Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Not a kindergarten TA.

When school ended last year I decided to take the summer to decide if I wanted to return.

I decided not to about midway through last month.

I contacted my school the other day (the first day they were back in the office) to let them know, and became aware that they had been inundated with hate mail and threatening phone calls. Some making defamatory allegations and others threatening to kill me on school grounds.

It was made clear to me that THEY would not ask me to resign because of these tactics and that they found them unconscionable.

However since I had already decided to resign, and have a number of other projects I am working on that will prevent me from making the time to spend in the classroom, I said thank you but I am still putting in my resignation.

Don't worry about me financially I am just fine, and have not received a paycheck from the school district in over two months anyhow.

The smears against me concerning children were never going to take hold up here in Alaska because of my multiple background checks and long career working with children in gymnasiums, camps, and various schools.

I think what is truly frightening is how ready some people are to believe that just because you are a male who works with kids you must be a pervert. I had believed that kind of thinking went out with the idea that women should be barefoot and pregnant, and men should wait outside the delivery room of hospitals, cigar at the ready.

The truth is that I have never even been accused of anything inappropriate with a child in my classroom, camp, or home. It has simply never happened.

If it had, believe me I would never have been allowed in a classroom in the ASD.

Now as for the post that began it all.

Yes I stand by every single word of it. Believe me if it had been wholly inaccurate you would NEVER have witnessed such a response by the Palin team and their minions.

When I posted it I wanted it to cause a controversy, which it has, in spades.

I even anticipated losing my anonymity. That was a gamble I was willing to take.

Currently the whole world is watching this little Alaska blog. I have several new sources interested in talking to me, and media people who have my back and are waiting breathlessly for the next chapter.

That could not have happened without the clumsy cooperation of Meg Stapleton, Thomas Van Flein, and the crazies that support Sarah. They, simply put, lost their shit.

I told everybody to be patient and the proof would come. The smart ones listened and the others overreacted. Look in the mirror, which one are you?

The smears will continue against me for the next few days. At this point it kind of has a life of its own. But the media watchdogs are now paying very close attention to WHO might be crossing the line and I have it on good authority, an anonymous source if you will, that there may be a legal fall out for those who continue to propagate these lies.

Thank you for visiting.


(By the way for those of you who are confused by the title of my blog. It is a parody of the "Moral Majority" an organization that I despised and blamed for saddling us with George W. Bush. I figured that most people would have little trouble figuring it out, but many of my more recent visitors seem to be a little on the slow side.)

Update: A fellow blogger wanted to add his opinion on this controversy.


  1. Ratfish11:05 AM

    Maybe it's time for a reader to file an ethics complaint with the bar association. It's certainly not appropriate for Van Flein to have written what he did.

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I know there will be some palinbots who will take your resignation as a sign that they "won". Ignore them. I have resigned 3 times from various teaching positions during the summer for different reasons...That's when professional teachers choose to make a switch. Good luck in whatever path you are taking. The kinder kids will miss you!

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Gyphen....My heart goes out to you. Please be careful. I read you all the time and feel as if I know you. You and the other bloggers got me through the election and when it was over and the Good Guy won I was already hooked. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I will be doing a lot of praying because my son will be shipping out to Iraq next week for his second tour.
    Free speech for ALL. Will check in on you often. Stay strong.

    NYCgirl.......could someone please explain to me Select profile THX

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Thank you for caring about the TRUTH and for holding elected politicians accountable.

    Of course, anyone who has taught knows about the extensive background checks that we all have to go through. These horrible rightwing terrorists/smear agents will be found out and held accountable for their smears. I am glad someone is on the case.

    I am glad you have other projects going on, and I look forward to supporting those, too. I am glad you have some legal options yourself.

  5. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Gryphen, you hang in there. I'm rooting for you all the way down here in Kansas. Don't let the assholes get you down.

  6. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Go Gryphen! I love your blog.

  7. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Wait just a minute mister, who are these people supposed to contact now if they can't contact your school? It is sooooo unfair. I'll tell you this really puts a kink in their underwear! Hmmmph!!!


  8. Good luck & all the best wishes for you Gryphen! You certainly did stir up the hornets nest! All the creepy bugs came out of the woodwork, but they are more than offset by all of the support for you. May truth prevail!

  9. One of my favorite bumper stickers of the 80's is "The Moral Majority is neither". Hang in there Gryphen. And I'm sorry that the children will be missing you this year.

  10. I support you 100%! Its a shame that the hardcore right-wingers rang the pedophilia bell to try to discredit you, but it says more about their sick, sex-obsessed minds than anything else. Keep up the great work. You are doing what many of us here probably wouldn't have the guts to do (I know I wouldn't).

  11. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Sorry, Gryphen, but this sounds like lawyer speak for: they asked you to step down until this got resolved and your lawyer told you not to talk about it because you have a very good case to sue the Palin lawyer/supporters who harassed you and caused you to lose your job.

    I hope that's not true, because I have a feeling you are a great addition to the kindergarten where you worked, and I would hate that little kids suffer the loss of having such a kind, smart aide as you.

    It's sad, really, but I ave faith that you're doing the right thing.

    the Palin supporters are indeed a rabid bunch.

  12. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Please realize that the people calling and writing the school are insane. And I bet every one of the nuts saying they'll kill you call themselves prolifers.

    You done good. Lock your doors, hold your head high.

  13. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Even though you are just a 'blogger', you are class act and a real pro! Thanks for all the reporting, and keep up the good work!

    (The Moral Majority, what a joke!)

  14. Livvy just sent $50.00 to Gryphen. Let's step up to the plate if you haven't already.

  15. My 7yr old daughter is at camp right now with the greatest MALE counselors, great kids.

    Thanks so much for putting yourself on the line like this. Making sure that Miss Wasilla is never president is important, very important!! If it were me, I would consider the risk worthwhile.

    BTW: Miss Wasilla, who hates the elite liberal media had lunch today at the restaurant where all the elite liberal media go: Michaels. The cob salad is $36. and Wednesday is the THE DAY to see and BE SEEN at Michaels, if you want to be part of the lyin liberal media that is.

  16. I cannot recommend highly enough reading through Wonkette comments. Today's article, a "fake rumor" is that Alaska is on fire (I think that part is true), and that Sarah set it on fire on her way out. I am envious of the snarky witty comments, and wish I could be half as funny!

  17. Susan in MD11:46 AM

    Hi Gryphen, thanks for explaining and keep hanging in there. Perhaps the story that will be in the AK Press tomorrow will be the beginning of your vindication in this matter? McCain and Riehl, as I said before, are both expressing a weird combination of vitriol and jealousy toward you. As I'm sure you are aware. They're mocking you because you work out (jealous much? lol). How junior high. If this bloviard McCain was the journalist he "purports" to be (oh yes and he brags.A.LOT.) he'd be sticking with the facts he knows and not projecting his emotions into some sort of "mine's bigger than yours" contest. Geez...Oh, and Riehl will be on at 4p AK time with Burke. Gryphen, be a love and tell me they'll be eating humble pie tomorrow?

    Susan, standing by in MD

  18. Bones AK11:48 AM

    As you know, I will support you in whatever direction you choose to go.

  19. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Gryphen-- I would have been proud to have you help teach my granchildren.

    I am saddened that you will no longer be a part of the greatest profession on earth, and I hope your decision was wholly apart from the vicious garbage of the past few days.

    That said, keep the fire burning! There are many of us who use it to find our way home.

    Good luck and God Speed.

  20. It doesn't matter what Peebots try to do to bloggers. This fact remains: Sarah Palin is a liar, hypocrite and fraud.

    They can't take that fact away no matter what they try to do the messengers.

  21. Gryphen,

    Years ago, back when the "Moral Majority" first appeared upon the scene making claims they represented a supposed "silent majority", I slapped a bumper sticker on my '66 Dodge that said "I'm a Member of the Immoral Minority".

    Back then I figured if a person is really in the majority, they don't need to join an organization to try to push their beliefs on others.

    However, things were not much different back then, at least as far as the supposed "Moral Majority" being a pretty touchy and grouchy bunch. My bumper sticker did not last long. Somebody removed it from my car within the week. Apparently even such a bumper sticker was too threatening to some member of the "majority".

    Congratulations on telling it like it is. You have a lot of friends.

  22. onejrkitty12:02 PM

    The first rule in lawyerland is never to ask a question you don't know the answer to already.

    Just about equally as important is NEVER TELEGRAPH YOUR PUNCH !

