Monday, August 10, 2009

It took longer than I expected but confirmation of my August 1st post is starting to emerge.

Sarah Palin's marriage has been in trouble from the beginning, says Levi Johnston, the father of their grandson Tripp and ex-fiance of daughter Bristol.

What's more Levi told in an exclusive video interview that he believes marital problems were behind Palin's decision to resign as governor of Alaska.

When we asked if the couple had marital problems, Levi responded: "Oh yeah. There have been from day one." then asked if Levi thought marital problems were the reason she stepped down from political office. Levi answered, "Oh yeah I do."

He didn’t stop there. He also told that he thinks Palin will be chasing an even bigger paycheck now that she’s out of public office and on the speaker circuit. “She took the money,” he said. “That’s what she’s talked about, that’s what I’m gathering and I think that’s what she’s doing.”

He did add that he did not believe cheating was a factor in Sarah and Todd's marriage.

Like I said, just be patient, the truth will eventually be revealed.

You know the thing that those who attacked me failed to realize is that no matter what happened to me the story was STILL coming out.

There are numerous other media sources who also have this story, as well as the others I posted. Are they going to attack all of them as well?


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Just wanted PalinHoax to be in your top set of comments: Levi's interview is here, too:

  2. Bear Woman8:39 PM

    Glad to see some vindication for you Gryphen..... It's about time Levi started talking more. The comments on are pretty viscious toward Levi so far.

    Hopefully more people will start telling the truth.

    This will be a great thing as more media sources pick up this, your original post, and the outrageous actions of the Palinistas/bots. Guess the Flea will be busy threatening all sorts of people and organizations. Of course, you will never get an apology from any of these folks!

  3. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Seriously dude, you need an intervention.

  4. I was just waitng for the truth to come out and vindicate you.

    Ooooh, the palinbot's heads will be exploding over this.....excellent.

  5. douchebag patrol9:14 PM

    Sarah Palin is a...

    Fcking liar
    Fcking hypocrite
    Fcking fraud

  6. Anonymous9:15 PM


    Great link and great story!

  7. Buckaroo Baby9:16 PM

    Is Mrs Palin going to sue Levi now ?
    Now I am curious about Mr and Mrs Palin's marriage.Can't wait to see the mini-series !!

  8. penelope9:16 PM

    I am glad Levi is opening up. I am, however, a bit confused about saying the marriage had problems from "day one." from day one of the marriage?
    from day one of her Governership?
    Yep, the Flea is going to make a fortune from all those people pickin' on Sarah. Her need for revenge might soak up all the $$$ she makes from the book. I do not see her getting much $ for speeches; Even most Republicans are distancing themselves from the crazy lady.

  9. Anonymous9:18 PM

    It seems like Levi is the only one who has no reason to lie about all this. What does he have to lose by telling what he heard and saw while living with the Palins? Are they going to take his son away?

  10. Anonymous9:21 PM

    This from Levi earlier this evening -it's a pretty funny interview ...

    Did anyone catch me with Kathy on LArry King?

  11. Snowing in Alaska9:25 PM

    Oh these morons attack everyone who doesn't love their creepy Sarah. But, in the process, they turn off a lot of people which brings no new followers their way. They are a minority, with a misguided mission to alienate more and more folks by the day.

    It's getting to be a joke - I read a blog the other day where the author said he LOVED doing posts on Palin because all of a sudden he had a bunch more traffic, trolls and snide comments. He gets a kick out of it and baits them to waste their time, & reveal their true agenda & attitudes to readers.

    They, just like Sarah, are trying to take a page out of the Rove/Cheney propogana playbook but unfortunately for them, the time is past for it to be effective. We know them now, and their dirty tricks. We fight back. We share their madness with those who haven't seen it yet. As they scream louder and louder with intolerant voices, shrill with disrespect and disdain, they dwindle in importance and numbers.

    When they can learn to talk like human beings, I'll try again to have a conversation. Til then - sayonara!

