Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TMZ has pictures of Sarah and family in Hawaii

I know many of you were concerned that there were no corroborating sources for my post the other day. But have no fear, I do not post stories that I am not pretty damn sure are accurate.

And that goes for other stories that have still not had corroboration. I have complete confidence that all will be revealed someday.

By the way, that cap on her head? That is a McCain/Palin campaign cap that she is wearing in the home state of our President. Because she is just that much of a bitch.

By the way I have a Sarah Palin story from way back that I should be posting sometime tomorrow, or the next day, that will absolutely make your jaw drop and your opinion of miss quittypants sink to even lower lows. Stay tuned!

(Photo courtesy of TMZ by the way and clicking the headline takes you to their site which has many MORE pictures of Sarah, looking especially frumpy.)


  1. Gryphen, I know you say he's not the father. But I just can't get over how much Trig looks like Levi!

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I am not happy with you calling Palin a bitch. It should read "worthless bitch"

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Little Levi. When is someone going to post a photo comparison?

    Gryph, you have said he is not Levi's but everytime I see him I see Levi, the shape and attitude.

  4. Anonymous12:36 PM

    that woman has seriously ugly knees.

  5. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Leadfoot, JINX!!

  6. CrabbyPatty12:39 PM

    How incredibly cheesy. She's wearing the McCain visor, but has taken black marker to it to mark out "McCain". Like visors cost so much money ..... Aren't the schools still in session in Alaska? Poor Piper hasn't been here for at least a month or more.

  7. I know it's a running joke, but does that woman ever put the Blackberry down?

  8. Anonymous12:43 PM

    so-o-o- she scratched out McCain on the hat. Maybe she wants to do that to his eyes. After all it was HIS fault she's not in the WH! HA!

    I thought Sarah was all about Alaska. Shouldn't she be snowmachinin'? WTH is she doing in that furrin', librul, Obama-asian people-infested nation state? I hope she fries in the sun..I see it hasn't melted her...yet.

    And yeah her knees...ewwwwww.

  9. L.A. in S.F.12:44 PM

    And does she EVER pay attention to this child? Any photos of her holding his sleeping self during babyhood also/too showed her staring at and holding the frickin phoneS. Well, here he is: awake, alert and ready to put his piggies in the water. And she's staring at the phone. I mean, since she's not the executive of a busy state, who is writing her all the time? How jet lagged is this kid? How much more disinterested in how "perfect" he is can she possibly be?

  10. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Please don't insult us bitches by calling that c*nt a bitch.

    I wonder if she's reading your blog on her Blackberry?

  11. On the beach, Sarah sitting on the only towel in the sand for the family or 4. She has a visor and sunglasses and Trig has neither. Must say the pic of Sarah and Trig is sweet.

    Would love to know if they were aware of the person with the camera.

  12. BPOINT12:52 PM

    Did you know that one cannot get a tomato or an egg off the shelf in any of the stores on any of the Hawaiian Islands. Officials assured us, it's only for the next couple days.

  13. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Maybe she's hoping to run into President Obama. I hear he's considering a trip to Hawaii around the 23rd.

  14. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Sarah, it's not a vacation until you put down the blackberry!

    Since Sarah never misses a cheap publicity shot or photo op, want to bet on her stopping by Pearl Harbor and tweeting smthg mving about warriors' bold sacrifice, movng tribute n hawaii. (If she does go to Pearl, we'll know that she is reading IM).

  15. Lions & tigers & bears...oh boy ...we're off to the wizard. When I was 15 & went to Hawaii & was very self conscious about my body I also wore shorts & a tshirt on the beach. Whatcha hiding there missy.....cellulite??? Love the marked out visor, you'd think with all the new found money you could afford a new visor or even the castro hat would have worked. Lord she's crazy.

  16. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Does that kid have sun block on him? Where is his hat and sunglasses?

  17. Gryphen I have to agree with ANON at 12:48
    whats with the visor with McCain scratched out?
    After ripping off the hairdresser in Salt Lake City she should have been able to buy a new one.
    Hmmmm..."purty" Sarah ( as her lowlife followers think of her) is pretty covered up for a day at the beach, of course those thighs and arms don't look too tight. I'm surprised she's covering up her "amazingly tight abs" that have the ability to hide a pregnancy.
    Poor Piper, another week ( is this week 5) out of school.

  18. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Seriously flabby calves for a runner.

  19. mommom1:02 PM

    Well we know that Todd "Ghost" Palin does not use the tanning bed.

    Seriously,though,something about Mrs Palins arms is very wierd.The upper arm looks to short,and is very round.Perhaps she should have had some pastic surgery on her upper arms too?

  20. And once again, there's poor Trig: no hat, no sunglasses. I would just bet he's got no sunscreen either!

    The Quitter Queen is a terrible grandma!

  21. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Curiouser--do you think for one nano-second that the picture with Trig wasn't posed??? Please!

  22. In that first picture in the TMZ gallery -- "Have you seen Todd??"

    Yeah, Todd looks soft and pale with love handles...somewhat sluglike...what a hottie!! (NOT)

  23. Midnight Cajun1:07 PM

    She's glaring at your blog on her Blackberry, Gryphen!

    I wonder if one of her girls took one of her book-signing Sharpies to the hat. Please don't tell me an adult would do that. But even if one of the kids did it, she should have thrown the visor away and bought a new one.

    And Sarah--time to schedule a new appointment with the nip-and-tuck doc to do something about that neck and those knees!

  24. "Does that kid have sun block on him? Where is his hat and sunglasses?" My thought exactly--and he looks awfully pink already, given how long he's been there...

