Saturday, August 08, 2009

White House Correspondent Jake Tapper dissects Sarah Palin's claim of Obama "death panels".

One can question whether there will by necessity be any rationing decisions that will need to come as a part of health care reform (and, in fact, we have) but pictures of government bureaucrats forcing euthanasia upon seniors -- and, now, children with Down syndrome -- because they're not productive members of society are not part of any reasonable debate on the facts of the matter. (And frankly, I agreed with Palin previously, when she was asking members of the media to keep her children out of any public debate.)

Asked specifically what the former governor was referring to when painting a picture of an Obama "death panel" giving her parents or son Trig a thumbs up or down based on their productivity, Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton responded in an email: "From HR3200 p. 425 see 'Advance Care Planning Consultation'."

That's a curious reading of page 425 of the House Democrats' bill, which refers to “advance care planning consultation,” defined as a senior and a medical practitioner discussing “advance care planning, if…the individual involved has not had such a consultation within the last 5 years.

"Senior and a medical practitioner discussing advance care planning, if...the individual has not had such a consultation within the last five years". In what crazy ass universe does this have anything to do with a toddler?

Trig is only around sixteen months old, yet Palin has no problem thrusting him into a discussion about elderly care. That is even less of an appropriate place for little Trig to be than when he was trotted out on stage, in front of bright lights and television cameras, during the McCain campaign.

Sarah Palin has used this heartrending diminutive prop with such careless abandon, that even people who once supported her are embarrassed at her apparent disregard for the well being of this baby.

Leaving behind all of the questions about Trig's parentage, the question we must now ask ourselves is how well is he currently being cared for?

I believe that many people have very powerful concerns for this child.

We see him trotted out when Sarah wants to make a political point, or create the warm motherly image for the cameras, but who cares for him while there are no cameras to record the event?

The only candid pictures of family members interacting directly with Trig have been:

Levi and Bristol


And even Willow

But every time we see Trig and Sarah together, it is clear that Sarah is well aware of the photographers. She is usually all gussied up and ready for her close up. And even in those moments how warmly does she interact with this child?

More and more it appears that this little one is nothing more then a shield against criticism and a prop for the photographers. I wonder if she even picks him up without a photographer to capture the event?

Hey I am just asking.


  1. Mother of the Year - yeah right. Death Panel? Anyone heard of Hospital Ethics Committees? Are these people so freaking stupid they don't already know that rationing is happening on a daily basis?

    And often people choose to select rationing themselves....

    it's called a Living Will. All individuals should have them - it will keep people like Sarah Palin from killing YOU which is what she wants to do since she doesn't like you for disagreeing with her. She, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly - they WANT TO KILL YOU.

    Just a simple way to enact Freedom of Speech against you.

  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Its a shame that people like you who pretend to be a teacher would support state sanction reduction of special needs kids, but then I forget you are a liberal and abortion is a choice for people like you. Luckily Obamas plan is not going to pass and he will have to find another way to get rid of "undesirables",

  3. I blurbed on Bree's blog
    During Palin's finale speechorama..
    Trig was quite the fussy things.. in the arms of a 9yr old (Piper however old that lil' girl is)

    Palin didn't wince
    She didn't peep over.. she didn't glance.. she just focused on her venom

    As a mother, when your kid squeals you look
    You may not RUN to them but you raise an eyebrow showing some sort of concern

    She kept on keeping on..

    And.. how has she been a rock for Special Needs Kids' Parents that she so proudly boasted she would be?
    A pillar to turn to.. A Voice in the quiet that will speak out and speak for..

    Where is she?
    Anti Abortion gig she just ranted on and on of the wild tundra's of the Alaskan wilds.. and Obama man is doing this and that how evil...
    Didn't even bring Trig

    The walk for Autism? Where she changed her shoes on stage with her granny legs and those plastic heels and funny toe nail sparkly.. bending WAY over for her sheltered Christian base that isn't allowed to look at other women .. but she will give them a show.. well if you are desperate enough
    And didn't even finish the walk
    No idea what she yapped about.. didn't tune into her speech

    OH but wait we get a Trig Tweet! He got a hair cut.. he doesn't look like a hippie no mo'

    And now Obama is going to Kill Trig

    Where's his glasses?
    One day when he is old enough to comprehend he will see how much his mama bear loved him. She hid his shameful pregnancy from everyone, even loved ones.. so shamed..
    She struggled with having him
    The shame..
    Fine she has him (if this is indeed true) .. and risked his life by the wild ride.. amniotic fluid leak ? But I gotta speech to give! Can't have this special needs child born HERE! gots to be Alaskan soil! .. risk .. risk.. risk

    Oh the love flows..
    And on and on..

