Monday, April 26, 2010

Palin Inc. "Or how a middle aged imbecile from a hick town in Alaska, with passable looks and no conscience, became the most famous political brand name in the world."

This is from New York magazine and it was written by author Gabriel Sherman.

It is kind of late and I don't have time to dissect the whole article.  So I will simply link to it and go to bed.

When I wake up refreshed in the morning I will wade back in and see what juicy nuggets are contained within.

Here is how it begins:

On the morning of July 3, 2009, a national holiday, Sarah Palin placed a call to her communications director and told her that she wanted to hold a press conference at her Wasilla, Alaska, home. She wouldn’t disclose the topic. For Palin, the months since Election Day had been a letdown even bigger than the loss to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Being governor was drudgery. “Her life was terrible,” one adviser says. “She was never home, her [Juneau] office was four hours from her house. You gotta drive an hour from Wasilla to Anchorage. And she was going broke.” Her sky-high approval ratings in Alaska—which had topped 80 percent before John McCain picked her—had withered to the low fifties. She faced a hostile legislature, a barrage of ethics complaints, and frothing local bloggers who reveled in her misfortune.

Here's the Levi Johnston portion:

Johnston told me he’s not surprised Palin is cashing in. “When she lost, I knew exactly what she was gonna do,” he says. “The whole time she was getting big-money offers for book and TV shows. I was like, All right, she’s gonna pick that up. It was just a matter of time before she quit.”

Johnston says he’s working on a memoir that would air the true story of the Palin household. “They’re never around each other,” Johnston says of Sarah and Todd. “It’s like they hate each other but they don’t want anyone to know it. I think they were gonna get a divorce, but then they were like, ‘Let’s not prove them right.’ I’ve never seen them sleep in the same room, he’s always on this little recliner. For years, they never really talked.” (This summer, Palin threw cold water on the divorce rumors, telling Politico that the speculation was “made up.”)

“I know everything there is to know about her,” Johnston adds. “She’s so fake. But she’s so good at it, too. She’s amazing at it. If I didn’t know it, I wouldn’t know the difference. She’s gifted. She could do movies because she’s so gifted.”

There are a lot of behind the scene details, but the big lies are still left untouched.  It becomes clearer, and clearer everyday that the MSM is NEVER going to do anything that truly reveals the shaky house of cards that Sarah so carefully constructed to hide her many, many sins.

Update: The article also reveals as factual many of the things that have only been talked about on the blogosphere, some of which were revealed here for the first time.  Such as that RAM is now in Palin's inner circle as well as pro-life attorney and evangelist Kim Daniels. By the way to REALLY understand justt who Kim Daniels is, you need to visit her "War Room".

They talk about the new Escalade, which I revealed here for the first time, as well as the additional house (that some argued was an airplane hanger back when we were seeing the construction for the first time) that was built on her property. In the article it is described very much like it had been explained to me.

A couple of years ago, the Palins purchased the adjacent lot from their neighbor, and they are currently building a 6,000-square-foot, three-level structure, according to building plans filed at the Wasilla Planning Office. On the ground floor, Palin will have an apartment for Track, who recently returned from his deployment in Iraq. Upstairs, there’s a second residence for Bristol. Palin is building herself an office that features custom woodwork, a long marble countertop, and panoramic windows. “The view is incredible, from the Chugach Range all the way to the Alaska Range,” Wasilla mayor Verne Rupright told me.

For some reason it does not mention the television studio that she uses to broadcast her segments for Fox.

However I have been told multiple times now, and Levi confirmed it recently, that Bristol does indeed have a condo in Anchorage.  So I am not sure exactly WHO, if anybody, is using her part of the house.  Willow perhaps?

Update 2: Here a particularly insightful portion of the article concerning Palin's book "Going Rogue".

The book, which gleefully skewered her former adversaries in the McCain campaign and elsewhere, did not seem to have made extensive use of a fact-checker, but that only seemed to accentuate its from-the-heart Palinness, part of her brand: In Palinworld, Palin, by definition, speaks the truth.

THAT is a frighteningly accurate description of Palin and those that hang on her every word.  Or as I call them, the "Cult of Palin".

Update 3:  Ooops I stand corrected.  On page five:

Palin made it clear to Fox that she wouldn’t be willing to move to New York or Washington. “If you take someone like Karl Rove who left office, he lives in D.C. and he could take a car down to the bureau,” Shine says. Fox offered to build a remote-camera hookup in her Wasilla home.


