Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Insider panel grills Levi on Trig parentage. Dayum! Well somebody sure is paying attention!

I am glad that Levi put that whole "affair with Sarah" story to rest. There was NEVER any evidence to suggest that and people were going a little off of the reservation with that one.

Okay so now that Levi has gone public with his statement that Trig is Sarah's baby, I can confirm that I knew Trig was not Bristol or Levi's baby for about six months now. And I know that is very confusing to those following "babygate" to digest. When I first heard that I was confused as well.

However afterward I heard another piece of information which went a long ways toward explaining what actually DID happen, and why Bristol was hidden away in Anchorage for so many months.

Levi knows this as well, but I don't think he is ready to talk about it yet. Until he, or another source in the know, explain this I cannot go any further. I am sorry, as I know how frustrating this is, but I made an agreement.

I will give you this hint, which I have mentioned in the past, the key to this mystery is in the birth dates.

So then the question remains, "Who IS Trig's biological mother?" And I have to admit that I STILL don't know. And I don't believe that the pool of people who DO know, is very large. I am not sure that even Bristol knows.

All I can say with any certainty is that Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to him on April 18, 2008!

Update: I decided to address some of the questions and criticisms here because it would be lost in the flurry of comments coming in today.

Somebody asked, Midnight Cajun I believe, WHY I did not say that Bristol was not Trig's mom back when I first heard it. To be honest, I had trouble accepting it. I walked around for a while trying to fit it in with what I had come to believe about "babygate". I went back to my source at least four times before I accepted it completely.

After that I did not originally post about it because NOBODY would have believed it. You can see today how hard it is for people to accept and that is after Levi has done these interviews and you have heard hints from me these last few months alluding to that fact. If I had just come out and said it, with NO confirmation from anybody, it would have been dismissed out of hand.

Now Kathleen asked why I said back on Sept. 2, "Just ask yourself this question, "When would Sarah Palin be most likely to fake a pregnancy and then adopt her daughter's baby? When she was mostly out of the public eye as the Governor of an "off the radar" state like Alaska? Or while standing on a stage in front of millions of possible voters and camera crews?"

This was in response to Levi's statement that Sarah wanted to adopt Tripp. I was not confirming that Trig was Bristol's baby, I was asking why Sarah would want to adopt her daughter's baby right when she was being considered for a VP pick? The talk about Sarah being a possible VP pick had already started before April 2008. If it was going to be a straight up adoption how would you explain taking on an infant while running to be the Vice President of the United States? And if you were planning to fake your own pregnancy would it not have made sense to do so before the national media was watching your every move? This was one of my first attempts to get people to start thinking about the birth dates.

There is a line of logic that continues on from the above paragraph. I cannot just come out in say it because that betrays my agreement. I apologize, but I also want you to keep in mind that if I HAD simply put everything I learned on this blog back in May or June I would NEVER have learned another thing. My sources would have never trusted me again. So when I tell you I am saying as much as I can, you are just going to have to accept that or decide to walk away. Your choice.

But do keep in mind what I have said in the past, and how much has been confirmed by Levi and other sources. There are a lot of facts and rumors that we know now that we certainly did not know back in the spring.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when Levi says he knows some HUGE things, he is not exaggerating one little bit. And there are others who are waiting in the wings as well. Author Joe McGinnis said that people in Wasilla could not wait to talk to him. And boy does HE have some stories to tell.


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    The only way that Mercede could hold baby Trig in that photo and call him her baby brother would be if either Sherry or Keith Johnston was one of the parents. Should we start an on-line guessing pool: My vote is Todd & Sherry. (I don't know how that explains mommy-in-law).

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Morning Gryphen,
    There seems to be a contradiction in these two statements, or am I missing something in your post?

    "Okay so now that Levi has gone public with his statement that Trig is Sarah's baby,..." and, "All I can say with any certainty is that Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to him on April 18, 2008!"

  3. WTH? This is crazy.
    Was Bristol at some point pregnant with a baby prior to Tripp that was not Trig? Did it die after birth? Was it aborted?
    So Trig is the duck that Bristol was going to have to mother?, for her mother, but Bristol did not birth him?
    I thinkBristol was pregnant with some baby, perhaps not Trig. Was she tricked into a bay switch for a trisomy 21 baby that fit Palin's needs?
    Am i close?

  4. childhoodloveofcows8:21 AM

    Hmm. Patrick, Kathleen, and Prochoice Grandma seem to be quite certain that Trig is Bristol's child, born early 2008.

    Ever think you're getting played?

  5. WTH? This is crazy!
    Was Bristol pregnant with another baby prior to Tripp that was not Trig? Did that baby die or get aborted or get adopted out in a trade for a trisomy 21 Trig that better fit Palin's needs? Is Trig the "duck" Bristol was going to have to "mother"?
    Am I close?
    I think Bristol was pregnant twice.I think Sarah wasn't pregnant a 5th time.

  6. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Thank you, Gryphen!

  7. Anonymous8:26 AM

    When Bristol told a friend on some myspace post that she would be mothering that duck, who was she talking to? THAT person knows.

    A lot of people say that Bristol and Miss Wasilla went to NYC to get an abortion and maybe they did.

    THAT knowledge would bring her down, if Levi knew.

  8. Anonymous8:26 AM

    My comment is not about your "Babygate" news.

    As a First Nations member, I am somewhat discouraged by the use of "off the reservation" as a common phrase. This is like saying: "Off the place of imposed exile" or "Off the place of forced containment." Have we forgotten that reservations were set up by the government by force and involved the genocide of First Nations members in order to get them "on the reservation"? I hear it on the MSM and it offends me there as well.

  9. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:32 AM

    If Grifter adopted Trig, Trig is "HER" baby, legally.
    I still think TriG was Tripp until they found out he had DS then T1 became TriG and Levi talking about the quitter wanting to adopt Tripp is true.
    I had heard the rumor that all of Wasilla knew that Bristol was pregnant not sarah, from a comment made in SF chron.The guy said he visits a prominent lawyer in Wasilla, and it was common knowledge.
    I think the wild ride was TriG coming home early from the hospital, b/c he had been in a Pedi-ICU for sometime, and that prompt the 'wild ride' story. It would make not a lick of sense for the queen to want to adopt T2 during a run for VP or any other time for that matter. No she adopted TriG.
    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it ;-)
    JMO...of course! :)

  10. But you have not stated that SP is infact Trig's bio mother. Which leads me to believe; Trig is the bio son of SP's sister.

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  12. Anonymous8:35 AM

    The story that Trig is Bristol's baby has been a speculative sidewhow for some time. The real issue is whether Sarah Plain gave birth to Trig.

  13. Anonymous8:36 AM

    So, Bristol had a baby prior to Tripp #2 and named him Tripp (making Tripp #1). She then gave him up for adoption. She then got pregnant again, had another boy and named him Tripp (making Tripp #2). Sarah, in the meantime, finds a DS baby she adopts, fakes the pregnany and throws Bristol under the bus. Is this close or just plain crazy?

  14. emrysa8:37 AM

    wow gryphen. not bristol or levi's?

    in my mind there was only 3 options - either it was bristol's, or it was todd's from an affair, or it was track's. now that we (know?) it's not bristols, that leaves two option.

    was sarah blackmailed into taking the baby? and she took him just to hide that todd was having an affair? wow would someone really go that far to keep up appearances?

    now I am leaning towards the track theory.

    but is it possible that something happened and sarh gave birth to him on dec 27, 5 months premature, and they thought he was going to die, so they waited it out? then she had to fake it when the baby lived a few more months?

    what I don't get is that you say the key to this mystery is in the birthdates, but yet you don't know who the bio mother is. how do those 2 things square with each other? just thinking out loud, gryphen, I'm not being accusatory. wow another crazy turn in the wasilla hillbillies saga.

  15. Gryphen,
    Am I right? Is Trig Todd's baby with another woman? And Sarah was forced to take the baby for her own political ambitions to cover it up? It would account for the looks of distain everytime she held him.
    By the way, if anyone knows...there was one video clip awhile ago with Trig wearing glasses(and i thought he looked cute) why are all the others after that without glasses? Are they trying to make him "look right" by not allowing hime the help with his vision he needs.
    As for anon at 8:26 I agree with you completely, for some reason even the people who are politically correct about speaking in terms of other races still downgrade Native Americans and First Nation members.
    Little Rabbit
    Fond du Lac tribe of Ojibwe

  16. i think its time to drop the whole babygate thing. i love your site and no offence, but its kinda getting a little bit Orly Taitz here and your chasing away people who really want to know the facts yknow.... if you knew Trig was not Bristol and Levi's kid, say it, its not a big deal at all... anyone listening to Levi knows he's telling the truth and we should probably move on.... for the best of everyone involved. all respect....

  17. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Will you tell us if we guess?

    At one point, my theory was that Sarah gave birth to Trig, in, say, Jan or February, but was in such denial about it because Todd was not the father, that she kept it secret, then, unexpectedly gave birth very prematurely, and could not bring herself to announce it publically, and then faked the pregnancy in March and early April until the baby was ready to be discharged.

    Another of my theories was that Sarah, being in her forties and thinking she was too old to get pregnant, did get pregnant but didn't realize it until she went into labor unexpectedly and early, and was too embarrassed to announce it publically, and did the fake pregnancy thing, again, as above, in March and early APril, until the baby was ready to be discharged.

    This still leaves the whole Bristol problem. I DO think she was pregnant in those "Christmas" photos at the Juneau mansion, and therefore I have thought it most likely that SHE is the mother of Trig. However, if, as others have suggested, her mother took her to NYC to get her an abortion, and then sent her away to Aunt Molly's house afterwards so that someone would keep a closer eye on her than either Sarah or Todd could do, then that could explain that. Or, Bristol may not have gotten an abortion, but still was talked into giving the baby up for adoption.....in which case we are totally justified in thinking that baby is hers not Sarah's, even if the baby Bristol had is NOT Trig.

    HOWEVER, posters have speculated that Sarah "adopted" a baby through her church, with the help of Dr. CBJ, and I had previously thought that was very unlikely for her to have just up and adopted some baby for the heck of it that was not biologically related to her, but, ya know, nothing seems out of the question now. She is just so incredibly Looney Tunes that I could now envision her doing it if she thought a DS baby would make her look good. Besides, Todd and Bristol and the others would end up taking care of said baby anyway, so it's not like Sarah herself had to do much work, other than the one month fake belly and carting him around "work" for a month.

    However, again, how to explain the Mercede pictures and the Levi pictures with Triggybear???

    Could it really be plausible that Sherry J. is really the mother? Could this also be the reason for the drug sting; to reitterate to her that she needed to keep her mouth shut? I don't know why Sherry would give up the baby though. She really seems to want to take care of Tripp--and being sent to jail kinda puts a big stop to that.

    Gryphen, you have me very confused.

    Again, can you maybe do the "warmer"/"colder" game with us? Except you say you don't know who the bio mother is, so, I don't know at this point how much help you're gonna be. :(

  18. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Even I don't think Miss Wasilla adopted a DS baby ONLY because it would help her political career. There has to be another reason. It was a plus, for sure, but there has to be another reason to adopt this child.

    She could NOT have given birth earlier, like Dec 27. Don't we have photo evidence from that time?

    Just tell me that this will all come out and in time to stop the QueenTeabagger.

  19. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I never thought Trig was Bristol's baby. That never made sense to me. Even though some people on this blog are getting upset about the long drawn out secrecy, I feel that this cover-up will be uncovered at the appropo time. Right now, it could just draw more sympathy for SP by her "followers" and backfire. They will make her a hero(ine) out of it. And the tabloids will make her more amazing and "special." I like her burying herself with her stupidity and narcissism.

  20. I don't know that I care who actually did give birth to Trig. I do care that Sarah felt the need to fake a pregnancy, either to cover for someone (indicating some kind of shame involvement) or to further her own polital agenda. Either way, she's a liar.

