Sunday, August 02, 2009

Was it something I said?

As many of you are already aware I DID receive a notification from Palin attorney Thomas Van Flein yesterday. It arrived in my e-mail in PDF form and you can read it over at the Alaska Report.

Now Van Flein is forcing me to make an admission that I have resisted addressing for the four plus years I have had this blog.

Yes I DO work in a Kindergarten class during the school year. My main job affords me some time during the day and I have chosen to use it teaching children to read, and helping them to become more independent. I do it because it brings me joy to work with these children and I believe, and have been told, that I am very good at it.

Hopefully that does not diminish me in the eyes of my visitors.

I NEVER discuss politics with my children and they have no idea, nor do most of the adult staff, that I am a blogger. Because to be honest that might diminish me in THEIR eyes.

So thanks to Van Flein you now know my dirty little secret. I am an assistant teacher in a room full of five year old children.

Understanding my love for my job and my desire to protect my children from a potentially frightening encounter, Van Flein threatened to serve my summons "at the kindergarten where you assist". He did not say the "school where you work", he specifically mentioned my classroom in order to frighten me into compliance. Why else would he have said that?

Now as for Van Flein's claims that I have demonstrated "malice" or made "defamatory" accusations. Please read the following definitions and my explanations.'s definition of "malice":
1.desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness: the malice and spite of a lifelong enemy.
2.Law. evil intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others.

I firmly believe in the accuracy of my source/sources. I simply reported what I still believe to be factual information. I had no other "intent" than to get that information out to my readers and invite their comments and criticism. Which I received. And then some.'s definition of "defamatory":
containing defamation; injurious to reputation; slanderous or libelous: She claimed that the article in the magazine was defamatory.

Well if this were 1945 Van Flein might have a case. But this is 2009, when divorce is almost as common as marriage itself. It is highly doubtful that a report that Sarah and Todd are having marital problems is going to "injure" Sarah Palin's reputation in any measurable way.

And let us look at that reputation shall we? Palin has been served with somewhere in the vicinity of 22 ethics complaints, she was accused of exposing her family to ridicule, she was also accused of using the GOP money for clothes shopping to the tune of around $150,000, she was called a "diva" and a "whackjob" by the McCain campaign, she was accused of having an affair by both the National Enquirer and the National Examiner, and she just quit her job as Governor of Alaska! And that final move has opened up a potpourri of potentially malicious comments and defamatory statements from almost every single media outlet in the country!

So can my report that Todd and she are having marital problems really compete with all of that?

I simply cannot imagine that it could.

As for the other parts of my post?

They will be reported on in the near future by more mainstream media, count on it. If they are not then I definitely have some asses to kick and some crow to eat. But as of right now I have every confidence that I will be vindicated.

Update: The Huffington Post has caught wind of this now too. (I swear I did not send it to them.)


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Keep up the good work and don't bow to the threats.
    I am sorry to see that people behave this way.

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Long time reader, never posted but the gall of her lawyer to threaten you at your school? Absolutely appalling. He would have to use a few ladders to reach up and scratch that snakes belly.

    Also, should he not change his signature to state "lawyer for Sarah Palin" given that she quit of her own accord and stepped down on 7/26?

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I am utterly amazed at this. I do believe that it underlines the accusations that Palin is a bully and will attack anyone who dares to say something she doesn't like.

    And does she not get that by threatning to serve you summons at your job in front of kindergarders that it might be upsetting to them! Doesn't she care about them at all?!

  4. I am wondering if you and AK. Report haven't figured out a very clever scheme for reporting rumors as fact and attempting to cover your behinds by claiming you obtain the information from a "source". Your source being Ak. Report and AK. Report source is you. You can make up any rumor and hide behind your source. Maybe just maybe it won't keep working. If nothing else works your exposure as continuing to be wrong will minimize your facts and truthfulness as well as your source will be deemed to be unreliable. Your batting average is not too good and I do think it will get worse. Meg jumping on this immediately and the MSM reporting it to be false will also continue to minimize your effectiveness. Even the use of words like exclusive, pending investigation, etc. will be taken with a grain of salt.

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I would take that threat as a compliment. Remember when Shannyn was threatened with a law suit for repeating an often repeated rumor. You are now in very elite company. Van F.must have a little scoreboard in his office with the names of Alaska bloggers listed alphabetically. Now, two have big red check marks next their names; big demerit for you-- and this goes on your permanent record.

    You and Shannyn also hit some deep nerves. There are plenty of places that say and imply much worse about members of the Palin family, and they do not appear to have been threatened with the same legal action. If it really came to wrestling this out in court, they have to show that the information is completely false, you knew it and said the stuff anyway despite knowledge to the contrary. There is no way that they are going into a court, no way.

  6. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Hang in there Gryph and screw Palin and her pit bull wannabe. She is a pitifully vacuous bully and this is just another example.

  7. The little swine! How dare he threaten you, Gryphen?! You will not back down! You will not go quietly! I will start your defense fund!

  8. Anonymous11:51 AM

    If Van Flein is attempting to silence you and force you to abdicate your First Amendment right of free speech by threatening your ability to earn a living, then I think and I believe you have the basis for a lawsuit against Palin & Co., and you would be well served to hire an attorney and go after her. If this silly Wasilla hillbilly thinks she can control the entire blogosphere, then she's every bit as delusional as many people suspected all along.

  9. Anonymous11:52 AM

    It's really about babygate post...remember a few days ago?!

    You said you were getting close...what, no lawsuit about babygate?!

    Methinks it's time to repost babygate...oh, and this I found at Huff Post.

  10. Well Gryphen, looks like they're going to have a run at you this time. It's going to cost you some money for a lawyer but I'm glad this is now going to start to get serious. Best thing to do now is get the Trig's mom thing into the mix and see if that makes them back off. You know Sarah's not the mother Gryphen, now all you have to do is have the balls to make that into the fight.

    haha, my wv is yrfukd

  11. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I am a teacher, and I find it reprehensible that the attorney threatened to come to your classroom. It is so grotesque on so many levels. First, he tried to diminish your job by using the word "assist". Secondly, he wanted to make you afraid by picturing him going to your school office and asking for you. At the high school where I work, he would be turned away at the admin office and staff would call the police if he tried to enter the school grounds without permission; he would be trespassing. We've had police officers escort people off the grounds before, and it's upsetting to older kids let alone little five-year-olds.

    And by the way, for anyone interested, Kindergarten is WAY TOO HARD FOR MOST PEOPLE TO TEACH because there is so much organization required and so many activities to plan within the day. I visited a kindergarten school during my certification program and could never even attempt to try that grade level because it is really intense. Mrs. Palin and company, you are really pathetic weenies. Honestly.

  12. Anonymous11:55 AM

    More threats and intimidation by Quittypants and her minions.

    They should look at the YouTube clip "Sarah Palin a Complete Fiction - David Talbot", so they can have another hissy fit over the First Amendment rights of others.

    I bet your sources are right on the money, and Casa de Palin is going sub-zero tonight with everyone blaming each other over the information leak.

    I genuinely feel sorry for the kids. At least SP is getting millions for her book, and their dad is employable, so they don't have to worry about keeping warm or eating this winter.

  13. Anonymous11:56 AM

    You work with 5-year-olds? Wow. My respect for you has gone up another notch.
    (I am a school administrator. Most of the male teachers I know are terrified of or at the least rather adverse to teaching kindergarten classes. You prove yourself to be fearless in more ways than one.)

  14. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Go, Gryphen! I think it is fantastic that you work with kindergartners.

    Good teaching in a kindergarten/elementary school classroom is CRUCIAL to the future of our country, and for the future of those children. Kudos!

    I have a family member who is an elementary school teacher and she works very hard.

    P.S. SP & Co. do not have a case. Period. Now AKM, she could have a case against the defamer who made the latest video....

  15. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Stay strong brother. The truth shall prevail.

  16. Gryphen: I've been following every Alaskan blog I could find for several months. The bizarre story of Trig's birth was enough to convince me that Sarah Palin genuinely needs massive therapy. This latest episode is stunning: with all the criminal accusations being made against Ms Palin, she chooses to fight against the statement of impending divorce? Sarah Heath Palin needs prayer. And medical attention. Her siblings and children are in danger too.
    Since she's so far away from where I live, I can pray for her. And give thanks for the blog world, and the people who took the time to warn us all about this horribly twisted woman. Thanks, Diva, Audrey, Regina, AKM, and many more! grammy

  17. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Gryphen..good luck! Although I hope you're not going to need it. As a fellow educator I firmly believe that "they" thought you would be intimidated by being outed at work enough to withdraw your comment. I sincerely hope that your school district stands by you.

  18. One can speculate that the only reason an attorney would send such a repulsive missive is because his client insisted upon it and he's more concerned with $$$$ than integrity or ethics.

    OTOH, perhaps we should just thank our lucky stars that such sleazeballs find their way to Palin to assist her in digging herself deeper and deeper in that hole.

    And keep us ROFL!

  19. Gryphen, thanks for the info. I haven't read your blog yet, but I have forwarded your recent post to my DAMN SMART HUSBAND who happens to be an attorney. Will get back to you.

  20. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I can't seem to comment no matter what i do

    Note that on 1 august date of letter van fleen is attorney for governor sarah palin

    van fleen or sarah palin or both have not caught up with reality

  21. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I cannot believe Van Flea's office continues to employ him as an attorney. His actions, his lack of knowledge about the law, and his tactics show everyone that he is nothing more than a hack. And, after seeing the disclosure regarding the payments Sarah makes to Meg Stapletounge and her consulting firm each month, it makes sense that Meg fights for her as hard as she does - it's the bulk of her income. However, if I were Sarah, I would fire both Van Flea and Stapletounge. Instead of helping advance her career, they are continuing to keep it in the gutter. I know that others are saying that Sarah probably pressures them to put out such statements, but at the rate they are being paid to ADVISE, they should really be doing their job. Can you say enablers and malpractice. Sarah and Co. may threaten all they want, but the truth is it's all posturing. If push comes to serve, they have A LOT more to hide and will not risk exposing any of their secrets in a court of law.

  22. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Gryphen hang in there and good luck.Teaching children to read shows what a kind soul you are. Thanks for all you do.

  23. gregory12:20 PM

    wonder if you could tell the class that if a "Mr. Van Flea" arrives, all can start chanting, "yikes, a flea! yikes, a flea" in unison. turn it into a time for giggles. kids will love it.

  24. Hire a lawyer we'll raise the money. My husband is not licensed to practice in alaska, but he's one sharp cookie who takes on Federal Bank Regulators and wins.

  25. L.A. in S.F.12:22 PM

    They would be pathetic if they weren't so pitiful. And me thinks they doth protesteth too mucheth about the wrongeth things. No one had bothered to sue over those analyzed/xray'd photos of her with the pillow under her maternity shirt. Hmmm, wonder why not. And it takes a real man, a real bald man, to threaten to serve someone in front of a bunch of 5 year olds. How much more of a spectacle can these people make of themselves?Everything they touch is a farce. Makes me want to grab a ShamWow and rub it all over the Flea's shiny head. Maybe we'd see there are no brains in there.

  26. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I personally find it disgusting that they would threaten you with serving papers at a school. My son just finished kindergarten and if that had happened in his classroom I would be outraged. She is so concerned about how people treat her kids, what about the kids in your classroom. Obviously her and Van flea were more concerned with threatening you than the children. What about leaving the children alone Sarah? Classic "Mean Girl" tactics. Pathetic!

    By the way being an assistant in a kindergarten room is close to sainthood in my book.

    And really nobody cares about her and Todd splitting up except for the the nutjobs who lust after her. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Ha! My WV was ratimoni! What she'll have to pay Todd to keep him from ratting her out.

  27. Anonymous12:22 PM

    To the devil with Thomas Van Threat. He's all hot air and b.s.

    In the words of the great Curtis Mayfield - "Keep on Pushin'" Mr. Gryphen.

  28. The burden of proof is on the Palin's. I wonder if she is willing to testify, under oath, that what you've written is not true.
    When her character comes into question, there are just too many lies that she had said to make her credible.
    To threaten you with being served at your classroom has pushed Sarah so low that she probably has to reach up just to touch bottom!
    Stand Firm!

