Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mercede Johnston, in her own words.

As many of you probably know, I don't have guest bloggers on this site.

Oh I will gladly post a portion of somebody's article and then make a few snarky additional comments, but I have never allowed anybody to write their opinions or thoughts directly onto the blog.

However recently somebody asked me if I could tell all of you what is going on in their life.  After listening to them I realized that, though I could probably do a reasonable job, I could NEVER capture the depth of pain that they are suffering.

So for the first time in Immoral Minority history I present guest blogger, Mercede Johnston, in her own words (with just a little polishing from Gryphen).

I'm not too sure how to write this.

All I know is how unfair this situation is to my family.

The day I walked in my front door and saw Levi and Bristol staring at me with this dead give away grin I knew what we were up for.

I just lit up with joy and excitement.

Granted they were young, but I wanted to be an aunt more than anything!

I remember my mother crying tears of happiness, my brother repeatedly asking "how do you feel? How do you feel?" and Bristol saying " Are you mad? Are you excited? Do you hate me?"

I remember her saying "If I found out my brother was expecting I would be upset". However, that isn't how I felt. It was the happiest day of my life right up until the day he was born, of course.

I flew out that door and immediately went shopping.

I swear I bought out every baby boutique from Wasilla to Anchorage.

Throughout all of the days of Bristol’s pregnancy my family was there for her. We did everything we could to help and support her. We even tried to throw her a baby shower, but she declined.

All we have ever wanted was to be part of her pregnancy and of course to be there after!

As most of you know that did not go according to plan.

The day my beautiful, energetic, handsome, big blue eyed nephew was born I woke up to 21 missed calls from my brother. He was born slightly before 6 AM on December 27th, 2008. I was so upset with myself that I didn't wake up earlier, but I was so excited to hear the news.

I begged Levi all day to talk the Palins into letting me come meet my nephew. I am very stubborn and they all knew I would not give up until I had Tripp in my arms.

Finally at 7 PM Levi called me.

Levi said "You have ten minutes to get down here and meet your nephew".

I immediately got in my car and I put the pedal to the metal. I was so excited, anxious, nervous, happy, tearful, and many other emotions I can't even describe.

After I arrrived at the hospital Levi came out and walked me to the delivery room. As he kindly opened the door for me I saw Bristol lying in the hospital bed with her hair up and glasses on. She looked exhausted.

I saw Todd, Willow, and Piper sitting on the bench, and Piper was holding Tripp. She asked softly "Do you want to hold him".

Of course I reached out and grabbed him.

I promised myself I wouldn't cry but when I looked at him I could not help but cry. I've never felt a love so pure. He was the most precious beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life and I never knew I could love someone so much!

I did not want to leave but after a quick 60 seconds they forced me out.

I was so angry that all of the Palin’s friends and family got to come for hours to visit and meet Tripp but I was the only one there to represent my family and I only got 60 seconds!

But even though it was only 60 seconds, it was the most memorable 60 seconds of my life.

After he was born things got rough and Levi and Bristol broke up.

Bristol kept Tripp away from us because Levi still lived at home with my mother and myself and she didn't want Tripp over there because of the fact that some of my friends, who are females, might stop by.

She didn't want her son around any other females.

Let me make this point, I NEVER would have done ANYTHING to jeopardize my chance of spending time with Tripp. I never even had any of my friends come over!  I would go to their house instead.

She was just making up excuses.

Since Tripp’s birth I can count on my two hands the number of times I have had the chance to see him. How is that fair?

My family has missed so much of his life.

The first time he crawled, his first words, his first steps, even his first holidays!

This simply breaks my heart!

Every holiday my nephew has a huge display of gifts and a card waiting for him, and every holiday comes and goes with no Tripp.

Today’s date is 4/23/2010, (Editor's note: Obviously Sadie wrote this yesterday, so don't get confused.) I have not seen my nephew in over two months.

I still have his Valentine gifts in a nice display waiting for him on a shelf.  And I also have a live rabbit, as well as a chocolate rabbit that is bigger then him(for a few more months!), and a big Easter basket waiting for him.

But who knows when I will see him next? It could be another two months from now.

There was a time when my family went FIVE months without seeing him!

Anyone with a young child in their lives knows how much you miss in just a few days, much less months.

I just want all of you to see and know that Tripp Easton is the biggest bundle of Joy in my life, I love him more then I ever thought possible. He is my whole world!

 Levi is my big brother, and my best friend and it just crushes me to see him not getting the opportunity to be the father that he wants to be. He loves Tripp very much, he would take a bullet for his son in a heartbeat.

I can see when I look into my brother’s eyes that he is so sorry and feels so hopeless.

He hates that he is always disappointing us because he can't get his son.

But he's done all that he can as a 19 year old kid. It tears me up seeing my brother kept away from Tripp because when they are together Levi is the happiest I've ever seen him. Tripp is his little man, his mini me, he calls him "boo boo", and it's adorable.

Wouldn't most parents want their child to have all the love possible?

Wouldn't they want them to know their father's side of the family?

We are here, and we will not give up.

Tripp you have all you need here, one room at dads, one room at my house, and countless toys, clothes, food, and unconditional love.

One day when you are old enough I wish to pull you aside and open this box I have collected for you and show you that I have always been here.

You have a card from me for every holiday that has passed since your birth, and maybe, just maybe, one day I'll be able to give you one on the actual holiday itself.

Tripp, I love and miss you very much! Seeing your big bright smile gets me through these tough times.


Your auntie Mercede.

Update: Andrew Sullivan has a link to this story now as well. (I actually saw this quite awhile ago, but have been in and out of my house and did not sit down to link to it until just now.  Sorry Andrew.)

There a few other links as well, but they all mostly link back to Andrew.

By the way I DID contact the Joy Behar show.  I do not know if they are at all interested or not, nor am I sure that Mercede will want to fly there without her mom or brother.  But I will see what I can do to help.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Mercede and the Johnston family, we wish you the best from San Jose, California.

    We feel and understand your pain. Someday Tripp will be old enough to understand who kept him away from your family.

  2. BAustin6:43 AM

    Wow....begging permission from the Palins to see the newborn? only get to hold the baby for 60 seconds? PIPER is holding the newborn? WTF is wrong with these people?

    Family values my ass!
    I hope Levi's attorney steps it up. If Levi is paying child support, Levi should have joint custody of the baby....End of story.

    Sooooooooo sick of sister sarah and her vindictive ways.

    Thanks for posting Mercede.

  3. This just tore me up, but I have to say that you can't bring a sword to a gun fight, Mercede. The Palins fight down and dirty as proven time and time again, and I know y'all want to take the high road here for the sake of Tripp. You have to fight back just has hard and just as dirty...go on offense, not defense, and the Palins will crumble.

    You need to tell everything you know...about Trig, the ruffled ear baby, Sarah, Todd, and Bristol. Get it out now while Tripp is still young so he can have a chance at a normal life. Please don't let him live with a family of crooks and liars led by a crazed power, and money grubbing lunatic. Don't hold out for money, fame, or anything it for your nephew. Bring Sarah down.

  4. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Mercede, my heart goes out to you and your have NO idea how much.

    When our children were young, three and two, my husband and I divorced for a few years. He was not able financially to pay child support but NEVER did I keep them from him. I initiated calls when they missed him, let them spend the night with him, whatever they wanted. I feel it is the CRUELEST form of child abuse to keep a child from its parent unless there are serious endangerment issues. I have never felt this was your situation and, as much as it hurts, I am PROUD of your family for taking the high road.

    For the Palins to behave like this (60 SECONDS??), and SHE out speechifying God and family values....they will always be DESPICABLE in my book. The WORST form of hypocrite EVER.

    I am going to keep all of you in my prayers, and remember...all these things you are keeping for your precious Tripp, he WILL come to know the TRUTH later in life. You keep holding on in faith....may God grant all of you peace of mind and heart.

  5. Anonymous7:01 AM

    What kind of woman is Sarah Palin?

    She talks about Israel is America's friend, well Sarah... Tripp is America's son and may God deliver him from your bondage biotch!

  6. Heartwrenching account. My thoughts are with you and your family, Mercede.

  7. I don't know who's paying who and how much, but this baby and "airplane" baby are the same baby. Airplane baby photo was taken 8/16/08 which means this baby could not have been born 12/27/08.

    This is a farce. How stupid do they think we are?

  8. Mercede, Someday, Tripp will read what you have written here and know he was always loved. That will mean the world to him.

  9. Wilderness Lover7:09 AM

    Mercede, I hope you know how many people sympathize with your family and hope this terrible situation can be corrected very soon.

    Now I have a question for you: Why aren't you fighting harder for your right to be with Tripp? Get your story out in the media. Levi needs to do WHATEVER he has to in order to be with his son. And if that includes telling the damaging things he knows about Sarah, so be it. She hasn't done the Johnstons any favors. She has slandered your family and spitefully kept you away from Tripp. I certainly wouldn't worry about hurting HER feelings. Sometimes you have to fight fire with an even bigger fire!

  10. Anonymous7:09 AM

    I felt really sad reading this. It is definitely not right. The Palins disgust me and that's nothing new. They are horrible greedy and selfish people who lie and use others.
    It's wrong of them to not let them see you Mercedes
    or your mom. I understand the hurt because I have a similar situation in my family.

    I also have to be honest though and say I thought of Trig while reading this post and the pictures of you holding him.
    Why can't you tell the truth about him. The pictures made it seem like you are his aunt as well. Where is the pain and sadness around him. I don't understand why you don't tell the world. If the Palins have threatened that you won't see Tripp, you aren't seeing him anyhow.