  4. You're just asking and you must be shit scared of Palin now cause you're obviously covering your ass Gryphen.

    I've also noticed that your friend Shannyn is to scared to even come to your support over this lawsuit thing! Great friend you have there Gryphen.

    Get some advice from your lawyers you two?

  5. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Trig is not sarah's..........sure wish the bomb would go off !!

  6. Anonymous5:42 PM

    There really is no limit to her cynical willingness to exploit the weak to suit her need for power.

  7. penelope5:46 PM

    Look at the expression on Trig's face (in last picture). He knows he is not in a safe, loving place. Look at his arms! Stuck straight out, like he has "tensed up" for the "ride" in witch granny's grasp! This is heart-breaking. I have been appalled by Sarah for months, but now I am horrified. Look at Sarah's own face in that picture - words fail me. That poor little guy!

  8. PLEASE clarify that those "advanced care planning consultations" are VOLUNTARY! That is a VERY IMORTANT point.

  9. Anonymous6:00 PM

    So nice of you to have gotten so much attention before she let this "whole lotta stupid fall from her mouth," to paraphrase Margaret and Helen. Keep looking at the Wasilla Mafia. Keep safe.
    nswfm CA

  10. I am no Sarah fan -- but PUH-LEASE understand that those of us who live in Juneau SAW her face, neck, EVERYTHING about her change as she went through her pregnancy. Trust me, it couldn't have been a pregnancy prop! I truely appreciate and value the work you do(and yes, I will get around to contributing) but it diminishes the value of your blog that you continue to refer to the 'questions of Trig's parentage'.

  11. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Okay..this is somewhat out there but is that carseat facing forward? Trig should absolutely still be in a backward facing carseat because of his age and weight, but even more so because children with Down Syndrom have weak neck muscle.

    I hope someone can tell me I'm mistaken.

  12. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Anne, I noticed the same thing at the resignation speech. It was very unnatural that she never, ever even glanced at him. Even more creepy was Todd standing right next to Piper who was juggling Trig and trying to balance him and give him a bottle at the same time. Todd never looked at him much less tried to comfort him or help Piper.

  13. notalib: Yeah right - did you major in "stupid"? Who are you, a member of the Nazi Party? You simply sit back and spread ridiculous innuendos and lies because you are too DUMB to actually have a thought on your own.
    Rationing has been happening for YEARS! It is health care in action and insurance company policy. Deny, Deny, Deny!
    No one will believe your idiotic TRIPE. That's what your problem and issue is - it is SO stupid it's unbelievable.
    Now on the other hand, if we targeted MORONS ... oops, duck and cover.

    thestraidhtgoods: yes of course. We are all trembling in FEAR of you. You have "the power" .... why don't you STFU. Welcome to the world of the "real" - we do not WANT you here and we are NOT afraid. Your lies, your threats, coming to meetings armed...ooooooo you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO scary I am so scared of you.

    You are quite simply a fake, a phony and an idiot.

    Welcome to the world of U.S. District Court.

    Eat that.

  14. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I sigh grimly when I think of when the time comes that he is no longer small or cute enough for her purposes. My guess is that her kids are pretty much raising themselves, with mixed results (Track, Bristol).

    While the Quitter may be scoring points with her base by using her children as props, she is earning the contempt of more professional political figures in both D and R parties, who would never dream of dragging their children into the often brutal spotlight of politics.

  15. ella ... dear dear ella:

    All physicians offer "end of life" - "living will" consultation with their patients, whether they are terminally ill or just at decision-making time. In fact IF you are admitted to a hospital within the United States, you will be asked if you have any "directives" (I know I'm using big words here so try and keep up).

    If you do not have a living will/directive, social workers will speak with you to find out YOUR WISHES. YOUR WISHES so that you can (like many of us) decide what you WISH to have in the even of a variety of issues whether it be tube feeding, DNA, etc. They will HELP you in writing down and expressing YOUR wishes.

    This has always been available - however in the past, it has not been an "included service" (ok 3 syllables are you still with me)? It has required a physician to bill for this discussion.

    Just because YOU want full resusciation, non stop CPR and no DNR, as well as tube feeding and a tracheostomy tube to help you breath, does NOT mean YOU SPEAK FOR ME.

    OK - you still with me?

    Why would you NOT want your physician to know what actions/heroics to take in specific cases? Do you not think? Have you NO opinion on your final wishes?

    Well a lot of people do, and with the health care bill, it allows this at no charge for those of us who are NOT complete mental midgets that wish to communicate with our physician and it is a "covered service".

