Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BANNED!! Making it on Sarah Palin's enemies list. Update!

Today was the last day of Sarah Palin's book tour.

And it was to be held in the "picturesque" town of Wasilla, at the Curtis C. Menard Memorial Sports Center.

How could I miss it?

So Dennis Zaki and I loaded up his car and headed out to cover this historic event. (Little did we know that dark forces were conspiring against us.)

The drive to Wasilla was pleasant enough. Dennis and I talked about a variety of subjects, including the latest rumors circulating about Palin and which ones had some validity, and which ones did not.

When we arrived at the Sports Center we were somewhat surprised at the size of the place and that the parking lot was almost completely full.

"Wow I guess she DOES still have a lot of fans out here!" I exclaimed.

I helped Dennis gather his video equipment and we headed for the door. Once there I took a deep cleansing breath and mentally prepared myself to enter the heart of Palin-palooza central, and then barged right on through the doors. (I think God had opened it a crack just for me.)

Once inside we were quickly directed to check in with the person in charge of media. As we walked over I saw the size of the crowd waiting to greet Palin and get her signature. I estimated it to be well over a thousand Wasillians, all clutching several copies of "Going Rogue" and waiting to see the local girl who ran their town, ran their state, ran for Vice President, and ultimately ran away.

As I prepared to sign in as a media representative I heard the crowd erupt in cheers as Sarah Palin made her entrance. I could not see her as she was above us in the balcony area, apparently looking down lovingly at her vacant eyed supporters, but there was little doubt that she had made her grand entrance.

There were a few calls of "Sarah, Sarah" before the line started to wind its way up the stairs to have their audience with Queen Ester of the North. I thought "We better hurry if we are going to find a good place to set up our camera."

My first hint that something may be wrong down in Who-ville was when I was asked for my ID, not once, but twice. Then as Dennis and I were about to sign in, and the lady behind the desk took our picture with a little digital camera! WTF? I have never had anybody do that before at any other event that I attended as a media representative. I wondered why there was such tight security, unaware that my question was only seconds from being answered.

Almost as soon as I had my picture taken I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around and came face to face with a local police officer who quickly apologized and then informed me that I was on the "banned list".

"I am on the WHAT list?" I asked.

"The banned list sir, I am going to have to escort you off of the property. This is a private event."

I looked over and saw Dennis talking to somebody else, and clearly receiving the same information.

On my way toward the door I stopped to wait for Dennis so that we could leave together, however the police officer again placed his hand on my shoulder and insisted that I continue on toward the exit. They clearly were under orders to get me off of the premises as quickly as possible.

Outside Dennis joined me and told me that he had learned that both he and I were on the banned list, along with Shannyn Moore, and that they even had pictures of us to reference for quick identification.

Another reporter headed toward the entrance overheard us and asked us if there were REALLY a "banned list". "Yes there is, and we are on it" was our reply. "I have never heard of that!" she said. Welcome to Sarah Palin's Wasilla.

So we loaded up our gear and back to Anchorage we drove. It did not take more than a few minutes before I started to laugh uncontrollably at the absurdity of being banned from Sarah Palin's last book signing. She had not been able to stop us from continuing to write about her, she had not been able to keep us off of Elmendorf, but by God she could damn well have us kicked out of the Curtis C. Menard Memorial Sports Center!

Yep that sure showed us.

Sarah Palin has done everything she could to keep the media as far away as possible during this book tour, however I do believe that this is the first time she actually had anybody listed by name. THAT honor she reserves for the Alaska bloggers. And do you know what? That is an honor that I will wear proudly!

So now we know that, just like Richard M. Nixon, Sarah Palin has her very own enemies list.

The only question is, who else has made that list?

Update: Here is video of Sarah making her way to sit down an start signing her "Book of Lies". About the time you hear that big cheer go up from the crowd is when Dennis and I are getting the bum's rush.

And I bet when she picks up her Blackberry is when she got the news that we had been evicted.

(H/T to GinaM for the video.)

Update 2: Thanks for the link Mr. Sullivan!

Update 3: I just got off of the phone with an ADN reporter who tells me that the banned list only contained FOUR names!

Just four?

Hmm, now let's see. There was Shannyn, Dennis, and me, and that makes three. Now who do you think was lucky number four?

Update 4: BTW it turns out that Harper Collins paid for the rental of the sports center AND provided our names to security. And that my friends is the Sarah Palin version of "plausible deniability".

"I didn't do it dammit! My publisher did it! Nope not MY fault!"


  1. Common Gryph, you knew damn well that you would be on that list!

    Oh well, at least you know $arah (or one of her evil followers) is watching your blog closely.

    Hi $arah!

  2. So much for Sarah's confidence as a .... whatever she is.

    You know, this is seriously disturbing... I hope Shannyn posts on HuffPost about this, and that YOU then comment on your experience.

    For someone who claims to love the Constitution Sarah sure does appear to FEAR the 1st Amendment insofar as it relates to the PRESS ..

    SHE HAS A LOT TO FEAR that's for sure!

  3. She's such a coward that it's pathetic.

  4. Mrs. Palin, I must say that banning thing you have going on is flat trashy. Mercy Maude. Did you leave your pitbull persona on the bus? Just another example of trash talk, trash walk, trash balk.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Hi S'error !!
    You may have stopped them from seeing you but they have already seen the inside of your dark soul.
    This is only going to get better for us and way worse for you.
    Oh PS Welcome Home Clown !!
    2010 does not look good for you.

  6. This is so incredibly fucked up. I had heard about Shannyn's banning earlier and was appalled but also figured you and perhaps Dennis would be on the list too.

    Such a shitty little baby she is pulling a power trip only because she still has some support in this crappy little town.

    I hope that this will be the straw that finally breaks the backs of some of the people that have the power to spill the deets that will truly compromise her already soiled reputation.

    Just for the record, I believe that Trig is Willows and that Track is a Menard. I gave this woman the benefit of the doubt for so long but her recent activity has set in stone my belief that she and her family TRULY are nothing but trash and that the most ludicrous tales attached to them are most likely the truth.

    Sorry for the banishment Gryphen and Dennis, but hopefully this will make you even more eager to take off your last layer of kid gloves when it comes to dealing with this piece of shit human.

    She deserves not one inkling of respect and we all need to stop dancing around the obvious lies and let her have it before she is too powerful to be stopped.

    God, sorry for the rant but I feel good now.

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    She has made herself a prisioner. I think that Toad is really upset that the world knows that he has made a fool of him. Wow''' Signing book in the lovers nest named after her first love.

  8. OhWell3:02 PM

    This woman is a joke. For a while I was concerned that she was going to be a force to reckon with. Lately, she just seems like a lame joke. Sarah, I think you're a dead fish.
    Congratulations, Gryphen....this is a list that's good to be on!

  9. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Really?? How unAmerican of her to ban people at this event. Why is she allowed to ban people from a public event?

  10. Anonymous3:03 PM

    but the twit said:

    Sounds like the Alaska book signing events 4 general public will be Dec 22, hopefully in both Anchorage&1 other location. Bundle up&join us!
    6:55 PM Dec 15th from TwitterBerry

    General public minus my myriad list of banned individuals. Too bad the list wasn't published on the web to conserve people's time and gasoline.

