Saturday, August 01, 2009

Exclusive! Sarah and Todd Palin are Splitsville!

Earlier this week one of my best sources claimed to have explosive new information for me.

It took all week for us to finally get together, but last night we finally sat down for an amazing conversation. And what I heard made my jaw drop.

According to my source Sarah is finished with Todd and has decided to end their marriage.

She has purchased land in Montana (I wonder whose donations paid for that?), and may be considering moving herself and the children as far away from Alaska as she can get.

Do you remember all of that talk about her missing wedding ring during the three part going away picnics? Well it turns out that ring now sleeps with the fishes. Apparently in a fit of anger Sarah stripped the ring from her finger and tossed it into a lake. (No I did not think to ask WHICH lake so I cannot confirm if it is Lake Lucille, on which her house is located, or some other lake. I apologize for not getting clarification, but I was a little tired last night and so was my source.)

So it appears that the reason Palin has been so quiet, and has given her tweeting fingers a rest, is NOT because of any master plan, or carefully orchestrated new direction, but simply the result of the emotional stress that prevents her from communicating with her fan base or making any public appearances.

I would assume that this stress is also the reason that Sarah has suffered such a dramatic drop in weight and would also explain the hair loss that Jessica Steele referred to in the New York Times (and which she quickly tried to take back after she received a scolding from the Palin camp.)

Okay so that is the biggest news that I have uncovered this week. But that is not all.

I also learned that there was an incident back in the summer of 2008, before the McCain campaign officially tapped Sarah, where Todd Palin pulled a gun on Levi in a heated exchange concerning his relationship with Bristol. This news will be hitting the local papers here in town next week. Stay tuned.

And while I am on the topic of Levi I will also let you know that he did a very interesting Vanity Fair interview in which he divulged a lot of heretofore unknown information. I did not get too many of the juicy details, but my understanding is that Levi was without his handler (Tank Jones) and let some fairly explosive tidbits out. The article will be published in the October edition.

Oh and that rumor about Bristol being pregnant? She is not.

But the rumor of Sarah shopping around the idea of doing a radio show IS true. And according to my source NO station has given the idea a pass. I still cannot imagine Sarah Palin sitting down and talking for three hours without her listeners heads exploding but apparently there are radio executives who do not share my reservations.

Now my final bit of information is about Sherry Johnston.

As some of you may know Sherry's court date was moved from yesterday to August 19. The reason for this is that until just now the prosecutors REFUSED to make any kind of a deal, because of pressure they were receiving from the Governor. For some reason Palin was pushing for Sherry to receive the maximum sentence. It must be that charitable Christian heart of hers we keep hearing so much about.

I cannot talk about what kind of deal Sherry may get, but the prosecution has become much more reasonable now that Sean Parnell is our Governor.

Now nothing written above should be considered a rumor. My source is very good and I trust that the information is accurate and will be confirmed by other news sources in the weeks to come.

As for the babygate story I DID hear some new information about that last night as well. However what I learned has still not been confirmed by an eyewitness so I do not feel comfortable putting it out on the internet. But my sources are still working on it, and the information is becoming more accessible.

As before remember that comments which contain guesses as to the identity of my sources, or which contain and talk of incest or rape, will be rejected. Beyond that I encourage you talk about this new information and make of it what you will.


Update: Here is an interesting link that one of my friends just sent about something Norah O'Donnell witnessed.

After swearing in the new governor, Palin made a quick exit with daughter Piper and son Trigg in tow. She jumped in a Chevy Silverado twin cab driven by her security detail.

Todd Palin followed just seconds behind, and was left struggling to avoid a phalanx of cameras. The problem: His family had already left.

I anticipate much more of this kind of confirmation filtering in as the day goes on.

Update2: The Alaska Report weighs in.

Update3: Meg Stapletongue has issued forth a little venom concerning this story via Facebook.

You may also notice that Meg carefully avoided talking about the Todd/Levi gun incident and the Sherry Johnston prosecution interference stories. It is much easier for Sarah to hide a broken relationship and land deal than it is to refute a pending news story and a potential press release.

By the by I am going to wear the title of "so-called journalist" with pride. Because that is the nicest thing Meg has ever said about me.

"Look see? No ring. I am as free as a bird! Let's see how Todd likes making a living without hanging onto my coattails!"

Update3: I just talked to my source again and learned the following.

Sarah and Todd will not be making their break up official for some time.

There is too much money to be made to throw a monkey wrench into things now.

Money seems to be the motivating factor in many of Sarah's recent decisions (Levi hit the nail on the head with that one.)

However Todd is currently sleeping on the couch and, though they are still occupying the same house, the temperature is below freezing, if you get my drift.

And another thing just learned is that Sarah wants to leave the state, but Todd has no intentions of leaving. You know I almost feel sorry for Todd in this case because I had the same issue with MY ex-wife. (Hey maybe he and I can have a beer sometime and talk about our bitchy exes. I imagine he will win in that comparison.)


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Wow! Sarah's life is more entertaining than a soap opera.
    Elle in MI

  2. they show NO affection, the palin-bots. I bet Trig is toads. any takers? they are pure American trash. Please g-d, open a door and kick their hypocritical asses out.

  3. You have me totally addicted to your blog! I thank you for helping me to keep a few threads of sanity while I've been looking for work these past 2 frikin' years.
    I can't wait for you to be able to divulge the 'rest of the story'.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Gryphen, thanks for the info! That explains all the social cues we've been reading between them for awhile.

    I wonder what caused the final split.

  5. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Levi... the time for a book deal is NOW! Get your deal before she is a has been.

    Will Todd marry Greta Van Suckup or one of the other Fox bimbos?

    Will Sarah go to Argentina with Mark?

    Wow.. Sarah and family are pure entertainment.

  6. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Who is toad?

  7. Anonymous6:40 AM

    P.S. Thanks for the scoop. And if this proves to be true, thus ends another shot at Palin EVER running for any elected office. A divorced woman of five kids who quit a job in the middle of a term, running for any sort of office? The Evangelicals will support that, on top of the rest of the baggage? I don't think so. (A "progressive" would be much more forgiving of that than an "evangelical."

  8. What if toad caught quitter in a affair and that is why she quit to help save her marriage? That sure could answer a lot of question and create some more, like the sna-fu for Lt. Gov.

  9. Gryphen - you scooped even the Huffington Post

    What a guy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Those poor kids. Todd is the caregiver. If she moves them away to Montana...

  11. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I went back and looked at all the campaign photos. She always had her wedding ring on. Always. I think he took an awful lot from her and stood by her very much. Good riddance. Let him go on with his life and find some happiness. I think he will do that.

    But remember he is from Dillingham (Tongue in cheek on that remark.).


  12. Gryphen, it's only 11:00 AM in florida- too early for chanpagne.

  13. tewise, methinks it is toad who got caught. spawning trig....

  14. Anonymous7:09 AM

    o m g! this is unbelieveable news. Gryphen, you rock!

  15. Emily7:09 AM

    Remember the rumors a while back that Sarah was having an affair with someone called Brad Hanson? They recently re-appeared in the tabloid The National Examiner, as an explanation for her resignation. I'd take all this with a grain of salt, but if she's divorcing Todd, this all fits together.

    Once again, I just feel sorry for the kids. Five more victims of Republican "family values".

  16. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Holy Moly Gryphen! That would explain a lot! And there is that dubious report out there that she was looking at houses out in the Hamptons which seems a little more plausible in light of this development. Put that together with Rupert's plane in Juneau. She has the big bucks from her book, could buy a place out in the Hamptons or similarly close to NYC for access to the media, get herself a regular gig on Fox.

    The Sea4Pee is expecting her to unveil her muli-pronged battle plan to take over the world any moment now, but she does seem to be running her career by the seat of her pants.

    Fascinating info. I'm not surprised that Levi's pallin' around with Graydon Carter will result in a big tell-all - the October issue comes out sometime in Sep, right? Not too long! Yippee!

    Thank you Gryphen - doing the happy dance this morning :)

  17. Anonymous7:11 AM

    this crossed my mind before when someone mentioned they might split up.

    is this perhaps a way to split assets before they all get taken from sarah? I really don't know how that would work, if they still could be taken from todd if sarah is the one in trouble - just wondering.

  18. Emily7:11 AM

    By the way, "Toad" is a nickname for "Todd".

  19. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Ahh, let the money games begin, I mean continue. Can we say nasty divorce if that is what it comes to? I am clearly envisioning some awfully big bus tire tracks on Todd.

  20. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Montana makes alot more sense than the Hamptons. Isn't Demi Moore in Montana?