    Good grief - are you so completely braindead that you think letting people talk with their physician is "eugenics"???

    Oh are a flying monkey????

    Sad...but oh so true!

    May you and your family be BANKRUPTED because you are so stupid and so naive that you have not created either a living will or a directive....

  16. lovemarzipan: OK I"m an outlier here. Frankly I don't care if SP has given birth to the anti-Christ....
    But if he IS her child, she is a rotten mother.

    She ignores him and uses him as a photo prop.

    She is quite simply THE most disgusting human being I have ever had the misfortune to read about or learn anything about.

  17. I was not going to get into this on this post, but are you saying that she looked pregnant before March 7, when she told her staff and EVERYBODY was shocked?

    Does she look pregnant in the face here?

    Or are you talking about the six weeks between her announcement and the supposed birth of the baby?

    Because if people in Juneau noticed that she was pregnant that is news to me.

  18. Long term planning is something we should all do. Any of us could get a sudden illness or get in an accident and not be able to speak for ourselves. If we have a document and our doctor's documentation stating our desires we will be more likely to get what we want. I can't tell you how many very elderly people I have had to code because we had no information and no choice. It is crazy to run a full code on a 99 year old woman, but we had to.
    Palin is just unbelievable. The sad thing is if someone reported her to OCS they would take forever to respond and then would do nothing,

  19. Bad news for you notalib - it WILL pass.
    We only need 51 Senate votes to pass healthcare legislation, not 60, without using reconciliation (not that reconciliation is off the table either).
    Actually, we only need Senate 50 votes to pass a universal healthcare plan with a strong public option. A 50 vote tie breaker would be cast by Vice-President Biden.
    And do you really think Republicans might be obstructionist and threaten to filibuster against a public plan which 72% of the people favor? LET them obstruct, filibuster, stonewall and delay--and then let them try to run for office on it!

  20. Thanks Celia - anyone who is even remotely attuned to their own wishes, creates not only a Living Will but a Medical Power of Attorney.

    If everyone would speak with their own personal attorney (it is generally done at the same time a Will is created) they would realize it is up to them just how many heroics they wish. So much is dependant upon the patient's condition. Do you want CPR or a DNR if you have a massive stroke????

    That should be up to YOU. In most states, this paperwork can be done either with consultation with an attorney...or swing by your local Hallmark Store to get the form.

    Now ella, please enlighten me as to what is wrong with that approach????

  21. basheert - I am thinking you are either confusing me with someone else or you misunderstood me. I am totally in favor of healthcare reform. I just pointed out that if patients do not want consulation re living trusts and health directives, it is not mandatory for them to have it. I do have it - we all should, but I do not see where this consultation is mandatory in the wording of the bill.

  22. ...Celia, and in that same vein....if an individual desire massive CPR and nonstop IV fluids, a trach, stomach tube feeding - that is THEIR choice.

    The problem arises when NO ONE KNOWS what the family member wants at end-of-life.

    We have done all of this so our children do not bear that burden.

  23. Julia6:43 PM

    Gryphen, Thank you for bringing up Trig's well being. There are too many concerns to go into all now. For his sake I hope this is a start.

    I was mortified when I saw a baby at a few months on stage for a campaign. Learning he had Down Syndrome was even more alarming. To tell you the truth I often wondered why the McCain family and others participated in that. Why did they not do something for Trig? I try to imagine if I was in their position, would I remain silent. I understand they were all wanting to make a good political impression and babies are cute. No one seemed to care about things from Trig's position. What kind of monsters are that self serving and ignore a child like that? The Palins weren't the only ones. I found ignoring Piper was repelling as well. She may have been able to endure more, but she was excessively used. Why is there no one to protect a child in a situation like that? Other media events have standards. Animal acts are better protected.

  24. Sarah Palin is truly a precious gift. I think she must have been excreted by angels straight from the bowels of Heaven, and plopped to Earth like a celestial turd in order to flush the demons out of those wicked libs. Everyone knows that ideas like universal health care come directly from Satan himself.

  25. Love this quote from Tapper's article (the matter of fact tone):

    " disputes this interpretation, saying “accepted definition of end-of-life planning means thinking ahead about the care you would like to receive at the end of your life -- which may include the choice to reject extraordinary measures of life support, or the choice to embrace them….the bill would not make these sessions mandatory.”

    Palin and Stapleton don't understand the bill, didn't read the bill (or even the part on consultations)nor would they understand it if they did. They are in way over their head.