  11. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Gryphen, I am sorry you, Dennis and Shannyn got banned. Consider it an honor! What about AKM? Something I don't understand - public book signing, public facility and Sister Sarah uses the only clout she has left. Twitter, facebook and now a "banned" list! If she was in the whitehouse only Faux news would be in the press room :>))))

  12. Anonymous3:03 PM

    So what are you three banned people going to do about it? On public property and using the police to enforce it. Now I know you alaskans are a tough breed of people, please don't roll over and play dead. I'm sure that you know of a good atty. And Zaki, wasn't he representing CNN?

  13. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Quite a wimpy, cowardly little pit bull. More like a chihuahua. Or just a gnat. LOL

    Can't wait for the books from Bailey, Bitney and Levi. That will be priceless.

  14. emrysa3:05 PM

    damn gryphen I was so looking forward to your report!!!

    a "banned" list! how freakin funny! what a weak bitch.

    hey what I don't get tho gryphen, is that the security guard told you it was a private event, however it was held up as a public event. what's up with that?

    poor sarah, can't have her critics ANYWHERE NEAR her, bwaahahaa, yeah


  15. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Did Harper/Collins rent the entire sports center? Was it closed for any activities other than the book signing?

  16. kdusmdd3:06 PM

    OK...Now is the time to drop the Big Bomb on MsPerfect. Make it a Christmas she'll NEVER forget.

  17. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Sarah Palin is afraid of EVERYTHING. What a wimp she is.

    It's not Gryphen's fault you have cottage cheese thighs, Sarah.

  18. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Nice of her to use publicly funded police officers to escort you from a public building in which she decided to hold her now private event (wasn't this billed as the public Alaska signing in her tweet? Yet another word Sarah doesn't know the meaning of). Did your tax dollars pay for you to be evicted from that building, Gryphen, or did Sarah rent the police dept along with the building?

    How does a woman who cannot deal with dissent in any way, shape or form think she has any place of leadership in a Democracy?

  19. Anonymous3:07 PM

    AKM said on Mudflats that she didn't have time to make it today-- good thing. "Public," my ass!

    I'm still hoping that some people showed up there with pictures of the windows in Sarah's house.

  20. Anonymous3:08 PM

    ..and that is exactly why she needs to be nowhere near the WH. A banned list for a book signing? I've never heard of such a thing,and I've attended many book signings. She cannot handle anyone that does not agree with her, which is why she sits and hides behind Facebook and Twitter..she's a pathetic joke..Gryphen and Shannon..hope you get this out to Huffington Post..

  21. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I think the quitter stacked the event with fundies from the local churches and bussed them in from ABT, also too.

  22. AND All of us that live in Wasilla, let's make sure to shop in stores that are OUTSIDE of city limits so that we are not paying sales tax....the sales tax that goes to provide the city police force that were on hand doing Sarah's bidding (as a private citizen) at her book signing.

    NO MORE TAX FOR YOU WASILLA! I'll go out of my way to do all my shopping at Three Bears so that you never see another dime of my money!

  23. So...just so have I have this correct:
    The police officer said it was a "private event".
    S'rah promoted it as a public book signing.

    S'rah is just a "private citizen" now, who adores her "public".

    S'rah goes out of her way to get noticed in public and then whines about privacy.

    OK, I get it!

    In S'rah speak: private=public and public=private

    whew...glad that's sorted out

  24. Techgnome3:10 PM

    Beautiful. There is no way you could have gotten a better story if you had been allowed to stay. Where else could you have found this sort of insanity? How often are you going to be honored in this way? Thanks for driving out there.

  25. Well my dear Gryphen, this is definitely confirmation that $arah reads your blog....each day and night.
    But banning you and others is another one of $arah's classic blunders. This kind of negative attention will not be good in the MSM. I sure hope that you, Dennis and Shannyn call Keith and KO's about this new development. And, maybe, just maybe, your resources will finally let you tell what you know about her.
    She probably has an Enemies List longer than Nixon's.
    What a twit.

  26. Gryphen, you should send this in to CNN as a news tip. Palin, not so Public book signing or Palin bans local Alaskan Bloggers from Public book signing in Alaska.
    You can hit their tip at this link:

    or you might have a more direct contact. I've emailed Rachel and Keith about it with links to your blog.
    Good luck and obviously, keep up the good work.

  27. Anonymous3:11 PM

    If all media was not banned, I think there may have been some kind of violation of your rights not only as a media rep but as a citizen of Alaska. This book signing was publicized as "open to the public". Sue someone. Some attorney make take the case pro bono because there is money to get.

  28. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Someone at Palingates or maybe it was at Bree Palin posted a link to the sports facility, and the name sponsoring the space reserved for the book signing was Harper Collins. I can understand the signing area itself being off limits, but to escort you off the entire property? That I don't get. My overall thought about the book signing tour is this: Harper Collins said to Scarah something like 'you complete the entire tour or else' and Scarah said 'only if you keep the unfriendlies away from me in Alaska.' Hence the sports center for her [oh please let it be]final curtain call.

  29. Anonymous3:15 PM

    And if HC just reserved part of the property, yes, how could you be escorted out of the whole building? And does Wasilla have so many extra cops that some can be spared for this? Does Mrs. Todd Palin have to reimburse the city for the cost?

  30. emrysa3:15 PM

    and what does it say about how AWESOME someone is that the ONLY PLACE they need to ban people is their home state????

    bwaahahahhaa lmfao just can't stop laughing. sarah and her team NEVER think about consequences.

  31. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Consider it a honor!

    Hey I wish I was on $carah's banned list!

  32. It's hard to choose--there are so many competitors--and Mrs. Palin has done so many stupid things--but I submit that banning Gryphen, Shannon Moore and Dennis Zaki from her public book signing is the most GRATUITOUSLY stupid thing Mrs. Palin has done.

    But ths pushback on this is going to be delicious.

    Pass the popcorn!

  33. Liz, I have to agree.
    Just when ya think she can do anything more stoopid, she just goes ahead and proves us wrong. What a complete idiot.

  34. Anonymous3:22 PM

    At nearly 46 years old, Sarah Palin is still afraid of bloggers.

  35. Now she even with you Gryphen.Childish behaviour
    on her part,but whats new.
    She'll show you, for having lunch with her lawyer.
    She is a fool,and done herself more damage by banning you and your friend.
    The saying in Australia is she is a DINGO.

  36. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Publish what you know or you will lose credibility

  37. honestyinGov3:24 PM

    Since Dennis has friends AND contacts in the news/TV business I hope that he is able to make some calls and have your TV stations do a story about this and maybe an interview.You could be interviewed on Shanny's show as well.
    And all of those most recent ' ethics complaints ' filed a few weeks ago... time to turn up the heat.
    The Miss Pitbull sounds more like a whiney Pussy-Cat in heat to me.... MEEOWWW!!!!!!
    Which might explain why Tawd is so ' Pussy-whipped '.

    Were you there long enough to see whether she brought out her " stage prop" kids to the event?

  38. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Was it advertised anywhere as being open to the public? I know she said it in her twits. The twit.