    I bet there's a big fight about whether Willow moves. I would think she would rather stay with her friends. And there is no way that Bristol CAN move. So it will be Sarah, Piper and Trig in Montana. Todd, Bristol &baby and Willow in Wasilla.

  21. Thank God it is Montana and not anywhere near me, whew!!!! ...although, I do pity you folks in Montana...

    I'm with you, sjk, regarding Trig being Todd's, he shows more affection towards him than $arah has ever shown.

    I still want to see her in an orange jumpsuit because she should not be able to get away with all her grifting..

  22. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Dang Gryphen! You da man!! Just when things were starting to seem stale. LOL My jaw dropped and it can't get up.

    Levi- strike while the fire's hot!! You can spit out a tell all waaaay faster than Sarah's ghost writer can decipher her word salad.

  23. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Gryphen, i just LOVE your blog! keep on diggin. hoping you go more national now that SP is starting to die down. your opinion on Washington stuff would be a great read.

  24. womanwithsardinecan7:23 AM

    I agree that those two rarely exhibited anything even close to affection for each other. Cat out of the bag now. Maybe Todd just wants to go back to huntin' and Iron Doggin' without a circus. Can't blame him Or Sarah is looking for somebody more "lower 48" for her political image. Darn secessionist party anyway. also. too.
    You know darn well it isn't liberal hypocritical crap to question how Sarah juggled her career and large family. It was common sense. And the answer is that she juggled badly and dropped all of her balls. I'm trying to be Buddhist-like and not wish her life to be a big pile of crap, mostly because of the kids, but if anybody deserves their life that way, she does. Sowin' reapin'...

  25. Oh, my! Todd is a HUGE part of her appeal--the hunky (if dumb) alpha male the female PeeNuts all like to imagine f**king, while the male PeeNuts imagine they're him, doing her. Plus this blows the whole Big Happy Family fantasy they're always claiming is one of the reasons we hate her (because we're jealous).

    Do keep us posted, Gryphen! The Pee Zoo is going to implode.

  26. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Montana, huh? I realize Montana is huge, but wonder if she got a place near Letterman? Hilarious.

  27. Anonymous7:30 AM

    OOh splintering factions will talk! Especially if if a divorce gets as ugly as the sister and her trooper husband.

  28. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Gryphen... you and your source need to contact National Enquirer ... this scoop is worth a bunch of money.

    Keep working on finding a source that will go on record saying who built Sarah's house and how it was paid for.

    It would be nice to see Sarah in prison.

  29. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Todd must be having a fling with Gov. Rick Perry
    Google "is Gov Rick Perry gay"

  30. The evangelicals will give it a pass, because poor,poor sister Sarah and her horrible horrible husband you get my drift.
    It will be spun to make Todd the villin and Sarah the hero, taking care of her children doing what is best for them etc. etc.
    Who took care of the kids while palin was galivanting all over? Todd!
    What was the rumor going around that Paslin was having an affair with Todd's business partner?That would be unforgivable.

    But to me the worst of all is if palin was interfering with Sherry's drug arrest.
    That would be unethical and possibly illegal.
    To me that is the kind of story the public needs to know. If she was putting pressure on the DA NOT to deal with Sherry.

  31. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Wow,you've got some seriously connected sources!

    And the implosion continues......

  32. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Wasn't Todd really "running" Alsaksa, though? He spent all f time in her office and she cc'd him on all of those official emails....

    How can she run for anything as a fundie princess without a man running the show behind her skirts? I thought that was against the fundie rules.

    Oh, but the rules don't apply to the Queen Quitter. I keep forgetting.

    Because I suspect she has no heart, I can't imagine this being an emotionally incurred event. I keep wondering what impact this has on her finances. Is it a preemptive strike against the many lawsuits she's embroiled in (ethics charges, ATF, etc)?

    But there is Brad H, who is divorced now...

    I hope her kids are alright.

    Remember the McCain aides said she had "no relationships of trust with anyone, including her family"? That quote always disturbed me.

  33. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Divorce sides:

    Todd can divulge SP's secrets.

    SP can spill on him (Trig? just guessin).

    Been there with my daughter, amazing things that will be said in court if you go there. Financials can be confidential except where questioned at trial.

    Wow! big soap opera coming.


  34. Ooohhh! Great exclusive Gryphen! The Quitter quits again, her marriage this time. I'm just surprised that the Dude didn't leave Buttercup first, can you imagine what hell it must have been in Casa Palin after she lost in her VP bid, was insulted in leak after leak from McCain campaign insiders and returned home to a hostile legislature and ethics complaints? Not pretty. Poor kids, hope they have support from caring, reasonable adults.

    Cannot wait to see what Levi revealed to VF!!

  35. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Where in Montana? My poor brother. I hope she's not going to be his new neighbor.

  36. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Why Montana? The money, the bright lights, the TV and radio action are all in Montana??? I can well imagine the pillow talk:
    "Look, Todd, it's like money in the bank and I want to take advantage of all the thousands of invitations that Meg said that I received."
    "I'm not leaving Alaska."
    "But Todd, lucrative offers are pouring in."
    "Can't be a fish picker on Long Island."
    "They have fish in Montana."
    "Great, enjoy the fishing. And the hunting, also, too."
    "But, Todd, I need a happy forward-looking, progressing ending for my book."
    "I'll give you a happy ending....."
    sorry, can't finish due to censorship

  37. ...

    Holy Cats.

    All the above would certainly explain a number of things, while suggesting more "stuff" that makes sense also (too).

    Montana makes sense as it's probably the most like AK within the lower 48.

    Tank's constant presence makes (more) sense now. But where *was* he during the latest VF interview? Here's hoping that interview doesn't spill all that would make Levi's book obsolete before it's even written.

    Another thought... any post-divorce move involving children, could have a number of legal ramifications. In some states (MO for one), one party cannot move farther away than a set # of miles without the other party's permission, if children are involved.

    Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to the day when the teaser-nuggets grow into something to get one's teeth into. It's kind of like smelling someone's BBQ in the neighborhood, but you haven't been introduced, so the aroma is all you get.


  38. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Exclusive! Meg waxed her eyebrows!

    Shucks... guess my exclusive pales by comparison to yours..

    Seriously dude... call the Enquirer and makes some coin on this.. and it needs to be spread far and wide.

  39. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Somebody had better sign up Todd to a tell-all book deal before Sarah slaps the muzzle on him. Move over, Levi, you have competition.

  40. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Someplace, ex brother-in-law Wooten is having one big belly laugh!

  41. aint no moose in the Hamptons......this ALL goes back to McCain. I can NEVER forgive him for foisting this "quitbull" on America to the point of her even remotely having a chance to be the leader of the free world. The eader of the freeper republic maybe, but not the USA.

    On the other hand, she has single handledly given pundits and comedians more material than anyone since "Laugh In" poked fun at Nixon and Reagan constantly.

  42. Anonymous8:11 AM

    yeah, good point re Wooten. What kind of gag order has he been under all of this time?

    Hmmm....Can't see his kids if he opens his mouth? Naw....She would never! LOL. Remember the judge who ordered her to stop harassing Wooten? Wonder if he lost his job after she became Gov.

    oh, the stories these people could tell.

  43. Donella8:11 AM

    What happens to SarahPac and Cole's fund? If you are a hardcore Palinista send more money, send lot's of money, keep sending money. She has the attention span of a flea. How long can a Montana romance last? If her new lover is Murdoch she will do alright. Like Judith Regan?

  44. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Hello, iceberg!

    This was a nice start to the day, although I do feel bad for those kids. One more brick in the wall of years of future therapy. Pat in Texas

    (Hey, Mary_b, I've been out of work for 16 months, I feel your pain.)

  45. Anonymous8:21 AM

    You know, I can't stand Sarah Palin. I think that all she stands for and represents are the worst possible things in life, but a divorce is a difficult thing, and for the children it is even worse.

    I hope that if this is true, that those kids are okay, and that it's not a nasty bitter divorce because that will be played out in the public eye, and those kids deserve better than that!

  46. blessu8:23 AM

    I am more interested in the Sherry Johnston part of this. I hope they break that story wide open. How can John McCain be an innocent bystander?

    Todd was a jerk during Troopergate. He is not only some pitiful snook who wants to get back to a pond.

  47. Good grief! This is like one-two three posts in one! I almost choked on my cereal. Give me some warning next time! :0)

  48. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I don't think that Gryphens revelations should be considered as "confirmed" information at this point. Please keep in mind that it's possible that bloggers who are known to be working on "big sensitive stories" such as babygate could be being deliberately misled. If Gryphen is wrong here, which I don't hope, then his credibility will be seriously damaged. Everybody calm down until these news are officially confirmed.