  12. Gryph, you could end up owning some of those bastards' houses some day!

  13. Lisabeth9:53 PM

    I can't believe how nasty the Palinbots are to Levi! Well actually I am not surprised. Their denial about Sarah is incredibly thick so they have to take their frustration out somewhere.
    I hope Levi tells the truth about Trig. Please!

  14. Anonymous10:23 PM

    When they asked Levi about the infiedlity aspect, I thought he said "oh, I'm not going to go there" or something. He didn't deny it and his face told a whole story. he blushed and grinned like he knew something.

  15. Bones AK10:37 PM

    I never really doubted you.

  16. What every happened with Sherry Johnston's arraignment, trial, sentencing or whatever it was?

    I guess Levi didn't confirm the Todd/gun incident? Holding a little back for later?

  17. Anonymous11:10 PM

    It is not what he has to lose from the lies...but what he has to gain...$$$$$$. Do you think he will be dragged around hollyweird, getting interviews if he has no "scandalous" information? That is all he has and he is milking his 15 minutes for all the $$ it is worth.

  18. This just gets better by the day. Gryphen I have been reading your blog daily since McCain unleashed this monster on the rest of us. I always knew was something really wrong with Palin from day one...her voice, crazy eyes, and psuedo picture of small town Alaskana family was just not believable.

    Well, I expect another facebook rant soon...Sarah better get herself on some lithium pronto.

  19. Anonymous3:32 AM

    After watching Levi on Larry King, he needs to forget about being an actor...

    Levi, write your book and use the money to set up a hunting and fishing guide business.

  20. After lie after lie from $arah I believe Levi over her any day. He knows a lot about them I am sure. He found out a lot about them when he lived with them. He was good enough for the Palins to marry their daughter last year, but now they say he is white trash. Wouldn't he have been white trash then too? But I could care less if she is having marital problems. What concerns me is all the the lies, hate, and demonizing she continues to spread about our President. She started this last year and has done it non stop. If anyone gets hurt or killed she bares some of the responsibility. We all know how vicious and ignoble her supports are.

    Nasty $P has posted several articles of interest on FB to try and support her lies. Guess who owns every paper referred to none other than Rupert Murdoch, if its a foundation or whatever they are conservatives. Betsy McCaughtey (not sure spelling) works for an insurance company and also shot down Clinton's attempt at health care. Sam Brownback republican is also referenced.

    I am at the point that if a republican, especially a conservative says anything I already know don't believe it, it's a lie. You know because they have such high Christian values and all.

    Thanks to all of these lying, hateful, racist Christians I found out about after I found out about $P I can't call myself a Christian anymore. I still trust God, just not these evil people who use his name in vain. They will only have themselves to blame when most of America rejects anything to do with them.

    The most evil thing she posted this time was a clip about a women asking President Obama about a pacemaker for her 105 mother. Of course taking it out of context, she learned well from Hannity cut the clip. They left out the first of it where he talks about consulting with ones doctor about end of life care. That it might be more beneficial to control her pain rather than put someone that age through surgery, which could kill them. He in no way said she should just take a pill instead of having surgery.

    That's the headline on the front page of this morning's St. Pete Times
    Find it on line. It's the Politifact reporter's take on Palin's recent comment about healthccare.

  22. Not "splitsville" but definitely something going on:

  23. Anonymous5:30 AM

    "That is all he has and he is milking his 15 minutes for all the $$ it is worth."

    I say good for him. After they dragged him out of Alaska and made him a house hold name, why shouldn't he get something out of it. His life will never be the same and he should cash in on it now.
    Anything anyone can say to take down that nutter from Idaho via Alaska is fine with me.

  24. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I say good for him, too! They used him, made him show up at the campaign as the good future-son-in-law, then tossed him when she lost.

    And he must know stuff otherwise, who is paying his bills? A full time bodyguard can't be cheap! A

  25. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:01 AM

    I am so glad this came out! One of the reasons behind the horrible smear of you was that RSM thought you had scooped him!
    (my sources are better than your sources, very immature, "mine is bigger than yours" but what do you expect from such idiots?)
    I agree with Diva above.