  21. SHeeeeeit.
    Maybe Trig really is Sarah's from an affair, she gave birth in Dec and didn't know if the baby would live or not, and when he did look like he would survive and she was on the short list of VP candidates, she went on with the completion of the pregnancy by faking it.
    At the same time, Bristol had been pregnant the first time and aborted first baby, then got pregnant a second time. Bristol was put in charge of Sarahs premie baby, was at the NICU with Sarah's premie as punishment for the abortion or as a convoluted cover up for Sarah's affair.
    The truth really is a cluster fuk as many have speculated, and I now believe. TRuths and half truths all mixed in there. Bottom line - none of it is good for family values Christian Right Sarah.

  22. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I vote for Frank in LI... Trigg is the child of Sarah's sister. He may or may not also be the child of Trooper Wooten. They were trying to hide the baby from Wooten for some reason.

    This guess is based on no factual evidence, it would just make an interesting story.

  23. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Midnight Cajun, do you consider the possibility that under his adolescent he-man bluster, that Levi is a born baby-lover? Even if Trig is not his child, it is possible that he spent enough time with the boy to become genuinely fond of him.

  24. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Maybe Trig is Track's with Sherry Johnson. That way the baby IS Mercede's true brother on at least half of the family.
    The addiction both of those people had to drugs could explain Trig's birth defects. Paying Sherry for drugs with sex would make sure Sarah did not find out about Track blowing money for drugs.

  25. ICstraightsSEAK9:01 AM

    Do you guys remember when Todd Palin's sister got aressted for robbing some dudes house (almost getting her head blown off)in Wasilla with her/a 4 yr old in tow?
    Wasn't she an addict too?
    Don't you all think that SHE MIGHT be the mother of T2?! I never heard another word of Todd's sister in the news.
    It seems to me that this is the perfect oppritunity to adopt a special needs baby from someone who could not take care of it...anyone?

  26. Anonymous9:02 AM

    You are an attention whore. You have lost all credibility. If you know something is not true (Trig is not Bristol's baby) and don't refute it, you are indeed perpetuating it. Look at the comments above. You are stringing these people along. You are accepting advertising revenue from Palins book to help keep this farce afloat. You are no better than Palin and your minions are about as intelligent as hers.

  27. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Gryphen, what started the affair rumor was Levi's statement in Vanity Fair that Sarah told him she kept a gun in a box under her bed and she wanted his help with it.

  28. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Come on Gryph.... you're making us crazy now.

    So if Trig was not born of Bristol and Levi, then who? It is obvious that both Bristol and Levi were parenting from early on and bonded with this child, so that leads me to believe there is a connection between him and Levi.

    So the only thing that makes sense is that Sherri gave birth to him and Track is the father. Trig is Levi's half-brother and Bristol's nephew (which also explaind Mercede's picture captions on MySpace). Sherri's hysterectomy story was a plant to the media (but perhaps the birth did ultimately result in a hysterectomy for her) to keep anyone from even speculating down that path.

    And the drug bust was part of making sure she shut up for good and even if she ever did talk no one would believe a convicted drug offender. And Keith couldn't handle the knowledge that she had been having a fling with someone just a year or two older than their son and he flew the coop.

    Track was banished -- join the army or else. Interesting how he is the only family member that was never photographed holding him at the RNC convention.

    Just tell me if I am on the right path here... Please :)

  29. OK .. gonna weigh in here.

    The reason this babygate story keeps its momentum is that as presented by Sarah, it makes no sense.

    I don't know who Trig's bio Mom is ... I have always had reservations about it being Bristol and Levi's and his recent comments, to me, seem to be skirting the issue deliberately. He has A LOT riding on keeping this story alive, that is his main claim to fame right now. So he is deliberately using language that teeters on the edge, language that keeps both sides convinced that they are right.

    The MAIN POINT of all of this is: Did Sarah give birth to Trig or not? It doesn't matter WHO is the Bio Mom, people! It matters ONLY that she may have lied, deceived and used that baby for political reasons. She is on record as 'being pregnant' ... she is on record as 'having given birth' (complete with a Dr's Statement!) and she is on record are DENYING rumours about Trig. SO, if/when it turns out that she was NOT pregnant, did NOT give birth, and did NOT go ahead with a pregnancy that she knew would result with a Down's Syndrome child, then her whole persona is shattered.

    The most glaring 'impossible to believe' aspect of all of this, is the story about Trig's 'birth' and her Wild Ride (ty Bree for that!) from Texas to AK ...

    Gryphen, I hope you can soon go 'on the record' with all the threads needed to weave this story into a solid tapestry.. there are too many holes in it now.

    What has always amazed me most about it all, is how many DOGS ARE NOT BARKING in AK .. on EITHER side!

  30. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Unbelievable Gryphen! You claim that Levi has gone public saying Trig is Sarah's baby! And then you use that as a reason for you being able to say that Trig is not Bristol's!!!!

    Heheh, and now you say you know more that you can't tell because of an agreement.

    Right Gryphen, and ducks don't swim either!

  31. Anonymous9:14 AM

    From the time she stepped out on the national stage, I didn't believe SP was the biological mother of that baby with DS. Too perfect, and I stated early on I couldn't have written a better script myself.

    The photos do indicate that her daughter gained weight, but birth control pills cause weight gain. There is a great difference in Bristol's weight as shown in a picture dated 07-19-08 where she's wearing a tight brown jacket, and five or so weeks later when Bristol stepped out on the national stage looking stuffed to five months.

    I am more incline to believe that SP's religious fanatical group wanted SP on the ticket with a sure win, so they pressured a mother carrying a baby with DS to turn the baby over to SP; God's work and all. Maybe that early morning phone call originated from Alaska because the mother was having second thoughts! And maybe Levi has been letting the mother know through the press how SP really treats the baby by calling it a derogatory name. Poor little one.

    The plot thickens.

  32. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Lord Have Mercy......let me grab a beer & take some drugs in my double wide trailer. These folks seem to be fornicating like gerbils. Where is William Faulkner when you need him? I realize is very cold & the winters very long but really these folks need to find another form of activity. Before you know it you mother is also your sister & your first cousin. I don't mean this to be mean spirited but there will be lots of babies genetically predisposed to retardation if folks don't know who is who. Oh god, I'm going to be in trouble for that.

  33. ginny9:17 AM

    Wow, I have to wonder whose informants are more trustworthy: yours or Regina and Patricks? The only thing I know for sure is that there is no way Palin was 7 months pregnant when she announced her "pregnancy" in March 08, and I've never seen a pic from before that date in which she looked at all pregnant, either.
    This woman is bad news for Americans and the world, through her extremist religious/political beliefs and the strange influence she seems to hold over a certain segment of the population. I just want to see her "out of power" at least with the large majority of intelligent, thinking people.
    Can't some of the horrible truth come out on her soon? Please?

  34. Anonymous 9:02

    What part of:

    "Okay so now that Levi has gone public with his statement that Trig is Sarah's baby, I can confirm that I knew Trig was not Bristol or Levi's baby for about six months now."

    ........... do you not understand? Seems to me that Gryphen HAS refuted it right there!

    Your real problem is not 'refuting' it, it's whether or no Gryphen DOES have the 'answers' ... I don't know whether he does or not, but SOMEONE does, and Gryphen may/may not have a reliable source. I don't know him well enough to decide one way or the other. Do you?

  35. again, all respect....first it was the 'todd and sarah are splitsville' and now this...this looks very very bad on you as a journalist (which is what i consider you to be, and that is a compliment)...but these wild stories are garnering support for sarah because she IS being victimized by you on some points, NOT ALL, but definetly some. I HATE HER, but when i hear stories (completely unproven and unfounded)even i start to feel sorry for her. Your not doing anyone anygood here by telling half/truths and inuendos... if you got something to say, say it and prove it. again, I HATE HER and want nothing more than to bring her down, but this is NOT the way. its making things worse.

  36. Don't listen to the naysayers, gryphen. Everything you teased about before is consistent with this current statement. We're just having a hard time wrapping our heads around it.

    I just hope that this bombshell will finally drop and put an end to Sarah's political influence. I'm afraid it will never come from any of the Johnstons because they are afraid or under contract to stay silent (or both).

    Keep up the good work and I hope for more updates on babygate soon.

  37. Anonymous9:22 AM

    It's Sherri -- this is why they had to have their computers scrubbed by the McCain staffers!!

    It all makes sense now... Mercede's crypic picture captions, Levi's obvious affection for the child, the staged drug bust, Sherri's lawyers/Levi's bodyguards comments. Hah!!

    That means that either Track or Todd is the father..... hmmmm....

  38. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Gryphen, you said, "Until he, or another source in the know, explain this I cannot go any further. I am sorry, as I know how frustrating this is, but I made an agreement." And I say, there you go again.... I echo the sentiments of previous comments: I've had just about enough of this nonsense.

  39. ManxMamma9:23 AM

    midnightcajun and anon 9:02
    Your comments are out of line. Go somewhere else if you can't be civil. Gryphen is correct when he choses not to publish half-truths.

  40. ICstraightsSEAK ??

    So you are trying to present a scenario where Sarah is this wonderful person who would adopt a child out of the goodness of her heart, to save him from being raised by someone who might be unfit?

    Really? You see Sarah as this Angel of Mercy? You see her as a woman who would put herself out like that because of her selfless, warm and loving heart?

    I sure don't!!

  41. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Done with it all. Tired of the games and hints. If you know something say it or shut up. If you made an agreement to not say anything about what you know, then shut this blog down. You no longer have credibility in my eyes. Done with you and Bree and Celtic and anyone else who won't just throw it out there and get this damn Sarah Palin shit over with once and for all. Done.

  42. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Move along folks. There is nothing her to see.

  43. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Sorry Gryphen

    Can you please explain this comment that you made on September 2nd because it appears to me that you were at that point suggesting that Sarah wanted to adopt her daughters baby. Or have I somehow misunderstood you?

    "Just ask yourself this question, "When would Sarah Palin be most likely to fake a pregnancy and then adopt her daughter's baby? When she was mostly out of the public eye as the Governor of an "off the radar" state like Alaska? Or while standing on a stage in front of millions of possible voters and camera crews?"

    I'm not trying to be difficult - just looking for the truth like everyone else here.

  44. emrysa9:31 AM

    can someone with some knowlege please let us know what is the earliest a baby can be born and survive on life support? is it possible at 4 months?

    I have been looking at truthseekers flickr photos of the 2007 christmas open house. can't copy and paste a link, but go to flickr and it's TruthSeeker222, and the pics are in the set "deception sequence of events."

    sarah doesn't really look pregnant in those photos, BUT - there is 1 pic from the 2006 open house, and she does look much thinner then. she may look a little bigger in 07 because the style of jacket, maybe it's heavy wool. I really don't know.

    but anyway I find myself thinking it's *possible* that she could be 4 months along here. but if babies that young can't survive on life support then the point is moot, which is why I am posing the question here. someone with some knowledge of these things please respond.

  45. I'm confused. Is Trig Sarah's baby or not? Levi seemed to confirm that Trig is Sarah's baby. Why all the speculation of dates and other mothers and strange adoptions?

    Ever hear of Ocham's Razor? The truth is usually the simplest explanation? I've been reading your blog for the past couple of months with wonderment that you could actually expect dim-witted Sarah Palin to orchestrate such a convoluted scheme as baby-switching, hiding pregnancies, etc. She simply isn't smart enough to work out something like that and to what end? A vice-presidential nomination that "might" fall her way?

    I have mentioned before here that you all are beginning to sound like those lunatic "birthers" on the other side. They have fantasies of Obama's parents putting a birth announcement in the Honolulu papers, just in case he would run for president in 40 years, to negate the "truth" about his really being born in Kenya! You all are beginning to sound alike.