  25. Anonymous1:09 PM

    WHERE is Bristol? After being the loving caretaker for little Trig, she is nowhere to be seen. "Granny" has taken him away, and I do not see the bonding that I saw with Trig and Bristol.
    That post re the rumor that a female close to Sarah is depressed - well, I do not think it is Meg. I suspect it might be Bristol. If it is Bristol, I hope she is getting help (and not consuling from the Assembly of God Church).

  26. Anonymous1:10 PM

    That is so immature that she scratched out McCain's name! For the love of God, it's historical vintage swag at this point; it means nothing now all ruined. Is her Dorian Gray Syndrome really that bad? She needs treatment.

    Yes, Trig needs sunblock, sunglasses and a hat.

  27. Anon 12:55

    Shhhhh don't mention Pearl Harbor she would have never thought of it on her own....damn now she'll probably go there out of "respect for our American soldiers".

  28. Anonymous1:12 PM

    If they can require all tomatoes be pulled when she is in a store, will they take all guns when the President is speaking?

  29. Couple of things : one, please don't knock her knees (because, well they kind of look like mine); you tell me - were these posed? We blogger-types have been talking about lack of affection toward Trig - so now we get kissy, kissy. Marriage on the rocks - she and Todd lying on the beach talking. Only thing she's not "posing" is Piper in school, because she is still out of school.

  30. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Where in the Hell are they staying? Motel 6 where they have to drag their own chairs to some crowded beach? Couldn't they have gotten a house, condo or upper end resort where they could have had more privacy and amenities? Somewhere to relax after that crazy book tour? Is she really THAT cheap? And Sarah's outfit. That's what I were around the house. Even I wouldn't wear that to the beach, and I look crap all the time! Plus they all look miserable. Todd looks creepy.

  31. After all they are in Hawaii & there's lots of mushy fruit around...overripe papayas & mangos can make a real mess. Just sayin.

  32. Buy Gold1:22 PM

    OT. Paliban Adrienne Ross has just taken a giant swig of the Glenn Beck kool-aid and her paranoia runneth over. Apparently, the President is monitoring her blog. Seriously.

    Get your crazy on at Motivation Truth. Don't forget your protective visor, though.


    this is ALL posed domesticity; she was well aware that paparazzi would be circling them like vultures.

  34. Okay please don't encourage people to throw fruit at Caribou Barbie!

    You just know that shit will get blamed on me.

  35. I think we should take this show on the road.....funny comments!

  36. You know she's expecting Obama to bow deeply when he comes to call next week. After all, she is the Queen. Quitterqueen.

  37. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Herpes-free Palin called TMZ paps to show the visor. More image control but why now and why entertainment site like TMZ? Reality show? Talk show? Snake handling political God hour on FOX?

    Who is the biological mother? Vaginalies on FOX?

  38. Anonymous1:38 PM

    You can't get sympathy if you special needs child is covered up with a hat and sun glasses. Have you learned nothing. I wonder if he has sun block on.

  39. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Interesting 82 comments on TMZ & they seem to be mostly negative. Even the article had a negative slant. Woo hoo.

  40. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Hey Dud- ewww...white, pastey, skinny, not so hot--My 65 yr old husband looks better than that with his shirt off. Better start going to the gym with Levi.
    Sister Sarah-Your turkey neck is showing and the upperarms could use a little gym time with Levi to also. We can still see McCain under the black marker, kinda like hiding your prego belly..Geez, those peelanders must not be sending enough money to buy a decent shirt and shorts, bet their pissed she not in a bikini!!

  41. Forever Anonymous1:51 PM

    Gryphen, tomato is not a fruit.

    She'll be glad is not a mango.

  42. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I'm curious - Has anyone ever actually seen her run? Posing in running gear and pantyhose doesn't count? The runners I know ( and I'm not one myself) have very muscular , toned legs.

    Someone needs to help her with the fake tan, the line between orange and pasty on the side of her face is very unattractive.By the way, Sarah, the expensive brands don't turn orange.

    On the bright side, with TMZ she is finally where she belongs - with all those petite Hollywood starlets LOL !

  43. Sorry friends- I cannot go there with you-- I don't see anything wrong with the way SP or TP look. SP, before her surgery, was quite attractive, as is TP. The problem is that they are a pair of grifting frauds.

  44. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Does this mean she's not a natural born American citizen any longer?

  45. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Somebody has a red face from their laser work. STILL.

  46. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Palin in a visor and sunglasses.. must be especially bright and sunny out there..
    once again, Trig has no little hat on his head/sunglasses/real glasses..
    and yes, the Blackberry
    That is just plain rude

    And why isn't she sporting her tight abs and hot bod? I guess any sort of real swimsuit wouldn't quite cover the control top instant slimmer

    Maybe it's a shadow but the back of her neck looks gray and weird while the front of her face and neck look normal color

  47. Anonymous2:14 PM

    What happened to all of her Tammy Faye hair? It deflated. She's got like two strands now.

    Yeah, the demarkation line from the laser is RIGHT where they stop for facial lasering -- they bring it down on the neck so there isn't an obvious line of color change, and the patient stays red for up to six months.

  48. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Sorry, Forever Anon, tomato IS a fruit. The definition is that it contains seeds. So that means that peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, there are fruit. If it has seeds, it's fruit. (I taught bioloogy for years; this was the first day's class).

  49. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I've been looking at the photos all morning trying to figure out where they are - I'm on Oahu - the island Obama visits.
    I'm so tempted to stock up on tomatoes and eggs just in case she decides to "grace" our island!

  50. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Sarah is on the beach waiting to be photographed. She wore the visor to flip off McCain (let's see who she supports in Arizona, John or the T-bagger candidate). She is wearing ratty clothes to show us that she is just one of the folks.

