appearance that it could almost be confused w/FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). I've always thought that might be his problem, rather than Downs. Just saying."

    This theory has been discounted several times by those who are researching Palin's Deceptions, but I tend to think there may be a component of FAS.

    TriG doesn't have a simian crease in his palms, although that characteristic is only in roughly 50% of DS sufferers.

    Perhaps one of the reasons not a whole lot of pictures of TriG are seen as he's passed his first birthday is that he isn't displaying a lot of the typical characteristics of a DS child as he matures, but rather, more of those of a FAS child.



  71. Patrick, in your post at 3:46 AM, you make several references to dates.

    In your third paragraph, you said, "In my opinion, the most likely scenario is that Trig was born in December 2008 or January 2009. The 18th April 2009 was definitely not the real birthdate."

    Those dates should be noted as corrected by stating, "In my opinion, the most likely scenario is that Trig was born in December 2007 or January 2008. The 18th April 2008 was definitely not the real birthdate."

    Now that the entire Bristol-TriG-TriPP Palin discussion has involved the past THREE years, it's understandable that any of us would mix our dates up rather easily... :)

    P.S. To add to your next-to-the-last-paragraph comment in your 3:46 AM post, it amazes me that Palin's ardent followers are stupid enough to actually believe her Trig Tale.

    There are times when blind faith is appropriate, but believing a political cult leader isn't one of them.

  72. FEDUP!!!12:00 PM

    Anon @ 11:03pm: I believe you might be correct. I have seen a picture where Trig is somehow showing the inside of his hand... NO crease-sign like what DS babies usually have... (I don't know the specific name of that crease/missing line)

  73. Anonymous12:24 PM

    "ProChoiceGrandma said...
    To Anon at 5:40 am (who is also Anon from 7:12 pm, who is also Grandpa Heath?)
    I told you, Grandpa, that you and yours never have anything to back up your "proof" that Trig popped out of Sarah's womb. You go on the attack (Sarah learned that from you), but you don't have any facts,pictures or documents to back up your claim. You can't take the challenge, so go away."

    We have never needed to prove it... so silly to try and prove something that no one of significance is questioning. And we have never attacked you. Its more fun to watch you implode all by yourselves. No need to attack you, the general public doesnt view your effort as legitimate anyway. It would be a waste of time.

  74. Anonymous12:28 PM

    New CNN poll shows Palin, Huckabee and Romney in a dead heat for a POTUS run in 2012.

    You better come up with more than you've been doing, or she is gonna infect the rest of us.

    We in the lower 48 don't want to catch your venerial disease.

    So get to it and do something if you know something.

  75. advocate + Kajo,

    you are correct, of course, I mixed it up. The correct statement in my comment should have been indeed that Trig was most likely born in "December 2007 or January 2008".

    Anon at 10:21: I fully agree - the issues that Sarah cannot refute, she ignores. And then she uses the classic trick of every skilled magician: The big movement conceals the little movement. The "big movement" was the "wild ride" - for a long time, everybody was fixed on it. But the "wild ride" was just a huge distraction. It is very likely that Trig was born much earlier.

    By the way: Sarah had a pretty big schedule on the 17th April 2008 at the conference in Texas. She was not there "just to hold a speech". See her official schedule on 17th April 2008 in my flickr with additional comments - here is the link to my flickr photostream - look at the first two images:


    (Sarah's schedule on the 18th April 2008 is also very interesting - see the impressive amount of interviews which the Palin family gave on this day...)

    Bristol was completely out of sight from mid-October 2007 to mid-February 2008 and didn't travel at all during this time (and the mid-February event, the AHA luncheon in Fairbanks on 15th February 2008, is disputed - no pictures of the Palin children from this event have been found so far, despite the extensive efforts of the palindeception team. We contacted a number of people who organised the event, and just met a wall of obstruction. No pictures were provided.). According to the travel records, Bristol was there, but no proof can be found.

  76. lisabeth2:16 PM

    To Anon 12:24, I don't see an Anon post at 5:40. Is your information correct? I am trying to follow all of this......

    Also, I have to respond to luna's comment which was "very few infants can have their hearing tested and be fit with hearing aids."

    Luna, this is not true at all. This is my career by the way. All babies can be tested if they go to a major medical center. Most of them have the equipment to do this. There is no reason for a child like Trig to not have a hearing test. It should have already been done. It does not require the baby's response. There are many new tests now where the baby can even be asleep and you measure their brainwaves and other factors.

