Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sarah Palin writes on the palm of her hand becasue she is just like God.

Here is a video from Palin's speech to the crowd at the Ohio Right to Life fundraiser, in which she literally explains that writing on her hand is biblical.

I have heard some lame excuses in my time but Palin's painful attempts to justify her adolescent behaviors are unbelievable. She, and her people, are spinning like crazy to do damage control for some of the stories that have come out recently and they are just digging their hole deeper and deeper.

And by the way I heard NUMEROUS reporters and pundits call her out on both the content of what she wrote on her hand during the teabagger convention as well as the fact that she had to write it down to remember it. NOW look who is making things up.

Apparently at this speech Palin had drawn a dollar sign on her hand. Because of course you all know that quitting your job halfway through in order to capitalize on your fame in order to make money is ALSO biblical.

I wonder how much Jesus was paid for HIS speeches?


  1. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Methinks she doth protest too much.

    Pathological. Just like Jim Jones. And we know what happened to those who drank HIS kool-aid.

  2. Anonymous6:05 AM

    5:24 AM in Alaska and you're obsessing over Sarah.

    She owns you

  3. mocha6:05 AM

    Hilarious. She was obviously really ticked about getting called out for the hand-writing, because she can't let it go. This shows how thin-skinned she is and how unsuitable her temperament is for elected office.

    I got such a kick out of Clooney. I guarantee Palin will respond. She will say something about how Clooney is part of the "liberal Hollywood elite". The same crowd she was desperately trying to be a part of at the swag salon! She is a walking gaffe-maker. My guess is the gifting suite connection to SilverSpoon is through RAM, and was RAM's big idea for getting her foot back in the door in Hollywood for herself. What a huge Backfire! I am unashamed I enjoy every mis-step by Palin the Fool.

  4. Anonymous6:09 AM


    Her delivery is so phoney. She is so false, that I cringe.

  5. Ripley in CT6:14 AM

    She's becoming stale. And flat. Like an old keg of cheap beer.

    (title= becasue needs to be because. Well, not NEEDS, but you know.)

  6. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Even though she fans the flames of her following, I do feel that at least one person walks away from her events thinking she is an idiot.

  7. As usual, she has taken a small part of a section, and twisted it. Isaiah 49:15 "Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. (vs. 16) Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me."

    How perfectly appropriate that this unnatural woman, who stole a baby (and did NOT breastfeed it), has pre-empted the very section of Scripture that contrasts with her unholy behavior. The Lord God can't forget His children: He has them carved (not scribbled) in the holes in His hands. $arah Palin is walking on a tightrope over a pit of flames: she is meddling with the Word of God and magnifying herself against His words.

  8. Anonymous6:26 AM

    6:05 No, she owns you.

  9. She was falling flat with those folks too when she told her usual and over-used explanations & feeble jokes(?) about her hand - silence. She got no reaction until she started talking about God, then they became active. Of course that would be a hit with the anti-abortion folks & she plays it.

    She really is falling apart, slurred, rapid speech, manic behavior. Is she developing a lisp?

  10. Anonymous6:31 AM

    But of course she doesn't want to yap about the "mark of the beast" placed on her forehead my her father, the devil.


  11. Anonymous6:36 AM


    How can anyone who habitually lies and cheats people for her own personal gain even DARE call herself a Christian??

    Remember Sarah - someday you will stand before God for judgement. You better start writing down you excuses now, and I don't think your hand will be big enough this time!

    Let me give you a little advice - lying, cheating and greed WILL NOT get you into heaven. Hope you like it HOT!!

  12. Anonymous6:39 AM

    If it's good enough for God, it's good enough for Palin!

    Crucifiction, anyone?

  13. Anonymous6:41 AM

    So when does the spin start on the Hugo Chavez sponsorship? Are you going to cover this one? It should be fun.

  14. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Yesterday I saw a friend who had been captivted by Palin's image as a hockey mom, wife of a handsome rugged dude, her rise to power. Yesterday my friend shared she had been taken in by Palin and the more she sees and hears her it's obvious Palin has no character. She added that Palin is her own destruction waging in a year she might destroy her self.

    Doesn't Palin sound so "christian" and innocent as she blatantly lies the media did not pay attention to the ontent on her hand? It was the big issue and most talked about that she wrote ehr talking points, aka main values on her hand and she knew the questions beforehand (no pun intended) she cheated to not forget. Pathalogical liar who will opportunisticly exploit others lying about them and lie about her no end..for now she is up there with God. She uses and abuses God too.