    You have also uncovered various malfeasences, nonfeasences, and other bad feasences done by Sarah Palin in her political career. Wouldn't those be enough to take her down? I loathe Sarah Palin and her influence on our political system just as much as anybody here, but get real. Concentrate on ALL those bad deeds you CAN prove.

  46. Anonymous9:37 AM

    We can't know who is or is not the mother/father of Trig.

    But I think it's a safe bet that he IS one of the biological progeny of at least one Palin. Trig's resemblance to the rest of the Palin children is just too strong.

  47. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Gryphen - vulgarity alert at post 9:18. You removed a post last week when this word was directed at Shannyn. I hope you will remove this post when this word is directed at all of us.

  48. Anonymous9:40 AM

    None of them understand that you have to keep it going because it's the only hook you have into these people Gryphen. And you know, saying that Levi said it was Sarah's baby was not right because anyone who could read between the lines would have seen that he said the opposite. So in reality you lost the 'hook' and now you're trying to get it back with another story about how you can't say because you promised, blah, blah.

  49. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I vote Sherry and Todd. It would explain Mercede's comments, Levi's affection, drug sting, and Todd's lack of love for Trig. Palin was terrified that Sherry would go public. Any photo evidence or My space to back this up? I am just guessing. What I don't understand is how can no one know who the mother is?!? That is A LOT harder to hide than who the father is.

  50. Hm. Not sure what to think here. Gryphen, I've enjoyed your blog for some time, now, but I don't know what to believe on this.

    You're saying Bristol's not the mother of Trig, and have a source, yet, I thought Patrick & Kathleen had a source that said Bristol is the mother.

    And the photos of Bristol in her Christmas dress in 2007 is someone who seems to be pregnant.

    So, IMHO, I think someone may be pulling your leg, here, either that or someone is pulling the legs of the others.

  51. Alright Gryphen, can you at LEAST tell us if Trig is a biological Palin....i.e. if he is either Todd's biological son from another woman, or is he the baby of someone else in the extended Heath/Palin clan?

    Nothing else makes sense here, and BTW, Levi saying Trig is Sarah's baby still doesn't mean she gave birth to him. To this day, no one, and I mean absuloutely no one has stated unequivocally that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig on April 18 , 2008.

  52. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Do you think that Sarah is "confessing" in her book that the baby was Sherri's and God told her to rescue him from that "unfit" Johnston family?

    Is is weird that the book is only about two weeks from hitting the shelves and there are no "review" copies out there yet and no excerpts available. There has to be something big in there that they are keeping under wraps and the big Oprah appearance could tie right in with that.

    She knows that the information will eventually come out and her only hope is to reveal it first and spin it to further push her "sainthood"

  53. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I have a question that may not (or may) be relevant. I always wondered why this self serving troll fired the cook that came with the governorship. With 5 kids, wouldn't dinner be a real pain in the ass, especially being a governor? This struck me as especially odd, when Levi unveiled that Chez Palin punched up their frequent diner cards at Taco Bell. The problem with a cook, is that they are exposed to the interior of the family and their secrets.

  54. ICstraightsSEAK9:46 AM

    Archivist 1000:
    Oh geezuz! No that woman is a hudge POS to the max! I was only speculating along with the rest of you.
    She would only adopt a DS baby for a cover-up and political gain. Disgusting to see that it has worked. (For now anyway until someone gets the balls to expose this & blow the QueenTeaBagger out of the water). Anyone got big balls?

  55. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I have an idea! Gryph, post the entire saga on your the comments section of blog under "Anonymous". PLEASE!

  56. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I meant to say, move along folks, there's nothing here to see. Also, the most attention sarah gets is from the blogs that doesnt like her. It seems as if you have nothing else to write about. It also disturds me that there is an advertisement for her book here occassioinally. I been following your story about babaygate for over a year and nothing been proved that she isnt the mother.It seems like i have wasted a whole year waiting to see what sources confirm or deny.

  57. BlueTx9:48 AM

    Hmmmm... I tried to tell those at PD many times that Bristol was not Trigs mother but they were not having it. I told them that continuing on that path would lead them nowhere.

    Sorry it took so long for them to realize this, and Im sure many still wont.

    The truth is much sadder than Palin hiding Bristols pregnancy

  58. Anonymous9:52 AM

    An open letter to Gryphen: Do it for your country!

    Gryphen, we appreciate all of the work and writing that goes into your blog. And, we certainly respect your integrity for keeping someone's secret.

    But, Sarah Palin is a threat to this country, and she really has to be stopped. What better time to unmask her than right before her book tour! If that book is even a mild hit, she retains her power to influence politics via face book posts. If she is knocked for a loop, it won't stop the damage that the conservatives are doing to this country, but it will go a long way to discrediting their movement. If you reveal her secret now, it will deprieve her of all of those TV appearances to plug her book. It may finally shut her up. Do it for your country.

    I have been trying out all of the possibilites that exist for Sarah adopting or taking on the care of Trig if she did not give birth to him. And, what combination of parents makes it important to for her to get involved in this kind of cover up.

    Best guesses are that either Todd or Track got someone pregnant. The child was originally supposed to be given up for adoption but DS made that impossible. Right after McCain was chosen as the presidental candidate, Sarah saw her chances for VP zoom upward, and decided that taking on the DS baby wooed the ultra conservatives and kept the scandal quiet.

    Bristol may have complicated things by getting pregnant. Maybe that trip to NY was for an abortion; that was some spiffy $700.per night room, and they were there for a few days. With rumors swirling around Wasilla that Bristol was pregant, Sarah rushed her out of town to give weight to the rumors. Bristol was not allowed to return until the child was born. Bristol resents her mom for having to take the blame, and for being stuck with the baby sitting job.

    Maybe the DS baby came early, it was touch and go for a while. When he was healthy enough to be released, there wasn't much advance notice, hence the wild ride story add some drama to Sarah's return and producing the baby.

    Part of Sarah's story was that she didn't even tell her own mother that she was pregnant until her 7th month. That is just so unbelievable. With the Heaths out of the loop, no wonder Chuck had to make up his own version. Sarah may have inherited his talent for embellishment.

    The only way that Mercede calls Trig her baby brother is if Sherry had the affair with either Track or Todd-- or if Keith Johnston--- well if it's not Bristol, let's not even go there. I don't think so. Sarah would be most motivated to cover up Todd's affair. After all, with Track, boys will be boys- yet he did get rushed out of town pretty quickly.

    If Sherry was the mother, that would explain Levi's affection towards his baby brother. It would also explain why Sarah needs to set up a separate fund (Pie Spy) for Trig's long term care. We can also guess that alot of Palin money was spent to keep Sherry quiet. When she started to demand more, drug sting. She is still being held hostage.

    Bottom line: There aren't many possibilities here. But one thing is for sure. As long as Sarah is allowed to hide behind her face book posts, she can destroy the chances for health care, she is a thorn in the Obama administration, and she gives too much weight and importantce to this new ultra-conservative cause. Shutting her up hinders their cause. Gryphen, you don't have to name names, but please drop enough clues and breadcrumbs for us to put it all together-- (I'm shouting now and I'm begging you) PLEASE DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

  59. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Sorry. This "reporting" is becoming too middle school gossip. Either you know something or you don't. Two little boys are going to grow up in a very close state, and this kind of dreck is going to follow them all their lives. Ms Palin is chock full of wrong-doing. Why not go after facts of her reputed mishandling of so many things? Please, stop with the juvenile hints that remind me of nothing more than a spoiled child wanting an anchor position on Fox.

  60. Really Now10:00 AM

    I must take issue with part of the opening blog statement. Bristol was not "hidden" away in Anchorage. She attended a PUBLIC High School (West) from January up through Spring Break in early March 2008. She went to, and was seen, PUBLIC sporting events. This is not someone in 'hiding.'

    What is not documented with any kind of solid evidence is where Bristol was after she left Wasilla High in the Fall of 2007. Was she in Anchorage then? She certainly was not attending a public school during this time. I had been told she was taking correspondence courses. The time frame when this might have occurred is not clear.

  61. Anonymous10:01 AM

    All I can say is that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy (she lied). That is the story. I don't know why some are beating up Gryphen because of this little tidbit.

    Todd and Sherry could be Trig's parents.
    Todd and Sarah's sister could be Trig's parents.
    Keith and Todd's sister could be Trig's parents.
    Keith and Sarah's sister could be Trig's parents.
    Track and Sherry could be Trig's parents.
    and so on and so on.

    All I do know, is that Sarah did not give birth to Trig. She faked a pregnancy.

  62. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Just making an observation here. In photos of Trig, it was clear he was the son of a Palin....he looked so much like Piper in certain shots. Just saying.....

  63. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Kathleen, the answer to your question could be that Bristol wasn't pregnant at the convention. Remember that McCain staffers told the New York Times that the purpose of putting the Bristol-is-pregnant story out was to quash the story that Sarah faked it. The dates of Bristol's "pregnancy" convinced a lot of people that Bristol could not have been pregnant with Trig, considering Trig's stated birthdate.

  64. Anonymous10:04 AM

    ANON: Track and Sherry....that might explain one blogger who quit looking for the truth of Babygate when they found out something very unsavory.

    I immediately thought, incest, but this would be pretty unsavory too.

    I love this detective story, best reality show anywhere!

  65. Anonymous10:05 AM

    It seems odd that Gryphen says that even Bristol may not know the biological mother. So, that's where the confusion lies. SP is not a mom-type, so why would she adopt a baby? I bet Columbo could figure this out in a second!!

  66. As for speculation of Sherri as mother (Track or Todd father?) or Keith Johnston as father (mother who knows, but perhaps an unsavory story), I have also wondered that. It would help explain the Mercedes Myspace picture comments, as well as affection of Levi for Trig at the RNC, as well as his cuddling the very small baby in the MySpace photos.

    That would explain the scrubbing of the Johnston family computers, as opposed to "just" scrubbing MySpace page information. And also explain why there was a McCain handler to answer the door at the Johnston's house but presented herself as a "family friend".

    Who has most been boxed in and not able to speak, out of both families? First choice would be Sherri Johnston. Not only computers scrubbed, handlers at house, but then politically timed drug bust. AND Sarah's old flame, director of prisons, who had earlier been put in the chain of governance of the State of Alaska to take over as Lite Guv if Parnell either moved up to Guv or resigned, all of a sudden when it is time to move to Lite Guv, doesn't want the job, but instead declines it and stays in place where he has the ultimate prison authority over Sherry.

    And that would help explain one weird thing that happened: at Tripp's unveiling, supposedly Bristol had set up her interview with Greta all on her own. Now who knows if that's true...

    But, Greta seems surprised and Bristol looks unhappy and almost thwarted when Palin suddenly comes into the room with Tripp. First of all, it was one of the most awkwardly filmed interviews I have ever seen for one that was arranged in advance: Palin has to hunch her way in to get into the camera frame and avoid all the lighting and other set up for the interview.

    But the really interesting thing there was that Greta was expecting "the other grandmother" ie Sherry Johnston to come in with the baby. It also seeemd Greta expected Sherry would come in at a planned time in the interview, not burst in impromptu. I would have to watch again to see Sarah's exact words but it seemed like Sarah ignored mention of the "other grandmother" and said something like "we just happened to be walking along the river and thought we would stop by".

    This always seemed really odd. I have tried to imagine the scene. Sarah comes in, says to Sherry "oh no you don't, you're not getting anywhere near that camera", and then grabs Tripp and takes him in to the interview??

    Remember in early days Sherry made interesting statements that seemed at odds with the Palin account, but then she was completely shut up, now literally, shut up in prison...

  67. Anonymous10:17 AM

    annonymous 9:08 WOW, that could be it!