  29. When I read the "kindergarten" threat, I was puzzled. Is that a year-round school? Most aren't even in session now. Was this, then, a delayed threat? Stupid attempt to get "kindergarten" in the threat and make it seem demeaning to you?

    I don't know of any schools that allow strangers to enter a classroom. Surely the lawyer would know this?

    Clearly an attempt to intimidate. "I know where you work" and can track you down. Rather juvenile, but he really doesn't seem very professional.

    Kudos to working with the little ones, too. They take a lot of patience and love.

  30. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Van Flein's threat to go after you at a school is truly reprehensible. I read his letter, "The Palins are not about to get a divorce." Had he written, "The Palin's are not getting a divorce" would have been clear, but the "about" in his sentence leads me to believe you are correct that the Palin's are heading for "Splitsville".

  31. This brings the MAMA bear(no, not PALIN) ripping and gnashing from my heart....To actually threaten to interlope on a class of 5 year olds, to embarrass their beloved (and I'm certain you are)teacher, to put them in a confusing position.... is REPUGNANT. I've been a Spec. Ed TA for the ASD and imagining this scenario makes me want to puke. How can such a threat be legal?!? I know you won't back down from this BS, and you KNOW you have a multitude at your back. Let me know what I can do to help...

  32. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Gryphen, you are screwed. You are not a journalist so you can't hide behind any 2nd Amendment rights. Any judge worth his salt will force you to reveal your sources and once those are shown to be imaginary, the court will rule that you showed reckless disregard and posted your story with malice.

    Choose to protect your sources and you will be jailed for contempt.

  33. Anonymous12:29 PM

    SP would be much more upset if people stopped writing about her. You go, girl!

  34. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Once again, it is shown that Sarah Palin is a coward and a bully.

    Glad this is on the front page of HuffPo as well.

  35. You have my vote of confidence, Gryphen - win, loose, or draw.

    You (and the others who stand with you) have the guts to speak the truth as you see it - and I trust that your 'source' speaks his truth as he sees it. What more can anyone do?

    It takes great courage and conviction to be on the front lines. I applaud you for that.


    I was raised in Chicago, long long ago, and understand the mind set that says "You can't fight City Hall," and "A political machine is simply the way things work in this world."

    No more. It is 2009, and the TRUTH will out. Seems cosmic somehow, a sign of the times. Ugly underground stuff can't be kept hidden for very long these days. (Karma maybe???) The truth simply finds a way to bubble up to the surface.

    Thanks for just being Gryphen and doing what Gryphen does best. Those are lucky kindergarten kids to have you as a pal.

  36. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Palin divorce rumors just business as usual from the enemies of a real conservative GOP

    The Democrat left and GOP elites fear Palin’s popularity with conservative voters as well as her independence from their control and direction. They have done all they can do to destroy her marriage, family, children and her vision for America and will continue to do so.

    To the GOP neocon establishment who have trashed and attacked Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and other potential Republican candidates far more than the liberal Democrats, your attacks just increase the popularity of Sarah and the Palin For President in 2012 website effort at where we answer “Why They Hate Sarah”.

  37. Gryphen, Surely you have a friend who is an attorney. Ask your friend to accept whatever papers this dude wants served. (You certainly don't want him coming to your home.) Once the papers are served you countersue.

    If you don't have a lawyer friend then hire one and we'll raise the money. This guy is blowing smoke up you a**.

  38. Sarah has successfully pulled Van Flea into her swamp. There's no way out for him now, he's in too deep, so he might as well fling all the mud he has and see if SOMETHING will stick to stop the rapid downslide of Sarah Palin.

    Kind of reminds me of the McCain campaign throwing everything they had at Obama...Ayers! Muslim! Socialist!Communist!Rev Wright!Rezko! Terrorist fist bump with Michelle! Sarah learned this right out of the GOP/Rove playbook...too bad it's not a secret anymore.

    BTW, there may be some type of law which says you cannot be harassed/threatened at work...might want to look into it.

    Sarah is one sick chick...gets loonier by the day.

  39. Anonymous12:38 PM

    People hire attorneys to send threatening letters all the time. This guy is pretty good at it. I would want my attorney to be just as much an asshole as this guy, that's what you pay them for.

    But, it doesn't change the fact that the Palins are vindictive, petty jerks.

    I greatly admire the work you do by the way and wish you all the best.

  40. Anonymous12:42 PM

    "I had no other "intent" than to get that information out to my readers and invite their comments and criticism."

    You fool only yourself in saying that, Gryphen. Anyone who cares to spend just a few minutes reading the hundreds of your Palin related posts will find multiple examples of the enmity you have expressed for Sarah Palin.

    Are your employers going to hold out against parental reservations about your suitability to work with impressionable children?

    Who would want a truther conspiracist and an irresponsible rumor-monger teaching their child?

  41. Maine Mom12:42 PM

    Gryphen -- As the parent of a soon-to-be kindergartner, I can honestly say that I would be proud to have you teaching my child. I've been an IM fan for the past 11 months and I enjoy checking your blog every day (okay, maybe two or three times a day when things get interesting!) to catch up on Palin Place and get an Alaska fix. Please keep doing what you do and don't back down to the bullies. And in honor of my three kids and your kindergarten class, I just clicked on that PayPal button to contribute to your continuing search for the truth. I encourage all my fellow Gryphen supporters to do the same. Keep up the great work!

  42. Anonymous12:45 PM

    How telling that they'd come after you for reporting about trouble in Sarahdise and not about babygate.

  43. Anonymous12:47 PM

    There are so many funny little ironies and speculations in all this. The real reason they probably hate you is that now after their denial of any divorce, they feel compelled to stay together (and miserable) just to prove you wrong.

    You really can't make this stuff up!

    Sounds like $P found the perfect lawyer, just as katty and vindictive as she is. I can't believe Van F stooped so low s to make the kindergarten threat knowing it would go viral. Hang in there Gryphen.

  44. Gryphen, You're helping to ensure those kids won't become dropouts but, instead, will grow up to be educated citizens. Three cheers! You've foiled VF with your truth.

    Sarah would have far fewer problems if only she told the truth and stopped accusing those holding her accountable of making things up. Her record of alleged lies goes back to her mayoral campaign:

    " '..when Palin was asked back then (by me) why the lodge where she claimed, in her campaign, to have gained her management experience, had no record of a borough business license or of paying any bed tax, she paused and said it might have been because the place had no clients for a year or so.' In an article describing the possiblity of recalling Palin, the Frontiersman wrote the 'reasons include Palin's alleged falsification of her credentials during the campaign last fall." [Frontiersman, Paul Stuart columnist, 1/22/97, 2/5/97]

  45. i don't believe a word from the Palin camp after hearing her tiffy fit and blatant lie to cover the whole AIP thing during her campaign.. re: the report from the staffer who said she asked to nip this "rumor" in the bud by claiming Todd's ballot was at fault by being so hard to figure out

    Even more reason I believe you.. when she shoots her mouth off and calls something a lie .. mm hmmmm little granny pants' claws come out to hide the truth

    also.. the mention this "rumor" gave her and Todd a good laugh? Yeah she laughed. Good lawd.. her tolerance level for anything other than utter praise is zip.. I'm sure everyone around her got a fat earful.. run Piper Mama Bears gonna blow!

    ..and where's Trig's glasses??

  46. to quote Beavis and Butthead (who I have the utmost respect for), "Are you threatening me...hehehehehhehehe" far they have lots of threats and ZERO cred....van fleabag is getting his slice of the palin pie....ewwwwww.

  47. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Is school even in session right now? Were they going to wait to serve you when it starts back after sujmer break? Sounds like an empty threat to me. I guess its only her kids that should be left alone, not the innocent kids in your classroom.

  48. Drew from lil ol texas said...

    Triggs grandmother Sarah the grifter is looking a lot more transparent than I ever thought!

    I say that because of all the charges leveled at her she choses to lash out at the divorce.

    I think that should be the last one to lash out at. A simple statement about the divorce being hogwash along with a few more months of her and toad sticking togeather would put that to bed. (pun intended)

    I would think she should be a little more concerned about the claim of obstructing justice in levi's mom's case and todd pulling a gun on levi.

    Not to mention the fact that van fleece threatening to upset her classroom comes in crystal clear to me about how much Triggs grandmother Sarah really cares about children. Nothing but props to her.

    This van fleece seems a lot more scary than Dave Letterman could ever be.

    I would'nt trust Thomas Van Flein around my full grown dog!!

  49. Bones AK12:53 PM

    As you Gryphen....I will support you in anyway I can. They, van flea and sarah do NOT want to be deposed, as they will both have to be. Let me know what I can do to help.

  50. womanwithsardinecan12:56 PM

    Van Flea is such a snake. Hey Van Flea! You are a snake! Yes, YOU! A slimeball too. And that is not a rumor. It is fact. And the threatening lawyer routine? Pretty silly. Makes you look like an idiot. Another fact, not a rumor. The kindergarten threat is so childish. I guess you've been learning from Her Highness of Childishness. Learn from the best, I always say.
    And while I'm at it, hey Juju, you are really boring. I hate to pull out that worn out Internet phrase, but really, surely you DO have a life? Other than defending Her Highness of Quitterland? You spend an awful lot of time here. Glutton for punishment? If I hung out in YOUR neighborhood as much as you hang out in ours, I'd start feeling like the world is literally bursting at the seams with hateful idiots. Coming here for my Alaska news (and yes, gossip too) reminds me there are intelligent people in the world who care about something more than idol worship. And yes, I do have a stake in this, which you don't seem to have, except maybe for your self esteem. I have lots of family in Alaska, used to live there.

  51. pacos_gal12:58 PM

    Gryphen, you were told something and told that it was a fact. Nothing that they say changes that aspect, and it is what you wrote.
    Going to court means opening themselves up to a deposition and in this type of allegation (libel) the proof is on them to disprove and that prove that you mean to cause harm. Good luck with that.
    Threatening children to be exposed to this, takes them a step lower on the ladder and well...there goes that national reputation. I hope his letter to you gets picked up by main stream media big time. Nothing like looking small to take away business.
    No worries Gryphen. By the way, have you spoken with the lawyer known as JHop. Think they can give you some advice, Celtic Diva knows how to contact her. You might actually have a case based upon their threats.

  52. oh juju:

    You have discovered spellcheck AND punctuation, all in one post.

    There may be hope for you yet.

    By the way, has Megasaurus commented on the potential criminal issues that were mentioned? For example, that pesky little incident where TAWD pulled a gun on Levi? Or how about the misuse of office (since she was already guilty of this in Troopergate) to manipulate and pressure the prosecutor to throw the book at Sherry Johnston in her drug case?

    No denial?

    Has Mega's Tongue been stilled?

    And juju - NO ONE CARES ABOUT the PALIN MARRIAGE, whether it is on or off. It is not relevant to any of us.

    Hang in there. Don't let the bullies try and intimidate you. You obviously trust your sources. VanFlea has $arah poking him all the time and he's making a FORTUNE off of this. All those idiot C4P people sending money.

    What a scam she has going.....and how stupid that they fall for this.

  53. Anonymous1:00 PM

    When does school actually start in AK, and why would they purposely wait until then to serve you the papers???? That's just creepy.

  54. Gryphen:
    If Van Flea attempts to step onto the kindergarten grounds, have him arrested for criminal trespass and intimidation. We all know he could easily find you at home. This childish attempt to scare little kids is exactly what we expect from someone who is making his living collecting $5 donations from morons.

  55. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I personally believe teaching to be the most noble of vocations and avocations.

    You are to be commended in your efforts to shield your students from the dispicable elements of modern day politicians and their attorneys.

    This latest attempt to intimidate simply validates my impression that your former Govenor and anyone who does her bidding is mean, vile and beneath short, bullies.

    I'm sure you know something about bullies.

    Keep up the good fight, sir!

  56. Anonymous1:06 PM

    K = the hardest and most imporant grade. Sets each kid's tone re how he views himself in school. So important! Teaching reading? What could be more important as a life skill?

    I say ask Rex Butler's office to represent you. They know the territory already. I say you have a nice countersuit for harrassment at place of work, needless intimidation of 5-yr-olds. Punitive damages = extra funding for your reading program!

    Go Gryph!