    I feel for you but while reading this, I do wish you'd tell us the truth about Trig. Most judges are fair and I can't imagine Levi won't get joint custody. He will.

  11. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Yes, thats all well and good Mercedes. I'm truly sorry you cant see your nephew(s). My nephew was the greatest joy in my life until I had my own kids.
    However Mercedes, , who is the little baby in the Palin's kitchen?? What is wrong with his ears? How is he "the best baby brother ever"?? Where is this baby now? Are you getting paid off to not talk about the fact that Sarah is not Trig's mom? What all was scrubbed off your computers??? I'm really sorry as I'm usually a pretty sympathetic person, but your family has the goods to end the atrocity that is Sarah Palin and her lies. And you don't. WHY NOT??????

  12. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Mercede, your post actually moved me to tears. You deserve so much better then you've gotten from that family. I truly hope that one day, you get to spend as much time with Tripp as you want and deserve to. I mean that from my heart.

  13. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Mercede- I'm so sorry your family has to go through this because of a couple of vindictive hateful women, Bristol will be sorry and feel the pain later, because Tripp will find out that he was kept from his Daddy.

    I know this because I have 2 Gran daughters who were kept from getting regular visitation (mother used every excuse in the book, including lying in court) with their father when they were younger, they are 16 and 19 now and they can't stand their mother or stepfather and absolutely adore their Daddy.

  14. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Oh how my heart breaks for you and your family Mercede. How inhumane can a family be to give an Aunt 60 seconds to see her brand new nephew? I'll tell you how - when it's a sociopath. (you line about Bristol not wanting females around) Just like Sarah, we're seeing her girls following directly in her footsteps.
    Thank you so very much Mercede for writing this. It had to be very painful for you.
    Best wishes and here's hoping the situation improves soon. Please tell Levi he has our support in WHATEVER he does. The Anti-Palin blogs are growing by leaps and bounds, with new members all the time. So WE GOT YOUR BACK....there is a growing light at the end of the tunnel, small as it might be now. Thanks again.
    (Don't be a stranger!)

  15. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Me Again-one thing you can do for Tripp is to keep one of those cool memory photo albums filled with pictures of when he is with you and your family to give to him when he's older. I did this for my son for both girls and they cherish those pictures and memory's of spending that little time with their Daddy when they were younger.

  16. now I am in tears. my heart goes out to the family ... and most especially to Tripp.
    He is the one who is being denied.

    a child needs their father ... needs to know they are loved and wanted.

    Thanks for sharing, Mercede. Hang in there!!!

  17. It is my belief that the entire Palin family suffers from some type of mental disorder. To take a child away from their father is criminal. To use the child as a pawn in their dirty little games is criminal. If I were a the family court judge on this case I would remove custody from Bristol Palin, and make sure that she never saw the child without supervision. She and her entire family are detrimental to the well-being of Tripp. They are practicing parental alienation in the finest form, and they should be investigated for their cruel and inhuman acts against this poor defenseless child. If this is not resolved in an expeditious manner, the child will likely become one of them. The longer a child is exposed to abuse, the chances are he himself will be abusive.

  18. Kat_from_HI7:44 AM

    My heart hurts with you Mercede. I applaud your family taking the high road. The nation knows who has the class - YOU! All my best wishes & prayers go with you, Levi & your Mom.

    You WILL triumph in the end! I believe it with all my heart.

  19. Anonymous7:44 AM

    It does continually irk me that Mrs. Johnston and Mercede were so unabashedly hyped and thrilled that the one male teenager in the house was going to be a father.

    I'm no prude and don't believe the ludicrous Candie's Campaign for a minute - but practicing safe sex and/or waiting until you are old enough to handle the responsibilities of parenthood, auntiehood and grandmotherhood is a virtue.

    But as the GOP convention desperately spun it for this one pre-marital and teenage pregnancy, "Life Happens."

    Obviously, the baby is innocent in all this and to rally around Bristol and be supportive of her in her very public pregnancy was not only the right thing to do, but honest and earnest by the Johnstons.

    Their pain is evident and support on- the-ready is incalculable.

    Sarah sat there with John McCain in one of her few honest to goodness interviews with the real MSM and explained that Elite meant anyone that thought they were better than another. Palin has shown from day one that she felt her family was better than Levi's. Even if she had not been catapulted into national celebrity (beyond her capabilities or worth) you can bet that she'd still be doing what she is doing against Levi's family.

    Unfortunately now, other than her inherent pointy elbows and nastiness, she's got much more in her arsenal to make life miserable for that poor family.

    Furthermore, the Johnston's are no match for the Palins. Unless a better family law attorney steps up. Unless a fund is set up to help defray their legal costs. Sarah can't have all the free monies in the world.

    Good luck Johnstons.

    Mercede, stay in school, get a degree and be the one role model that Tripp needs in his life to make him a better adult than any of his maternal family to date has shown to be.

  20. Hello Mercede. I hope you are well and I am sorry you cannot see your nephew when you want to. Just a couple of things that jump out at me when I read your account of the first time you visited Tripp in hospital. Why was Piper the one holding Tripp? He was less than 1 day old; she is a child. Was she sitting with him in her lap? Was an adult (Levi for instance) helping her to hold him. This brings to mind the account of Piper carrying Trig around at a signing for Purple Heart when he was a 3-week old preemie. Secondly, you don't mention Sarah being in the room. The grandmother. The person whose oldest daughter just gave birth for the first time?

  21. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Mercede - my heart goes out to you. I was never blessed with children myself, and I only have my nieces and nephews to experience. Last year, my sister in law passed away from liver cancer at the age of 32yrs, leaving behind my 8yr niece. I cannot imagine the heartache of being kept away from a nephew or niece. I find myself now having to support my brother, as he battles his dead wife's family trying to get custody of his own child. It's not like he hasn't been through enough with his wife's death,but they have to twist the knife. They remind me of the Palin's, using privilege, wealth etc to their own advantage. Prayers and blessings to you and your brother, you are both beautiful,keep up the fight.

  22. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Sad and tragic. Poor, poor pitiful Tripp. If he can read one day won't he want to know why all the excuses about holding back? I wonder how many will hold up when the truth does come out. Mercede and Sherry are between a rock and a hard place, I don't get why "great dad" Levi hasn't acted like he was serious about Tripp (custody court mess). Good luck with the mediation Levi. Poor, poor pitiful Tripp. It is going to take more than kissing Bristol's lying ass to help Tripp. Who looks like he is doomed the way everyone is going about this. There are many families that are cut out of a child's life. Fame is a double edged sword. At least, someone will listen to the Johnstons.

  23. Tyroanee8:05 AM

    Thanks Mercede
    That took courage, but not as much courage you have to withstand the demands put upon by the Palins.
    They're GUILTY of withholding this child and should be exposed.
    If Levi is paying child support then he should have 50% custody.
    Plain and simple, this is the right thing to do for the sake and mental stability of this child, GET him out of the grips of the Palin Family Values.

    Note to Ms. Palin- If Levi wouldn't have impregnated your daughter you would have this "gift"... let the father be with the child. You look like a old fool.

  24. I'm glad you're saving the things you've bought for the baby. I'm sure he's going to be told that your family doesn't care for him; if, as an adult, he sees the room you made for him and a stick of gifts, wrapped and ready for all those holidays, then he will know the truth. It's hard to believe someone who just says "I've loved you forever" but when they show you how, through all the years, they've bought you presents and written cards and such, that gives them insurmountable proof.

    She didn't want her baby around any other women? WTF is her problem? I'm sorry: that's sick. Whatever could she have seen or done that means she won't trust women with her baby?

  25. Mercede---

    You might think I'm a jerk for writing this, but so many things don't add up.

    I absolutely believe that you love your nephew more than can't fake the love for him that comes through in your post.

    However, I don't understand WHY Levi and his family can't see the baby. Can't his attorney file for visitation rights? It seems simple to me. This part doesn't make sense.

    Also, since you're familiar with this blog, you know that there are many other questions out there. NO ONE believes that Sarah really parented Trig. Everyone saw the pix of the ruffled ear baby and knows she is engaged in major lying. Everyone saw your loving Myspace post with the pix of you and baby Trig.

    I think all of us on this site feel for you, as we all see through Sarah Palin and her spiteful, mean, cold-hearted, vindictive ways, but your sweet post has a whole lot of stuff left out.

    I wish you and your family understood that spilling the beans on Sarah could free you from a lot of this trouble. Unless she has something awful that she's holding over your heads....?????? I hope not. Even if she does, you could RUIN her with the knowledge that she has.

    I hope that things work out for you soon. I feel really sorry for you, and I know that the love you wrote about your nephew is real.

  26. Anonymous8:17 AM

    How beautiful-- Mercede- thank you for sharing this with us-

    We got the message - Levi was there at "6AM" in the hospital (12/27/08)....sounds familiar -- sort of like when he was in the hospital at 6AM (12/27/07 ??) when "SP had Trig" as he explained in the Vanity Fair article.... hmm all those little cuties born at exactly the same time of day-- good work!

    Hey there Wes Ben- to my eyes this adorable little guy in the photos looks nothing like the other sweet looking baby in the airplane photo with a cross-eyed Bristol (?)
    I believe they're different babies...

  27. GermanGoodness8:19 AM


    You, Levi, Tripp and Sherrie have a whole world of support in blogger land.

    But it's not enough. You and Levi need to get the truth out about the custody situation to the rest of the world. Forget the babygate story. That will not help you with Tripp.