  1. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Doonesbury is pretty funny today:

  2. I sent you an email, but I don't know how often you read them. I know I can go weeks before reading mine since it's not the account I usually use, but I wanted to let you know what I found regarding the babies.

    I found the picture that I believe proves your report. I posted it on my web site along with links to your story. If you get a chance, please check it out and let me know what you think.

    You have to wonder, how much more bizarre can it get?!

  3. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Levi Johnston makes comments about
    telling the true story about the Palin
    family. Especially the ex-gov., $arah.
    When? Is Levi getting paid "big" money
    from The Palins to keep his mouth shut?
    Or is he talking to try and sell Levi?

  4. angela4:42 AM

    Loved the product branding emblems in the article. If only the people who worship her would face the fact that Scarah was ALWAYS only in it for the money. What cracks me up though is the idiocracy that continues to give her tons of it when she really has nothing to say. I say keep it up people, Sarah needs more tacky jewelry and fuck me pumps.

    She also has to have enough money to keep Todd from leaving and not blowing her
    family values cred. Thus the rich fundie divorce (build a bigger house so that you never have to see the hubby). Plus, she has to keep paying to keep her kids out of legal trouble.
    (Although it's perfectly fine if someone else's kid goes to jail forever for something she did herself with NO repercussions).

    Plus, old Sarah has a few people she needs to keep quiet.

    Even though the article was a bit of a rehash of things many knew
    what I always find interesting is Palin's ability to throw almost everyone--including her supposed loved ones, under a bus. The idea that she is constantly tossing aside close associates means this woman has no true loyalties except to herself. And the only people who stay with her become so bogged down in her machinations they are almost like trauma victims who can't walk on their own. I find her teeming stubbornness very indicative of a person who covers her ignorance with plodding denial of anything of substance that she cannot comprehend---thus the big paydays to consultants from her PAC (who she probably doesn't listen to). But I do wonder who she finally listened to about getting her kids out of the public eye? Piper back in school, Trig at home (getting therapy hopefully) Willow locked down in the mansion. Of course that was getting so ridiculous even her supporters were becoming embarrassed for her.

    Sarah's glow diminishes, it seems, as you spend more and more time with her. No surprise there. And Levi's remark about how amazingly fake Sarah is, really is not valid. She always seemed to me to be a horrible person. Why millions and millions of people can see that she is and her supporters are so snowed by the grifter is a testament to their own inadequacies.

  5. Anonymous4:49 AM

    FROM ARTICLE: On the ground floor, Palin will have an apartment for Track, who recently returned from his deployment in Iraq. Upstairs, there’s a second residence for Bristol. Palin is building herself an office

    RESPONSE: I can't imagine any of my friends who, as a young adult, would want to live in a house next my their parents, with a sibling living on a different floor and mom's office on the top! I can see why Bristol may feel trapped and have few options if she doesn't fall in line. Track ought to have options by now. The biological task of young adults is to begin the process of separating and establishing themselves as separate and independent. I feel so sorry for those kids (and I know they aren't kids anymore, but you don't shed the label of child and become an Adult-child on your 18th birthday. It's a long process under the best of circumstances.
    How long can this arrangement last?

  6. Anonymous4:52 AM

    At some point, Gryphen, you became 'the media.' Some would say it was when you posted your first blog, got your 1000th reader, or started selling ad space. Don't doubt that 'real' journalists are aware of your story-- they just don't share your sources. Take it from me, a fellow small-timer who tried to lay a breadcrumb trail to avoid being the hated messenger in the community-- if the story never breaks you can only blame yourself.

  7. Anonymous5:01 AM

    FROM ARTICLE: Sarah Palin is clearly having fun. As her longtime Wasilla friend Judy Patrick told me, “I always used to say she needed a bigger crowd.”

    RESPOSNE: Is this true? Is she having fun? She seems more like someone who is fighting demons than someone enjoying the ride.

    Seems to me she might also be afraid of when this will all end? Does she have enough money to sustain her new lifestyle if/when it all falls apart?

  8. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Wait, I thought Bristol had her own condo in Anchorage. So, she is living in the FOX McMansion then, for free. I guess a judge should know that.

  9. Anonymous5:16 AM

    "There are a lot of behind the scene details, but the big lies are still left untouched. It becomes clearer, and clearer everyday that the MSM is NEVER going to do anything that truly reveals the shaky house of cards that Sarah so carefully constructed to hide her many, many sins."

