Saturday, April 03, 2010

Alaska politics goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. Homophobia, misogyny, and ignorance all in one plump hateful little package.

Usually when somebody loses their job interacting with the public for being too polarizing or embarrassing to their employer they take the hint and find another job away from public scrutiny.  But that is only if you are not an incredible ego maniac, completely divorced from reality.

If you were that person your name would probably be Eddie Burke.

Even if you live in Anchorage you may be asking "Eddie who?", because let's face it Eddie had a very small, very specialized audience.  You know those too ignorant to work the radio well enough to switch the station.

However to bring you up to speed, Burke was (until recently when he was fired) a local talk radio shock jock who specialized in saying hateful things on the air and burrowing his nose in Sarah Palin's naughty places.  He was a a Palin-bot from the top of his penis shaped head to the bottom of his over burdened feet. When she said "jump" Eddie tried desperately to get at least one foot off the ground in compliance. (To be fair that is a lot of pompous asshole to try to get airborne)

In other words he is a homophobic, bible thumping Nazi, gay bashing, tea bagging, racist, white guy bigot.

I know what you are thinking "Hey Gryphen, maybe you don't like the guy, but is that kind of name calling REALLY appropriate?"  Good question!  Let's see what Burke's response would be to my name calling.

Nope looks like we are in agreement.

Now believe it or not THIS GUY, this failed radio host, has now decided to run for Lt. Governor of Alaska.

No I am NOT shitting you!  I can prove it!  Just go to his poorly constructed website right here and see for yourself.

And just look at how much thought he put into his carefully thought out platform.


Pro Small Government

Pro In-State Gas pipeline


Gee I wonder how many seconds that took him to piece together? You have to wonder if he did not simply take the bullet points off of one of those rabid Right Wing Teabagger pamphlets he probably has laying around his house and simply copied it down. "There done! Boy this politicking thing is not to freaking hard after all!"

Eddie Burke has a long and sordid history of hateful self destructive behaviors, including giving out the personal phone numbers of the woman who organized an anti-Palin protest on the air and calling them "a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots", calling the superintendent of schools repeatedly to demand that I be fired because I had written that Todd and Sarah's marriage was in trouble (Even though he told me off the air it was probably true), and riling up anti-gay sentiments during the "summer of hate" last July. And that is only to name a couple of the unbelievably incendiary things he has said and done.

And in true Eddie Burke style his very first forays into the world of politics has already resulted in controversy.  Here is an interview with Matt Felling of KTVA.

Look Alaska is famous for having eccentric colorful characters run for office in our state. From Mafia Mike's run for mayor back in the 80's, to Theresa Obermeyer's bizarre antics as a school board member in the 90's, to Don Young's threats to bite another Congressman "like a mink", we have had, and still have, some very controversial and crazy ass people serving in public office up here.

But voting for Eddie Burke would be worse than scraping the bottom of the barrel.  It would be like turning the barrel over and scraping the moldy, smelly seepage that had leaked from the barrel and accumulated on the bottom of it. Yuck!

The guy is the kind of person who gives Alaska men a bad name. You know the type.  They walk around bullying people people they consider inferior to them ( like women or the gay community), and openly mocking those smarter and better than them, all while constantly carrying a gun on their hip in abject fear that somebody may someday retaliate against their hate filled rhetoric.

In other words Eddie Burke is a.....well here let Eddie tell you what he is himself using one of his favorite forms of expression.

Need I say more?


  1. Wow! It is shocking and surreal to witness anyone rock their ignorance and hate so proudly.

  2. Gee Mr. Gryphen....remind me never to find myself on your unfavorable side....WHOA......

  3. Anonymous8:05 AM

    "... a lot of pompous asshole to try to get airborne." That is absolutely hilarious! ROFLMAO!! However you know that a--holes have a function; I think I would have said hemorrhoid. All they do is irritate.

  4. Lolm my coffee just came out my nose...thanks Gryphan!

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Gryphen, what are the odds this fool could get elected?

    Does he have credible, competitive opponents?