  68. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Anon @ 9:18. Anyone that uses that term to refer to women is a P I G. And if I was Gryphen you would be banned for calling him such names. Your language just proves the old saying that people who lack intelligence resort to vulgar language to make their point.

    If you don't like what he writes here, go start your own blog.

  69. Gryphen, I will say it and sign my name. I am SO DISAPOINTED in you. You have gone the way of the MSM and yes perhaps the limelight boosts your ego. Egotism and money are the root motives.
    Have you no shame?

  70. BlueTx10:19 AM

    Let me reiterate something from my Palins Deception 2 days... Palin and Bristol want you to believe that Bristol is Trigs bio mom, thats why they do not refute it or answer any of your questions. It keeps you off the real track, which is much more gruesome than you would like to know.

    I will add if the truth ever comes out, which it wont by the way, but if it did it wont bring Palin down. I think it would even turn some of you to actually feel sorry for her.

  71. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I have to add my voice to those expressing lack of confidence in what is printed here.

    I clearly remember, around the time you were soliciting donations to help get information from your ''sources'' that you said one thing you were absolutely certain of---Trig did NOT come from Sarah's womb. Now you seem to be waffling on that statement and saying maybe she did give birth to Trig and maybe not. That hardly inspires confidence in anything else you have to say. I'm sorry I have neither the time nor the inclination to go back and find that post, but I'm 100% certain you made that claim earlier.

    I, frankly, have never been totally comfortable with all the speculation about Trig's parentage/birth. There is so much speculation about it, some quite crass, without any kind of proof. I do think there's a lot that is suspicious about the events surrounding Trig's birth, but I'm sick of reading endless speculation. I was hoping you really had some facts to back up your assertions, but when you contradict yourself, that hope dies.

    I'm finished. No more he-said, she said, no more innuendos. I have always hoped that something else would expose Sarah Palin--housegate, IRS problems, etc. Something concrete, that isn't just her word against someone else's.

    I agree wtih the commenter who said that the whole thing is beginning to sound like Orly Taitz. Get some facts, backed up with solid evidence, or stop putting information out there.

  72. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I lied--I do have the inclination to find the post. It was 6/2/09 when you said:

    ''But just where did Trig Palin come from? As of today, as of this minute, and after over a month of searching I cannot tell you. I simply do not know for certain.

    I do know however where he did not come from. He did not issue forth from Sarah Palin. He may have been conceived inside her house (The jury is still out on that one), but he was not conceived inside her uterus. On that one fact I have absolutely no doubt.''

    In a nutshell, here's my problem: When someone states something with certainty and states he has ''absolutely no doubt,'' I like to think that what he is saying is not rumor or suspicion but absolute fact. I regret the time I've spent reading unfounded rumors, gossip, and innuendo.

  73. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Gryphen, if Sarah did not give birth to Trig on April 18, 2008, are you saying that she may have given birth to him on some earlier day?

    If you really believe your informant, couldn't you have said six months ago that you knew that neither Bristol or Levi were the parents?

    Since most people in the US apparently agree with you, that statement would not have been a bombshell.

    I am beginning to think that I am just as nutty as Orly Taitz's followers. No wonder the MSM won't touch this story!

  74. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Abortion is the only thing Levi would know that would crush her. Bristol aborts Levi's baby in NYC at the direction of her mother.

    When Bristol does the interview wtih Greta, she is very aggressive in making sure Greta hears that having Tripp was HER CHOICE. She even had to talk over Miss Wasilla to get her point across.

    so, does that mean her first baby was aborted? Maybe Trig was the cover baby becasue someone got clued into the abortion? Miss Wasilla lies that she went to NYC for the amnio and not an abortion???

    I do remember some blogger quit because as he/she got to the truth, it was so unsavory that she didn't want to go any farther. hhmmm

  75. Anonymous10:34 AM

    It’s getting so no one can say anything anymore without offending somebody. This is getting goddamn ridiculous. There, I hope I’ve offended someone with my offensive to some, but not offensive to others, language.

    The word “reservation” was around long before there were Indian Reservations. The word in itself is not an offensive word. The word “reservation” simply means a tract of public land reserved for a special purpose (such as for conservation or wildlife). The word doesn’t stand for “the genocide and atrocities and all of the injustices by white people against Native Americans.”

    Native Americans can’t lay dibs to the word “reservation,” but if you want to be personally offended every time someone else uses the word, then that is your personal freedom of choice.

    BTW, I have friends that live on Pine Ridge Reservation in SD, and they always refer to themselves as Indians, and not Native Americans or First Nations People.

    I use the term “Native American” myself (compelled to show a little extra respect I suppose out of guilt for the inhumane treatment that these people got and are still getting from the U.S. Government). But, my point is, they aren’t offended by being called “Indians,” in fact, that’s what they call themselves. But, I’m sure the poster here that’s offended by others using the word “reservation” would be offended being called an Indian, and would prefer to be called a Native American.

    But, you know what? I’m offended by the word “conservative” –not for what the dictionary definition of the word means, but for what the word means to me personally. I truly find that word offensive. If I let it get the best of me, my blood pressure will go up, and I get pissed off just thinking about it. But, that’s my problem, not yours, and I just have to deal with it, and not tell people not to use that word just because I find it offensive. After all, shoving your personal beliefs down your neighbor’s throat, and telling other people what they can and can’t do is what being a conservative is all about.

    There…I hope I haven’t offended anyone. NOT!

  76. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign10:35 AM

    What a lot of rude jerks. I hope you do move on since even though we probably share very similar political leanings, the lack of civility and the presence of panic does not warm my heart to any of you who are snotty and whiny.

    One thing I like about being a progressive type person is that I can think for myself w/o having to align myself with a party. That works just fine for intelligent and civil folks who show some self control in public. The Internet is public, and you belittle yourselves by your behaviour here.

    Apologize or leave. No one is keeping you here. You are looking for a quick fix, expecting Levi and all the AK bloggers to blow open the "big one". Get a life and do some work toward this end yourself. It is what it is, and the more of us who waken and work against the whack job right, the faster we can help stem and push back the tide. If you want it, work for it and quit belittling others. Yuck!

  77. Anonymous10:35 AM

    anon 9:44 A chef was on call in Juneau after the full-time chef fell under a bus. It may have something to do with the fact that she didn't spend a lot of time in Juneau.

  78. BlueTx why not come out and say it instead of all this cloak & dagger stuff?

  79. Anonymous10:38 AM

    BlueTx, if you also know the truth, why don't you tell us?

  80. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Anonymous 8:26

    I am in total agreement with you regarding the racist expression, "off the reservation".
    Even Rachel Maddow uses this expression, and she is a very well educated person.

    As a Canadian (not First Nations) I believe the treatment of our First Nations Peoples is Canada's greatest shame.

    I join you in asking anyone who uses or hears this expression, to please point out the racist meaning of it.

    Your Canadian friend,

  81. Just_a_Mote10:41 AM

    This is like watching lava flow in Hawaii. It is very hot. It moves at a glacial pace. It is headed for the ocean. Nothing can stop it. I'm hoping to see the steam and things solidify. Silly analogy perhaps but I just visited Hawaii and this was in my mind. Keep up the good work Gryphen. I'm waiting for the steam.

  82. Jaime In Texas10:43 AM

    Gryphen,your credibility is sinking on this issue - and taking your credibility on other topics down with it. My suggestion is that you stop talking about it until you can offer something more than "hints".

  83. Anonymous10:43 AM


    Why were you posting on The Other McCain's blog and encouraging him to out Audrey?

  84. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Could the answer be not just in the 'birth dates', but in the date a certain son left for... 'war'? Some wonder how a highschooler became an ex.secretary without any background, and she does care for the baby an awful lot...

  85. Anonymous10:45 AM

    9:44 AM Anonymous said...
    I always wondered why this self serving troll fired the cook that came with the governorship. With 5 kids, wouldn't dinner be a real pain in the ass, especially being a governor? ...The problem with a cook, is that they are exposed to the interior of the family and their secrets.
    That is a Very Good Observation. I thought it was odd too, but your insight seems reasonable to me.

  86. Anonymous10:46 AM

    All I have to say is that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy (she lied). I don't know why some are beating up on Gryphen because of this little tid bit.

    Todd and Sherry could be the parents.
    Todd and Sarah's sister could be the parents.
    Keith and Todd's sister could be the parents.
    Keith and Sarah's sister could be the parents.
    Track and Sherry could be the parents.
    and so on and so on........

    The only thing that really matters is that a Gov./VP Candidate faked a pregnancy and so far has gotten away with it.

  87. Anonymous10:47 AM

    BlueTx@9:48 do you have any more information this sad story.

  88. Anonymous10:49 AM

    {m voting for Tractor as the father. Am I getting warm? He went off to war awfully fast.

  89. Anonymous10:57 AM

    anon @ 9:37

    ROFL on the resemblance quip... quite hysterical!

  90. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Is it my computer... or is anyone else having copy and paste difficulties on this site only???

  91. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Obviously, disovering who Trig's parents really are helps unmask Miss Wasilla. But most important is her hoax, pretending to be pregnant. Pretending she is such a saint that even with 4 children and an advanced age, she selflessly chose to give birth to him. UGH. THAT is what is disgusting.

    It always looked fishy for Bristol, local rumors of her pregnancy, going away for the crucial months, no one could be blamed for believing what seemed obvious.

    I just want to be sure that this woman is taken off the stage so that I don't have to live under Fundie rule!

  92. So basically we are right back where we were a year ago.

    I'm not buying it, sorry. I think from now on I will get my babygate info from Palingates, where things make more sense. IM has become "bizarroworld."

    If you can't at least say WHY you struck this deal for silence, I am beginning to believe you are Team Sarah, on the Palin payroll.

  93. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Sarah lied about Trig; used his condition to garner votes and sympathy; lied about Bristol being 5 months pregnant.

    Gryphen has the right story and is protecting it because when it is told...."it will stop your blood cold".

    Perhaps we should go back to palindeception.com and read again her last post titled The cornerstone, that is just a suggestion to those who, like me, would like to solve a riddle, we could limit ourselves to continue to put the pieces together and use the comments section exclusively for that purpose.

    Alaskans are being vindicated, there was so much snide about how could they have elected this woman and why they didn't do anything to stop her, now we see how difficult it is to deal with a "prayer
    warrior" ( being

    Gryphen- I believe you are doing the best you can do, you survived attacks before, hope you understand the frustration and not take it personally.

    Forever anonymous.

  94. I think everyone (AKM, SM, G-man, except CD)is trying to cash in with a book or a TV spot, or a HuffPo by-line....screw "baby gate". who built her fucking house? Where are the e-mails? What about the Fake trust? baby gate is not gonna put her in jail. House gate will!

  95. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Who is on the cover of Playgirl June 1998? Brad Pitt. So - no indication it is so shameful that it would ruin one's career/reputation.
    Re" babygate - I have a sinking feeling that the truth is just too painful (even for those of us who disdain scarah) to bring forth.
    CBJ is a specialist in incest/abuse cases.
    There are more than two Palin females capable of becoming pg.
    There, I said it.

  96. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I am quite certain that somewhere in the last year of reading the many SP focused blogs, there were comments made that Sherri's addiction to RX drug medications started after she had a hysterectomy and suffered post-operative complications. Am I mistaken???? If I am correctly remembering, then the bio mother is in no way Sherri.

  97. Anonymous11:18 AM

    @10:34 - you are a racist. Signed, A First Nations member.

    P.S. We were called "Indians" because Columbus thought he'd made it to India.

  98. Anonymous11:19 AM

    An earlier post states that a cook was fired from duties for the family. If so, this squares with earlier reports I read (from MSM articles) that Palin was the first governor to decline to have security personnel.

    How convenient to appear so budget-conscious and at the same time avoid close monitoring of the family.