  39. The Palins and the Heaths are quite a bunch of Freaks.
    And a Banned List?! Too funny!
    $arah, THAT is why you will never amount to more than being Queen Troll.

  40. I don't care whose name the space was reserved in--HC or $P. It was promoted as a PUBLIC signing!

    It just does not make sense, that certain people were banned?

    HOW can she get by with this crap!

    Definitely, get this to Keith & Rachel, Huffington, maybe even the tabloids!

    She's a COWARD, not a Pit Bull!

  41. LOL. Congrats on this badge of honor. It becomes clearer and clearer she DOES read these blogs.

    Sarah has banned some of the Alaskan bloggers and ...tomatoes from a Costco.

    I wonder what else she's banned from these signings.

  42. Sarah, that was a stupid, stupid move. Since I know you'll be reading this or at least having it read to you, let me say that I have NEVER heard of a "banned" list at a PUBLIC event.

    What you did was akin to taking out a public announcement that you read the blogs written by certain people and you can't tolerate what they say about you. How immature and thin-skinned you are! You just proved, AGAIN, that you could NEVER make it in national politics. Obviously, you are seriously bothered by what is said about you in print, is it because it hits so close to home? I'd venture to say that's the reason. What is wrong with you? My parents told me when I was a child to never let anyone know how much they are getting to you. If you had only ignored these people instead of having your little "hissy-fits" (although in your case we could call them "quitty-fits") they would not have been so intent on focusing on your every move. Now we know that it is causing a meltdown in the Palin household!

    Your 15 minutes is almost up despite what the idiot in your entourage thought about you being "the most important person in the world". Did you actually believe that bullshit? You are Sarah Palin, Ex-half term Governor, Ex-chairman of the Alaska Oil & Gas Commission, and probably soon to be ex-wife. I'm sure you're getting ready to quit Todd next and the pretext of the two homes is not going to allow you to pretend otherwise.

    You are a national joke, no matter what your Palinbots say about you. Although most of their ranting is not something I'd want to be associated with at any cost.

    Gryphen and Co., you should be proud. You've really hit a sore spot, now you should go in for the kill. Wonder what she would have done if Levi had shown up? After all, she did invite him to Thanksgiving dinner on national TV yet would have been stupid enough to ban him from her book signing. Can't wait for his revelations!

    Thanks for keeping the lower 48 informed of her meltdown in process, Gryphen.

  43. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Well, according to you Dec 19 post, it was quoted this was a "public event" open TO THE PUBLIC. Pick your battles, but I'd pitch a bitch if I were you... being (ahem) escorted from a public even... out of a book signing?? You're a blogger, ffs!

    While it's funny in a way, Sarah, you are one big pussy. Get ov'a yourself honey. You really aren't all that. Karma is gonna get you, sugarpie. You can count on it! Be afraid, be very afraid of your God.

  44. Ripley3:27 PM

    wow. I agree with Techgnome. This is a wayyyyyy better story than one you would have gotten inside.

    This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Banning public citizens from a public event at a public venue because you don't like them exercising their rights to Free Speech. Hmmmm....

  45. Sunshine1970 said...

    "I wonder what else she's banned from these signings."

    Intelligent people?

  46. Anonymous3:28 PM

    If Palin and co. rented the arena, then they can call it a private event- but they should have a guest list. Or, all attendees signed up ahead of time, and paid a fee. If the town of Wasilla, or whatever entity manages/owns it, waived the fee-- then it is a public event, and no one can be banned.

    Anyone know it it was rented?

    CO Almost Native

  47. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Can you imagine what Sarah's ghostwriter would be sending out if Barack Obama tried to have a "banned" list for a public speaking event?

  48. Anonymous3:30 PM


    Why didn't you record this? A or V or both?

    Is this bannning in a public place legal?

    To have a private party in a public place, don't you have to send out invitations?

    Please Gryph, give me some answers!

  49. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Yes, pay her back with her very own discrimination lawsuit. Let her prove that you were a threat to her security and let her prove that she is the mother of Trig and that Toad is the father of all her claimed children...

  50. Oops! She just leaked some more ugly.

  51. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Now imagine our country with Paline as POTUS.

    Forget socialism, Palins an evil dictator wannbe. Pure evil.

  52. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Whp piad for the cops? The taxpayers of Wasilla?

  53. Was this advertised as a "Public event"? Yes, it was.

    Did she rent the space? Yes she did.

    Did I get any tape or audio? No.

    Were the children there? I have no idea, I never got that close.

    Is this going to go national? You betcha!

  54. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Banned... hmmm... Where have we heard this before??? Oh yeah, books and the Wasilla Library. Rather ironic that Palin bans people reporting on her own book. Sarah, with this action, you just burned down your bridge to nowhere.

  55. Anonymous3:40 PM

    This book signing was publicized as "open to the public". Sue someone. Some attorney make take the case pro bono because there is money to get.

    OOoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Tank..........

  56. yay, Gryph!!!!
    You have secret Santa helpers already spreading the word.

  57. Anonymous3:40 PM

    You need to make Banned in Wasilla t-shirts like the Banned in Boston ones. I would pay money for that. Especially if it had a "you betcha" in there somewhere.

  58. honestyinGov3:40 PM

    Adding to what I had already said...

    Try to post this story about the ' banned list ' in as may Huffpo threads as you can. Earlier on Huffpo I had posted about Shannyn's name on the list in a story about McCain. This was before your story came out.
    Hit the Huffpo threads so that other Media sources may pick it up. And ANYBODY with a contact to Andrew Sullivan-Daily Dish make sure he gets the story. The last time he linked that story to Palingates ( about the HC Attorney and the book pages )the web went NUTS that night. It was HUGE!! If Sullivan posts it... other media will notice. Time to set the tubes ablaze with a huge bonfire.

  59. If you had gone in as a private citizen, not a media representative, could you have been banned I wonder?

  60. Anonymous3:42 PM

    from adn.com

    "It's her hometown, and remember, everybody is her friend, everybody is her parents' friend and we're all friends of the family," said Lyn Carden, executive director of the Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce.

    Gee, Gryphen, if you lived in Wasilla you would be one of the "everybody is her friend" crowd.

    If you should happened to get to ask Lyn Carden about the "banned" list, please report on her reaction. She's sounds capable of sugar-coating anything!

  61. Anon at 3:37pm,
    Yes, we Wasillans pay 2.5 percent sales tax that supports the police force that were apparently being paid to do Sarah's bidding....
    pathetic but at least there are stores outside of our city limits where we can shop without supporting Palin's personal hit squad.

  62. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Did she call Chimpy bush to get directions on how to do this?? Sounds kinda like what happened to a trio of folks in Denver that were perp-marched out of one of chimpy's 'public forums' because they had some form of protest in the clothing or some strange bumper sticker on their car advocating peace...what an unrational concept..

    AND sister went to twitter today to re-emphasize that her 'death panels' were going to be in the final health care bill passed by the congress...

    The article is on The Hill website..


  63. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Sarah Palin is probably afraid of a dictionary. That's how pathetic she is.

  64. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Or how about a t shirt listing "Words Sarah Palin doesn't understand." "Public" and "eon" can be the starters.