    My husband had a convention in Hawaii, and the hotel had private bungalows for families that really did want privacy. They weren't that pricey, it was a good way for the whole family to be together, private pool, meals delivered.

    Nope, Sarah wanted to be noticed. I can't imagine why she didn't put on a little make up and fix her hair. Or is this what happens when she goes off her meds?

  51. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Question for all you Alaskans...

    My daughter has been sick a lot this year. 11 days of absences in total. I just got a letter from her principal saying that all future absences would require a doctors note or a visit to the nurse for the absence to be excused. This is in Texas. I completely understand and am glad that the state is making sure kids are in school.

    Does Alaska not have rules like this for students? Can you just take your kids out of school whenever you feel like it without any oversight by the school districts?

    I know homeschooling is different but has Palin said anything about Piper being homeschooled? There has got to be all kinds of illegal going on here.


  52. Gryphen, I'm sure TMZ appreciated the tip-off you gave that the Palins were headed south.

  53. Anonymous2:27 PM

    So much for the getting divorced story huh. Vacationing together on a Hawaiian beach seems a far cry from

  54. I read somewhere that the Palins were going to Kauai or Maui -- where the celebs usually vacation, donchaknow?

  55. Folks, I think she DOES look like an average mom/person going to the beach: pair of loose shorts and a tee. Barefoot, hair in ponytail, visor, check. Seriously. I find nothing wrong with what she is wearing or how she is looking. Just want to know if this is all make believe and for the truth about Trig to emerge. Comments are so petty and negative on the small stuff, I am starting to not know what to believe. What do you want her to be wearing? If she were dressed to the hilt, commentary would run to her moneygrabbing ways, she's too made up for the beach, who does she think she is? Yuk.

  56. London Bridges2:33 PM

    Sarah's the only one in the clan that can afford sunglasses. The saggy knees explain why Sarah wore panty hose for her Runner's World photo shoot. I betcha it was RW's idea, and all along we we giving her grief for wearing them.

  57. I wonder if Palin's ignoring the advice her plastic surgeon very likely told her after all the procedures on her face were done, STAY OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT UNTIL YOU'RE COMPLETELY HEALED.

    I wonder if she doesn't realize she can get a not-very-pretty reaction from the antibiotics for her face lump if she sunbathes. Surely she doesn't think wearing a t-shirt and shorts is sufficient cover-up, or is following the doctor's instructions.

    Or maybe she's just thinking, "I know what I'm doing, better than that southern California celebrity doctor".

  58. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I was not really paying much attention to that whole thread about Sarah's neck last week, but yikes. Also too I love the guy off in the distance with his pants falling down.

    And geez, where are Trig's glasses? Doesn't he want to see Hawaii?

  59. Wow, what a petty and pathetic person. I cannot stand John McCain but he (and his family) have been remarkably restrained in not commenting about the dirt they have on Sarah-the-quitter and he has continued to say positive things about her when pressed- and THIS is the thanks he gets for bringing her into the national spotlight and making her a rich woman- a juvenile redaction of his name on a visor. Wasilla hillbillies indeed.

  60. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Yep -- the back of her neck does looks like a bad tattoo -- or maybe just a dirty neck?

    I do feel so bad for the baby - Trig. Can not imagine not taking better care of him in that hot Hawaiian sun, -- sun glasses or at least the glasses he is supposed to wear all the time.

    IMO -- not the 'Mother of the Year'!!

  61. OhWell2:50 PM

    I wear crap like that when I go to the beach, too. I always wear big old cotton t-shirts as a cover up. It doesn't matter if I get sunscreen on them, and I can sweat like a pig in them, too. The visor is tacky...I find it strange a former governor and VP would wear that. Pretty immature. Whenever I took my kids to the beach, they always had hats, sunglasses, and rash guard shirts with spf 50. They have beautiful skin now as adults. My old 53 year old knees look like her's, too. I wonder why her's aren't nicer since she's a runner.

  62. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Hey just looked at her neck...that is a bruise from the lower face lift.

  63. Forever Anonymous2:54 PM

    anon @ 2:20, thank you for the correction, I so much want to throw a tomato or two at her but Gryphen said not to encourage people to throw fruits, so I guess I'm stuck with the eggs( the rotten ones).

  64. Anonymous3:00 PM

    What's important here is that she is yet again just ignoring that sweet little guy. Using her damn Blackberry, multi-tasking, of course. Can you imagine how many times a day she takes "just a sec" to consult it, to write on it, etc? It must be constant. I know people who have them, and they become an addiction quite frequently. And, yes, isn't that sun hot? Or is it less so right now? Do you think she even put sunscreen on Trig? And that visor situation story. What, she can't afford a new one? She wears one with the name scratched out? Who does that, who is not currently in the 6th grade? This woman is mentally unstable, I am telling you.

  65. Anonymous at 104pm said...
    "Curiouser--do you think for one nano-second that the picture with Trig wasn't posed??? Please!"
    No way. If it was posed, Sarah would be pointing him face out toward totally germy strangers, big fake smile plastered on her face, pretending that she was reeeeally interested in Trig/special needs/the ocean/little brown people/America/whatever.

    She's totally self-absorbed with that freakin' blackberry instead like someone with OCD--just a regular run of the mill day. Hell, she's probably trying to figure out what her frisky teenagers are up to in Wasilla. ["BP!! Dont 4get U R Abstnent!! X yr legs & pray!"]

    And did you all notice? Trig's finally in a place where having no shoes is appropriate.