    Van Flein "telegraphed" his threat in the most juvenile and unprofessional way i.e. asking your preference as to where you wanted to be served legal documents.

    REAL lawyers don't tell you that they are going to serve you. THEY JUST DO IT !

    REAL lawyers don't threaten to humilte you in public. THEY JUST DO IT !

    Critical thinking skills leave me no option but to assume Van Flein is soaking Palin for every penny he can get by letting her decide strategy OR he is a totally incompetent attorney and an embarassment to his co-attorneys at his law firm.

    Re: Being a kindergarten teacher.

    That's similar to herding cats, right? LOL
    Why do you remind me of Bill Cosby :)

  23. Anonymous12:09 PM

    My husband is an elementary school teacher, one of three at his school. None of them teach P.E., by the way. ;) And we believe that more schools should recruit male teachers -- after all the boys need role models, too. These accusations about you not only harm your reputation, but that of your school and every male teacher out there.

    Funny how SP hates bloggers except when bloggers spread lies in her favor.

    Keep doing what you do here.


  24. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I had never visited your blog before you broke this big news, and I am a regular now. Living in the lower 48 I need a legitimate source for truth regarding Palin, and I have found that in Alaska's bloggers. I believe you are truthful and will be vindicated. A job well done and I hope you achieve all you meant to in the future.

  25. Gryphen, I am sorry for the children who need an adult at their side, and will not have you. However, I truly believe that this storm will pass, and that you'll be able to work with children again if you choose. Forget this snotty Von Flein downgrade to "assist": you taught.

    I only regret I followed a link to one of the pro-Sarah blogs, the one with the pink-for-little-girls background, which surprised me not only by revealing your name, but also by projecting (they couldn't have been citing!) things they claim to have found at this blog. Excuse me if I don't remember any of your instructions for masturbation, or tales about your "gay" underwear. After reading the whole screed, I left only the comment, "Perkins Coie is not hyphenated." They'll probably jump up and down all over me. Which is what haters do.

  26. Gryphen, I don't think I could say anything better than did Alaska Librarian in the "guest post." Sorry for all you are going through, and I sincerely hope your next job also involves working with kids. They tend to keep us a bit grounded in the things that are important. Ask one of the little ones what is important, and I doubt any of them would say Sarah Palin. We know she is dangerously significant, but the kiddies remind us that so is the kid eating a worm :)

  27. That was very considerate of you to give the school an easy way to deflect the nasty calls. "We can't fire him, he resigned."

  28. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Before I first clicked on to your site I understood that "Immoral Minority" was a wink at the so-called "Moral Majority", but it's probably a good idea to spell that information out from time to time for the occasional visitor from that "other site".

    I hope your former school saved all the threatening correspondence.

    I am so amazed and sad that there are still people in our country who seem to have no idea what First Amendment rights consist of.

  29. Gryphen: Thank you so much for standing up for your blogpost. Refusing to back down or remove the post says volumes and explains the violent reaction from the Palin crowd.

    I have a friend who just quit TWO teaching jobs in the last 2 months to take a third (better) so I know this is common in the education field.

    Is not threatening to kill someone on the school grounds a crime in Alaska???

    Hang in there - we support your stand. I have faith that you know what you are talking about and hopefully it is in your attorney's office AND a safe deposit box.

  30. Anonymous12:24 PM

    FYI: I wrote the comment about the lawyer speak, and what I meant by that was NOT that you had done anything wrong, but rather that it sees logical that upon hearing that right wing nut jobs were threatening to shoot you at the kindergarten where you work, parents expressed concern, leading your employer to now have to make a choice.

    That's just what it looks like to me.

    And frankly, it really ticks me off if that's true. It's thuggery.

    And another example of why Sarah Palin should never be n office.

  31. Redhead12:24 PM

    I'm sorry to hear that, and I think its disgusting that they went after your school.

    I sure hope that you are able to vindicate yourself of this mess.

    I hope you can provide some proof to back up your assertions, so that the good name of the Alaskan bloggers is not tarnished.

  32. NYCGirl:
    Many of us have gone to google and gotten gmail. You can then go up to the top of THIS blog and start your own blog (you don't have to use it, it is good for blogging purposes only if you wish)

    Let us know if you need some help - that way you can choose whatever you want to post under including anonymous and you don't need to "sign" it - it posts under your "google" profile.

    Hope that helps.

    wv: peadit

  33. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Gryphen, you are appreciated for all that you do. If it had not been for you and other bloggers like yourself the world would not know about Quitters R'Us Palin. Keep strong and know that you are supposrted 100% in Boston, MA

  34. pacos_gal12:30 PM

    All schools are required to turn in any threats they receive to law enforcement authorities.

    You would think that after all the school shootings that have happened in the past few years that someone would think before writing something like the threats that you have said the school received. Each will have to be tracked down and verified by those authorities.
    If they come from out of state (probably), then they have to be turned over to Federal law enforcement for investigation.

  35. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I read the Riel garbage below. Boy for someone who is supposed to be a reporter, he writes with vaguesness and innuendo. This man has a horrible rotten soul, and he is so filled with anger, some at you and great deal with the world. His writing is extremely abusive and scary in general. Boy what a low life.

    Take care Gryphen. I will keep reading and writing. Enjoy life.

    10catsin MD

  36. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Gryphen - you are amazing!
    I have been following this blog for quite a while, but this is my first post. I'm here to offer my support, encouragement, and praise. I am patient. I am willing to wait for everything you know to come out in its own good time. I have faith that Gryphen will be vindicated, and SP and her little bots will have to deal with the fallout. And then it's schadenfreude time!

  37. Anonymous12:44 PM


    I hear ya bro, but when you go to court with Palin and sue her, you'll want to collect for all back wages and future earnings.

  38. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I have to laugh at Riel's comments too. Something he probably has difficulty doing himself. As if you would email him everything and all decisions about yourself, like the abused sucking up to the abuser. And if you don't tell him everything, your lying to him. Boy how sick. I feel sorry for this man and pity him. Sadly when people strike out the way he does, it usually is a reflection of the pain they carry inside.

    I wonder if he is married as I don't think any women would have him unless they like to be abused.

    Enjoy the summer.


  39. Liz I.12:44 PM

    I know that you will flourish and I'm looking forward to continuing to read your views.

    With your work, and that of many other dedicated citizens, and our help, we WILL make this a better world.

    Those ridiculous haters will only reap suffering, and will wind up looking like helpless fools.

  40. ~de-lurking because, after a year of reading, it's time~

    Well, of course, anyone with a brain knows the origin of of the title of your blog. I've written a few "Modest Proposals" in my time. Satire doesn't play well with the GED set, though. They take it literally.

    Just as they took literally the idea of putting your sons in dresses. Please. (Although it did work for Jamie Farr....)

    Hang in there. You and the rest of the Alaska Bloggers have given us lower 48ers a clear picture of the bullet we dodged.

  41. He said he made his decision last month, did you even read his post?
    In any case, Gryphen, this is typical behavior for the right wingers, they are shouting down people in town halls and now threatening bloggers. This is the reaction of people that have nothing positive to contribute. Have they said to stop with the death threats over at C4P? I doubt it. Only on left wing blogs and sites do you see people saying to stop with the personal attacks and to be respectful.
    The right wing has lost its collective mind, they have nothing to contribute and can only respond with hate, not sure if it is racism or they hate smart people or some combination.
    I discovered this blog on 9/1/08, I woke up one Saturday morning and there was this woman name Sarah Palin all over the TV. I spent the day bookmarking Alaskan sites and yours was one of the first. I have come here everyday since then! Keep up the good work and don't let them get you down. You have lots of support from everywhere.

  42. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I know you will only post the positive ones on your side, but you are the one that posted all those creepy posts. So you only have yourself to blame. And one more thing WE WON!!!!

  43. The moral majority IS NEITHER!!!

    I read some of the hate on the other side. Quite graphic and disgusting....I'd like to say I was suprised, but sadly it was what I expected.

    I use jacketed hollow points for my personal defense, however your mileage may vary.

    I'm locked, loaded and Liberal!!!!

  44. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Harassment and death threats are serious, and illegal. I hope they have been forwarded to the police, perhaps even the F.B.I. Certainly the Civil Liberties Union would be very interested, as your constitutional right to speak is under fire and causing you to be considerably harmed. This kind of thing gets by decent people who don't want to make a fuss, but the fuss needs to be made. The haters can't just ride roughshod over everyone with their despicable tactics. Please, please contact authorities.