  65. Anonymous3:47 PM

    How can you be banned from a public facility? Did quitty pants pay rent for the building?

  66. I guess if the Healthcare bill is being passed with the "death panels" in it Sarah better hide her parents and her grandchild Trig immediately!

  67. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Looks like ♥.•:*¨!! SARAH !!¨*:•.♥ has nothing to fear but Gryphen himself. Not to mention Dennis and Shannyn, also too!


  68. Anonymous3:50 PM

    So this is sarah's idea of open and transparent!
    What a wonderful role model for politicians.

    Some Harvard Business student could do a thesis on how NOT TO BE a public servant just by watching her!

  69. Gryphen, You probably got an even bigger story than you would have got if they had let you cover the story.

  70. Anonymous3:50 PM

    t-shirt with "banned in Wasilla, AK"


    sharpie out

  71. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I wonder who she will blame this on... She will certainly say she didn't do it... She will claim she was unaware that someone was banning good public citizens from a public invitation event. Poor Sister Sarah - everybody picks on her all the time! What's a former / quitter gov. supposed to do? She just can't win for losing!

    She can't keep you out of church on Xmas eve can she?

  72. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Does sister issue new jack boots to her stooges before they attempt to march you out of the room??

  73. Sarahpalooza blew through Birmingham, AL a few weeks ago. She arrived the day after Mike Huckabee was at the same store, and the two could not have been more different. Huckabee's people encouraged us to take pictures and video; Sarah's tried to prevent us from bringing cameras into the store HOURS BEFORE SHE GOT THERE. There were three police officers providing security for Huckabee, a dozen for Sarah -- along with private security and extra store staff. And the crowds were EXACTLY the same size.

    I made a video about it. The striking thing to me was how every Fox News affiliate within 300 miles showed up to cover Sarah, who wouldn't even give them the time of day. What a freakin' diva.

  74. Hey Sarah - Is banning fellow Alaskans from a public event what you meant by helping Alaska by quitting governorship early??
    Stoopid is as stooopid does.

  75. Kill the Bill
    Go Sarah

    You should be banned everywhere
    Not only Wasilla

  76. Yes Gryphen, you are now a proud member of the "banned in Wasilla" club.

    You are keeping company with:

    -Banned Books
    -Banned Building Codes
    -Banned Birth Announcements at Mat-Su Regional
    -Banned FREE rape kits for Rape victims

    You should be so proud!!

    She's going to be wiping this latest shit off her shoe for sometime I bet :-)

  77. Deb in WI3:59 PM

    She has to correct her lie and say that it is a PRIVATE event. If she doesn't, it is discrimination. If public is invited, then they cannot escort you anywhere unless you were causing a public disturbance or whatever.

    I cannot just have police escort my neighbor out of a library I am in because I want her banned from any public place I am in unless I have a restraining order against her. I just couldn't legally do it, nor can she. (Not that this would stop Sarah, she knows no laws or ethics for that matter.)

    What power does she have? She isn't in office any more, she's just a normal person now. She doesn't have any pull with police at a public event in a public place.

    So she lied about it being a public event or you could sue her and the police for discrimination. She can't have it both ways.

    Also, I thought there was some extra protection for the press due to the freedom of the press. I think if press is invited, it means all press doesn't it?

    Sarah is mad because you know her secrets. Typical junior high behavior yet again from the quitter.

  78. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Hey S'error, you are a phony pit bull. Your teeth are fake. You wear wigs. You have rent a child. Who's your baby daddy ? How uneducated are your children ? Why does Track hate you ? Why does your house look just like the sports center ? How come your husband does not work ?
    I read your book. How come you are always a victim ?
    How is life going to be now that you tour is over and no one is paying attention to you ?
    Nice facelift ! HA !!

  79. Wow I am not suprised though I am very suprised she got the Wasilla Police to go along....
    I really hope that because it was advertised as a "public event" and not posted anywhere that certain people would be banned from attending that she finds out what happens when you violate someones rights.

  80. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Sarahin2012: Yes, for once I actually AGREE with you!!

    Sarah SHOULD be banned EVERYWHERE, not just in Wasilla!


  81. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Sounds like a winner for a KO "Worst Person In the World" installment to me !

    OT: Why does Todd stay & not talk? Yes, a portion of her book proceeds would be one obvious reason..... but it seems like HIS tell-all book would be the mega, MEGA best seller of them all.

    Especially now that the Curtis Menard/Track discussion is out there. Why does he stay?

    What else could she have on him?

    Good work Gryphen.

  82. emrysa4:05 PM

    "Sarah will win the WH in 2012"

    you know, I must admit I enjoy your posts. yeah I know that makes me a bad person for laughing at nutcases, but oh well. comic relief is always good.

  83. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Afraid of the Alaskan press. Guess they know too much...

  84. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Surely, you were not that surprised. She banned posters, dumped the bus so she wouldn't have to inner act with the crowd outside the stores, sneeks in back doors, bans banners, won't associate with any "little" people unless that have bought a book, and accuses Obama of having an enemies.

    If he has one bah dayum she's going to get one too!
    Play the theme song from "Movin' On Up."

  85. Anonymous4:08 PM

    It seems that "rights" only apply to Sarah. She decides what "rights" anybody else gets to enjoy. I think she goofed on this one big time - she is violating public citizens' rights. She banned you because of your name.

    Van Flein must be on vacation this week and she is making her own legal interpretations.

  86. FEDUP!!!4:08 PM

    LOL! Anon @4:02, you beat me to it! I couldn't stop LMFAO reading this uneducated twit's comment. Made me almost think it was $$$arah herself, disguising herself as $arahin2012.

  87. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Well, Poor, Poor Sarah Has had a pretty eventful week, visorgate, cellulite-gate, MenardGate and now Grypen/Dennis/Shannor Ban-gate. Good golly, you can't write this stuff!

    Todd will be the next to write a book and make millions. That guys has some story to tell, doesn't he????

  88. Deb in WI4:10 PM

    I agree with 4:06 who said "Afraid of the Alaskan press. Guess they know too much..."

    That is so true!!!

  89. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Just read the story on ADN about the book signing and how Sarah was treated like a homecoming queen. When will she progress beyond junior/senior high school level?

    Nothing mentioned about anyone being denied access to the event.

    No way to leave a comment. The ADN continues to provide cover for the quitter/grifter!

  90. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Hey $carah -- if you don't love America (and the Constitution), then get the H$%* out! We won't miss you! Do it for the brave men and women of our armed services who sacrifice everything for the American rights that you stomp on and don't believe in. Fascist!


    A Proud Veteran

  91. Anonymous4:11 PM

    So, you think that you successfully dropped the veritable lump of coal in Gryphen's Xmas stocking today, huh Sarah?

    Well, how about this thought? Could this Wasillian freedom of the press incident turn out to be a nice little case for the ACLU to pursue come 2010?

    Have a nice holiday with your family, Sarah, but keep in mind that, come the spring thaw, you are going to find yourself knee deep in your own crap. Whew, talk about a stench!

  92. CrabbyPatty4:12 PM

    This is just RICH. The Half-Term Half-Wit BANNED media from her public book-signin' / Wasilla Love Fest, and made the publically-funded Police Department do her dirty work, rather than hiring some private security firm.