  66. Anonymous3:03 PM

    RE the pic with Piper, you notice how she now often looks at them like it's slowly dawning on her that her parents are complete weirdos? I wonder what they talk about in front of her. It must be awful. Poor babe.

  67. Forever Anonymous3:06 PM

    I can't make out the words written under McCain, sure it was a salt in a wound.

  68. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Trig could very possibly be Levi's brother.

  69. FEDUP!!!3:09 PM

    WHERE ARE TRIGGS SUNGLASSES- or a visor??? He is red like a little crab already - so: NO sunscreen for him, either! @#$%^&!!!!!

    $$$arah is wearing some facial either maskara, or has a fake facial tan - the back of her neck in picture #2 is pasty grey.

    Also, too, we mentioned a couple days ago that she never is giving Trigg a kiss... and now, today, we see her at least pursing her lips towards him...

    $$$ARAH, WE KNOW YOU READ THE BLOGS: PUT SOME SUNSCREEN ON TRIGG, AND GIVE HIM A SUN HAT - otherwise he will come down with a sunstroke!!!

  70. Anonymous3:10 PM

    To those looking and commentring on Sarahs legs, those are not the legs of a runner, they look quite flabby. Mine are better and I am older than Sarh, but running, riding, and hard work are probably the key to that.
    Her turkey neck looks worse since she had her facelift. AS for the runnerup quitter queens husband...EWWWWWWW....!!

  71. Daiseydem 2:31, I agree with you. I would add that they LOOK happy. Don't know if it's for show, but I think it's a stretch to say they look miserable. The McCain visor thing is hilarious. What is her point? So immature.

    I do find it interesting that she hasn't informed her fans that she's in HI. Why not? Too fancy? Too liberal?

  72. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I for one, think that this is called choreography.

    If she hadn't marked out "McCain," or was wearing a generic sun visor, and was playing with Trig, instead of her Blackberry much less would be said or written about her.

    As to Trig w/o a sun hat, etc? She wants to make sure that he is completely visible and recognizable--so that the photographer(s) has/have no doubt that he/she/they are taking pictures of Sarah Palin.

    She doesn't want privacy--she wants to be seen and photographed as much as possible. There are condos in Hawaii with private beaches. If she didn't want the paparazzi around taking photos, she and Trig would be completely out of sight.

    This is all on purpose, folks--manipulative and all orchestrated. As long as she can keep people stirred up and critical of her and her treatment of the baby, she gets face time in the press. Understand that she is not in Hawaii for a vacation, she is in Hawaii to be seen--which is something that wouldn't happen if she, Todd and the two kids were back in Wasilla.

  73. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Anonymous @ 12:48....please don't insult my c*nt by likening it to Mrs. Todd Palin in any way ;) There simply isn't anything worse to call her than her given name: Beelzebub

  74. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign3:31 PM

    The Blackberry is really a disguised mirror. She loves looking at herself so much that she pretends to be texting while staring at herself and making various faces.

    She did the hat thing on purpose - she remembers well when she was photographed by the pool during the campaign. She's saying F You McCain, and saying F You to everyone else by not giving Trig sunglasses or a hat.

    Well, back atcha twit!

  75. Anonymous3:35 PM

    LOL 3:23pm. My V-J-J is also offended by the comparison!

  76. I agree with the poster that asked what Palin was supposed to wear to the beach...we need to stay on point about the kind of person that she is and not waste time on what she is wearing or what her knees look like. I'm sorry guys but it makes us sound petty.

    I cannot stand her but I can admit that she is an attractive woman. I hope no one else throws something at hurts our efforts and will garner sympathy for her. Remember we are in this for the long haul and our reward will be when she is finally exposed and brought down. It will be worth the wait.

  77. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Why no book signing for the folks in Hawaii?

  78. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Anon 12:48: My apologies ;)

    There is no way that child is only 20 months old. He looks older. Yes, I'm blatantly suggesting that he was not born in April of 2008, but earlier than that, and Sarah Palin LIED about his birth date.

  79. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Gotta admit that the pictures make them look like a happy family unless it was for show, and they knew they were being photographed. The only exception would be the photo with Sarah and her Blackberry. The one of Trig giving her a kiss almost made her seem human to me.

  80. hdtracy3:59 PM

    To Indylindy @ 3:38pm ...

    I was about to write my own post, but I would have only reiterated your very comments. I couldn't have said it better myself. Thoughtful feedback - kudos!

  81. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I've vacationed in Hawaii about 10 times. At least half of those times, I wanted to string my husband up by his male parts. Looking back at the pictures, we looked like such a happy couple. Pictures don't always tell the truth.

  82. My theory about the visor is that it is blue, with McCain (is there other writing too? Like McCain/Palin, or McCain for President?) embossed on a strip of black fabric in the middle. I don't think there is any marking out there.

  83. Anonymous4:08 PM

    1:09 PM
    If it is Bristol, I hope she is getting help (and not consuling from the Assembly of God Church).

    Didn't it say the person was suicidal? I doubt it is Bristol. She and her man are bonding with Tripp and hoping to get rid of Levi. The longer Sarah is away the better. See how independent Bristol is and Tripp doesn't know Levi, in no way shared custody. They will settle for a minor visitation deal. Sarah/Bristol don't want Sherry or Sadie to have contact. as little a possible.

  84. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Anon @ 3:16, I would bet you are right about this. Part of her strange personality disorder is enjoying negative attention, perhaps even more than the positive kind. She just wants to get under our skin, and she does a pretty good job, doesn't she? What if we all ignored her....she'd probably be devastated and feel empty inside. Btw, wonder how her Christmas prep is going? Someone at home doing it for her? Are they even going home for the holidays?