  45. I completely understand how vile and personal smear campaigns can get, and can only imagine the lengths Palin's zealots have gone to...

    but that said, are you *really* gonna go with "they didn't force me out, I quit already"... and reveal this 'premeditated' decision so late in the game?


  46. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Thanks for bringing us the truth. It's sad that everything and everyone concerned with Palin is either controversial or just plain vile. They hide behind Christianity, but commit deeds that are totally opposite. Their gain is short lived; most American people are intelligent enough to see their hypoticrital behaviors.
    Kallie in Texas

  47. Gryphen, the reason I love to read your blog is your over-the-top humor - your penchant for saying the most inappropriate, deadly funny stuff. But that I can get lots of places online. What has kept me coming back, daily, to The Immoral Minority are posts like "Speaking out against sexual descrimination in Anchorage and the story of my daughter" and "Fear and Loathing in Alaska," with its opening line "Nazis, Japs, Charlie, niggers, towel heads, Hadji's, chinks, wetbacks, etc., etc., etc..The list of people we are given permission to hate and the reasons that it is, or at least was, acceptable could fill thousands of pages."

    We get the use of irony to make a point. Anyone with half a brain can tell when you are kidding.

    Following what's happened to you over the past few days, I just made the mistake of clicking down the rabbit hole of spewed hate on the internet and found "The Real McCain." It's truly disturbing, especially the part where he pleads with his readers to stop making threats. But I had to laugh, because everything he posted to "prove" that you're a pedophile was so freakin' funny. Right, Stacy, Gryphen's post about teaching boys to swish and suck cock was meant literally. Come on. (For those who missed it, it was about the ridiculousness of the over-extended military accepting everyone but homosexuals into its ranks.)

    Okay - your anonymity is gone. That just takes away the super suit, not the super powers. Your insight, humor, fearlessness and, yes, profound empathy still shine through. Just keep writing as yourself. What can they do, out you? That's done.

  48. Anonymous1:10 PM


    You did the right thing. After your place of work was targeted by the palinbots, my thought immediately was that you should resign and pursue other options. I am really scared for the children in this case. These wingnut palinbots are dangerous and I wouldn't put it past them to think of those babies as only collateral damage when trying to hurt you. Remember the Oklahoma bombings. Many babies died but the wingnut never considered that. There are more than just you at stake here and thanks for recognizing that.

    I admire you, Gryphen. It's time to expose Sarah for the unethical hypocrite she is. Make it happen, my man. You can do it.

    Naked Truth

  49. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Sorry to read that you are not continuing in your job at the school. No matter when you decided not to return, the nasty bloggers will portray it having hounded you from your job. Please save any of their gloating and gleeful messages, which could serve you well in your own lawsuit that they actually caused you real financial damage. Their threats and foul language were absolutely unwarranted in defending Palin against the possible rumor that she might be heading for "splitsville." I haven't read their blogs; did they spew the same hatred when a joke was made about Palin, when she received a phone call from Sarkozy, when she stood in front of slaughtered turkeys, when she did all of her other crazy stunts? What's one more rumor, and what was special about this one? You really struck a nerve, Gryphen! I don't know if I should encourage you to keep it up, given that it will attract more of the same from those nasty people. What the heck, keep it up!

  50. Gryphen, you are doing a great service having this forum here for us all. The school will take a loss that you will not be there. I speak as a mother of three, great kindy teachers are hard to come by.

    I donated today to Obama's effort to fight for health care reform. Our family has health care - I am concerned for the masses that do not. Those nut jobs that are protesting and the insurance lobbies that are paying them are the most self-serving individuals in this country. Please, everyone, let's not let them beat down health care reform.

  51. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I would kill a moose for a male nanny for my two boys =-)

  52. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Gryphen, I hope this was your idea and that you were not forced out by crazy cultists. Having worked with young children myself, I know you'll miss them and their wonderful inquisitive spirits.

    But, there are many other things in life to enjoy. I look forward to and enjoy reading your blog. I hope you are not discouraged and I hope you keep it up.

  53. Anonymous1:30 PM

    everyone who's name is spilled out by Ms.Palin
    have the same problems.. from Wooten to Monegan to Levi to Shannyn to ethics complaint filers to elected officials like Green and Ramas... It's disgusting stuff.. I hope for the best for you all.. I think a public round table by these people might be a good thing.

  54. SoCalWolfGal1:37 PM

    Gryphen, you are a class act. I can't wait to see what is next. Really nice of Meg, Van Flea and all the Palin crazies wasn't it!! Bet Buttercup is fuming over this.

  55. Anonymous1:52 PM


    Wednesday, Aug 05
    Lunch: The Usual Suspects Today -- But Sarah Palin Was Here Last Night!


    Michael's was packed with plenty of familiar faces this afternoon. Seems the gang was out in force before disappearing for the true dog days of August. The real side show in the dining room took place last night, when none other than Sarah Palin dropped in with Bob Barnett and took the staff completely by surprise. A little birdie told me Bob was dining with a couple of folks, left and came back with Palin and her husband Todd, the ex-'First Dude.' According to all accounts, the former governor was clearly enjoying her new role as a private citizen last evening: She drank Deutz champagne and ordered lobster 'off the menu.' Could she have been celebrating some big soon-to-be announced TV deal? As they say on the small screen, stay tuned!

    Sounds like a couple about to divorce to me...eyeroll

  56. stringer1:54 PM

    Palin can't lead, so she sues.

    Oh wait, she can't sue either because she is a liar and fraud. Never mind.

  57. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Chris Mathews show on MSNBC today was discussing the question of, Is Sarah Palin the new face of racism in this country? Their conclusion was "yes"

  58. The "Moral Majority, " in lockstep with Reagan's "Mourning in America" are largely to blame for the abrupt stagnation of efforts for government to base environmental and climate change policies on science and not on ideology. We should have been leading the world in clean energy technology over 30 years ago.

    Instead, we face the runaway global warming towards an uninhabitable climate, with rising seas, billions of climate refugees, extreme (lethal) weather events, drought, famine, resource wars - basically, the end of civilization.

    And people don't get the irony of the name of this blog?

  59. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Keep bloggin brother!

    This vet could give a rats ass what the Palin groupies say or write about ya!
    Keep bloggin!

  60. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I'm sorry to hear of your decision to leave educating the very young. I'm sure you brightened their day. You will always have my support. Best wishes.

  61. LittleCobra92:19 PM

    anon@12:49: Confusion reigns - what did YOU WIN?

    You lost the election.
    SPalin is out of office.

    Do you think she gives a damn about you? No really, she cares about little old you? She even knows you exist?

    So what have you won?

    Gryphen stands by his post in spite of some pretty hefty right wing scream machine (we did notice you are still screaming, even without spelling or punctuation).

    So what exactly have you won? What is Ms. Palin doing to help you personally? Is she farting rainbows in your ears?

    How stupid can one individual be?

  62. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Just an fyi there anon - NO ONE CARES ABOUT TODD AND SARAH's MARRIAGE.

    No really, that's their cross to bear. I'm sure Miss Class Act ordered THE most expensive item on the menu and so what?

    What is all this drivel? My god, they go out to eat and you guys yell "rapture".

    Have you considered getting a real life?

  63. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Sarah Palin, a real American hockey Mom drinking champagne and eating lobster while others donate their pennies and eat hot dogs and beans.

    Wow, really hypocrital, sinful, and sick.

  64. Warning: I'm about to throw a little gasoline on this fire... :D

    Found at Wonkette --

    Turn that frown upside down, because BOOKMAKER.COM is offering 2:1 odds that SARAH PALIN will divorce her lousy husband, TODD — see? Sarah Palin is a secret husband secessionist! Wagering on human relationships, over the INTERNETS? We’re back, baby! …

  65. Palin eatin' just fits her so well!

    When I was a youngster on the East Coast, my brother and I thought lobster was a really big deal when our parents took us out to dinner; it was considered a "fancy" food, so of course we always had to have it whenever it presented itself on a menu.

    Well, food has "progressed" since then and Palin choosing lobster for her meal speaks volumes about her level of sophistication.

    I can just see her now, in a "fancy" New York restaurant well, drinking Champers and eating Lobster. It's like she's living a life that she's never seen before (which of course she might have not having sequestered herself up here in AK for so long, ya know, progressin' things and stuff...)

    Anyway, just have to have a laugh at her expense over dining on lobster and drinking champagne.