    Tell the rest of the world about the Palins keeping Tripp from Levi and your family. Go to TMZ (as much as I dislike that site, they do a great job of spreading information).

    Good luck to you and your family.

    {{hugs to all of you}}

  28. AMEN! to Virginia Voter. Sadie, if you have the goods on the Palins, what are you waiting for?

  29. Oh, my! Tripp is a total cutie!

    Merecede - I can feel your great big heart overflowing with love for Tripp! He's so lucky to have you for his auntie!

    I think a big change for the better is on its way. Hang in there!


  30. Reply to the anonymous at 7:14, first I agree with all your questions. I'd like to know the answer to them also. Second, why would the computers of the family of a "boyfriend" of Bristol have to be scrubbed? If you have nothing to hide, if there is no information pertinent to a presidential campaign, why? If I were picked today to be a VP candidate, I can't think of anyone I know who would have information on their computer about me that couldn't be made known. Actually, there would be practically nothing. On email, Facebook, whatever. So it had to be that something was being hidden: drugs, previous pregnancies?

  31. No one is commenting on what, to me, is the absolutely most bizarre part of this post. Bristol didn't want the baby to be at Mercede's house because "other women might be there" and she didn't want the baby around other women? WTF? That is some serious paranoia going on there. Bristol sounds more like her mother all the time--they are either with you or they're your enemy. It's too bad for Levi that he got himself hooked up with this modern-day 'Borgia' family and is in the crosshairs of ol' Lucretia herself, but short of some sort of miracle, I think the Palin's will win this one. Poor Johnston's, but even more important, poor Tripp and Trig.

  32. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Mercedes, you situation is difficult and trusting some people's advice has clearly not been a good idea. Follow your instincts and keep your own counsel. Tripp, Levi and your mother are incredibly lucky to have you.

    Tripp WILL know he is loved by you.

  33. Mercedes,
    I sympathize with your family but only up to a point. You are not telling the whole story or at least not being 100% truthful, it is not adding up. I think that your family cut a deal with the Palins but they did not hold up to their end. Now you can’t speak out about what really happened because your family is involved. I don’t know if it’s criminal or just lack of morals. I think that Levi goes along with the shenanigans because he only trying to protect his family, but from what?

  34. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Can someone help Levi study early child development? The Palins do not want any (outside of Heath-Palin) early years bonding with Tripp. It is not a sure deal in Alaska that Levi will get half custody. They may settle for something where Levi gets to visit, I do not know that the Palins will give up control. I do not think they want Mercede or Sherry to have contact with Tripp. Does Levi as much as know who the main man to bond with his bio-son is? I think Levi is out of the loop. There is so much more to parenting and grand parenting than getting excited for irresponsible teen pregnancy. I do not get how that helps the Johnstons. It make them look like something is wrong in that family.

  35. Anonymous8:58 AM



  36. Mercede,
    What the Palin family is doing is using that baby as a weapon to punish his father. I have never understood how adults can think that keeping a child from a loving parent is anything but cruelty to the child. Their actions now are to make themselves feel better or to express their anger toward Levi, but they cannot fool themselves into thinking they are acting in the best interest of the child.

    Bristol sounds like a jealous, vindictive brat. She'll take Levi's money, but she won't take his help in raising that baby. She needs to see the wisdom in letting her baby know his father and your family is in the position of making her learn it.

    You obviously don't need advice from anonymous posters, but here's my two cents: the Palin family has done and continues to do the worst thing that they could and that is withholding Tripp from you. They have also been instrumental in making your mother go through the criminal justice system which upended your family life in the worst possible way. Since you have seen the worst they can dish up why not come clean with the truth about this family and the real story about the babies in that household. You have withstood the worst and it's time to fight back with the ferocity they fight with.
    I know Levi doesn't want to hurt his child's mother but if he wants a relationship with his son that is the only language this family understands.
    Good luck!

  37. Anonymous9:02 AM

    where is the father's court-ordered visitation? the father is ALLOWED to bring HIS baby to see his FAMILY!
    even the worst of the worst, lowest of the low father's get visitation!...even if it has to be with supervision...which is NOT the case here!
    the all and powerful sarah...who gave this power to her?!? it ALASKA?!!!!

  38. Anonymous9:03 AM

    It remains so unbelievable that dad, grandma Sherry, auntie Mercede, and Tripp continue to be treated so very poorly by Bristol and Sarah. My heart aches for the Johnston's. Where is the court in this matter? Why are the Johnston’s not allowed consistent, regular visitation? It is the only right and loving thing to do. Oh, never mind, I guess that answers my question. A loving parent and grandma would simply do the right thing; however, the Palins just never learned that. They are just not wired that way.

  39. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Mercede, your family is in a sad position. Are you keeping a journal on what is going on with the whole situation, someday you may want to write your story and it could be made into a movie.

  40. sallyngarland,tx9:11 AM

    Just because the Palins have money doesn't mean they are the better family, the better caregivers or have the best love. Tripp may, later in life, turn away from the Palins because of not being able to see the Johnstons.

    I hope Levi writes his book and tells the truth about the Palins. Palin has saddened and disrupted this country with her hatefulness--it is Tripp's country too and she is hurting him.

    Although Levi loves Alaska, maybe he should move to another state where he can get a fair judge and fair visitation. To Palin, Tripp is her grandson(in words only since she is never home.). However, to her I am sure, he is another vote and another prayer warrior.

    In fairness to this whole country, the Palins should be exposed for what they really are.

    The Johnstons are a fine, honorable family, and regardless of the Palins shabby treatment, nothing can change that.

  41. crystalwolf aka caligrl9:13 AM

    Dear Mercede,
    Thanks for sharing with us. I have never seen more love come from a family than yours...
    The "PaYMe" family, none, none at all.
    It is disguising and quite against the law what they are doing. Since PaYMe owns all of Alaska, you need to involve the FEDS or tell your Story to NE or Star.
    Only when the whole truth of grifter granny is told will you and all of Alaska be free of her...when she is in JAIL!
    Then you and your Family will see your Tripples again...much love to you and your family♥

  42. Anonymous9:16 AM

    It's occurred to me more than once, that the Palin's have something pretty major on the Johnson's. I'm sure the Johnson's love that baby and want to see him. Although Levi will hopefully have parental rights someday soon, his mother and sister will have none. Of course that's unfair, but that's the way it is, folks. Grandparent's, Aunt's, and Uncle's have no legal right to visitation. The Johnson's have never come out and ever said anything really negative about the Palin's. I find this curious. Why? Maybe they are just really nice people. Could also be because they hope by continuing their silence, they may get to see Tripp. Their silence may also be because Levi, along with Bristol, may have signed away parental rights to Trigg. Personally, I think Palin has more dirt on the Johnson's, and they have to sit tight. They know who is pulling the strings, and are waiting until the Queen decides they will indeed remain silent....maybe then they will get to see Tripp.

  43. Sam37109:17 AM

    Thank you Mercede! My heart breaks for you and your family. We all know we need to get to the bottom of this for everyone's sake. We also know that you and your family know a lot more than you feel like you can tell(for whatever reason).

    We know, too, how Sarah lies, twists things around to suit her and always gets things to go her way. Thus, we can understand your reluctance.

    A lot of people are beginning to see Sarah for what she really is, though. Your family needs a really good lawyer and one that isn't from Alaska.

  44. Anon 8:17, yes, is it really possible that two babies in the same family just happen to BOTH be born at 6am?

    Not likely.
    I didn't understand a poster who said there was a clue in her post, but now I get it.

  45. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I wish them all the best and hope their fight for custody ends soon. Maybe now people will begin to see what soooooo many fathers go through. This isn't happening to just Levi people, countless mothers are like Bristol and Sarah and countless fathers cannot see their kids just like Levi can't.

    It's time the laws change.

  46. emrysa9:22 AM

    it's fascinating to me that there seems to be some kind of need to point out tripp's date of birth - including the year. levi did the same thing in vf. seems very odd...

    the young woman is obviously heartbroken about not being able to see her nephew. but it also appears that the young woman is part of a cover up, so it's a little challenging to feel sympathy.

    who deserves sympathy, the kids who are being forced to live lies or the 'adults' who are enabling fraud?

    and wes ben's comment above I believe hits it. that photo explains why sarah claimed that the 'hacking' started the rumors that trig wasn't hers (she knows it didn't, but I think she shit her pants when that pic got out, because it ain't trig).

    yep, trig and trip sure sound like the names that some crazy person would give to twins. twins who are being forced to live lies by the 'adults' in their lives.

  47. dancingthroughlife9:30 AM

    7:05, I don't remember... has the idea of twins been explored? Is it a possibility that Trig and Tripp are fraternal twins? I agree that Tripp looks similar to the airplane baby, but so does the picture of Trig from the election on PG, and it's obvious that the early pictures of 'Trig' from the campaign and Tripp are not similar. It would make sense as to why Bristol, if the mother, would allow her mother to 'take' Trig- she has Tripp to take care of. Taking care of twins at 16/17 would be hard enough without one of them having DS. It also would make sense as to why Bristol made such a big deal about Tripp being 'perfect' and 'healthy'. This doesn't explain the 'ruffled' ear baby, though.

  48. Anne In DC9:43 AM

    The behavior of the Palins is just one more thing which confirms that Sarah Palins's touting of her so-called family values is a sham.

    At the same time that they want Levi Johnston to pay substantial child support, they also don't want the members of his family to have any contact with the children. I hope Levi gets joint custody, and that he gets a good lawyer who can stand up to Palin and her bullying vindictiveness.