  99. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Sarah Louise Palin was not pregnant in 2008 and is not the bio mother of Trig Palin.

  100. Anonymous11:23 AM


    I am gone for good.

    Gryphen you are just playing with US.

  101. emrysa11:25 AM

    well BLUETX, it seems that you are insinuating that you know the truth, and it is "gruesome."

    there's only 1 scenario that could be gruesome.

    why not just come out and say it? what is the point of holding back, if you know the truth? gryphen has a blog and we know why he holds some things back. what is your reason?

    I also agree with the folks who say that trig must be a palin. he really does look alot like piper.

  102. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Gryph: Greta might be a key here.

    She might be OVER Miss Wasilla and feeling used. Maybe some questions might be sent directly to her. Not sure how to word it, but questions about this interview,and anything else she might have noticed. Not the whole tamale, don't talk of various scenarios and crazy stuff, just some simple questions relating to this and any other intervew, to pique her interest or jog her memory.

    You never know who might want to break this open. Greta is a lawyer, so facts just might mean something and if she feels that SHE should have ahd the first interview on the book, NOT Oprah, well, I don't care how "clear" she is, she may not like being duped and used.

  103. emrysa11:28 AM

    anon @ 10:59am:

    I can't copy and paste here, either. it's frustrating. I use firefox, I think that is the issue. I think you can c&p with IE, the world's worst browser. guess we know which browser the folks at blogspot design for.

  104. Anonymous11:29 AM

    sjk: Once baby gate breaks, ALL will be on the table is my theory. Once Saint Sarah is found out to be a baby-liar, the walls will come down and disgusted people will talk.

  105. Anonymous said @ 9:15 AM...in part..."I don't mean this to be mean spirited but there will be lots of babies genetically predisposed to retardation if folks don't know who is who..."

    That's my opinion, too, Anonymous.

    (p.s. I wish more of you Anonymouses -- both the interested commenters and the complainers -- would "man up" and identify yourselves, even if you call yourself "NoName". It's difficult to exchange ideas with the equivalent of a burqa wearer)

  106. Anonymous11:33 AM

    the McCain campaign has to know if they scrubbed the computers and took over at Sherry's house. This was BEFORE the drug bust so they were not protecting Miss Wasilla from an unfortunate relative's problems.

    What the hell were they doing at her house? Just to keep Levi from saying....what? If trig is not their baby and the Tripp pregnancy was announced, why stake out the Johnson's house?

    That would be a good question to ask any staffers who write books.

  107. MissSunshine11:33 AM

    Re: Cook "fired" to Anon 9:44am. I seem to remember SP "fired" her security detail as well. (Of course, they were merely transferred to other departments - no actual reduction of payroll costs.) I do think you have a point about the quitter not wanting any extra staff around that could testify later about her ACTUAL behavior at work and towards her children.

    I believe another factor is that these positions were all in Juneau, and we know she was determined to spend as little time at her "official work post" as humanly possible. If she had staff on hand, expecting her to show up and have a work schedule and meal plans as though she was going to put in a full day's work, it would be even more glaringly obvious that she was shirking her proper duties.

    (I'm betting she is furious at every sharp word and ignorant view point she expressed in front of McCain's staffer's during the campaign.)

    Re: Babygate. I'm thinking Todd and Sherry had an affair. If it had been Track's baby, I think it would have been handled differently.

    Time will tell.

    No, I do not think "Babygate" will close the lid on the coffin of the quitter, she will find a way to "spin" the story in an acceptable way to her followers. It will take provable financial wrong-doings to put her behind bars.

    Keep on it, Gryphen. It would be supremely gratifying if everyone would just step forward and speak the truth, come what may, but given how Alaska seems to work, it will probably be a long process of people slowly coming out of the shadows with bits and pieces of the puzzle.

    An ugly truth is cleaner than the prettiest lie.

  108. Grypen - What do you think could explain Levi's look, apparently toward Tank, at 1:14 in the clip?

    "Trig is Sarah's baby" seems to be the same information as was written in VF. I don't see anything new here except the male interviewer asking about how she didn't look pregnant and travelled and a female (Kathy Griffin?) starts talking over him "you never saw her pregnant". Levi's words used here and in VF would be true with an adoption.

    Why weren't these questions asked, "Are you Trig's biological father?" "Is Bristol Trig's birth mother?" What is the point of allowing these rumors to persist?

  109. I read this quote by Anon 10:26 attributed to Gryphen:

    ''But just where did Trig Palin come from? As of today, as of this minute, and after over a month of searching I cannot tell you. I simply do not know for certain.

    I do know however where he did not come from. He did not issue forth from Sarah Palin. He may have been conceived inside her house (The jury is still out on that one), but he was not conceived inside her uterus. On that one fact I have absolutely no doubt.''

    And ... I thought .... OMG, it's Pastor Murthee! and an artificial insemination of a wWtch Child, conceived outside the womb, who will one day grow up to defeat the forces of evil!! (see: Rosemary's Baby)

    Now ..is THAT close??

  110. ManxMamma11:38 AM

    Martha Unalaska Yard Sign - well said! I totally agree with you.

  111. SoCalWolfGal11:44 AM

    To say this has given me a headache is a vast understatement. I agree with Anon@11:03am, it was easy for the rest of the world to say something to the effect of "why are Alaskans putting up with this woman?" because we now have people all over the globe trying to figure out how to get her out of being in a position to influence the scary right wing nut teabaggers. It just isn't that easy is it? Gryphen, I do think you are doing your best. Hang in there.

  112. good questions, sjk .... but not questions that any of us can ask.

    These need to be kept in the forefront by people in Alaska, demanding of their officials that these questions be asked, answered and resolved.

  113. Anonymous11:47 AM

    "all i can say with any certainty is that`Sarah Palin did not give birth to him on April 18, 2008."

    AMBIGUOUS... what are we supposed to read from this statement? That SP did not give birth to him? Or SP did bot give brith to HIM ON 4/18/08?

    There are no "official birthdates" on record for any of the general public to verify either of these children's births... so that is more bread crum BS... so that cheezy little crumb is poison too...

    Levi doesn't know for sure that "Trig" is SP's bio baby, and now GRYP implies that even Bristol might know this for sure...

    surely neither of them were in the bedroom when sumbuddy got pregnant...

    and now we are supposed to wait some more and believe that this blogger has an agreement w supposedly someone outside of the household to verify the parentage and DOB's??? or at least that seems to be what he implies here today...

    Hell this bread crumb trail is stale... I'd rather eat garlic croutons out of a box with no promise of a cheapo prize inside...

  114. Anonymous said @ 9:41 AM...in part: "...and Todd's lack of love for Trig..."

    I've seen many pictures over this past year of Todd Palin feeding Trig from a bottle, holding him sleeping (correctly in all instances, I might add, not like a sack of potatoes), and there's that adorable picture of a giggling Trig on Todd Palin's shoulders.

    I think over the long run, there's been love for Trig visibly evident on every Palin's face except Sarah's -- and possibly Willow's, who's always worn a "put-upon" look on her face as she's lugged Trig around.

    Come to think of it, Willow may have been unconsciously imitating her mother with the "sack of potatoes" carry.

  115. @ the person who said Palin fired the chef (actually, I believe the chef got reassigned to another facility in Juneau, so no cost savings to taxpayers), I agree. But it is not just the chef. I observed, as soon as Palin was selected as VP and I began looking into her background, that the family operates like a mafia.

    It was not just the chef reassigned. It was *everybody* who would normally serve the Governor on a regular basis so as to be around her and the family, but who was not selected by her.

    Other examples:

    1) selling the Governor's plane at a loss and instead flying commercial or commandeering the State Police plane. This would result in a lot more privacy than always using Governor's plane.

    2) Declining to have a driver: only Alaksan Governor who drove self to work in recent history. Who would hear all kinds of phone calls and observe much? A driver.
    Much better to have only family or trusted handpicked staff. And keep in mind she was refusing a driver during the time she claimed the family was in fear of Wooten. Wouldn't you want a professional driving you if you were REALLY in fear?

    3) Changing her duty stations: sometimes Juneau, but often her own home in Wasilla, and paying herself to stay there to boot. Much more privacy this way.

    4) Surrounding herself only with extreme loyalists

    5) General family behavior that you are either IN, or you are OUT. Examples Wooten and Levi. Wooten at one time was given glowing praise by Palin recommending him for trooper position. Family had no problem eating moose improperly shot on wife's tag. No outcry at the time when his kid asked to feel what the tazer was like. Only when the divorce with Palin's sister happened, then IT WAS ON.

    With Levi, I predicted correctly within days of his unveiling at the RNC that eventually he would be the next Wooten. If he angered the family or was not of use any further. Sure enough, that's just what happened. He was the hard worker parenting his butt off with Bristol until Sarah decided she was through with him. Thinking about the Wooten vendetta, it is no wonder he has a body guard.

    The family is extremely secretive. And the church is one that will tend to hide the problems within rather than exposing them to outside scrutiny and law enforcement when that would be appropriate. Dr CBG, the church adoptions, etc all a good way to keep scandals covered. Remember what Max Blumenthal said about how these folks network to keep scandals from coming out.

    The secretiveness of the family and the willingness of the church and church members to aid and abet the coverup are one reason the truth is so hard to expose. Only a few people would know the truth about Trig, is my estimation.

  116. BlueTx said @9:48 AM, in part: "The truth is much sadder than Palin hiding Bristols pregnancy...

    From what I remember of your contributions over at PD, BlueTx, you not only never said anything as eye-opening as that, you came across as more of a jeering troll than a valid contributor to the conversation at PD.

    Do tell. Is it finally time for you to positively contribute to the conversation?

  117. Anonymous12:03 PM


    Gryph, Levi, anyone....

    Why would the Johnston's flash a picture of Levi and the newborn "Triggybear" when they were interviewed on the Tyra Banks show. It's just not adding up mate ....and I think you have shifted into the realm of speculation here, Gryph.

  118. Anonymous12:21 PM

    The only truth that could come out tht would make me actully feel sorry for Sarah is if she had been raped.

    Anything other scenario has her needlessly covering up for an affair or her shame of having a grandchild.

    Even if there was incest among family members or the rape of someone else involved, I wouldn't feel sorry for Sarah. In fact, I would wonder why she doesn't come forward to have the offender arrested (I wouldn't feel the same way if she had been raped since women who are raped don't always feel able to bring in the law).

    If she faked a pregnancy to cover up for Todd's affair or for one of her kids or family member's love child OR if she fudged the date of her own pregnancy to cover up her own affair, it still makes her a liar and unsympathetic in my eyes.

    And I don't believe for a second that Sarah adopted a random baby with DS. She's too selfish and there was too much at stake (not to mention all the details to take care of) for that.


  119. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Interesting how many unfamiliar posters are ripping a new *hole on Gryphen and threatening to leave. People trying to DIVIDE. It's a classic way to stir up discontent.
    I have never been sure about the Bristol X2 theory. What makes a heck of a lot more sense to me is Trigg was adopted through the church to be used as a symbol of SP's commitment to the anti-abortion movement and to cement her attraction to the religious conservatives. I do think people will stoop to anything to get power, including adopting a special needs infant. I don't know who Trigs bio mother is...I'm 99% sure it isn't Sarah.
    *Pecan Farmer

  120. ManxMamma12:26 PM

    Thanks for the update Gryphen.

  121. Very good summary, ArmchairJane, re: your comment at 11:59 AM.

    I've always like the title "Wasilla Mafia" in describing the Palins' supporters, fans, enforcers, "soldiers", extended family, etc.

    Gosh, they even have their mafia drug dealers/users...

  122. Anonymous12:33 PM

    BlueTX needs to prove that he/she is in the loop to know anything before we heed another word.

    There must be a way for you to explain how you could know anything without outing yourself or anyone.

    And why won't YOU tell us the truth
    Gryph is doing what he can and needs to protect the sources.