  57. Hey ju ju, I KNOW you did not write the above comment @ 11:46 am all by your little self. It sounds so…different… from your usual rants. Did Meg or RAM give you assistance (help) with some expanded (bigger) vocabulary (words)?
    “deemed to be unreliable”
    “continue to minimize your effectiveness”
    “will be taken with a grain of salt”

    Now THIS is your writing over at C4P:
    juju, July 24, 2009 11:51 PM
    Did you read that report by Daly??
    "Several longtime picnic-goers said this year's picnic crowd dwarfed last year's."
    I wonder if this is a true statement
    or just the usual reporting where the reporter can't help trying to put something in the report that is negative.

    Is minimize the same as dwarf? I dunno, let me ask Meg.

  58. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Hey Gryphen! Hang in there! Hopefully Palin and Van Flein will personally come to your kindergarden class with the summons so you can make this a teachable momen for Sarah.

    Please serve them milk and cookies and the lesson for the day is "sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you".
    Sarah should have learned that nearly 40 years ago.

  59. Anonymous1:10 PM

    2 commnets: 1) Is school in session in Alaska now? Or is it summer vacation? 2) In most public schools, visitors are required to register at the school office and must then be escorted to the classroom IF the administrator agrees. For over 2 decades, school shootings have caused schools to screen visitors to the classroom. Hopefully, your administrator would not let a process server in.

  60. I'm already imagining the questioning during a deposition. If Sarah really wants to get into it, I think you are more than ready.

    Let us know if you get served with papers... and of course, if you don't.

    Van Flein is huffing and puffing but does he realize it's Sarah's house that will blow down first?

  61. Gryphen: The story is now page 1 on HuffPo - the comments are fascinating - I just read the first page. They are all in your favor - or anti-Palin. They pretty much skewer her flying monkeys too.

    The attorney is taking hits and people seem to recognize that the more he does about this, the more money he can collect from $P and the Bots - the Trust Fund is mentioned as is her quitting, her pathetic NEED to be in the spotlight.

    So far it appears to be more of "oh god not more about HER" ... and "why doesn't she go away" stuff.

    The attorney's threat is taking a hit. And it's being questioned as to why she is sending out a press release since she is no longer in office?

    Threatening you at your job is not being received favorably. But it is being bandied about as a Palin Tactic.

    Hang tight.

  62. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Why does $arah keep bringing a knife to a gun fight?


  63. Seems to me that if this blog was really "dedicated to finding the truth, and exposing lies" it would not stand behind the false reports and then even in light of it's refutation, still claim the "high road" of being "non-malicious." Also, writing under anonymity in itself suggests to me a real lack of credibility.

    I would serve the papers on a Sunday school if thats where the perpetrator worked and have zero remorse for it.

  64. Anonymous1:23 PM

    ...OK, I'm a teacher too, high school in Maine, and have been following this whole thing since September of last year when I tried to find out who Sarah Palin was.
    It's been an ongoing mystery ever since.
    I'm struggling with how so many Americans can can not see beyond her fluff and continue to support her. McCain today is still in support of her.
    It's one thing to say polite things about a nutty aunt or neighbor, but I really do draw the line when we're talking about a potential President of the United States.
    Because of this I have no respect for McCain, Buchanan, or any of the Palin supporters.
    I'm a teacher.
    She can't make a coherent arguement.
    It is so embarrassing.

    and now threatening to scare some kindergarteners with her heavy handed approach???

    But I am optimistic.
    She's done...toast...bye, bye...

    but our biggest challenge is how can we help to possibly educate those who blindly support such incompetents?

  65. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Shouldn't Van Flein's demand letter say "For Ex Governer Palin?"

    Or is the quitter Governer for Life?

    Oh, and the beautiful, beautiful irony of the "mother cub" who wants her children left alone (while not parading them on stage and thrusting her daughter and grandchild on the cover of People magazine) bringing the kindergarteners into it. Those children definitely should not be left alone. Only (Ex) Governer Grifter's children should be left alone, except when she is collecting per diems for them, flying them around at the Alaska taxpayer's expense, using them to deflect boos at a hockey game and pimping them to People magazine.


  66. "Hopefully that does not diminish me in the eyes of my visitors."

    Gryphen,teaching Kindergarten only elevates you in my eyes. Palin and her attorney are trying their damnedest to intimidate and threaten you. They wouldn't dare try to sue you because if they did, everything you know, even what you know as rumour, is allowed as public testimony in a Civil court proceeding. She is messing with the wrong person.

    You have done an excellent job trying to separate the fact from the fiction and to hold Palin accountable, her campaign slogan I believe. Don't let her get to you. You and all the other Alaskan bloggers have done good, no, great reporting on this power hungry narcissist.

    She has just outed you as a blogger, so expect the massive wave of hate email that is surely on it's way. Just know this. You have a very loyal following and we are all behind you 100%.

    Don't worry. If she actually is stupid enough to bring this to a legitimate case, everything and everyone is on your side.

  67. phoebes-in-santa fe1:29 PM

    I don't for a minute believe that Trig is not Palin's own child. In this day, baby and birth substitutions are just not possible, given the mania for record keeping that exists. I just don't believe in conspiracies because NO ONE can keep their mouths closed today! I might be the only person who believes Lee Harvey Oswald got off three lucky shots with his old rifle, but that's another story...

    However, as a good liberal Democratic woman, I cannot stand Sarah Palin. From the moment of her selection last August, when I first heard that dreadfully squeaky, unpleasant voice, I asked others how McCain could select this, this loser, ignoring other Republican women politicians, who have worked their way up the political ladder and are deserved of a place on a national ticket. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas come to mind as effective "women" politicians who might add a lot to the Republican ticket and attract independent voters. I don't agree with their politics, but I admire them as politicians.

    I have been following the Palin saga for almost a year now, along with the rest of the nation. She has gotten more and more odious as time passed and her ambitions grew but her degree of self-awareness did not. Please continue the good work of exposing her in her natural habitat - Alaska.

    But, lose the "Baby-gate" stuff. It's almost as stupid on "our" side as that rediculous and dangerous "birther" nonsense of the wacko-rights. There's enough on Palin you can use without resorting to that idiocy.

    Good luck on your continued reporting and don't let 'em get you down. I think you have supporters both country and world-wide.

  68. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Sarah and her sycophants are the scum of the earth. They are really trying my vow not to wish harm on people, however despicable they may be.

    (And I think it's way cool that you work part time teaching little kids to read--a real "servant's heart"!) Midnight

  69. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Gryphen, in no way are you deminished at in my eyes. I am even more proud of you than ever before. You, Shannyn, AKM, Celtic Diva and all the progressive bloggers in Alaska and elsewhere have something that neither Palin nor her attorney have. Integrity. To me, it is the most important trait a person can possess, no matter what vocation in life he or she chooses.

    As Shannyn stated, Palin is a bully. You stand your ground, and you know we will stand with you. When bullies are shown true courage, they back down. I too, certainly hope your school district stands behind you.


  70. The stupidity of these folks is beyond belief! I'm sure that no libel papers will be served at either location. For them to think that threatening to serve you with libel papers in your classroom, in front of the children will not make national news and earn them the contempt of the world is indeed short sighted, to say nothing of insane! They are just exposing their slimy underbellies once again.

    Attorneys have posted on various websites that Van Flea disgraces the profession and has NO case.

    I salute you for working with the little guys. I assisted in a kindergarten class for a few years and loved it. Kids are amazing and so much fun! It's obvious that $carah and her minions regard them only as fodder for the cannon. No minds, no hearts!

    Bravo Gryph! Thanks!

  71. Regarding this babygate stuff that keeps coming up, I feel compelled to say that I saw Sarah Palin before the public knew she was pregnant. At the time I was surprised that she had gained so much weight. When the pregnancy was later announced I thought "So THAT explains it." Years ago, while in college at the late AMU, I took a swimming class. One day one of my fellow students didn't show up. It turned out she'd been pregnant and had given birth. I'd dressed and undressed with her for over a month in that class. She carried in such a way that I just thought she had an unfortunate figure with no waist. Here in Juneau no creedence is given to this babygate stuff. We all SAW her physically change..and it was her face and neck, not just the possibilty of a "bump' prosthesis! :-) Just thought you should know.

  72. onejrkitty1:46 PM

    I have a Doberman Pinscher.

    His breeder is a retired first grade school teacher.

    She said raising Dobermans's was easier than teaching first grade.

    If Van Flein comes to your class room, may he be attacked by a gang of Lilliputians.

    (Serve each child a gooey chocolate fudge just prior to letting van Flein into the room.)

    Van Flein is such a limp-dick he should be a member of our legislature !

  73. Seems to me the folks saying they don't want a "truther" teaching their kids have no problem at all with the thought of their precious children being taught that man coexisted with dinosaurs.
    Just sayin'

  74. Just waiting for the SP deposition - as I know everyone is. She would not DARE to try a flimsy charge like libel. She has to PROVE it was done maliciously and that Gryphen KNEW it was false when it was written.

    This is simply one more ploy to get dollars out of her flying morons. And she is being aided and abetted by her attorney who probably thinks Sarah is the motherlode.

    Threats Threats Threats -
    You cannot have it both way. She wants to be a celebrity - she just doesn't want the negative exposure. Sorry, it goes with the territory.

    I think all of us/regulars stand behind Gryphen and recognize what he has placed at risk with posting this. He just opened a real can of whoopa*s on $arah - now she has to PROVE that what he stated was NOT true AND that he did it to hurt her.

    What a nifty little fund raising scheme she has come up with.

    ...and the C4P droolers are already sending in their beernut money.

  75. OK, hubby just came up with best idea. Sort of like AKM's example (this morning, in reaction to the pee'ers idiotic video and use of AKM's name for the site).
    Respond to the flea and invite him to come to your classroom. Introduce him! Ask him to take a picture with the kids! Kill him with kindness.
    Kids can do crayon-drawings to present as gifts to the "honored guest." I love it.

  76. get real1:59 PM

    It would be a beautiful thing to get Sarah Palin in court.

    Depositions, affadavits and discovery, oh my!

    Trig Palin's birth certificate.
    Sarah Palin's medical records for 2007 and 2008. Sarah Palin's income statements.
    Depostions and affadavits from adults: Todd Palin, Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston.
    And much more...

    Dozens of qualified Alaska attorneys will show up and work pro bono in this effort.

    Bring it on.

  77. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Zorek@1:22 - You might be able to get into Sunday school, but public and private schools are totally locked down. Any orders would probably be served by a Sheriff's Deputy or police (been there, done that). They would not risk entering school. You are a mean dim whit. Take a hike out into the Alaska hills in the Dec air to clear your head.

  78. Nan in Texas2:00 PM

    Thanks for standing up to the bullying. I wish you the best.

  79. no one will be served nothin', dessert maybe!

    Deposition is not something van d***** bag and palinsky want to deal with now.

  80. phoebe-in-santa-fe: Although this technically is not a babygate issue, this is also not a baby switch issue.

    I think many people believe that Bristol was pregnant and $$P took the rap for her, said it was her baby and since HIPPA passed, no one that works there, including the physician, can talk about confidential medical records.

    I am NOT stating this as "fact", merely an explanation that no one would be surprised if the FIRST baby was Bristol's $arah ginned this whole thing up so it would appear Bristol could not possibly be pregnant a 2nd time.

    The timing of how it all went down, and the extreme circumstances of all the machinations that were put into play to explain the whole Trig/Tripp birth thing were just very curious to people, and also highly questionable.

    For Bristol to NOT be Trig's mother, the births had to jibe - for some of us....there is a question and since $arah is involved, we are skeptical.

    Again, this is simply an explanation in answer to your comment that "baby switching can't happen in this day and age" ... yes it can if both parties are in agreement.

    Again, who knows what happened...but babygate remains a question.

  81. Gryphen, This about this - they got you and PD on the Huffington Post. Anyone with a little curiosity will follow the bouncing ball. Until now the Huffington Post didn't know about any of these places. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Anonymous2:06 PM

    It's refreshing to see a Palinbot as well versed in the Constitution as his Queen: Anon 12:28 thinks the Second Amendment confers rights on journalists?

    And I'm sure he thinks the First Amendment applies only to his favorite speakers. Newsflash: free speech is for citizens, including citizen-journalists, and protects Palinbots' rights to make asses of themselves. It doesn't, however, protect actionable threats to do harm to someone in his work environment.

    Shame, shame on Van Flea.