    This portion of the bill concerns stuff many of us do all the time. As an attorney, when we prepare wills, we suggest that everyone also have a Medical Power of Attorney, Directive to Physician, HIPPA disclosure and other estate planning documents prepared. People do it every day. The bill simply provides a free consultation with a doctor to discuss these matters. Nothing new, nothing sinister.

    Unconscionable and sinister that Palin and many others are spreading lies regarding an innocent, helpful provision of the bill. Her parents could benefit from the consultation, so she's actually speaking against their self-interest.

  26. Anonymous7:02 PM

    You can't treason with ignorance, people. One of the reasons is that people can only debate up to the level of their own intelligence. They literally do NOT get what you are saying when you go off message.

    that's why they are drawn to authoritarian government like Palin, Bush - you know, thepeople who never blink. That kind of sureness comforts the more ignorant among us.

    I'm not even trying to be rude; there's just no other way to say it.

    Stop trying to debate and explain. It just makes ingorant people angry, because they're like a dog that you're playing with, but they don't see where the toy went, because once you get into an area where thought is required, they are lost.

    When you're dealing with these kinds of limited people, they become enraged easily. Add to that their belief that liberals are the devil (no one but a real simptleon could believe something so ignorant) and you have a moronic thug ready to beat you up for citing a fact.

    leave it alone. Don't engage. Truly, there isn't any purpose. Keep an eye on the stupid from afar, because it can be dangeorus. Luckily, they all follow Palin, so it's easy to keep track of them- but don't engage.

  27. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I watched the McLaughlin Report tonight, and they had a discussion about the issue of end-of-life counselling. The conservative, Monica Crowley, said that these issues were so private that the decission should be private, only between the patient and the doctor with no government interference.

    What a hypocrite! When it comes to a different decission, at the beginning of life, at a time when the woman may have been raped, may not survive a pregnancy, has any number of personal reasons to want to discuss the possibility of terminating her pregnancy-- that is a discussion best interferred with by government.

    For that matter, let's go a little further back, even before conception. Under the Bush administration, aid workers in Africa and Asia wanting to prevent the spread of aids and unwanted pregnancies were not allowed to use the C-word, condoms. They could not discuss birth control options and the means to prevent spreading aids to innocent unborn children.

    This same lack of communication accounts for the lack of sex education. Government sure can intrude in that private conversation, too, also. Sorry, they just can't pick and choose.

    We have certainly had the end-of-life conversation on TV. In an early episode of The Sopranos, Livia, the mean mother, discussed DNR (a do not resuscitate order) with her grandson, who managed to get it confused with DNA which he was studying in school. The Sopranos could discuss it and we can't.

  28. Hey StraightGoods 5:37pm...funny Shannyn just mentioned on her show tonight how it's been A MONTH since she received her threatening letter from the Palin legal team, and well, it's gone no further, no suit, no nothing, so methinks that Gryphen may as well just be the victim of a hateful legal letter and well no followup what so ever

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but it seems the Palin legal team is just into outing and berating, but not really suing.

  29. Anonymous7:15 PM

    It's time to bring up the Terri Schiavo cas again. If you do not discuss power of attorney, end of life issues, you could be involved in a tragic auto accident, lose all abilities, be brain dead, and kept alive by tubes and pumps at extraordinary cost- emotional and financial- to your family-- think Terri Schiavo. (That was a case where the government inserted itself in a family disagreement).

    No one wants to think that mean greedy relatives would pull the plug before all medical options were exercised. But, suppose all medial possibilities were exhausted, and after considerable time and consultation, there was nothing but a Terri Schiavo future ahead. Each person has to make their own personal decision as to what is appropriate for them. They should make it in consultation with their loved ones, and perhaps a doctor, even a lawyer.

    What we don't need is Sarah Palin scare tactics, calling it a death panel. She is really good at whipping up a mob to a frenzy, what a terrifying skill! So, she's back from her long silence. Let's face it, she didn't write that hit piece, some one wrote it for her. Do you think that she has actually read anything by Orwell and Sowell? It also came with good timing to distract us from the latest federal charge of bribery (Alaska Report). So I guess that this time she's not the Hockey Mom, Sarah is the Pit Bull.

  30. A simple way to look at this is: the bill provides a free service from a doctor. If you don't take advantage of the FREE consultation, you can pay an attorney to give you the SAME information!!!

    Wouldn't everyone want to get the info. FREE instead of paying an attorney several hundred dollars for the SAME info?

    As others have mentioned, everyone should have these documents. They are "directions" about what to do if/when a person is very, very sick. That's all it is.

  31. Anonymous7:16 PM


    I so much appreciate your comment. I could not believe anyone in the public eye could fake a pregnancy. There is one photo that throws my disbelief out the window.

