Friday, December 04, 2009

Levi to guest on Joy Behar on Monday.

There is a place for you to leave question for Behar to ask Levi, but let me tell you right now, he will NOT answer the ones you want him to.

Trust me.

Still it should be interesting to see what she asks him. She is kind of like me, no filter.


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    That photo of Mercede holding a baby in the Palin house, is that Trig and when was it taken?

  2. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Yummy, yummy, yummy! He's a stud! I can see why Bristol wanted him and tried to keep him with a baby.

  3. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Alright Levi!!!!!!! Joy to the world!!

    It do not look like the same Trig that was at the hospital April 18. Gryph may know?

    Levi was at Palin house holding the same baby. No one explained the Tyra photo. It is strange no on talks.

  4. Anonymous8:20 PM

    I would REALLY like to ask him if Palin goes around the house and family talking about God all the time and if Track really is that big of a prayer. I get the feeling she uses the God talk for show, just like everything else. And Levi could surely say. I was going to suggest you ask him this, Gryphen. I'm sure we'd all love to know. Something for the book, if he won't tell now.

    Also, too, what is up with the NO glasses and hearing aids, and SHOES and coats with Trig. Is he letting them treat his son (other son) like that, too?

  5. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Joy can be kind of cold,I hope Levi and his body guard know what they are doing.She is different on her own show than on the view.

  6. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I saw pictures of the palins at fort hood.I personally do not think they should have even been allowed on the base as Todd was until a few years ago a card carrying member of the AIP which does not like the USA.And since I know some Palin people read her.They should read the book Reba my story by Reba McEntire with Tom Brown and they would see how a true christian woman behaves and it is not like SP does.Reba does not tear people down.When she wants to make a point she gives both sides not just her take on a situation like palin does.Maybe if they read this book they might see what palins failings are!!!

  7. MacAndCheeseWiz9:16 PM

    Joy's on Levi's side, I doubt she'll do any harm. Good for Levi, getting interviewed is good publicity, and his style in comparison to Mrs Palin, the ex Governor of Alaska, is nothing but classy!

  8. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I would provide Joy with those set of “Triggybear” photos posted on Mercede’s MySpace page sometime before May 5, 2008, depicting scenes captured in the Palin kitchen:
    1) A sepia tone photo where a seated Mercede is holding a very young infant, with a trim $P in shorts standing to her side, bending at the waist, hand on knee, smiling at the camera; the caption reads "Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself."
    2) Mercede cradling a very tiny infant, with a caption calling him “my baby brother.”
    3) A seated Levi cradling a very tiny infant, with Mercede standing to the side, one arm around both of them
    4) A seated Mercede is holding a very young infant, with Bristol standing to her side, bending at the waist, hand on knee, smiling at the camera.

    I’d ask Levi whether that infant is Trig, when the photos were taken, and what the captions mean.

    I’d also ask him who scrubbed their computer and MySpace pages and why.

  9. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I get weak in the knees every time I see that picture.

  10. Anonymous2:02 AM

    I would like to ask Levi what kind of gun she keeps in the box under her bed. And if I could follow-up: did he help her with it? And ...

  11. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Is there a publisher for the book Levi is writing?

    Will there be an official announcement of the upcoming book?

  12. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Here are the questions I posed yesterday that are still "awaiting moderation" on Behar's site:

    1. Did Bristol receive payment for the feature in People magazine? If so, how much? Has Bristol been paid for other media appearances/stories?

    2. Who is Trig Palin's birth mother? On what day was Trig actually born?

    3. Where does Todd live? Has he taken up residence in Palmer?

    4. What is the truth behind Track Palin's enlistment in the Army? Was he a juvenile delinquent and forced to enlist instead of going to jail?

    5. To your knowledge, what is the biggest lie Sarah Palin has ever told?

    6. Do you think Sarah Palin had anything to do with your mother's harsh sentence for a first time conviction?

    7. Why don't more people in Wasilla speak out regarding Sarah Palin's (lack of) character and lies?

    8. What is the real story about Troopergate?

    9. Who built the Palins' Wasilla house on Lake Lucille? Who paid for the materials? Is it a coincidence that the Palins' home looks strikingly like the Wasilla Sports Complex?