  49. Anonymous8:24 AM

    So Sarah is thinking of moving to Montana. I don't think that she knows that David Letterman has a ranch in Montana.

    And seriously, what's going to pay for Sarah to move to Montana? I don't think that she can used Legal Defense Fund money for the move, not even if her lawyer lives in Montana. PAC money? Well, some poor Senator, Governor or Representative in MT had better watch his backside.

    She and Todd are going to split the proceeds from selling the Beautiful Looks-like-the-sports-complex-home? It might be held as evidence if that "investigation" ever gets going (let's hope so).

  50. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Now Zeigler can really court her, he'll be delighted to hear this news. I hope it's true, it surely will lift Zeigler's spirits. =)

  51. First MSM report:

  52. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I've always though Todd's role in Troopergate was just a bit odd. If it were his own sister, then yeah, maybe chasing her evil ex to hell-and-gone on a snowmobile might be a little more understandable. But a sister-in-law? Isn't that a little peculiar? For a married man, with his own f-ed up sister, his own nutty wife, and his own acting-out children, to stalk his wife's sister's ex-husband seems weird and obsessive to me.

  53. Bombshells! Terrific work. I cannot thank you enough for uncovering this stuff. This provides all kinds of new song parody material. I'm salivating already.

    By the way, do you work for the FBI or something? Your source is better than "Deepthroat" (no, not Linda Lovelace, the other one).

  54. Does the National Enquirer have scuba geer and metal detectors? I'd start at the shoreline of Lake Lucille behind the Palin palace. Especially if the ring is engraved. Cha-ching.

    If anyone thought the Wooten divorce was nasty, it will pale compared to this.

  55. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Could it be that Sarah has found some one else, some one who could progress her career? Is John Ziegler married? Is Fred Malek married? Sanford, Ensign, come on, who is it?

  56. As for the rumor that radio giant ClearChannel rejected the idea of a Palin radio show, the reason should be obvious. Last year ClearChannel was purchased by private venture capital and equity concern Bain Capital. Bain Capital's principle owner is none other than Mitt Romney.

    Then again, perhaps Romney should have allowed the show to air. It could only help his chances in 2012.

  57. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Good God Gryphen this is awesome work on your part!! Like someone pointed out, you beat out HuffPo. I have to say nothing concerning Sarah Palin surprises me anymore. Nothing. Those poor children, especailly Piper and Trig, they have no choice but to go with her to Montana or any where else she may choose. I feel sorry for Todd also, too. He is certainly not my favorite person, but living with that woman literally must have been hell on earth after the Repubs lost the election and her dreams of runing the world ended.

    This certainly will not go down well with anyone other than her hard core bots. The woman cannot make a success out of anything it seems. As far as a radio show, I totally agree that is not an option for her. She simply doesn't have the focus or the intelligence to be on air for three hours a day, or even a few hours a week. That takes planning and preperation, and we all know how well she does that.

    Congratulations again Gryphen. You ROCK!!


  58. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I think it is kind of sick and twisted for people to hope that this family is torn apart. Divorce is very personal and not really amusement even for the anti Palin bloggers. How is this even news, based on one 'source'...this person knows Sarah personally? I think you might have the same problem as Shannyn Moore "Shannyn Moore Can’t Quit Sarah Palin"

  59. L.A. in S.F.8:55 AM

    Oh man this is good, not surprising, but good. Nothing every looked real with those hillbillies. Nothing. No connections between her and that baby and no "relationship of trust" between her and those kids. And hubby, also too. Someone over at PD's has been writing that it's her gut instinct that Trig is Toad's with another woman. I had never thought of that. I wouldn't want to pretend he was my baby if my husband had him with another woman. But I don't have the ambition or insanity she evidently has.

    Also too, can I just say that I was mulling this over the other day: You know how we've heard that SP had a 'speech' all loaded into the teleprompter on election night and wanted to speak before McPain until he said no? Well, now that we've heard the "Dead Fish Don't Play Point Guard" speech and the "Ashley Judd Shoots Our Troops Second Amendment Guns on the Frozen Tundra in Denali" speech, can you just IMAGINE what old shaky, speedy Sarah had penned for that night? Lord, if only Johnnie had said yes!

  60. pepi la peu8:57 AM

    The spin from MegaMouth and the gang is anxiously awaited.

  61. Anonymous8:58 AM

    SKX, I checked that Alaska Reports link and couldn't see anything about it...did you get a screencap? Pat in Texas

  62. Aha Gryphen, and didn't I tell you that it was an impending divorce, back when Palin announced she was quitting? Did you know that then and that's why you refused to start a poll on the question?

    And now something else for you that I'll put some money on: Trig is Bristol's. And who's the father? I know that too with ironclad certainty but I can't say and you don't want to talk about it publicly.

    There are strange things done neath the midnight sun, by the men who moil for gold,

    The arctic trails have their secret tales that can MAKE YOUR BLOOD RUN COLD.

  63. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Isn't Montana the place where "Dick" Cheney claims to live? He really lives in Texas, but had to lie so he could be VP. Can't have a President & VP from the same state. Maybe "Dick" plans to tutor Sarah.

    On the Wooten thing: What if Sarah and Wooten had a fling? Could that explain Todd's involvement?

  64. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Way to go Gryphen! I think as all it took was for her to step down as Gov and tongues here in Wasilly began a-waggin'. Sarah the private citizen is not quite as intimidating as Sarah the Gov.


  65. Wow. Kudos to you, Gryphen, amazing breaking news!

    Man, this has my head spinning. It puts a lot of things in context.

    So much for "family values," eh?

  66. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Gryph, never mind on my last comment re Alaska Reports, I see it now. Sorry. Pat in Texas

  67. Did you know that the Alaska Report has a direct link to this blog in the first or second sentence?

    The world will be beating a path to your door - get ready.

  68. this is fake! if they were getting a divorce! it would be all over the media now! I love how the smears keep coming! don't you people have better things to do! other then attack her

  69. Alaska Report has cited your report, Gryphen. Even if your source is as impeccable as you say, I hope you got others to corroborate. Not that this is Watergate or anything, but I'm always happy to see mention of corroboration esp if the source is anonymous. Otherwise congrats on your scoop!

  70. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I saw Sarah without her rings in a few campaign photos and even a magazine cover, don't base anything off of that.

  71. Snowing in Alaska9:21 AM

    Well, like everyone else, I won't start my block party til it's been confirmed - but the idea doesn't surprise me a bit.

    Back to election time - when Todd's AIP membership was a risk factor to the Palins, my mother who is not a gossip in any way, shape or form - stated very clearly "Well, if Todd's AIP stuff gets in the way, Sarah will divorce him in a heartbeat".

    We've also heard rumors in Juneau that jive with this result - as you know, women speaking out against the gov's husband would be crucified while she was still gov.

    These people have no business in national politics - ACK! I reserve judgement on the rest of the family since I don't talk about the kids. Just get 'em out of my state politics and out of Alaska would be great, too. If she goes to Montana, she'll be a total fake there just like she is here, but I'm sure many will eat it up and think "Hey, we got ourselves a PALIN!". She's a keeper, Montana, don't send her back!

    She'll mess up your state, too if you give her the chance so just pat her on the back, and don't give the twit a podium!

  72. Anonymous9:23 AM

    hhhmmmm...wonder if the bots at c4p have been alerted to this yet.... ( evilly grinning...)

  73. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I still get a feeling that this
    (even though it may have been true for a while...even before she was picked for VP canidate)
    is a way for her to get a sympathy reaction from people and so everyone forgets or doesn't pursue all the other outragous things swirling around her.

    She had to figure out what piece to send out onto the chessboard.

  74. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I'd be ashamed. Sarah Palin has never been a typical Republican. She ran against her own party and won and really tried and succeeded in reforming government. People loved her before she was VP and they didn't stop loving her till the horrible smear machine apart of which you are began. I smear machine that has not only attacked her family but even her most venerable family member Trig. Is there no low to which you will not go? I feel sorry for you. What you are reporting are outright lies.

  75. corica9:37 AM

    Some married couples fight and talk about divorce for years and it never happens. It can be an acceptable arrangement to pretend the marriage is intact while both partners agree to discreet affairs. The Palins can manipulate the media however they want until something is filed in court.

    Levi can put a fire under them. They can plausibly deny while feeling the heat. Are they ready to disband the three ring circus?

    It is good to hear Bristol is not knocked up again. She needs to get a job.