  26. pacos_gal6:16 AM

    I don't think this will make a difference to those who are attacking you Gryphen. The truth does not matter now and I don't think they will quit until they think they have "exposed" anything and everything having to do with your personal life. You have become an obsession for some. For those some, discounting Levi is par for the course.

    For those who make money from creating scandals,(by making money I mean getting public recognition whether it be on TV or in the news), you are a bigger news than Levi is.

  27. He did add that he did not believe cheating was a factor in Sarah and Todd's marriage.

    No, but I can believe that after the events of April 2008, last fall and this spring, and the trip to New York in June, Todd and the two older girls are so sick of Sarah's machinations that they'd be willing to tell her she's free of them, get a divorce.

    But outside circumstances, like debt and legal matters arising from their life together, are forcing Todd and Sarah to stay together. Neither probably trusts the other enough right now to have it any other way.

  28. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Levi said, "he wasn't going to go there" when asked about infidelity in the Palins marriage. There is more to that story, trailer trash partners typically cheat. And Sarah Palin is trailer trash.

  29. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Well Gryph, I knew you didn't make the story up to begin with so I am not surprised. I hope that Levi's bodyguard is with him every waking moment knowing that the SP lovers hate anyone who doesn't love the queen. If SP & TP ever got divorced I would hate to be Todd because I'm sure it's all his fault.

    There is nothing that could come out about SP that her followers would believe. It could come directly out of her mouth & they still wouldn't hear it and they call us the koolaid drinkers..........


  30. Susan in MD6:42 AM

    Bravo Gryphen. Thanks for the update.

  31. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I'm still trying to figure out why she would resign over marital problems...I noticed some weird body language between them all along, and she would be really difficult to stay married to because she's so mean, but I just don't get resigning? I've had lots of friends get divorced but none of them resigned from their jobs. Just wondering how that was her solution to the problem.

  32. Anonymous7:06 AM

    NONE of this is is a surprise. Many members of my extended family have religious views similar to Sarah Palin's, and like Sarah P., a few of them also found themselves pregnant without having married. Such marriages, based on guilt and shame, are essentially cursed from the start, and many of them have unraveled.

    I had never heard of Sarah Palin before August 2008 and I certainly wish that were still the case. I don't believe I've ever witnessed such a poor excuse for a human being attain so much influence. She is disgusting.

  33. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Re: Levi on "cheating" was "No, I'm not going there." He could have just said "No" and left it at that.

    As far as "problems" from day one, I think they got married because Track had already been conceived. SP works hard to keep herself trim, but a relationship is hard to pull off if you know that anything the other person says can not be trusted. She also has a big problem with admitting she is ever wrong, and lashes out at any perceived criticism. Is this really the kind of person to spend the rest of your life dealing with?

    Their financial situation is good, but what price would you be willing to sell your sanity for? In her quest for power and fame, she has been willing to sacrifice the private life of her family. I bet her husband and kids are just sick of it all by now.

    Kathy Griffith should have coached Levi over reading the fan letter before the show. Whew, it was painful watching him stumble over some of the words. Levi honey, write the damn book, write it NOW. Tell the gods honest truth. Take the money, and run! Hollywood is no place for a country boy like you.

  34. Anonymous7:18 AM

    When you’re right, you are right Gryphen! Is Palin and her Flea going to sue Levi now? One of these days Palin is going to become undone; although, I doubt she would even know it as she is hauled off to the Psych Ward for psychiatric evaluation. Palin is a plain and simple whack job, professionally speaking of course.

    By the way, Curses to you McCain for unleashing this complete and utter fool, who doesn’t have enough brain cells to know she is stupid, to on the American public.