    Any involvement on her part in what is really between Levi and Bristol should only asked-for advise which acknowledges the other family's right to see the children. Mercedes sounds like a nice young woman who wants to be a part of her nephews' lives. There is no rational excuse for excluding her and the other family members.

  49. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I think the only way your family is going to have regular visits with Tripp is to bring Sarah down, otherwise she will always be in control. There are lots of ways to do this, it doesn't have to come directly from your family. Get someone who you can trust like Gryphen to write a book or go to the National Inquirer (remember the John Edwards story).

    Get it done and then go for regular visitations in court. All depends on how bad you want to see Tripp, sitting and waiting for Bristol and Sarah will get you nowhere. You are dealing with a hateful, vindictive women who is using that child to get back at your family for whatever reason.

  50. Anonymous10:05 AM

    While I do have sympathy for the Johnston family, I have to disagree with some posters.

    First, an aunt doesn't have an automatic "right" to see a niece/nephew. Even grandparents' "rights" are being challenged as unconstitutional (A number of courts have recently determined that state statutes providing visitation to grandparents are unconstitutional. The United States Supreme Court in the 2000 case of Troxel v. Granville determined that the Washington visitation statute violated the due process rights of parents to raise their children.

    Essentially, it is up to the PARENTS to determine who does/does not see their children. That should include BOTH parents.

    Second, if Levi can afford that astronomical and absurd child support, he most certainly can afford a 'no holds barred' attorney who will take off the kid gloves and fight for what is right.

    To my mind, NO ONE should be paying child support. They should each have 50/50 custody and handle all the expenses in their own homes. For other expenses (medical, class trips, etc.), the bills should be split 50/50.

    I can see absolutely NO REASON for Levi to not only demand but recieve this arrangement. IF he truly wants it and fights for it. That he has failed to do so screams volumes about his intentions and desires. I find it hard to believe everyone in AK is THAT afraid of the Palin Klan.

    Finally, for the good of both babies, upholding law, and stopping the never ending speculation, I would say it is INCUMBENT on the Johnston Family to come clean about all the bizarre goings on that surround these children. They will NEVER benefit in life from all these secrets and will come to resent the family members who created and kept them.

    Mercede, if you REALLY love Tripp and if Levi REALLY loves him, you ALL must do the right things.

    Fight and Expose.

  51. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Thank you for sharing Mercede. I hope this is the beginning and soon you and your entire family spill EVERYTHING......for example ruffled ear baby. It had to feel good to get this off your chest in a public forum, please continue to do so. You have support from all over the world. Best of luck to all of you, Tripp will see this one day and know the truth!

  52. Anonymous10:14 AM


    Sarah Palin is a sociopath. You need to read as much as you can about how that impacts families and other people. Bristol has spent her whole life appeasing a sociopath, she is not going to suddenly begin to be "normal". No interactions you have with anyone in the Palin orbit are going to be "normal", they are just opponents to defeat. Do the Palins want to hurt you? You betcha! Why? Who knows... only another sociopath could begin to explain. But your opponents can only hurt you emotionally if you let them.

    You are in a chess game. The prize is Tripp.

    Learn to use the rules against the Palins. And remember, Sarah is not particularly intelligent. You are way, way smarter than her and you have the advantage of being pyschologically normal. This is a game you can win. Tripp needs you to win.

    best of luck to you.

  53. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Stop blaming Bristol and Sarah. The judge in the case sets the rules.

  54. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Have you seen this? What do you think of it?

  55. Very sad story. I am a single mother and would never think of restricting my ex's time with his children. He and his family are welcome to spend time with them at any time. There is no need for this kind of drama in a child's life.

  56. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Its a very strange situation, like something you would see on a soap opera. The only advice i can give your family is whatever you have been doing is not working. I dont know if writing on this blog was the best idea but i guess it couldnt hurt since you dont get to see him anyway. Your family is going to have to choose its own path. At this point i would take Sarah's advice, if you see a door in front of you, PLOW through it. Good luck to you all.

  57. well this is all very sad.

    putting aside all the angst and drama, why on earth is Levi not working with a decent lawyer, suing for his rightful access to his son and having the insane amount of child support $$ reduced to something that a 19/20 yr old could be reasonably expected to pay?

    just sitting and crying about how put upon you are doesn't cut it, if the desire to be part of Tripp's life is truly the issue.

  58. Anonymous10:37 AM

    The Palins have family values......Charlie Manson family values!

  59. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Sadie my heart breaks for you and your family....keep your memory boxes... someday the little guy will understand and you can tell him your story....

    One question I have...Do they not have to ask permission of the "other" parent to take Tripp out of state? I can remember oh so well having to beg permission to take my kids back and forth to Alaska when they were young because I was taking them out of the State of Washingon, and I worked in Alaska 8 months of the year....

    They seem to drag Tripp all over the country, is Levi OKing this or could this be one way he could fight???


  60. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Mercede ..thank you for posting.

    Please consider sending this information to ADN editor and to the National Enquirer or any other newspaper or weekly that may publish it. Try to get this information as public as possible.

    Reach out to publicly humiliate Sarah and Bristol for not allowing Tripp visits with you and your mother; and for not allowing him to even see his father.

    Tell Levi to write the book.

  61. Anonymous11:10 AM

    @10:14AM: If Sarah or Bristol thinks that the "rules" are equitable or fair, that's even MORE reason to despise them.

    What prevents this oh-so-honorable duo to say, "Judge, $20K a month is far more than we need. Can you make it $1500 a month with 3 days a week visitiation?"?

    Oh, yeah. Because they are sludge.

  62. Anonymous11:31 AM


    I sincerely hope the situation gets better but based on the few facts that we know..... it appears you are playing the waiting game and playing nice ' hoping ' it will get better. It won't. Watch that clip Gryphen posted of Sarah with Greta yesterday talking about the email trial. This woman is COLD and Evil. She ENJOYS it when she can make people suffer.

    The whole reason you are in this position is because of the ' money '.Whoever holds the most MONEY... wields the Power.Money means more or better Lawyers. We know your family doesn't have the Money to make the playing field even or the fight fair.
    Levis HAS made some Friends in the Entertainment field with some recent work. He has SOME connections.. IE: Kathy Griffin. People like Kathy and the friends/contacts/business relationships she has around her know People. People who have kids of their own that would feel terrible about this situation and reach out with their resources. Resources like Lawyers who are their Friends. Lawyers in Hollywood VS Mr Van Flein...? Please.Who is the underdog now? Money is Power to make things right.
    And whether it be Kathy or some of those/her Friends in Hollywood with some ' anonymous ' donations the Money for the fight is there. These Hollywood people have Kids and would be touched by Levi's and your story , But... have they even heard about it?
    It doesn't seem so. Hollywood people HATE Sarah Palin. USE IT!! IE: George Clooney types as an example. Some ' anonymous ' cash donations from the pockets of ' these people and their friends will make this a fair fight. It would be pocket change to some of these people... they would never miss it. It would make them feel good knowing they were supporting a ' good cause ' and fighting a person with ideas that are so Anti-Hollywood.
    As well as the Hollywood lawyers and the $$$$ what about the Media and PR People in Hollywood. Is there ANYTHING bigger...? Make it an even fight.

    NOTE: Kathy is friends with Joy Behar. Behar also DISLIKES Sarah.
    Question " Has Levi ever attempted to get booked on Joy Behar's Show to give an Interview to tell HIS side of the story.. and get it out there..? If not.. WHY?? Behar would book him in a minute. She would probably book some Hollywood Family Lawyer/pundits on a panel to discuss the options.It would get PUBLICITY...and show EXACTLY what Sarah and Bristol are doing.The story fits exactly what her Show is about. Her Show is just one resource. Don't play the waiting game.

  63. Anonymous11:35 AM

    When Bristol gave birth to Tripp, there were no court-ordered "rules." There were only the rules of decency and humanity which dictate that Levi's sister be able to spend more than 60 seconds with her new nephew.

    As far as Bristol not wanting Tripp to be around other's more likely that Bristol didn't want LEVI around other females.

  64. Dos Ocho11:38 AM

    A live rabbit?

    What's a baby supposed to do with a live rabbit?

  65. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I'm having a problem with the beginning of this story.

    In what world are immediate family THRILLED and happy-beyond-belief that a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR is about to become a parent? Yes, it is normal to eventually embrace and celebrate the inevitable....but to have that be the FIRST reaction?! I think that's rather bizarre and I actually think Bristol's reaction would be more normal (that she would not be happy with news that HER brother had made someone pregnant).

    For me, the only thing that makes that reaction more understandable is that Trig is the FIRST baby...and they'd made a deal and realize they can never acknowledge that relationship. So, when the 2nd (healthy) baby was born, they'd been "keyed-up" to become a grandma and an aunt for some time.

    I hope justice eventually prevails and that Levi has equal visitation, but I also hope the Johnstons will somehow throw more illumination on the whole byzantine story.

  66. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Aaahhhh, Sadie. I am so sorry for all of this. The story breaks my heart. So many little boys across the world would give anything to have their dad and his family in their lives. I don't understand how this could ever be in Tripp's best interest to keep him from his daddy, aunt and grandma. Most people wish their children to be surrounded by love. The Palins simply want to use the poor boy as a pawn.

  67. Almira Gulch. That's who Sarah Palin really is, folks. She's the scrawny old rich lady from the Wizard of Oz who tried to take away Dorothy's dog. She's the Wicked Witch in Dorothy's dream of the Land of Oz. She's a wealthy hag with a heart of stone who deserves to have a house dropped on top of her.

  68. Anonymous12:02 PM

    My hope is that a very able attorney with the ability to create a media circus at a moment's notice will quietly offer their assistance. One good attorney with some notoriety and courage ends this game.