  77. Anonymous2:21 PM

    "Dear ANONYMOUS, I know for a FACT that Sarah is NOT the mother of Trig, but Bristol is. It is going to come out. If you think posting simple little ridiculous comments like this will stop the truth from coming out you are wrong. It is going to come out. You are welcome to post your proof, and so is Sarah or Bristol Palin. It would be very very easy for them to provide proof. The reason they don't, is because they are lying."

    Really, and when will this happen? How long have you been trying? Even though you think you have proof? You still have come up with nothing. You have nothing new now. So do tell when will it come out? I can gaurantee Palin is prepared if you try and that is a big if. Even Gryphen who is in the middle of it all can't do it.

    There is no reason to provide proof since the burden is yours to prove. It is your accusation. The accusation is not hurting the Palins right now, why would they acknowledge it and bring any kind of attention to it? Most people don't even know the bloggers have an accusation. No the burden of proof is yours...good luck...lol.

  78. Nancy - Virginia4:25 PM

    To ANON 2:21. It is now very clear who you are. You write at topix all the time as either Lisa in AK or Free Alaska. You are obsessed with the Palins, yet you don't know them personally as you admitted on TOPIX. You are mostly mad because Gryphen hasn't found the proof and you feel he baits people and takes their money. You spend all of your time on that place knocking people who give their opinion. Don't they have a right to their opinion? You are an extremely angry person. Every post you write is like this one above you wrote-HOSTILE.

    Also everything you are saying is bullshit. It is not just the "bloggers" that have an accusation. The accusation is everywhere. It has been written about by several reporters and magazines. Please don't come back and waste your anger on telling me the MSM doesn't get into it. We already know you hate bloggers, so you can go away now. And sorry to tell you but all of this and other things that Sarah does DO effect her. Her ratings are down and all of this does effect the Palins. If you don't know them, how do you know whether this talk effects them or not?

    I am not the Anonymous you are responding to above, so I am not the one who said they have "the proof" . For me it is my opinion based on a lot of facts , that she is not the birth mother. I am not a blogger by the way, yet you call me that because I write her. Not everyone who writes comments is a blogger. And.. how do you know that that anonymous is not a relative of Palin's? It sounded like they knew a lot , maybe a member of her church??

    If you hate Gryphen so much and if you hate "bloggers" so much, why do you keep showing up everywhere just to vent your anger at bloggers. Many of us with the opinion are not bloggers. You don't know who we are, do you? Some of us might be reporters or maybe we work with the attorney generals office in DC, you don't know, do you? The people here BELIEVE that Trig is not Sarah Palin's son. And that is their opinion. I can see very easily why they have that opinion. Anyone who has common sense can see it. Also many Americans do know about this. Stop making so many generalizations. We don't have a burden of proof. We aren't lawyers and this is not a court!

    It is a waste of your energy to be here to tell you the truth. You are not changing anyone's mind. You are angry, annoyed and defensive. Why are you involved then?. And you know what.......perhaps that anonymous person above does know something and is afraid to tell......

    We know you have to have the last word, so we'll wait for it with baited breath. Give us some more nastiness and tell us bloggers (NOT) off so more.

  79. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I find it amusing on so many levels that Sarah Palin weilds the power that she does. Her strength is illusory, she's wholly void of integrity, and she sucks as a person/parent/liar. She must be a major embarrasment to her children and an even bigger disappointment to those people who want to believe in her purported Christianity. Shame on Sarah Palin for worshiping herself at the expense of an entire state. What a fraud. On the other hand, I am continually amused by her and her kooky, pathetic family and all those brainy supporters she has.

  80. Anonymous5:12 PM

    The crease in Down Syndrome is called a Simian Crease. Straight across the palm of the hand. Kids without Down's can have it (from positioning in the uterus) Kids with Down's have it. It's one of the signs of Down's.

  81. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Not that it really matters, but babies are not conceived in the uterus: it happens in the fallopian tube(s). Usually. In the case of IVF (sperm and egg meet in the vitro [a little glass dish] outside the woman's body), the fertilized egg is placed into the uterus, where one fervently hopes it will implant itself. Some do, some don't, for reasons that are not well understood. Some think there could be a benefit to that meeting in the tube and then the gentle ride down to the uterus, propelled and caressed by the finger-like tendrils in the tubes. Only 30-40% of IVF procedures result in a live-birth pregnancy, for reasons that are not well understood. Just sayin.'

  82. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Patrick is right, the most likely scenerio is that Trig was born Dec.07/Jan.08. In my opinion he was only presented to the public 4/08 after being born prematurely.

