Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Uh oh I just know I am going to get blamed for this.

It looks like Mercede has been talking to them again.

And just to put the potential rumor to rest Mercede is NOT one of my sources.

Update: Just FYI, I did NOT learn anything about teenage substance abuse from my sources.

And if I had I would not have posted it because I don't believe it is any fault of the children. I happen to think that Willow is the smartest Palin in the family.

Also I did not talk to either Mercede OR Levi before I made my post, and I called some of the other media outlets working this story and asked them if the Johnston family was one of their sources and they said no. So when the Palin-bots come after this family I am here to tell you it just another example of attacking the messenger instead of addressing the validity of the information.

And gee, where have we seen THAT before?


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    OMG! Is that me laughing my a$$ off? Am I enjoying this a little too much? Me?

    You betcha!

  2. The cover story no less...fabulous!

    A toast to Gryphen for breaking this story. Good work.

    Will be wating for van fleabag to threaten to serve them with a lawsuit as well.

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Have we heard from the ClapTrap and Van Flien law firm lately?

  4. Snowing in Alaska8:15 AM

    The last time Star published an "interview" with Mercede, it was put together from conversations overheard on an airplane trip. Who knows where they got this stuff - but the tabloids are ALWAYS going to run with a divorce story no matter how quiet the whisper was to begin with.

    The stupid Palinistas have nothing better to do than to practice being thugs, and I begin to chuckle when I imagine them panicking over a lost rock star politician who held their wildest dreams in her arms. Well, not really - but they think so.

    Sarah is so flawed, always has been flawed - it took intense public scrutiny to expose her sham and her star is now falling like a rock. The Death Panel comment is sticking big time - which is far more damaging to her political and policy aspirations than a divorce.

    It just goes to show you that her political savvy was developed around pulling the wool over our trusting, Alaskan eyes and throwing in a youbetcha here and there to make things all folksy. She's so lost on a national level, and with no one to trust but a handful of droolers, she's floundering like a live salmon thrown on a bank. Sure, Sarah - don't go with the flow. It's working out really well for you isn't it?

    I'm thrilled that she's showing the world her idiocy and complete lack of world knowledge, in addition to being the bitchiest politician I think I've ever seen. If it takes Mercede and Levi to help bring her down, so be it. She deserves no pity.

  5. Anonymous8:19 AM

    BWAHAHAHAHA. Are we to understand that Geo. Soros is paying Mercede too?

    What a bad, bad week our Sarah is having. Pat in Texas

  6. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Willow is a party girl now? Sarah, say it ain't so....

    Splitsville story is getting more coverage.... sue, baby, sue.

  7. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Now I get it - you are being paid by Star magazine. For god's sake I thought president Obama was sending you checks:)

    I think Mercedes better get a bodyguard now. OMG is she in trouble;)


  8. IF Willow really was slamming back vodka and mokin' pot, SOMEONE will blab.

    Has anyone checked Volcano Palin to see if there is steam coming out of it's ears???

    This poor dysfunctional family - these kids are SO screwed with these morons as parents. All the fake and phony can't be covered up with F8ckme red money shoes, permanent eyeliner and really sucky hair extensions.

    The Palins they are a twistin' in the wind. The trailer has a'come off the tracks.

  9. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Just like Shannyn said last night on MSNBC....someone else is always at fault with Sarah Palin, it's never her fault, it's never her behavior, never her decisions, never her judgement. Yes, Gryph, of thise "Alaskan bloggers" will be blamed for this. Just apologize now and get it over with so we can move onto the next Palin disaster. This is just the reality for Sarah since the CHOICE she makes is to lie to create the false reality she lives in. But we all know she makes the CHOICES and in the end she needs to take the personal responsibility for those CHOICES.

  10. Now that SP is no longer gov. and has less power for revenge, it looks like people in Wasilla/Palmer feel safer in talking. Yippee!!

  11. I'm sure David Letterman must be involved somehow.

  12. Are you ever on the ball, Gryphen! I thought I'd be the first to report this!

    I guess I wasted too much time writing about what the cover picture captions said...

    Oh, well, I'm going to post it anyway :)

    Have you seen the cover of the supermarket tabloid "Star"?