    10. Did Sarah really return all of the clothes that were purchased for her VP run?

    11. When is your book coming out?

  13. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Joy can be a bully. Hope Tank is on with him.

    Whether on the View or her new show, the subject may be a serious one and Joy has to be the desperate comedian to get a laugh at which time she cracks a joke which are at many times totally inappropriate and do show she's not as smart as people think she is. She has put herself into a vacuum believing herself 'above the little people'. Her knowledge of many things is limited as she too has the narcissistic genes.

    Joy is after 'her laugh', not necessarily the truth. She does have to push harder to fill those places she does shows on the road at!

  14. Anonymous5:51 AM

    O/T and not to be missed:

    Phil Munger over at Progressive Alaska has posted Andree McLeod's most recent (12/3/09) ethics complaint based on more than 200 pages of FOI emails and correspondence she has finally received from State of Alaska governor's office. The copies of governor's office correspondence and Andree's complaint are posted on Phil's site and it will blow your socks off.

    Please see: Scroll down to "Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 21 -- Andree McLeod's Records Request."

  15. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Anon: I think it is painfully obvious that Miss Wasilla did return the clothes because she dresses horribly on her own.

  16. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Why did Todd pull a gun on him? I think that's a question that Joy could ask in a humorous way and could be quite enlightening.

    Also, how often does he see trip (give us specifics). Especially after Sarah made the comment about him being kind of absent.

    Does he communicate with Bristol? Does he see her? What's their relationship like?

  17. Slightly OT

    WayofPeace had a comment published on HuffPo under the article re the women giving birth on a Southwest flight. I was floored. It was an excellent refutation of the faux pregnancy. It is now gone. Deleted.

  18. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I'd like to get Levi under oath, depose him, and just limit it to five questions:

    1. You said, Sarah Palin had a plan to adopt your child. She had allegedly just given birth to Trig some months earlier. Did she ever mention to you how she would explain adopting a child shortly after giving birth to a special needs child?

    2. On Larry King you claimed to have voted for Sarah Palin in the National election but according to the Associated Press there are no records that you registered to vote in Wasilla. Can you explain this?

    3. You suggested Sarah Palin resigned because it was worth "millions to her". She resigned in July and had already signed a book deal in May and been given a seven a retainer of $1,5000,000. Were you aware of this when you speculated she resigned for the money and if not does knowing that now change your opinion on why she resigned?

    4. You alleged the Palin Marriage was in trouble and even suggested Todd and Sarah were headed for divorce but in an interview on "Bravo" you admitted you only had second-knowledge of that and that you couldn't base that assumption on your direct knowledge:

    Here is the exchange:

    Interviewer: "I want to know is it really true that Sarah and her husband is getting a divorce? And, if so, how much of that information that you know about?”

    Johnston: “I – uh – I heard about some of that and I actually don’t have a whole lot of information on it, so I couldn’t tell you for sure, man.”

    Did you or did you not have any direct knowledge that the Palins marriage was in trouble?

    5. You stated that Sarah Pali doesn't cook but an Esquire journalist witnessed Sarah Palin cooking a roast and showing you how to marinate it. Did Governor Palin show you how to do this?

  19. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Re: McCleod:

    So what is this complaint #21 or #22 filed by McCleod? As a rough estimate, one might say each complaint has resulted in 50,000 books sold.

    And Gryphen (anonymous @ 5:51) my socks are still on. As a matter of fact, I've made it a point to look at people's feet today. for Palin or against her, everybody's still wearing socks. You think you might just have made a little too much out of this? What's that matter? That fertile imagination of yours can't come up with a new twist on the Private Jet-Bus "scandal". Boy that one had legs, didn't it?

    I can't wait for the next demasculated attack.

  20. Anonymous8:51 AM

    For what it's worth, McCleod's bombshell has four hits on Google News.

    Four. Only one is from a major news organization.