    I donated to your blog today, Gryphen, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  83. Hey...this is no different than the TALIBAN & HAMAS you big chicken. You are hiding behind the children. You are laughable.

    You guys are bunch of losers, whiners and complainers.

  84. majii2:08 PM

    Gryphen, As someone who retired at the end of May of this year after teaching high school for 33 years, I had, have, and will continue to have the utmost respect for you and will support you every step of the way in the search for truth. Lies are the main reason we are in out present state of economic, social, and political decay in this country. Why most of the politicians at every level of government choose to lie to their constituents, I don't claim to know, but my hunch is for personal gain, not to serve the people.
    I find VF's threat to you to be reprehensible. The very fact that they chose to send you such a letter peels back the layers to reveal why Palin will never be in the White House: her skin is paper thin, although she'd like for the world to think otherwise.
    Please keep us informed.

  85. We have a tyranical mega-millionaire in our town that sends cease and desist letters like post cards from the Aegean Sea where she yachts with movie star friends. She will sue anyone and it is quiet a story. She can afford $600-900 and hour law offices, not like that p-nut case Palin uses. This tactic that the rich or powerful use against regular citizens is horrible. IT IS ALL ABOUT INTIMIDATION. Abuse of the legal system because they can. They know full well they have no case but will try to keep people quiet. Sarah Palin is not like "us." She is another bully with people behind her that can pull some strings.

    You are rock solid American values and when people are free to speak you will have your back up.

    A splitsville story is so nothing. I'm still wondering how incompetent Meg could handle things any worse then peeing on the Simi Valley ladies and here she makes this viral. Avoiding the serious matters, of course.

    Why does Sarah Palin hate kindergarten kids? The fact she could think of having children that age traumatized in that manner is black heart chilling. I hope she does not bring her wrath down on dear little Piper. Reap as you sow Sarah.

  86. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Here's the way to handle Van Flein. Report the rumor, underline the word rumor, that you heard that Trig's birthdate was really much earlier than April 18, 2008. Keep the rumor going, after all, it's just a rumor. It's been written about at PD for quite some time.

    Then, when the lawsuit hits the fan, be sure to include the Trig birthday rumor. To counteract the rumor, they will have to produce Trig's actual real live birth certificate (the same kind of evidence that Repugs are demanding from Obama). We will finally get to see Trig's real birthday.

    As for juju: When VP Dick Cheney was trying to sell the war in Iraq, he gave an exclusive tip to Judith Miller who put it in the New York Times. No matter that it was false and stated that there were WMD in Iraq. It was in the New York Times. Then, when Cheney went on Meet the Press, he held up a copy of the New York Times to validate his claim, "There can be no doubt..." Of course, the validation was his own plant. So, dear juju, please don't throw stones; you glass house might get damaged.

  87. some days yer the bug, some days yer the windshield. I'd say palinsky got bugged this weekend. Thanks Gryph!

  88. Anonymous2:17 PM

    If anything were to happen with your employment may be able to sue Mr Van whats his name.

  89. I saw the letter at Alaska Report and just rolled my eyes when I read his empty threat, and that is exactly what it was, to serve you at your job. It was meant to make your knees knock and buckle to comply with taking your site down and had nothing to do with actually serving you papers.

    People wake up this is how Sarah Palin has done everything. This is why people do not speak out,the ones who really do know the truth. She had the weight of being Gov before this and it has worked. Connect the dots she and her minions are no different than Tony Soprano and gang. So far they are doing all of this with attorneys and I would imagine anyone who worked for the state were threatened with losing their jobs.

    She is scum.

  90. womanwithsardinecan2:25 PM

    My take on "babygate." Due to the bizarre stories and "facts" surrounding it, we are left with either a fake pregnancy or a "wild ride." Both are unacceptable. Since I avoid conspiracy theories, I've basically been forced to go with the wild ride. Which makes me even more disgusted with Sarah Palin than I am with her style of politics. In fact, the damage she did to Alaska as a worthless governor can mostly be undone, albeit with a lot of dedication and slogging, but the damage she has done to her family is irreversible. The glimpses we have had into her "private" life (I use that term very loosely, because she doesn't actually seem to want a private life) have appalled me. It makes me want to hug all of the actual good mothers around the globe. Epic FAIL, Sarah.

  91. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I find it oh-so-interesting that you are being threatened with a libel suit over a statement about splitsville, but the websites that give blatant proof in pictures that she was never pregnant with Trig have never heard a word from Megolomaniac or the Fleaswatter.

    Methinks it just might be because she can't prove them wrong!

    Stay safe, Gryphen! I wouldn't put anything past that crowd.

    And I can't wait until you are vindicated--but until then, we've got your back, friend!

    Sarah in SC (posting Anonymous b/c google is being cantankerous)

  92. I think you should sue that lawyer for delivering an ultimatum designed to threaten your employment AND to involve young children in a possibly traumatic event.

    How dare this guy send you such a preposterous letter!

    Hang tough! Thanks for doing a great job here.

  93. Chris2:34 PM

    THANK YOU for teaching these little ones! As a mother, I appreciate the un sung hero's in the schools. Van Flein is a creep, and should he attmept to serve you in your kindergarten class, I would serve bimboexgino at her church. Good luck and hang tough.

  94. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Hey, Gryphen, don't worry. Here's some info for you.

    Hope it works.

  95. Gryphen, I fully support you, and if there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.

    $arah Palin knows that a lawsuit will be risky. Babygate is what will really concern her, and like a number of other people, I know by now for certain that $arah Palin has not given birth to Trig.

    Let me use Gryphen's words and say that babygate is NOT a rumor, it's real. Why has Van Flein never dared to threaten ANYONE because of babygate??? I know the answer. Sue me, Van Flein!!! BUT I KNOW YOU WON'T, because $arah Palin is as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo!!! (sorry, puppies!)

    $arah Palin is a bully and a coward. The truth will be revealed soon.

  96. Anonymous2:48 PM

    For your evening entertainment I recommend the movie made about Hustler Magazine v Falwell:

    Mr. TVF might want to screen it with his client as well. Maybe we could start a fund to provide the popcorn.

    And despite the misunderstandings of the C4P crowd, Sarah Palin most certainly is a public figure despite her resigning her public office, as Mr. TVF himself emphasizes by calling her Governor in his letter.

    I'm still astounded talk of the big D would get their panties in this much of twist, and these people think she's primed for national office. What would she do when the North Koreans make fun of her wardrobe as they did of Hillary Clinton recently? Nuke 'em?

    And Gryphen - more power to you for using your talents and efforts at educating those kindergartners. Didn't Sarah herself say there's a special place in heaven for our educators? You betcha!

  97. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Speaking of babygate, in case anyone reading is new to this issue, take a look:

    These photos are well-documented non-fakes, ditto their dates. $SP was never pregnant with Trig. She hoaxed us, and McCain knew it.

  98. I find this threat very disappointing for several reasons. It is very disheartening for a prestigious law firm to accept and allow this type of blackmail and intimidation from one of their juniors. It makes the whole law firm look inept and incompetent and bullish.

    I will support you in any decision you make. I would if it were me file a complaint with the Bar about the intimidation and threats of serving you at your employment. I would also encourage the others that were threatened to follow suit. I also would find an attorney to speak for me.

    Now for the people leaving all those stupid comments, what did Gryphen write that was so detrimental. JuJu, Zorek he broke no laws he just wrote what he had heard. Why in the world do you think Gryphen is not allowed to have freedom of speech because he is not a news reporter. If you knew anything you would know he is afforded more rights than any news reporter. Now it has not been refuted as you say, it has been proven time and again that quitter will lie every time she opens her mouth. You really don't want this threat to take place because as the others have stated she and the entire family will be deposed and they have to answer the question truthfully. Now those same questions will have a very broad range not just a question about whether or not they are separated or getting divorce.

    Now for all the trash you all are spouting it appears that Gryphen and the others have struck a raw nerve, because a hit dog will holler. If you think you know what the hell quitter has going on you are simply naive and ignorant. Ya'll are begging her to please tell ya'll something, but she is still ignoring you all, but you go ahead and keep begging because she loves it and it supports her delusions of grandeur. But of course if you are stupid enough to give that piece of work your hard earned money go for it, but you are going to end up looking stupider than you already do. Go ahead and help finance her move and her lifestyle, but don't feel bad you are not the only ones that have supported her delusions.

  99. "Malice" or "actual malice," in the context of defamation law, does not denote "mean" or the like. It denotes: Knowledge of a statement's falsity, or reckless disregard as the whether that statement is true or false.

    Actual Malice is the standard that Palin, a public figure, would have to meet in order to prevail in a libel suit against you. If you're making stuff up, or if you're writing crap without regard to whether it' true (as it appears that you are), then you're liable for the tort of defamation.

  100. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Keep you head high Gryphen. When I was young we called guys like Van Flea "punks". We can see how much Palin cares about children if she would allow that to happen. All she cares about is revenge.

    I think it's wonderful that you're a teacher. My son-in-law is a high school teacher.


  101. Loree2:51 PM

    WHY was the Flea representing Todd Palin while he was being paid to represent the State of Alaska?
    from Andrew Halcro, Sept. 23, 2008

  102. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I don't care whether the Palin's are splitting or not. However, the bullying by her lawyer is unacceptable. If you need a defense fund, Gryphen, put out the word. I think there are many who would contribute. You could probably find a lawyer who would defend you pro bono, given how offensive the actions of Miss Quittypants (I love that moniker) are.

  103. Snowing in Alaska2:53 PM

    I don't care a whit about the divorce, but I tell you what - even thinking about Van Flein trying to bust into a K class has this Alaskan ready to fight! Bring it on, Palin! You so don't have any power left - just a sleazy celebrity status, so I guess this is how you want to fill your days now? Hmmmm... I could think of better things to do with my vacation after QUITTING.

    Hey Sarah - now you can be snotty, snarky, unethical and dishonest 24x7 in your private life without career consequences bestowed upon you by the people of Alaska! Yet you traded a home grown bunch of watchdogs for a nation full of them - smart move, Buttercup. Your snarky actions and reputation will now expand beyond the borders of Alaska where you tried so hard to bully and lie to keep them here.

    Now that we have so much background, video, and en masse documentation of your lies - you are facing an uphill battle that even your favorite salmon wouldn't take on! Mama bear, my foot. You are just a common jackal in woman's clothing.

  104. palinsky has had "power" for a while. NOW, she has none of the influeunce or threat of retribution she one held. Hence the PERT (palin emergency response team) folks not being able to effect their agenda any longer and responding with amateur drivel. whoops! she cant say, "do my bidding and I;ll give you a job or take your job away"....she is very vulnerable right now. no cover to duck behind as gov or mayor or ANYTHING. patience will reap rewards here folks...

  105. Hold your ground with the teaching job. And when it comes out in the MSM, you will have scooped them all. Pulitzer?

    As for Palin, I'm hoping she hangs in there as a national political figure of great mockability. She will keep the wackjobs in a dither and make the republicans look even stupider than they already do.

  106. Poor widdle, widdle, bitty, beeny, baby Sarah! She's just lashing out at everyone now in the hopes we'll all just go away!


  107. And the fact she's suing because anyone mentioned divorce is absolutely hysterical! She's going to have prove that that word was enough to financially bankrupt her, that it caused her severe public humiliation to the point she came down with an OCD so bad she can't leave her house now, and she'll have to prove to the court that she and Todd are madly in love with each other!

    Oh man, I hope she sues me too. Hey Sarah! I think Bristol is the mother of Trig and not you! How's that Sarah? Sue me. Show me how much this 1.5-2.0 year old rumor is hurting you!

  108. shirl3:07 PM

    Splitsville Stories about celebrities come out every week in the National Enquirer. There is not a thing in the world Palin can do about it. First Amendment, heard of it?

    Maybe Palin really wants the world to know that she is a total fraud by coming clean in court. A cry for help. Finally.