    Sarah and Todd are pictured (in a pic that seems to date back to that parade in Auburn, NY), with captions reading, "Exclusive: Hiding Her Heartbreak", "The truth about Sarah Palin's shattered marriage", "DIVORCE!", with bullet points reading, "Todd tired of living a lie", "She throws wedding ring into Lake Lucille", and "He's sleeping on the couch!"

    (that last part does make you wonder who's in Track's old room, and whether Bristol's babysitter Ivy Frye and Trig's therapist are using the Palin guest rooms)

    Also, in an inset picture of Willow, the caption says, "Daughter Willow Is Drinking and Partying Out of Control"

    With Sarah Palin's pandering to rags like PEOPLE and US magazines, I guess it was inevitable she'd join Britney Spears and a Bachelorette on the covers of supermarket tabloids.

  13. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Very interesting that Merdede is talking and poor Willow. With the new money and friends they have, Mom and Dad could send her to a great camp somewhere for music or art or sports, get her away from the valley trash party life most of those kids seem to have. They have so many resources that if they CARED at all, they could help Willow expand her world.

    sigh, but then as an atheist Democrat, what could I know about family values, right?

  14. P.S. I had to smirk a little bit when I got to the end of the article and saw this:

    "If you know more about this story, contact us at or 1-800-609-8312"

  15. Gryphen: I haven't read what she is saying, cause I just wanted to post immediately to tell you I am disappointed ... I was hoping Mercede WAS one of the sources you have been cultivating. I have been wondering where she is; what she might have to say about current events. She is so pretty; I think Tank and company should be squiring her to Hollywood and New York and I am being very serious here. She's a knockout. She and Levi together could be the Donny and Marie of Wasilla. And what a book would ensue from the collaborative efforts of this brother and sister!

  16. Bones AK9:02 AM

    Yea, I expect you will.
    It is NICE to see her splashed on the cover. It may be the 1st Star I ever bought, If, I can find a copy. I expect Stars sales to go up here in AK.

  17. Anonymous9:04 AM

    UT OH- so... what was that about being sued Gryphen? This is just too too good (rubbing hands together with glee).

    What a great Mama Grizzly she is, one by one, she's losing her kids due to lack of good parenting skills - see Track and drugs, Bristol and sex, and now Willow and alcohol.

    Perhaps Sarah should try cleaning up the mess she's made of her own family before she attempts to further her career in the public arena.

    That poor family - i wonder if its already too late to save Piper?


  18. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Interesting! Well, it's more confirmation, Gryphen! I was worried about Star saying they have a photo of Willow drinking and drugging at a party, though - are they sure they have a pic of Willow and not an old one of Bristol? Haven't seen the inside of the mag yet to check it myself. Those poor girls. They haven't had a chance at a normal life with a crazy psycho as a mom, I wish them the very best - little Piper too!

  19. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Could the Star cover BE more photoshopped?

    Hee hee. My bad.


  20. wonder if van fleabag is gonna sue them? Wild Child Willow? Who would have thought....

  21. Anonymous9:34 AM

    You know, when I tell my parents about what's going on in AK, my dad looks through the news and newspapers, and a couple of days later, it comes out in the MSM.

    You keep it up and expose this sham of a christian whack job diva grifter liar...for the troops and the rest of the country.

    Go Gryphen!
    nswfm CA

  22. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Congratulations. You're a fucking asshole. Those of us that are "non-assholes" don't make shit up about people being divorced.

    Oh yeah, still waiting on your sources, you fatass fucking faggot.

  23. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Gryph, you da man. I hope you're feeling just a bit of vindication today. I, for one, can't wait to see how long it takes Van Fleaswatter to shoot off an emailed "summons survey" to Star Magazine, or Mercedes.

    Hang tough, man. We got your back.

    Sarah in SC

  24. It's probably true. Now Sarah has to control her urge to spam Twitter and Facebook with more fake outrage.

  25. gregory9:40 AM

    If there are actually pictures of a 14 year old Palin stoned, it is time to call Child Services.
    I find this whole thing so sad. A narcissist for a mother is a dreadful thing for any child to endure.

  26. It looks like I'm going to have to pick up a copy of the Star. Willow slamming vodka and smoking pot? Why am I not surprised? How many fake pregnancies will Sarah try to have, to hide her daughters' trashy behavior?