    She's cheap, she's stupid, and she's paranoid. You betcha, just the kind of person some folks want leading the country in 2012.

    Just Go AWAY Sarah!

  93. I just know in my heart that it was not legal for her to be using the Wasilla Police force as her personal security team. She at least should have had an independent security force in place to trample the civil rights of the media and private citizens that were on her "no fly" list.

    There is absolutely no good reason that she should have banned any journalist or attendee from this gathering unless she had a reason to feel physically threatened by that person, and any sort of physical threat should have been registered with authorities and dealt with appropriately. She can't just have made a list of "people she does not like" and deny them entrance to this event.

    It obviously was planned because of the ID chex at the doors. The ID checks were merely to weed out individuals that were deemed not worthy of attending the event. But based on what criteria? That's the legal grey area. If Palin felt threatened by anyone on the list then she should have a restraining order out against that person, not merely exclude them from her booksigning.

    This does not pass the "civil rights" smell test, not by a mile and I can't wait until a legal professional gets their paws on it.

  94. Here is a video of the Quitter arriving at the book signing event in Wasilla.


  95. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I agree with looking into your rights as a citizen being violated in Wasilla.

    Did you get the officer's name and badge number? Did you get photos as you were "escorted" out of the "public" building? Did you get a look at the "banned list". Did you film the doors showing no PRIVATE PARTY signs? Did you ask why you were "illegally banned"?

    I think you should look into your options. I would think a thousand lawyers would want a case like this.

  96. I read somewhere that you can rent out part of the sports center for private parties. So what I want to see is a contract, signed BEFORE members of the press were escorted out, and also proof of payment because we all know how Sarah likes to duck out on her bills. THEN it will be a private event that she can control access to. Though she still lied when she advertised it as public. And I'm sure the presence of Wasilla police is only provided free of charge if it is a PUBLIC event-- the city should be reimbursed if they turned out to be guarding a private event.

    So either Mrs. Todd Palin illegally banned people from a public event, or she illegally had city cops doing her dirty work at a private event. One or the other.

  97. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Article up on this at the Frontiersman with a comments section.


  98. Anonymous4:21 PM

    We are going to be so bored when Hurricane Sarah fizzles out!

    It just keeps getting better!

    Good work G!

  99. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Sarah, your fakeness. Intelligent people know you are a shell of a person. Shell, as in empty vessel, nothing inside, very thin exterior. How lame is it that someone posturing as able to govern anything (and I doubt you did anything on the PTA except be a poser there, also, too) would spend time reading blogs about herself. You are a petty, vindictive coward with nothing going for her but looks and a conniving, manipulative scheme. Does the name Gorlick mean anything to you?

  100. Anonymous4:22 PM

    The woman is so stupid it makes one's head spin. IF she had a shred of savvy, she'd have welcomed the bloggers with open arms: acted as though she was thrilled to have you there, it's so good to be back, Merry Christmas! THAT would have made her look even marginally like someone capable of handling the stress of office. Stunning misstep and I agree that it needs to be spread as widely as possible. "Mama Grizzly" can't even tolerate being criticized.

  101. FEDUP!!!4:22 PM

    Who is that first person in line? The current mayor of Wasilla?

  102. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Hey Sarah--since you're reading this...You have really ugly legs! And the plastic surgery isn't working. Guess what? You aren't even particularly attractive any longer. And your only asset was what used to be your looks.

  103. Thanks for the great video link.

  104. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Sarahin2012: You are an imbecile. A real, true, mindblowingly stupid dolt. Yes--that's right: keep calling the President a Muslim, even though you don't have a shred of a reason to believe that he is not a Christian. Probably makes your little scared self feel better.

    As for Piper and Willow....the former is the most affected, bratty little kid imaginable and the latter is a vodka guzzling party gal. VERY good examples, indeed.

  105. Censor much Gryph

    What's the differnce

  106. It WOULD be nice if some caring parents, say like the Obamas, took Willow and Piper (and Trig!) in and cared for them at the White House in 2012. It'd be great to see the girls in school, and Trig wearing appropriate clothing and his glasses and hearing aids, and getting the therapy he deserves.

  107. Gryphen, the "banned" guidelines were: " no one allowed in with an IQ above room temperature," and all those other people who were in already did not have a problem with that.

  108. Anonymous4:29 PM

    :::laughing helplessly::: Gods, she is such a coward. Just... incapable of dealing with reality.

    Gryph: maybe you should email Keith Olbermann. Let him know.

    Generally speaking, though, if she rented the facility, it became a private event and she can say that there are people she doesn't want there. I worked with a school district that rented out the auditoriums for churches and other groups on weekends. It's the same thing; public ownership, private rental.

    However, if the police are enforcing security for a private event, then she should be paying them privately. Let me clarify. Around here, the deputies and police officers can earn extra money by being hired for private security for public events. You see a cop at football games, for example, and I know the school board has hired police officers as private security when board meetings were threatening to heat up. Sarah's a cheap grifter, though, and I doubt if she really paid them, in which case your tax money did. It would be interesting to find out but I don't know what legal recourse you would have. There's probably a complaint process that the city has.

    Sarah, because I know you have somebody reading over here: I believe Track is Curtis Menard's kid. I believe you had at least one abortion. I believe you didn't graduate from college. I believe Trigg is Bristol's kid. I believe you're a useless, cheap, lying, worthless human being. And you deserve every bit of the misery you live with. That fear that Gryphen might be somewhere in your vicinity? That's the misery. That constant fear that somebody is laughing at you.

    And we are.


  109. Even Mrs. Todd Palin's minions treat the White House as if it were something to be "won." I'm afraid that Mrs. Todd Palin's pageant mentality is very infectious indeed. The country is lucky that she doesn't stay in one place long enough to infect hordes of people.

  110. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Were all of her bots informed to not speak to her or make direct eye contact ?
    Sarah, thanks so much for confirming the bloggers have gotten under your skin. Now that you have been destroyed emotionally, next you will be destroyed legally and financially. For 2009 you got the idiot of the year award, wait till you see what is in store for you in 2010. You should have learned to just STFU.
    We know you read these blogs, so my Christmas wish for you is I hope you get ALL THAT YOU DESERVE. And it ain't good, witch.

  111. Anonymous4:31 PM

    This is my "just the facts" report, submitted to the Matsu Frontiersman. Let's see if it makes it through their editorial approval process -
    "Selected Alaskan media was banned from the event. Freelance Photographer Dennis Zacki whose credits include CNN, ABC, and Time Magazine and Gryphen of the Immoral Minority blog were escorted from the event by Wasilla police. Local radio and TV show host Shannyn Moore was also reported to be on the "banned" list, although she did not try to attend."


  112. Deb in WI4:33 PM

    That has a nice ring to it -- I can see the headlines now "civil rights violation suit against Sarah Palin, Wasilla Police Department, Menard Center, and Harper Collins!"

    This could be huge!!!

    Thanks, Sarah!!!! :o)

  113. Frontiersman has a story about the signing on their front page....everyone go and talk about our tax dollar supported public police force removing media and private citizens from the premises of a public building at the behest of a private citizen, Sarah Palin.