  85. Todd looks creepy. at 1:18 PM

    This may be to let us know why she must divorce him. I do like the McLame attitude. She double dared one of the kids or did it herself. It came from her retard talking.

  86. OK, have to admit it---my 50-something knees don't look so hot either.

    However, I lay no claim to being a runner or any other kind of athlete.

  87. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I can understand why it was important to take Piper out of school for a week in order to go to on vacation to Hawaii right before school vacation. Every day she misses is a day she misses. Every week she misses is a week she misses.

    Nice priorities, Sarah.

  88. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign4:21 PM

    I agree with Indylindy & hdtracy. Most Alaskans are pretty darn casual dressers and we are also quite pasty looking most of the time. Easy to spot us at the beach!

    There are plenty of things about SP that make me go blech, and I don't hesitate for a moment to parody or attack her stupidity, vanity and black heart.

    I even thought she was kind of attractive way back when we she first was Gov - til she opened her mouth at an Outdoor Council dinner and breathless garbage came out. I gave up on her then, after looking around the room at all the faces that were kind of going "Huh?". They were looking around also, too to see if anyone else understood what the twit on the podium said so they would know what expression to paste on their faces instead of confusion. I poked my hubby and mouthed "What was that?" He mouthed back "No f'ing clue". I thought oh no, we voted in an air head. No wait, THEY voted in an air head since my vote went to my fave Tony Knowles.

    So, the beach attire & pale skin is very Alaskan but the redacted McCain on the hat is definitely an F You to McCain and she is flaunting it. Creepoid Sarah!

  89. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Anon. 3:16 - I totally agree. This is orchestrated, beyond a doubt. After a tiring book tour, wouldn't a normal family want to retire to a very private resort, with private beaches. Especially considering all the security she needed before, here they are in public, almost looking for someone to recognize them. How relaxing and safe is that?

    Sarah Palin gives out mixed messages; doesn't want anyone to initiate conversation in Utah, per the unpaid hairdresser story, yet plans a vacation on a public beach, where anyone can come up to her and start a conversation. The inconsistencies in her persona are multiple.

    Also note she is not allowing public to see her in a bathing suit or bikini. This may all be a ploy to reassure her fans that she is extremely modest, is regular folk relaxing amongst native Hawaians, spending bonding time with Trig. Almost like she's making a point to disprove the rumors and reports of why she left Hawaii, or that she doesn't fuss about Trig, or that she wears flirty clothing.

  90. I don't care that Palin's wearing a t shirt and shorts.

    But I do care about the message on her t shirt:

    "If you don't love America . . . why don't you get the hell out?"

    This is not the message of anyone who cares about working together for the common good or who honors our diversity.

    Sarah Palin: Here's a message for you--I'm interested in working with people who want to serve our country and who want to make our country, our lives, and the lives of humans everywhere better. This is my country too, Mrs. Palin. I don't have to love it, because I honor it, by working to make it better. And I'm not leaving.

  91. Are they Trigs glasses? Beside her lying in the sand. Sand can scratch the lens.
    The cap gets more attention with the black out.
    Anyone able to read what's on the Tshirt.
    I am pleased to see the other people on the beach seem oblivious of her.

  92. Liz I, that is what her shirt says? Ugh. Even her t-shirts are divisive. She is a truly disgusting person.

  93. @anonymous 3:16

    You called it- it's a cry for attention- create a scandal to keep her name in the news and an excuse to talk to the press without saying anything substantive (or dispute the critiques of what her FaceliftBook ghostwriter is saying) Sarah-the-quitter has already called Politico saying she wasn't "dissing McCain, she was trying to go incognito"...on a public beach. Here's a thought- if she really wanted to "go incognito" she should have worn a Harvard Law School visor- no one would have ever believed it would be her wearing that!

  94. Yeah, that's what her t shirt says. (H/T to some Mudflatters who deciphered it. You can just pick out the words if you enlarge the photos.}

    I find Palin's combination of ignorance, malevolence and appetite for power and attention to be particularly vile.

  95. Anonymous4:44 PM

    It strikes me as odd that she's willing to wear the McCain/Palin visor, even with McCain's name marked out. She is wearing a visor that screams out loud: "I'm a loser!"

  96. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Just when I think Sarah Palin couldn't get more nasty or negative. . .she wears a visor with McCain's name blacked out and a T shirt message that should be offensive to all Americans.

    On vacation no less!

    Perhaps she should have added the phrase "until Alaska's heart is right with God. . ." with her little Magicky Marker.

    How Christians can embrace her as one of their own is way beyond my pay grade.

  97. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Palin is so full of crap, if she wanted to be incognito - why didn't she go with a plain cap, instead of blacking out McCain's name? She really must think everyone cannot see through her BS, and is as stupid as her. There are many ways to be incognito in Hawaii, she DEFINITELY wanted to be noticed...

  98. Anonymous4:47 PM

    OK - passing by the checkout stand I spotted a National Examiner with a huge non-flattering picture of Palin with the caption "Obama is out to get me." I was with my impressionable 8-year-old, so didn't pick it up, but would love to know what that was all about.

  99. Anonymous4:48 PM

    She also in Hawaii, home state of Barak Obama, where recently it came out that she doesn't like the natives too much. This is a big FU to Obama and Hawaii and all her critics.

  100. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Full of gossip and judging when you don't have the facts to be pointing the finger at the Palins. Deal with the issues of your own life. You will be much happier people.

    You may not agree with Sarah Palin, but some of you sure don't have respect.

  101. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Anonymous @3:16 & Anonymous @4:24

    Bingo, I agree!