    The MSM has their fingers crossed hoping David Kernell will do the deed for them.


  10. Anonymous5:18 AM

    A suite for Track? Why? He seems to have distanced himself from the household. Has his face been seen anywhere in Wasilla? Why would a single guy who's already been out on his own, in the service particularly, want to move back to his parents? Doesn't he plan to get a job? Are they dangling money in his face?

    A suite for Bristol? Why doesn't she take her kids, with all the money she gets from Levi and she makes herself, and buy her own house? She needs to get out from under, or are they plying her with money, too?

    Is this just a way for the Palins to keep tight control over their kids and what they might say once away from the compound? Neither Track nor Bristol should need any special security, should they?

    They're probably more afraid of their mother's wrath than anything or anyone else if they make a peep that isn't thoroughly rehearsed and approved by The Grifter. They could really blow her cover big time.

    Talk, Levi, or SDASU, just like we want $P to do.

  11. Anonymous5:23 AM

    She's having fun when her medication is juuuust right.

  12. Anonymous5:25 AM

    I won't read this trash. She's a total waste of ink and paper.

  13. Anonymous5:35 AM

    So if the MSM isn't going to pick it up--what on earth is stopping YOU from spilling it?

    I bet I'm not the only one losing credibility w/ friends, relatives, debate partners over the Trig scam as well as all things Palin. If I hear "whatever happened to that thing about Palin's baby?" one more time I'm gonna scream.

    COME ON!!!!! If you don't wanna do it, send everything you've got to Sullivan & let him do the honors.

    I have been insulted by the selection of Palin since the very first day, and have never considered her a competent human, much less a qualified woman--for ANYthing. But this is getting really old--somebody spill it & bring the house of cards DOWN.

  14. Anonymous5:37 AM

    She did it for the money! With the heavy makeup, sexy clothing, plastic surgery we know exactly what Sarah is. The question is how long she can keep it up.

  15. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Palin Trojan Horse

  16. Anonymous6:00 AM

    All in all, it wasn't like the Vanity Fair piece that helped Sarah decide to call that press conference for her 'prepared' speech to quit, and walk haltingly in her pumps in the dirt to hug the crowd of neighbors and family clapping their asses off for such a bizarre and graceless resignation.

    If that's prepared, like the ones she gives with a six figure price tag, I again roll over in my future grave.

    Sarah is who she is, a horrible woman, but I think this time around I am more troubled by those that buy her with their hard earned dollars.

    Are there no standards of quality anymore? Raise the bar folks. This woman is as lazy a product as she was a city or State executive.

  17. Anonymous6:14 AM

    It's been hinted at a few times in these comments. Why such large (and nearby) accommodations for TRACK & BRISTOL. They are the key to this whole thing. They are the ones who Sarah must keep under her control.

  18. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Next Chapter, Thanks for keeping these pics on your site. Since Bree left us ( and I really miss her blog )most of the comparisons of the ears seem to have gotten lost. No one seems really interested anymore. I wish Bree would make some time even though I think that IM is doing his best.
    Thanks again
    PS: love your site Gryphen even if it is a tad hard to get to. If I come from another site it's fine but if I try to access it directly, it totally screws with my computer.

  19. Someone explain to me how Sarah and Todd governed Alaska, let alone made a baby if it is true what Levi stated:

    Johnston says he’s working on a memoir that would air the true story of the Palin household. “They’re never around each other,” Johnston says of Sarah and Todd. “It’s like they hate each other but they don’t want anyone to know it. I think they were gonna get a divorce, but then they were like, ‘Let’s not prove them right.’ I’ve never seen them sleep in the same room, he’s always on this little recliner. For years, they never really talked.”

    I have said before that I think Todd is Sarah's
    Achilles' heel........ I had watched a clip of her at a recent rally where she had pointed Todd out like she wanted him to come over to the mic and he just ignored her and seemed to walk over to someone in the crowd on the other side of her. Perhaps it's time we paid more attention to Todd.

  20. After reading this, my first thought was Sarah Palin does not like anyone. She's a nasty, bitter, resentful, money hungry, miserable excuse for a human being. She does not care about the United States. She doesn't care about Alaska. She sure as hell doesn't care about "real America". She hated that there were other people making money off her brand. She couldn't wait to throw Alaska under the bus. She'd sell her mother's soul if she thought it would make her more money. She only cares about money. Maybe it really is as simple as that.