  109. Lisabeth3:11 PM

    This just proves how Sarah Palin is completely unfit for any kind of political office! Having your lawyer write sick threats to every blogger who talks about you is a sign of emotional immaturity and delusional thinking. If van fleas had ethics, he would advise Sarah to IGNORE bloggers posts. Has anyone EVER seen President Obama threaten anyone? He has had a much more difficult time then Sarah! He is our elected President and every day there are thousands of trashy articles and blogposts written about him personally calling him all kinds of names. Have you ever seen any threatening legal letters from him? NO! That is because he has class, he is intelligent, he is emotionally stable and he has a team of advisors. Compare to Sarah who is not classy, she over reacts to everything! She is emotionally unstable and not able to rise above the fray! She clearly does not listen to her advisors or she has none! Meg Stapleton does a press release about a bloggers post?? No offense to Gryphen but come on! And this truly classless vile letter from van fleas?? If that was his idea? He should be fired.if it was Sarah's, he should have said to her "no that is a bad idea!"

    Now this will go to the MSM not because of Gryphen but because of Megs statement and the nasty bully approach van fleas letter. Are they stupid??
    Threatening to serve papers at a kindergarten classroom? That is sick!! And I bet Sarah thought it was a great idea! She never learns! Everytime something like this happens her ratings drop! It's because she comes across as a mean bully who actually thinks she can control the Internet with her lawyers psycho threats! Sarah wake up and shut up

    Sarah is a drama creator! What would have happened without their threats? Mabe a few thousand would read this ino on the Internet period. Now because of their sheer stupidity and Sarahs victim mentality millions will now believe Sarah and Todd are getting a divorce! If it's not true, why are they making such a big deal about it?

    Does van fleas have children? I wonder what they would think of daddy trying to squash free speech by threatening a blogger who is simply reporting info to him given by a reputable source. And daddy telling the blogger he was lying and going to bring papers to his kindergarten class scaring a group of children an threatening Gryphens job! No this is not a threat to tell his kids, it just makes you think about how depraved and over the top van fleas threats are!! Is this the lawyer that is going to continue to represent Sarah? Because obviosly they are amateurs and not ready for anything national. The whole thing is unreal!! What stupid low class amateurs Sarah and Van Fleas are! Wow! It's really shocking how stupid they are about handling problems. To lawyer Van Fleas: I know you see big dollar signs , but please get your client (citizen Sarah PalinNOT Governor Sarah) some psychiatric help!!!!! And if you thought this response was a good idea and in the best interest of Sarah, you should be disbarred because you are incomptent and unprofessional.

  110. I do not know what Alaska statutes provide in regard to service of process. However, for someone to be served at a school, it would normally be done by calling the person to the office and usually only a deputy may enter the school, not a process server, at least in my state. No big deal to hand the person a piece of paper. It is not like an arrest!

    With that said, it is clear that Van Phlegm intended for the public to know that Gryphen works with kindergarten children. Van Phlegm seems to think that will be demeaning to Gryphen and make him appear less of a manly man in the eyes of his blogging community. WRONG! I have enjoyed Gryphen’s blog for some months now, and I am truly impressed with his integrity, good citizenship and his extraordinary writing skills. Likewise with AKM, Celtic Diva, and Shannyn Moore, as well as to Leah Burton of Theopalinism. My profound thanks to all of you, for making politics interesting and for making me realize I must make a much greater effort to be active and supportive of the best candidates and exposing those who have lied and misused their positions of power.

    Gryphen, I share your enthusiasm with that age group. It is the greatest joy to watch five and six year olds learn in leaps and bounds!

  111. Threatening to come to a classroom full of five year olds is a desperate act. Remember there is no libel or slander if it is true. I have been reading your blog for a long time now. I read several, but I go to yours first. Because I believe you are altruistic and write this blog from the heart. I have no sympathy for Palin as she allowed and perhaps helped orchestrate some awful things that happened to me. If she did it to me, she did it to others, we all know she did. I knew there was a problem with their marriage just like I have known for years MJ was on narcotics(Both Obvious). I had no direct proof of anything,yet I knew. So, I come to your blog first everyday and then go to the others because I want a dose of real before I read BS in the news. I love a lot of the other bloggers to. I have been through hell in this state and it was so therapeutic for me to find others who knew about the malfeasance in her administration on many levels.

  112. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Next ambulance that passes by will be the end of Van Flein's attention to Gryphen.
    eric in miami

  113. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Love ya Gryphen and read daily from CA! I'll *def.* pitch in $ for an attorney for you, but I bet you could find someone who would take Sarah on pro-bono too!

    We always knew Sarah didn't care about the kids, not the rural children she's ignored in times of need, nor your K students, nor even her OWN children. Her huffing and puffing about "leave my kids alone" has always been a joke. I feel SO sorry for all of those children, incredibly sorry. For Bristol who has lost freedom (despite gaining a lovely baby {or two}.) Poor Willow has had to go through the difficult teen years in front of the nation, and then was embarrassed by her mother & father for SP's political gain over Letterman's BRISTOL joke. Her OWN PARENTS suggested it referred to rape, adding to the embarrassment. HORRIBLE. I'd want to go crawl into a hole somewhere. Then you have poor little Piper, who I just want to pick up and hug and squeeze! It's obvious she's been essentially motherless. I have a baby her age, and she's still that, a baby who needs kisses and hugs and affirmations and playdates and attention and praise. (So do the teens, maybe w/out all the squishy stuff :) There's a part in an interview at their home where they ask SP if her kids would be ok w/her running again, something like that, and Sarah says yes. Piper clearly says no, and they argue about how Piper feels or what Piper said?!! Sarah doesn't want it to look like she's "forcing" her kids on the campaign trail, and she lied right in front of Piper and Piper called her on it! Then baby Trig breaks my heart, who is mothering that baby?! Sarah holds him like a sack of potatoes and doesn't seem to be getting him the intervention he needs. In the video she did for Special Olympics he kept pulling off his glasses and Piper kept pushing them back on him. They obviously are not worn normally. He def. did not receive interventions when he was on the campaign trail and passed around, including to Piper who once was wearing heels! I hope Bristol is caring for him now b/c she clearly has more of a maternal instinct than Sarah does, whether Trig is her biological son or not.

    So it makes sense she'd threaten your lil ones. Anyone who outs their teenagers pregnancy to the world in order to "prove" a younger child is biologically theirs & no one else's is a horrible, hurtful parent.

    Gryphen, I think you should release a carefully worded statement. Since her attacks on bloggers are becoming so frequent, you must not mince words. A simple "Bring it on, Buttercup!" from everyone she threatens from now on should suffice. :)

    And a HUGE LOL at the poster who said Gyphen can't hide behind the "2nd amendment" b/c he's not a journalist! ROFL! First, it's the FIRST amendment! 2nd amendment has to do with those beloved guns that Obama's going to come steal, remember?! The *1st amendment* is the one that allows idiots like you to post drivel like this w/out fear of being carted off to jail for "contempt." And as for being "jailed for contempt" of court, that is what should have occurred to Sarah and her minions when they did not testify as required by law regarding Troopergate. If you disregard the court's order then you can be "jailed for contempt," meaning you had contempt/disrespect *for the court/judge.* You are not jailed b/c you have contempt/disrespect/dislike for someone else, get it now? LOL Please post more, you're funny! In the meantime, you might want to skim through our nation's Constitution.

  114. Anonymous3:21 PM

    This latest threat is lowdown chicken sh@t from the flea bag and scarah team. Do they really want to open Pandora's box? She knows there are many many lies she's told hidden in there along with the evil deeds she's done. Bet she hasn't filled the flea in on all of it! He's just like her, in it for the money! Shame on both of you for threatening to come to his class!
    Kallie in Texas

  115. crystalwolf aka caligrl3:29 PM

    What Midnight said "A servants heart" in the true sense of the word...not to bogus and frivoluos way it is tossed around by the if...
    You know we are all 100% behind you...all you have to do is say the word. VanFlea most likely will go on Eddies show tomorrow and Slander you like he does to all who file ethics violations. Then you can sue HIM! We all know xGINO and van flea, megamouth are LIARS! And they try to push people around by threats and intimidation.

    JuJu: Maybe you should stay at c4p and solve the mystery "Where is RAM?" Where has she been the last Alaska. How come she hasn't told you guys any cute little Triggy bear stories, huh juju??? Or did she throw all of you under the bus? How does it feel juju to know that RAM and VO lied to you? Adriene was in Alaska and blogged about all her adventures and pics of all the beautiful places but not a word from RAM.
    Juju you better go solve that mystery before you speckulate about something you know nothing of here.
    Thanks but no thanks, juju.
    Only dead fish go with the flow!

  116. Anonymous3:34 PM

    You started a DEFAMATORY rumor for MALICIOUS reasons. Poor little you, now having to answer for your actions.

  117. SmittyNYC3:35 PM

    Gryphen, have no fear. They have NO CASE pursuant to the 1st Amendment and Supreme Court precedent -- Times v. Sullivan.

    They have NADA, NOTHING. As other commenters have noted to this post and others, it's ALL about intimidation with the Beehive Hitler.

    BTW, you and your site rock -- I follow you every day from way back east in the Lower 48 -- NY, NY (and believe me, that doesn't make me an elitist -- this is a working class city, contrary to the propaganda).

    Keep up the great work and don't give up. Ever.

  118. Hence the wisdom of this blogs folowers is exemplified well:

    Anonymous 1:59 said...
    Zorek@1:22 - You might be able to get into Sunday school, but public and private schools are totally locked down. Any orders would probably be served by a Sheriff's Deputy or police (been there, done that). They would not risk entering school. You are a mean dim whit. Take a hike out into the Alaska hills in the Dec air to clear your head.

    For the record, no more responses to anonymous people or trolls.

  119. LMAO...what good advise you are getting from these jerks. 90% probably have never been in court or been served papers. I have and it isn't fun even when you think you are in the right position. It is one thing to talk big about another being served. I think it was nice of the attorney to give you a choice of where you wanted to be fact he gave you 3 choices. I doubt that that happens very often. Wonder if you will have to give up your source? Of course, we all know who that is and how it works. If you haven't been in this position before, I can tell you, you don't get to go "off subject" matter very often...keep to the facts, just the facts, like who told you, why did you post it, for what purpose did you post, who do you think it was serving by posting it. Have you ever posted other negative things about Gov. Palin. Did you believe the story was true, if not, why did you post it. What made you think it was true. Do you think by posting it it would hurt Palin's children? Did you think it would hurt the Palins. If you say NO...then why didn't you think it would hurt them or their children? So you don't think posting that Palin's were going to be divorced would hurt their children???

    Of course, then we will all get a transcript of what you say. That will be the interesting part.

  120. I worry one of the freaks will pull a vigilante justice pitchfork/shot (visual crazed loons from the Simpson Movie!) gun act and hunt around for you now that you being a teacher is out... just keep strong.
    Fortunately, I get the fat feeling the Pee's are all Alaskan wanna be posers.. they wanna be like their new Amer. Idol and shoot a gun and become runner's in the Alaskan air..
    So.. they'd have to actually get on a plane.. have a real job to afford that

    and on another note.. they are up in arms about an anti hunting thing going on in Alaska
    I like hunting opposed to buying meat at the store.. but we are no longer hunters and gatherers
    The hunters of old used skill and tactics.. and bare hands in many cases
    After the kill they thanked the spirit of the animal for giving their life so their life could continue

    Today's American Hunters ..hear me roar! burp... like to hold up dead animals and pose in a photo. No respect.. all for the sake of kill. (Think Palin in her fancy pink coat by the dead Moose) .. that was killed with fancy little tools like rifles and infra red motion light thingys. It is sick
    Glad someone is standing up for the animal world until hunters go back to their roots
    Now onto factory farms.. but eh..

  121. I have a story to tell which is so horrible I would not believe it if it had not happened to me. I spoke out about it. Then I was wrongfully imprisoned and some horrible things happened during that period of time. Palin's staff told me the dept of law told them not to talk to me. Well, most of the problem stemmed from malfeasance at the DOL itself, so of course they told them that. The truth is most of it happened because I am outspoken and have left leanings. They also have a hatred for intelligence and they actively seek to destroy those who can see what is going on.Intelligent, educated people are very dangerous to them. If what Gryphen has posted was false the best course is to simply laugh it off as being rediculous. Why send a threatening letter? Because it is true and they are trying to figure out how to appear to be something they are not.

  122. Anonymous3:42 PM

    It's entirely too believable that Palin's lawyer would threaten to scare small children. I mean, they are all about the children, aren't they?

    My read on the "threat" was more that it was a "we know where you live" kind of thing. Apparently we didn't see the fine print in Palin's advocacy of the First Amendment ("*Except when you say something I don't like.")