    Anyone that knows anything about food and culture and, well what is hot right now in culinary circles, knows that she is living in the 80's with her choice of lobster and champagne!

  66. crystalwolf aka caligrl2:36 PM

    Gryphen was so happy to read this post and know everything OK.
    I do remember you a couple of months ago mentioning the job in education, either you were thinking of leaving or had, so I'm not surprised that you resigned especially after the threats & vileness that has been spewed by Palin's Goon's, van flea, Reihl, Mccain, today eddie burke and all the big mouth "conservative christian's".
    I was a school "yard person" some years ago and had to be "bonded" which included a background check, fingerprints. Probably more vetting than the last VP candidate THAT LOST or the Gov that QUIT was subjected too? eh???
    Hang in there Gryphen we ♥ you and support you 150%!!!!!
    I can't wait for the other Red Naughty monkey to drop! (the F-me shoes Sarah Palin inists on wearing)

  67. Ahem, NO ONE goes to Michaels for dinner. I live here, hubby and friends are part of the elite liberal media and trust me, going to Michaels at night is for losers or people who don't want to see anyone.

    Wed LUNCH is the the day to see and be seen.

  68. Todd is only there to get his HALF. It's a marriage of convenience at this time and it's their damn business. Nobody cares. Gryphen was going with his source and giving us a laugh.

    What we do care about is that Sarah abused her power and set Sherry Johnston up, Todd drew a gun on Levi, Sarah faked a pregnancy, sarah used private e-mail for state business and now won't release them, the ATF is illegal etc. These are the things that will bring Sarah down and these are the things that we do give a damn about. She and Todd deserve each other. I hope that they remain miserable together forever.

  69. Anonymous3:01 PM

    i thought Michaels was a craft store?

  70. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Hey Gryphen,

    I predict this will blow over soon and you will someday be able to return to teaching in Alaska or elsewhere without fear of bullying and threats against you. In the mean time, I really hope you make the best of the new opportunities you describe.

  71. in solidarity with your cause (and appreciation for the name of you blog), i share with you these quotes:

    “What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like, and immorality is what they dislike”
    –Alfred North Whitehead

    "Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike.”
    – Oscar Wilde

    “Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual.”
    –Friedrich Nietzsche

    “Morality is the best of all devices for leading mankind by the nose”
    –Friedrich Nietzsche


    offered in gratitude for your persistent commitment to the truth, wop

  72. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Totally off topic: If you want to wet yourself laughing take a look at The Onion's video clip "U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup to Wipe out National Debt". (I totally suck at linking things, or I would put it up just to brighten your day.)

    Hang in there, we believe in you. Peace.

  73. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Gryphen, please, please know that there are so many of us out here who support you. I have sent your blog link to many of my friends and they are all abhored by what you have gone through. You have the right to blog without being threatened. Who in their "right" mind would even think of threatening a school. Sick, sad, awful people. I hope you get a network deal and never have to worry about money or legal BS again.

  74. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I've worked in two newsrooms in my life, APRN and KTUU.

    I've also served in the military, thank you very much.

    I can't even begin to tell you how offensive you are.

    It's okay for you to publish rumors about the Palin, but when people start making shit up about you, you too come unglued.

    Too fucking bad, get over it.

    You disrespect the military and you despoil the profession of journalism.

    You ARE pathetic in my book.


    A Progressive

  75. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I don't think that McCain and Diehl had anything in mind when they began their terrible insults. Like many on the Right, they attract attention by screaming CaCaDooDoo ala Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh et al. Whether or not they really believe it, saying awful things is a way for them to get noticed.

    What they didn't realize is that have increased the traffic to this website. Thanks, boys! Now, Gryphen is better positioned to continue writing and expanding his talents in new directions. Good Luck, Gryphen, they are bringing you new readers and fans every day.

  76. Anonymous3:28 PM


    A good question was just posed on another board.

    Why doesn't Sarah Palin just produce a birth certificate when she is accused of lying?

    Why doesn't Gryphen just produce his proof of the Palins getting a divorce when he is accused of lying?

    Will he ever? Or will he just state the rumor as a fact?

    Good question?

  77. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Well, the Republicans wanted a "rockstar" - and with that comes crazy groupies. Thank you for this blog. I'm sorry for your troubles, but at least that is what helped me find this blog.

    The Palin camp has a remarkable way of getting headlines - even when they should want to stay quiet.

  78. I'm relieved the troll traffic seems to be abating and we have new kids in the neighborhood..:))

    I hope whatever endeavor you pursue brings you joy and laughter. And may this be the beginning of a magical time in your life.

    Oh ... and I hope all these sad creatures get what they deserve...karma is a bitch!

    Rock on, sweets.

  79. Anonymous3:41 PM

    On Sunday, when I told the guy who cuts my hair about your story, he looked at me dumbfounded. The part about your normal traffic being around 20/post and going up to 400+ had him howling with laughter at the stupidity of their reaction.

    On Sat, I had told my father about your writing and he forgot to tell my mom. She called up later in the day and said, "Why tell your dad and not me?" I said, "I thought he would have told you." He said on Sunday, "I looked on the news and listened and read the papers, but nothing yesterday". Mom said, "She's two days before the Mainstream Media because she reads the AK blogs."


  80. anon@3:22: Who is disrespecting the military?

    No seriously, what are you talking about? Who came unglued about the military? Because many of us are anti-war (the Iraq war)?

    You aren't a Progressive - I am a progressive. I want better than we "had" the last 8 years.

    But I also support free speech. The only person who appears to be coming unglued is you.

    Thank you for your service.

  81. anon 3:22
    YOU are NOT a progressive. YOU are a Palin Troll and I find you offensive. To call GRYPH disrespectful of the military is as STUPID as Sarah herself. I come from a family of military lifers and a nephew who is a combat injured soldier on his second tour of Iraq and I can tell you for a fact, that ALL of them DO NOT appreciate Sarah using them in her "freedom of speech for only Sarah bullshit".
    What Gryph published would be very difficult to prove slander BUT the Crazies that have called the school and said that he was a pedophile IS malcious slander meant to cause harm. Not to mention that totally deranged person that have threatened to kill him.
    No sir, YOU are one of Sarah's malignant tumors and I believe that soon, Sarah will be found out to be the the whoring bitch that she is.

  82. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I sincerely hope that your school has kept track of all the threats and reported them for further investigation. Palin represents the lowest possible common denomination and her followers appear to have pedaphlia on the brain. Pathetic.

    Anonymous Progressive at 3:22 p.m., when you state "It's okay for you to publish rumors about the Palin, but when people start making shit up about you, you too come unglued." Surely you realize the irony of that statement? Seems the Quitta from Wasilla was more than willing to sling that "terrorist" line left and right, but came unglued when the tables were turned. Pathetic right back at ya, buddy.

  83. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I was am retired US Army and also worked for 20 years as a correspondent for NPR.

    Hmm, and I like Gryphen.

    Funny how "anonymous" people sporting the same background credentials can differ so much in their outlook.

    Progressive as well, and I guess like you, Anonymous Forever

  84. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Go, Gryph. You have truth in your corner. Winking is not going to cut it, in the long run.

  85. OK. I looked in the mirror as per your request Gryphen. Yep, supported you when I found this blog last year. Yep, still do. I am cracking up at the poster who thinks "we won, you lost." Palin and her racist, bigoted fans LOST the election. Palin LOST the Governorship. Just yesterday, she LOST the ability to hide her "gifts" and her husband's Artic Cat income disclosure. Palin LOST the respect of all thinking, intelligent people. WHO LOST? I still fear for the safety of those little children at the school, and pray that Sarah's followers do not get near the school grounds with their guns.
    They are sick, angry, irrational and armed. Be careful Gryphen. I remain in your debt for exposing the truth about your batshit crazy exGINO.

  86. Sarah Palin supporters are threatening teachers and schools? NOT SURPRISED!

    Don't you ever give up, Gryphen. You are correct in all of this. Meanwhile, Caribou Barbie will be facing the karma she's created for herself. If she does make it to the 2012 roster, wait until the republicans also running smear her into the ground! Oh man. I can't wait. In the end, it will be republicans who will eat her up and spit her out. Again, can't wait!

  87. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Riehl is totally out of control. All he has done for the last several days is to obsess over you. I think we should all support Gryphen but going over to Riehl's vicious little blog and post our comments of what we think of him.