  69. Mercede -
    Be brave. Do the right thing and tell the whole truth. Call Anderson Cooper on CNN or Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

  70. Wow.....this is so frustrating! I agree with the posters who think that the baby in Mercede's pictures is the airplane baby (in the email pic with Willow that Granny FREAKED OUT about)


    She and her family are obviously bound by some obligation, whether it be having signed legal confidentiality documents promising to be silent about these babies' parentage, or some terrible dirt Granny has over their heads. There has to be a good reason that they're not spilling the beans. They're not stupid.....they have the motive (the desire to see their baby) and they would surely do whatever they could to make that happen. There's a reason they're not.

    I think she's sending us clues thru these pix.....I think Gryphen knows the deal too, but can't say. However, Mercede knows that here's a whole forum full of people who know all of the discrepancies and inconsistencies in Granny's stories. I think she threw this out there, hoping people would pick up on something, b/c she's bound somehow from speaking out. Come on, people.......let's put our heads together, HOPE THAT SHE'LL GIVE US A LITTLE MORE.....and figure this weird post out.

    She's sticking to the official story, which we all know is a lie........she put this out there for a reason. ???????

  71. Anonymous12:25 PM

    What are the chances of Bristol ever getting married?

  72. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Sarah, this is GOD,

    I let Track go free... let Tripp go free...

    I let Willow go free... let Tripp go free...

  73. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Mercede and Levi,

    As mentioned before, call and ask to be interviewed for the Joy Behar Show. The subject is perfect for her format and as well.
    There is no reason the rest of us ( and Gryphen could coordinate a campaign )can not send email into the Show asking for Levi to be booked as I a Guest. Mine has already been sent.GONE! Gryphen, you know you can write about it and get others to email the show as well. It's all for nothing unless Levi does as well. Levi... MAKE THE CALL!

    Contact page :
    Make sure the comments goes to the " HLN Contact" story as " Story Ideas "
    Joy has story post blog comments where we can post comments as well.Throw some in there as well.

  74. Very interesting post, Gryphen ... a lot of 'trust' on your part here. As I read Mercede's account, a couple of things popped out at me.

    1- At the time of the birth, the story was (still) that Levi and Bristol were engaged, happy young parents ... Levi was a good Dad, changing diapers etc .. SO ... why would Mercede be excluded from the hospital by the Palin family? As the father in good standing, seems to me that Levi had as much say in this ... and supposedly, Bristol and Mercede were still friends, about to become sisters-in-law. So ... was that all a 'front' ?? This makes no sense.

    2- Several people here suggested 'names' to help Levi ... the biggest name here, would be Alec Baldwin, who has taken on as a personal 'cause' the situation where fathers are excluded from their children's lives.

    3- Levi better find himself some high-powered support network here; the Palin can outspend and out-publicity him ... they can drag this on forever until he is broke AND his 15 minutes are up ...

    4- If Levi and family have made a 'deal' of some sort, and the events are as described by Mercede, then the Johnston family need to wipe the slate clean, because this deal isn't working out for them,that is obvious. The Palins hold all the cards right now, so if they have any to play, they need to play them and play them BIG ... not play them out on a blog ( no offense to Gryphen here!) but play them out on Larry King or Oprah .... or something similar. ONE SHOT is all they have, so shoot STRAIGHT AND CLEAN. Let it ALL out, don't exagerate/spin/mislead or that will bite you back tenfold.

    5- This whole Palin, the Ganstah Family of Wasilla is getting old. Either there IS an undercurrent of intimidation in Wasilla, and the people of Wasilla are complicit in it (for whatever reasons) OR there is nothing there, and the folks in Wasilla are enjoying the attention.

    6- Why do I keep thinking of "Children of the Corn" when I think of Wasilla Alaska?

  75. Anonymous12:35 PM

    But Sarah Palin is the political representative of average Americans. After all, she's amazingly ignorant, and raised a houseful of high school dropouts and a teenage mother. Who could better represent the white trash, ignore your children, vote?

  76. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Come on Gryphen, of course everyone is going to ask about Trig? I mean, come on!! I feel for the Johnstons but in a way I don't. Why aren't they being more assertive as far as visitation rights? And why aren't they telling all. Playing nice, being quiet isn't helping them at all.
    They have to accept that mommie dearest and barbiedoll Bristol do NOT want the Johnstons around! That is so obvious and it's only going to get worse, not better. What about when Bristol marries.

    Damn Johnstons stop thinking it's going to change without dramatic and bold action on your end. Stop and go all out! Make millions from the TRUTH behind this. Do you want those babies growing up in such a sick, pathologic atmosphere. I don't think you have the right lawyers.
    If you know and are willing to tell don't you think a high profile lawyer would take this on pro Bono!?
    Yes they would!!! Stop being nice and go for it

  77. Conservatives attribute all sorts of social and cultural ills to absent fathers in the black community. So why aren't conservatives appalled by the actions of the Palin family?

  78. Hi Mercede (and Gryphen),

    I am with the others who wish you would tell us what you know about "Triggybear". Please. Or is Levi saving it for the book?

    I'm sorry if our requests are upsetting to you--it's just that lots of us think that something extremely fishy happened with the baby Sarah claims to have given birth to, that you called in your photo captions your baby brother. You look awfully proud of that baby Triggybear in that picture, and we wonder why that would be, seeing as how he is merely the infant of your brother's girlfriend's mother.

    As for the anonymous who says we should not be mad at Sarah and Bristol because it's the judge who makes these rulings----it was Bristol who brought this suit to court. She did NOT need the money. She did NOT need to sue Levi for money. Her mother has made quite enough to share, plus set up Bristol with her own LLC and got her the Candies deal and whatnot. Bristol did NOT need to sue for money. What that little boy REALLY needs is for his mother to allow the Johnstons to contribute by accepting the offers of child care that come from his Grandma Johnston and his Aunt Sadie.

    I used to feel sorry for Bristol, but it looks like she has no spine and, rather than breaking free from her mother's inveigling claws, has allowed herself to be forever dependent on that lying scheming sociopath.

    "I was against abstinence (in hindsight, and before my mother straightened me out on what I should say I think) before I was FOR abstinence"--Bristol Palin

  79. Anonymous12:47 PM

    From Will 12:15pm
    "Wow.....this is so frustrating! I agree with the posters who think that the baby in Mercede's pictures is the airplane baby (in the email pic with Willow that Granny FREAKED OUT about)"


  80. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Gryphen Are we to believe that you haven't Mercedes about Trig? Please tell us what you know. Gryphen do u still believe Brisol is not the mother of Trig? Do you atoll believe SarAh isn't? All these stories are confusing.
    PLEASE Gryphen give us a summary of what you know to be true or not true. What do u know Gryphen. Please!! Many of us have been loyal readers for a long time now- please!

  81. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I think the Children of the Corn is not the right film. It might be "Chinatown" or something having to do with drug trafficking. That's my theory, but I have no proof....

  82. Another thought: Won't the mainstream media pick up on Mercede speaking out on a blog? If her statements are picked up this weekend, and discussed on Monday, then this whole issue will be under a little more scrutiny and maybe others will notice the similarity between the two babies.

    Also.....I think we're wasting our time hoping that Mercede herself will contact Oprah, CNN or whomever to tell the truth. She's had ample TV appearances in which she could have told the truth, yet she didn't. For whatever reason......?

    Maybe the key is Gryphen sending this post with comments to MSNBC or Joy Behar or whomever...

  83. I feel so sad for all involved. I can't go a day without seeing my grandson. I have watched him since he was born. Cripe I saw him be born. I was right there with Dad and my daughter.

    My state where I live Ma, if you do not allow visitation once the court gives them to father the mother can be arrested. She better have a darn good reason why she is denying the father and it can't be because of other girls. I hope that Levi's lawyer steps up to the bat and Levi and his whole family get to see Tripp. Family values.....yeah right!!

  84. as usual, something smells funny here..

  85. I must say that I do believe that sooner or later Bristol is going to snap out of her brainwashed trance.

    although at this moment she seems to be turning into a complete clone of her mother, I don't believe she has the same sociopathic mental disorder that her mother clearly has.

    I don't know when, but I do think at some point Bristol is going to feel strong enough to trust her instincts as a mother and do what is right for her child.
    The minute Tripp starts saying "Daddy" or asks her why he doesn't have a dad, things are going to change.

    Hopefully, she will even grow past her insecurity of fearing that the child bonding with any other female is a threat to her.

    She really needs to get on her own two feet, and start walking out from between her mother's thumbs

  86. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Gryphen- I think your site is being bugged somehow, my computer just froze up 2 times today on your site. I use firefox and I can go to others without any trouble.

  87. Forever Anonymous1:23 PM

    Mercede, we knew this. Your love for your family is heartwarming and have endear us to you.

    I'm sorry the Palin family broke your heart with their rejection to your good intentions.

    You have an audience beyond your brother's problems, I wish that you will post again and tell us about your prospects for college and work, tell us how your mother is doing, keep the secrets you must, your loyalty to your family is understood.

    Gryphen- I think you should not have posted pictures of Tripp with this post. The ongoing litigation between Bristol and Levy tells me that the photos attract unnecesary retaliation from the Palin camp.
    You may not post my comment, but please rely my support to the Jhonstons.

  88. There is no reason the judge in the custody case should not give Levi 50% custody, but the justice system here can be controlled by those with power. Levi should keep petitioning to get 50% custody and he can have anyone he wants around his child when he has him. Asking for a new judge might be an option.