    Look at these charts for growth rates of DS boys by height and weight: http://tinyurl.com/qbbj63

    It makes it obvious that Trig easily could have been born early and appeared newborn in April 08.

  83. Sorry to burst your bubbles Sarah Haters but little Trig came straight out of Governor Palin's uterus, whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, believe it or not!

    If Sarah did not give birth to Trig than who? Todd? You people are the most ignorant hateful bunch of losers...Any of you know how to count months?

    Any of you know that it is impossible for Bristol to give birth to Trig and Tripp?

    Wait, maybe little Trig was dropped off by a stork, is that better for ya?

    The problem with you guys is that your hatred for the woman takes away any rational ability to see facts as they are, which is too bad, it says all about all of you.

  84. Anonymous7:28 PM

    To Nancy-Virgina

    Don't I have a right to an opinion as well? Or do you want to shut me up because my opinion is different from yours. What a republican thing to say!

    I don't agree with anything in your post, that is my opinion. I think the facts fit in more with my opinion than they do yours, but again that is just my opinion, which I am allowed to have, which you would seem to want to take away from me, because I don't agree with you.

    And you do have the burden of the proof, you are the ones begging for anyone important to take you seriously. You are the ones making the accusation. You MUST provide proof for that to happen.

    Just because I might say Obamas balls are green, doesn't mean he has to show them to me to prove me wrong. I would have to have some kind of proof for him to acknowledge me at all. I guess I could say since he won't show them to me, they must be green, but that would just be silly now wouldn't it.

    I'm not trying to change minds here. That would never happen without Gryphen doing the DNA test himself!

  85. Anonymous7:48 PM

    The Palins DO care about this issue. Anyone who says they don't, does not know them. She never thought the rumors would go on. This does effect .

  86. Maeve9:50 PM

    One last thing.

    I love the antiquated use of the word 'womb'. That's a non-existent piece of anatomy. Its a bible word. The real part of the body is the uterus. This is the part of the body where female mammals carry their young until birth. I would suggest that C4P followers update their language and their reading materials, cause every time you use the 'w' word, you give yourself away as an ignorant irrelevancy. Come join the rest of us in the 21st century - repeat after me: Uterus. Sure, knew you could!

  87. We are in an strange situation right now: At the moment, none of the main "concerned parties" (the Palin's, Heath's, Johnston's etc.) talk in public about the "oddities" of the Trig-pregnancy. There is nobody that the MSM could "quote" right now.

    However, on the other hand, there is a mountain of circumstancial evidence already available. One can choose to ignore it, but if you look closely at the circumstancial evidence, it is not too difficult to figure out what is going on in general.

    Some of the "highlights" are:

    1. In TV-interview on September 2, 2008, the ADN-columnist Michael Carey mentioned a conversation with a lawyer who he "likes very much" and who is a "very smart guy", who claimed that the faked-pregnancy story was the "absolute truth":


    2. There are dozens of pictures available, showing Sarah distinctly non-pregnant during the "pregnancy" in months 6-8, for example:

    On March 1, 2008:


    On March 14, 2008:


    On March 26, 2008:


    3. It is already established that Sarah is unwilling (and unable, IMO) to provide any evidence that she is Trig's mother. Andrew Sullivan wrote on December 5, 2008:

    "I begged the McCain campaign by private email and in a private meeting to give me something - anything - to kill the story off. I promised to run any evidence that would blow this out of the water. That offer still stands. Please make me look like an idiot for asking these questions. But they didn't offer a thing, asserting that even asking the question was an outrageous reputation-destroying offense."


    4. The travel records for Bristol, Willow and Piper for 2007/2008 show that Bristol was not travelling at all from mid-October 2007 to mid-February 2008, unlike Willow and Piper.

    Download the travel records here:


    During this time, Bristol was notably absent at major events, for example at the state of the union address on January 15, 2008 - Todd, Willow and Piper were there:


    5. Recently discovered pictures confirm that Bristol gained a lot of weight between June 2007 and September 2007. Also, on September 14, 2008, an official Christmas picture for 2007 of the Palin family was taken, which then was apparently only used in one magazine, and it was only possible to locate this picture after an intense search. On this official Christmas picture, Bristol's belly "sticks out". See the whole set of pictures here:


    6. When Cathy Baldwin-Johnson agreed to be interviewed by the ADN in 2008 regarding the Trig-pregnancy, she appeared to the interview together with her lawyer! Contrary to "popular belief", CBJ has never ever stated in public that she delivered Trig, and she also declined to do so in this conversation with the ADN. Apart from this, CBJ strictly rejects all interview requests, and has always done so, as far as I know.