  21. Let me address this issue that keeps coming up about my divulging what I know and how that will finally stop Palin.

    It won't. Not yet.

    What I have is a jumbled mess of bits and pieces. Some of it does not match up with other versions of events, and vice a versa. If I were to simply type it out it would not do anything except damage my reputation and warn the Palin's what things they needed to revisit and make sure are covered up more effectively.

    Believe me NO media would follow it up until I could offer them some proof. And by the way, quite a number of them ALREADY know what I know. I have never been selfish with the information if I could share it and still protect my source.

    I am not going to name names, but I have been in contact with a number of heavy hitters. And when I have something ironclad they will happily report it.

    Now having said that I am also working VERY hard at revealing new and potentially damaging information about the Palins as we speak.

    So how about this, if you think you can do a better job, go for it. If not then please STFU and let me continue to do my "job". Which by the way I do for free. Trust me the advertisements and paypal do not cover even a tenth of my expenses.

    Okay I am done venting now, back to work.

  22. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I don't know. I almost think that I see a trend that people, even MSM, are weary of her and she's not going to get the attention or pedestal treatment anymore. I think the looong "15 minutes" are almost up.

  23. emrysa7:07 AM

    this article is too kind to palin.

  24. Anonymous7:07 AM

    When Palin first got national notice, she was fresh and shiny (even to many Alaskans, considering her high approval ratings). She seemed to be the whole package to a lot of Americans and she guarded her outdoorsy-rebel-MILF image with the help of the media. She couldn't be touched by the media or even her opponents. But after just a little while, it because clear that she was an empty pair of peep toe pumps. Sure, some of us caught on right away, but her VPOTUS star sure did nosedive rather quickly (as did her ratings in Alaska).

    Overexposure, dirty laundry, conspicuous spending, and her own brand of verbal diarrhea will be her downfall. She won't be the first "it girl" to quickly fade as people realize that she's really a one-dimensional bore.

  25. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Wow - so Levi is paying Bristol $1700 month for child support so she can continue to live at the mansion. $1700/mo is a bit much for baby food and diapers.

  26. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Gryphen, I am glad you got to vent because if you hadn't, I would have. Perhaps I still will.

    I understand people are impatient because they are tired of the injustice of seeing Palin profit from lies and misdeeds. However, patience is the name of the game until your sources find the courage to tell what they know. They, not you, bear the responsibility of all the crap Sarah is doing.

    Your sources are the ones who will have blood on their hands if her followers rise to violence because either the people who know her secrets were too timid or too self-interested to share what they know before Sarah becomes a permanent fixture.

    I agree with you that premature reporting will only give her what she needs to cover her tracks. Sometimes I wonder if some of the people visiting your blog demanding you release information are just Palinbots in disguise, hoping to push you for hints so they can start the cover-ups or denials.

    This woman is driving us all mad, but I would rather not have you or anyone else jump the gun and ruin her downfall. Better to get everything in order because when allegations are made, all heck is going to break loose. You may only get one chance at this.

    We know you don't like her any more than we do, and most of us trust your judgment.

    The target of our impatience really should be those sources who are reluctant to come forth because of fear of retaliation or perhaps even because they are being paid-off or hoping to for their own spotlight.

    I would hope that the sources will realize that they are endangering the welfare of our country. If they come forth, I believe those who do not support Palin will protect them from her wrath. Besides, the truth can defang and declaw her so she won't hurt anyone any more.

    But small-town life is scary and inhibiting. Only when the sources begin to feel a duty to their country or fear that by not speaking they will be hurting themselves and their families more (which will happen if those who follow Palin keep gaining power) will those sources divulge what we all need to know.

    I would say this to your sources: think long and hard about how much easier it is to nip her wickedness in the bud now, even though she has amassed quite a fortune and following, than it will be later, Can you really face yourself in the mirror or go to your grave knowing you allowed this miserable woman to destroy the country.If you believe in God, can you live with the certain knowledge that you are empowering Sarah's shenanigans, allowing her to lie, steal, and cheat innocent people who cannot see her for what she is because you withheld information?

    Each source should realize his or her story won't be the only one. If one person comes forward, there are bound to be more emboldened by the bravery of the first. It will be cumulative effect of many that will push Palin out, but someone has to get this ball rolling.