    Who/what are YOU protecting?

    Otherwise, BlueTX is just here to confuse.

  123. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I wonder if running all this by someone who has not been thinking about this for a year, would shed new light?

    I don't think I can look at this with a fresh eye anymore. If someone can run it by a friend, let us know if they say anything interesting. I think I am too full of a year's worth of speculation and clues and can't be objective anymore.

    It's like when I see the not-pregnant photos again I am shocked all over they are so obvious, but anymore, I am not sure what I see!

  124. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Gryphen, some months back, a poster claiming to have personal knowledge of Sarah posted. She claimed that Sarah had been preg, had great difficulty in accepting the pregnancy and covered it up for quite some time. That poster introduced us to pregorexia.

    I believe that it is possible that Sarah could have been pregnant, hidden it well and secretly given birth to Trig, quite prematurely. The infant would have been cared for in an NICU for months. Sarah may not have expected that he would survive. He did and was discharged mid-April in pretty good shape. Thus, we met Trig in Wasilla in April. Of course, Sarah for whatever reason felt that she had to fake a pregnancy, which she attempted to do so unsuccessfully during Feb-April. Trig had been born much earlier, in Dec or Jan.

    Do you consider that this is in any way possible and offers an explanation? In this scenario, I have no idea who the father would be - impossible to speculate, other than I have always seen a remarkable resembalance between Trig and Piper.

    The question of Bristol, how many times she was pregnant, whether or not she had an abortion, why she was secreted away is not relevant to Sarah's story and our efforts to intertwine the experiences of 2 women has only confused the entire situation.

    The role of CBJ is a question - maybe important or maybe not.

    Levi, Bristol, Piper, even Todd have all shown what I thought was genuine care and love for Trig. Doesn't mean anything nefarious - for most people, loving an infant is quite natural and I think it would be hard not to fall in love with an infant who you spend so much time with.

  125. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Miss sunshine: her followers would love her if she killed and roast trig on a spit.

    It is the independents who don't read like we do and don;t know what she is really like that need to have the rose colored glasses taken off.

  126. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I think the bombshell is only that Sarah did not want a 5th child, esp. not a special needs child. she did not reveal the pregnancy right away because she was not dealing well with the situation. Maybe she told Levi or Bristol that she hoped her baby (trig) would not survive. The bombshell could also be about abortion. I think Sarah did give birth to Trig. She is too selfish to actually adopt a DS baby.

  127. Anonymous12:54 PM


    I havent't read all 100 something comments, yet, so maybe this has been covered, already.

    You seem to be ''mixing metaphors'' so to speak. So, I am asking you to please be CLEAR.

    Your statements:
    ''Okay so now that Levi has gone public with his statement that Trig is Sarah's baby, I can confirm that I knew Trig was not Bristol or Levi's baby for about six months now....So then the question remains, "Who IS Trig's biological mother?" And I have to admit that I STILL don't know. And I don't believe that the pool of people who DO know, is very large. I am not sure that even Bristol knows.''

    Are you stating that Trig is not the BIOLOGICAL child of either Sarah, Bristol, Todd, or Levi?

    Thank you.

  128. Anonymous12:57 PM

    you said you coudnt tell us that Trig was Bristol and Levi's kid because "it will turn your blood cold" or whatever... well, most of America allready thinks that so im not quite understanding your logic. Do you assume that the rest of us are like Orly Taitz?? i mean, thats not really a bombshell unless your allready crazy in the first place....let this stuff go. you have no proof of anything important. your doing more harm than good. more than a little lame....

  129. not believin any ot this YET12:58 PM

    anon @12:03

    I don't think Levi's family had anything to do with the photos the tyra show flashed... the show and it's editors and staff make those decisions, I THINK....not the peeps who are being interviewed... they may have provided photos, OR the staff may have procured them from the web without approval before airing... we don't know....

    now IF the Johnston family was consulted on the images used, and we had proof of that... there may be some credibility to them adding a shot of Trig in with Trips... might be a basis for asking questions.... in regard to that clip and the photos included....

    WHO KNOWS???

  130. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I don't have any idea what the real story is, but I just know that somehow Palin is going to spin this around so that she looks like a hero by adopting a baby with special needs, whether it's Track's, Todd's or any other family member. That will be the biggest tragedy is she will use it to her advantage.

  131. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Also -maybe she did try to abort him but it was too late. Not legal anymore after 90 days.Oops.

  132. Emrysa--

    To answer your question, a fetus *can* be viable outside the womb around 24 weeks. (23 weeks and some days, I believe). That is VERY premature, however, and it's likely the infant would have severe problems, be very undersized, etc for a long period of time (years). Therefore, I doubt Trig was that early.

    Remember, though, that the "24 weeks" is from the date of last period, so in effect 22 weeks after ovulation/conception. Don't know if that helps you with the timetable at all........

    Gryphen-- I have been a firm supporter, but I am wondering just a little bit if I am being played, if unintentonally. I hope not. Any encouraging words you can give would be helpful.

  133. I am crossposting here(sorry, but I want people here to be aware of the stillbirth birth certificate issue being discussed on Palingates "Levi talks about parentage of Trig" thread) in reference to the bill sponsored by Rep Gatto of Palmer and passed in May 2009 with Palin in support, allowing birth certificates issued for stillbirths. This could figure in with birth dates and adoptions and Palin's church.

    A little background: gun shows are very interesting places. Besides guns and all sorts of holsters and gear of every kind, they are also places that people with some interesting views gather, for instance anti-government survivalist types, and militia types. I am not saying everybody, just some.

    And you will find there a variety of interesting literature. It's been a few years since I last went, but one big publisher that I think may have gone out of business is Loompanics. But back in the day, you would see at the gun shows big collections of books by Loompanics and others. How to get a fake identity was often a big topic in some of these books. How to hide things from the governmnet, how to survive war, etc.

    People attracted to a separatist type of party such as the Alaska Independence Party are some who would go to these gun shows where you see all of this literature.

    And fake identity 101 is to get a birth certificate. This is much harder now than it used to be, thanks to changes since 9/11. But the basic idea used to be this:
    Search public records to find somebody near your age, but that died. Then you get a copy of their birth certificate. Now, usually this advice was for adults who wanted a fake identity. Once you had the birth certificate, you could get all kinds of other documents. Most people were not trying to get fake identities for infants, however.

    But lets say you DID want to get a fake identity for an infant, using the advice of the small press gun show books. What better than to have a new bill that allows you to get a birth certificate for a still birth, especially if you had one in your family or close circle of friends, and you want to assume a new identity for an adopted child that they are actually the stillbirth child?

    What would be interesting to know is if these stillbirth certificates don't mention the infant was born dead? Do they then have a separate death certificate? If so, then you can see how one of these birth certificates could be used for a phony identity.

    I guarantee you that most people who are big into gun shows and separatism or militias will have heard of these schemes. Therefore it is interesting that these are the folks who project the fake birth certificate hooey onto President Obama. But the same kind of folks back in Wasilla might be up to something else with some of these stillborn birth certificates. I am starting to wonder if that is what was meant by Gryphen and the talk of the birth dates.

    This would fit in with CBG, adoptions, coverups, and babies appearing after 6 week gestations. If something like this is involved, no wonder Gryphen says it is huge. It also could even make it technically true that Trig both is and isn't really Bristol's son. This just gets weirder.

    It makes me wonder if this May 2009 bill now allows a birth certificate that "fits" for Palin's needs. Gryphen says the birth dates are the key. IF he is correct, and I just don't know if he is, I am thinking a stillbirth on a particular date might be the key to how one baby becomes another baby, as it seemed Gryphen implied in the past.

  134. Hm. Bristol may not know. Let's say you're getting correct info from your source & Bristol wasn't pregnant.

    In this case, I think Bristol *does* know, and is using it to her advantage. I think Sarah is buying her silence, with probably the apartment which is being built for her & Trig & Tripp, and I'm sure there's someone coming to help with the care of the kids...

    The one intriguing thing I would like to know about is Sherry Johnston. There is just something weird about that whole drug bust, the strict sentence for a first timer, and McCain campaign scrubbing their computers...Something feels so off about it.

    Also, what about Levi's dad? We hear almost nothing about him or from him. Were is he? What's he doing? What does he think about what has happened with Sherry, or his son?

    Why is Mercede quiet all of a sudden? Will we hear any more from her?

    Too many questions.

    And I can't think of anything that would just stop me cold about what could be the big secret about the parentage of Trig. What could be so bad about it? And why is it such a big deal?

  135. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Armchair Jane does a good job of describing the "mafia" type mind-set of the quitter and her cronies.

    As for BlueTx somber posting that the truth will never be revealed, I say, not so. Time reveals all.

    As for the truth being "too gruesome", well trying to keep everything a secret is only going to perpetuate a dysfunctional system.

  136. Anonymous1:30 PM

    A little reminder regarding BlueTx


  137. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Well then Joe McGinnis book is not due out until 2011... so folks you got a loooonnnnggg wait.


  138. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Are you eluding to the following?

    Todd and Sherry had an affair which produced baby Trig. Hence Bristol's baby duck comment, Mercedes' baby brother comment. Cover up due to governorship. Bristol becomes pregnant and Sarah pushes to adopted the baby, begins the fake pregnancy. Pick for VP comes into play so she now has to move quick, takes on baby Trig rather than her daughter's pregnancy. Who is going to challenge a disabled baby story and who really has but various blog outlets? Locked McCain into the Dobson crowd..........no questions asked.

  139. Above where I said this:

    "This would fit in with CBG, adoptions, coverups, and babies appearing after 6 week gestations."

    I meant Dr. CBJ, not "CBG" as I incorrectly typed it.

  140. What Levi has said is that Trig is Sarah and Todd's baby. We knew that. What he didn't address is HOW Trig became Sarah and Todd's baby.

    I still think the Christmas 07 picture, on the staircase, shows a pregnant Bristol, and it was taken in September of 07 since Track was still around. And I think the MTV taping of the J-Lo program shows a pregnant Bristol. And I don't know anybody that Sarah would put herself out for unless it was a member of her family. Certainly having Trig around didn't do much to affect voters.

  141. Say NO to Palin in Politics1:45 PM

    BlueTX, why do you think the truth won't come out? Why wouldn't it?

  142. come on1:53 PM

    Of course Sarah Palin is a liar and of course she was not pregnant with Trig as she says she was.

    Any mother who truly loves and protects her children would have made all this crazy pregnancy speculation go away in two seconds with real and irrefutable evidence a long time ago.

    Proving a pregnancy and giving birth is the easiest thing in the world to do if it's true - and impossible to do if it's all a lie.

  143. emrysa1:57 PM

    yellowgirl, thank you for your response.

    as for the folks who think that sherry's arrest was a way to shut her up, to me that seems just the opposite. if sherry knew the truth she could have said "get me out of this situation or I tell everything I know." so it doesn't seem likely to me that palin would have had her arrested if she knew the truth about trig. she may have had her arrested for other reasons, tho...

  144. Anonymous2:07 PM

    oops I forgot a question

    How much is sarah liked by her children?

  145. This is the cutest little Levi story I've seen so far.....


  146. Anonymous2:15 PM

    What would be so gruesome, that we couldn't believe it? All I can think of is the I word or maybe rape. What else could it be.

    I am curious why Gryphens sources won't just tell what they know. After all this time? It can't be out of fear of Sarah still. What could she do to them.

    Patrick at palingates says that "higher ups" in Alaska knew that Bristol was pregnant earlier. Why would they lie? She was sent away for some reason-it's all weird.

    I have stood by Gryphen but right now I am completely frustrated about this topic. I really just want the truth to come out. I am not sure it is going to come out and there are many other things about Sarah that might be important to talk about. Her narcissistic personality is frightening! Just read today's daily beast,
    She is nuts in my opinion.