  88. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Hmm, google ArcXIX to find the original 8/31/08 post about babygate and the photo documentation that was scrubbed by the SOA website.

  89. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Palin is a divisive national figure.

    Her GOP speech was a cosmic performance (at best), but the follies & As the World Turns drama which continues to follows her, make me and the majority of American's cringe.

    Last Fall while on the lower 48 "Hate-talk Express" Palin did NOTHING to calm the rabid crowds, in fact she added rocket fuel to the bonfire, while winking & doing that stupid pageant waved her across what she defined as the REAL america.

    Well in & around the DC beltway, that act doesn't fly with well educated upper middle class women, in DC we don't call this socio-econmic status; elite, we call it the norm.

    For the love of God & our Country -

    Sarah do what Mama Bears do in the winter time: GO HIBERNATE for perpetuity.

  90. Anonymous4:52 PM

    It's about 1/2 way down the page and take screen shots or print out that ArcXIX stuff since taken down from the site that got the baby gate ball rolling....

  91. FEDUP!!!4:53 PM

    OK, I haven't read all posts yet, but to those that question your sincerity and the fact that you had decided a month ago to quit and they think that is phoney:
    Hey guys: It is VERY common to mull a career change over and over, and to try to think about it from all different angles. Gryphen *might have* still been a bit on the fence about it, but this thing about people wanting to kill him (AND ON SCHOOLGROUNDS!) might have been the straw that broke the camels back!

    Besides: None of us knew what his profession is/was, and most of us did not know his idendity.
    So, he actually could have made the decision and NONE OF US WOULD HAVE BEEN ANY WISER - except for the fact that he was 'outed' by the palin-infatuated creeps!

  92. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Well, Gryphen, I know that you like Bill Maher becaue from time to time you post clips from his show. Take a cue from Bill, who makes some pretty truthful and pointed remarks criticising political figures. After a big zinger, he adds, "Oh, I kid the governor," or "You know I kid the President." That way, it's just a joke, no matter how true the material really was.

  93. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I am listening to eddie burke right now with this weird conservative blogger guy dan riehl from virginia.

    they are attacking your children, they are saying you are a pervert.

    they are trying to you to lose your job, or future jobs. they also complain about all the 'construction workers' who don't have 'real jobs' because they make a living from taxpayer dollars.

    but apparently a chickenshit radio host who treats adult public life like some B rated afterschool special has an honorable job.

  94. MaineMom5:00 PM

    Gryphen -- I sit here reading your post with tears in my eyes and my 5 year old son in my lap, sad that you will no longer be a positive influence in the lives of Anchorage kindergartners. I wish you the best and trust that you have made this decision NOT because of the vile and ugly comments made by some ignorant Palin-bots but because it really is the best thing for you at this point in your life.
    Thank you for continuing to stand by your post and bringing the truth to the rest of us. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I wish you all the best and urge you to keep up the fight and the search for the truth. I am pleased to say I contributed my $50 to your cause and look forward to learning more of the truth from your blog.

  95. @ "A Progressive - 3:22PM"

    I've been a President of for-profit and non-profit entities. I've worked for major corporations and the US Government. I've also served in the military, thank you very much. And I can't begin to tell you how valuable Gryphen's voice has been to me since I discovered his blog almost a year ago.

    I have never seen him show disrespect to the military. I have not seen him come unglued over the hideous and over-the-top reactions to his recent blog post about the crazy ex-governor lady.

    He is a blogger, not a journalist. Journalists are paid. Bloggers are not. Some bloggers are reputable and credible, some are not. By my reading, Gryphen falls into the first category.

    Now, sir, feel free to start your own blog and go off on how pathetic you think Gryphen is. Please provide some background, though, else we just might put you in that second category.

    Have a nice evening.

  96. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:02 PM

    I am sick of Eddie Burke's sewer show! And Dan Riehl with his sicko innuendo's if you are too please join me:

  97. Oh Boy...just finish listening to Eddie Burke and that Riehl guy. Now I feel a need to take a shower. Two disgusting men on the radio taking every thing Gryphen has said on his blog out of context. Gryphen I hope you taped that show and make a copy for you lawyer. They insinuated some disgusting things about your character. Send the podcast to your lawyer ASAP!!

  98. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Gryphen, I am sorry the kids will be losing a great teacher but I certainly understand your decision to move on. I found your blog way back when and I consider you to be a softie. Your love for those special needs children you previously worked with came through your typed written words. As well as being a proud and loving father. Never did I consider your personal blog to be a part of your professional life. Rather, I have been coming to your party in my pjs nearly every day where I find like-minded partygoers looking for truth and justice in our political system. And just like any party of adults, we are allowed to voice our thoughts and opinions in our language without being censured. Oh, maybe there was a time or two a bigroty label or condescending remark was made that got someone thrown out of the party, but not without an explanation. Gryphen, you put on a really great party; I love all your wit and humor. And I enjoy learning from and sharing with you and all the partygoers! They keep me LOL with their wit and humor, too!

    Not in a million years would I have ever thought that telling a rumor heard about a marriage split would have caused such venomous hatred and threats of bodily harm that were directed at you. What happened to the America I learned and sung about as a child, a half century ago? (tears filling up)

    Stand tall, stay safe, and keep up the good work!!

  99. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Yep, I now think you are making this stuff up!

    Fools you all are. Mindless sheep walking off the cliff with him.

    Please stop calling yourself a liberal, you lie like a republican.


  100. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Gryphen pretends to allow dissenting comments on this blog. However, almost all my comments have not been posted.

    IMO it is one of the very few sites that is so thin-skinned. Halcro's is close.

    Hypocrisy. The Gryp has no clothes!

  101. honestyinGov5:59 PM

    Just wanted to stop by and say you are doing a fine job and you have a lot of support. "S & M" do have a way of making people famous and earning money. This seems like a re-run TV Show. Celtic Diva would have eventually raised the Funds for the emails but Meg made it so much EASIER... and FASTER! I see all the new sites on the web that are linking to You now or people who have blogs that have posted comments here. " S & M " did it AGAIN!

    I only went to McCains post once, the first day to see what he was posting. Just Elementary School thinking ( not even graduated to High School )and lots of bragging about some perceived accomplishments. Actions speak louder than words. Words are cheap. Just look at one of $arah's 3000 word speech-salads and you say... " What did she say..?" Anderson Cooper whose job it is to interpret speeches, pull out ideas and find a message was trying so hard to make sense of that " Quit Speech ". He was totally baffled. Megs follow-up interpretation was just as Priceless.If " S & M " are on that " a road less traveled" they are pointed straight out into the Alaskan Wilderness.... without a compass.The Sarasites following her have no ' moral compass' either. They are doomed to be lost in the Wilderness.
    You however are on the right road and are not lost. Stay strong.

    And honestly... ' some people ' don't or can't understand the 'Immoral Minority' parody..? THAT says a LOT!( about them ) I got that within about 5 seconds of seeing it for the first time and that was even before I read anything you wrote. Words... what a powerful tool. You get it.Keep writing.

  102. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Gryphen, I think you should sue Palin & Van Flein for the grief they have caused YOU! Grrrr. Just hearing about these jerks who threaten you, makes me so glad (an affirmation) that I'm of an other, more (much more) leftist persuasion!

  103. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Love your blog. Occasionally, a bit too snarky, but always interesting, witty and written with passion.

    A lovely antidote to our tabloid culture - you write about issues that matter.

    Keep up the good work.

  104. Anonymous6:10 PM

    ask eddie burke where he gets his health care. I think he would probably have to say from the Anchorage School District where his wife is a aide. Another socialist-lol

  105. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Sarah Palin got on an airplane from Texas while she was in labor. She lied to everyone for 7 months while executive of the state.

    Just wanted to remind everyone exactly what started everything.

  106. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Anon 3:22 come on now.. You are a journalist?? I barely understood your post. There are multiple grammatical and spelling mistakes.
    Also Gryphen is not a journalist so WTF are you talking about?
    And dissing the military? I have been reading here for a year and I have never seen that. What are you talking about?

    To the anon who said"we won," oh?? What is it that you won and since when is this a game? Palin walked out if her job (QUIT mid term ) and has teribble poll numbers so huh? Get a life-anyone who who would get off on all this is nuts .

    Riehl is an embarassment to the conservative movement and so is the other McCain. I ask what kind of men make up things about someone they don't know like Gryphen. It's a total complete over reaction and a sign of a very poor character. All over Sarah Palin, a politician?? What is their motive? Think about it. They continue to make libelous statements. Riehl posted that Gryphen has had many felonies. Prove it I say.