  27. It would be quite a stretch even to imagine you, Gryphen, at one of those parties at which Willow reportedly was photographed "slamming down vodka." Of course, SOME idiot will point the finger at you. However, to quote a song from my parents' never-ending cocktail hours, "Put the Blame on Mame." And we all know who Mame and Mr. Mame are... Now I'm calling Mr. B to pick up the Star on his way home... ;-)

  28. CrabbyPatty10:06 AM

    Man, I just feel sorry for those kids. Being raised by that Crazy Couple can't be very stable. Let's see Flea Boy contact The Star about that upcoming lawsuit. BWWAAHHH.

  29. Snowing in Alaska10:11 AM

    @ Anonymous 9:38

    Oh, aren't you a charmer! You are doing wonders for your cause, whatever that is (I'm sure it has something to do with Sarah Palin and a red phone) so just keep up the good manners and intelligent postings! You betcha!

  30. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Anon @ 9:34 is angry. Find a way to channel your anger into something constructive. Sarah Palin brings this on herself by her inability to keep her mouth shut. She thrusts her life and her children? into the spotlight then chastises those who dare point out her hypocrisy. There is no need to cuss and call people names. We can be civil but a spade must be called a spade, truth must be told. Get a little class honey, you need it.

  31. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Congratulations. You're a fucking asshole. Those of us that are "non-assholes" don't make shit up about people being divorced.

    Oh yeah, still waiting on your sources, you fatass fucking faggot.

    Nice mouth! I sure hope you're not claiming to be a Christian, or I'd have to ask, Is this the language of today's Christian right? My 81 yr old fundamentalist mother would wash your mouth out with soap.

  32. The sad thing is those kids don't have a chance. Sarah and Todd are trashy people and they haven't been paying decent attention to their kids at all. Piper is now what, almost 9? Anybody wonder what she'll be up to in about 5 years' time? And I wish we knew for sure that Trig is getting the therapy he needs. Unfortunately, I don't think failure to provide therapy comes under the head of child abuse, although I think it should.

  33. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Anon at 8:34 AM--

    Yeah, they did do that for Willow. Reportedly (Twitter, from GINO) she went on a basketball camp to Italy. Christian based camp, dontcha know.

    But it's not nice to pick on Willow. She can't help it her Mom is whacko and her Dad is AIP. We don't KNOW what Willow's really doin. Let's pick on her Mom som'more though. She needs it, she of the "evil death panels".

  34. My,My, Anon 9:38 sure is a little pissy today.
    Crude and nonsensical remarks are the trademarks of a Sarah Troll.
    Would a "non-asshole" be a TURD?

  35. Anonymous said...
    9:38 AM


    Anon, In case you are in a fucking coma, drugged, or just plain fucking stoopid, this blog stated an iceberg was on the way that would sink palins political career.

    Since then she has resigned in an "unusual" manner, laid blame, lied, made promises to tweet and is making even more of a total fucking ass of herself, as if that was posible.

    At least she isnt in a position to keep letting her citizens DIE.

    Now, crawl back to malkin-coulter skankville and worship something.

  36. Holy cow, Palin is entering George W Bush territory - 39% favorable. Actually, "Her favorable rating is almost identical to the numbers that former vice president Dan Quayle got just after leaving office in 1993", according to the poll article. What a loser Sarah is, was, and always will be.

  37. I've been wondering what kind of feedback or revenge Levi receives for his comments about the Palins on Larry King, etc. In his interactions with Bristol regarding their son, Tripp, it would seem that she has the opportunity to express any problem she has with his comments (and now with Mercede's comments as well).

    Could it be that she doesn't care what he says because she's sick of Sarah also, too? I'd think Levi wouldn't want to do anything to interfere with interactions regarding Tripp. Or could it be that Levi holds some knowledge so important that he knows there won't be any difficulties over Tripp (because they want him to stay quiet)?

    Gryphen, do you know anything about this?

  38. BuffaloGal11:33 AM

    Anon @ 9:04 - I thought the same thing and hope that the photo Star has isn't the old one of Bristol. Struck me as a big coincidence that both girls would end up being photographed drinking vodka at a house party.

    I feel awful for all of these kids and hope that each of them finds a way to break from all of this craziness and come out of it able to live normal lives with minimal emotional damage.