    The Johnstons are the victims of the Palin political strategy. Bristol had to be controlled and remade(even re-virginized) for Sarah's family values agenda to appear credible. Bristol could not be control if influenced by people who are truth based and down to earth. I am supecting Levi had a huge amount of influence over Bristol that outweighed her mother's influence(as this is normal for teenagers). Levi had to be eliminated from the picture. Bristol's life at this point must be a living hell being controlled by her sociopathic mother. She is trading her personality and life for financial gain. Bristol not wanting any other females around her child is pathological. This is a frequent symptom of women from alcholic/dysfunctional families. Certainly anyone could see how she would come to distrust women.

    Sherry is under the department of corrections right where Sarah Palin wanted her. That is why she had an FBI friend of the family work on her until she agreed to do something out of character. Getting to someone during a bad time in their life(illness, divorce, money problems) is the best time to exploit them due to desperateness. Remember Sarah put key people in place in the government to protect her and her family from consequences. One of those consequences is the truth the Johnstons know. Through Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Joe Schmidt, Sherry will be under not only fear of re-incarceration (which can be made on anyone under their thumb at any time on a technicality), but also their frequent surveillance.

  89. Airplane baby appears to have a ruffled ear. That "other site" has a large blow up of it that makes it quite obvious.

    Just sayin'

  90. Forever Anonymous thanks for your concern, but these are private pictures that Mercede took of herself with her nephew. It is her right to show them t whoever she wants to show them to.

    Nobody purchased or is making any money off of them, and many of them are also visible on Sadie's Facebook page.

    And as for Bristol and Sarah punishing her family for using them, what more could they do? They already will not allow them access to this child that they love so much.

    By the way that baby in the plane photo and Tripp are NOT the same baby.

  91. okay....if airplane baby and the baby in Mercede's pictures aren't the same baby, then why did Mercede write this post?
    Based on what we already surmise from Sarah's lies, Mercede isn't being truthful about the birth date of this baby, and she's clearly leaving out important details, like WHY Levi can't see his own biological son. (Even criminals have some visitation rights).

    What's going on?

  92. Gryphen, This post is featured on Andrew Sullivan's blog, you don't have a link posted.

  93. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I agree - plane baby and Tripp are two different babies - the only similarity is the blond hair and blue eyes - Trig (from the book tour) has dark hair and brown eyes.

    "think the Children of the Corn is not the right film. It might be "Chinatown" or something having to do with drug trafficking. That's my theory, but I have no proof...."

    I've speculated the same thing - the VF article mentions SP hiding in her bedroom when she came home from work - why is that? Smoking pot? shooting up? Drugs would explain the glazed look she sometimes has and the incoherent speech.

    Did anyone every ask Diana where she was getting her meth? Is there ANY explanation for the wealth the Palin's displayed BEFORE she quit her governor's job? Maybe there is a meth lab nearby and the Johnston's know about it, but can't reveal without getting themselves in trouble.

    Trig and Tripp are the same size - although Tripp appears to be ahead in development. The twin theory sounds plausible, but I believe they are more like 11 months apart... However, plane baby Trig and book tour Trig could be related, but I lean toward cousins. Sally or Molly come to mind as possible mothers for the DS baby.

  94. I have to agree with Forever Anonymous here: while these may be personal pics available on a personal FB page, if I was the 'grandma' or 'mom' of a baby in a custody battle, I would certainly exploit the fact that a 'family member' is allowing pics of that baby on a blog/website ..sorry, but that is different than a FB page where the owner of the page can restrict access.

    That is just my opinion, but why give the Palins more ammo?

    Anyway .... I have to wonder what is Mercede's 'motivation' here, in publishing this post on a this particular blog? Is this the first salvo of things to come, a warning to the Palins that all bets are off? Very dangerous thing to do, unless it's part of a bigger plan; again, just my opinion.

    Mercede,be very careful ... everything you say/do is subject to review in this, as you are part of the family that the Palins want to exclude from Tripp's life: so ... tread softly.

    Having said that: IF YOU DO HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY .. say it ALL, don't dribble bit by bit, this will just give the Palins time to plan a response and also, a chance to hold it against Levi's family.

    Seriously ... you need to do a 'David Letterman': HIT FIRST AND HIT BIG ...... after it blows over, the slate is clean and THAT is what a judge will work on when evaluating the case. If your plan is to 'nudge' here and there, you end up the loser in the propaganda/publicity game, because in that game, the Palins hold the most cards.

    Don't waste your limited ammo on a few practice shots --- the best DEFENSE is a strong OFFENCE, Mercede. Right now, you are (according to your story) not getting anywhere, so why keep playing it with Sarah's rules??

    If there are skeletons in your family's closet that Sarah is holding against you, the longer you allow her to hold that over your heads, the longer she controls you all! Eventually, the skeletons WILL come out, so get in front of them, claim them and then you are free .... Palins won't have anything on you then (if that's the case) Better for you to 'sacrifice the short term' as an example of HOW MUCH you are willing to do .... than to allow the Palins to choose the time when they open that closet! And, they will, you can bet on that .. which will give them the opportunity to say " See? This is why we didn't want Tripp in that relationship! We were right!"

    If there are no skeletons, then .... you are screwed either way, because it's obvious that the Palins have power over Wasilla that nobody in Wasilla is able/willing to challenge.

    Gryphen ... YOU do have some power here, and while I understand your caution in using it, I hope you aren't falling into the same 'trap' of letting that caution erode your 'clout' (for lack of a better word) ...... The main reason the Palins win is that they go for the 'kill' and consequences be damned.

    You want to 'win' or you want to be a 'nice guy' ...... Sometimes, you CAN be both!!!

    Best of luck to you all, Levi, Mercede, Gryphen & whoever is behind the scene!

  95. Anonymous2:24 PM

    To the woman who keeps talking about Joy Behar, Levi has already been on the show. I watched it-nothing was revealed.

    What you all need is a high power big name lawyer. Someone who specializes in family law and who isnt afraid of sociopath Sarah. Butler has done well with some things but not this HIRE a Shark

  96. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Hi Mercede, and thanks for your beautiful post. It is wonderful to know how much you love Tripp, and it is disturbing to see a close-up view of how cruel the Palins are. We all understand that your family has a huge cross to bear in dealing with the Palins, who are the epitome of a dysfunctional family. Sarah is a sociopath and the rest of the family tiptoes around her, hoping not to set her off. Bristol is a spineless and heartless tool who will (sooner or later) pay the price of alienating Tripp from your family. If not sooner, I guarantee you that her life will be hell when he is a teenager. I understand that the custody hearing is a few months off, and I assume that your brother and you are waiting until then to take any major steps to reveal all that you know. I do not know whether it is wise or not; I am not in your shoes and don't want to second-guess the judgment of those who know the situation first-hand. In the long-run, I agree with those who say that appeasing the Palins will not succeed. It never does. Sarah will just push more and more and squeeze the life out of you, if you let her. The only way to handle someone like Sarah is to stand up to her, call her out, and show her that you won't be intimidated. The truth is your most powerful weapon. Obviously your brother's and mom's situations complicate matters immensely. At some point, though, the truth will set you (and Tripp) free, if you let it.

  97. A couple of thoughts:

    - Didn't Van Flein ask for a gag order during the proceedings to determine the amount of child support Levi would pay? We heard about that because the judge ruled against Palin, but could there be another court battle over Tripp (or Trig) that we're unaware of because of a gag order?

    - When the SarahPac financials were released, we saw that Van Flein made a killing doing PAC-related work for Palin. Could this work for SarahPAC be keeping him so busy that he can't spend time on Palin's personal legal needs?

    I know from personal experience that either side in a legal battle can postpone proceedings pretty much indefinitely. It's entirely up to the judge's discretion, and if Van Flein can present some kind of legitimate reason for not having time to prepare his case, it'll continue to be postponed. And a judge sympathetic to Palin is going to have a pretty low threshold on what they consider legitimate.

    So just because there hasn't been a judgment doesn't mean nothing is going on.

  98. Forever Anonymous3:41 PM

    Oh boy, I had to bring this to your attention, once again, lets spread the word!
    "What can you do? First of all, you can stop laughing. The next thing you can do is to change the channel away from CNN, Fox News, and even MSNBC during many hours of the day. You can stop watching any previously honorable celebrity who has contributed to this madness. These include Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Jay Leno, Arianna Huffington, Joy Behar, Candy Crowley, Gloria Borger, and many others. You can concentrate your efforts on the monster's kryptonite, Babygate. You can comment on blogs and news sites as often as you can get past the censors. You can vote religiously, and no, that is not a pun. You can support only reasonable, rational political candidates. You can stop believing all the lies and obfuscations. Fight fire with fire. Stop taking a knife to a gunfight. Stop herding cats. Stop trying to argue with crazy people. The only thing that will unravel the Story of the Century is Babygate. Stop denying this fact to yourself and everyone else. Say it after me: BABYGATE."

    With photo also, too.

    "For anyone in Alaska to speak openly about the Palins is risky. There is genuine fear out there of the Palin family and what they can do (ask Trooper Wooten). But Levi's sister and Tripp's aunt, Mercede Johnston, has been finally forced to speak out about the Palins' restrictions over the Johnston family's ability to see their little Tripp, Levi's and Bristol's son."

    Love you Gryphen!!

  99. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Andrew Sullivan has now linked to the story post.
    As another resource of Media have you contacted Malia Litman and asked her to write about it..? She has Huffpo privileges now and has posted quite a few stories there the past few weeks. Media attention... get it out there any way you can.

  100. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I have to wonder what is Mercede's 'motivation' here


    She's just a kid.