  102. Anonymous4:52 PM

    @4:48 - Respect? For whom? A racist secessionist who incites hate and quits her elected job so she can get plastic surgery to sell a book full of lies?

  103. @4:48 - Respect must be earned. I have seen nothing, NOTHING in Palin to respect.
    While I am not one to pick on her looks, I will yell from the rooftops re her lack of ethics, lack of honesty, lack of compassion and lack of intelligence.
    I was very happy and excited when she was named VP candidate - then I did my research, and I was appalled. You would be too, if you did some real research. She is a disgrace to women and a disgrace to all thinking people.

  104. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Anonymous @4:48, Excuse me, but SPalin has done nothing to deserve my respect...

    Matthew 7:15-23 (KJV)

    -Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    -Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    -Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
    -A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    -Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
    -Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
    -Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    -Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    -And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    In love-----

  105. I MIGHT have an iota of respect for Sarah Palin the day she starts to show some respect for President Obama.

    (but no more than an iota)

  106. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I don't know where in the island they are vacationing. I am in Kauai, and have heard nothing of them, but I am up north. People in the islands are pretty closed mouth. And I differ in the definitation of fruit, anything where you eat the developed part of the ovary is a fruit, a vegetable is when the part of the plant that is eaten that is vegetative, as opposed to reproductive. I am a horticulturist. Just saying. Thanks Gyphen

  107. FEDUP!!!5:10 PM

    LOL! Just as we thought - she is already on record with politico that the visor was in no way a slight of McInsane - SHE DID IT TO BE INCOGNITO!
    ROFLMAOPIMP!!! (Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My A$$ Off, Peeing In My Pants ;) )

  108. I'm sure the wearing of the McCain/Palin visor has nothing to do with dissing our president.

    I think she's just too cheap to buy a new one.

  109. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I would LOVE to be the fly on the wall that hears Cindy McCain's unedited reaction to $arah's visor with McCain's name blacked out. LOL. On the other hand, learning what kind of person $arah is has actually given me compassion for Cindy McCain, who is a whole lot smarter, classier, better educated, and more accomplished than $P. Forget about getting Levi to talk: I wanna hear Cindy and Meghan talk!! LOL.

  110. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I wonder if McCain is still proud of his little Scarah? Personally, I don't give a fig what this woman is wearing but I do think the visor is a statement and so is the t-shirt for her adoring fans and the rest of us who are not "real Americans."

  111. Anonymous5:28 PM

    In re to 4:48 and a question in general:
    Do you anti-government right-wing nut cases volunteer and give money to charity, you know, like, DO things to help the general human condition other than complain about Obama? And I'm not talking about giving money to your church. Evangelizing people in third world countries and paying for pervy reverends isn't what I mean. I mean working with inner city youths, raising money for scholarships, etc. Just wondering. Because I don't do these things. I'm at a point when I don't have the time, but that's why I more than willing to pay more taxes, so the government can. What about you JuJu? 4:48? What do you do to help people?
    Sanctimonious assholes should learn to shut the eff up if they don't want to do their part...

  112. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Can sunscreen alone save Piper and Trig?

    Little-Known Facts About Sunscreen, SPF And Skin Cancer
    sun times

    Is your child’s sunscreen doing more harm than good?

    The Centers for Disease Control recently came out with some bad news for nearly all Americans who use sunscreen. A recent study shows one of the commonly used ingredients in most sunscreens (for adults, children as well as babies), a chemical called oxybenzone, has been linked to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage. In fact according to the study, 97% of Americans are contaminated with this chemical. Another study has showed oxybenzone is linked to low birth weight in baby girls whose mothers are exposed during pregnancy. Also worth noting is “oxybenzone is also a penetration enhancer, a chemical that helps other chemicals penetrate the skin.”
    The last time the Food and Drug Administration reviewed the safety of oxybenzone was in the 1970s


  113. Anonymous5:31 PM

    How can you respect someone who isn't respectful herself? She hasn't done anything to earn my respect. She's a calculating, money hungry con artist.

  114. Montana5:40 PM

    I cannot believe at all the attcaks on Sarah Palin. She is the most popular woman Republican ever. She almost made it to the White House (OK, the VP house), but now all she is trying to do is put food on the table, you think her husband can keep up with the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

    And so what if she took two different planes back to Alaska from Dallas, Texas when she was in labor with Trig, instead of going to a local hospital (who wants to born in Texas, yikes). I mean so what if Alaska Airlines spokesman said that they were not aware that she was in labor.

    She is not a quitter, she is reloading, so watch out she will be your President, like it or not. I mean come on we had “W”, right?

  115. Anonymous5:40 PM

    This was a publicity stunt, pure and simple. Palin may be stupid, but she knows exactly how to play the media, bloggers, supporters, critics, and all the rest of us.

    Palin's "apologetic" call to Politico stenographer Mike Allen today was just a set up. She got a chance, once again, to play the innocent: The visor with McCain's name blackened-out was (whimper, whimper) her feeble attempt to remain "incognito" (sob, sob) while taking a much-deserved vacation (whine, whine) with her family in Hawaii--which just happens to be the president's home state (wink, wink).

    Coincidentally, at the same time, Allen's "article" conveniently publicized the details of Palin's arduous book tour, the prodigious number of books she signed, the latest sales figures for her bestseller, an overview of her "career"...blah, blah, blah.

    We've been had. And we'll continue to be had, as long as people in the know remain reluctant to expose her as a despicable fraud.

  116. focus people. If she is in HI, so WHAT! Where are the e-mails, the AK fake trust info, etc, etc...We know she is a fake phony evangepuppet. On the Beach wont get her out of the conversations she doesnt have any clue about. FOCUS!!! she had a face lift? so what! she rode on a plane? so what!

    when she misquotes John Wooden, NOW we have a problem!