  6. Dorian8:44 AM

    As long as somebody with enough money finds such people (ie: Burke, Palin) useful as reliable distractions to draw the Media and thus the Public's attention; they will continue to be in the spotlight.

  7. Anonymous8:46 AM

    (Susie here)
    He doesn't list ignorant on his list of self-descriptions, but he couldn't even spell "racist" correctly on his shirt, (it says, "Rascist"). It looks like he couldn't even spell "Nazi" correctly either; it looks like it says "NAXI". People weren't paying attention and weren't informed and we ended up with Sarah Palin as governor; don't think that this guy will never make it to the Lt. Gov.'s office if all the Teabaggers get out and vote. For the Republican side, Jay Ramras looks better than ever now...

  8. Anonymous8:56 AM

    After Granny Sarah every a-hole out there thinks s/he can be elected.

  9. OMG--
    You cheered me immensely Gryphen.
    I've had a sucky morning. Now the sun has come out!

  10. I could not open the video you sent, just got this message:


    But seeing and hearing what I have already, maybe I do not care about seeing any more of him. :o)

    Maybe I will try again later, and maybe not. LOL

    Have a good one -- Happy Easter!

  11. get real11:49 AM

    It would be really nice if Alaskans finally prove to the world that they are not total fcking morons.

    Alaskans can do this by NOT ELECTING anymore of these complete bozo incompetents to office.

    Come on Alaska, prove it!

  12. Anonymous12:41 PM

    chuckle... you left "Red Shirt"...

  13. This would be worse than Wayne Anthony Ross as governor-- at least Wayne Anthony can be professional. Burke is not professional and he doesn't clean up well.

  14. Eddie's Web site is truly embarrassing. First, you NEVER put "Under Construction" on a page. If it is still "Under Construction," it doesn't belong on a Web server.

    Second, the source code is horrendous, using outdated code and unsupported code and deprecated code and incomplete code... as if it were a first attempt by a junior-high student. No, worse... as if it were a do-it-yourself attempt by someone who doesn't know about and doesn't care much for technology.


    Whoever did that page, geez, you really need to learn some more.

    LOL... but somehow it is quite fitting for the H8R named Eddie Burke. Come on, Alaskans, don't be fooled by this guy who doesn't look anything like the guy in the banner image on that site...

  15. honestyinGov1:56 PM

    Here is a Update for your story. I saw somewhere else that a " mschatman ' has created a FaceBook page ( at least she posted it on the thread ) just for Eddie Smurf. Check it out.

  16. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Gryph -

    Please clarify how "misogyny" applies to this discussion.

    Nowhere in your rant - true or not - nor on the dispicable T-shirt can that leap be made. In your own words, many times, you called him a P-bot. So, which is it? Perhaps the definition of the word is lost on you and the rest of the G-bots.

  17. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Gryphen, you've slightly misquoted the red t-shirt. It says "rascist".

  18. Wow!!

    It keeps getting worse and worse around here. I thought with Palin on to more self enrichment, reason would surface, again. But, NO! I'm just plain embarrassed and dismayed, still! I have nothing, nothing but utter destain for this man and all who support him and his pathetic existence.

  19. Anonymous 2:10 Burke's deep distrust of women is very well documented. He constantly refers to women who are pro-choice as "baby killers' and female liberals in general as "lesbians". He also spends a comical amount of time on Twitter trying to seduce young women in a pathetic attempt to feel more manly by conquering them sexually. When this fails, as it invariably does, he then refers to them as "lesbians" as well.

    And yes Anonymous 2:25 I know I corrected the spelling of "rascist" but I did not want my visitors to send me numerous messages correcting me all afternoon.

  20. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Eddie Burke has always been a jerk.
    He assaulted a woman years ago. He sexually harassed a woman at his Chevron station and he has currently been seen with his mistress at Thursday night at the fights.
    Of course the conservatives will vote for him, he has all the qualities they look for in an elected official.

  21. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Let me remind everybody that Sarah Palin while governor before she got selected by McCain did a pretty good job. She left it up to the Dems down in Juneau to do her work. When McCain picked her up all hell broke lose up here in the state. And I didn't vote for her by the way. Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro crushed her in the debates.


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