  101. Anon, go free....Track seems out of the family drama as far as I can tell and his acting out as a teen tells us that he most likely knows who his father is.

    Have we seen him once since the first campaign shots?

  102. Mercede: Why do you all look so close and in love with the baby we consider Trig? The "family love" photos? "Mommy-in-law?"

    Whose baby is that?

  103. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Recommended Movie List for seeing how the MatSu Valley got the way it has become (in no particular order):

    In Broad Daylight
    The Fab Five
    Harvest Home
    The Stepford Wives

  104. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Just imagine if this was going on in the Obama family. What would Sarah say? Would Fox News be all over it?

  105. Anonymous4:32 PM

    It's hard to believe that Levi has
    any biological connection to Trig
    (or however many 'Trigs' there are.)

    Mercedes, & probably Sherry too, appear to be just a warm-hearted people who naturally love small animals & all children. Which makes them very nice gals! To me, that
    explains their warm reception to
    Trig, especially since Bristol &
    Levi were a couple. It would be surprising if they have information
    as to who Trig's real mother is.
    The Palins would hardly have shared
    such details w/anyone. Maybe not even the Heaths.

    I can well understand the Johnstons not wanting to get into the 'Trig'
    question at this point. Maybe later

    As for the deformed ears, there must
    be others in Wasilla who've seen this
    child. Stands to reason there must be.

    Thx Gryphen for all you do.

    Sharon TN

  106. Anonymous4:38 PM

    "Gryphen- I think you should not have posted pictures of Tripp with this post. The ongoing litigation between Bristol and Levy tells me that the photos attract unnecesary retaliation from the Palin camp.
    You may not post my comment, but please rely my support to the Jhonstons."

    I don't agree. The Palins have plastered Tripp's face all over magazine covers to (1) make money, and (2) make themselves look good, and even, to Bristol's everlasting shame, trotted him out in an abstinence ad.

    I know that won't stop them from accusing somebody ELSE of exploiting him, but at this point even THEY can't exactly do it with a straight face.

    Mercede is a beautiful, photogenic girl who obviously loves her nephew with all her heart and wants nothing more than to see him. For her sake I wouldn't want the Palins to go after her, but if they DID go after her, the MSM would certainly have a new toy that was much shinier and more sympathetic than the she-dragon.

  107. Anonymous 4:38, you get the blue ribbon for seeing what others have been a little slower to recognize.

    The only problem with Levi is his gender. Not fair I know, but there you have it.

  108. Anonymous5:09 PM

    It is time for all sane Republicans, like Colin Powell, to very clearly state that Sarah Palin's nomination in 2008 for Vice President of the United States was a great mistake, and this mistake must not be repeated in 2012. Is that really too much to ask of Republicans? This is not about ideology; this is about psychology.

  109. Gryphen.....
    Can you explain your cryptic comment to anonymous at 4:38? What does he or she recognize? He or she wrote that the Palins "have plastered TRIP'S face all over magazine covers?" Did he or she mean "Trig"?

    I'm an intelligent person, but I"m pretty confused.

  110. Lisabeth5:47 PM

    So true, Mercedex you are a brave, beautiful young woman. You are the first involved to have the guts to stand up to the Palins. Expect verbal retaliation. We know that Sociopath Sarah is a nasty mean girl. She has taught Bristol to be just like her. Bristol seems like an insecure brat, who is as shallow as her mother. In some ways I feel for her. Children of narcissists often have trouble in life.
    Just do your best to ignore them and continue to talk about how you feel and tell the truth. I agree being nice and agreeable won't get you anywhere.
    I'd be afraid of Sarah too but just prepare yourself for her nasty words and go get Tripp. You know there have been cases where grandparents sued for visitation and won. You do have rights.

  111. "the only problem with Levi is his gender" ... well, that and his last name isn't Palin.

  112. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Forget Joy Behar (although I think she's great), contact Oprah!

  113. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I'm glad there is a silver lining to the risk taken by the courageous aunt and the blogger with a heart of gold.

    So far, our support has not tilt the court to Levy's favor and I would like to shield Mercede from further burdens.

    Now, if this is part of playing by the she-dragon handbook ("I do anything until the court tell me no to"), I say hallelujah!

    Forever Anonymous(couldn't sign in)

  114. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a child and be 18. I was 29, married with a new house when I had my son. It was very overwhelming and all consuming of my time for the first year. I did not have to live in a home with many siblings nor care for my mother's baby to boot.

    I imagine about now Bristol doesn't really have any friends and she's probably afraid to even be able to trust anyone outside of the family.
    The only thing that is hers is Tripp.

    Levi seems like an excellent man. He definitely doesn't kiss and many guys are like that? By paying Bristol child support it has enabled her to get the hell away from her folks and get her bearings.

    Mercede, I think you should have someone take a picture of you putting the cards you buy for Tripp in the mailbox. And perhaps start a little bank account for him instead of buying gifts that cannot be delivered. Just my take on things..... Also keep on getting your education so that you can be an example and goal achiever. Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat!!

  115. Anonymous7:48 PM

    For the life of me, I can't understand why Sarah isn't exposed for the total farce that she is. Andrew Sullivan got it right. She's a delusional fantasist, a pathological liar and a shameless self promoter. Not to mention her prayer warrior affilation. When a writer in the American Spectator calls her out, one she can only qualify as a candidate on The Jerry Springer Show.
    Perhaps someone in the Johnston family will contact Andrew Sullivan and enlist his assistance. Or better yet, have Levi hold a news conference and tell the world all that he knows. When the truth is on your side, you have nothing to fear. MSNBC would jump all over the revelations. That would be great!

  116. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I want to add my sentiments to all of the others, in letting Mercede know that she has touched us with her well written story and sentiments.

    I would like to suggest that Mercede and Levi find good advice from level headed adults that they can trust. I wish that Rex was that guy, but I don't think so. Maybe there was a teacher or an advisor from school who could be counted on for good advice.

    Next, you guys need money, serious money in order to just go to court and get visitation rights for Levi. If Mercede and Levi really do have information about Sarah's family, National Enquirer or many other publications would pay well.

    The other thing for all of us to consider is that the Johnstons are up against a woman with no morals, the need to win at all costs and she still has powerful connectons. The Johnstons have every reason to be concerned for their own safety.

    The thing to do is disempower Sarah. Cripple her. Shut her up. Stop her and take away her power. If Mercede and Levi have information that can derail the Sarah Success Tour, this is the time to make a deal. In doing this, they will pave the way for a normal relationship with Tripp.

    By the way, Mercede, we have been wondering about the photo of you (and Levi) holding a tiny baby with a ruffled ear, not Tripp.(Approximate date, April 2008). If you are able to explain that photo and why you both were photographed in those loving pictures, that would open the floodgates. What's the worst that Sarah can do, sue you? Part of the court process might include Sarah having to produce a birth certificate for the baby with the ruffled ear. Better yet, a court ordered and supervised DNA test. Please, Mercede, consult some wise adults, help your family and at the same time, you'll be helping your country!

  117. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Archivist said @12:35PM "This whole Palin, the Ganstah Family of Wasilla is getting old. Either there IS an undercurrent of intimidation in Wasilla, and the people of Wasilla are complicit in it (for whatever reasons) OR there is nothing there, and the folks in Wasilla are enjoying the attention."

    I completely agree. But I'll go even further and suggest that not only are Wasillans enjoying the attention, but other Alaskans are getting a big kick out of this ugly scenario as it's been unfolding over the past 18 months. Well, breaking news here: the rest of the country is not chortling with Alaskans, as they sit smugly in their cozy little bubble up there. Sarah Palin is now problem for all of us. I for one am not amused.

  118. Anonymous9:31 PM

    A great idea, the Inquirer, but they lack credibility. How about the NYT? Or Chicago Tribune or an investigative reporter like Bob Woodward? They can't stand her either. The infuriating thing is that she keeps getting away with this sorry, pathetic circus act. So much so that her narcississim has metastasized into a messiah complex wherein she believes that whatever she says; ipso facto she said it, must be true. Even if she contradicts herself in the same sentence. Enough is enough!

  119. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Levi, Grow a pair! I thought you were more of a man than I have been learning over the last year. You have a voice and a lawyer - use them. Or are you just BSing Mercede and everyone else when you say you want to be a father? Which is more important, being a father or good PR? If that is a tough one then the answer is clear. The Palin's only have the control you allow them to have. I keep hearing "he's gonna tell this" and "he's gonna say that" and then they will regret what they are doing. Well, your son's life is speeding by, you are either going to be part of it and put the Palin's in their place or you are going to be the dumb bumpkin who was nothing better than a sperm donor.

    BTW, saw Todd with a very attractive woman a few weeks ago. It is nice that he has some close friends to hang out with, out of town, while Sarah is off giving speeches.

  120. Anonymous9:57 PM

  121. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I would be afraid up there also everyone carrying guns,we have an open cary law and need a license to carry concealed but very few people other than cops carry. I could just see Todd and S Palins brothers and father going after someone if they ever said anything.Too bad no one had screen shots of things before the computers were scrubbed.The family has to know what was scrubbed wouldn't ya think? Maybe bad language or the underage drinking of Bristol.I just can't see how a fair judge wouldn't give 50-50 custody and each take care of their own expenses,it's not like they would not be living near each other so as he got older he could go to the same school.

  122. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Gryphen, with your new found relationship with Mercede, could you please ask her a couple of questions?

    She said Levi drove her to the hospital to see Tripp. What hospital? Who, pray tell, delivered this baby? For over a year, I have read and searched for this information and I have found nothing.