    For the troll(s) we object to her pulling one over on you too, victimizing people like you exploiting your trust.

    It is not enough for Palin to be Palin i.e. own her choie to not have an abortion. She can't be honest without lying everyone else believes she killed her baby or wants to kill her baby. She is sick in the head elevating self to God while spinning everyone is a demon. Evil people do this to disguise what they really are.

  15. Anonymous7:01 AM

    I spose karma will have its inevitable way with her as it does with anyone else; i.e divine retribution. It seems she is taking up God as though she were authenticated by Him but she seems false to His power; so I believe her heart is far from him and thus she's taken up His title, God, in a worthless way. Not a good thing. Hitler did something oppositive as well and look what happened at his end. Supporting manic personalities in leadership is harmful to our country. Why would we want to do such a thing. Much better to have thoughtfulness, genuineness and intelligence as well as GOOD WILL rather the inartful demonstrance of ill will.

  16. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I could never get past three pages in the bible because to be honest, it made little sense. When people start quoting from that tome I usually zone out since I doubt that they can make much sense of it either but it sounds "good" to be able to refer to a page that needs translation.

    She is too stupid to be able to make anymore sense of it than I can so it is easy to dismiss her constant referrals as just another grandstand play for attention.

    It would serve her better if she could at least quote something out of the Constitution for once rather than waving the bible as her source of reference. At least it would be easier to take her somewhat seriously than someone who quotes a book mired in much the same word salad she employs.

  17. 10catsinMD7:09 AM

    Looked up the Isaiah 49:16 reference. So now she compares herself to God. What conceit and vanity. We all know that. She will burn herself out.

    Sarah, you definitely ain't God. You've been sleeping with the devil and I think even he's getting tired of you.

  18. Sharon - FL7:20 AM

    To Marcy @ 6:24..
    Glad you pointed Isaiah 49:15 out, I was going to do the same thing. Palin can't open her mouth without stepping into a pile of moosepoop.

  19. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Agree with Anon. 6:02am.

  20. Anonymous7:26 AM

    We can be happy that the majority of Americans are smart enough to see through her. I have been a witness to karma, and if you hurt people, there is payback. It's nature's law (or God's law)- "Reap what you sow." Her harvest will be huge. Be patient.

  21. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Truly, what a waste of humanity.

  22. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I think that there is something about the Sharpie pen and Sarah. Throughout the 2008 campaign, she signed autographs with that big black permanent marker. On her Farewell Alaska Tour last summer, she actually signed some kid's dress with a Sharpie pen.

    And, we have the wonderfully unbelievable story about Sarah trying to cross out McCain's name on a blue visor with that Sharpie pen. She must really have trouble reading from the teleprompter, because the notes on her hand were large. The idea, in case she hadn't thought about it, was to make the crib notes as small as possible so no one would notice.

    I see the Sharpie pen as an instrument of power. Try to get that stain out if your get it on your white shirt. It is a phallic symbol, thank you Dr. Freud. And, it writes large and bold, like a dog who marks his territory.

    Sarah did not sign bills with a Sharpie pen. It is her new symbol of authority, a permanent mark left behind. And, I think she might enjoy breathing the fumes if she has a really long line of people waiting for autographs.

    I was going to write more, but I washed my hands, and I can't read the rest of my notes.

  23. At what point do the people listening so intently and avidly decide "this woman has just gone off the deep end!"?

    My guess is never. They may not be technically demented, but church-sponsored indoctrination isn't far off from brainwashing, and that's not far off from coo-coo land.

  24. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Marcy: I 100% agree! It is so true, and as a person (myself) who has listened to many preachings, sermons, studies, Sarah Palin's reference to Is. 49:18 is totally out of context. Isaiah 49 is a love chapter that shows the love God has for his people, Israel at that time, and gentiles were invited in later through Jesus, his son.

    Now, in the context that it is written, Sarah Palin "exploits" the Word of God in a mean girl way to remind people she uses the same methods as God, (writing on the palm).

    Wow, she is desperate, and hopefully some in that crowd last night were turned off by this display of (what some would call) blasphemy. Comparing her love of people with the God's love, just because she wrote a reminder on her hand.

  25. Anonymous7:42 AM

    "I wrote your name on the palm of my hand to remember you?" WTF?