    Think long and hard, feel your conscience, and trust Gryphen because he has proven to be a man of honor who will not endanger your safety or good name. He has worked long and hard to develop a platform from which to broadcast the truth. He has paid his dues and understands only too well what you are afraid of so he's not going to put you through what he has gone through himself. Trust this man or pick someone else - Moore or Devon. Trust someone and share what you know.

    The truth will set you free from your fears because you will be doing what is right. You know this already. You just need to trust someone. I will say this again: Gryphen has proven he is a man of honor whose goal is to protect us all from this amoral monstrosity called Sarah Palin.

  27. Anonymous8:09 AM

    anon:5:48, Yes! I've checked the real zionist site
    & it lays it all out. Another great site is:, has articles &
    photos showing exactly who's really promoting Palin,
    & what their agenda is. So different than what most people think. It's doubtful Levi even knows about this stuff.It never did make sense that someone
    like Sarah suddenly goes from 0-60 & 'owns' the
    country, so to speak. Jeff Rense ( in his
    achives section has Palin facts. too. People need to
    get the blinders off & learn the truth about her
    unprecedented rise to fame & fortune. This chase is getting old - let's get that Wasilla raccoon treed.

    OT So Kernell boy's defense has rested their case.
    I got tears in my eyes when I read that.

    sharon TN

  28. Gryphen, I know you're frustrated, I think we all are. It seems like the truth will never come out.

    But it will, keep up the good fight, the truth will come out one day. Then we can all wake up from this nightmare that John McCain foisted on us. Remember Bush? How it seemed like there was never an end to the darkness? Well, even that ended so there is still hope.

  29. angela8:46 AM

    Good for you Gryph. Vent.

    I've always said Sarah is so nuts she will eventually destroy herself and bloggers like yourself will be standing at her finish line to supply the shovels to unearth the rest of her nasty deeds.

    You were right about Sarah and Todd--you just could not imagine that
    Sarah would stay in a loveless marriage to show everyone up who knew
    about the demise. You are so right not to spill things, because let's face it at this point in time the MSM is not ready. She makes millions for them. Sad system. Cowardly reporters.

    I have always believed in Karma. I believe she is already reaping it in
    ugly unknown, private ways. She weighs about three pounds now--
    hmmm.. . .not good--stress maybe? You can only juggle so many balls in the air at one time—or pay your employees to do the same. Soon someone will drop one of them on Sarah's boney body.

    So here's to you Gryphen. Keep on keepin' on.

  30. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Thank you Gryphen.

    While the New Yorker article had a lot of material which would be considered stale to followers of the pajama-clad bloggers, it had a patina of mainstream sensibility and just enough questions to make an educated person who knows not much about Palin go "hmmmmm...." Maybe it will win some converts, or make a few people think twice about the wearer of the Naught Monkeys.

  31. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Anon 7:40

    All you say is true, but all that it takes to scare any "informants" from doing the right thing is to witness the fate of David Kernell. She is CRUSHING him. This is the lesson they are learning: this will be their fate too, if they dare to mess with Sarah Palin. I would be scared too.

  32. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I'm done, I'm so frustrated. We are playing right into her money grab. She has called out the lame stream media and they still cover her daily poop by poop comments without ever doing a real interview. I say CNN,NBC,MSNBC,ABC,CBS: STOP COVERING HER, JUST STOP! Unless she sits down and does a one to one interview stop covering her. Enough of this whore. Enough.Stop covering her. She loves all this attention and it makes her super wealthy. She is the most obnoxious American ever. Stop covering her, unless you can tell how that baby swap happened. JUST STOP. She is nothing more than just like Tiger Woods's hookers, if you ignore them they will go way. They thrive off the oxygen we give them.

  33. Anonymous9:17 AM

    palin has the fast money phenomenon that will at some point begin its descent. She is like a lottery winner who got rich quickly and couldn't spend it fast enough...maybe. I wonder if she has a financial advisor/CPA. Her "packaging" will begin to deteriorate and be less attractive--to fans as well as media. Her popularity will diminish except for her die-hard, non-thinking, ignorant fans. Well, at least I certainly hope so!


  34. I just wanted to say that Levi has made sure he is not a credible source. First he claimed on tv that the Palins always treated him well, like a son, and Todd helped him out. Yet now he sticks to "They really don't see each other, blah blah blah" Yet again, photographic and email evidence proves they communicate. While I kind of believe that before B was pregnant with Tripp, Levi was never around either Sarah or Todd but I also believe they had him around after to help out and support her.