    Gryphen does allow all negative comments her but he has a few rules and I don't blame him. If you think he doesn't allow them, then you are new to reading here.

    Everyone take Riehl and McCains libelous statements and turn them into the FBI. I am a lifelong Republican and I am sick of these far right nutty wingnuts hijacking our party and giving it a bad name. They are morons. They just showed in full force what happens to someone who speaks out against the lying ice queen. It's Wooten on the Internet. What stupid men and for Palin?? She did a crappy job you doped and she quit and left a mess. You have now ruined your reputation for a Jezebel and YOU are the ones who will pay, not her. Think with your brains man.

  107. Babygate. Make it viral. make her NOT respond.
    Innuendo, rumor, PICTURES!!!!

    Call her on the not so red carpet...and then ask, "Why no vanfleathreat?"...She cant and will NEVER ever address it. Then ask "why" again and again!!!

  108. the problem child6:33 PM

    I just want to add to my earlier comment.

    You are bravely withstanding all that can (and should not) be thrown your way with integrity and honesty. McCain and Riehl make me ill. They are simply charlatans hiding behind innuendo. I have NEVER felt you crossed a line of "taste". Fuck them.

  109. Isn't there supposed to be an interview with Levi posted in the next day or so? Not on this website, where? I can't remember the details and the posts here are getting way too long to search.

  110. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I agree that a complaint should be filed with your local Bar Association concerning Van Flein's comment on serving you in front of kindergarteners. Very unprofessional. I wish you the best- and know that that school will miss your presence.

  111. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Interesting little something that I came across while browsing around looking at stuff on Obama (rumors, smears, etc).

    Dan Riehl, who has "speculated" all kinds of different things about Gryphen, isn't exactly the pillar of virtue when it comes to making jokes about His chosen target of the day. Of course if it's him doing it then it must be just fine.

    To quote Dan Riehl "Okay, to summarize - from the time he was a child until he was a young man, I guess, Barack Obama drank whiskey, wrote dirty limericks, read poetry and, um, was counseled by a sexual deviant, child molester, rapist of children? That about cover it? And in his book he said it had a lasting effect on him? Damn. That could actually be very sad.

    That may be worse than his having been counseled by Jeremiah Wright.

    No wonder he says “Pakit-stan” in that funny way of his! heh!"

    This was in reference to Obama and ...wait for it...child abuse. Nice joke Dan, we'll be sure and say a prayer for you. Maybe a little in the "forgiveness lord, he knows what he does and does it anyhow" line of thought.

    Doesn't seem to mind hanging out on the radio show of someone who plead no contest to sexual assault of a woman and trying to bribe her not to tell either. Sound familiar Mr. Burke?

    "A tearful, apologetic Eddie Burke pleaded no contest Thursday to misdemeanor charges for grabbing at a waitress’s crotch, then offering to pay her $400 to keep her from reporting him to the police. Burke, owner of a downtown gas station and former Anchorage Assembly candidate, was fined $1,500 for assault and compounding a crime. Prosecutor Susan Wibker said Burke was out carousing that April night, going from strip joint to strip joint in a white limousine with friends. After midnight, Burke stopped by the Peanut Farm, a restaurant and bar on Old Seward Highway.
    “He was intoxicated and he was sexed up,” Wibker said.
    Burke approached a waitress from behind, pinned her against a cash register and stuffed his hands in the front pockets of her apron, groping her between the legs and laughing, Wibker said. Later, he assaulted a bartender, putting him in what Wibker described as a headlock."

    Yep, a real group of conservative good ole boys. Ya'll have fun now ya hear.

  112. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:57 PM

    Over at PD they are confirming that things "are not right" @ la casa de Palin

  113. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I think it's hilarious (and telling) that $arah called Mike Allen (from Politico) late Wed night - heck WOKE him up - just so she could whine about the Divorce.

    She is actually resorting to chasing the media begging for their attention.


  114. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Yesterday there was a disgusting Riehl podcast that didn't work. On cee4Pee it was mentioned what it was about. One of the statements was that he lived with a young person. I've had young room mates, had no idea it was a problem. The rest of it was damning, but it is what they indicate that is the worse. They are definently not letting go of the pedofile, they will get more secret and spread it around in private.

    Whoever said McCain and Riehl didn't mean to do this is wrong. This starts with Sarah Palin and it is all intentional. Notice Tammy Bruce told John McCain that she is giving to SarahPac? Investigate her history. She has been on the same rip for years. It is Zeigler's spiel also. It's the liberal media that made Palin lose the election type of bull. They are promoting the left wing conspiracy story that starts at the top of the Democratic Party, according to them, and filters down to paid operatives, media and now bloggers. They won't be able to prove that but they will set it up and play victim that they can't speak free and get their side out. They are good, other is evil. They don't care if anything can be proved, they only have to convince cult members that they are all in on the secret.

    They fully intend to destroy people. They have blatantly discriminated on their blog about religion.

    Blogs are new but this fallacy is not new and they will continue to promote it. Selling books is what they do. As for Sarah's book, she will shine in that promotion. She will always be in controlled settings. She'll have better stylists and clothes. I hear that her freedom twitters will be more biblical and co-ghost written. We'll see how it goes.

  115. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Anchorage Press article about Levi is up on the website. Nothing about Babygate - in fact, the article says Bristol got pregnant at 17 and if Trig is hers, that would have been at 16 - so the implication being Trig is not Bristol's baby. No revelations whatsoever in the article, other than an oblique comment by Levi that he "knows things."

  116. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I guess Dan Riehl doesn't want the whole story out there? He is deleting comments re: Eddie Burke
    Wonder why???
    For those of you Media, Dan Was on Eddie Burkes show. This is who Eddie Really is...

    You are hereFCC license to retaliate
    FCC license to retaliate

    Posted on 25 February 2009 9:42am

    eddie burkeBy Dan Fagan

    Having a talk show myself, I know how tempting it can be to use my show to settle a score. But I understand the privilege of having a talk show comes with a responsibility to my employer to not use the airways for a personal vendetta.

    Which brings me to talk show host Eddie Burke. Andrew Halcro first reported on this story on his website It involves state Rep. Charisse Millett. Back in August, when Millett was running for office, she received a vile, graphic, sexually charged text from Eddie Burke in the middle of the night. When I say this text was graphic, the word graphic does not describe it well enough. It was a disgusting comment.

    Millett, the next morning confronted Burke and told him what he did was wrong. She says Burke laughed it off and said the text was not meant for her. Millett contacted KBYR station management to complain about the incident. She was at first reluctant to, fearing Burke might use his show to retaliate. Millett says KBYR station management assured her Burke would not be allowed to attack her.

    That was then, this is now. Here’s what was reported on,

    “Yesterday, a local radio talk show host, (Eddie Burke) known for his ability to give out women's phone numbers on the air, reportedly took an Anchorage lawmaker to task for her co-sponsorship of a bill to modify the initiative process and then gave out her number over the air.

    The host gave out the phone number of Rep. Charisse Millett over and over again during his rant and encouraged people to call her and complain about HB36. What's odd is that the host didn't bother to include the phone numbers of the main sponsor (the one who actually controls the bill) or the other co-sponsor of the bill, only Millett's?”

    So what will KBYR management and owner John Klapperich do about Burke using his show to get back at Millett for complaining about him sending her a vile, sexually charged text?

    Burke of course has a troubled past, once charged with sexually assaulting a woman after grabbing a waitress by her crotch according to charging documents. Granted, the sexual assault charge was several years ago. Now Burke apparently has switched to sexually assaulting women using text messages and his cell phone.

    KBYR management, what say you? John Klapperich, what say you? Will you continue to allow Burke to attack Rep. Millett after she complained about his behavior? Or is the message clear, don’t cross Burke, or he will use his show to get back at you if you complain about him sexually harassing you.

    It may be easy for some to believe I am writing this story because my show is on the same time as Burkes’. But in the latest book, I beat Burke by a margin of two to one. He is hardly a competitor.

    Lets See if Dan Riehl Deletes info of who's show he was on today. Is this on your podcast Dan?

  117. What most people do not realize is the courage it takes to go up against this insanity. Be careful Gryphen, they came after me, charged me falsely with crimes, and even had me wrongfully arrested. It has not shut me up yet. It has taught me to speak up about what is really going on. It was a good decision not to go back to the school. You do not want to have a reason to be afraid to speak the truth. What really makes me laugh is the way they threaten to do unethical acts to prevent people from telling the truth and they blow up in their faces. The truth will eventually prevail.