  114. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Wow, Gryphen, great job!! And h/t to Dennis and Shannyn, too!

    I am proud of you guys! What an honor to be banned from the quitter gov's scribbling in a lying book partial public event!

    Don't take it too personal though. Remember that poor hair stylist who was instructed to not speak unless the liar spoke first?

    Anyway, great job, thanks for sharing!

  115. I do think you should pursue this legally. A suit. I wonder what the lines of (legal) force actually are. And what the lines of good ole boy politics in Wasilla would be in allowing it to be pursued. If you did, it might mean SP would have to testify under oath. I bet some lawyer might take that pro bono, and I also bet that some of us (a lot of us) might wish to fund such an action for you to pursue.

  116. IF it were indeed a "private" event, would that not involve invitations....as in "by invitation only"?

    Has anyone seen or heard of an actual invitation to this NOT public book-signing?

  117. Sarah is a FRAUD4:36 PM

    Palin = Stalin

  118. Anonymous4:36 PM

    The Vampire Strikes Back! Palin HAS to live in the shadows - shadowy political life, shady career, shadowy thoughts, black heart...

    Anyone that sheds light on her real self or her secret activities must be banished!

    I'm glad you were banned - all of you - no telling what kind of nastiness or actual physical danger you might have faced in that looney tunes crowd and atmosphere.

    "It Came From Wasilla" returned to her roots to soak up the bloodmoney of her easiest victims - really Stephen King should find inspiration in this for another small town horror story.

  119. Interesting stuff in the Wasilla Municipal Code.

    9.20.010 Trespass
    B. No person may fail to leave a building, real property or vehicle that is open to the public after being lawfully directed to do so personally by the person in charge.

    9.20.015 Defense—Exercise of First Amendment rights
    A. It is an affirmative defense to prosecution for trespass on public property that the person charged was engaged in the legitimate expression of rights granted by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States or similar rights granted by the Constitution of the State of Alaska, and that the expression did not:

    1. Physically obstruct or delay access, entrance or exit to and from the property;

    2. Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly intimidate users, residents, owners, or occupants of the property;

    3. Occur at an unreasonable time, or in an unreasonable place or manner;

    4. Violate the terms of any court order or judgment, official permit, or written agreement between the affected parties; or

    5. Endanger the public welfare or security.

    I was looking for stuff about the use of public police officers, which I didn't find. But this was kind of interesting.

  120. Ripley4:38 PM

    I wonder if that hairstylist ever got paid....

    Hey Mrs. Todd Palin: I don't like you.

    That's not something you like to hear, huh?

  121. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Didn't faux news get pissed when Obama didn't grant access to them?

  122. Anna nother thing: where is Sherry Johnston's ankle monitor deal going? Is she going to rot in jail over Christmas? Let's just keep that somewhere near the front of our minds. This would be OT if it weren't all one hideous corrupt mess.

  123. Ripley4:40 PM

    Amy1, I read that she's home.

  124. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Scarah is an old, whiny, immature adolescent.

    Scarah is a fraidy-cat and unable to stand the public scrutiny that comes with holding public office.

    Scarah is a catty old bat-crazy middle-aged woman who doesn't want any competition from younger, prettier (and smarter) women.

  125. Anonymous4:42 PM


    John McCain has a lot of explaining to do.

  126. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Here is your invitation: "Sounds like the Alaska book signing events 4 general public will be Dec 22, hopefully in both Anchorage&1 other location. Bundle up&join us!
    6:55 PM Dec 15th from TwitterBerry"

    Someone screen print these, please. They may be valuable in court.

  127. Amy, someone here (under the choir thread) said that Sadie's MySpace says that her mom is now home.

  128. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Can't wait to hear the spin on this one. Who's fault will it be?

  129. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I think the woman who was first in line was from her church. Didn't Sarah say in that Fox interview with Piper that they go and help serve Christmas dinner at the church?

  130. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Pssst, Sarahin2012:

    Seasons Greetings!

    I will express this in the kindest holiday spirit I can muster:

    Stop peeing in the snow and, for your mother's sake, take your meds. You are a complete disappointment and a total embarrassment to the family, but if you can behave yourself for just one day, we'll let you come home for Christmas.


  131. I forgot to say-- a happy Christmas event for the whole family, and I've been thinking of Sadie a lot during this season.

  132. FEDUP!!!4:46 PM

    Amy1: According to Mercede's site, SHERRY IS HOME!!! (Check Gryphen's older post about the Gay Chorus)

  133. Hmmm... depending on the fallout, what's the bet that Sarah denies culpability?

  134. Ivyfree@4:29: I agree with everything, except there's one more thing: the specific event that caused SP to plan the hoax. IMHO it was more than BP being pregnant, way more. Something about the bioDad and the circumstances that we REALLY do not want others to know about. Hmmmmm?

  135. Anonymous4:48 PM


    Interesting comment about Trig being Willow's child. There was some talk about that over at Palingates today, but a lot of people seems to have dismissed that theory.

    I had not considered that possibility in the past, but definitely think that it is a possibility.


    Just curious, why didn't you try to get in to the freak show as a fan vs. media rep?

  136. If a large part of the crowd is part of her church, someone might make a lot of hay out of the proposition that city police were used to keep out people who weren't members of what seems to be a church-supported event.

  137. crystalwolf aka caligrl4:49 PM

    Gryphen I hope you guys do NOT LET THIS slide!
    from the twit:
    Sounds like the Alaska book signing events 4 general public will be Dec 22, hopefully in both Anchorage&1 other location. Bundle up&join us! 6:55 PM Dec 15th from TwitterBerry
    So if this was private there should of been signs posted...
    Should of had private security....
    You were treated horribly!!!
    I have posted this shit on Rachel's home page..also to0!

  138. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Does anyone realize why she's on the 2nd floor - above the stands? TOMATOES can't reach her there! With her constant need for being center of attention - she should have been in the center of the arena!!! But she nipped that in the bud...

  139. Hey, y'all: Thx for telling me about Sherry being home. I'm actually in tears. Welcome home, Ms J! And best, best wishes to you all as a family. Sorry I was not able to keep up -- but this is wonderful news. Wow.

  140. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Her wave to her adoring fans was so perfunctory - here I am adore me, okay, on with my signing chores.

  141. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I guess you could say that she QUIT you. Don't feel bad she does it all the time. Ha ! Her kids quit her today. But she quit her kids a long time ago.

  142. Anonymous4:58 PM

    The thing that comes to mind is the First Amendment to the Constitution:

    Congress shall make no law....abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble....

    By selectively limiting access to some members of the media, Sarah and the people who act on her behalf acted in a way that is contrary to our Constituion.

    Now that Gryphen has broken the ice with Sarah's lawyer, this might be a good time to consult him, asking how he would defend his client if a law suit should materialize-- denying members of the media access to a public official. Not only is that restraint of trade, but an attempt to muzzle the media- prohibited by the constitution.

    Oh, you say, but Sarah resigned as governor. As long as she keeps spouting off about government matters, she makes her self a subject of public interest, and as such, the media has every right to cover her.