    Dayam - Palin should've freakin' blinked.

  39. Oh Gryphen, I'm with you. I feel so sorry for those Palin kids. I wouldn't doubt that they are getting high. When you live in a house full of stress, constantly walking on eggshells, you tend to self medicate. If the divorce rumours are true, would Todd be a good parent? He didn't seem to try and stop Mommy Dearest from using their kids as political tools. And Willow seemed to stay out of the picture more than the others.
    I hope that those kids get as far away from Sarah as they can. By living with her and being used as they are, what kind of life will they have?

  40. To Anon@9:34,

    If you really love Sarah Palin that much, you would help her to understand what she is doing to her children. Instead of calling someone names for reporting facts (and even telling you it may or may not be true), you need to run an Intervention for that family. Or do you know her personally and are afraid of her vengeance, too?
    The kids should always come first, even before that woody of yours.

  41. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Looks like Van Flein all of the sudden has some bigger fish to fry.

    Congratulations Gryphen. My trust in your posts has been validated again.

  42. Anonymous11:57 AM

    We are NOT picking on Willow. I just feel so bad for those kids. Mom wantin to be president and totally focused on herself, Dad reportedly barely there, tension in the house, and because of Mom needen to be famous, the eyes of the world are on everything those kids do, which is Miss Wasilla's fault.

    I live in NY and our Gov is not very good and gets trashed all the time but I have no idea if he even has kids. He does not use his family as human sheilds.

  43. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Attention Hollywood - more Mercede and less Levi. Mercede is freakin gorgeous with a smokin body, and Mercede dishes way more dirt than Levi.

  44. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I really do feel for Piper. No kid should have to grow up in the middle of that kind of insanity.

  45. Don't worry last time I checked the Palinistas were blaming you for making her resign, causing her marital troubles, faking the moon landing, causing 9/11 and a few more things.
    Little do they know you are really the head of the free-masons and the Illuminati. lol

  46. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Firstly, I am so sorry for Willow. Living at the beck and call of narcissistic mother must be hellish, even without the constant media circus, but I had hoped she would be able to avoid the kind of behavior that made her older brother and sister's lives be harsh so soon.

    Secondly, I see with some satisfaction the word DIVORCE! on the front cover. I look forward to Van Flein's lawsuit against The Star. Those kinds of publications retain some very sharp lawyers. They know exactly how to stay within legal lines, and still tell some pretty juicey stories.

    Thirdly, I do feel you have been completely vindicated, Gryphen, even if they end up deciding that the money and status of being a married couple in public is enough for them.

  47. Anonymous12:22 PM


    Now is the time to pull out all the stops. It's your time to be the biggest blogger in the US. Use that investigative journalism instinct you were born with, and go for the jugular.

    You have more than adequate references to support your original sensational story. Go after Palin and Van Fly. Call them out on their threats. Tell them to put-up or shut-up. You got the potential for a Frost/Nixon type interview if you can get them to do an interview or a deposition.

    You got a book man. An un-authorized biography with all the juicy stuff that the world wants to read; not that junk word salad that Meg is going to write for her.

    Alaska has had corrupt politicians, but Palin takes the cake for an End-Times Christian witch hunter with a Days-of-Our-Lives family that is hell bent on destroying anyone that crosses her, and almost succeeded in destroying the USA had she been elected VP.

    Go for it bro.

  48. I just had a thought about what some of you have been wondering about in this topic: whether or not the picture of Willow knocking back a bottle of booze is really an old picture of Bristol?

    Didn't the McCain campaign "plumbers" scrub all of the Bristol boozing pictures from her MySpace page and from those of her friends?

    All I've ever seen since last fall are pictures of Mercedes Johnston and another girl holding booze bottles and drinking glasses full of some liquid...mis-labelled by some news outlets as being pictures of Bristol...

  49. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Good golly Gryphen! I'm off to track down a copy of this . . .

  50. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I'm no Palin fan, but it seems to me that most of the posters on this thread have never been, or are not, parents.

    Good kids from perfectly good, functional families do this stuff all the time right along with the kids who are righteously hurting.