  76. Just wondering. Now that Sarah Palin is private citizen Palin and not Governor Palin, don't the rules change for slander?? Did you catch the press release from her attorney regarding the radio status???

  77. Great news! Thanks, Gryphen! What are the odds Sarah and Todd will never get legally divorced? They'll just live separately, then Sarah can threaten to sue anyone who utters the divorce rumor.

  78. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I am absolutely stunned. Speechless for once. Go Gryphen! NE Native

  79. Maybe, just maybe ..wishful thinking
    This will open some eyes of the Pee Family that their infatuation with Palin is a facade

    I truly think they are in love with those first few images they saw on the national stage.. big happy family.. hockey mom that winks.. and a little tough edge.. oh and the whole God this and that

    It's like being in love with a Rock star.. a performer.. like all the Hannah Montana fans.. they love the girl on stage..and her tv show
    NOTHING like her in real life

    I can understand the Pee infatuation with teenage conservatives.. but some of these people seem old as dirt.. you'd think by now they'd have a little wisdom in their nogins..

    Side note to my rant.. I was looking over (yes I'm pathetic) the picnic photos and Piper looked incredibly upset.. bored.. whatever she had her little helper gloves on and just stood with her arms crossed scowling.. eventually she did get to put a dog on one mans bun .. while he was getting another one from Palin and talking to Palin.. Think Piper realized she is just a prop

  80. "I hope that if this is true, that those kids are okay, and that it's not a nasty bitter divorce because that will be played out in the public eye, and those kids deserve better than that!"

    Nobody wishes harm to the kids, but this is Sarah Palin. "Nasty" and "bitter" are her watchwords. It's not going to be a discreet divorce. She doesn't do anything discreetly.

    "I don't think that she can used Legal Defense Fund money for the move, not even if her lawyer lives in Montana."

    That's kind of the problem. The legal defense fund was promoted as a way to help Sarah pay her legal bills, but from what I've read, I think it was at Blue Oasis, when you read the actual paperwork, it doesn't specify that it's limited to legal bills. That's part of the problem with it. Also, legally, she was supposed to follow the investigator's recommendations- Daniels, was it?- which was to repay all the money, which she hasn't done.

    I don't see why she wouldn't use the money to help move. Legal authorities in Alaska clearly aren't interested in prosecuting her.

  81. Anonymous9:58 AM

    What about the Iceberg? Rumors of an indictment for Housegate or some other illegal activities?
    Is there anything to that?

    Pending divorce or an affair...not surprising to me.

  82. Anonymous9:59 AM

    So: We have SP quitting in the middle again.

    --SP moves to Montana for a fresh start on her new land, with Piper. Maybe Mom, too, or another adult to care for Piper when it's not a photo op.
    --Willow stays with her old friends and high school. She is old enough to be on her own.
    --Track is stashed far away, incommunicado at least until he gets out.
    --SP is relieved to be rid of Bristol, too (such a lot of whining and grievances there, poor SP!), who gets funded by Mom for a team of nannies so Trig and Tripp are cared for by others, and Bristol can return to her "education," partying, or her "career" with the kiddie-porno-clothes company who is pushing abstinence by posing a model split-beaver-seated on a TV that has a rocket zooming upwards.
    --Todd gets to mop up the remains in Wasilla, and then get back to the pipeline.
    --Sherry gets off with credit for time served (confined to her house), no fines, but no source of income, either, so she will eventually do a chapter for someone's magazine for a little something to tide her over.
    --The burglar sister of Todd who takes her child on her gigs is on her own.
    --SP's sister who can't cope with her many children or ex-husband is on her own.
    --SP's Dad who thinks children lose their underwear all the time is on his own.
    --Levi's book somehow didn't get written, so the fee from the upcoming Vanity Fair will have to do, or maybe there's another chapter, another fee.
    --Dr CBJ breathes a sigh of relief because everyone has forgotten about her by now.
    --Rex Butler and crew got some great publicity, which is all they ever thought they would get.
    --I'm hoping Levi's sister gets all As and gets into medical school.
    --Alaska? Got nothing but chaos and inattention to its issues during this long saga. Time to get back to work.

    SP rides out the bad press/bad legalities of the next months in isolation in Montana, goes on those $$$$peaking gigs (surely lots of places will want her even after stiffing the Rep Women in CA -- SP can make up a good story to justify that). Maybe hooks up with one of the rich old Republican$ who ha$ been her ardent $$$upporter. Oh, yeah, she can be working with her team of ghost writers on her book -- a good photo op for Vogue when she gets her Montana house all decorated, her hair grows in, and her pencils are sharpened (and those ghost writers are out of sight or re-labeled as "secretaries").

    It seems like a volcano -- or more like a giant zit -- that rumbled a lot and got our attention, now it's exploding, and soon it will all settle into dust. Let's hope.

  83. Anonymous said..."I don't think that Gryphens revelations should be considered as "confirmed" information at this point."

    Nevertheless, it DOES answer the question of why Palin was said to be closeted with her lawyers over this weekend. (I think that was something I read over "there", but THEY thought she was planning to sue someone!)

  84. Don't worry, it's true. And for those who are now teamsarah members, you should go there and see what Jeff Melzer is getting away with posting on this question.(fact) Go quick, it may not last too long!

  85. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Who pays Todd's legal bills ?

    What kind of pre-nupts, if any, do they have ?

    Does she leave him hanging high and dry, or does she pay him off to keep his mouth shut ?

    IF she was bangin' Sanford, you can bet that some foreign intelligence agency has the goods on 'em.

  86. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I can imagine that Todd came along for the VP thing because they thought that it was a real possibility, and not very much thought was given to what might actually be involved. I don't think that Todd really looked forward to a life in Washington DC for four years.

    When Sarah lost, and tried to position herself for a future in politics, I think that Todd may have begun to think that enough is enough. He was in it for the VP, but endless campaigning, chasing all over the country and beyond giving speechs and waving at crowds, that's when he balked. He certainly looked uncomfortable accompanying Bristol on that Candies Tour.

    Here is another possibility: Could Todd and the Housegate really be an issue? By distancing herself from Todd, she may be seeking to avoid accountablility. Doubtful, because any act that would have occured while they were married is not erased by the divorce.

    So, I'm guessing that once Sarah lost, Todd was happy to resume fishin' huntin' machine racin' in Alaska and resented her eye on a political future. I wonder who has been turning Sarah's head, telling her that she still is the GOP It Girl.

    That book that Sarah is writing (with help) isn't going to do that well. What kind of an ending is: Quitting as Governor, Quitting speaking engagements, Quitting Marriage. Maybe she will just quit writing that book, too.

  87. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The Hamptons rumor. It's a joke. And funny, too, also, I thought. Let's just put that one to bed.

    Divorce? Nothing filed. But, really, wouldn't come as a surprise. People get divorced in times of stress. I'm surprised they're still together.

  88. Someone above was wondering if the Palins have any "pre-nups". ROFL! She was pregnant when they got married, are you kidding? If it weren't for Todd doing the right thing, she'd be on welfare or still living with the Heaths.

  89. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:29 AM

    Stunned, I am! Well now we know why Joe S was hanging out during the picnics and Dude was nowhere in sight...!
    Leah Burton reports in her book "Theopalinism" that there is a 'bitter child custody and child support battle involving attorneys and a "overbearing" grandmother.'
    pg 149

  90. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I read (on another Alaskan blog) that the Palin's were planning to get a divorce before McCain picked Palin. Thus, the divorce was put on hold. Anyone have any insights on this?

    I'm interested only because, if it's true that they are divorcing, Palin will blame the media, and bloggers for her own life choices. Her fans will continue to raise her up as a saint and throw Todd and everyone else under the bus. If Sarah had an affair or if they have had problems before the campaign last year, then I hope that truth comes out.

    I don't wish ill on anyone as divorce is painful. However, if some of the details expose her lies...then I am all for bringing them to light.

  91. Whoa!! This is what I get for doing Saturday chores. As someone who has been to Montana countless times (Wyo resident at one time) I hate to think that Scarah would pollute that beautiful State. Will her base forgive her this! Only time will tell. Gryphen - GREAT work.

  92. Anonymous10:49 AM

    If Sarah was really interfering with Sherry Johnston's sentencing, I would think that is an imprisonable ethics violation.

    As far as Housegate goes, Sarah was in the position of influence in terms of awarding contracts. If true, it's her crime, not Todd's.

  93. Anonymous10:49 AM

    What's your source?

  94. Anonymous10:52 AM

    The summer has clearly been a pressure cooker for Sarah Palin, and I don't think this is all of the iceberg.