    Not sure who was being remembered? Was it God? Someone from that era would have to write God on their hand to remember there was some all knowing, all powerful presence up in the heavens? As if just the idea of a being like that wouldn't make you remember. "Let's see, who was that guy I met last week who parted the Red Sea for Moses?" "Oh, good thing I wrote his name on my hand!" "God"


  26. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I am not a christian but I have to say I find this particularly offensive. To bring up god in such an obviously petty and self-serving manner is surely against the spirit of a true believer.

    I find her statements very long did it take someone to find that particular quote? How much time has SP spent dwelling on this, anyway? She tries to shrug it off but her own words reveal how much it bothered her (and still does, apparently). Keep up the good work, you're getting to her!

  27. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Next Palin will be telling her followers that the Lord sent her to punish Silver Spoon by sending her and her locusts to avenge the Lord!

    In the Bible, locust swarms are described as one way the Lord punishes those who have rejected him (Deut 28:36-42; Amos 4:9; 7:1).

  28. Anonymous8:09 AM

    God didn't use a Sharpie, Sarah. You're pathetic. I'd start watching out for lightning strikes.

  29. Isiah 49:16

    Palin should really read the REST of the passage surrounding that quotation one of her helpful followers sent her.
    14 But Zion said, "The LORD has forsaken me,
    And the Lord has forgotten me."
    15 Can a woman forget her nursing child
    And have no compassion on the son of her womb?
    Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.
    16 Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;
    Your walls are continually before Me.
    17 Your builders hurry;
    Your destroyers and devastators
    Will depart from you.
    18 Lift up your eyes and look around;
    All of them gather together, they come to you
    As I live," declares the LORD,
    And those who swallowed you will be far away.


    In other words, "don't cry for me, Alaska!"

    And she should read Isaiah 47 before she quotes ANY other passages from the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah 47 refers to the destruction of Babylon.

    So what did Palin do? She stopped by Babylon on her way to the Right to Life speech, and partook of the idolatry and the gold and jewels and the fine raiment. And she urged her followers to take, so they shared in her guilt and shame.

    Isaiah 47:1-15

    1 O virgin daughter of Babylon;
    Sit on the ground without a throne,
    O daughter of the Chaldeans!
    For you shall no more be called
    Tender and delicate.
    2 Take the millstones and grind meal.
    Remove your veil,
    Take off the skirt,
    Uncover the thigh,
    Pass through the rivers.
    3 Your nakedness shall be uncovered,
    Yes, your shame will be seen;


    O daughter of the Chaldeans;
    For you shall no longer be called
    The Lady of Kingdoms.
    6 I was angry with My people;
    I have profaned My inheritance,
    And given them into your hand.
    You showed them no mercy;
    On the elderly you laid your yoke very heavily.


    11 Therefore evil shall come upon you;
    You shall not know from where it arises.
    And trouble shall fall upon you;
    You will not be able to put it off.
    And desolation shall come upon you suddenly,
    Which you shall not know.
    12 “ Stand now with your enchantments
    And the multitude of your sorceries,
    In which you have labored from your youth—
    Perhaps you will be able to profit,
    Perhaps you will prevail.
    13 You are wearied in the multitude of your counsels;
    Let now the astrologers, the stargazers,
    And the monthly prognosticators
    Stand up and save you
    From what shall come upon you.
    14 Behold, they shall be as stubble,
    The fire shall burn them;
    They shall not deliver themselves
    From the power of the flame;
    It shall not be a coal to be warmed by,
    Nor a fire to sit before!
    15 Thus shall they be to you
    With whom you have labored,
    Your merchants from your youth;
    They shall wander each one to his quarter.
    No one shall save you.


    I don't purport myself to be a scholar of the Bible, but I'd say Sarah Palin and these helpful Bible-quoter fans of hers are even less...

  30. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Well, not exactly the first time she put herself in the role of God, right? She wrote the letter about Trig & signed it as if God wrote it. (who DOES that???) And now, she and God have the important things written on their hands.

    Don'tcha just bet God is getting such a big kick out of this??!! Probably has His own laugh track button & He just pushes it when it's appropriate.


  31. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I'm so tired of this conniving grifter whose "faith" is so questionable, but isn't George fabulous? And no pretensions!

    My son says he's the "luckiest man in the world."


  32. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I'd REALLY love to know if the unpaid hairdresser saw 666 on her scalp...because that's all I'VE seen since McCain foisted her on us.