    I really feel for the Palin kids - all of them - along with Bush's kids and someday God forbid Sasha and Melia. . . I don't condone this behavior, but to automatically link it to the sins of the parents is unrealistic, and, may I say it? Unnecessarily and self-servingly cruel. To both kids and parents.

    Keep to politics. Lay off the kids.

  51. L.A. in S.F.1:37 PM

    First of all, a "faggot" is either a pile of sticks or a cigarette, circa WWII. Second, I don't know if you fuck and third, I have no idea if you are fat, Gryphen. Hence, the barely controlled rage of that "anon" who posted above is sad. If he (most likely a "he") meant faggot as a gay man, then I can safely say, as a girl who resides in S.F., that such a moniker applied as a truth or as a warning, does not scare, titillate or whip me into a frenzy. It's all good, here in the Bay Area, so even if you are a fat, fucking faggot, Gryph, you're still the first blog I check each day and I'd take tea with you any day.

    That said, I feel, as I've said before, that this rage comes from some deep seated (seeded?) notion that these bots have been had. The grifter made her mark, played the con and has moved on. And is likely laughing her bony white ass off at all of them as she bleeds their wallets dry, five, ten, twenty dollars a pop.

    Face it, whether or not any of this stuff is true about the kids or their sham of a marriage, the bloom is off the rose. And her fans should realize that they have been had. And then they need to explore why it enrages them so much to have SP be less than perfect....a violated woman and mother figure, as it were.

  52. It seems like a couple of bloggers are hell bent on destroying your life. Investigating, repeated interviews on Eddie Burk and other shows, implying you are a pedophile. Who you live with, how much your mortgage is and on and on. Their big story is your link to another school and trying to tie it all to the President. Why do they care so much? With that much effort, even contacting your ex, one would have to ask is $P paying them?

  53. Just checked my local 7-11, the new issue of Star does not appear to be out. Instead, some other celebrities' divorce is the front page.

    I'll keep an eye out!

    Oh, and Gryph, in my best Michelle Bachmann voice, I say, "You be da man, Gryphen! You be da man!"

    LOL... hugs - and my word verification is treiggen! Keep on triggen'!

  54. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Well, I am glad the heat is off of you, Gryphen.

    Funny how Trig has never been mentioned by the Johnstons whatsoever. Yet, pictures of the Johnstons with Trig were released by the Johnstons. If, in fact, Trig is a member of the Johnston family, than the Johnstons are guilty of perpetuating a lie. And that lie was told to the American people for the purpose of advancing Palin's political gain or agenda.

    Gryphen, I guess I am just getting burned out with all the attention given to the Palin family. Especially when I see fellow Americans yelling and pushing each other at town hall meetings because of lies being told to the American people.
    OT-- I did read an article at HuPo from Media Matters about The Heritage Foundation favoring lax penalties for child porn and child sex trafficking by slamming an anti child-rape bill. Yep, and Palin is scheduled to speak at the Value Voter Summit in September; the Foundation is one of the sponsors.

    Can't make this stuff up!!

  55. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I totally disagree with the comments of others stating that they hope the photos are not old ones of Bristol. I hope they ARE---I have no interest in seeing yet another Palin child outed in the national press for bad behavior. I wouldn't mind at all if the Star was shown to be wrong in their allegations about Willow. It would be nice if the rest of the kids don't follow their older siblings' examples of acting out. I also take no joy in seeing them outed in the national press. Have a little compassion for the kids.

  56. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Titled link is broken - this links to the mag's archive.

    Wow Gryphen! Looks like you had a more exciting week on my vacation than I did! rofl - Hang in there - We're all rooting for you :)

  57. Hey everyone - Crooks and Liars has all the juiciness that is the dead Alaska Seniors story everyone has ignored until it went MSM last night. Finally - the truth is bleeding out.

    The blood that is on SP's hands is finally being shown in public. She KILLED her own citizens through her neglect.

    Yeah - she's a real Christian.

  58. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Being a photographer, I tend to look at what pictures really tell you about people. If you look at the picture of Todd and Sarah holding hands at the Fairbanks picnic, Sarah has a clinched fist and is holding only Todd's finger in a strange gesture. I have noticed the facial expressions of Piper over the past few months. Look at the pictures of Piper at any of the three farewell picnics as well as the resignation speech. This little girl does not appear to be a happy child. I feel so sorry for this little girl and I would imagine her life is not a happy one.