    Thanks to Anonymous above for referencing the October 2008 interview of David Talbot. I watched it over at Youtube and was glad of it. It prompted me to write a bit of opinionating I have titled "How high will irresponsibility go?"

    I can only hope that Palin continues to remain Tweet free for the indefinite future. My deepest sympathy to Gryphen having to deal with this so directly.

  123. the prayer warriors sent me this nice note..
    (notice the fancy spelling)

    I just wanted to thank all of you for praying for Sarah,Todd and their family. As you might have heard the Rumor of the divorce. Just goes to show how desperate obamafollowers are, that they would stoop so LOW, but then, I wouldn't put anything past them. Also shows how incompetent obama is, reason they are trying everything to destroy Sarah. They don't realize that she is in Gods hands.
    I'm gald that you are continuing to keep Sarah, Todd and their precious family in your prayers.
    God bless you
    Your friend in Christ, Irma

  124. Anonymous3:43 PM

    As the mother of three and a teacher I can tell you that NO SCHOOL worth its salt would allow any unauthorized person into a kindergarten class. He'd have a hard time even getting into the school building.

  125. Everytime someone in AK who is NOT associated with Palin has mentioned something is coming down the ends up being true.

    Hey, Gryphen. You've been really careful. All along. Your snarky as hell, but that's why I and thousands more keep coming back. Even juju has become a regular. While you ride the razor's edge in whit, you've always been careful not to jump into a big reveal without back-up. If what you had found was insignificant, I doubt there's be any noise out of Nurse Ratched's ward.

    And for all of those who say Palin should sue Gryphen, you need your head examined. You step up on the national stage, you put yourself out there to be accepted, rejected, and some even end up dejected. Welcome to fame, Palin. It can be a bitch.

    Keep up the work, you sexy beast you. ;)

  126. Apparently Sarah P has lots of time on her hands now that she is no longer Guvnah.
    Here's the thing-- free speech still exists & you are not selling what you write. If it's not true, than WTF does she care what you write?
    If it is true, then the truth will come out anyway.

    There are a million piss ant bloggers (like myself) who can write whatever they want, and don't necessarily have nice things to say about winky the quitter.

    Palin must be listening to Warren Zevon-- Send Lawyers Guns & Money.... the shit has hit the fan.

  127. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Well, since a lot of her views are based on "family values" and you're trying to say she just talks the talk, not walks the walk. And even if she is getting divorced, do you honestly think God put you on this green earth to tell everyone the news? I understand the bullying is a bit much, but so was the blog in the first place. And the fact that two of your sources are the national enquirer and the national examiner really discredits you, but that's just my opinion. And she's not the first politician to have clothes bought for her for a campaign. Why are people still holding that grudge anyways? The people that are mad about it are the ones to didn't donate to the McCain camp anyways. You'll be fine. Just be the bigger person and say sorry and move on with the blog. I'm glad you're using your freedom of speech, but poor judgement on what to use it on in my opinion.

  128. Keep on writing your thoughts down, Gryphen! Little Suzie-Q Palin can sue, send out cease and desist letters all she wants, but the fact is, YOU'RE AN AMERICAN, YOU HAVE THE FIRST AMENDMENT ON YOUR SIDE, AND THE QUITTER TWITTER HAS NOTHING ON YOU! Let her spend her money & time suing Americans for using the rights OUR SOLDIERS ARE PROTECTING (according to her own words!).

    Man, we are going to have a ton to write about this witch as the days go by! I hate her more each day I see her name or hear it.

  129. 117 posts and only 2 are from anyone who IDs themself. Everyone else is hiding behind a fake ID or anonymous (including the author of the blog, although I suspect that now thanks to the Huffingtons Post, that ID will be discovered). Can't see much boldness in that.

    I will post this info on my page:-) Thanmks. Good day.

  130. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Let's send a truckload of copies of "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum. Imagine a pile on her doorstep like the pile of letters on the judge's desktop in "Miracle on 34th Street".

    Well, why not? It's obvious she missed all the basics. Here are a few from his book with my editorial comments.

    1. Play fair. (Are you kidding?)
    2. Don't hit people. (Or throw them under buses)
    3. Clean up your own mess. (Abysmal environmental record)
    4. Don't take things that aren't yours. (RNC wardrobe)
    5. Say you're sorry when you've hurt somebody. (Emmonak)

  131. Palin at a gun rally Aug 1

    can do this .. and no time for the Reagan ladies?

  132. I've heard that since the ring was reported "thrown into the lake" that certain dark strangers have shown up in Wasilla. A funny looking creature by the name of "Bilbo Baggins" has been inquiring as to the location of Lake Lucille. Also, a certain "Gollum" has been seen bobbing up and down along the shore of the above said lake.

  133. Anonymous4:09 PM

    "I have been forced to admit I am a KG teacher."

    Who released the letter to the public?

    Oh and while you are talking to your attorney, be sure he explains that part about "reckless disregard" to you.

    It's all fun and games until someone get their eye knocked out.......or loses everything in attorney fees.

  134. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I wouldn't count on your fanclub for legal's your butt on the line...on second thought ...take their advice
    sounds like you can sling it...let's see if you can take it

  135. Lisabeth4:13 PM

    I also want to say I am sorry Gryphen that you(andAKM, and Shannyn and CD) have had to deal withth threats like this. I have been sitting here wondering about the kindergarden threats and why he brought it up and I thnk he is trying to basically say " we know who you are and to scare you. It just makes them look really really bad. Just please hang in there. You know you haven't done anything wrong so stay calm. Also do be careful because some of these people are a bit scary! You have got many supporters and we are here for you. I know you won't let them bully you.

    PS I think it's great you work with 5 yr olds,.;)

  136. I wonder, exactly how LONG should we wait to see these allegations of yours vindicated? Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see some of these allegations turn into facts, but if they do not will you do something that Sarah Palin never would: admit that you were wrong?

    That said, you have managed to do two important things: prove that people really ARE out to get Sarah Palin by whatever means possible, AND prove that Palin's attourney is a toothless blowhard willing who knows how to write a badass memo but is otherwise an impotent lackey. in that, its a win-win for everyone, right? right?

  137. phoebes-in-santa fe @ 1:29 pm, may I direct you to a few sites that will help you understand what babygate is all about and why it is important?

    Regina at Palingates has a very well organized blog and her research and posts are phenomenal:

    Audrey at Palin’s Deceptions has been gathering photos, videos and documents since September 2008, not a quick read, but thorough:

    Hypocrites and Heffalumps also has some great comparison photos, can’t find right now but here is one post:

    Bree Palin is a new favorite of mine:

    To save you some time to peel through Sarah’s elaborate smokescreens, Bristol is Trig’s mother, and Trig was born in January 2008 or very early February 2008, NOT 4-18-08.

    I think you will find that our interest in “babygate” is merely to prove that John McCain did not vet this whacko and once he learned of her incredibly poor judgment and incessant lies, he failed to do the honorable thing by replacing her with a competent running mate. McCain succumbed to the pressure of the political dominionists who were placing a totally inept and incapable person to be one melanoma away from the Presidency of the United States.

  138. lovesmarzipan said...I saw Sarah Palin before the public knew she was pregnant. At the time I was surprised that she had gained so much weight...Here in Juneau no creedence is given to this babygate stuff. We all SAW her physically change..and it was her face and neck, not just the possibilty of a "bump' prosthesis! :-) Just thought you should know.

    Yes, that's true, Palin DID gain weight in her face and neck -- in that last week or so before the reported, alleged DOB for Trig.

    There are pictures of Palin with her signature scrawny neck, sculpted cheekbones and skeletal hands as late in her alleged pregnancy as March 26 through April 8, 2008 (I can give you the URL of a site where I have them uploaded, if you wish to see for yourself).

    The only three pictures I'm aware of that Palin looked plumpish are from April 10, 2008, April 13, 2008 and April 17, 2008, the day before the alleged delivery.

    That can easily be attributed to eating several pastrami sandwiches and bags of potato chips, and drinking several bottles of dry white wine every couple of days for a week or so.

    If you have any candid pix of now-ex-Gov. Palin that show her weightier for more than just a week, please send them to Audrey at Palin's Deceptions.

  139. basheert@2.02p (I love your moniker and I may be one of the few posting here who knows what it means!) - the reason I don't think "Babygate" is true, is that despite HIPPA - someone's gonna talk. A "confidential source" whispers something to someone and the truth will out.

    Also, Palin is seemingly such an indifferent mother so why would she "take the rap" for Bristol? I can't see her being unselfish enough to do so. She was certainly forthcoming enough with Bristol's pregnancy in the fall - though she was forced to be by the McCain campaign.

    But, besheert or anybody, tell me WHY Palin would have covered up Bristol's "first" pregnancy and taken on the pregnancy herself? I just can't see any upside to do so. Certainly Bristol being pregnant out of wedlock wouldn't be that strange in today's society.

    And, lovesmarzipan@1.44, who evidently lives in Juneau, saw Palin gain weight during the months before Trig's birth. Downs Syndrome is also associated with an "older" birth mother, though it certainly does occur in younger mothers.

    To sum up, I just can't see why Palin would do anything so unselfish.

  140. crystalwolf aka caligrl4:45 PM

    Anon@ 2:38 that is a great site, the blogger's rights site, thanks...I'm sure with xGINO and her lackey throwing threats around to everyone who blogs it will be put to good use.
    Gryphen you might want to contact the ACLU b/c of his outing your workplace, I don't know for sure but it doesn't seem right that he said that!
    Course we know VAN FLEA and SARAH and MEG are LIARS, and
    I am not speaking maliciously but saying the TRUTH as I know it... VAN FLEA when you go on EDDIES show to talk about the people who have filed complaints you are breaking Ethics laws for lawyers, surprise no one has filed a BAR association complaint against you for being very unprofessional as well as a loud mouth like EDDIE. As you Slander people...will you go on EDDIE RACIST show tomorrow and talk smack about Gryphen???
    Hope his lawyers and all of us "Witnesses" for him are listening...ALL OF US!!!!
    Oh VAN FLEA, xGINO is not TRIGS mom, or you probably already know that if you are the one who handled the adoption papers.
    Free SPEECH!!!!

  141. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Real simple way to uncover the the TRUE mother/father of Trigg......Have DNA testing done on Sarah....Todd...Bristol.....Levi.....Match the results with Trigg's DNA.....outcome, immediate

  142. Anonymous4:48 PM

    If you are going to be serious about blogging you are going to take legal risks. I saw go to court and take an oath. Let a jury decide who is guilty and who isnt.
    What do you have to lose since you want to be part of the politcal game?

  143. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I think if Bristol had been outed as being pregnant with Trig at the time it would have constituted a case of statutory rape, based on her age. SP would likely not wanted that on her plate. I don't know why else she would have covered it up. Any other thoughts from anyone on this?

  144. There is no way any public school would allow a process server to disrupt a classroom. You'd be called to the office to be served.

    If it's a sheriff, he'll serve you at your house.

    You're not being arrested, just served.

    That said, can Von Feline be any more of an embarrassment to the bar association of Alaska? Does he know nothing? If his empty threat to Shannyn Moore didn't make him a laughing stock, this certainly has. He's already being ridiculed on HuffPost for threatening the kindergartners. (None of whom would understand what is going on. A man comes in, hands you a letter and leaves. Big deal. Classroom interuptions happen all of the time and kids ignore it.)

    If Von Feline is such a coward and The Stapled Tongue is so obviously out of the loop, can a Palin lie be far behind. How about denying everything, then filing for divorce the following day?

  145. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Gryphen you are a lying liberal piece of shit. I am estatic over your outing and I hope and pray that the full force of the law is brought down upon your head.

  146. It almost makes me sad Gryphen that you have the impulse to apologize for your work! PLLEEAASSSEEE don't ever do that again! We need intelligent men full of heart teaching our children and I admire even more for your work. And you are a big voice in blogging and an important one. You really have two jobs, and you know it! Never, never I mean never apologize for who you are or what you do again, I hope you hear me loud and clear. That said, I published this on Huff Po as a comment and I thought I should put it here too.

    "I heard an interesting theory. One of the last things Palin said in her last speech, arms wide to make a big point was "media quit making things up" or words to that effect. At the time, it seemed a little exaggerated, and the question was asked, what has the media made up about her? but so many things she says are hard to digest.