    If the affair was closed to the press, let's say protect the privacy of the Palin youngesters, that might be a different story. But to select only some members of the media, those who criticized her, Sarah makes herself a laughing stock-- it is alot worse than anything Gryphen would have written if he just watched Sarah sign some books and enjoy the adoration from the Alaskan public.

  143. Anonymous4:59 PM

    She had the book signing on the second level so she could look down on her adoring masses...

    Also, too, since she ripped off building supplies from the sports arena and her house has the same balcony railings, she was able to practice her waving all morning before the signing!


  144. The Wasilla Police Department page lists 21 officers, not counting the police dog. How many of them were at the Sports Center? How long were they there? It shouldn't be too hard to figure out what percentage of the department's daily budget was misused today.

  145. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Blogger citizens banned from a public event, sounds dictatorial to me. And she expects to be POTUS?

    This is Big News, worthy of mainstream news.

    She is a real idiot. I can't believe how idiotic she gets as each day passes.

  146. London Bridges5:00 PM

    Headlines would have been more impressive had you been arrested!

    "Don't Taze me Sister Sarah!"

    Don't blame Sarah. She thought she was at home on Lake Wasilla. Those darn windows and railings are sure confusing!

  147. Anonymous5:03 PM

    rp @ 4:59pm
    Not only did she rip off materials from the Menard sports arena some speculate that she may have produced a child with one of the namesakes of the building or the hockey rink within.

  148. What?...

    You and Dennis made it all the way to the Door!

    What the hell happened to the roadblock she ordered set up at the Wasilla city limits that was supposed to keep all you non believers out of town?!

  149. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Did you happen to notice if Meg Stapleton's name was on the "banned" list?

  150. Oh my yes-- any "Banned in Wasilla"-type products have to have you (or the figure being banned) clutching those Sports Center/Palin house railings as if they were jail cell bars.

  151. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I tried posting at the Frontiersman as well and they seem to be not allowing posts through.

    Great job, Gryph!
    Britsy Bluebell

  152. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Remember when good ole '$carah felt bad about the book signings at Elemendorf and Eielson AFB because the general public was NOT allowed? She WANTED to do a couple of PUBLIC signings. She is so afraid to be near Gryphen because he and thousands of us know the truth about that family.

    Even on KTUU right now said "Public signing." Liar. Coward.

  153. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:07 PM

    To the person who says Willow is going to Colony HS and lives in Palmer....Check...from ADN:
    Angelina Klapperich -- 15, and a beauty pageant contestant -- attends Colony High School with Palin's daughter.

    rumor verified as true!

  154. Every day I an thankful that Grandpa and Granny lost the election.

  155. Gryphen: I just sent an anon tip to Politico
    and cited your blog.
    She is so fond of ringing Mike Allen there,they may pick up on it.
    We will see, but don't hold your breath

  156. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I don't know if this has been asked, but were they checking ID's of the people in line for the signing, or just the press? Did the Bots have to show ID?

  157. The Frontiersman article headline states "Supportive Crowd Greets Palin for Book Signing".

    Of course if was a supportive crowd because she did not allow anyone in that has written or said anything negative about her.

    I bet that Sherry Whitstine and Anne Kilkenny were on that list as well.

    A refresher: Sherry W is the one who got the call from Sarah's rep and was told to "stop blogging" at the beginning of the campaign and Anne Kilkenny was the "Sarah lashed foes and hired friends" article writer early in the campaign.

  158. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I wonder if the Menard family made it to the book signing?

  159. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I was watching the Diane Sawyer/Ahmadinejad interview the other night. Sawyer asked Ahmadinejad if the Iranian's were free to speak and demonstrate. He lied and said of course they were. I think Ms. Palin would be a leader like him.....

  160. C'mon Levi5:19 PM

    Lack of freedom of the press? Banning journalists? Manipulation of the media? Smells like a strong whiff of communism here to me.

  161. Who else would have been banned? A lawsuit would be worth it just to get the list!

    Let's make a List of the Banned

    Ethics Complaint Filers-check
    Under the Big Bus Victims-check
    Former lovers-check
    People to whom a Palin owes money-check

  162. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Gryphen, you should have asked to see the list banning you and Zaki from Sarah's Special Signing. I bet there were many other names on the list, and she wasn't just singling out a few Alaska bloggers who criticized her.

    I'm sure that the list included: Katy Couric, Charlie Gibson, Barack Obama, Michele Obama, David Letterman, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, (she might not know about Colbert), Conan and Shatner (one appearance does not equal payback), Tina Fey, the entire cast of SNL (because of that skit with Todd and the dead moose, and they made Sarah put her hands in the air and sing), Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, (oh yeah, they would come and disrupt things, you betcha), anyone whose first name is Audrey (yeah, Sarah didn't like that blog either), and this is just the first page.

    Special note to Sarah: Ya can't swim in the deep end with sharks if you have such thin skin.

    PS Rachel just earned a higher place on the hit list: She just referenced Sarah Palin's twitter style as "ransom note," you know, when they mis-paste together random words and letters.

  163. Anonymous5:23 PM

    To be banned from a public event is un-American. This is the work of a communist, and public law enforcement is acting like the gestapo.

    How can tea baggers carry guns to events with the President of the United States, and you can't attend a book signing with a Nobody?

    The United States needs to wall off Wasilla as if it's part of Russia.

  164. Funny -- Rachel Maddow just referred to Palin's Griffith "Congratulations Alabama!" Tweet as "ransom note word /spacing".

    That's putting it kindly because it resembles a middle-school classroom clandestine scribbled note.

  165. This isn't the first time I noticed this:

    Palin sure seems to revel in the queenly -- or popely -- viewing of her minions, her worshipers, her dazzled fans -- from the balcony or 2nd floor level of a venue, or that elevated platform set up alongside her bus on the jet/bus book tour.

  166. Anonymous5:31 PM

    KaJo- Agreed. She seems to revel in the Evita- "Don't cry for me, Argentina" - type balcony scenes. Such delusions of grandeur... what a drama Queen!

  167. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Gryphen you obviously weren't born in the 60's. You should have sat down and made them arrest you.

  168. Gryph, you just had a John Ziegler moment. . .honestly, you should contact him and compare notes.

    All of the Palinbots' outrage at Ziegler being 'banned' from the Couric event and his subsequent hysteria fueling his public outrage (promoting his own self serving agenda). . .I suggest you write to him or call him and say. . .Golly, Gosh, ain't this SO UNFAIR???

    I mean, heck, this is SO WRONG!!! (Hehe.)

    His response, or lack thereof, would at least be worth a column.

    Or a half

    Or not.

  169. 10catsinMD5:34 PM

    Golly Gryphen. ACLU or bust. Sarah owns the town. Haven't you heard of this kind of deals before: the crime bosses who own everything.

    She needs to keep money flowing for all her plastic surgery. Todd needs the money for all his bimbos.

    Has anyone every considered how much Toad may be orchestrating from the background?

    He got angry and quit a business partnership when he found out that SCarah was poking the guy. How angry do you think he got when he found out that she had kids with the other guy?

    First Amendment, first amendment, first amendment.

  170. SERIOUSLY........has anyone ever heard of a public figure so terrified of........bloggers.......that they ban them from events AND maintain a photo file of them??

    Seriously has anyone??