    YEs I agree this article is BS, all regurgitated. and I can also believe the trial ended the way it did. Technically, he's guilty of what the docket said. I trust the judge will be diplomatic. It's not Sarah's job to rule - THAT would've been suicide for her. Objectivity is key, with a whiff of humanity from the judge, this young man will probably get 3 months in jail and CS.

    True Story that happened in FL in 2004: (unfair but if youv'e got connections, they will be used)

    My high school friend Ashley ran a redlight one day while talking on her phone. She struck a stroller comtaining a 2 year old and her 5 yr old sister. Both were killed. The mother was unharmed physically. Now, this absoloutely destroyed Ashley as it would anyone with a heart. I forget when the trial took place but she was in jail for 22 days (due to good behavior) I think she orginally got 30. and she also got 600 hrs CS and her license revoked for 7 years.

    Her father is a pretty powerful lawyer in Tallahassee and all of us Tallasseeans know every in town, including who to run to when in trouble.

    Remember, it takes a village. a tight community will help each other out. Even for an accident in central FL, the mother found solace in knowing Ashley was deeply sorry and that this would live with her forever. She seemed to allow the light sentencing. I on the other hand, think that is BS. 30 days for vehicular homicide.

    I have a feeling the judge will be kind ;)

  35. Well, if you check out RAM's old blog (won't post the link here), the c4pee zoo, they are not happy about this article at all, infact they have a post which dissects the article and makes all sorts of lame rebuttals to defend their queen. I thought this article was way too complimentary to Sarah, but hell, her followers are pissed!

  36. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Johnston said, "... For years, they never really talked."

    Rebranding her as an estranged wife makes her much more appealling to the men folk and the women folk feeling sympathy for her. Poor thing!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, Gryphen. Keep up the good work.

  37. Anonymous11:33 AM

    OT...Everyone...If you want to piss off Sarah, sign up with Organizing for America and help elect progressive Democrats. Please, this is important. They're kicking off a 50-state strategy to get out the vote. They need everyone -- EVERYONE -- to get involved.

    Let's not allow a repeat of '94.

  38. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Next Chapter: I think your PalinPeytonPlace post on the ears of TWO babies is excellent. This needs to be kept front and center. Well done! Thanks.


  39. Gryphen - I'm so grateful for your courageous coverage of Palin. The trolls and impatient, disrespectful readers fall right in line with what has clearly been an effort to undermine your work. Please keep at it until she's done and begging for mercy!

    I wish the NYT reporter hadn't continued with the myth of the $500,000 legal bills without making a point that the amount and it's purpose has never been verified. When, oh, when will they stop taking her word for things without documentation?

  40. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Venting helps - ask Iceland volcano (whose name nobody can pronounce)

  41. Anonymous6:49 PM

    "All you say is true, but all that it takes to scare any "informants" from doing the right thing is to witness the fate of David Kernell. She is CRUSHING him. This is the lesson they are learning: this will be their fate too, if they dare to mess with Sarah Palin. I would be scared too."

    All I can say is the trolls are out in force. We know the above comment is from a troll because he/she is an idiot (perhaps it is Palin herself). Palin isn't crushing Kernell. He is being prosecuted because he hacked her email account, which is not lawful. Palin is just the stupid victim, but it really isn't about her. If I am stupid enough to leave the door to my house unlocked and if someone walks in and takes off with my stereo and they are criminally prosecuted, have I crushed them? No, I'm an idiot for leaving my door open, but the person who took my stereo has nevertheless committed a crime. Doesn't make me all powerful WonderWoman for not locking my door.

    Stupid is as stupid does. That troll comment must be Sarah herself.

  42. Anonymous5:09 AM

    STFUpping henceforth, sir. Very satisfied with the open dialogue, though! Thanks and carry on...
    ps for the record I am not a troll for some pro-SP asymmetrical publicity campaign, and I dont suspect anyone else of this either... unless they are, in which case, they suck!

  43. haha bristol10:44 AM

    Bristol has her own aunt in Anchorage who is alleged to take care of an alleged Trig. Kristan Cole's son, Zack also had a place in Anchorage to share. He claimed he had land lord trouble his Mommy couldn't handle for him. Bristol can live at home and pretend to be living where she says. She can also hide in a far away cabin and do what she wants with who she wants. She is now a proven liar, her Tennessee trial appearance documents how easy it is for her to lie. Can't wait for full transcripts!

  44. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I found this when I googled Palin+imbecile.


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