  59. Anonymous3:38 PM

    It is true that lots of kids party, even those with good parents. But that doesn't mean we should not feel sorry for the Palin kids. I feel very sorry for them. Having a narcissist for a parent or parents is an automatic sentence for life long problems. There has been a lot written about this..... I hope they all are ok and that it is just experimenting and they outgrow it.

    About STAR and that TIPS email address. I believe we all need to send babygate information to them. It is time that came out. The child I worry the most about is TRIG. Trig not having all the treatment and therapy he should be having NOW before it is too late.....Early intervention is everything for Downs Syndrome. I hope some of you will send what you have to them regarding that story......

    Gryphen, you will get blamed for it, but actually those idiots should be apologizing to you instead. They are just like Sarah, NEVER ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING! It is quite pathetic.....

  60. crystalwolf aka caligrl3:53 PM

    Anon@9:38 Awwwwww! Upset that 2 now 3 people have validated Gryphens "made up" statement?
    I think you better get up to those 2 bottom feeder's stalking Gryphen and apply your non-asshole lips firmly on both their Lyin'asses...and STFU!

  61. Snowing in Alaska4:22 PM

    I, too hope the picture is not of Willow. To me, even as fuzzy as it is, it does not look like her. She's a beauty and has a widow's peak that is pretty recognizeable - but aside from that, she's suffered enough with all that Letterman nonsense.

    Yes, I had good parents, straight & narrow, yet I had my melt downs and blow outs as a teen. It's not my business, unless she was a friend of my kids'. Then we'd take it up with the teens and or parents as a private matter.

    Sarah Palin is doing enough damage to herself to equate to an army of pajama clad bloggers (they have certainly helped, though!), so keep that in mind when you are tempted to be gleeful about more trouble on the horizon for her children. Be zen like, and leave it up to the twit herself, with some help from oppositon research (I love that term), to bring her down in flames. Kids is kids and always will be.

  62. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Yes, ANY parents no matter how loving and attentive, could have kids that party. I think what drives those of us (yes, me, queen of catty) who trash Miss Wasilla for this, is her sanctimonious, I am a good Christian mother act. Laura Ingraham gushes about how amazing Palin is for having a big family and big career. Well, she does neither one well! A woman can have it all, but just not all at once. Track and Bristol already made big mistakes and I guess we all assumed this Willow report was the first step on the slide down for kid #3!!

    (This is Lilybart, can't log in at home for some reason)

  63. Anonymous4:52 PM


    Did you guys see the guest speakers list? I guess they'll all think they're in heaven, but I can't imagine getting through that day without puking. And a migrane.

  64. BuffaloGal:::::::: If you saw the teen party photos of little ol' Wasilla, you would be more surprised that there are not more drunk photos of the Palin brood. Teens start drinking drugging at a young age. They are proud and obcessed. I'm not saying this doesn't happen in other places. I have never seen so much pride and love of intoxication as happens in Wasilla. It is strange Sarah Palin didn't address the problem when she was on the council or mayor. I hope more is told about her days at the 4 Corners.

    It is tragic those kids are stuck with those parents. They are not alone, there are many more kids with bad parents.

  65. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Sorry all - I'm multi-tasking here. I meant 'migraine'.

  66. I am surprised Mercede held out as long as she has. I could tell when I saw her on Larry King she was about to bust. I bet she knows things that would make our hair curl and mine is as straight as a board. I hope the pic is not Willow also. People who start using chemicals when they are very young have huge problems later in life for a lot of reasons. Yes, it is true kids from good families do experiment with alcohol and drugs. The thing is when you understand the effects of dysfunctional family dynamics like I and a lot of you do the reality is in that kind of family she is probably practicing escapism. That is a potentially bad situation. If true do not expect OCS to step in I called them about a child in meth lab and it took them five weeks to respond. They were gone by then.

  67. Bones AK7:39 PM

    GenieO said...

    Did you guys see the guest speakers list? I guess they'll all think they're in heaven, but I can't imagine getting through that day without puking. And a migrane.

    4:52 PM

    I can't imagine sitting thru those people. Sarah did not have a * by her name and she still has time to say Yes...No...yes...maybe.


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