    Now days later we are in a situation where a blogger who lives in Alaska has heard from a trusted source as well as a former Palin staffer that there is a divorce pending. This is basically a rumor and is reported as such on a personal blog.

    Palin has someone interested in handing over multi-millions of dollars to her to promote a forthcoming book. Now that Palin is no longer Gov, she doesn't get automatic media coverage.

    What would be more reasonable than planting a false rumor and riding the media sensation it creates. Keeps her in the headlines and "adds value" to the Palin brand by making the status of her marriage a new hot topic to be answered in the forthcoming book.

    Palin isn't "together" enough to engineer this, but her book publishers definitely are. I just wonder if Gryphen perhaps is the innocent here, who has been had by a rumor perpetuated in Alaska to benefit non other than Sarah Palin."

  147. I taught French to kindergarten through 6th grade kids for a while. The 6th graders got the most out of it but the kindergartners were the most fun, and the most work! There is no more worthwhile occupation or avocation than spending time with children, helping them explore their world and expand their abilities. Kudos to you for taking on this truly wonderful work, Gryphen.

    As so many others have said before, say the word should you need any help with pressing a legal case.

    And one more thing, as I noted in my blog post tonight -- you've never mislead your readers, ever, and Dennis Zaki has been right on the money every time. So far, you guys are batting 1000. The crazy ex-governor lady isn't even batting 100. Credibility is earned. You've got it, and crazy ex-governor lady and her crazy attorney don't. Except for the Sarasites and Palinistas, the rest of the world knows it, too.

  148. juju, if they were serious, they wouldnt ask "where". it would be served. period. and it wont be. period....this was pure mama bear bullshit.

  149. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Wait- let me get this straight. Palin's in over a half mil for Mickey Mouse double dare threats like this?? Between Fleabag and Megaphone, there's no way Sarah will ride quietly into the sunset.

    Has anyone actually checked Fleabag's credentials? I'm thinking he may be an old flame of Sarah's from one of her many alma maters. I mean who else would act so unprofessionally?

  150. Anonymous5:18 PM

    So your days of hiding anonymously behind your computer appear to be short lived. That's the risk you run doing what you do, isn't it? It's interesting about who you want to same as the Governor (who by the way is historically and by custom entitled to retain that title for life)wants to protect hers.

    Now that she's not the sitting governor she is free to hit you as hard as you hit her. You've proved you can dish it out, but can you take it? That remains to be seen.

    So you don't like her. Some say you hate he. You are certainly entitled. I'm an ardent supporter of free speech. I'm also a big believer in do unto others and karma. What if you are thrust into the limelight now? What if you are attacked as viciously as you have attacked her? What if the media starts looking into every little detail of your life? What if "sources" from your past come along?

    The politics of personal destruction can be dangerous. You never know who will end up being destroyed.

  151. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Your troll "Zorek Richards" has a blog entitled:

    Palin/Bachman 2012 (He even has Bachman's name misspelled!)

    That should tell you everything you need to know about him. Oh, and he's from Kansas too, also. I wonder if he's associated with the sicko that murdered Dr. George Tiller?

  152. Anonymous5:35 PM


    "That can easily be attributed to eating several pastrami sandwiches and bags of potato chips, and drinking several bottles of dry white wine every couple of days for a week or so."

    Oh please, have you ever been pregnant? Sorry, but if I saw pics of myself from the shoulders up I could point out the one where I'm pregnant. Pregnancy hormones dictate where weight is directed, not the foods you eat.

    That's the most ridiculous argument I've heard yet, and oh, my disdain for Sarah Palin is almost as strong as my disdain for conspiracy theories.

  153. Forgot to tell you this little goodie that happened to me in a law suit. What my lawyer and I thought would be a one day one hour session before the Judge lasted six months. It is amazing how many times you can go to court and the other lawyer is ill, got called out of town, etc. and even the Judge gets ill or can't make court for who knows what reason.
    Get the picture. Of course, I am paying my attorney by the hour, preparation time, travel time and the damn thing keeps getting continued.
    I wouldn't wish this on anyone....well maybe some will be interesting. A lawsuit isn't always about who wins or loses, sometimes its about what you can find out that you didn't know for future reference.

  154. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Bravo for Sarah. I would donate to see her sue your pathetic ass. America is tired of all these smears. Have you become so partisan that you think its right to lie and smear people?

  155. Sarah hires rank amateurs, their incompetence is inexcusable. How typical of Palin, she can't do much without finding a way to use children. Remember how she treats her own. Her latest scheme is one of her most egregious maneuvers to date.

    @ 2:38 PM Electronic Frontier Foundation is the best.
    This situation doesn't have to go into overdrive, you have justice on your side. Do what you are doing, stand your ground.

    Tyrannical, not tyranical! @ 2:08 PM

  156. Anonymous5:48 PM

    For the person who said we are cowards for posting anon, do you really need to ask? I was posting on another blog under my business acct and realized that isn't such a great idea. Sarah will take on anyone and everyone she can no matter how tiny. What other politician do you know of that freaks over rumors and bloggers????

    As for legal advice, I did pre-law courses and have intended to get my law degree in human rights law at Boalt Law School @ CAL, my BS is from CAL. I got a 93% on the LSAT and read my husband's legalese books for fun. :) (Though now I'm wondering if I should go into Social Work or the Child Psychology field now.) My husband is an attorney. He said he'll review the doc after he cooks dinner and I get kids to bed.

    As an FYI, a poll conducted a couple years back showed that Jon Stewart's viewers were the most educated on current events (the neutral REALITY, not OPINION regarding the events) than viewers of any other show, including FOX. If I were to hazard a guess many of Gryphen's readers are either well educated or simply intelligent. There is no substitute for common sense, which Palin followers seem to lack. Alaska's progressive bloggers and we the readers have been sitting here waving our arms and shouting, "The emperor has no clothes!" as you've sworn your allegiance to Sarah Palin and thrown your $ down the drain for nothing. We haven't been giggling at how fun this is, how dumb you are, all the bloggers, all the filers of ethics violations were yelling STOP it!

    People are waking up slowly, but it's painful to see that your idol was a figment of your imagination, what they wanted you to see, not who she actually is. I do not believe Gryphen derives joy from this, it SUCKS. I think we're all mad that little old ladies like my mother-in-law got swindled by this woman. It's the same thing Repubs have said about Obama, that we elected him with hope and now we were swindled. I disagree, and am proud of our President, but I do think I put him on too high a pedestal. Sarah Palin has achieved idol status among many Christian women, and I think they need to examine their hearts. If you believe what the Bible says, you can have no idol, as no one is perfect or without flaw or sin but Jesus. I have yet to see a C4Per admit that Sarah has a flaw, and that should trouble them, but it doesn't seem to.

    As a Christian woman I do not hate her. I pity her and hate her decisions (hate the sin, love the sinner.) I do not know if she has a personality disorder (that is essentially incurable) or a mental illness that could be helped through therapy or medication. If she were able to get help & become sane, it would be wonderful for her family. As I posted above, I hurt for her family, for her babies both young and old. I do not think she is a wise leader, and should instead focus on healing her very broken family.

  157. Anonymous5:50 PM

    JuJu is now using spell check. woo hoo! good on ya'. the only problem is that spell check can't fix errors stemming from context.

    See, you still have to know which word is the right word for the context....

    it will only make sure you spell the wrong word the right way.


    PS God said Palin is no longer Queen. New Messiah: Liberal Democrats everywhere. Yes, He speaks to us. Loud and clear. Bow down!

  158. Anonymous5:55 PM

    What a Noble Profession. My respect for you zoomed up when I read that you teach kindergarten. So awesome!!

    Upthread, lovesmarzipan, made a statement about the babygate situation and her observation of SP before the formal announcement regarding the pregnancy. Like lovemarzipan, I have known women who don't look pregnant before giving birth. I would have someone else break that story if babygate comes true. It is so octomom at this point. The legality of the Alaska Fund Trust, Housegate, interfering with justice regarding Sherry Johnston, and threatening Levi with a gun are actually criminal. I suppose people can lie about them being pregnant, but it is not criminal.

  159. Anonymous5:58 PM

    juju @ 3:38 pm sez:

    "So you don't think posting that Palin's were going to be divorced would hurt their children?"

    no, the palin's GETTING divorced would hurt their children. to place blame on the 'talk' of divorce rather than the 'act' of divorce is an attempt at shifting the blame away from the people who are responsible for the act.

  160. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Gryphen, it's all going to be fine. Palin will NEVER take you or any other blogger to court. She is too chicken, as what would be revealed about HER. She's no longer on the throne. Her power is lessened.

    It's only her functionally illiterate Winged Monkeys crying foul, and they are NEVER right about anything.

  161. The uninformed statements regarding laws, amendments to the US Constitution, and criminal vs. civil legal proceedings are amazing! Anon. at 4:48 thinks "guilt" (a criminal term) is a legal issue in this civil matter? Anon., way up the thread, at 12:28 PM: "You are not a journalist so you can't hide behind any 2nd Amendment rights." is so funny at first I thought someone was trying to be humorous!

    These statements remind me of the interviews Jay Leno used to do with people on the street who demonstrated their lack of knowledge about basic U.S. history and government matters.

    When the facts on not on their side, attorneys often stoop to intimidation and other unsavory tactics, such as those used by VF. His client is obviously controlling him--which is bad news for an attorney.

    Gryphen, I love your blog, your sense of humor, and your big heart. Best wishes!

  162. Anonymous6:06 PM

    It's all theater. If Palin's lawyer wants to serve you, let him serve you. He doesn't need to threaten, he needs to do it - or shut the hell up. Van Flein sounds like he is almost as much of an idiot as is Palin.

  163. white light Gryphen, cause every spell you cast comes back on you threefold...walk your path and do your work and remember what Shannyn's dad said: it's not our business what someone else thinks of us.

  164. appears you have been totally outed
    name, picture and ID. Do you do a lot of working out????

    sjk: Yes they would ask where to serve the notice. They have to pay a server and they don't want him running all over. Also, if he didn't want it served at his working place they have offered him two other locations. This is not unusual.

  165. Really? Sarah Palin stepped down from her post to sue bloggers? We should organize a regular anti-Palin blog carnival and see how long it takes for the papers to be served. She can't sue all of us.

  166. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Grypen, perhaps you did a good deed by outing the Palins regarding the split up. Now, to prove you wrong, they will have to stay together.

    The Palin family drama is like watching Peyton Place, for those who remember that show. For friends of Palins who are reading this blog, please tell them if they don't want publicity, get out of politics and celebrity. Palins book deal reported to be 11 million dollars gives them the opportunity to retire and focus on their family, fishing, and fun stuff. Palin could be famous for philantropic endeavors, by giving to charity. There are less intrusive ways to be famous if that is what she desires.

  167. WoW, I am so impressed that you spend extra work-time each day to support education and learning for our youngest citizens. I find that honorable, and makes me proud to read your blog.

  168. Anonymous6:21 PM

    juju, did you create the smear video against AKM? The one that is defamation?

  169. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I was raised by a very wise mother and she always told me that the truth hurts much more than a lie. Gryphen has spoken the truth and Palin and her Palinbots are definitely hurt. A pending divorce will not go over well with her base. Remember in their minds the Palins represent the true American family - 'real Americans' and 'real Americans' are Pro-Life (at least up until birth) and Pro-Marriage (unless two loving people happen to be the same sex). Wow, what hypocrites!

    I also find it strange that they keep using code phrases like "the Palins remain married" or "The Palins are not about to get a divorce". Yea, why didn't he say the Palins are not getting a divorce? What's up with the 'about'? Does this meen that the divorce is coming later?

    The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie and this lie is in its Sunday's best.


  170. Anonymous6:37 PM

    If my kids were exposed to you I woud remove them from the school. I hope they publish where you teach, hope you get canned and I pray you will never be around children again.

  171. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Gryphen stay strong! I know that I know that I know you would not have written about something without a solid source. It amuses me to no end that the tighty-righties feel that they need to flock to IM to initiate a shoving match on the playground. Gaaah!

    And someone needs to send Fleabag a memo, also. He still thinks that he's charging his hours to a governor (noting his signature on the email). She QUIT, remember? Gee, since she's now private citizen Sarah maybe he'll double his hourly rates for this nonsense. Bwahhhhaha

  172. Anonymous6:54 PM

    You are the reason I am homeschooling my five year old.