    There is much, much more...but anybody who gets not suspicious after looking at this "circumstancial evidence" really walks through life with his/her eyes closed.

  88. "And where is Willow these days?????"

    1. babysitting Bristol's kids

    2. practicing the same "abstinence" that worked so well for her sister

    3. plotting her eventual escape from Wasilla, her control freak mother, and the rest of the family dog and pony show

  89. Sarah (7:02),

    Maybe you are right. I really don't know who gave birth to Trig, and I am not blinded by hate. But as a mom of two, I keep coming back to this:

    Palin, as a 44-year-old in preterm labor with a known DS baby, and with a broken bag of waters (which increases the risk of infection)chose not to get checked out at a hospital in Texas. She said she knew her body and knew she wasn't in full-blown labor. But all labors are different, and it is incredibly common for a 3rd, 4th or 5th delivery to happen more quickly than previous ones.

    Look what happened to the wife of Louisiana Governor Jindal: her third child arrived so quickly that she delivered at home, within minutes of waking up with labor pains. Labor with her first two kids had been long and drawn out.


    So... back to Palin.... she flies home to Alaska, and instead of going to the hospital in Anchorage with a full Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, she goes all the way to Mat Su Hospital to deliver. Her Dr. has full privileges at both hospitals. Mat Su Hospital is a small regional hospital that doesn't do high-risk obstetrics. They do not even deliver twins there.

    In my experience, obstetrics in the 21st century is all about "abundance of caution". I had a c-section with my second child because he was in the breech position (bum first). There is a slighter risk of complication with that kind of delivery and most docs just won't take that risk any more. I have numerous friends who have given birth over age 40 and they were definitely monitored more closely by their docs, and their deliveries were automatically considered "high-risk" because of age (despite overall good health). That is called "abundance of caution". So, my mind simply boggles at the last leg of the "wild ride", especially. No NICU for a preterm DS baby, w/the mom being the most powerful person in the state? Come 'on.

  90. CHILD ABUSE alert9:05 AM

    5:40 AM, Sarah ---- I don't see there is "proof" either way. What I don't get, at a very elementary level, is why those like yourself cannot confront and explain the simplest questions if you believe SP's stories. It is clear the FBI needs to be more involved, possibly RICO will apply to one of her gates, before the "proof" is PROOF.

    You must have an opinion or answer for say the "wild ride" and other perplexing behaviors. You can also let us know how you see and explain the "square belly" video where Sarah Palin pats that so called baby. How do you explain the "flat to big belly" photos, Sarah on 3-26-2008 to the very pregnant looking Sarah on 4-13-08 (There are others)

    It is not only about absolute proof, it is also about lack of discussion and answers. You could easily explain your version of the "flat to big belly" photos. You and others by being silent make Sarah look all the more connected to a criminal conspiracy.

    Why won't you or anyone stand up for Sarah Palin and shed some light on the "wild ride" stories, "square belly" video, "flat to big belly" photos? Keep it simple and show that you can confront and stand up for the Sarah you think you know. You make it look like Sarah has no friends, just operatives. Some of you say that the Palins are fine with the questions about the apparent abuse of babies and the Trig/Tripp birth questions. I don't have a problem with her being over confident and thinking she will always be untouchable. What arrogant crook isn't?

    These matters are not about a popularity contest either. Bernie Madoff was a great guy everyone trusted until one day... The bigger they are, the harder they fall. If she needs to be a little more plumped up before she goes, such is life. I don't know that the Johnston's will be the ones to burst babygate open, who knows what and when they will contribute? They may end up backing the abusive baby treatment and stories for Sarah. Going by her "wild ride" and her weird 'stage mother' abuse of her offsprings she could be the one to burst babygate open all on her own. If she was a tv star she would have to deal with the Dept of Labor and those who protect working children. As political props her children have no protection and they were abused in front of the world.

    There are a million reasons why more people are more determined then ever to end the lies and more reasons why silence is so deafening.

  91. Aaaawwwww... Somebody sounds like a sore loser.
    Shall we call the whaaambulance?

    I told you you would find nothing...lol.

    Hope the pizza was good at least.

