Saturday, December 05, 2009

President Obama's Weekly Address. Let's talk about jobs.

You know one of the things that really irritates me is how quickly the country's economic woes become the fault of President Obama. Especially since I felt for quite some time that Bush and company were really TRYING to destroy this country.

I know it may seem a little over the top, but they started two huge conflicts overseas, borrowed billions of dollars from other countries, refused to raise taxes to pay for these expenditures, and allowed Wall Street and the Housing market to run amok with virtually no government oversight. So am I exaggerating?

And then almost immediately the same people who worked so hard to derail the American economy are bitching at how long it is taking Obama to get it back up on the tracks.

I just hope the American people are paying close attention to what this administration is doing, and are seeing for themselves how complicated and time consuming fixing problems of this magnitude are for a President who really works to solve the problems rather than waiting to hand them off to the next administration. Because the Republicans are already trying to convince the voters that the eight years of the Bush administration never happened. (How often do you hear them bring it up when they proffer arguments against THIS administration?) And that ALL of the problems facing this country are the result of the eleven months Obama has been in office.

I am not worried about 2012, I think Obama will win that in a walk. But in the elections to follow lets' not allow ourselves to get distracted by winking, or fancy pageant walking, or name calling, or any other transparent tricks that politicians may throw our way.

From now on let's ask for substance, substance, substance. How does that work for you?


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Part of me hopes the Republicans get what they want and -- or think they want -- and get the majority back in the house or senate. Nothing like a House Speaker Oompa Loompa Boehner to remind people of how hateful and ruinous the GOP are...
    Then another part of me shudders at the thought of these obstructionist sh*ts taking credit for the economic recovery that will come in 2010-2011, and you know they will, even though they did everything possible to stop progress and recovery.
    And you're right. People seem to think Obama is crashing and burning. On Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me today PJ O'Rourke suggested as much and -- btw - said the only person who would lose to him was the faboo Mme VictimPants...But, honesty, who the hell do they think is going to beat Obama? Newt Gingrich? Mitt Romney? Boehner? It's like 1996, when Republicans were sure Clinton wasn't going to be re-elected...and then proceeded to put up an army of unelectable fools. (except for Bob Dole, for whom I have some respect, despite his harsh partisan ways in the 70's. Still unelectable, but not a fool).
    To beat a sitting president, you can't just gather around you the people who HATE the sitting president. You have to offer a plan, a real alternative, something John Kerry didn't seem to get, not entirely, and something the Republicans REALLY don't get.


    Read this an understand why you must act now.

    The two were Mrs. TarquinBisket(spelling is wrong, but you know who I mean) and Virginia Voter. Look how they are characterized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    You also have to remember how many jobs and industries were lost to other countries while Bush was in office.

    Think about all the tech support for your computer connections alone. Try to find tapestries made in the U.S. now -- almost impossible as that kind of industry too moved offshore. The list can go on...

    While they were all doing this, the accounts were open as offshore - tax evading.

  4. What the Cheney administration was doing was looting the country. And they pretty much succeeded.

  5. I lost my job in Nov. 07. I was one of the first, the begining of the great purge. Lay Offs! So the one I blame is Bush, especially since 2000, I never got one freakin raise.
    Hopefully, once the jobs do come back, they'll pay you a little bit better for doing the work for three different people for the fee of less than one deserves.

  6. Here is a link to a story at Daily Kos today. Be sure to read all the comments. I am so sick of feeling surrounded by a-holes and idiots, I could spit! On election day in 2012, CNN's Best Political Team on Television will be thrilled to announce the new President Palin. The Repugs are a-holes and the Dems have no balls, supposedly including even the good guys at Daily Kos. Read my lips: The Christian Mafia arranged that adoption for the sole purpose of putting that evil abomination in red heels in The White House!

  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I heard that Palin dedicated her book to the troops, and is donating all the proceeds from the book to military charities.

    I hope the media asks her just how much she is donating.

  8. MacAndCheeseWiz6:03 PM

    This, from the woman who supported the man (who,BTW, doesn't know how many houses he owns), who emphatically said "The fundamentals of our economy are strong"?
    You're right, substance trumps anything the GOP says or does.

  9. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Reality check from the Guardian U.K.: (Edited for space purposes):

    "Sarah Palin is everywhere. It is an astonishing achievement for a woman who holds no elected office and whose career should have flamed out in the wreckage of last year's defeated presidential ticket. But while the former presidential candidate John McCain has retreated quietly back to the Senate, his former running mate's profile has soared. She has tapped into a rich vein of discontent among conservative Americans, and as the Republican party has fallen increasingly under the sway of its extreme right wing, she has become its patron saint.

    The media blitz surrounding her book tour has been unprecedented. "We've had the Stone Age, Ice Age, Jet Age – comes now the Palin Age," gushed the veteran society columnist Cindy Adams in the New York Post."

    Chuck Hurley, president of the Iowa Family Policy Center, which campaigns on behalf of evangelical Christians in the politically highly influential state, one that could decide the identity of the 2012 Republican presidential nominee has said. "She will be a force."

    Palin's political stock has never been higher with the millions of conservatives who love her. I feel I know her," says Rachel Barager, 72, as she waits for Palin to sign books at a Barnes & Noble store in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Palin kicks off her tour.

    Palin expertly cultivates that image. She refers to herself as a hockey mom, touts her record as mayor of tiny Wasilla, Alaska, as proof that she knows how to run a world superpower, and admonishes opponents in the way of a disproving nursery school teacher.

    That Palin power is on the rise – and not just in its ability to inspire grandmothers to go through the night – is clear.

  10. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Spare us your "reality checks," 8:58? You just take out the parts that are critical of Palin. Here's YOUR reality check. For example, from the same article:

    "But Palin World is a very different place from Obama Nation. In Palin World, America is succumbing to the foreign ideology of socialism, and the lifeblood of the free market is being squeezed by Big Government. The threat of 'death panels' haunts the elderly. It is a nation of whispered conspiracies that Obama wants to take away people's guns, and where communist appointees plot secret internment camps and the forced indoctrination of innocent American youth...Palin is not a woman famed for soaring rhetoric...To even moderate Republicans, Palin is a painful political joke. Her staggering missteps during last year's campaign were indications of a political mind not suited to being a heartbeat away from the presidency. She was lampooned on Saturday Night Live by Tina Fey. She was leaked against by McCain's own staff, who planted numerous media stories against her. Columnists such as Maureen Dowd of the New York Times called her 'Caribou Barbie' and 'one nutty puppy.'...But if Sarah Palin is unlikely to ever occupy the White House, what chance does Palinism stand? The conventional wisdom has a straightforward answer: none at all. 'There is a base of very angry people, but the ability to broaden that is quite limited,' says Professor Leicht."

    Hey, progressive folks who read IM. I don't have time to fact check every bit of propaganda this Palin fan posts here anymore. But whenEVER he posts a glowing review of Palin from a news source without a link or that has "been edited for space purposes," go find the actual story. You will see he is conveniently leaving out the things that are unfavorable to Palin, trying to make it seem as if she is gaining momentum--when in fact the article is quite critical of her in various portions.

    Bad work, IM's Palin propagandist.

  11. Anonymous12:51 PM

    @7:18 a.m.

    A recent Pew Poll shows that despite all the media hype, most people have not been following Palin's media blitz, and think that she is getting too much news coverage. 50% of independents polled thought she was getting to much news coverage! That number had risen from 38% a few months ago!


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