  33. mocha8:35 AM

    I think you should point out Gryphen, that Palin committed a horrific heresy and it's shameful all the bible thumpers in Columbus didn't catch it. She said the writing on the hand thing "is in the bible". Go read the passage. Isaiah 49:16. "I have engraved you on the palm of my hand" She equated her note-scribbling with the Lord God's promise to not forget his people. She has no shame.
    And what is with the lisp. On every "s" sound! She must have a loose veneer. How embarrassing. I love it. She sounded like Sylvester the Cat "Thuffering Thucotash."

  34. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Wow. The last one who pulled this ended up as the ruler of hell. Wonder what Scarah's "reward" will be?

  35. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I really noticed the slurred words. Perhaps she's been nipping the wine she pilforded (sp)from the "suite"! Said she couldn't take it on the plane and would have been a waste to throw it away. Bet they had a real party back at the hotel! The girls are probably still sleeping it off today. Piper will have her hands full with taking care of that baby AND the hung-over sisters today. Pity the bloak that had to take Queenie on to her $$-making speeches. Bet she will be bitchy! Hope those Canadians rip her apart. Maybe she got another Botox treatment and her mouth is still numb or they accidentally shot her tongue too. Oh, that makes me giggle. A new actress that can't speak! She actually sounded like Andrea Fae with that lisp, but Andrea made sense!!! Karma!!!
    Mrs Gunka

  36. Anonymous8:40 AM

    And then it was gone. Bree Palin not only stopped blogging, she took out a torch and burned the archives.

    A few weeks ago, Zaki shut his site down. CD is writing more about gardening than email, perhaps Gryphen is next.

    Maybe you can't just make up lies and spread it around as if it were true.

  37. lilly9:03 AM

    $P is big with bible thumpers. They will be her last constituency.

    Televangalist next stop on her career, after she milks as much money as she can from the political angle.

  38. Anonymous9:06 AM

    KaJo....thank you! If Sarah would take the time to read the whole passage she would sit down and shut up! I have trouble figuring out what the scriptures are saying, but that one fits her to a T! God is putting her down for what she is doing, but I doubt if she would ever understand it...just pick and choose what sounds good and forget about the rest. Bet old Chuckie does the same thing and takes notes on his hands too...Sarah's early childhood developement...just like my daddy does.
    Thanks Kajo for showing us who can't wade thru it!
    Mrs Gunka

  39. imnofred9:10 AM

    WOW!! I thought I has seen it all with Sarah. I guess you can never underestimate how far she will go to justify getting caught doing something.

    Now she is quoting bible passages to explain why she writes on her hand. How many more excuses is she going to come up with and when will she let this go??

    I know she LOVES playing the victim but she is acting like a high school child.

  40. Somewhat OT -- But has anyone seen or heard anything about Tri-G(s) since the '2-Baby' reports were out?

    He (they) has/have not been traveling with the Grifter-Granny for some time?

    While they (Willow, Bristol, and Gramma) were all in LA) this past week -- Where is/are Tri-g(s) -- hopefully with someone taking better care than he (they) usually get while 'on the road'.

    Just wondering?

  41. this is the most astonishing part of the bible verse:

    Can a woman forget her nursing child
    And have no compassion on the son of her womb?

    Sarah,you did not nurse either of the infants known as Trig, and you have shown no compassion for either of these infants. But, for the love of God, can you show no compassion for the son and daughters that are of your womb?

  42. laprofesora9:23 AM

    By golly, she IS a comedian!!! Thanks for the laughs,Scarah.

  43. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Wow...she really cannot let things go can she? I cannot bear to hear her screech..thank you Gryphen for continuing to report on her. My sense is she is burning, her star started falling many months ago..I predict she'll have some kind of breakdown,and disappear with one of those "Need to spend some more time" with my family excuses..

  44. Anonymous9:27 AM

    The delusions are becoming worse by the day....

  45. Anonymous9:40 AM

    One thing you can say about sp, when she finds something that gets her noticed, she sticks with it.

  46. The Isaiah passage uses a figure of speech which Sarah doesn't seem to understand. However, since she thinks God is a huge human being in the sky who actually writes on his hand, here's an idea to lead her to a more accurate literal interpretation :

    Isaiah's name was carved in God's hand because God wouldn't remember it otherwise. But Isaiah would have been in big trouble if he had to write God's name and his two other core beliefs on his own hand.

    Sarah sure gets "wigged out" and "wee-weed up" over perceived criticism.

  47. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I'm surprised she has not declared her compound and her cabins as churches so she does not have to pay property taxes on either of them. Is that christian, to have everybody else pay your way?