    Some bombshell.

  21. L.A. in S.F.11:14 AM

    OT but FWIW: I think Tri-G looks as much like Levi and Bristol as he does SP and Toad. That's the weird thing about all of them: they ALL look alike!! I don't see any resemblance between Toad and Piper for that matter. And of course the Downs eyes distort the whole picture. But I'd guess he came from one of those four b/c he does look like the family. My money is still on Bristol and Levi, though I know you've said not (though you said Bristol AND Levi, you didn't say "neither/nor."

  22. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I believe Trig is biologically related to both Sarah and Levi. A number of possibilities would work, in order for that to be true. Levi is not necessarily the father of Trig.

  23. Anonymous12:37 PM

    OMG. Has anyone read through those e-mails from Andree McCloud's latest ethics violation case? So many people broke the rules. The proof is in all of the e-mails.

    Also, the Quitter Queen corresponds at the level of a 'tween in her responses: "I love you!"

    Take a look.

  24. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Working with NATO, I've been to Greece, Italy, France, the U.K., Spain, Sweden, and on TDY have been to Australia, Japan, Thailand, and the Philipines and Hawaii (Hickam AFB) have always felt a bit self-conscious. That being said, you again illustrate your pathetic penchant for stigmitizing Palin to express your own pathetic need for self affirmation.

    Here's an excerpt from an article from the Southern Poverty Law Center:
    that deals with what any frequent visitor to Hawaii knows is a geniune issue:
    ( that any frequent visitor to Hawaii knows is a genuinely serious social issue:

    "Celia Padron went on a Hawaiian vacation last year, lured by the prospect of beautiful beaches and friendly people. She, her husband and two teenage daughters enjoyed the black sand beach at Makena State Park on Maui. But a Hawaiian girl accosted her two teenage daughters, saying, "Go back to the mainland" and "Take your white ass off our beaches," says Padron, a pediatric gastroenterologist in New Jersey... .

    When her husband, 68 at the time, stepped between the girls, three young Hawaiian men slammed him against a vehicle, cutting his ear, and choked and punched him, Padron says. Police officers persuaded the Padrons not to press charges, saying it would be expensive for them to return for court appearances and a Hawaiian judge would side with the Hawaiian assailants, the doctor contends... .

    "that doesn't begin to reflect the extent of racial rancor directed at non-Native Hawaiians in the Aloha State, especially in schools. For example:

    --The last day of school has long been unofficially designated "Beat Haole Day," with white students singled out for harassment and violence. (Haole — pronounced how-lee — is slang for a foreigner, usually white, and sometimes is used as a racial slur.)

    --A 12-year-old white girl new to Hawaii from New York City needed 10 surgical staples to close a gash in her head incurred when she was beaten in 2007 by a Native Hawaiian girl who called her a "fucking haole."

    --A vocal segment of Native Hawaiians is pushing for independence to end the "prolonged occupation" by the United States and governance by natives.

    --Demonstrators shouting racial epithets at whites disrupted a statehood celebration in 2006.

    --Tina Mohr has lived in Hawaii for 25 years. She has Native Hawaiian friends. But in the 2003-04 school year, her twin blond-haired daughters, aged 11 at the time, began getting harassed by Native Hawaiian kids at their school on the Big Island. "Our daughters would come home with bruises and cuts," she tells the Intelligence Report.
    One of her girls was assaulted twice in the same day. In one scuffle, she had her head slammed into a wall, and her attacker continued to threaten her. Her daughter suffered a dislocated jaw and had headaches for five weeks.

    --A Hawaiian Studies professor at the University of Hawaii, Haunani-Kay Trask, is one of the most caustic critics of whites in the islands. In her 1999 book, From A Native Daughter, Trask wrote: "Just as … all exploited peoples are justified in feeling hostile and resentful toward those who exploit them, so we Hawaiians are justified in such feelings toward the haole. This is the legacy of racism, of colonialism."

    Give it a rest Gandhi. You might be successful at deceiving your self and these pitiful gullible people but when you're alone you know the score.


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