  35. majii7:47 AM

    I think Palin is being forced to confront some of the lies she has been telling because of the work of you and other bloggers, Gryphen. I noticed that after she stirred up that mass of misinformation about the death panels, she then tried to portray herself as a uniter with the statement about civil discourse, not realizing that the damage had already been done, and that she can't have it both ways. The woman has zero credibility as far as I'm concerned and has earned every bit of the negative criticism that her actions have wrought. She has never learned that if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. I could care less about her personal problems, but I care a lot about how she uses her words and actions to spread lies about public policy and hurt this country. Her followers don't realize that in her quest for celebrity Palin will run them into a ditch and stand on the side of the road watching them go into it, smiling all the while like she did in that video as that guy fed the turkeys into that machine.

  36. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Wow, between Levi's interviews, his shtick with Kathy Griffin, and the AK lege overriding her veto, I'm guessing that Sarah is pretty pissy this morning. Run, Todd. Run! Pat in Texas

  37. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Now that Alaskans are out of Palin's dog house, there is plenty of room in there for Levi, Todd and Tank. ewwwww, it's going to really anger Rushie's little princess to see Todd financially benefiting from a divorce, also, too. Alaskan law just won't let her take her money and run - Sarah won't get away for one minute with her "what's mine is mine and what's your's is mine." HaHaHa Sarah's cheap, also - that's going to continue to be her own personal "take-down".

  38. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I'm so glad that you're finally getting a vocal backup, Gryphen, and hope that others follow suit.

    If nothing else, Levi seems like an honest kid. But every time he gets airtime, he has so little so say. (yawn) I can't imagine that he'll be publishing a tell-all book- he lacks indepth details when he spills and then sounds vague after that.

    IMHO the poor kid comes off as having either severe stage fright or no stage presence at all (yes, Kathy definitely should have prepped him with that letter ahead of time). Neither will get him the modeling/acting career he desires. But at least he's enjoying a free ride in the lower 48, something that he would have never achieved if he hadn't boarded that fateful plane for Minnesota last September.

  39. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Gryphen says...There are numerous other media sources who also have this story as well as the others I posted . Are they going to attack all of them as well?


    Absolutely not! They have singled you out for their smear campaign and it is you who they are going to continue to lie about and attempt to "take down".

    How dare you speak out about your Governor! How dare you have the audacity to speak your mind and not worship at the feet of the Bitter Quitter!

    They are well aware that others have said the same as you, have said worse than you, but you are their sole focus. Why? Because they have no way to attack your ideas and views so they have to attack you as a person.

    They are desperate to be taken seriously and Palin is a sure fire topic to evoke more sympathy in her already devoted worshipers and this is just an attempt to be taken seriously.

    They are guilty of what they condemn in others. It's sad and pathetic, but really what can you expect from supporters of the queen of the victimhood movement? Poor pitiful put upon Palin, everyone is picking on her and for no good reason at all. She has perfected the face of someone who cries constantly about picking picked on. She says "leave the kids alone" and then turns and once again brings her kids into it. She says "quit making things up" and then turns and makes things up.

    You'll notice that while they cheer her on for her "death panel" statement, they ignore the fact that people died in her state, under her watch because of the mismanagement of medicare/medicaid on the state level to the point that the feds had to step in. They ignore anything and everything that might somehow reflect negatively on Palin, deflecting it and pointing the blame elsewhere in a desperate attempt to make her look squeaky clean when nothing could be further from the truth. Like the claims that all the ethics complaints have been "dismissed".

    You watch, next they will be claiming it's a conspiracy between you and Levi with regards to this whole "splitsville" statement, telling everyone who will listen that you all got together and set it up to make her look bad. They see conspiracy behind every tree, under every rock, and every shadow must be someone coming to attack their queen for no reason except they are jealous of her and her abilities!


  40. SoCalWolfGal9:29 AM

    Congratulation Gryphen, I never doubted this was true. I know that you would NEVER jeopardize your credibility for any story, let alone Sarah Palin's marriage being on the rocks. Living with that woman must be a living hell. The temper tantrums, the total obsessing on trying to control every word that is written about her. Todd and the children must have been planning their escape for sometime now.