  118. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Palin has four other children, why is it that no one question she is the Mom?

    Why didn't she plead to her flying monkeys to retract the threats to harm you in front of the kindergarden class.

    It is time to demand Palin address her followers on this matter, the threats involving the school children should be made public.

  119. Love you and your work. Thank you, Gryphen, for fighting the good fight.

  120. Haven't read the article but anonymous who said that Levi said that Bristol was pregnant at 17 - I think this is correct. She got pregnant with Tripp at 17 and Trig at 16. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

  121. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Wow, the Anchorage Press actually had to speak to Levi and interview him? I see that article as nothing more than a load or "regurge" from other interviews that Levi has done in the last few months.

    I mean really, they just quoted things from other publications. Hmm, Did they really sit down with him or what?

  122. Here is the Levi link:

  123. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Considering all of the posts and comments that have been directed at Sarah Palin: Babygate, Housegate, Ethics Violations, Quitting a four year committment to the State of Alaska, why is it that the mention of divorce has raised such anger? We have all traded comments accusing $arah of quitting for the money, of cashing in on Arctic Cat, failing to declare as income the contents of unopened mail, boxes of unopened mail (LOL). We have laughed at some of her tasteless wardrobe choices, and criticized her lack of concern for her own Alaska citizens until she finally showed up with a preacher and a plate of cookies. All of this criticism, and it was the rumor of divorce (not even divorce, just splitsville) that set off McCain, Diehl and all of the other nasties. Or are they always angry, and always reaming some one out for no good reason at all. Playground bullies. They must have received that GOP directive to be disruptive, shout down the Democrats. That party has nothing but evil tactics.

  124. Some Alaskan who has the goods on X Gov Palin regarding Babygate or other issues will show the frontier backbone we Alaskans claim we have. That person and there are many out there will burst this bogus pregnant pause in her career change and spill the beans. I have submitted a tell tale photo at Palinsdeception site and know there are other facts and photos out there. I encourage my fellow citizens to scrape this Palin plague off our landscape. It has not been good for Alaska's image or state, Alaskans or our fellow Americans.
    This broad in the killer red heels has the innate ability to incite the sickos which unfortunately seem to populate the Republican Party of the 21st Century. They are a perverse example of the not so Silent Minority and have re-incarnated all the cultural hate and devision that Agnew took glee in causing. Something as wonderful as Pres.Clinton aiding in returning two helpless American women in their hour of need to their families is turned into a action to be scorned and mocked by the Neo-conservatives-a vapid philosophy that spreads misery. When Pres. Clinton left office-North Korea was not a nuclear nation, during the Bush years they became such.
    Thanks you for your blog, humor, insight and your teaching of children in Alaska such as my three. Keep fighting the good fight. Alaskans who stroll thru these blogs and news about Palin and various deceptions and downright BS-put on the flak jacket, the pest guard and face down the fanatics and speak truth to X-Power. Come forward with what you know and back it up.
    P.S. Alaskan toys cost alot such as fast
    sno-gos, boats, float planes...Todd will wait until it is official and she has written the book or gotten the book payment so he can claim his 'half" of money incurred in marriage. The other scenario-can a divorced man tell all about his former spouse in civil and criminal suits? So a disgruntled spouse may spout off. Please do-wanna know about Babygate, Trig and cover-up.

  125. Baby, baby, babygate...Sarah never looked pregnant, hid her daughter away for months then miraculously became preggers at 7 months (for photo ops only!)

    Sarah never looked pregnant (just ask Beth Kerttula, legislator, Alaska, thrown under the bus when trying to fill the seat left empty by the departure of Kim Elton...Oh yea, said Sarah, ya made comments about me not lookin' pregnant now so too shall you also have to perhaps find another way to get into the Senate from your House position, also.)

    Sarah never coughed up any proof that the Trigger is hers! There is wild speculation ALL OVER THE INTERNET, yet Sarah never sees fit to actually address this?

    I mean really, Dave Letterman made a comment that did not even mention a Palin child's name and Sarah and Co. went APESHIT. Yet multiple websites have been up and running for what, a year now regarding the miraculous birth story and she hasn't seen fit to go "all legal" on these people?

    She chooses battles that she thinks she can win and uses the press coverage from these battles to take the heat off of the ones that she knows she can neither prove, nor win.

  126. WakeUpAmerica8:37 PM

    Gryphen, I like the statement you posted under the title of your blog. It's perfect.

    Keep you and your loved ones safe.

  127. A couple of quotes and observations from Anchorage Press article today with Levi:

    "Levi stands by his story that he was staying at the Palins’ house regularly—until Senator John McCain tapped Sarah as his running mate on August 29. When Sarah became a vice presidential candidate, things started going downhill for Levi."

    WHY did he live there with girlfriend Bristol BEFORE baby Tripp was born?
    WHY did Sarah LIE about this saying "over my dead body."

    "“They’re smart,” Levi says. “They know I know things. I can tell you [Sarah’s] not happy with me, but she can’t do anything about it.”

    HA - seems per above statement tha tLevi has the goods on Sarah?

  128. Anonymous9:06 PM

    This is great news, glad to hear there still is a little justice in this world.

  129. (yes Not A Lib - I've seen your blog...justice indeed. Low information + flawed analysis = very little traffic...the opposite of Immoral Minority, actually)
    white light on your path Gryphen, and keep spreading your joy.

  130. A person called "nako" at the AK Librarian blog said she was concerned about Gryphen "working with children when I saw all the sexual stuff on his blog" or words to that effect. I asked her EXACTLY what she was referring to, and she responded with the link to "Other MCCain" guy's blog of smears. I responded to that bloggers list of 12 supposedly self-damming comments of Gryphen's that have been used to whip up the hatred.

    Unfortunately I find that I can't cut and paste my response in the comment box here, so if you want to know EXACTLY what is the smear campaign on Gryphen and a discussion of each of the 12 comments they are using against him, go to the AK LIbrarian site linked at the bottom of this post and read comments.

    I think it helps to calm the hate to figure out what they are talking about and be able to address it.

  131. Anonymous11:01 PM

    If so many people have the goods on Palin...why don't they come out and finish her off? You all say you don't want to see her anymore, so do her in with all your "proof".

    Or is it that if she was finished, Gryph and his friends would have nothing to talk about anymore? Also, who would you all complain about and feel morally (or immorally) superior to? No evidence vs. paypal money for bloggers...hmmmm. Oh wait, maybe it is both!

  132. BlackBeachBum11:50 PM

    Hang in there brother. When this is all over you will be a hero and the hate mongering Palin wussies will be seen for what they are: trash.

    It takes a strong man to stand up to these people. I think you are that man.

  133. Anonymous1:19 AM

    You dumb fcuker

  134. Your actions are some of the best teaching any student in Alaska could get.
    Hang in there.

  135. Thanks notalib for telling rational Americans that justice to you CONSERVATIVES means losing your job or having to quit it because of THREATS AGAINST ONE'S LIFE COMING FROM THE CONSERVATIVES!

    Nice. You're an ass.

    Is violence all you conservatives know? Yep! You are the Domestic Terrorists of America! Don't forget it. CONSERVATIVES ARE DANGEROUS TO AMERICA.

  136. kelly3:56 AM

    I discovered your site when with your recent big story and am enjoying all of your writing so much. I love your definition of morality. I am so hopeful that your contacts were right and that SP is exposed and everyone can see how easy it was to let a complete nut that close to the White House. I'm sure your decision is a loss for ASD but count me in as one of your many fans cheering you on!
    (Mom of 4 in Texas!)

  137. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Why get so worked up about Levi making it known he lived at that house? Maybe not just for the obvious political reasons.

    There would have to be a mandatory prosecution for a domestic assault on a member (or former member) of that household.

    So if, say, an adult pulled a gun on someone who had shared that household, then the adult would have to have been charged if a report had been made, and from that point the charges could not have been made to vanish without a written account from a prosecutor of why the case was not proceeding.

    Hypothetically, of course.

  138. Anonymous5:01 AM

    One Robert Stacy McCain, 48 yo, 2007 guilty of driving 85 in a 65 and 2009 guilty of driving with susp regist. Sounds like a danger to the I live in MD. Have access to criminal database. Inclues his home address, etc. But that's just not right to do to someone, is it? Have the same on one Daniel K. Riehl, Jr.