  95. Re: Palin's radio career. I read elsewhere (and I'm blanking on just where) that Clear Channel basically said No, and if Clear Channel doesn't want her on any of their talk stations, the radio career is dead in the water.

  96. Well well - if Straight Goods is correct and Bristol is the mother, it doesn't take a large imagination to figure out who the father is.

    There had to be a really SERIOUS reason for Sarah to claim Trig. Daughter's pregnancy is not that serious unless...

    Gryphen, We need a time line. Correct me if I'm wrong. Sarah decided to resign sometime between noon and 7:00 on Wednesday July 1. She resigned in a wacky way calling Todd back on July 3rd. I believe you said that she had a huge blow up with Bristol. We haven't seen or heard from Bristol or Willow in a month. Do you think the fight was Bristol's way of getting out from under Sarah's thumb. Maybe Bristol's got a book deal too. I bet she threw the ring in the lake just before the press conference on July 3.

    Can you believe she was up there fishing in waders with Todd the very next day and calling all the media in for interviews.

  97. Anonymous10:56 AM

    OMG, Todd left behind in a sort of "Home Alone" moment, I can just see him with his palms on either side of his face! Wonder what hijinks he got up to left on his own in the wild frontier environment of Fairbanks?


  98. gidget11:00 AM

    Juju----- The Palin family continues to have celebrity status. Worldwide celebrities, all of them. Thank Sarah for that. It did not change bc she is a quitter. She lost her bully pulpit, that's all. Now she has only joke status. Think Jon and Kate rumors and suing for slander. It would not be good for Palin if she did sue.

    This might make her react and want to keep up the front of a marriage, which will help keep the donations coming. That would please cee4pee.

    I think the only reason she would divorce is bc there is someone with the big money. No little billionaire type for Sarah.

    The children will not be "ok" either way. The damage has been going on for years. Whether the births are part of the fraud or the marriage is a fraud, the children all pay big time. Their best chance is to get the truth out. Thank you Alaskan bloogers for showing your love for those children. Lies are a slow kill for them all. The best way for Bristol to show she cares is to stop enabling the deathly sickness in the family.

    The bigger news could be with the Johnsons. Most of all Sherry if it comes out she was rail roaded. Who all was involved? Who set up the informants? Taking advantage of a sick woman and using children is disgusting. Do you think the Palins did that all alone?

  99. allison11:01 AM

    isn't brad originally from montana? and isn't he a city council member?

    i'm going to keep posting my theory:
    keith johnston is trig's father. bristol is the mother.
    i repeat, keith johnston is trig's father. bristol is the mother
    it explains why:
    -todd pulled a gun on levi
    -palin had sherry arrested
    -mercedes calls trig her baby brother
    - palin resigned with such anger
    -she's leaving the state
    -todd and sarah are divorcing b/c todd wanted bristol to have an abortion, and sarah wouldn't let her
    -palin's losing her hair and losing weight
    -bristol's drug use
    i'm sticking with it.
    now that is the iceburg.

  100. StapledTongueGun on Facebook

    Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).

    Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it.

    Meg Stapleton

  101. staplegun fires back on this:

    gryph better be right!

  102. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Is everything about Sarah Palin FAKE? Let's see:
    1) A hockey mom?
    FAKE. Maybe a few years ago, but Track's been away fighting (for the media!) in Iraq for awhile now.
    2) A pitbull with lipstick?
    FAKE. She's a quitter with a Twitter account. She can't take ANY criticism or conflict.
    3) A Financial Conservative?
    FAKE. She left Wasilla in debt, and she hasn't done too well in terms of AK financial government resources in her short administration either (factor in state $$ spent on ethic complaints, special leg. session upcoming, etc.)
    4) Morally "Conservative"?
    FAKE. Levi was living in the Palin home while unmarried to Bristol. Evidently SP and TP both had affairs. She condoned Bristol's child out-of-wedlock.
    5) A Religious Conservative?
    FAKE. She's getting a divorce from Todd, which is a no-no in the land of the deeply religious.
    6) She's "just like you and me." She's middle class.
    FAKE. She's rich.
    7) She's a "reformer."
    FAKE. She's a con artist.
    8) Her hair looks good!
    FAKE. She wears a wig.
    9) She's a great speaker.
    FAKE. Her speeches and Tweets are parodied now EVERYWHERE!
    10) She's the future of the GOP.
    FAKE. She's the end of it.

  103. They are denying it here:

    Well, really it's over on the Palin Facebook here:

  104. Anonymous11:06 AM


    Meg Stapleton denies that the Palin's are going to divorce:

  105. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Gryphen...your sources are questionable.
    Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).

    Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it.

    Meg Stapleton
    From Palin's facebook page.


  106. "If Sarah was really interfering with Sherry Johnston's sentencing, I would think that is an imprisonable ethics violation. "

    nah...its not an ethics thing. its a felony obstruction of justice charge.

  107. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Mmmmmm, no Palin divorce on Court View, yet.

  108. Meg is blasting this on facebook:

  109. Worth repeating...

    Sarah Palin is a LIAR

    Sarah Palin is a HYPOCRITE

    Sarah Palin is a COWARD

    Sarah Palin is a FRAUD

  110. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Megamouth just denied this on Sarah's facebook...

  111. Meg Stapleton has already issued a denial of the divorce story over on Facebook. She didn't threaten to sue anyone, so I think it just confirms the story is true.

  112. freddy11:14 AM

    Meg is denying it (the separation, NOT the Montana move). Sorry to have to send you to the sea of pee to see it:

    "Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).

    Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it."

    Meg Stapleton

  113. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Stapletongue has posted on Team Sarah that the rumors of the divorce are not true.

  114. allison11:16 AM

    palin's press release on facebook:

    Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).

    Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it.

    Meg Stapleton

  115. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Sarah Palin: No Truth to Latest Rumors statement
    on her facebook account

  116. No LIvvy, it takes a lot of imagination to understand who Trig's father is.

    Remember what I quoted from Robert Service?


  117. Palin shoots down rumors from the rabid anti-Palin,CNN stringer Zaki!!!
    Check the ceepees, this is all false!

  118. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Great news!
    Now if she'll just move to Montana and get a job on FOX, I will be able to ignore her forever as the other networks won't give her the time of day. Although I was frankly surprised the other day to see...duh what's her name...the skinny, blonde, won't-stop-talking, Republican pundit idiot from FOX on another network talking over the other two guests on the segment. Maybe "news" just has to take up air-time to qualify now.

  119. Her politcal future would be toast with a divorce. She will no longer be able to sell her "Christian Values" package, not even at a discount.
    Mighty hard to preach about something that she does not practice herself.
    Don't think that God "speaks" to her anymore. If he did, he would have told her that her career should NEVER be more important than her family.


  120. Gryhpen, in all seriousness, hugs to you dude. I can't even imagine the hurtin' that some of these pro-palin types are going to put on you (just words, hopefully)

    I got quite a few hateful comments on my videos from Wasilla picnic and some kind of hurt my feelings (I know, ahhh poor me, you put yourself out there and not everyone agrees so I'll shut up now)

    But seriously, stay strong and don't let the haters get you down, but also take threats seriously and forward to proper authorities if you feel that they are serious threats.

  121. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Quit making things up Gryphen!

  122. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I hope she sues you for everything you have and wish to have for this BS

  123. Anonymous11:35 AM

    How much more of this are you going to put out, Gryphen?

    You have no evidence to support your claims about the parentage of Trig Palin, your much advertised iceberg evaporated, and now this complete rubbish about a divorce.

    Your sources are terrible.

  124. I am glad to hear that Sherry Johnston will have a more fair environment in which to resolve her matter. I hope the prosecutors no longer believe that they'll be subject to retaliation if they treat like her case like any other case. Hopefully, the judge understands all the backroom pressure and maneuvering that have been progressing, also, too.

    Political pressure has no place in criminal prosecutions, but of course it exists. Good luck, Rex, now that the playing field is a little more level than earlier.

  125. At least now she has an ending for her book.

  126. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I smell a trap. I wouldn't put it past that camp to plant a rumor and then pounce. She wants to sue everyone. Make sure you have factual proof or a disclaimer of "rumor" to protect you.

  127. Now that Todd is single again...will Greta be divorcing her husband?

    Is a single Sarah more sellable? You betcha.

    Montana? Hmmm. I don't think so. I'll bet that's only a stepping stone. Just a few more years and she'll be rid of Willow and Piper.

    Trig may go back to Bristol.

    Wonder if Bristol and Levi have a chance of getting back together now that Sarah is gone and Todd is going back to the oil fields.