  171. Anonymous5:37 PM

    "A private event"? So, that would mean someone reserved the space and paid the going market rate for its use, I presume. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out if that actually happened, should it? Otherwise, it would be a community event in a public building. Last time I checked the constitution, public meant public. Except in Palin's alternative reality.

  172. Anonymous5:37 PM

    If she has a banned list for people, it is not a far stretch to imagine she actually does have a banned list of books.

    How Un-American!!!

  173. I agree, Martha, but the thing is no one ever challenges anything she does or says. She gets away with everything.

    I really hope it does not go on much longer, to state the obvious.

  174. Wow I never thought you guys would get close to the core of the event. But surely you would be able to interview those who did. Thats why i said days ago to interview everyone. My question would be how much of the property was rented and did the city get paid FAIR reimbursment for the cops. As a person who deals with tourist i will make sure to tell them that Wasilla is an unsafe place to be in Alaska and never to stop there if you can avoid it. Wasilla is the armpit of the north. And i have many friends in the tourist industry.

  175. Anonymous5:42 PM

    WOOT! Andrew Sullivan just linked here.

  176. emilypeacock5:43 PM

    Andrew Sullivan comments with a link to Gryphen!


  177. Anonymous5:48 PM

    FEEDJIT is whirling.

  178. Anonymous5:49 PM

    OMG! I am outraged! This derranged lunatic actually beleives she can interpret the Constitution and manipulate its contents to fit her sadistic, self-serving, idiotic self?
    Wait, she can't interpret anything. My bad.
    Pursue it, Gryph, and don't let up!

  179. Techgnome5:55 PM

    For the folks who are concerned about the Wasilla Police Department: It's a common practice for cities to rent out their police officers for security at various events. Generally the cities earn a small profit on the deal and our underpaid police officers get some welcome overtime pay. It's likely that the police officers were following instructions from the people who hired them. However, if they escorted any of the people on the banned list further than the area rented by Harper Collins it's also likely that they exceeded their authority.

  180. Sarah Palin is Richard Nixon in drag!

  181. I learned a few things from the Scientology War, or as we call it - Hacker's Delight!

  182. I wish Wasilla and all the crazies who live in it and worship Scarah WOULD secede from the US.
    Go live in your own private crazy world.

  183. Anonymous6:06 PM

    A cowardly act by banning Alaskan bloggers. Not only is she the biggest liar but a cowardly one at that.

  184. Isn't using public police dept. for private security an abuse of public( tax payer dollars) dollars, were there extra police on hand today to hand this? Are there no private security firms in Alaska?
    As for you, Gryphen, it just proves who SCARED Sarah is, fundy only gatherings, but what she doesn't realize is that everyone gets to vote not just fundy's.
    I see none of the child props were there today, are they all home trying to figure out "who's their Daddy?" and poor little Trig he's got to figure out who's his momma and Daddy.
    What a chickenshit Sarah is. LMAO!!!

  185. Cuba is a communist country, currently on many politicians s*@& list for banning bloggers and even jailing them.
    If Palin ever became a leader of a country would she too jail bloggers who disagreed with her?
    Fidel Palin?

  186. Whoo Hoo, Go Gryphen! Wear that Badge of Honor proudly!

    Can we see copies of the private invitations that were issued to each of those 750 publics that were allowed into the private/public book signing? Did they ask for the identification and take a picture of each public that came to the private signing, er, each private that came to the public signing… it is so confusing! Sorta like that folksy jet/bus book signing tour.

    Were any other members of the press banned and escorted out by Wasilla’s finest, and if not, why not? If you, Shannyn and Dennis were banned, then so should all other members of the press. Oh Dang, discrimination suits are not allowed in theocracies.

    So, Sarah ascended the steps (that sounds soooo royal, or saintly even) and if I recall, that leads up to the level where the Track is located, which overlooks the Curtis Menard JR Memorial Hockey Rink. Sweet. That would make it difficult for anyone to lob any produce at her like at the Mall of America. BTW, I feel it was really low class and ignorant of the guys who threw the eggs and tomatoes and I do not condone that in any way. Words (like “cottage cheese”) are much more effective!

  187. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Thanks for the Christmas gift, Gryph and Grifter!!
    I am still laughing at the rediculousness that is the Quitter Twitter, and those who support her (especially YOU Sarah2012)!!
    Britsy Bluebell

  188. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hey Sarah.
    President Obama is fearless two blocks away from armed teabaggers, but an Alaskan Blogger scares the hell out of you!! LMAO

  189. I just saw the video! Sarah’s hair looks like shit – I guess all the hairdressers are afraid of being stiffed. Sarah, had a bad weekend, eh?

  190. Congrats. The only reason anyone ever gets banned is for telling the truth.

  191. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Release what you know or its all meaningless AGAIN

  192. Anonymous @ 5:37 PM said...
    "A private event"? So, that would mean someone reserved the space and paid the going market rate for its use, I presume. [etc.]

    Oh, Palin's publisher HarperCollins is shown as the agent renting "the Turf Court", the 2-story auditorium/room that the actual book signing took place.

    From what Gryphen wrote above, he and Dennis Zaki got in the Center as far as that Turf Room, but were hustled out immediately.

    Personally, if they didn't have a sign on the door barring the media, I'm not sure the cops/security could force them completely "off the property" -- i.e., the entire Wasilla Sports Complex/Menard Sr. Sports Center environs.

    I think the limitations of legal banning could extend only not the perimeter of the Turf Court itself.

    Of course, if they'd protested in the same manner John Ziegler did at the U of Cal at Katy Couric's award ceremony, they probably would be in jail tonight.

  193. Interesting--in the video, juanita Fuller (one of Palin's "Elite 6" has graduated from fluffing Mrs. Palin's hair to being custodian of the Sharpie pens! I see a growing role for Fuller: yesterday the hair, today the Sharpies, tomorrow the Facebook posts!

  194. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Sweeettt! Sullivan has the story. Way.To.Go.Gryphen!!

  195. CrabbyPatty6:19 PM

    The more I think about this, the funnier it gets. Palin - the pitbull with lipstick - is afraid of bloggers. Palin - who can susposedly field dress a moose - runs away from critics. Palin - who didn't blink when McCain made the mistake of his life and asked her to be his running mate - can't handle anyone who doesn't instantly agreed with her.

    What. A. Wuss.

  196. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Regarding feedjit-- I see this blog as *6th* as the most popular with US readers today. Holy sheeple shit!!! You hit a huge nerve, Gryphen!

  197. Anonymous6:26 PM

    How old are you people? 12?

    Jees...get a life. Palin Derangement Syndrome, big time.

  198. A lawsuit would be fun. Public event as advertised, even if rented by her, advertising trumps it's being a private event.
    The city cop is another issue, as raised by others. There's a really great lawsuit here, I just wish I could be a party to it! How about the gal who keeps filing ethics charges against witchiepoo?

  199. Anonymous6:29 PM

    In her mind, she thinks that being "bossy" - like banning people- is almighty powerful, when in fact is shows the lack of character. No one has to "un-do" her, she is doing it to herself. I use to like her - a tad - but everyday that I read what she does or says, make me want to puke. She has no one to blame, but herself.


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