    I've tried to get a reasonable answer to understand how Sarah Palin went from this shape on March 26, 2008:
    To this shape on April 13, 2008

    I don't know when she spent time in Juneau or how often you saw her. I don't see how a pregnancy would develop as these photos show. She is in Texas a week later from April 13 and she looks less protruding. More protruding from March 26. Those are just a few of the unexplainable questions. No one who believes she was pregnant is willing to explain.

    That does not change the reprehensible manner in which she treated the baby on the campaign tour. I know people who once supported her, what changed their mind is when she flew back from Texas as she did. They call it a "fundie abortion."

  32. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Anonymous 7:16pm

    Thanks for the comparison. Any reasonable person looking at those two pictures would have to question Sarah's pregnancy. Maybe we need to put them side by side and give the two pics a catchy name. It is really the 18 day difference that makes the point.

  33. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Lovemarzipan I live in Juneau and no one I know thinks Sarah was pregnant. Sorry to disagree but there are lots of Alaskans who truly believe Trig was Bristols. People are afraid to talk about it. Thank God Gryphen has the nerve. And it will come out.

  34. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Can't wait for Levi's book. After all, he absolutely knows if Bristol is Trig's mother. And the way he lovingly looked at Trig at the RNC, it sure looks like he is Trig's father.

    If it is all a big myth that Bristol and Levi are Trig's parents, then Levi's book will be a logical place to slay the myth. You know there are a lot of rumors out there that Trig is my son and those rumors are simply not true. I personally saw Sarah Palin pregnant and I know for a fact that she gave birth to Trig. Levi has never said that even though he has had a million opportunities to dispel the rumors. If he ignores the subject in his book and doesn't attempt to quell the rumors, well, that will speak volumes.

  35. Just_a_Mote7:59 PM

    To Ella @5:48 PM

    To me your post indicated that you are a Healthcare reform proponent. I read it as you being emphatic about the importance of pointing out that the lies used by opponents on this particular issue (the 'Death Panel' lies) need to be loudly countered with the truth. Of course all the lies need to be exposed but this lie is especially vile.

  36. Lisabeth7:59 PM

    I can't believe how stupid these commenters are. What is in the plan has nothing to do with children. You are being lied to. Haven't you Heard of a living will? This clause was put into the plan by a Republican!! It reimburses a doctor for talking with a patient about end of life planning!!! Doctors do it for free now. There is no panel. Notalib you are incredibly uninformed, I feel sorry for you! It's truly a shame how uneducated people are about health care. Do you people think health insurers care about you?? They are much colder and more ruthless then the government. People are dying every day because of lack of health care and or insurers denying treatment. They are making millions of dollars off your ignorance. You are being scared by them and thebRepublucans and stupid people like Palin are behind it. You people are so stupid you don't realize you are being used by the people you support. You are so dense you don't see that President Obama wants health care for all.

    Gryphen I am sorry these people are back here attacking you. I don't like to call people stupid, but they are. It's really very sad and it's despicable of Fox and the Republicans to feed them such nonsense. It's all about money. And Palin is an extremely ignorant and nasty woman. She is as evil as they come. Pure evil.

  37. As a nurse and a mom that had a special needs baby ( a premie), I worry about this baby, now a toddler, poor little guy, I saw one video she made for some special needs group and Trig had glasses on and hearing aids, I am confused - WHY do we never see him with these in the photo ops- is he getting the care he needs ? Is he getting speech and PT and OT, is he getting mom time ? Special Needs babies need alot of care and extra TLC and especially the first couple of years to help their developement.....

    I am not trying to be critical- but it worries me and breaks my heart every time I see him lugged around at these events like a sack of potatoes...

  38. ABOUT the End of Life Counseling that is offered in HR3200, it is making sure that Families have a time that is PAID for with the doctor- as it is now- the Doctor has this discussion PRO BONO or the family pays for it out of their pocket- it has NEVER been covered by Medicare or Insurance.

    ( I have worked Hospice- as a 20 yr+ RN....I can not tell you how often I have had to make emergency phone calls to families and doctors when these wishes and orders were not clarified or worked out clearly enough in advance).

  39. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Who is willing to bet that Sarah cannot sit and have a rational and reasoned discussion on this subject.

    It's one thing to give canned answers via a spokesperson, but to actually sit and articulate your fears, your reasoning, and your own ideas for workable solutions is entirely a different matter and I'd bet that Palin can't do it.