  117. Anonymous5:47 PM

    No one knows who the tomato thrower was aiming for or who he was --so please do not assume he was a deomcrat.

    Plenty of Republicans dislike Palin; more than Dems do.

  118. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Huh, she wants us to think she marked out "McCain" so she could be incognito? Has she never heard of going to an ABC store and buying a NEW non-descipt visor for $1.99? Does she really think marking out McCains name wasn't disrespectful? If she really is that clueless she has no business EVER being near any position of authority. Can you even imagine the social gaffes she would make in front of world leaders?

  119. Anonymous5:50 PM

    She's lying again! All beaches in Hawaii are public. The resort could not chase away the resort property but not off the beach.

  120. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Can you imagine if either Obama showed up in an old McCain visor with the name marked out, then said they were only trying to be incognito? That dog don't hunt Ms. sarah

  121. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Why would blacking out McCain's name allow her to be incognito? She should have blacked out her own name.

  122. Look at her sour puss TRYING to kiss Trig. NOW FOCUS!!!!

  123. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Trigg looks big for his age. Funny, neither Todd nor Sarah look like tall people.

  124. Anon @ 5:40 PM, Mike Allen is Palin's "fave" reporter at Politico.

    He's the one she woke up at 10:45 at night in New York when she was working out the details of her book with HarperCollins, to tell him she was at that restaurant, "Michael's" for dinner -- not realizing that all the "in" people eat lunch at Michael's, not dinner.

    I think that might have been the beginning of her wannabe-celebrity lifestyle, although you COULD say her frequent telephone calls to PEOPLE magazine before that were her "toe in the water".

    After David Letterman in June, it was full speed ahead.

  125. Anon @ 5:50 PM, some hotels in Hawaii have private lagoons. They're fed by the ocean, but the beaches are private.

  126. Anonymous6:23 PM

    KaJo, I believe all beaches in Hawaii are public, no?

  127. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Montana @ 5:40

    Hope that is meant as sarcasm--otherwise, you might consider throwing a few more logs on the fire inside that ol' cabin of yours, because you are obviously suffering from brain freeze.

  128. MacAndCheeseWiz6:33 PM

    Montana, please don't ever change! Of course she's a quitter, what do you call not finishing the job you swore to complete under oath?

    The only thing she's reloading is her bank account, on the backs of sweet, generous, kind, loving, God fearing and beautiful people such as yourself!
    The wild ride- if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and shits like a duck, it's a duck.
    I'm sure a sweet, generous, kind, loving, God fearing and beautiful person as yourself, if you had been pregnant seven times, had two miscarriages, was carrying a high risk child, and your membranes ruptured in Texas, would a sweet, generous, kind, loving, God fearing and beautiful person as yourself give a flying flip WHERE this baby was born? My guess is that you'd drop whatever you were doing and get yourself to the nearest hospital.

    Bless your white cotton socks!, but there's no way this woman will win another election for any office!

  129. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I'd be interested in others' thoughts on the following scenario. Gryphen has said he has no clue who Trig's mother is, yet there's (obvious) talk of Trig not being Sarah's biological child. My theory is that Trig's mother is an unknown (to the press) female whose life would be turned upside down or ruined if/when the truth comes out. That would explain the fact that people who know the truth haven't come forward, out of respect for this unknown person. Your thoughts??

  130. Anonymous6:52 PM

    mo pics

  131. Anonymous7:00 PM

    He looks like Levi to me.

  132. Venefica7:06 PM

    Yes, Anon 6:23 PM, all beaches in Hawaii are indeed public. However, as KaJo noted, some hotels or resorts have their own lagoon or pool areas with private sandy areas (aka beaches). The Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki is just such a property.

  133. Now the AIP dude is wearing the shirt saying "if you don't love America, then get out."

    Can't get much more ironic.

  134. Anonymous7:45 PM

    "I do not post stories that I am not pretty damn sure are accurate."

    Like the now infamous "Splitsville" story?

  135. Anonymous7:47 PM

    "that woman has seriously ugly knees."

    Well, I guess you've pretty much hit bottom with the Palin criticisms.

  136. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Cujo--I mean Kajo:

    Can you point me in the way of any evidence, however circumstantial it is that Palin had plastic surgery?

    Palin is followed pretty closely. If the stringers can catch Mickey Rourke leaving a bar at 3:00 a.m. someone should have seen Palin entering or entering a medical facility you'd think.

  137. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Anon at 522pm said...
    "I would LOVE to be the fly on the wall that hears Cindy McCain's unedited reaction to $arah's visor with McCain's name blacked out."

    Boy, I don't know exactly what would be said, but I would bet the farm that the tirade would include the C word!

  138. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Okay, so I won't snark about Sarah's appearance.

    But since she asked, "Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd?"

    I can now answer, "YES. I have. And I'd be changin' the locks."

    (Sarah in SC posting anon b/c of stupid google)

  139. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Why is the back of her head and her neck so pale compared to her face? Is makeup this heavy required after plastic surgery?

  140. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Anon at 447pm: "I spotted a National Examiner with a huge non-flattering picture of Palin with the caption 'Obama is out to get me.'...would love to know what that was all about."
    Narcissists typically perceive themselves as victims and use that to gain attention. They are often paranoid as well.

  141. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Sarah is NOT going to be happy about the photo of her bending over at the waist with all her celulite in full view. Those are NOT the legs of a runner. Another lie, Sarah! In some of the other photos on Celebrity Gossip look like she has some sort of a bad rash or bumps on her legs along with the cellulite. Plus one photo her left forearm has some strange bump on it. Is she ill with some malady? She is on her phone constantly. Bet Toad and the kids love that.