  128. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Its fun making fun of a dysfunctional family who's mother ran around the country deriding good American citizens because they actually have an intellect, and solid morals. Sarah Palin and her ideology is cancer upon our society.

  129. Anonymous11:56 AM

    They've banned me from C4P for some reason, but I just saw the post there about this. I just wanted to say that I think it is shameful to post rumors like this Gryphen, as fact. Really in poor taste. And it nixes any credibility you'd have, ever. I don't think that C4P and Meg should even respond to this kind of thing either. It just ends up spreading the rumor around.

    I guess in the end Sarah was right. Some people are just out to destroy her and her family. One thing to discuss ideas and policies, quite another to do what I have seen here for the first time.

  130. Wow. Who are we supposed to look up to now?!

  131. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Gryphen, please stop the attention seeking.

    It's becoming embarrassing.

    You're making a laughing-stock of yourself and making your fellow progressive bloggers look bad at the same time.

  132. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Hope you're getting lots of donations so you can buy your reliable sources more rounds of booze at the tavern where you do your research. Lucy.

  133. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Wow, are you proud of yourself? or is it that you badly need attention but have nothing better to offer but a load of carp?

  134. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Bill Kristol must be SO excited by this news. He can actually try to make his fantasies with Sarah a reality~

  135. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Oh what I'd love to do to John McCain. We almost got stuck with this bimbo being one melanoma away from the White House.

  136. Gryphen: I support you for going with this story. I'm a longtime reader and blogger here, and I cannot imagine you "making stuff up" with a story like this.

    Fortunately these types of stories have a way of proving themselves or not. I think all of us know you went out on a limb with this - and we are all sitting here astounded (not really surprised) that everything has come together like this.

    Like many others of your bloggers, I am very willing to just sit back and let it happen in its own time. "They" will deny but the truth tends to bleed through, no matter how much it is suppressed. Once a door is opened, it is impossible to put everything back. This will lead to others digging, digging, digging - and I'm willing to bet there is a lot of gold in them that hills.

    It was obvious that something was happening. I hope you continue to probe, to dig and to continue to report on the antics that are the Palin Family. Although the "divorce" is huge, I am much more interested in the allegation that Todd drew a weapon on Levi and that $arah fraudulently interfered with the charges against Ms. Johnston.

    Congratulations on the way you pulled it all together. You have our continued support and we all look forward to more details. I feel confident that your story has legs and will prove to be factually accurate.

    Hang in there Gryphen and thanks for continuing to try and ferret the truth about this strange, weird family of Alaska.

  137. trucker814012:17 PM

    I can't believe I read through this whole line of Crap.
    You can't talk about the "Kind of Deal Sherry will get". How come?
    I think Lucy and her comment "hit the nail on the head". Surprising thing is how many people read this like it's the latest breaking News Story. You've confirmed my suspensions, Liberal Democrats are Idiots.

  138. Anonymous12:20 PM

    keep looking, of course it's about the money! That, and betrayal.

  139. Anonymous12:21 PM

    All you freepers and CPrs -- you do realize that Gryph is letting your critical messages thru, right? That's more than happens over on your sites, where anyone who doesn't tow the party line is censored. That's because we are not afraid of honest discourse. Pat in Texas

  140. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Sarah is awesome, any woman who is pro-life these days is a hero - she is hated for that alone... the selfish immoral left wing who dont care that innocent lives are sacrificed see sarah as an enemy -of course they hate her!

  141. To the skeptics: Gryphen specifically stated that he is reporting this information NOT as a rumor.

    Since it is his skin and his neck that he is risking, I believe it is important to take a "wait and see" attitude because it's HIS reputation and he's willing to put it on the line!

    Attacking Gryphen is not going to make this go away. He obviously believes he has impeccable sources which MUST be made public at some point. This story is a HUGE risk and Gryphen knows it. Since I've never believed Gryphen was stupid, then I am willing to stop and try to figure out why he would do it if he didn't believe it was true?

    There is and has been something weird and peculiar going on obviously. Even the c4P twits are missing their headGoober.

    I'm willing to wait it out - to see what kind of bugs come out when you shake the tree (which Gryphen just did).

    Screaming, yelling, hollering and threatening do not take away from what he has reported. Not sure about the rest of you, but I'm willing to "wait and see".

    It won't go away - not now. It will either be proven, or not. But it's out there now.

  142. What sources? The ones in your sick head?
    I just wiped my @ss with this shitty blog... pffft You lefties really suck ballz

  143. Anonymous12:26 PM

    So is Todd going to take the fall for unpaid contractors building their home?

    And if Todd writes a tell-all that might be worth buying...

  144. Meghan's statement on Sarah's Facebook page didn't mention babygate and Sherry Johnston rumors.

    The mind reels.

  145. This is from a wingnut political blog. see? EVERYTHING Sarah does is genius! What would it take from Palin for these wacko's to say it is anything but pure genius? from:
    "I think this is a great move. Palin could end up as a US Senator from Montana and help fight back the Democrat Socialists for decades. Air America, CNN, CNBC, NBC and the NY Times will have to send their liberal hack reporters to Montana to cover the stories unfolding. Dennis Miller will offer some great support for Palin’s move. John and Kate did it.
    Why can’t the Clintons and Edwards do the right thing and get a divorce? What kind of phonies are they? Who are they fooling?"

  146. Oh...and Meg didn't mention guns either.

  147. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Hey Gryphen, I just talked to your source as well. He says that he hears voices and sees dead people, especially when he's diving in Lake Lucille looking for abandoned wedding rings.

    Absolutely love your MO my man: see how many people you can take the p*ss out of in a single day. Brilliant!

    The wilder the story the more they love it. If you build it they will come. Hah.

  148. penelope12:35 PM

    It occurs to me that the divorce leak is the new "shiny object" to distract from possibly HUGE legal issues facing the Palins (Fund Trust, house-gate, several others that are CRIMINAL, not ethics issues). Very Rovian. Very possible.
    THEN when those legal issues are exposed, and Palins not divorced, they can say everything else is a LIE perpetuated by the mean bloggers/lyin' media.

  149. Anonymous12:37 PM

    It's propbaly true, therfore the NumbNuts threating to "sue" just like their Loser Heroine, Sarah the Braindead. Good luck TROLLS, New Housing up 11% and the stock market up 2400 points since PRESIDENT OBAMA cleaned your clock. Like Bill Maher said "I'll show you Obama's Birth Cerificate when you clowns present Sarah Failin's High School Diploma!!! hahahahaha

  150. anon @ 12:22 - I am pro life. I have friends who are pro choice. I am not seen as a hero, nor am I "hated" in my wide circle of friends. Funny logic you have. Funny as in illogical, not haha funny.

  151. Gosh, Gryphen, why didn't your source tell you last night that the divorce was more of the "Toad is sleeping on the couch, and nobody's going to announce anything for quite awhile" variety?

    If they're still in the same house, I would say a reconciliation is a definite possibility. Has anyone seen a lawyer? Is Toad on the couch cause he realizes that if he leaves before a separation agreement is finalized, he'll give up any claim to the house? (Ohio law, not sure if it's the same in Alaska or other states.)

    I hope your info about Sherry Johnston being able to get a plea agreement now that $arah is no longer gov is correct. I have always thought that $arah is out to get Sherry and, of course, Levi, too.

    Honestly, Gryphen, I can see $arah reconciling with Toad just to make you look bad. I do agree that her significant weight and hair loss make it look as if something really stressful is going down.

    It'll be very interesting to see what happens next. Good luck!

  152. Anonymous12:39 PM

    What creeps these Sarah supporters are... I guess if they're so angry then this has touched a very raw nerve and it is redirected from their idol, Sarah, and back at you. I sure hope they haven't done a Dan Rather on you, Gryphen. If so, you will still have me reading your posts, that's for sure! Watch your back!!!

  153. What is a big deal is the interference with the judicial plea with Ms. Johnston and the fact that Todd drew a gun on Levi.

    Gyphen is not a stupid person. He obviously has sources that he believes. Since I'm not privy to this info, I am willing to sit back and just watch it happen. This is not the type of story you just make up - and it has lots of little nuggets in there just waiting to explode.

    I agree with Penelope - I believe the divorce is a diversion to take away from potential legal issues. Frankly I don't care if they divorce - and no I don't feel sorry for the kids. They wouldn't know NORMAL if they experienced it.

    Knowing Gryphen is NOT a spinmeister, I believe he is onto something. I'm willing to wait and see just what comes of letting this cat out of the bag.

    The fact that Stapletongue didn't mention the GUN issue, or the court interference of Ms. Johnston's case - speaks volumes.

    By the way, this story will make Megasaurus NUTS - for that reason alone, I think it has legs.