    She is good at giving out generic talking points, and basic hate speech, as we have all seen, but let's see her sit down with an interviewer that isn't a fox shill and explain her issues with health-care, and her solutions. Then I would like to see her explain the problems that people faced in Alaska and why she didn't do more to fix those problems since she seems to be more than a little comfortable complaining about President Obama's idea's. Perhaps she could also explain what it is like for people with special needs children who face problems every single day with insurance for their children, or what it is like for people who have no insurance, who have lost a job and are unable to get covered because cobra has run out and now they have a "pre-existing condition" that keeps them from getting insurance even if they can find a job with an employer who offers insurance. You won't see it.

    She is simply talk. No Substance.


  40. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Well, you know, bree's video tells the whole story. Hey, here's a link....

    And, the WH reporter only needed to repeat Palin's experience with Medicare, and the actions of the Federal Government to protect Americans...

    These need to be sent out to the world.

  41. Lisabeth8:21 PM

    I know I shouldn't try to reason or explain anything to people like notalib or juju. They are completely brainwashed by morons like Limbaugh and Palin. It's pathetic. I do not care if people have positive suggestions for health care reform but they are spreading lies and blatently false information. God where do these ignorant people come from. It makes me want to cry. They are so uneducated. But we can't save them -it's too late. We have to fight for the future of our country for education and for health care for all Americans. And we must make sure that negative influences/idiots like Palin are never elected to office. She is a dangerous dangerous and immoral woman. I don't know why she hates America so much.

  42. Anonymous8:42 PM

    The manner in which SP has treated her son Trig is very disheartening. She hid the pregnancy until well into her 3rd trimester. She seemed proud that she endangered his life on the "wild ride" from Texas to Alaska...dripping amniotic fluid no less. She went in front of an audience and stated that she had thought of aborting him. Does she think that just because Trig has Downs Syndrome he won't someday understand that he wasn't wanted? Does she think he doesn't have the same human feelings any other child has? Her use of him as a prop sickens me.

  43. ella - I apologize if I misconstrued your comment. My husband has been a member of a Hospital Ethics Committee. This is a horrendously difficult position to be in - because for most physicians, knowledge and information trump emotion.

    EVERYONE must prepare a medical directive/medical power of attorney. We all have issues, thoughts, hopes, dreams and last wishes.

    The medical community often postulates that 50% of ALL medical dollars are spent in the last 30 days of life - most often because people have not sat down with family, friends, attorney to express what they want under which conditions.

    Many decisions are based upon the specific conditions. For example, if due to some unfortunate type of poisoning, your kidneys are knocked out, you can survive with the TRANSIENT assistance of kidney/renal dialysis. This is much different from actual chronic permanent kidney failure.

    Then again, if Glenn Beck poisons your wine, as a Republican Joke, I'm not sure if dialysis will help you.

  44. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Hey Gryphen - now you have made Maureen Dowd's column in the New York Times. She calls you a "maverick".

  45. How does SP get away with it? Her followers take her every word as gospel. Her own actions (or rather in-actions) as Governor have resulted in the deaths of more than 200 frail and elderly folk (due to mismanagement of Alaska's home and personal care services programs), yet she's ranting about President Obama's 'death panel' being a threat to the wellbeing of her parents or Trig?

    Bill Maher quotes some extraordinary statistics about the dumbing down of America that could explain why her fan base is generally so ignorant. Check out his latest New Rules here:

    Very funny!

  46. Anonymous11:35 PM

    hey all, did you see Palin's speech writer in you tube? Progressive Alaska posted the video.

  47. Anonymous4:40 AM

    WIll you people wise up IT IS not free. Maybe free for the freeloaders and cracjkaddicts and liberals who make a living off the government, but for people like myself who actually work and pay taxes will just now be paying for MY healthcare and the lazy deadbeats of ACORN.

  48. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Gryphen! I hope you don't mind that I sent the link to your "Splitsville" column to Maureen Dowd of the NY Times.

  49. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Don't forget that the day after Bush took office he signed a bill to cancel millions in aid to women in Africa. These millions provided the following for pregnant women there: 1) A sterile plastic sheet to lay down on when giving birth to a baby 2) a razor to cut off the umbilical cord post birth and 3) string to tie it off and staunch the bleeding.

    He cut this aid off, which had already been in place for years in past administrations and had been helping millions of pregnant women.

    Really pro-life, eh?

    And this was because the organizations that provided this for the pregnant women sometimes mentioned abortion as an OPTION in their literature, but these organizations did not PROVIDE or ACTIVELY ADVOCATE abortion in any way.

    Bunch of cocksuckers, every Repubnican that has ever lived. Pro-life really means "pro=lie." As in "Believe the lie that we give a shit about children, pregnant women, and babies. Even though it's about as truthful as McCain's fitness for being President."