  92. Nancy - Virginia10:19 AM

    Anon 7:28

    Of course you are entitled to your opinion. Others come here or to other blogs and say they that they believe Trig is Sarah's. But that is not what you have been doing here or at TOPIX. You act as if you know the Palins, as if you know for a fact the truth. You even speak for them by saying it doesn't bother her. That is what you should not be doing. I am sure everyone would love to hear your opinions of why you don't believe this and you even can be mad at Gryphen. But you attack people here and at Topix and you make sweeping generalizations about who is behind keeping this story alive. It is not just bloggers. I am NOT a blogger. And, I know many reporters are working on and have worked on this story. But if no one is willing to talk and if birth and adoption records are sealed, there is not much else one can do. You also make comments like this doesn't bother Sarah at all and she is ready. How do you know that when you don't know her personally?
    By the way, many people think otherwise who do know her.

    Many in the MSM do know / believe Trig is not Sarah's. I know that for a fact because of my career choice.

    If you have proof otherwise, feel free to share it. But I / or anyone else does not have a burden of proof here on this blog. That is your own issue. Plenty of facts actually have been provided. This is not a court of law. We are discussing what we think and encouraging people who might know something to talk. People are afraid of the reprecussions.

    Just relax, don't be so angry about this. You have a right to your opinion but you don't have to attack Gryphen, other bloggers and people who are very deeply concerned about Sarah's LIES to the public.

    To Patrick, you have put everything together VERY well in your post. Have you sent that to various people in the media? Andrew Sullivan, Esquire magazine writers, other investigative journalists who write about Sarah Palin ongoing (see Huffington Post). It would be a good idea for you to do that. Thank you for your posting.

  93. lisabeth2:42 PM

    Patrick, check out Geoffrey Dunn at huffington. he writes regular articles on Sarah palin and he is coming out with a book next year. your summary says it all. Sarahs the one who is going to need an waaaambulance soon. she thinks she has done everything to cover her tracks, but i don't think so.

  94. I am another proud trig troofer checking in. Despite the overwhelming pictorial (and other) evidence at Palin Deceptions and numerous other sites, I was late to the troofer party. I wanted to give SP every benefit of the doubt. I made excuses for her varying sizes and shapes shown throughout her "pregnancy.' I was able to find reasons for the "disappearance" of Bristol during the gestation of Trig. Nothing could push me into a SURE conclusion on this issue. That is, until I listened to SARAH herself on audio tape. I am of the opinion that NO mother, NO woman, NOT EVEN SARAH would travel umpteen hours from Texas (leaking fluid) and then, knowing she will be birthing a Down's baby - PASS the well-equipped Anchorage Hospital and continue to drive to the MatSu hospital (which is not equipped to deal with many of the issues this baby faced, including a hole in his heart). THEN, this premie DS infant is taken out into the world (to her office) a few days later! This is Sarah's story! NOT the story of the mean ol' bloggers and "haters!" Only ONE person has convinced me that SP's pregnancy was a hoax, only ONE PERSON! SARAH PALIN.

  95. Anonymous1:03 PM

    AMEN SISTER! Why don't you pass this on to her blind followers! It is HER STORY in her words! I have seen one person try to defend it at palin deception and she sounded ridiculous....

  96. Anonymous7:22 PM

    One thing that bugs me - IF Trig is Sarah's natural born baby and IF she is aware the rumors persist, why not release some photos, a birth certificate, a doctor's interview? Even if she is too proud to answer the Troofers directly, there is such a thing as a media 'leak'. But, alas, nada. Just a bunch of inconsistencies. I waver on some of the 'evidence' pro and con b/c I think a hoax of this magnitude is just too far fetched. But then I always come back to this - The Wild Ride story makes no sense. And as equally crazy as the Wild Ride story is the TV interview at her office with a newborn preemie. Makes no sense at all.

  97. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I believe insurance fraud is a very serious crime.

    It seems clear to me that no woman in her right mind would do what Sarah claims she did after her water broke -- give a speech that was more important than going to a hospital, fly from Texas to Anchorage, and then drive to Wasilla to have a very private location to "give birth."

    Don't you imagine Trig's medical care is being pick up by taxpayers under Sarah's coverage as her so-called son?

  98. Anonymous2:45 PM

    What a load of crap. The DNC had access to Gov. Palin's medical. They would have discovered as conspicuous by their absence the chart notes from pre-natal care, exams, the AMIO done to discover Trig's downsyndrome which was disclosed prior to his birth when it was announced she was in fact having a baby when she was 7 months along? It was not until the RNC that Bristol's pregnancy was announced and Trigg was already born and several months old. There are two babies in the Palin household now; Trig and his nephew Tripp. Only a few months apart. Triggs birth certificate is avaiable at the State Vital Statistics office.

  99. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Even IF Bristol did have the child, why not adopt outright, keep secret the parentage and go on with life instead of such a convoluted tale of deception? It all seems so unsavory and for what end? At what cost? Just do not get it.


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