  173. Anonymous7:12 PM

    @6:54, please do keep homeschooling your child. I beg you! Your child will be as successful, intelligent and important to the world as you are.

    By staying home, you are doing the world a favor. Thanks.

  174. And home-schooling is why the average American teen has a vocabulary of roughly 10,000 words compared to the 75,000 word vocabulary of the average American teen forty years ago.

    Gryphen, keep the faith, please.

  175. juju: Just how many times HAVE you been sued? You sound like a pro at getting your as* into court?

    I apologize - from your last post you have lost your spellcheck connection. Also your cognitive function seems to have dropped as well. You might want to have that checked.

    Look, in all honesty, I love having you here. You are an absolutely delicious target - and sometimes you actually make some sense.

    Phoebe - thanks ... I agree with the "under 16 statutory rape issue" but also, IF Bristol delivered and got pregnant AGAIN immediately it would make her appear pretty careless and she might be accused of being promiscuous. I don't agree with that, but it could easily have happened because of the close delivery dates.

    mialuppa: Huge Favor!!! Please stop calling Van Flea Van Feline????? I am a cat fancier and find any reference to him as a feline a complete and total insult. My girls have more class in their paws than that piece of human pond scum (apology to pond scum everywhere).

    To the naysayers and trolls: What's the problem in waiting to see what happens? Are you AFRAID that Gryphen is telling the truth? Is that why you are trying to toss manure against the wall to see what sticks?

    anon@6:18: Rather than Peyton Place, I believe the Palin Camp is much more like "Valley of the Dolls". Draw your own inference.

  176. Anon 6:54
    And THAT's why your child will grow up to be as IGNORANT as you!

  177. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Anon 6:54,

    And homeschooling is the reason that test scores have never been lower and the dropout rate has never been higher.

    Alaska and American sincerely thank you homeschoolers and your pupils for the dumbing down of our state and country.

  178. Anonymous7:16 PM

    If Gryphen loses his job because of Flea's threats (no small thanks to the Palinistas evil work of "praying" for his demise -- so christian!), he can sue Palin and her lawyer for lost wages.

    Then he can sit around, blogging full time, about..Sarah Palin, her divorce, how many births she's had, her horrid policies of death and destruction, her failure to live the word of christ, her many gates, her lies, her ethics violations....

    That's true karma.

    Keep it up, Palinistas. While you all are uneducated and allergic to facts (and constituted of the 21% of morons who voted for bush twice-- great job), liberals (the majority) read, go to real schools with real teachers, and know their facts.

    BRING ON THE LAWSUITS. We can't wait. Hey, Juju, wanna bet that your snow queen sues Shannyn or Gryphen? How come she hasn't served Shannyn yet?


    Guess what? She's a COWARD BULLY. COWARD.

    she isn't suing anyone. She's using all of this to get you idiots to donate more money to her "legal defense" fund. AKA, the fund she can spend on ANYTHING. But I'm sure you don't mind her buying a few more Neiman's outfits on your dime.

    JuJu, you'd best be saving your pennies, honey. Palin's gonna need 'em.

  179. anon@6:54: Could you explain yourself? Since Gryphen helps teach children to read, I can only assume that you believe that teaching a child to read is a sin????

    Therefore you choose to keep your child ignorant and the 5 year old mind closed?

    I pity your child - encouraging reading, curiousity and interest is wonderfully mind expanding. You might want to move beyond the Bible and See Spot Run.

  180. Gryphen--

    Three quick points.

    First, I am sure someone has already pointed this out to you, but the dictionary definitions of "malice" and "defamation" are not the same as the legal definitions. In fact, the legal definitions of those terms vary from state to state, as well as in the various federal circuits. I am not giving you legal advice here, just generic encyclopedic information. For example, under Oregon law, virtually all speech (including obscene speech) is protected, so "defamation" as a practical matter does not exist.

    I can't find the case, but there was a very funny concurrence in an immigration case, where Justice Robert Jackson said that reference to the dictionary was a sign of the truly desperate judge...something like that. Well, it was funny the way he said it.

    If you want, I can go into more detail, but that would probably be of little to no value here. E-mail me if you think there is anything I can do to help you.

    Second, even a cursory glance at the responses you've drawn shows a high correlation between the level of vitriol in the message--and the fact the message is anonymous. I guess it's easier to playa hater when you don't have sign your name.

    Finally, regarding teaching children to read, you're wasting you time unless you use The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit, by Holzwarth and Erlbruch. There is no such thing as a bad poop joke.

  181. ellie ann7:24 PM

    anon @6:54 - be sure to teach the five year old that humans walked with dinosaurs on the 6000 year old earth. I'm sure that is a-ok.

  182. Good work Gryphen! I don't think you have anything to worry about. Palin & Van Flein would have a huge burden to prove IF they were actually going to take some sort of legal action. I doubt they will.

    I have a feeling we're going to learn a lot about Sarah Palin in various stories that are going to pop up between now and October.

  183. Anonymous7:29 PM

    If I were you, I'd stock up on some Soap on a Rope!

  184. RunninL8 said... I've been a Spec. Ed TA for the ASD ... 12:28 PM

    The Spec Ed teachers in the Anchorage School District are the absolute Best!! You're the heroes of my life. My daughter graduated high school this May because of the ASD Spec Ed teachers.

    Reading Teachers are really important to the success of children here. Now I 'know' a third one. Bless you all.

  185. Marie7:32 PM

    Gryphen- why not use your real name.

    You are a fake,phony and a fraud who hides behind a pseudoname.

    You are a real joke and not a real man.

    I hope Todd not Sarah comes after you.

  186. gregory7:34 PM

    juju @ 6:12. I am disappointed. You are not making sense. If Van Flein was so nice to offer three locations for the papers to be delivered, did he HAVE to say "kindergarten class" or could he have said "at your job," or "at your place of work"? You imply he HAD to say "kindergarden class." By that logic, wouldn't Van Flein also HAVE to say Grypen's actual address instead of "at you residence?" THINK juju - I know you can (even if confused by what "dwarfed" means and how it is used in a sentence). Run along and ask Meg what "logic" means. By the way, my bro is a process server and trust me: The lawyers do not give a sh*t if "he runs all over." It is a flat fee per service.

  187. assclown griffen7:36 PM

    Go for griffen, we'll all donate to your legal defense fund.

  188. You deserve to be exposed for the slanderer you are. I would not let you near my children. Shame on you.

  189. This type of law suit is all about discovery before it ever gets to the Judge. Like is someone paying you to do your blog>? (got to see those tax returns and bank statements). I could go on and on...but, you will know how to handle it...just remember the truth which you don't seem to be to familiar with is your best bet. It will be a new learning experience. Your fans shouldn't get their hopes up at seeing any thing about this for suits take a lot of time and money. And, I would be careful about your posts while you are waiting for completion of this law suit.

  190. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I made up a bunch of lies and BS about Sarah Palin and now I can't prove it!!

    Oh, Sarah is being so mean to me! I should be able to lie and shoot off my mouth whenever I want without repercussions!!

    You're pathetic. You and all the rest of the Alaska blogging morons that perpetuate this garbage. I hope you lose your job and wind up in a cardboard box beneath an overpass somewhere. Maybe you'll figure out the importance of honesty at that point.

  191. Anonymous7:47 PM

    juju...come trash talk about others all the time...let's see you put your money where your mouth is...what's your name and address?? You like outing people so much because you don't like what they say..are you all talk just like Sarah?

    Didn't you say this @C4P
    juju, August 2, 2009 10:43 PM
    Please, someone tell me why this guy shouldn't be outed??? Anyone that has a blog that reports all these things that are not true. Remember just a few weeks ago about the FBI
    investigation, etc. If you are going to have a blog and tell lies and you know they are lies or at least you have no proof. Then you deserve to be outed in my opinion.
    All the people that read his crap repeat it over and over.

    This is fighting fire with fire. This is the way we have to maybe stop some of this crap.


  192. WakeUpAmerica7:52 PM

    So, Gryphen, approximately how many lawyers have offered to defend you pro bono? I'm thinking lots. Who wouldn't want a chance to depose her hineyness? Can Palin spell "perjury?" Kudos to you for helping the kindergartners read. I could use you in my classroom of high-risk teenagers. We teachers can use all the help we can get, not to mention adult male role models for the kids. Bless you, Gryphen.

  193. Anonymous7:52 PM


    We have aggressive litigants and their letters are posted from time to time when they set out to harass someone. They've tried to go after bloggers, business owners and anyone their paranoid boss perceives as an enemy. Their letters are creepy but they are not stupid like Van F. He is really cheap. If that's all you've known, I get why you say what you do. There are slime bag unethical lawyers with intelligence. They will suck any cash cow they can. Palin has a stupid unethical slime bag attorney. Palin went with stupid and cheap.

    Those cases like yours happen. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Once Sarah Palin was thought to be a politician. A politician worth their salt would not waste time as she does. She is now in the OctoMom, Jon and Kate category. Even as an Amy Winehouse or Brit type celebrity, threatening to serve papers in front of a kindergarten class is about the worst publicity anyone could imagine. It takes serious hate and desperation to come up with that.

    She is doing what she is doing out of hate and for the purpose of intimidation. There have been written reports for Nancy and Ron Reagan, George and Laura Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton about their impending divorces. I don't know how many other politicians that actually served and did not quit that have had similar written reports. Palin's over reaction is what makes this stand out. It is one more example of Meg S acting incompetent and Palin's awful staff. Read the impression she left with Norah O'Donnell. Review the recent pitiful handling (then blaming) of the Reagan Library Gala event.

    Sarah Palin is a example of someone having a public meltdown. She has some serious issues. One of the cee4pee predicted she would tweet today, they miss her over there. We want to see if she is going to keep her word about being free or if she has a ghost writer.

    Someone left this picture of her in a suit jacket for a rifle range. Kristan Cole is also good at rifle range fund raising.
    NRA's XVIII Gun Collectors Seminar, that's your rock star celebrity. She might find time to twitter for cee4pee soon?

  194. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Van Flein must be the worst attorney in Alaska.

    Despite Palin's resignation, she is still a public figure and the issue is "actual malice," not malice.

    The legal definition of "actual malice" is having the knowledge that a statement is false or acting with "reckless disregard" for the truth or the falsity of the statement.

    "Reckless disregard" means that the publisher/writer has entertained serious doubts to the truth of the statements.

    The burden is on Van Flein and Palin, not to mention he is going to have to prove some sort of harm or loss.

    Gryphen, you should talk to an attorney as soon as you can.

  195. Anonymous7:59 PM

    My two home school children are both at University of California schools (UCLA and UC San Diego), both rated in the top 40 in the country. To suggest that home schooled kids lack intelligence is ridiculous.

    I applaud your blog, but I don't applaud some of the comments here. The "tolerance" of the left always makes me wonder where it is when I stumble upon comments such as these.

  196. Anonymous8:10 PM

    she's a public figure. usually requires malice to make a case of defamation. i doubt what you did rises to the level of "malice". varies from state to state, but you didn't do anything extreme. sarah's her usually whiny bitch. she's stupid for responding to every little thing.

  197. Anonymous8:13 PM

    At c4p someone posted "finally a sign of life!" when Meg denied the split. They were delighted that Meg got in front of truth very quickly. Any news was good news.

    Palin quit for no discernable reason. Any news about Palin's current circumstances might shed a light as to the reason she quit.
    Her e-mails on handling Todd's membership to the AIP says that she unturstworthy, clever and amoral.

    Thank you Gryphen for continuing the conversation Palin ensured would be had by covering her ineptitude under the guise of selflesness.

    We won't quit on you.


  198. Goodness, I just read through most of the posts and the trolls are really pissing me off!

    I think you should countersue, as was mentioned previously. Definitely.

    And I think you totally rock ... those kids are really lucky. :) I am donating today and I'm sure many others are, too.

    Juju: I don't go to your Sea of Pee neighborhood and rant ... please give us the same courtesy. Please, no one wants you here.

  199. Liz I.8:17 PM

    We stand with you Gryphen.

    We're strong and we're patient. We insist on the truth and we aren't fooled by Palin's lies or scared by her games.


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