  50. Gryphen, You caught Maureen Dowd's eye. Check out today's NYT.

  51. I am so sick of Sarah using her children the way she does.
    Can't someone who lives in her town call Child Services on her regarding Trigg? Or does Palin still weild so much power.
    She treats Trigg like a prop, just as you have said. And Piper acts like she is the Mother. It's not right to saddle a child with that kind of responsibility.
    I am a mother of five. My youngest is especially close to my middle child as she was a preteen when he was born. I was working two jobs out of necessity. My daughter wanted to take care of my baby all the time. While I appreciated her help, you cannot saddle a child with a child. It's wrong. My baby was not bornn with any kind of disabilities either which require special attention.
    So Sarah, are you going to let a 7 yr old raise her baby brother? At least hire a qualified Nanny you effin Ninny.

  52. I already had this discussion with my MD.

    My mother did not and it was hell when she became seriously ill. She recovered and we and her MD made her have the discussion she did not want to have about her health care choices.
    My sister and I and her MD helped her to decide what she wanted to do. We did not force her and the decisions were not made that day.
    But when the worst happened, my sister and I knew what she wanted. She did not die in the origional hospital, but having her paper work transferred with her, made her dying less painful for her(she was kept very comfortable according to her wishes) and helpedd us accept her death.
    The fact that Palin and the rest of these lying, unethical republicans are using this clause in the health care debate is dispicable.
    Why do the haves(republicans) do not want to take care of others? Jesus commanded us to and yet? The supposed christians, who are so much better then us, ignore what they want to.Or, choose not to follow Jesus teaching's when it affects their own wallets

  53. majii5:51 AM

    The opponents of healthcare reform on the right will stoop to any level. I just saw an ad on CNN pushing the lie that hc reform will allow the government to kill the elderly. These folks don't care that they're lying to millions of Americans for profit. AARP is trying to counter these lies by using a FAQs approach by stating the misconceptions and telling seniors the facts. I hope that seniors take advantage of this information, but my fear is that a lot of them will dismiss them and focus on what the mouthpieces on the right tell them. Palin, Limbaugh, Coulter, Bachmann, and all the rest of them have not read the "bill" because no final bill exists at this time, only bills from Congressional committees. The level of venom and lies being pushed by those on the right is evil because they know that the bottom-line of what they're doing is to turn public opinion against anything the president and the majority of Americans want, and to pretend otherwise is truly shameful.

  54. Palin cites Michelle Bachmann as a credible source?!? Nough said.

  55. 'A Response to Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" Comment from a Parent of a Child with Special Needs' is the title of an excellent piece on the MOMocrats blog.

    Here's the link:

  56. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:25 AM

    I have to agree with penelope that that last pic...buttercup and Trig...she must of not known a camera was on her, she looks again, like she's dragging a rag doll around and her face...HER FACE,her expression is the shittiest expressions I have ever seen. She looks like shes out picking up Moose nuggets in her back yard or something, certainly not holding a precious child.
    She is a vile, disgusting POS. Now lets hear more on the BRIBERY CHARGES!!!

  57. AlaskaGal098:09 AM

    Why is Palin bringing her child to the forefront of the media? How many times have we heard Palin whining, "Leave my kids alone!" They did. Now she is starving for attention, so she uses her Down Syndrome child to get attention once again in the media. She should be more concerned about getting him the early intervention therapies he needs as a DS baby. How many times have we heard Palin say that children with special needs have a friend in her and she will fight for them. Well, Alaskans know her as having a short attention span. The National Down Syndrome Congress does support health care reform, (DS is considered an existing condition.) Palin does not support health care reform! Looks like that friendship has fallen along the wayside.

    Why would "Obama's Health Plan" be a detriment to Palin's "DS child"? Unless Palin has forgotten - she is married to an Alaska Native, therefore her DS child has access to FREE medical care through a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT program. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is legally bound to provide free health care coverage to Alaska native peoples in exchange for lands and mineral rights received over about 200 years. Also, because Palin's child has DS, he has access to many free GOVERNMENT programs for therapies and education.