    Thanks Livvy - nice article in the St. Pete Times! Buttercup must be going through a lot of wardrobe changes lately with all her pants catching on fire. LOL

  41. Must agree with anon @7:06

    Sarah and Todd had to get married because she got pregnant.

    It was a shot gun wedding, not a marriage of choice.

  42. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Hey Gryphen, congratulations dude! While I believed your original post and figured you certainly knew and trusted your sources, I was a tad concerned that perhaps they and you had been deliberately fed false information so as to prove the media “makes stuff up”. I’m very happy to see you’ve been vindicated. I can’t wait to see how this plays out-will there be legal threats from the SP camp? As for Palin’s disciples, it doesn’t matter what she says or does, they will blindly follow her, right off a cliff if they have to. However, these frequent “problems with the truth” are being noticed by the rest of the world, and for those who were undecided about Palin, they’re now seeing what we always saw. It appears she can’t stop putting nails in her own political coffin.

    You’ve gotta love Levi! He’s just a sweet country boy, thrown into a situation not of his own making, and doing the best he can. He has no reason to lie, and I believe he is keeping things to himself until his mom’s case is settled. Pretty smart for a country boy if you ask me! We better all have our popcorn ready, cause I think once Sherry’s case is done, we are in for the train wreck of a lifetime. I for one, can’t wait to see this hypocritical, lying grifter taken down.

    Trish in NY (aka Ayerishgrl)

  43. I really, really hope that the this happens. Then maybe you could sue the people who are shouting for the Palins to sue you :)

  44. Anonymous10:38 AM

    First, Levi said he thought Palin quit because of the money; now, Levi is saying Palin quit because of marital problems.

    I have always felt very uncomfortable watching Levi being interviewed, every time. And he steps into the MSM after SP receives bad press. I think he has become another SP prop, under duress. I feel those two families are more intertwined than known.

    FWIW, I think Palin quit her term because of legal issues that would affect her politically. The Federal Government sent a letter to the State of Alaska the last week of June, 2009, stating the Federal Government was stepping in after wrongful death lawsuits were filed. Then the McCain camp leaked emails about Todd's AIP membership a week before Palin's July 3rd resignation speech where she was visibly shaken. Later, the legal fund violation was leaked. And now an alleged bribery charge has been filed.

  45. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Anonymous at 10:38: what wrongful death lawsuits? thanks!

  46. Always knew you were right from the beginning of all this - but it nice to have some confirmation

    Since Sarah was already pregnant when Todd and she tied the knot I don't doubt there were problems from the beginning - they were young, trapped and probably didn't actually want to get married - or perhaps Todd didn't. Or Levi's comment could have meant problems started at the beginning of her political career or back when she was picked by McCain - but makes more sense that problems started right off the bat - Sarah probably lectured Levi and Bristol all about how force a marriage to work so they would get married too

  47. L.A. in S.F.11:58 AM

    I thought this was great. I chuckled my way through. I watch KG every time I cross country on Jet Blue, which, BTW, is where I was, 39 thousand miles above America a year ago when McPain brought this weird woman onto a stage and announced her as his running mate. My first thoughts were: weird bun, dated glasses, polyester suit, lots of kids and her teenager even has a baby. No kidding, those were my first thoughts. Then she began shrieking about a glass ceiling. Fast forward to LKL and this funny send up of an intv. Levi did well. She's bringing him along and coaxing him out of his shell and showing him a good time. You go, Levi. And in between, figure out how you're gonna tell us about your first son.

  48. anon. at 10:38 - I agree with you completely.
    I, too, believe it was due to the lawsuits pending. The added bribery charge, if it sticks, will be BIG (I am speaking of Kim Chatman's amended civil suit). I also believe, and just my opinion - she HAD to step down due to findings with the AK Fund Trust aka The Palin Slush Fund.
    The wheels of justice ARE still turning, and stepping down will not stop them. I have 2 die-hard Palin supporter acquaintances - and both have jumped ship due to the infamous "death panel" statement.