  147. I can believe that Levi and Bristol may not be Trig’s biological parents but I won’t be surprised or think it discredits you, Gryphen, if it turns out they are. This is one CRAZY mess.

    I ask again. Why doesn’t Levi clear up the rumor that he and Bristol are Trig’s biological parents?

    Supposedly, Tripp’s birth dispels that...but it hasn’t because of the questionable birth dates.

    I haven't seen anyone mention the Mat-Su hospital decision to suspend newspaper publication of births effective Jan 1 2009. Tripp was not listed with the Dec. births but, then again, I'm not certain it's documented that he was born at Mat-Su.

    births Dec 21 to Jan 1

    new policy

  148. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Maybe Trig truly is a "Blessed litle angel" who was aborted or "induced" and survived against all odds, after all Sarah could not embrace the idea of a retard for quite a while. I do hope the death by fire of the nurse who worked at the matsu hospital has nothing to do with this story.

    As for the extent of sarah's deception "stopping your blood cold", "gruesome" or "too sad", that will be the efect on those learning of it from an irrefutable source. We are already immune to Sarah's gruesomness.

  149. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Um, I kinda have to agree with some of the posters that this whole thing is getting a little Orly Taitz. And I am getting a little frustrated with the whole "what's the rest of the story? tune in tomorrow!" bit...
    That being said, I keep coming back to this site to read stuff. SP's political career, dead or alive, doesn't hardly even matter to me anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'd never ever vote for her, but I think her political career is toast at this point. I just read about her like I read about Brangelina or Britney or Lindsey, ya know?
    To me she's just a framework to hang some interesting soap opera plots on. Or like a gory accident you can't look away from.

  150. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Ivyfree, are you kidding about "Certainly having Trig around didn't do much to affect voters"? Maybe not democrat and independent voters (and non-insanse republicans), but with the GOP "base", it was probably #1 on the list of Reasons Why Sarah is Awesome. It's also why she was chosen in the first place, largely. Google James Dobson and Sarah Palin and see if Trig was no big deal.

  151. "come on", great point. Very simple but absolutely true.

  152. A lot of Anon. posters here, why so afraid to post a name. If you dont like this blog, leave.
    I think Gryphen is juggling a few things and trying to tell us as much as he can without breaking an agreement he has with a source. I believe it, what is the problem?
    Interesting that Trig has an unknown mother. I am more confused than ever but I figure it will all sort itself out one day.
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy your blog.

  153. Anonymous2:39 PM

    BlueTx said @9:48 AM, in part: "The truth is much sadder than Palin hiding Bristols pregnancy...

    Incest comes to mind. The kind that goes on for generations. A religious leader, Chuck Heath, her brother, Todd. They could have raped a friend of Track, Bristol, Willow or Piper. The possibilities are endless.

    This is someones list of possibilities:
    Todd and Sherry could be Trig's parents.
    Todd and Sarah's sister could be Trig's parents.
    Keith and Todd's sister could be Trig's parents.
    Keith and Sarah's sister could be Trig's parents.
    Track and Sherry could be Trig's parents.
    and so on and so on.

    Another mentioned was it was Trooper Wooten's baby. Molly and Sarah wanted to hide it from Wooten.

    Sarah did not adopt a random DS baby.

    Good idea: I wonder if running all this by someone who has not been thinking about this for a year, would shed new light?
    excellent @ 11:59 AM ArmchairJane
    Good you brought this up @ 1:20 PM ArmchairJane
    Rep Gatto of Palmer and passed in May 2009 with Palin in support, allowing birth certificates issued for stillbirths.

    Stillbirth certificate bill proposed
    Anchorage Daily News April 18, 2007
    The baby's vital information would be taken from the fetal death certificate, which is issued for any baby born still at 20 weeks or more.
    Palin signs stillbirth certificates bill
    Rep Gatto was in a video after attending church with of Todd and Bristol after the unresolved fire. They are close, he knows them all. Staff & Committees -- 26th AK Legislature House Majority. Occupation: Paramedic/Fire Officer, Anchorage Fire Department

    We don't know who all would cover up incest. We don't know how many times a pregnancy was covered up. Bristol, Willow?

    Abortion? Stillbirth? Adoption? Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson? Rep Gatto? Wasilla Bible Church?

  154. I can see Sarah holding Trig like a sack of potatoes if he's Todd and Sherry's. What I cannot see is her actually adopting the child of Todd and Sherry. What could be in it for Sarah? Why not just deny paternity and let Sherry deal with the baby herself? Is there any evidence that Sherry was pregnant during this time? This seems like a big stretch.

  155. Anonymous2:40 PM

    BlueTX...it will be a cold day in hell before I would feel sorry for palin. Even if she was raped as someone mentioned before, I still wouldn't feel sorry for her. I say to you, as I say to Levi...if you know something, say it and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise, don't add to the confusion. I'm sick of palin.

  156. Anonymous2:42 PM

    According to the Magazines, Sherry had her hysterectomy over 6 years ago.

    That means she couldn't have another child.

  157. I posted earlier today that I thought that I recalled that Sherri had a hysterectomy some time in the past and that complications contributed to her Rx drug addiction.

    Sherri is not a biological parent to Trig if this is true.

    H/T to sg, who posted the following on Palingates:

    From 1/8/2009 People magazine:


    Sherry Johnston - whose son, Levi fathered a son with Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, last month – tells PEOPLE she got hooked on the prescription opiate after a hysterectomy eight years ago, which led to seven additional surgeries.

    "I was in pain, and I'm still in pain," she says.

  158. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Somewhere in one of the Levi interviews (by now he has given so many), I think that Levi commented that maybe Todd had an affair, at least Bristol thought that he did and shared that information with him (Levi). That could be one possiblity for a Sherry+Todd=Trigg formula.

    I am also haunted by the cryptic remark which Gryphen said was the closest to the iceberg than anyone had ever come: Trig was Tripp before he was Trig. That would fit the birth certificate story of Armchair Jane (great writing!). Audrey always thought that the reason that Sarah never showed a birth certificate as proof that she gave birth to Trig was that a birth certificate would have to be correct for time, date, place. Now we know that April 18, 2008 is not the correct birth date.

    I am trying to figure out the Sarah/Bristol dynamic. Gryphen told us that they had screaming bouts. There had been rumors that Bristol was pregnant; she even wrote in her My Space (or was it Face Book?) that someone told Sarah that Bristol was pregnant (I am such a slut). If Bristol was pregnant, was there an abortion (NY?), a stillbirth, child born prematurely (auto accident?), something else happened.

    I am struck by the fact that it was Bristol who ended up being the care giver for Trig. At first Sarah lugged him around in that strange looking sling, almost baby-on-parade. Maybe, when Bristol announced that she and Levi were expecting (according to Levi, 2 weeks after Trig arrived) and they were keeping it (him), that's when Bristol became the baby sitter. Levi moved in to help her out. I still can't get over his attachment to Trig.

  159. well... all this time and still nothing but speculation... with all due respect, it is about as difficult to believe the informant has real info as it is to believe sarah was pregnant in March 08...

    so many infer so much, yet nobody says anything, just more riddles, the bases of which don't jive with research and previous statements from many...

    keeping sources anon is one thing, keeping facts muddied is another...

    i'm disappointed

  160. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I think Palin and Bristol cooked up the rumors of Bristol being the one who was pregnant to cover for the real person who was pregnant. I think Bristol was sent away(went away willingly) to fuel the rumors. That way no one would suspect who was really pregnant and Bristol would be the one everyone was suspicious of. She and Palin allow this to continue to protect the truth and the real mother of Trig. I believe Gryphen is right about Bristol not being the mother and Patrick just believes someone who believes the rumors.

  161. Anonymous2:57 PM

    @anon 2:39, I am voting for one of the Johnston + someone possibilities that you list. My reason is Mercede calling Triggy Bear best baby brother ever. Which love connection would account for Sarah being mommy-in-law? Mercede wrote these comment before Sarah was thrust into the national spotlight.

    I am also suspicious about the Johnston family computers being scrubbed when McCain's bunch moved in. There are secrets there.

  162. Anonymous2:57 PM

    The church office fire (where adoption records are held) and the death of a nurse now look even more suspicious to me.

  163. Anonymous2:57 PM

    You can count on one hand how many people actually know the truth. None of those people are going to tell. Anything else is just a rumor

  164. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Dated March 14, 2008, I think, the state photo of SP standing with Parnell on the steps taken at an angle does not reflect a woman in any stage of pregnancy. Period. And she used props to promote the deception. The evidence will be removed from the internet, out of sight out of mind, kinda thing. Like, trying to re-write history. Cuda is full steam ahead!

    Gryphen, such revelation hints at Bristol being the backup plan, with both, even Levi, too, the evidence is all still there.

    Could be a planned conspiracy by local church group or a private family affair! My bet is on Sherry!

    Oh, I just love whodunits!

  165. Willow is not the mother, Mercede is not the mother, and Sherry is definitely not the mother.

    I chased down all of those leads along time ago.

    And I have no information that Track is the father either. Not as definitive as the females, but still very unlikely.

  166. Sarah Palin is Orly's Facebook friend!!!


  167. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Armchair Jane-

    I think you brought up VERY interesting points about the birth certificate/still birth. My only question is if the law was passed in May 2009, wouldn't that mean that only still births after that date could get a birth certificate? Before I try to noodle my brain around still births, I want to make sure it is a good road to go down.


  168. Anonymous3:09 PM

    What would Nancy Drew do? Let's look at the clues.

    "However afterward I heard another piece of information which went a long ways toward explaining what actually DID happen, and why Bristol was hidden away in Anchorage for so many months."

    Why would Bristol be hidden away, other than being pregnant? Was it something she had to hide, or someone in Wasilla she had to be kept away from because of some kind of conflict, or was she being threatened? Or is it the aunt who we should be focusing on? Was Bristol helping her aunt or cousin in some way?

    OK so I'm thinking Bristol was in rehab, or maybe was a witness to a crime or was traumatized by something? Maybe some evil blood-chilling crime like the murder of a pregnant woman where the fetus survived? Or was she fighting with someone, maybe Track? Did Levi get another girl pregnant, and Bristol had to be kept away from them because she was crazy upset? Keeping a low profile from the law? Bring on the crazy theories!! I think if the Palin's really want to cash in, they need a Twin Peaks-esque reality show where each week a clue is revealed about Trig's parentage until finally the shocking truth is revealed.

  169. Anonymous3:16 PM

    So Gryphen, you haven't narrowed out Todd then...are Levi's comments about Bristol thinking Todd was having an affair a clue? Is Trig a result of that affair?

  170. So Gryphen what say you about Palingates ''sources'' and they're definitive statements about Bristol being the mother of both babies?

    " Make no mistake: From all we know so far, including reliable inside information, Bristol is the mother of both babies."

  171. Bristol is the only one who looked post partum. the timing was odd. At the convention in August she has huge boobs, and what we think is a premature birth for Trig prior to April. Do women stay huge for 6-7 months? Either there are 3 kids invloved or something doesnt add up. I imagine any evidence burned at the church and that poor woman who died in the fire knew something....Am I getting warm? NO pun intended...

  172. Who knows but that Trygg was concieved "in vitro" and subsequently carried to term, using a surrogate, precisely due to the trisomy 21 defect he carried.

  173. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Why would anyone feel sorry for Sarah regardless of what transpired?

    Noone told Sarah to lie to the country.

    We should only have sympathy and regard for how WE have been treated by those in power.

    Gryphen may have lost sight of where his true loyalties should lay and how how he originally set out to discover and reveal truths and how he appealed to us to support him based on those aspirations. Now, however, and who knows for how long Gryphen seems to have, also, used us to string us along and subvert us to his own goals.