    Here is the account of how his birth was announced: A great aunt, living in the State of Washington, talked to People Mag. and told them she rec'd an e-mail from her brother, Chuck Heath, telling her Bristol gave birth to a boy on Dec. 27, 2008.

    When the press tried to contact Sarah's office in Anchorage, they were told..."please respect Bristol's privacy!" After a few days, due to the amount of inquiries, Bill McAllister (PR rep.) confirmed the birth and added the baby's weight (7 lbs. +). Now, confirming the weight was very important. It was to make sure everyone knew Bristol gave birth to a full term (nine-month) baby!

    After that, to my knowledge, we didn't see or hear anything until Bristol showed up on GVS' program with her "supposed" baby Tripp on Feb. 15, 2009. Is this strange or what? No word from the mother...the father...and under duress, finally, a confirmation from the grandmother!

    Also, I read he was born in Palmer. Then, the legal papers filed by Bristol said he was born in Wasilla.

    Maybe, Gryphen, you can get some answers to these questions!



  123. Anon 7:57 (said) "Next, you guys need money, serious money in order to just go to court and get visitation rights for Levi. If Mercede and Levi really do have information about Sarah's family, National Enquirer or many other publications would pay well."

    While I agree that 'money' is needed, it's not enough. The Palins have the financial resources to drain Levi's 'money' by dragging this out indefinitely, one roadblock at a time. This is why I say that the Palins hold all the cards, while Levi 'might' have ONE major card to play .. the longer he holds it, the less valuable his card is WHILE AT THE SAME TIME he is running out of $$$. He can't fight this with money, nobody will pay him as much as the Palins have to make the playing field equal. (moneywise)

    Even a 'book' won't do it alone, unless it's backed up with a major Media focus, and I honestly don't see that happening... I could be wrong (depending on what he reveals) but I can't see it. Too much teflon and successful mis-directing, water under the bridge etc...

    Courts deal in 'facts' ... an allegation is 'examined' and 'argued' .... and then on to the next 'allegation' ... each one costs $$$$ ... the Palins can wear him down because Levi can't fight one battle after another for very long.

    Which is why IF he has a 'card to play' he needs to do it BIG ... he has to play it for the exposure/news value, not just $$$ .. to get exposure/news value, he needs a major figure/media behind him, something with credibility and clout with supporters of the Palin side ... and that is FOX.

    Yes, FOX .... ratings trump loyalty. Anything else is just 'lamestream Media' in the Palin camp.

    Reality is: Levi will never be able to match the Palins financially. Even if he gets 50% custody, what is he going to do when Bristol doesn't comply? Miss work and go to court every time? He can't ..... that is $$$ and money evaporates fast when courts/lawyers are involved.

    I really hate to sound negative here, but I can't see Levi (Johnston family) coming out of this well, because time and money on the Palin's side; they need the kind of backing that $$$ can't .... I don't see that 'backing'.

    Hope I'm wrong!

  124. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I assume that part of the earlier cryptic discussion on Gryphen's part (and Anon 4:38) is that Mercede is so attractive (especially with her natural hair color!) that she is a threat to Sarah and Bristol, who are jealous of her beauty. Plus Sadie is smart and doesn't take their BS without fighting back.

    But it is true that right now, the Palins hold power over you. Ironically, the child custody-child support formula favors Bristol keeping Tripp away from the Johnstons, because then she can argue for full child support without even having to reveal her own income. If it were shared custody, then her income would also be taken into account and she would have to contribute proportionally as well, as I understand it -- but so long as she has sole custody, it is only Levi's income that is subject to paying support. This system provides a disincentive for her to share custody and gives her extra incentive to be vindictive, as if she needed it!

    A few more words of advice to Sadie (I hope you are still following this thread). Bear with me, because I have a daughter who is almost exactly your age, and a son who is near Levi's age, so I come at this from a mom's perspective of wanting the best for all you kids. You and Levi are both smart kids (okay, young adults!) who are doing the best you can with a really bad situation. Most older adults couldn't cope so well as you are doing. That is tremendously character-building, even though it is also painful now. To succeed, I hope you will both continue your education. I personally recommend that you get a college education. Having grown up in similar economic circumstances to yours, I can attest that my college degree was my ticket. Don't let this ongoing saga get in the way of getting your education; you will benefit, and so will Tripp (and any other children) in the long run. You are both good looking enough to be models, but that can be a fickle profession. More importantly, you are smart enough to be whatever you want -- a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a business owner, a leader. You have a lot of empathy and insight into human nature -- good grounding for becoming a counselor or psychologist. Tripp needs you to build the foundation for the future when you can and will be a more active part of his life. Don't sell yourselves short. You must go ahead and live your life, and not let the continuing Palin melodrama rule your future.

    Final word -- I join others in saying that the photos that your mom took of you and Levi holding Trig on May 3, 2008 betray the undeniable fact that you considered him part of your family at that point in your life. The photos ooze love. We would appreciate it if you would explain why that was, and what has happened since. It is a story that, I am confident, would make a wonderful, best-selling book and excellent movie. But only if it is the truth; don't bother otherwise. If it is true, it will set you all free.

  125. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The above comment, Anon @ 8:03 gives EXCELLENT advice-- I second this kind and thoughtful comment. Mercede- please note this-

  126. Anonymous3:30 PM

    As a fellow Aunt, I remember the first time I saw my first changed my I know the impact that this has and I can relate to what you are saying.

    My sister and her ex husband have a screwy relationship just as Levi and Bristol do (thought they have the addition of the narcissistic grandmother Sarah).....and the imbalance of money.....Money is power in these things. The power part (and the narcissism) which Sarah brings to the table in addtion to the money creates even more of an imbalance.

    It seems as though the kid's best interests (having a healthy relationship w/ each parent and their families) do not really enter into things.....which is typical. I can speak from experience here......I am sitting 13-15 years down the road from where this baby is now..... he will be deeply affected by it. Regardless of what Bristol and Sarah think (and their lawyers/accountants/sycophants)........this kid is being screwed daily by their power trip. And he would best be served if the adults would behave like adults rather than behaving like children. I know this, from seeing it unfold in my sister's family. Whatever their concerns about Levi and his family, they need to get over them and deal w/ reality......this child needs to have a healthy relationship w/ each parent.

    And to Mercede, as I said at the beginning, I am also an aunt....and I know the depth of that love.....don't give up. Your love is not just material...and don't try to compete w/ the Palins......give this boy some good memories. He's going to need them. You can be the safe haven if you choose to be. He's going to need that too.

  127. Anonymous6:24 PM

    It has always come through in spades how loved that little boy is. But what I don't understand at all is why Levi hasn't gone into court and asked for a temporary visitation schedule. He does not need an attorney to do that. It is beyond wrong that Bristol isn't willing to play fair with Levi, but it is also irresponsible of Levi not to assert his rights. He's entitled to to shared holidays and fair time with his son. Why hasn't he done that? It is completely seperate from support.

    Keep up the good fight Mercede.

  128. Firstly, let me get this out of the way, I'm no fan on Palin. But in response to this: What the ?

    Mercede has no visitation rights. END OF STORY. If the father wants to petition in court for his visitation rights, he can. If he now really is serious about being involved in his child's life, then sure, it is not nice of Palin to exclude him.

    But if you want to be involved in your child's life, it's common sense not to sabotage the professional career of the mother's family. In the public sphere, Levi has been nothing rude and disparaging in the utmost towards Bristol and the Palin's for the past year. Mercede offers a bunch of heresay about who did what. For all I know, it's the other way around and the Palins have been gracious while Mercede and her family have been offensive and rude. Do I think that's the case? No, but for all we know it could be.

    But... you WANT to believe this is true. It fits in with the manufactured image you have of Palin. For you people, it's not enough just to disagree with someone, you have to make them out to be the devil incarnate. "Palin is a BORGIA like dominatrix who is lying about being the mother of Trig. She is a domineering cruel spiteful woman who leads her children and grandchildren in a joy-less horrible life devoid of normal family relationships."

    And even worse, a good bit of this propaganda is picked up by the democrats and people trying to help them. For exactly that reason I will never donate money or join a political party. For a little while I actually thought the Democrats would lead us into a more civil political era. But nope, even when you win, you're a bunch of *.

  129. Anonymous10:24 AM

    and this is the family Sarah calls trash.

  130. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I can only pity the Johnston ladies. They want to be a steady part of Tripp's life and they said Levi has a problem opening up. I think they are out of the loop and it is catch when catch can with Tripp.

    If Bristol and Sarah want them to have more contact, they will have more visits with Trippers. I have no idea why Levi can't or won't do what is necessary with the courts. I would look to Keith Johnston for the answer, he is always left out of meaningful discussions about his grandchild. I only know that he was once a spokesperson and at that time he was mending things between the Palins and Levi. When a person speaks and goes silent, there is usually a reason.

    Suddenly Keith Johnston shuts up and goes off with a young wife to Az. He must be very successful to be able to change jobs and retire away from their beloved Mat-Su Valley, no one else can bare to think of leaving that place.

    Women do not have it so good in a frontier male dominated world unless you are a modern feminist like Bristol and Sarah Palin. The Johnston ladies are good little women that tow the line and only say what is approved. It will take luck and or a benevolent Sarah and Bristol to give the family what it is due as far as visitation. It is sad, but they have no rights or say in the courts current situation.

    As far as publications like People magazine. They are biased and it pays them to do the Palins bidding. I would not expect a change from them. There may be zero media that will care about the Johnston ladies but they could try to make contact with other publications that will make their plea.


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