    It's Gryphen's reputation on the line folks....let's see what comes up next.

  154. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Ever wondered about the mindset and education-level of a Palin supporter? Well, take a look on this very thread. Which comments have absolutely no point, punctuation or politesse? Answer: Those from the Peabrainers.


  155. I support you Gryphen ... pay no mind to the trolls.......

    @ Varaque O'bama or is it VO from Sea of Pee? Stop wiping and go back to your own sites...

    @ Trucker1840..and you've just confirmed my (sic) "suspensions" about YOU---the low information voter... go back to your own sites and spew your ignorance and hatred there.

    @ all the anon trolls----why so angry at Gryph if you don't believe it anyway??? Denial is truly the reason for a story to be true.......

    @ Meg & Sarah---waving hello to you guys...and please... YOU STOP MAKING STUFF UP!!!!!!!!!

  156. Anonymous12:51 PM

    stooping to making stuff up now, I see.

  157. Anonymous12:52 PM

    You people are strange, really, really strange. Have any of you moved out of your moms basement yet.

  158. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Britta Hanson is NOT he daughter of Brad Hanson. They are not related.

    Britta Hanson, who was standing next to Sarah Palin at the picnics when Sarah was serving hotdogs, is the girlfriend of Track (since High School) and was employed as Sarah Palin's executive secretary (maybe still employed in the administration).

  159. What public figure has ever zipped a retractile about them the same day? The best thing Palin could of done was IGNORE it for once.. and then months later (IF it isnt true) show up at a speaking event and look over at Todd and be like.. Well, so much for that divorce rumor

    See that's how you do it! You don't send out a nasty snark! The ole girls gonna blow!

    Panties are getting in an even tighter wad.. would NOT want to be in her house. I bet her family gets the wrath! Oh how I bet her twitter fingers are burning

  160. Anonymous12:57 PM

    If part of the reason is that she wants to move to the lower 48 to pursue her political career, and Todd is putting his foot down. I say Amen! For a fundie, she sure doesn't practice her bible - the man is the head of the household...LOL!

  161. Anonymous12:58 PM people are totally looney-tunes. I can only hope that there are only a couple of people that are using multiple ID's that are posting. I hate to think there are this many brain-dead people in the U.S. that actually may be allowed to vote.

    Tell me, do you also see black helicopters and the moon landing was a hoax? Jeez, get a life. Does Palin scare you that much because she is an intelligent, attractive and succesful Conservative?

  162. KEEP THESE CAZY STORIES COMING...makes Sarah look better and you all look like fools. Been fooled again...LMAO...WOW...unbelieveable

  163. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Wow, Gryphen, second try, lost last post somewhere. Anyway, dang, Gryphen, you know a family that plots together stays together. Why, she'll be hollering about those nasty liberal medias again, also.

    Keep up the good work!

  164. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I guess Tina Fey will be getting a lot of booty calls from Todd Palin now. LOL :)

  165. Anonymous1:05 PM


  166. Anonymous1:07 PM


    Don't forget, Saint Ronnie Reagan was divorced, too, also.


  167. juju: If I was you, I'd watch my back.

    And while you are at it, you might want to take a few classes. What is a CAZY story?

    If it's a lie, it will die.

    Want to put some money on this juju? Let's see what Levi says ok? DID Todd pull a gun on him?

    It isn't the divorce or the move juju. It's all the other things buried there that have now been exposed to light.

    The truth will come out, one way or another.

    And by the way, NOTHING makes $lutty$arah look good.

  168. Anonymous1:10 PM

    @juju and other Sea4Peers:
    Welcome to reality. Now, BUY A DICTIONARY. THEN, OPEN IT.
    Here in the real world, we value education; an education helps us to understand and appreciate the complexities of our world.

  169. The Sarah Trolls are such an angry bunch today. They should stay on their own blog where only happy things are being said about their Head Troll, Sarah.
    And that Varoque comment, well, goes to show the mentality of the Trolls. (Oh and by the way, Varoque, suck ballz is something that YOU TEA BAGGERS DO).

  170. grace1:15 PM

    Information or rumors of a possible future divorce will not hurt the Palins. It will increase the "family values" brand and donations to pay for her expenses. Sarah would stay in a bad marriage for life if the money is right. Todd might be the one more inclined toward freedom before much longer. He might need to sew some wild oats. Her reputation sunk long ago. I don't see how buying land in Montana does harm. Nora O'Donnell got her eyes and ears full during a short trip. There will be more serious well documented investigation in all things Palin. It won't happen over night.

    Sherry Johnston is the one who has suffered the most. Her friends and those in positions to know will hopefully pull together to reveal the truth.
    If people in power knew of her pain and financial distress it would be easy to take advantage of her. It sounds like the same people took advantage of the teens that were solicited to do a sting. I hope those teens come to their senses and do the right thing before too long. There are enough people who do know who the snitch is. I would not want to live with the title of a snitch for Sarah. I'd want to make it right and come forward if I'd made a mistake like that. He should get help in the witness protection program. Don't mess around with the corrupt Alaskan officials, Gov Parnell has not proved himself yet, there is hope, he does have the opportunity. If you have relatives in another state, that's a possibility.

    It is what they don't say that is most revealing. The fact that Sarah has not even done a tweeter in her word salad style! How long can she go on with only incompetent staff speaking for her? Until Shatner is doing messed up Meg "poetry?"

    Remember Sarah's twittering promise. If she starts to twitter like an adult, you'll know it's a trick. Has anyone started her tweet count down clock? She was so anxious to be free and no more pc.

  171. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Anon at 12:52. Track's girlfriend as exec secretary. Isn't that a bucket load of nepotism? Another ethics complaint. Keep it all in the family.

  172. crystalwolf aka caligrl1:20 PM

    I believe Gryphen and Dennis over Liar megamouth anyday! Of course she is not going to announce it, of course she is going to deny, SHE wants money, money, money from the faithful sea of pee!
    Hey why isn't van flea threatening to sue Gryphen or Dennis? Because he would have to prove what Gryphen and Dennis say isn't true.
    Of course the "pitbull/baracuda" aka WATB is going to scream about "smears" and "quit makin' things up" lol, lol!
    Certainly explains why her X was sniffin' around during the picnics last week.

  173. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Gryphen has really hit a nerve! He wouldn't be getting all of the bots here protesting if it was just a crazy rumor. Yes, Gryphen, you resonate with them.

    There are funny parts of this story. Three weeks ago when Sarah gave her quickly put- together, breathless quitting speech, her twitters said that she was grateful that Todd could come in for the weekend. Why mention him if this was long time in coming?

    I think that they had agreed to stay together because, frankly, family values was one of Sarah's strong cards. He may have begrudged her running around and campaigning or speaking, but he was reaping financial benefits.

    Something must have really rocked the boat. Compare this with the other governor with marital problems, Sanford, who wears his religious heart on his sleeve, gets religious counseling and praying, is trying to repair his marriage on numerous vacations (with a side trip to Argentina). He didn't quit, and he is the very definition of lame duck. (Did Spitzer, Vitter, Ensign, Craig get divorced? I don't think so).

    Sarah could have worn "we're trying to work it out for the sake of the children" as a proud badge of family honor. Something really big happened to really p*ss her off.

    As for the money, that's always the big issue anyway. Both want to protect any interests that they have or might have. Todd could legally put in a claim against her future earnings, seeing as he was part of the marriage on her rise to political fame. Each is huddled with lawyers. Does the Alaska Defense Fund cover this issue or just the integrity of the office of governor?

    On the other hand, in the famous quitting speech, only the 5 kids were asked to vote on whether Sarah should fight for Alaska as a private citizen (Hell, yes). If she loves Alaska so much, it's much harder to fight for the state you love from another state. Just saying.

    Like all of Sarah's actions following her loss last November, nothing is ever thought out very far ahead. She is reactive, and has the emotional response of junior high school. This is another example of the same kind of unstable behavior that she showed when she wanted to give a speech when John McCain lost, when she accepted and then canceled a number of speaking engagements, when she lashed out at a rumor or a joke instead of just laughing them off.

    I'll say one positive thing for Sarah Palin:
    She is great theater! My aunt and I used to watch a soap opera together and discuss what would happen next. Since my aunt passed away, it hasn't been nearly as much fun so I stopped watching 'our program." And now, Thank You Sarah Palin for all of the entertainment. And, thanks too, to Gryphen, our hero super journalist!

  174. Sarah Palin Denies Divorce Rumor
    more @

  175. Anonymous1:24 PM

    JuJu, Sorry, but nothing is going to help Sarah Palin look better, unless she gets a brain and a heart transplant.