  48. Anonymous10:14 AM

    And the more she keeps bringing it up the more the rest of us are reminded.

    Just saying.

    Sarah can't let go of a grudge.

  49. cheeriogirl10:29 AM

    I wonder if this right to life group would still support Palin if she'd shared with them how she'd nominated a Planned Parenthood board member to the Alaskan Supreme Court?

  50. cheeriogirl10:40 AM

    The Republican party foisted this fool upon our country, and is STILL out there, insisting that she is more than qualified and ABLE to be the POTUS.

    That tells me all I need to know when making my voting decisions in this fall's election.

  51. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Sarah has repackaged herself -- from Furby to what mocha noted above: Sylvester "Thufferin' thuccotash!" the Cat -- a la speech impediment!!

  52. honestyinGov10:43 AM

    I am going to repost what I just posted on Mudflats. YOU need to go back and start listening VERY closely at about the 1:20 mark. She can't pronounce the words with " S's " ( Too much lip-plumping while in Hollywood? maybe ? )
    She is REALLLY amped up as well. Must have gone back to the Red Bull Menu.
    The clip is only about 1:36… but at about the 1:20 mark listen closely.
    Did she get some extra ‘ lip plumping ‘ done recently…. in Hollywood maybe ?

    She seems to really have a problems with here ” S’s “..? Sort of a slurring of them like when you are trying to talk after coming from the Dentists Office and the side of your mouth is still half-asleep. No control. Rather like a cartoon character. In the manner that Elmer Fudd would replace the ” R’s ” with “W’s”
    Maybe it is just the audio quality….but about 3 times at the end….she has a problem with those ” S’s “. I just listened again… she slurred those S’s about 6 times or More. Maybe it was more noticeable when she slowed down.
    Listen to the words ” is , speech, cauSe and signs ” when she says dollar ‘Signs’. Signs turns into sort of ‘ shines ‘. It’s just WEIRD… she never had this problem with other speeches.

  53. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I'm not buying Chuckles writing "curriculum" on his hands either. Give me a break. He did NOT do this. I'm a teacher and I, personally, have never seen a co-worker do this. He taught little kids to boot. He could say whatever the heck he wanted and they'd be none the wiser. If he seriously needed notes on his hand to stand up in front of children to teach them science, then he was a poor educator. Plain and simple.

  54. espresso4me11:32 AM

    Stoopid speaks again. Sarah the Self-Centered, Sociopathic Liar that includes a veritable smorgasbord of diagnosable Personality Disorders, strikes again.

    Did she really think that the Right to Life people were salivating and interested in her palm reading fiascoes? Well, of course she did. It’s all about Stoopid, She is so retarded in any intelligent, meaningful, thoughtful, literate, knowledgeable or reasonable way at all. She has a cranium space that would normally encase the brain and its functions. All that’s left is the empty, hollow cavity that is a receptacle for a hodge-podge, worn out talking points that she vacuously and repeatedly spews out.

    Now the Stoopid irritatingly bleats out that god was somehow giving her a sign or maybe even talking to her via Isaiah 49:16 with the marked hand thingie. She will beat this drum to its death as a sign that she is sooooo fecking above mere mortals and believes that god has chosen her... to do what exactly is all in her empty brain cavity. She is simply a lying, pathetic, deranged, ignorant, self-serving, selfish grifter, whore who has major delusions and entitlement issues in her world of crazy. Other than that, she is just plain whacko,crazy nuts...and God knows her blackened heart. She is light years removed from being any kind of a good, honest, loving, practicing Christian

  55. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Every Right To Life group in the US and Canada, especially those she has spoken to and will speak to in the future, needs to be notified about her placement of a Planned Parenthood person on the Alaska Supreme Court. James Dobson should be notified as well. Planned Parenthood is anathema to those people, and that is a huge understatement. Can we all just imagine her trying to spin that one, talk her way out of it, lie about it, etc.??

  56. hauksdottir12:03 PM

    I read in another comment that Sarah deliberately distorts her voice to sound childlike. Added to her lascivious body language, it is very disturbing. Lisping and looking up shyly falls bolsters the image of a sexy pre-teen, NOT of a mature leader!

    Is she in competition with her precociously fertile daughters?

  57. wtf....I listened to 1:36 of that and now I see wine in the near future. Her lisp is odd, and she isnt God....

  58. Is that biblical in the retarded sense?

  59. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I too noticed the 'lisp' that she did not have prior to her plastic surgery. I know I did not imagine that it was 'thick and quite noticeable', so am glad to see others also commenting on it.