  142. Anonymous9:34 PM

    If it is Brostol who is terrible depressed and suicidal, what on earth would part of the family be doing toaking a grand vacation? If anything happens to that girl....sigh....I hate to even think about this so called family.

  143. I am in complete agreement with those who wonder where Trig's sun hat is. Not on his head or anywhere near him, I notice.

    But then, there aren't any toys or bottles that I can see anywhere near him, either.

    But Trig isn't the only learning challenged Palin child visiting Hawaii for a quick vacation somewhere warm after suffering in places not as warm and eventually (sigh) returning to a gosh darned cold place, aka Alaska.

    Piper is basking in the sun, as well. In... a bikini?

    I'm no prude, trust me. Not in my line of business, but children are definitely a hard limit for me and bikinis on pre-adolescent girls just seems... weird and a little inappropriate.

    BTW -- I notice that she's the dutiful and smiling mom when Todd's around, but once he's gone she's tapping away on her Crackberry. Ego surfing and checking her latest book sales? Certainly not looking up Down syndrome child rearing tips and techniques.

    Also, too, etc.

  144. "If it is [Bristol] who is terribly depressed and suicidal, what on earth would part of the family be doing taking a grand vacation?"

    Bristol is busy taking care of her kid, and as soon as hawaii vacationtime is over Sarah's gonna drop off Trig with her, too. That's what the bribe house was for--Bristol is expected to be a good girl, take care of the little kids so mommy can jetset and get her hair done, and keep the skeletons in the closet....or the gravy train shuts down!

  145. Anonymous5:55 AM

    While I appreciate this site very much, the TMZ style postings about vacations and facelifts are beneath it. Being catty is fun, but it seriously undermines credibility.

    I think we can all agree that her looks are the driving force behind her popularity. So when we waste time picking them apart, what are we saying about ourselves? What's the difference between loving her for her looks versus finding reasons to hate her for them?

    Gryphen, love you doll, but I am hereby challenging you to post information that will bring her DOWN based on her character and personal history, and avoid postings that inspire such hysterical knit-picking and physical fault-finding.

    After all, everybody has physical flaws. You'd think by these comments that we were all supermodels.

  146. Anonymous5:57 AM

    That tacky shirt is the most damning part of Palin's little display. I am sure she called TMZ (most celebrities do) to let them know where to find her that day. But, the t-shirt, again, shows her bad judgement.

    The "Get the Hell out" message is NOT a t-shirt that would be worn by Evangelicals nor would they approve of of using the word HELL in this manner.
    I know this because I come from a family of Evangelicals.

    Is Billy Graham going to continue to put his reputation on the line for this woman? She is the devil in a dress and they are have been duped. It's amazing how Christians preach about the devil's deceiving ways, yet they can't see past her charming little ways to see that she is a fraud.

  147. Anonymous6:18 AM

    "What's the difference between loving her for her looks versus finding reasons to hate her for them?"

    I don't think many of us actually hate her. I don't. I find her contemptible, but I don't hate her. It's hard to work up that level of energy for somebody so worthless.

    Sarah has many faults but is, first and foremost, a liar. She wouldn't have gotten anywhere in politics without her looks, and now we're finding out that those are just as phoney as the rest of her. Why shouldn't we talk about it?

    Besides, somebody on her team is reading the blogs. I doubt if it's her because she wouldn't read anything that might say something negative about her. But somebody is, and they must be telling her in general what they're about. (ex: her grabbing Trig and hustling him away at the airport, and then bringing him back with shoes on. She would never have done that unless somebody pointed out that she's neglecting him.) So we discuss her looks: her plastic surgery, her flabby legs, her cellulite, her thinning hair, her bumpit and (lack of) taste in clothes. And when she says, "any new issues?" to her lackey, they'll say: they're just picking apart your looks. And she'll feel anger- which is good, because she's especially stupid when she's angry- and fear. Because age is coming, and she knows she's had plastic surgery and she knows her legs are flabby- you think she didn't finish that Turkey Day run because of the crowd? I bet she couldn't have finished if at all.

    When Sarah Palin is angry and afraid, she's most entertaining.

    Only a fool depends on her looks forever. After a while, you need more.

    Sarah Palin has no "more." She's all surface.


  148. crystalwolf aka caligrl9:35 AM

    This has got to be
    For us "Jealous bitches"

    I'm sooo jealous of her she is so HAWT!

    I don't care...the palinbots tell us we are jealous bitches, so hey ya we are jealous of that????

  149. crystalwolf aka caligrl9:37 AM

    This has got to be
    For us "Jealous bitches"

    I'm sooo jealous of her she is so HAWT!

    I don't care...the palinbots tell us we are jealous bitches, so hey ya we are jealous of that????

  150. Anonymous1:16 PM

    but she DOES have ugly knees. And now we know that she also has really bad thighs. And that the "dang--have you SEEN Todd" is white and pasty and not the least bit hot.

    But this is not "bottom of the barrel" commentary. It is wholly appropriate for the following reasons:
    1. The lack of muscle tone puts the lie to a big part of her phony persona--The Runner.
    2. The difference between her true appearance and the phony public image is immense and shows just how fake the latter is.
    3. A very large part of her appeal is based on her looks. Once the salivating supporters see that she is, well, not particularly good looking, there won't be much to hang on to.

    If Palin were unconcerned about her looks, it would be completely insignificant. But she has made a career out of the flirtatious, winking, FM shoes, manipulative BS. And absent that, she has nothing.

  151. Gryphen, do you still have that other quittypants story to post about? Just curious...


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