    As for her concern for her parents and the elderly. Well, Palin should have been concerned for the elderly people of Alaska while she was governor. She didn't have time to tend to their needs - her job as governor of Alaska got in the way of her photo ops and partying. Under Palin's reign, the "Palin Death Panel" came about. In a span of 2 years 254 elderly people died while waiting to see if they qualified for Medicaid and Medicare Assistance; these people died because of neglect by state agencies headed by Palin. See the Alaska Daily News article of July 14, 2009 "Troubled Alaska Health Programs Face Federal Restriction -

    Further, Obama's "death panel" is in the delusional minds of Palin and her Republican cronies. "Such a system is downright evil" Palin says. Looks like Palin is trying to project herself onto Obama. "Evil is as evil does." Since Palin thinks she is God's "chosen one," I am sure she is familiar with Matthew 7:15 (King James) "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Palin and the Republicans are the wolves preaching hate, lies and using terroristic tactics to frighten the poor and elderly.

    And, lastly, to have both Palin and Stapleton on the same Facebook account commenting on things they know nothing about - now, that's scary!

  58. Sarah Palin is a unfit mother.
    SP used all her children during the campaign...and continues to do so.
    Everyone has seen just how many times little Piper had Trig in her care. Piper always appeared as the MAIN CARETAKER for Trig.
    SP has not let down the citizen's of Alaska..she has shown a lack of maternal knowledge towards all her children. SP is defenitly an unfit mother..a disgrace to the many wonderful mothers in Alaska.

  59. Sorry...above should read. SP HAS NOT ONLY LET DOWN THE CITIZENS OF Alaska......

  60. notalib: Why don't you wise up? First of all, it becomes a "covered service" (NOT FREE but a service that Medicare covers).
    Do you plan to participate in Medicare? Do you pay into social security? Because if you truly hate health care you probably should at this point, just totally opt out, go live in the woods, and take care of yourself.
    Secondly, the word "Acorn" is a Republican talking point. It gives away "trolldom" and lack of intelligent thought, especially when it is tossed out with nothing attached to it. How does "Acorn" threaten you and your access to Health care?

    Perhaps a thoughtful response? Or if you just want to continue to bleat talking points, we'll all understand and it will show us if you are capable of actual real thinking.

  61. notalib: So here's the deal. This is NOT the place to spew right wing wack job talking points ok? Many of us are or have been involved in the health care field. We can separate truth from lying fiction.

    You choose to believe as you wish ok? On the other hand, I will continue to support President Obama and his attempts to try and HELP people in our great country.

    I did notice, your iconic BrainDeadGoddess very openly omitted a particular category of individuals in her recent speech. The POOR.

    None of us here would EVER believe she would care about THE POOR. And we all know how she feels about people of color.

    If you fall into the POOR category, you're toast to her. Have fun.

  62. Wow, notaluv is's a thought...stop paying taxes, and deal with the consequences. People like you have really no insight into the real cost you are already paying since out healthcare system is so broken. You are already paying for the uninsured in your high premiums, deductibles, pharmacuetical prices, and doctor/hospitals.

    Let me break it down to a third grade level. When uninsured or underinsured folks do get to a doctor or hospital and can't pay or their insurance denies their claims, all of us insured folk' premiums and cost of doctor visits rise to absorb the cost. WHy does a doctor charge outrageous amounts of money for a 30 minute visit? Think about it.

    Your insurance company determines what kind of care you receive, not you and your doctor. If you haven't realized that by now, you never will. It is a total racket, and we are being raped daily by the insurance companies and health care facilities.

  63. Anonymous12:32 PM

    In reply to Gryphen:
    Re the photo, yep, her neck was much thinner before the pregnancy, and is again now ... and -- No, no one was thinking she was pregnant, everyone just thought she'd gained weight. But put on a pair of SPANX and it's amazing what you can hide... (Oprah changed the world by introducing us to Spanx.) Honestly, this really is a non-issue for those of us who saw her frequently. I think she's totally incompetent, and am glad she resigned, but harping on this makes as much sense as going off on Obama's birth certificate!

  64. She is not a good adviser for health care plan...

  65. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Let me tell you about my insurance. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, with my insurance we are allowed to use any hopsital and clinic we choose. Because of this my wife was able to select the doctor she wanted to remove the cancer, the doctor she wanted for reconstruction and the doctor for her followup care. After paying $2700 out of pocket expenses the remainder of the bill has been covered by insurance, close to $60,000. Now do you think Obama Care would allow her to select HER medical team like this, or would she be at the mercy to whomever they could find the most cost effective? She had 4 surgeries in July and will have probably 2 more before it is all over. All covered 100% by my PRIVATE insurance.

  66. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Matt Damon and Martha Stewart, are right on the dollar.
    Sarah, your hate and anger is beyond dangerous. Let's pray that America can realize that the hate she shows is frightening not of a lady or a American. What scares me more that American's want to support her. I now realize with her that end times are very close. I pray for Sarah, to show love and obey the laws of the land and have respect for the President in office.

    Reverend Trey Noran


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