    Until then, why don't you stay on your side of the fence, searching for birth certificates any moron can find on the internet and leave us to searching for the truth buried beneath Palin's bevy of lies?

  176. I love your comments...keep them coming...they make as much sense as the iceberg. Wonder why Sarah has been gone all week and not heard from??...Could it be that she is establishing herself as a PRIVATE CITIZEN???...Slander suits are much easier, lower bar, when one is a private citizen and not the Governor. There maybe an iceberg coming and guess who it's going to hit????

  177. I have known since ten minutes after McCain announced her name that Trig wasn't Todd's kid. Who lies and says they are 7 months pregnant when they are in fact 8 months pregnant? A woman whose husband wasn't home (Todd was on the north slope working) when they got pregnant, that is who!

    First thing I did was google her name and found the interview she gave about Trig's birth. It was an unbelieveable amount of hogwash.

  178. Anonymous1:34 PM




  179. Anonymous1:35 PM

    anyone else notice sarah's teeth job? when did she have that done?

  180. palin pals around with witch hunters and yet two of her kids are named after witches from television programs on the old WB. Buffy and Charmed. Willow and Piper.

  181. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Haven't seen the wassillabillys this stirred up in a while.
    watch your back Gryph.
    I support your search for the truth.
    As I told someone today.
    I'm not anti Palin. I disagree with her but I don't hate the woman or her family.
    But, I am extremely angry that so many people in our country were willing, and still are willing it seems, to elevate this woman, of such limited intelligence, experience and capacity to be the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America.
    It is the people who support this woman who I am in serious conflict with. I am seriously disappointed in McCain and anyone who supported or supports this neophyte to be the Chief Executive Officer of our country.

  182. anon@1:10:
    juju buying a dictionary won't help. I don't think she can read either.

    I notice the Peeing in the Sea people are stating that Progressive Alaska is spreading the story - hmmmmmmm...just checked and Phil didn't have it up.

    They lie about everything don't they?

  183. OOps - sorry, Phil Munger of PA DID mention Gryphen's story - he did put a link but did not discuss the article.

    Note to Peeing People: THAT is an apology - I admit I made an error.

  184. Anonymous1:40 PM

    He's not naming a source, so he's got nothing. There's no proof, no 2nd source, and he's not putting his name out there. So how is this even remotely a credible story? That Dennis Zaki wants to pretend he's a journalist makes it even more suspect.

  185. Anonymous1:40 PM

    suggest you hire an attorney.
    I would file and try the case against you pro bono.

  186. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Your story serves no purpose other than spread rumors. If your allegations prove to be false, then you are causing great damage to your credibility as well has her legitimate critics.

    If they are true, then you can rest on your laurels and say "I told you so." Big deal.

    Give the Palins privacy and allow nature to take its course.

  187. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Wow. This is hilarious. I really wish more people noticed blogs like this.. it would expose you lefties for the bizarre wack jobs that you are. And people think the birthers are nuts.. you guys take it to a whole new level.

    Seriously, to my fellow conservatives.. we should post links to this blog everywhere we can. Let people see what's crawling around under those rocks.

  188. Anonymous1:53 PM

    This is the most slanderous, ugly article I have ever seen written about another human being! Gryphen, who ever you are, you are a piece of S---, and you should crawl back in your hole and disappear from decent people's lives! You are a rumor monger and an ugly person! I hope the Palins sue you!

  189. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I swear, I think Meg works for Romney.

    All Meg and Sarah have to do is ignore the rumor, make Sarah put her wedding ring back on, and trot out Todd for some event with Sarah. Pose for a kiss, like the Gores in 2000 at the convention in L.A. END OF STORY.

    But instead, this will go viral now as Meg issues a denial, making it sound TOTALLY TRUE.

  190. Anonymous1:55 PM

    The last time I went away for the weekend, she resigned. Now I come in from the beach, log on and WOW!

    So hubby and child are out playing baseball while I am glued to the flaming hot Alaska blogs again.

    I don't wish her bad things, but I do need to know that she is never coming to a White House near me! If she just said she would never run for Pres, I would even wish her many good things.

  191. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Sharah was born and that seems to have created a problem for all you bloggers. She has done nothing to be so hated other than be a Republican and there are some pretty vile thoughts out there.
    You keep harping of Family Values--the Democrates are the party for social justice and I guess that means sex in the Oval Office, sex br Dems with young page boys Can you explain the difference between Democrats sex and Republicans? They all have the same tools, don't they? They are all used the same way, with the same results Republicans are thought to have a better moral system than Democrats, therefore it seems if one makes a mistake, the whole REp Party must be at fault. Spock would say "illogical" but the hate that is out there is crazy, illogical and from very sick people who appear to be doing whatever the Master (Obama) asks

  192. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Se Ella at 12:27....I am confused. When people get married and have troubles aren't they supposed to work things out? Isn't that the "christian" way to approach it, marriage vows are supposed to be for life. Are you criticizing people like the Edwards, Clintons and Sanfords who try to honor their vows to each other and work their marriage out? You righties really confuse me. In your mind Sarah is "god" no matter what she does. Go back and reread your bible honey, maybe this time it will sink in. Shame on you.

  193. anne s, in your comment @ 12:57 PM, I think you nailed it. "What public figure has ever zipped a retractile about them the same day? The best thing Palin could of done was IGNORE it for once.. and then months later (IF it isnt true) show up at a speaking event and look over at Todd and be like.. Well, so much for that divorce rumor.."

    Going 'way back to January when Palin got involved in helping Levi get that job as an apprentice electrician, then issuing press releases about Bristol and Levi's parenting, and the status of their schooling (denying they were drop-outs), then another press release on "sleeping together...over my dead body", railing about David Letterman, etc. etc. -- these are the kinds of things that raise red flags.

    EVERY TIME Palin would contact PEOPLE Magazine, or get on her press release site or on Facebook or Twitter, it would be to attack-deny something that eventually turned out to be true.

    You're right, if she'd started back then just ignoring all the rumors, she'd still probably be Governor, and would have probably successfully quashed the rumors. Instead, with all that anger towards people who'd DARED QUESTION HER whom she had no control over, she just made her critics more curious about why she was in such a tizzy.

    Same thing happening again. And it'll backfire on her, just like in all the other instances.

    From the looks of the Palinbot comments here, I'd say they are in as much a panic about this divorce rumor becoming public as Meg and Sarah are. I wonder if the panic, and the divorce rumor itself, isn't part of a much bigger picture that relates to Palin's administration and abrupt quitting.

  194. wendy995012:04 PM

    I had heard the golden couple were in a frigid mood last year while sitting in my hairdressers chair. Around the salon all were surprised that Sarah could be pregnant when when no hanky panky was going on. Hairdressers always get the juicy gossip first. Hey juju, where are your family values now?

  195. Anonymous2:06 PM

    To Montana, huh? Isn't that where The Dick Cheney has a residence (when he is not hiding out)? Maybe they can now become BFF (best friends forever) as well as neighbors.

    Then she and Dave Letterman can become more friendly/neighborly, also, too, besides, as-well-as!!

  196. This comment has been removed by the author.

  197. Anonymous2:11 PM

    You all are bunch of gasypers I hope God will pay you back for what you are doing to this women ,she does not deserve to be treat it this way ,she did not do anything to anybody...bunch of morans ,you l se your punichmant from God will come to mack her God ,you trash her family evry chance you got.are you all satisfied now?.Hope you all make some apologies to her before God s judgment will come.

  198. Bryan2:12 PM

    If this blog is dedicated to finding the truth, and exposing lies (a noble pursuit!), at what point, should this rumor turn out to be false, would you retract your statement? If you claim that they are divorcing, and yet don't, then your own claim is a lie. Please give a timeframe (say a week or 2) in which time either a divorce proceeding has been started, thus proving beyond a shadow of a doubt your claim, or that you will post a full appology for spreading a lie. It's not very hard and easy to check. Agreed?


  199. crystalwolf aka caligrl2:15 PM

    Juju: Since your watching this board how 'bout a few facts for you? RAM says, that Shannyn said the FBI was investigating and Shannyn said no such thing. She made reference to the IRS/Embezzlement rumors that have been swirling around the Palin's for months.
    Speaking of RAM...why hasn't she told y'all about her trip to Alaska? She's been/was up there about a month, why so secret??? Has she thrown c4p under the bus? Adrienne was there and blogged all about her visit, but not RAM. Funny I would of thought she would have pics and all kinds of cute little palin stories to share with y'all???
    Why don't you ask her and let us know?


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