    Gryphen, you are so right, I feel such a sadness about Bree's leaving us, but at my age, I understand when other issues call. I wished her the very best and she will be missed greatly. Thank goodness, we have you to keep us apprised of all things Alaska. Thank you Gryphen.

  60. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Pitiful. Just pitiful.

    Any person with intelligence would have dropped the "hand" gaffe and moved on but Palin can't let it go. She is virtually screaming that she's a petty grudge-holder, not to mention that her lame explanations make her look more foolish.

    She's incapable of learning and her "handlers" can't seem to handle her. Good. The country will be better off when this lamebrain no longer has publicity at her beck and call. She's burning out faster than a fire made with one sheet of toilet paper.

  61. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I see a laugh track in THAT reply.

    LOOK... just look at the people behind her. Are they laughing?


    Laugh tracks ALL sound the same.


    You suck.

  62. BAustin3:32 PM

    Yep. .either the audio is screwed up or Sarah sounds like sylvestor the puddy tat...meds off? Botox? Veneers? It's very noticeable.

    Also anyone know if one or more babies made the trip to LA?

  63. Anne NC3:40 PM

    She is her own worst enemy, dragging out her writing on the hand, AGAIN, as if everyone else is still writing about it. Maybe she doesn't like what they are writing or does she expect to control all the media, too?

    $arah, go away, go somewhere for a long, long rest. You need it. The country needs it and damn, we sure as hell deserve a break from the likes of you.

    Have to ask, however, since the Right To Lifers is a cause near and dear to your heart, did you charge them for the speech? That wouldn't be a very Christian thing to do.

  64. kdusmdd4:47 PM

    O/T Gryphren...You promised us the news rumor that is going around abt Willow. You said that you'd post it this week. I've been waiting and waiting...haven't seen it yet. Please let us in on the news....

  65. Mac And Cheese Wiz6:15 PM

    Why is it that "someone" always brings these things to her attention? She's clueless about current affairs and news culture, that other people have to bring things to her attention.
    Of course she didn't bother to actually read the passage because she puts it in the wrong context.

    Does an all knowing God LITERALLY need crib notes on his hand?

  66. As many have said, she's gone beyond the pale w/twisting of scriptures in her blasphemous attempt to justify her cheating -- that passage is obviously figurative and one of the most poignant. The Lord is speaking of the "eternality" of His Love, flowing from His eternal nature! Look at who she surrounds herself with...Roger Ailes? Karl Rove? who bankrolls her? Rupert Murdoch? She exists in a den of vipers and has the gall to compare herself to God?She has zero respect for life (human or otherwise) as evidenced by her inhumane treatment of defenseless baby Trig,and God only knows what became of the baby w/malformed ear. see how deep the Palin rabbit hole goes

  67. I wonder how much Jesus was paid for HIS speeches?


    lol Well, if what I have read is true, not only did he not get paid--but he served a free lunch to everyone who bothered to show up...of course, lunch consisted of plain old fish, rather than halibut cheeks...and was served by people wearing sandals, instead of Naughty Monkeys...but, you know, times have changed...Christians just ain't what they used to be.

  68. Posters who pointed out this blasphemy are spot on.
    Palin announced on Leno her intention to continue to write on her hand to "get people wee weed up". It is her response and choice to seek vengence, her inability to make personal corrections, incapability to learn from mistakes and retaliation to minor and even earned criticism disproportionate inciting her to go into attack mode. She believes she has special rights entitlement to attack others, attack their strengths with her pit bull mouth.

    Palin is in her habitual defense mode via attacking others twisting what she did around as if the general public has something wrong with them to not routinely write on their hands at their jobs.
    The pitiful thing is she believes her retaliation is hurting her critics (I got you sucker), she is the victor and she is delusional she makes her self look good to amazing in others eyes and makes others look bad. I doubt she cares she made up stuff and smeared her father.

    Her personality, temperment, need to lie, ease of lying, willingness to lie to connect with people, attack others to control she looks good via inappropriate attacks on others disqualifies her from all leadership positions. Also that she is incapable of any personal accountability for what she says or does. If she can't own up to this minor incident caught with crib notes without shoving it off on her father and God she has no place in the public. She is hurting her self to continue to write on her hand. The more vocal she is about seeking "wee wee up" she exposes her dysfunction. True leaders do not live to piss people off, do wrong and lie it's christian etc.


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