  49. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Mr. Gryphen, I'm a new fan of your work, but I've got to say that you make yourself sound a tad desperate by citing Levi as confirmation of your marital troubles report. To begin with, I wish someone had asked Levi, "From day one of WHAT?" Their marriage? His life? Her VP candidacy? Plus, this opinion comes from a less-than-astute individual who does not even have the life experience let alone the intelligence to realize that nobody knows what is going on in a couple's marriage except the couple. Levi is too young to have watched All In The Family.

    --yours in peace, Justovertheriver

  50. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Dear L.S. in S.F., I loved your comment. You say you were 39,000 miles above America when McCain announced Buttercup McQuittypants for V.P. But many of us have you beat--we jumped over the moon. Ha!

  51. penelope said........
    "I do not see her getting much $ for speeches; Even most Republicans are distancing themselves from the crazy lady."

    I agree. I never did see the logic when the MSM and the GOP pundits always claimed she'd be a great fundraiser. Now with her "Death Panel" statement, she is even more controversial, dangerous and stupid sounding than she was before.
    Palin ruined whatever fund raising appeal she may have had in the first place.

  52. Anonymous2:08 PM

    No one often knows what happens inside a home and I would guess Levi has had the opportunity to see the Palins in action. Palin would not be an easy person to live with and I am sure the children know much more about the state of the Palin marriage than many outsiders. Lets see how quick Meghan is to comment about Levi's interview.

  53. "It seems like Levi is the only one who has no reason to lie about all this. What does he have to lose by telling what he heard and saw while living with the Palins? Are they going to take his son away?"

    Really--If he doesn't stop running his mouth, Sarah will adopt Tripp too! THEN that troublemaker will be sorry, all right! LOL

  54. Anonymous3:48 PM

    It would be nice if there were other non Levi confirmations of the Palins. Right now it just looks like tit-for-tat with Levi.

  55. Helen5:26 PM

    What? No vitriputive Megaphone Stapletongue lashing for Levi?

    Ghostwriter Lynn Vincentprice must have gagged her and stuffed her in a closet for the time being.

  56. I don't think this is the last we will hear about this. Patience with more confirmation. Doesn't Levi have an interview coming out in September? It could take as long as the end of the year to get the goodies. That's not about the marriage part, that is tabloid, not that interesting except how it will tie in with the bigger story. Has anyone heard anymore about why the FBI was involved with a small time bust? Speculation on the snitch is curious.

    It has been nice not to hear from the Palin. Facebook doesn't count, that is not her. For all we know she is out of the country to never return. She can e-mail sarapac from a yacht or European spa with her next idea.

  57. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I think that the key point to remember is that there is absolutely no reason to trust what Sarah Palin says. She is a proven liar. We've seen it over and over again from her. She is a typical politician who will spin anything in an attempt to make herself look good, and she has even deliberately lied to people (remember the campaign?).

    She lies without hesitation and does so with a frequency that it leads one to believe that she is able to lie with such ease because it is so ingrained as to who she is, and has been doing it for so long that she either cannot stop herself or just has no control over it anymore.


  58. So this is 'vindication'? Really? Yes, its certainly interesting that there is trouble in the Palin marriage, but this is hardly 'confirmation' of your original allegations, which state specifically that Todd Palin had "filed the papers". Marital problems may end in divorce, but they may not... either Todd Palin filed for divorce or he didn't, and the fact of the matter is that the Palin's are still married regardless of what sorry state that marriage may be in.

    What is more interesting is how Levi remains silent on the issue of being threatened by Todd Palin with a firearm... another tale from your "source who says stuff". You would think that if he was going to air the Palin's dirty laundry that would have made it into the hamper...

    It's not that you were wrong, you were just right in another direction...

  59. Anonymous7:54 AM

    levi's "from day 1" comment made me think that possibly sarah and todd are the reason why he and bristol decided not to get married. it seems possible that using the plain's marriage as an example, they said "no way we don't want to end up like that!"


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