    BTW 10 cats in MD - not Montgomery County.

  139. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Good for Levi! He must have been pissed off to find out that Miss Wasilla was trying to railroad his mother into the maximum jail time.

  140. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Oh, this is rich. If Eddie Burke had to undergo a background check for employment at a school, he would be turned down flat because of this sexual assault incident. And Burke gave airtime to some unhinged wingnut who is obsessed with Gryphen and they laugh and giggle their way through slanderous comments. Anyone else willing to contribute to the lawsuit fund?

  141. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:23 AM

    Did anyone notice Levi said in the article...Levi said Bristol got pregnant when he was 17 !
    Levi will be 20 this year?

  142. Levi Johnston was born May 3, 1990.

  143. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I think I read somewhere that Levi was 19 this past May. So he would have been 18 in 2008 and if Bristol got pregnant in late March/early April of 2008 he would have been 17 which is correct.

    I also believe that he was 17 when Bristol got pregnant the first time with Trig back in May/June 2007.

    There are so many discrepancies in Levi's story in this article compared to others. In this one he says that he dropped out of school his senior year which would have been 2008/2009 because Tripp was going to be born. But we know for sure that he dropped out of school in Feb./Mar 08 after the hockey season per his coach and various other reports. Why would Levi drop out of school in early 2008 when Tripp wasn't even conceived? He says that he and Bristol told the Palins on May 5, 2008 that they were pregnant. Why didn't he finish out his 2007/2008 school year if they didn't announce the pregnancy until May? Also keep in mind that Levi stated in the GQ interview that he and Bristol were homeschooled at the Palins during their junior year (2007/08). Levi continued to play hockey until 02/08 but Bristol decided to drop out of sports all together. I wonder why?

    Something is just not adding up. I believe Levi is getting his own stories mixed up. But what can you expect from someone who have had two pregnancies within 12 months.

    Naked Truth

  144. The other thing that I found interesting in the article was it's claim that in Dec Levi's mom was arrested, Bristol/Levi broke up, and Levi wasn't allowed to see his son. If Tripp was (supposedly) born the last couple of days in Dec, it seems odd to lump this together in such a way without mentioning Tripp actually being born. Unless Levi was not allowed to see his OTHER son.

  145. Anonymous7:59 AM

    In looking at the intense reaction (interestingly, without any threat I can recall to sue Levi for defamation) to the roof sharing, it might be interesting to consider some other Alaska laws, including failure to report a crime against a child if someone really was 18, and not 17, when he says he moved in with the Palins.

    Of course, if he really was 17 at the time, then that was after May 3, 2007 and that baby wasn't Tripp.

    It might be useful to pin down the ages of the people involved in terms of who was "residing in the same household" and exactly how old they were at the relevant times. If Levi was indeed 17 at the time he took up residence as a father-to-be, and Patrick has the birthdate correct, then the relevant baby would not seem to be the most recent one unless that is the longest gestation in recorded history.

    Keep in mind that under AK law the degrees of sexual abuse of a minor include provisions against sexual penetration of anyone who "being 18 years of age or older,...engages in sexual penetration with a person who is under 16 years of age, and (A) the victim at the time of the offense is residing in the same household as the offender and the offender has authority over the victim; or (B) the offender occupies a position of authority in relation to the victim."

    So exactly how old was Bristol when Levi says he was a 17-year-old father-to-be sharing the household? And exactly how old would she have been when she became pregnant the first time? Sure would be nice to see the birth date on the everyone's birth certificates. Sure is odd that Trigg's birth announcement didn't have a birth date.

  146. Susan in MD8:12 AM

    Ha! I posted on Regina's site that I noticed that in the article.

    ALSO, he said he recalled telling the Palin's that Bristol was PG around May 5th. That means he would have been 18 in May 2008 (Tripp) and 17 in May 2007 (Trig). Hmm..those dates are pretty tight. You'd think with it being right around his birthday he'd be pretty clear on that. Me thinks he's giving a big fat hint.

  147. Anonymous8:13 AM

    With bushco we suffered eight horrible years of evil smear tactics. This is what happens when the palins, roves and cheneys of the world do 'politics.' This is the price people pay for speaking up. This list is long:

    John O'Neil 'The Man Who Knew'

    Too many Anthrax doctors died mysteriously after the attacks start:

    A fantastic list of the Bushco Body Count:

  148. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I hope all of you got to hear eddie burke yesterday, if you didn't c4p has it or you tube.
    After listening be-sure to call the FCC and complain about the hatred and lies and innuendo issuing forth from DR and Eddie. Eddie who is a convicted sexual pervert!

  149. plunk9:34 AM

    oops.. for the Body Count use this URL:

    PLUS: Kudos Gryphen for speaking up and all your hard work.. it's much appreciated.

    A long time reader from Los Angeles.

  150. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Gryph, i'm so sorry these asswhipes are attacking you in such a way. it looks like its now their modus operandi. hang in there, it will get better.

  151. NevadaDave1:36 PM

    Hello Gryphen,
    I am truly sorry to hear that you have had such an experience. I know how it feels to be outed as a blogger. I live in a small town in Nevada and had much the same experience with some local officials and their supporters.
    I recently found your blog from a friend and truly like your take on things. When I first heard your former Gov. on the news my wife and I both had the same comment, she is a vindictive mean witch. After reading many of the posts here and at the other Alaska blogs I have to guess we were correct. I was very frightened by the prospect of McPain/Failin winning the election. We had palns to evac ourselves out of the country if that happened.
    Thank you for allowing me to learn things I would have never known if I only had the stories provided by some of the so called news services.
    On a somewhat unrealted note from another thread give your daughter a huge thumbs-up for the video she put together.

  152. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Good Riddance Gryphen. I have zero sympathy for you or your cohorts who have targeted Palin for months. Actions have consequences little one so stop your whining. Do us a favor and shut down your vile blog too!

  153. mlaiuppa2:53 PM

    Why are none of my comments appearing? There was nothing in them to warrant being banned. Should I start posting as "anonymous" instead?

  154. Anonymous3:08 PM

    If Gryphen shut down his blog where would you get to spew you vile bile??? Your friends dan riehl and RSM and c4p delete the fact that eddie burke who DR was on his show yesterday is a convicted sex pervert! Convicted!!!TRUE FACTS!!! Yet, DR, RSM, Burke continue to LIE about Gryphen and Gryphen still lets idiots like you post to his blog! (I think he does this so we can all get a GOOD laugh at how stupid the rightwingnuts are :) )

  155. Skeptical3:28 PM

    Amazing how it's always "Anonymous" who posts the contrary opinions. Vile blog? Yeah, well I'll take this vile compared to the bile SP throws up every time she speaks. Journalism major? Funny how she could get that degree and know so little about the English language. But then, funny how she could become the candidate for VP of the United States and know so little about politics, domestic affairs, or foreign affairs. Funny how she does not know when she's pregnant. Funny how she does not know the difference between joining a secessionist group and filling out a voting form. Funny how she fails to realize how ludicrous it is to have a daughter who has already had at least one, probably two, pregnancies being held up as the voice of abstinence. Funny how she thinks not opening gifts allows her to avoid claiming them properly. Oh, so many more funnies, I could go on and on. She's a regular comedian. And you, Anonymous, are an ass.

  156. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Where are the links to the Eddie Burke convictions?

    "Anonymous" can also be a problem with posting on this blog. You can read back threads and see the problems people have.

  157. I see so many anonymous postings I'm starting to think they're all made up. Too funny. Find your man and marry him, live your life, enjoy it, look for a new job...since writing isn't one of your strong points and accomplish something already. Attacking the Palin's non stop is going to put bread and butter on the table, perhaps vaseline but not food. I still maintain that anyone sending you money is wasting it. Send your money to feed and clothe the homeless.
    At least their you'll see some good come out of it. I just can't get over why someone is so obsessed with this family. To me it's so truly odd. Have you ever been checked or OCD behavior? Just wondering. Good luck finding that guy, I hope he makes an honest living.

  158. I don't think I'm getting thru least the past few days?

    Anyway, trying again, just to say: Gryphen, keep on fighting the GOOD fight!

    You are amazing, and I support you 100% and more!

  159. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Heh. Heheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehehe.

  160. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I hope that Gryphen is not married and never has any children. The world would be a better place if he never passed any DNA. What a loser. The kids in his class hopefully will recover from his contact with them. What a loser.


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