    I reckon he understands once this the baby-gate is revealed his readership will dwindle and has resorted to ''loss control''

    What say you Gryphen? This value you place on your ''agreement and sources'', have you placed us all upon this altar? I think you owe your readership the revelation of your indebtedness so that we may decide for ourselves how much further we want to follow you. Now, you hold us blindly in your grip of promises to uncover 'things'. So be it. Just tell us if you have promised your sources to never ''completely'' remove the veil, but only partially. Thank you

  174. Anonymous3:22 PM

    David: I understand your impatience but I find this fun.

    NOW, that doesn't mean I dont understand that real people are affected and there are children involved, but, she chose to put her family and her story front and center and so, it is all public because she wanted it that way, when it suited her.

    So, I feel bad for the real mother and whatever created this situation, but this is the best reality show on TV or the Web. I have been following this since the day they chose her and it's like a favorite show, like Big Love. I just enjoy the mystery, the twists and turns and the witty people I find here and on other Alaska blogs.

    So, if you don't enjoy the mystery, don't play.

  175. BlueTx3:22 PM

    Thank you Gryphen for that last comment. I hope people pay attention.

  176. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Gryphen says that he's not even sure if Bristol knows who Trig's bio mother is. If that's the case, then all of this speculation about Sherry being the mother makes no sense to me at all. Surely Levi would have known if his own mother was pregnant, and likewise, so would Bristol (unless Sherry had the same remarkably tight abs as Sarah did :)

  177. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Gryphen, Can you confirm that Bristol was pregnant in 2007 and that either the baby was adopted, died, or was aborted?

  178. Anonymous3:25 PM

    In some respects the wild-ride isn't out of character for Sarah Palin. She played basketball with a fractured ankle. The coach knew she was having difficulty. She didn't know she had a fractured ankle until she saw a doctor after the game. And not right after the game. There is an ESPN video interview about this.

  179. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Does anyone has the ability or has anyone checked out the local hospitals for information about a baby with DS around the time we believe Trig to be born? Birth records would just state "baby boy", no mention of DS or time spent in the NICU. This is assuming that Trig is local and a lead worth checking out. We are talking about Alaska. There is not many hospitals able to take care of Trig's needs. I also doubt there are that many DS babies born there as opposed to a bigger city like Chicago. Trig HAD to spend time in a NICU SOMEWHERE. I seriously doubt he was born at home and able to survive without intervention given his DS, premature birth, and heart condition. UNLESS, he wasn't supposed to survive which leads into the stillbirth/certificate theory. I still think looking into local hospitals (how legal is that, anyway?) for info about boys born with DS in the time frame that makes the most since.


  180. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Well then you have narrowed it down to Todd as the father.

  181. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Trev: I have trouble commenting on some blogs with my google account. I don't know why so I post as anon.

    I think this happens to a lot of people here.
    Lilybart here and and on other blogs

  182. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Bristol is pregnant in 2007.

    Sarah Palin continuously hounds Levi and Bristol to let her adopt the baby. It is agreed that Sarah will adopt the baby when it is born.

    Bristol gets in car accident in February 2008. Baby is stillborn.

    Sarah sees opportunity in continuing an addition to the family(?) so proceeds with plan and announces pregnancy in March.

    Fakes the pregnancy.

    Keeps Bristol in hiding because 1). Until Feb 2008 she WAS pregnant and hence the hiding and need to get body back in shape and
    2) like someone mentioned above...Sarah wants those people who think she isn't the mother, to believe it is Bristol's baby.

    It isn't either of theirs.

    Sarah adopts baby. (Not sure how this fits regarding WHERE baby came from), but it is not Bristol's baby.


  183. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Blogger Patrick said...

    Anon 18:09

    See, I just mentioned the "rocky way" just at the right moment ;-)

    I did not know that Gryphen holds the opinion that Bristol is NOT Trig's mother. This does not conform with the information we have received from Alaska, I can say this straight away, but as always, we will look into this.

    I would have to see evidence for Gryphens theory before I can believe or assess it. I hope that the details of what it exactly is that Gryphen knows will be published soon.

    03 November 2009 18:20

  184. Anonymous3:33 PM


    Can you confirm that there is indeed a "Tripp" (the one we see in the pictures, Trig's double stroller partner) and Bristol and Levi are the biological parents of said child?


  185. The problem with Trig being Track or Todd or Sherry's baby is that there isn't a compelling enough reason for Sarah to fake a pregnancy. The only possible one I can think of is if it were a girlfriend of Track who wanted to abort and Sarah agreed to take the whole thing on. But I can't really see Sarah being that altruistic and actually sticking to her professed priciples.

    Dangerous on Palin's Deceptions has always thought the best candidate was Willow, a scandal big enough to cause Sarah to cover for her. The main problem I have with that is that Willow was visible throughout.

  186. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Wait Gryphen. You said:

    "Willow is not the mother, Mercede is not the mother, and Sherry is definitely not the mother.

    I chased down all of those leads along time ago."

    Didn't you say today that Bristol and Sarah aren't the only Palin women who could get pregnant? Like it was a hint?

    I'm getting confused by al the speculation.

  187. I don't know if anyone has watched the show "Cheaters" but Inside Edition just had a segment on where they have discovered that "Cheaters" is a hoax. Some of the people who were on that show stated they were paid to act. I only mentioned this to say that this show has been on the air since 2000 and it has taken 9 years before this has been exposed.

    Will it take that long or more before Sarah's hoax is exposed?

  188. To the readers of this and other blogs, let's carefully and succintly list what we have definitively been told today and in the past. PLEASE, only the 'clues' that would be helpful. Here is my start, with attributions thus far to Gryphen and Levi:

    Trig was Tripp before he was Trig (closest to describing the iceberg)

    The mother of Trig is not Bristol, Willow, Mercede, Sherry

    Sarah did not give birth to Trig on April 18, 2008

    The father of Trig is not Levi and unlikely Track

    With equivocation, Levi says Sarah is Trig's mother

  189. Aunttomichael3:46 PM

    Gryphen, what is your end game? I believe you have valuable information but what so you intend to do with it? If it is simply to throw crumbs at your readership but never confirm anything except when someone else discloses it first, then what is the need maintain the confidentiality of the information you have? Why not simply publish what you know, state it as "rumor", and then let the chips fall as they may, hoping that it creates momentum? What do you gain by the approach you’ve been following?

    Thank you from a long-time reader.

  190. Aunttomichael3:56 PM

    I believe the biological connection is someone in the Johnston family. I still remember Sherry on the Tyra Banks show choking up as she was talking about how Bristol refused to let them see the baby (ostensibly Tripp but really Trig). She said, with a terribly pained face, "Bristol knew how much that baby meant to me".

  191. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Gryphen,if you new the truth why did you write in Oct "Perhaps receiving a few links to some of the relevant information from Palin's Deceptions, Palingates, Bree Palin, and this site might help Oprah come up with some truly fascinating questions."?


  192. Anonymous4:08 PM

    hmm, Why would she go to the lengths of faking the pregnancy, then flaunt a baby she clearly does not like to even look at. Did Todd father a child with someone else and have to be bought into staying in the marriage? Payoff being he gets to keep his son, lives in wealth and luxury with his own residence, and airplane hangar? Just so $arah could further her political ambitions?

  193. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Gryphen wrote:

    "All I can say with any certainty is that Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to him on April 18, 2008!"

    We have all known that since PD's Nail in the Coffin photo, first posted many months ago.

    We need Audrey back.

  194. I vote that Todd must have had an affair with some chick and gotten her pregnant. Bristol's mysterious absences in late '07/early '08 were probably the result of drug/alcohol rehab (assuming she wasn't pregnant). Track's had the same girlfriend for years, so I don't think he's a possibility unless he was fucking around on her.

    By the way, Gryphen, please consider changing the comment form option from the embedded form to the pop-up box. The pop-up box will allow everyone to comment with blogger or open-id accounts regardless of the browser they're using, which is why I suspect there's so many "Anonymous" comments. I hate having to open Google's Chrome just to post a comment. (I refuse to use the craptastic Internet Explorer.)

    Also, Gryphen, perhaps you should consider writing some thing of what you know in "blind item" format with code names like Ted Casablanca does. Because today's caveat sounds like you don't really know what you're writing about. Just sayin'...

  195. Anonymous4:24 PM

    That leaves the toad...

  196. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Okay, I think we all know by now that T1 was not born when claimed, and very likely neither was T2. We also know that Bristol definitely looked pregnant in September and October 2007, and was missing for several months thereafter. (And we know that she was sleeping around in spring 2007.) There is a possibility that T1 was born as early as Dec 27, 2007 (as a premie). But now you are saying that Bristol did not give birth to T1? So, did she give birth to any live baby during late 07-early 08? Because if not, she either had an abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth. From what you say, it sounds like an abortion may have been forced upon her by Sarah. But it makes no sense at all for SP to fake a pregnancy if that is the case. What would that accomplish? Also, Gryphen, with all due respect, it makes no sense for you to claim that no one would have believed you months ago if you said that Bristol was not T1's birth mother. Why not? What makes you think it's more plausible now? Because of what Levi said? This is not the first time that Levi said Sarah is Trig's mother -- in fact, he said he was in the hospital when Sarah "had" Trig. While we've already parsed the shadings of the truth in that statement, it would obviously suggest that Sarah is Trig's mother. So why are you moved by his statement now, but not then? Like others here, I'm having a hard time making any sense of what you are saying, and it is really bumming me out as I had trusted you to be a reliable source. I can certainly see how this is pissing some of your most loyal followers off. It is in my case.

  197. With all due respect, Sherry has been ruled out. She had a hysterectomy years ago (read back several comments, it's addressed more than once). If you're interested enough to post you should be interested enough to read all comments.

  198. Carrie,
    Regarding the birth certificate bill, I went and checked on when it was originally proposed around April 2007, in the article linked above. The 2007 article said:

    "Gatto's bill is now in the House Finance Committee after passing out of several other committees. Legislators are currently working on wording the bill to allow for retroactive certificates should the proposed legislation become law."

    So I cannot say for sure, but it definitely looks like the legislators wanted to include language that would allow just what you asked about: birth certificates to be issued for stillbirths that happened prior to the bill's passage in 2009...

    This in turn makes me think that is somebody succeeded in triggering a "fundie abortion" that they could then get a birth certificate for the fetus that died.

  199. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Armchair Jane is correct in the birth certificates angle. Remember Palin is one of the church leaders of a church/cult that believes the end of the world is coming and they are going to be the chosen ones that will survive. How do you create more chosen ones? The pure leader plants his seed in chosen females. And legally they all need birth certificates and papers. People start asking questions about T1 and the church has a fire that destroys the paperwork - not the alter, which is typical of church fires, not the basement, not the kitchen, the office that contained the paperwork. And at this church is a leader member doctor CJB or is it CBJ who knows all the secrets about the kids and their births and adoptions. And who pushed Palin to the McCain camp - Dobson. Another religious leader that believes that the choosen people will survive the end of the world. Palin could not be pregnant because she was running for one of the highest offices in the world. A heartbeat away. This would be one of the sides of the story that would turn your blood cold.

    Has anyone ever wondered why Todd would go along with the wild ride story? Why would he go along with the fake preg to both Palin and Bristol?

  200. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Blue TX-

    If I were to believe your comment that it was a gruesome situation that would make some of us Sarah Palin haters feel sorry for her, there is only one option that would make me feel sorry for Sarah. I would feel sorry for Sarah if she had been raped.

    1. She didn't tell Todd she was pregnant for a long period of time.
    2. She fired much of her security detail and drove herself to work much of the time.
    3. She may have not reported the rape like many other women.
    4. She might have felt a rape would make her look weak in the eyes of voters and McCain.

    With her doctor being an incest/abuse specialist, the rapist could be a family member or some other unknown person. AK has one of the highest number of rapes per capita in the US.



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